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tv   News Channel 5 at 6pm  ABC  February 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:29pm EST

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newschannel 5 at six brought to you by mr. hero. get a roman deal meal for 5.74. live. always investigating our side newschannel 5 starts now. now at 6 another winter storm system on the move. coming off the weekend of snow and bitterly cold temperatures. the latest band of water is causing problems to the states south of us and some will hit us. what this means for you could be a real messy commute in the morning. >> chief meteorologist mark johnson is tracking the storm. it will hit the hardest in the overnight. >> overnight hours through the morning commute for some areas just to the southeast of cleveland. a few miles away. let's take a look. right now where you are the moisture streaming in across the ohio river. starting off at rain but it should change quickly to snow and that will continue on and
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during the day tomorrow as well. tomorrow morning mainly. winter weather advisory out for ashtabula and geauga and summit and stark and waynes and hopes and tuscarawas county. three to six inches of snow. i think more for carrollton and some areas six to 8-inches even down to dover new philly. we got the youngstown area in a winter storm warning for 6 to 8 and maybe an inch or more. overnight through 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. this is a big deal for travelers just to the southeast of greater cleveland and to the southeast of interstate 90 here's interstate 71. the main band of snow. 33 in cleveland. 32 in wooster. here is the arrivals of the snow.
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by 10:00 tonight it is not in cleveland, just arriving in akron and ravenna and carrollton and by midnight, not here and not greater cleveland or medina or rain or mansfield or ashland. a sharp cutoff in the snow line. so we will keep you post on the shift of the track if any and the updated snowfall. the evening looks dry and seeing snow between 8 and ten p.m. akron picking up intensity after midnight through mid- morning. i got snowfall totals and your exclusive snow day predictor. you want a snow day off? see if you are in the zone. looking ahead to a new storm and people falling off from the dangerously cold valentine's day weekend. and it was chillier for
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a senior high rise the heaters broke. meggen you learned how many people are affected. >> reporter: riverview tower has 498 units and i'm told they are filled to capacity. a representative on the site said they are not all affected but working around the clock to get it fixed. residents at the senior housing high rise told me they couldn't escape the weekends frigid temperatures. >> it is cold. there is no heat inside. it is cold. >> it is cold and two nights ago it was cold. >> president donald willheight is running out of options. >> i use my oven to stay warm. >> and others are stick total ground floor because it is warmer. >> get out of the house. wherever it is warm you go there. >> a resident from the property says the heat is on and a boiler issue is affecting the
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>> we do have heat but not as warm as the residents are accustomed to. >> the cuyahoga housing authority would not test the temperatures but some say that it may be colder than the housing code requirements. >> i have been here all week and this is the priority for us and we brought in outside contractor to address the issue. >> reporter: chma police said the contractor is on-site right now and hoping to have the issue fixed by the end of the day. we have seen reports of progress. the inspection reports is what we requested but have not seen any. if you see nous happening, let us know, you can call, tech or email, 5 tips at or tweet us.
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akron leaves one man died and police searching for him. antoine bennett show a 25-year- old man yesterday on howard street. they are searching for bennett and his last address was in cleveland. anyone with information is asked to call police. a columbus restaurant in the city of a machete attack. we are hearing from some of the victims in the restaurant where mohammed berry be gap to attack patrons inside. one couple tried to stop him. >> he walked directly at me and raised the machete up and tried to hit me on top of my head. >> i started to scream and cuss which brought the attention away from jerry and gave him chance to push the guy out of the way.
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and killed by police after the incident. the restaurant's owner leaves his restaurant was targeted. investigation believe that berry acted alone. it could be up to a year before a popular restaurant will be able to open its doors. a recruit was arrested by columbus police on valentine's day. sean wells was charged with ovi and having a car in the gun while intoxicated. cleveland pd says that wells will not return to the ohio state patrol academy and schedule and scheduled to be arraigned on friday. one local lawmaker has comments on city cameras. >> we spoke with senator tom
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i wanted to put the brakes on smaller communities using the cameras for cash grabs. now roughly one hundred thousand drivers make their way through newberg heights. when a driver is during 74 in a 60 miles per hour area a picture is taken and the drive is mailed a picture. there are four bills that patton has introduced that blocks people from using them and restrictions the tickets that can be given as to a number that is twice the city's population. >> this is about safety. nobody is a bigger proponent of law enforcement. my only son and grandfather and father were policemen and tough job that they have to do. get them out on the highways.
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no impact but in a cursory view we think we will be able to comply with them. the bills are set to go to committee within the next couple of weeks. tracy carloss, newschannel 5. and when it comes to ohio drivers, some statistics show that many have a pretty serious lead foot. one thousand drivers ticketed for reaching speeds of hundred miles per hour or more. more than 5300 drivers were ticketed in 2003. we will start with chelsea clinton this afternoon campaigning on her mother's behalf speaking on the east side.
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dents to vote. hillary clinton and sanders will visit ahead of the primary. they are expected to speak at a dinner in columbus two days before the primary. forker mountains george w. bush at the campaign trail for his brother job. bush and his wife lauren visited today and will hold a rally later. many of the candidates are focusing their attention on south carolina voters and that state's primary coming up on saturday. danita that is not the case for our governor. john kaisch spent two days with voters in michigan just like he did in new hampshire, he held a town hall and at the state university and he is scheduled to hold town halls in the steam of utica. president obama says that he has every intention of choosing the next nominee but it won't hall until the senate
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later this mon. the nation has to go through the republican led senate which republican lawmakers will not debates or: that the republican nominateps. rob port man is one of those lawmakers, he and along with other republicans want a nominee chosen after the election. port man says that he believes "the best thing for the country is to trust the american people to weigh in on who should make a lifetime appointment" that could respine the supreme court for a generation. all new at six. making your vote count. >> the decision that will have
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law enforcement is now on high alert. a truck has driven over the side of a highway. there we go. tightening the shot. a one hundred foot drop.
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taken to a local hospital. right now no word on his condition. again that is live out of miami. a news alert. people in avon outraged over something dangerous at a family park. needles were discovered at wise field. parents are concerned that children may pick up the needles and injure themselves we took it to police. >> we are not ignoring it but attacking it from every angle we can. >> the police patrol the park 7 days a week. they will plan to keep up the patrols. a water crisis in flint, michigan and sebring ohio. the ohio epa is calling on an overhaul of regulations. waiting 60 days before alerting
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the legislation was approved to affect the federal environmental protection agency to notify residents if the state fails to do so. while the plight eyes on the nation are on south carolina. ohio's primary one month from today. john kosic joins us live. >> ohio's primary may be one month off but the voting for it starts wednesday. >> reporter: the board of elections is closed on president's day. and ohioans weigh in on their choice of the power's nominee and the primary will start at 8:00 a.m. wednesday and run out to the day before elections. the primaries are open and giving republicans and democrats to vote in whatever primary they choose but not in ohio.
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republican or democrat to vote in that primary but you can change on election day, there are 850,000 registered votessers in cuyahoga county and some can't pull a vote in the primary unless they are a democrat or republican. in 2008 the last year that there was an open seat going into the primary there was 250,000 registered democrats in the county but 361,000 votes were cast in the democratic primary and the battle between hillary clinton and president obama. if 2012 is any indication 40% of those votes will be cast before the polls open march 15th. 40% of the voters voted earlier in 2012 in the primary and so even though more than 20 states will vote before the next month the candidates will focus on a fair amount of attention. on
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a lot of attention on our weather. big winter storm for some of you. heavy snow moving our way. greater cleveland, you are not in the heavy snowstorm. here is the current live look at the tower cam. akron, canton, wooster. ravenna and youngstown and as far north as southern ashtabula county around and over. everyone looking out at the weather conditions. again cloudy skies and fog developing as warm air overspreads the snow pack. here come the rain towards dover and new philly. seeing the snow and that trend once it gets up to route 30. everyone should begin to see snow. here is your winter storm warning. trumble and maroney and columindiana and winter storm
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ashtabula and stark and summit and wayne and homes and we got tuscarawas and carol roll but i think the snow will wrap up towards canton and dover and new philly and southern sections of geauga and summit county and portage counties could easily see approaching six inches of snow or more. so that is pretty good stuff in the course of the next ten hours. current temperatures in the 30s. will hover in the 30s. it is not about artic air. it is about a winter storm traveling along the ohio river. southerly breezes and 6 miles per hour. 33 degrees downtown cleveland. we will show you the almanac. hitting 32 and 37 is the average high. trace of snow. all right. here we go. let's show you the progress of the moisture. cloudy skies and i don't think greater cleveland will see snow until after midnight. here is the center of the low. all of the way back into northern alabama. we got tornado watches and
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the gulf coast and severe weather but the moisture is streaming our way. watch the low near the ohio river up towards pittsburgh and we are on the snowy side and a narrow band of snow. not all the way north to cleveland. hour by hour, look at this. ten p.m. look at the sharp cutoff. akron light snow and canton moderate snow. and look at that, continue to see heavier snow canton to youngstown and back to coshocton. here is our guesstimate. four to eight inches. the canton corridor, 3 to 6- inches and akron could get close to the five or six inch mark depending on the low and greater cleveland only one to three and as you head west of interstate 71 it is nodda. here is the snowfall. the school snow day forecast.
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canton and all the way back to dover and new philly and millersburg. you got a one hundred chance and southern geauga and ashtabula and wayne county. 29 tonight, snow arrives and one to three inches for greater cleveland and more snow south, four to eight inches and a few spots more than that. 36 tomorrow morning and snow tapering off 8:00 and moving to the east. it will be a sloppy commute south of the cleveland area. 28 for akron and canton and four to eight inches of snow and 36 tomorrow, snow ending by mid to late morning and one to two additional inches with an alberta clipper and look at the warmup through the week in the 40s. lauren brill for andy and cav are off but a lot to talk about. >> the all-star break. and with the trade timeline
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next in sports, who the cavs are shopping around for.
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after the break. tonight's news brought to you by elk and elk. serious law, serious attorneys. brought to you by 1-800-elk- ohio. not much going on at the cue in terms of cavs games since the all-star break but
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office has been quite busy. lots of trade rumors. the latest according to espn the cavs willing to make mum available. looking at the kings koustas available. the kings are looking to win right now. teams like golden state and san antonio seem to be stronger so griffin likely to see if there is any way to bolster the roster but coach saying the roster is fine. >> he is a premier shooter and his team is unbelievable right now whether it is 48 score at this point, unbelievable record. i think lebron james up there but until he gets his jumper in the perimeter, you got to give the nod to seth curry. now that is him talking
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the best player in the world. last night's all-star ending late. lots of scoring. in case you fell asleep early here is what you missed. kobe bryant getting emotional before his last all-star game of his career. lebron james with an old buddy dwayne wayne and alley-oop and james 13 points and kobe with a three and drives the basket up by four and kobe with ten points and talk about the run and dunk with the game high of 41 points but mvp going to this guy russell westbrook of 31 points, west takes it 196-73 and east was led by none other than tyronn lue. >> the last game for the cavs
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>> and they will win. >> a lot of students keeping their fingers cross ford a four day holiday. >> dover and new filly, you got a great shot. we got four as many as eight inches some spots nearly youngstown could see more. and coming through tonight and tomorrow morning's commute. we will do live updates four. he knows. see you at 11. newschannel 5 at six brought to you by the ohio
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breaking news tonight. the travel chaos at this hour. a deadly mix of snow, ice and rain. more than 2,000 accidents. major travel delays. and at least six tornadoes reported, as this major system moves through, winter alerts from georgia, all the way up to maine. trump's tirade, taking aim late today at jeb bush and his brother, the former president, who was out on the trail for the first time. >> the world trade center came down during your brother's reign. >> and what donald trump is now threatening to do. and epic battle under way over the supreme court. the death of justice antonin scalia, and now, the fight over his successor. the scare in the air.


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