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tv   News Channel 5 at Noon  ABC  February 12, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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good afternoon, everyone, i am leon bibb, we start with breaking news from arizona today. police are currently on the scene of a school shooting in arizona. this is a live look at independence high school in glendale arizona. one teenager is dead. the situation has been stabilized and stients are not in dachg-- students are not in danger at this hour. our sister station is on the
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will pass along information when it is available from glendale, arizona. a woman was attacked at cleveland hopkins airport after a homeless man followed her an elevator. the woman fought off the assault and escaped from him. nick foley has more details from cleveland hopkins. >> reporter: a terrifying scenario here at hopkins for a female airport employee at home recovering after an attack yesterday morning in the baggage claim area. she with drew money from an atm and got on an elevator and a homeless man got on and beat her in the head. the woman got away screaming, a traffic controller and officer made an arrest. hopkins sees more than twen,000 travelers-- 20,000 travelers every day. >> i think you have all walks of people so you don't see that guy, maybe homeless man sitting, can't tell because there are so many different people coming
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did. but it is scary to think about. >> police tell us the suspect was 54-year-old shelten beard and taken into custody. neck nick for news channel 5. >> in the meantime, police in columbus are crediting the quick thinking of witnesses in the machete attack for helping them columbus. a sergeant said willnesses gave a great description of the man who entered a mediterranean restaurant and attacked people with a knife. police believe the attack to be a random one. >> a man came in and started beating up on the man and i thought it was a personal thing. then he started down the row hitting everybody with something. i don't know, it was-- people were bleeding. >> columbus police quickly tracked down the suspect. police tried to taz him but-- taz him but he was shot and killed.
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lets check in on the all important weather, cold outside. >> very cold, and limited snowfall at this point of the afternoon. but major changes as we push towards the evening commute. if you have friday night plans, you are probably stum on area roadways in spots. we are showing a bit of snowfall across northeast ohio but dew points in the single digits. we are not seeing much flakes. 21 cleveland. 19 wooster and mansfield. 20 in new philadelphia. we are awaiting an arctic front that will bring in several rounds of snowfall. the first push about 1 inch or so on average, overnight it turns into the lake effect chance but also will bring in the bitter cold as temperatures will see single digits for highs in some spots. right now extra clouds over cleveland, 21, winds at 17 miles an hour.
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a lot of us here feeling the single digits so the extra layers are necessary as you pick the kids up or make your way out for errands. as far as hour by hour, we do see the snow chances increasing here towards the evening as temperatures will start dropping off. we have a lot more to talk about for the weekend. wind chill advisory and lake effect snow warning, where and how much next, leon. >> thank you. new, a cleveland mother has 3-year-old daughter. police accused danielle johnson, 23, of killing the girl yesterday morning. the child was brought to rainbow babies and children hospital, after a seizure the police noticed suspicious bruising. heroin deaths were down in cuyahoga county last year but a more dangerous drug is on the rise. today the county's medical examiner released statistics, while heroin fatalities were
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tripling of deaths from fent naul, an opiate pain killer that is more potent than heroin. >> last year alone we basically lost 2 plane loads of clevelanders, people from cuyahoga county, 2 plane loads. you got a plane load full of people died over heroin and another plane load of people who died from fhentinol, 32 total. what would we do if we had 2 plane crash? we would investigate. we wouldn't want 2 plane crashs again this year. >> there was good news, however in the report, the ant dote narcan was involved in overdose reversals last year. the city of cleveland into looking whether police should carry narcan. ems teams and firefighters have access. tonight, family and friends
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state university student was killed sunday night. around sunset family members plan to line meadow lane with 200 luminaries to honor the memories. they are to remain lit until sunday. yesterday a second suspect was arrested in connection with the death of him. this is the first friday of the christian lenting season, which means fish fries are back. lenten is a 40-day period of fasting during which many observe as meatless fridays, there is a list of fish fries and combrou can find a link to their website-- and you can find a link to their website on our website. the frigid weather is in time for the medina ice festtial, the fire and ice tower kicks off tonight, lit at 7:00, there are ice carving competitions throughout the weekend there. also, if you are feeling
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reached $76 million, the drawing is saturday at 10:59 p.m. evening time. up next at the noon hour, kasich's camp is taking a new approach in south carolina, we show you his brand new ad. oregon residents are breathing sighs of relief. the stand off is over in oregon. now the legal battle has begun. the state of ohio won't be able to tax you for internet access anymore. we will explain what is changing. this is news at the noon hour on a friday.
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to cuba this afternoon. that is where his meeting with the leader of the russian orthodox church will take place. upon arriving in havana he will meet with curill, the first meeting in a thousand years. pope francis will continue his 7-day trip to mexico. new, investigatorerize going back into the water in-- investigators are going back into the water for more on a ship wreck, they will try to locate the data record for el faro, it sunk going to puerto joaquin.
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weeks. travel between countries in the european union will be difficult, pass fort free travel will no longer be aloud. the expected changes are in response to the refugee crisis. it allows border controls for 6 months and can be extended 2 years if necessary. the final protesters to be removed from the oregon wild life refiage will be in the courtroom-- refuge in the courtroom this afternoon, there are arraignments in portland court. they surrendered after a dramatic phone call live streamed on the internet. local people are dmrad the specttle-- glad the spectacle is over. >> i am proud of thismunity, i am proud of my friends and neighbors and proud of the way you stood up to this stuff. there has been a lot of hurt. there has been a lot of things said, but i don't think there is anything that has been done that
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>> the fbi is working with the local piute nation and fish and wildlife to see how much damage was done. the refuge will be done for several weeks while bomb technicians comb the area. the state of ohio will no longer be allowed to tax you for the internet. congress passed a bill banning governments from taxing internet access. ohio is 1 of 6 states that collected millions in internet taxes. president obama says he plans to sign the measure. the news at noon returns, a baby born along a frozen freeway in ohio. we will hear from the first responders who kept everything working out okay. here is tera. >> extreme wind chills coming back to northeast ohio. 15 below. i will tell you why and how long
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as we get deeper into the primary season, democrat presidential candidate, hillary clinton, has one goal: stop bernie sanders. in the first clash since sanders victory in new hampshire clinton
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attack and questioned his health plan calling it unrealistic. clinton turned to discrimination, making a pitch to some key constituencies, latino, african american, and women voters. >> i am running for president to knock down all of the barriers that are holding americans back. >> as the nevada primary nears another constituency is seniors, expecting to taylor to older voters. clk is getting help on the campaign trail. in ohio today her husband, former president, bill clinton is making a stop in cincinnati. mem bers will hold a get out the in cincinnati. on the republican side, governor john kasich is releasing 2 new campaign ads in south carolina, the first talks about what would be his plan for his first hundred days of a kasich presidency, he promises a
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and tax cuts. his second ad takes a more personal approach talking about his relationship with his father. >> my father was a post man that said you stand on your own 2 feet, go out there and change the world. >> governor kasich is looking past south carolina, telling cnn he is getting ready for primaries in the deep south. he believes he can win mississippi and alabama. a family in ohio is welcoming a new addition after emergency road side delivery 7:30 yesterday morning, a frantic father called 911 off the interstate in southern ohio. the dispatcher was able to help the father safely deliver his daughter. first responders arrived 3 minutes later and helped keep the new family warm in the cold temperatures. >> this is so cold this morning, we wanted to make sure we got the baby wrapped up quickly and
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>> the baby, named hannah marie, was taken to miami valley hospital. she and mother are doing fine. dad is doing as well as can be expected, shaken up but, no, dad is really doing fine. yesterday's event was rare but could not have gone any better, say the first responders. dad did the heavy lifting. >> dramatic entrance into this world. >> right on ooeshgs-75 in southern-- i-75 in southern ohio. welcome, hannah marie, to our world. >> blufl story, glad-- beautiful story, glad she is doing well. babies, i don't want them outside, too cold. unless you are planning on putting several jackets on. >> unless they are being born. >> exactly. >> what you can expect the next couple hours, i am watching an arctic front that will push snowfall into our area at the inconvenient time of your friday rush. that evening commute is likely
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of the snowfall headed our way. we are watching for the potential of? lake effect snow in ashtabula, to kick in the overnight hours. this is a widespread snow event for us, i am thinking 1 inch on average across home. tonight, though, 6-8, especially here in ashtabula. then another 3-6 potential through that saturday timeframe. that is just for ashtabula county. this mainly extendinize to pennsylvania, elsewhere. and this encompasses northeast ohio. wind chill advisory starts tonight and goes until 10:00 clk a.m. saturday-- 10:00 a.m. saturday. 21 in cleveland, flake or 2. 19 wooster, 19 mansfield, 19 ashtabula. we have a little heavier snow trying to pop up for us a little
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killbuck, and stillwell but no concerns as we have dry air in place. winds howling 17 miles an hour cleveland. 15 mansfield. 13 ashtabula, so that is why the wind chill temperatures already feel unbearable. 7 for what it feels like in cleveland and wooster. 5 mansfield. 6 ashtabula, 4 the coldest for us there, lorain county in elyria. there is the arctic air, we will get an advancing push of snowfall during the evening commute. i think the official front pushes 9:00-10:00. we will watch the temperatures drop off. there is the next chance about 9:00. around 4-7 potential, and then again for us, 9 and 10 and we start to see it become just lake effect. we have a little bit here on the west side. not going to amount to much but east siders, especially ashtabula, bigger numbers there. that is where the numbers start to pick up.
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into saturday as temperatures become the bigger story behind this arctic invasion. numbers and expected totals, you have already enough in the yard but we have about an inch or so average, maybe more ashtabula, then numbers east really start effect snow chance. for everyone else this weekend it is about the extreme cold. this is why i say keep the babies in the house unless you put 2 jackets on and rush them in and out of buildings. 15 below in cleveland. we have that wind chill advisory, 11 below wooster, 15 below mansfield. sunday morning is not as bad. feels extreme. when we are that cold you can get frost bite within 10-30 minutes. here is a look at your power 57-day forecast. 20 for the high today, evening snow coming back, more lake effect for saturday, a break for
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evening commute expecting snowfall so be extra cautious and a wind children advisory for the weekend. >> take care of each other and yourselves in this cold.
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