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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 5am  ABC  February 17, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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the hazards of hoverboards and why one local family is telling you their story. >> and first, the latest weather and traffic with somara theodore. >> and a lot of schools were closed. indian valley school delayed by two hours and this is a look at what is going on. the setup is a cold front and getting ready to push through. we have seen stronger in northeast ohio and some snowfall, and this is going to pass throughout the day and give it time but it's triggering off snowfall. euclid, seeing more moderate patches of snow there and darker purple as well as menner and you pass up to leroy and that is where we will see snow move in. the temperatures now, 28 degrees in cleveland. >> and all right, accident free at the hour. i. i will tell you the plows are out. and i am seeing the odot cameras live and don't worry,
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traffic map, and that is 90 on columbia and elsewhere, if you're coming in from akron, we saw a mess and look at 77 and 76 and that is looks -- looks great. coming in each direction and checking outside, the odot camera and here on 90 and kenilworth and also wet in some of the other spaces and that plow is passing the bottom left- hand corner of the screen. guys. and high levels of carbon monoxide send more than 10 people to local hospitals. >> and most children. sarah phinney is live at university hospital this morning. how are they all doing? >> reporter: well, terrence, investigators tell us the victims were letting,ic but -- lethargic but conscience when they were transported across hospitals across cleveland, including uh and this is at a home not far from mayfair elementary. the neighbors tell us the family was renting and recently had issues with the furnace. they say a contractor was there a few days ago. according to the deputy fire
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level in the home was above what is considered dangerous. and investigators are not sure what caused it but there was condensation on the inside of the windows at the home. we're told the gas company was on scene last night and we'll be sure to keep you updated. sarah phinney, newschannel 5. >> and thank you. 5:02 and developing in akron, a security guard in a hospital psyche ward stabbed by a patient. and this happened at saint thomas hospital and the patient had two knives on him and the guard unarmed. the suspect is in police custody and has not been charged and his name is not released at had hour and police are not sure how the patient was able to get two knives into the hospital. nick foley is joining us live new at akron general. and violent attacks inside hospitals have been an ongoing problem. >> i they have, terrence. we're here where the 54-year- old security guard was brought after last night's attack. for the most part, ohio's want houses are safe. there is occasional violence and that is nothing new.
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workers and staff members are often caught in the middle and that is like this case here in acrob. the number one concern is psyche patients and a news channel 5 special report found an estimated 525 cases of violent cases in a two-year stretch of ohio hospitals, 340 nurses were victims of assault as well. and one nurse we spoke to was attacked by a patient at the psychiatric ward of saint vincent charity hospital in cleveland. >> and came out and stabbed me in the face. i heard from other people that management, you work in psychiatric facility. and what do you expect? >> reporter: we reached out to the ohio hospital association for a comment. the spokesperson told us it's working closely with hospitals across the state to protect staff and patients. i also talked to akron police at a nurse -- and a nursing
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the guard and we're told there is no condition available to the media and they're working on an update for us this morning. reporting in akron, nick foley for newschannel 5. back to the studio. >> thank you, nick. and breaking overnight from the live desk. a smash-and-grab sale in east cleveland. a pair-would-be thieves crashes into the store and this is off of hayden avenue and it's been hit before. the suspects hitting the same spot as last time but a nearby officer heard the crash and got there before they could get inside. the suspectra away and got away without stealing anything. two stolen trucks recovered from the scene there. and developing this morning, a plan to ditch the entire police department has people in in madison village on a mission to save the officers. a huge crowd for the first public decision about the mayor's cost-cutting idea tuesday night and you can see the room filled there and a
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the state budget forced him to drop a plan that dispans -- disbans the police department. >> and i have had to come on the village police department numerous instances where they have been there for me and they helped my family out tremendously. >> i cried. i am sorry. i cried but that is not -- that is just not fair to any of us. there should have been something, once again, i have talked to this couple before. communication. >> and last night's -- last night's meeting was the first of three public meetings. a packed house in medina county as well. hundreds looking for answers about the proposed nexus pipelinings and possible impacts on groundwater and it was focused by the ohio e.p.a. on air quality. and the e.p.a. will take the comments from last night's meeting to decide whether to o a permit for the station.
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and cleveland police are trying to figure out how a personal car of one of the officers was stolen and that happened in akron. howard heart was at the inner belt night club when he noted his keys were missing. he went outside and his car was gone and he could face charges for failing to secure his weapon. several police agencies are trying to track down thieves taking catalytic converters and there have been recent calls from owners finding them gone and they're taking them because of the metal found inside and they will turn -- in turn, take the converter to a junk yard for cash. >> and they're coming through and someone came by and cut it out. >> the task forces put them together to investigate who was
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and happening now, a local church has a gun range in its sights. >> it wants members to use the range for recreation and some are not sure here. the church opens the property where the gun place will be built. township trustees want to have a meeting about it. many are gun owners, one does say that he has concerns. >> and i always think about the number of people in the parks and i have to think about the by down rainfall from where they will be shooting and what is the possibility of a round striking a train car that can potentially be carrying oil or compressed gas of some sort. >> and in the end, the church does not need the approval of it. >> and they're not the only gun owners getting attention. check out this photo of jeb bush here posted on twitter with the caption america.
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about that post that is going strong on social media. and early voting for the march primary starts today in ohio. >> and you can vote by mail or in person at the county board of elections. you will need to bring a valid i.d.i. and we appreciate you beginning your day with us. i'm terrence lee. >> and i'm jackie fernandez. there is excitement building in the fight against cancer. how the new treatment works. >> and they're hot on the market. and one ohio family is warning they're hot in your home, too. and why they're saying you should carry a fire
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. appreciate you being here with us this morning. welcome back. we have all heard about the dangers in owning a hoverboard in many places, and they're
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>> one northeast ohio family experienced that danger firsthand after it caught fire. and meg shaw is on top of the story for you this were morning and this can end tragically? >> reporter: the family tells newschannel 5 they're lucky it didn't leave the house in flames and that they have one smart fund. both of the boys, each received a hoverboard of gifts this past christmas that tells one of the devices on the chart when, after 15 minutes, started to make noise says and that is when the 16-year-old checked it out and seconds later, it was on fire. >> and it exploded into five- foot flames and he was thinking calmly and able to find a fire extinguisher in our home and luckily knew how to use it. >> the family said both devices were booted out of the house so it doesn't happen again and they plan to return both of them. and hoverboards are being banned at a number of places across the country and
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>> thank you. and somara won't recommend anyone on the hoverboard today. the sidewalks still icy. >> yes, and we had that wet snow yesterday and that caused freezing overnight and this is what we had this morning. every morning, there is a weather narrative. today's story is not dramatic as yesterday's. we're going to see a cold front push through. but, before that cold front passes through, we do have a layer of moisture that is moving down. as it continues to move down, that is -- to push down, that is why we're getting the snow and into areas like menner and euclid and that is here. we're going to see moderate snow and accumulation and we're talking about an inch and not more than that and that is good news. we will see some more scattered showers and let's get to that future cast. can i show you what is go to happen for wednesday. by this afternoon, you can see the front passing and we get
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northeast ohio and things break up and clouts -- clouds here and overnight dry conditions and that leads to a beautiful sunny thursday and not as warm as we would like and by friday, we should see the temperatures hit near 50 and speaking of which, in the seven-day forecast, we're talking about temperatures nearing 50 on friday and don't put the coats away too soon. the cool air arrives next week. >> 71 at 271 this morning and look at the ice crystal. some secondary roads might be icy out there and that is a reminder from yesterday's storm that we saw moving fast and furious and leaving its mark. we zoom out, accident free at this hour and seeing a smooth ride on all major highways in northeast ohio and the drive time speeds look great, too and 271 northbound, richmond and 90, 11 minutes and crocker to the inner belt. over to you.
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going to talk about that and it's this time of the year again and newschannel 5 is committed to helping you. roaming the streets and adjusting the areas you're concerned about and some of you in parma said that pleasant valley road needs help. in the city's response to the request was fast. in minutes, the street supervisor had a crew filling a massive hole and this is how you can tell us about your head- hitting poles. go to on ur newsnet 5 app and fill out the form and we'll track down the answers. and speaking of potholes, by the way, brand-new numbers coming into the live desk here and this is interesting from the perspective of a driver here. pothole damage costing drivers in the u.s. $15 million over the last five years in vehicle repairs, according to a new study by aaa.
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report paying $300 to pair pothole-related damages and they expected to go up in the coming years. terrence. and happening now, the supreme court is morning the loss of justice anthony scalia. and the tradition dates back to the 19th century. this friday, his body will lie in the great hall of the supreme court and he'll be buried saturday. our president saying he has every intention of choosing a nominee to replace him despite others calling for the next president to call for a nominee. and in health news, a new test might have doctors identify the most deadly forms of cancer before they spread. experts at the institute of cancer research figured out a way to score the tumors to predict how dangerous they might become. in a trial of 1,000 women, those who had tumors scoring the highest were three times likely to die.
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breakthrough in the fight against cancer. using a new treatment based on immunotherapy, doctors take white blood cells from cancer patients and genetically modify them and put them back in the patient to multiply. the genetically altered celling fight off cancer cells like viruses. one study found the treatment eliminated symptoms in 94 of patients with a particular type of leukemia. and a local girl collecting colors for a cause. she's 10 years old and she haze -- she has been collecting markers and crayons and coloring books the last two years and donated more than 6200 art supplies to local hospitals. admirable, wow and knee sheds more. she's trying to reach a goal of 10,000 items. if you want to help out, we have details on our newsnet 5 app. and here's not the only local person praised so are two
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>> and they found a woman panhandling. instead of giving her a $200 ticket, they gave her something else and she was panhandling on east 152nd near interstate 90 when the officers asked her what she was doing. her heartbreaking response was simple: she was trying to feed her two young children. the officers got in touch with the local food pantry and made sure her family didn't go hungry. >> doesn't surprise me. i know the police do more than just arrest people. i know they try to help. >> and not everyone needs a ticket or needs to go to jail and that i knew that and applied a different tactic to a situation and solved both. >> saint herman's on west 44th and franklin is open to anyone needing food at all times. >> and looking ahead now, this is great. listen here. the winter warmer fest is coming in march. the 5th annual festival will be
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windows on the river from 2-6 and this year, more than 40 beer breweries all over ohio will be there and featuring winter, seasonal and limited beers. tick it information, all find that on our news net 5 app. >> and best place to keep our spirits june and that well be on march 5th. >> yes. and time now, 5:19. coming up next, good morning cleveland. imagine trying to log in to facebook and you discover someone changed your password and it happened to one man in ohio. how security experts say it could have been avoid theed. >> and the westminster dog show winner is not this guy but why he's stealing the show. you're watching good morning cleveland on newschannel 5.
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. happy wednesday. we're looking at a smooth ride on your wednesday morning commute and not seeing problems. 71 looks great and 77 also, the turnpike and east and west shoreway checking in fine as we approach the 530 mark. we're okay. i can tell you no accidents and that is the good news. i wanted to mention a water main happening in akron and this happened yesterday, a small portion of euclid avenue closed and shouldn't be too long. and four live looks at 71 and odot cameras showing wet
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somara. and let's change gears. we're not seeing too much snow out there falling from the sky and look at this live picture now. the good news, we're getting a break and seeing light showers along the lake shore. other than, that we have time to break away. cleveland. 28 degrees and as we head throughout your wednesday, the highs will reach about 30 to 34 degrees and depending on how far you live toward the akron and canton area. and i am being a rebel, showing the power of 5 seven-day forecast right now. i want to inspire you and look forward to your friday. the highs reaching 50 degrees. >> and amen. trending today, two organization says are teaming up to help a family from lorain cope with the loss of their lorred -- loved -- beloved dogs. >> and they're asking for the community's help to cover the emergency vet bills and cremation for diablo who was
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owner's cousin. that man is facing charges. >> and 5:23 is the time. we want to transition to a happier dog note. >> best in snow dog tonight, 2016s the german shorthair pointer. >> cj. >> and this is new video from the westminster dog show and guest in show this year. three-year-old cj, the german shorthair pointer. and he beat out more than 2700 other dogs. >> you go, cj. he was not the only dog still in the show. and this is dario here. he didn't seem too concerned. he was at one of the most famous dog shows and spent the entire time in the ring. he treated -- tried to get treats. in his handler's pocket. give me the treat. >> okay. and a major cure alert. the discovery of a new computer
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and it could affect hundreds of thousands of devices. >> the flaw in google's operating system could be exploited to allow hackers remote access to your computer, tablet or smartphone. google is releasing a patch to fix this. >> and affecting the lennox operating system. >> and from apple, they're fighting with the white house, refusing a federal magistrateee order to hack into the phone belonging to one of the san bernardino shooters. the move would undermine e corruption by creating a -- e corruption by creating a backdoor. the fbi has not been able to look at the work phone since december because no one has been able to guess his password. and imagine trying to log into facebook and learning someone shrimped your password. it happened to this ohio native; they posted nude photos of his girlfriend. >> oh, my goodness and security
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do is to contact facebook who will then shut down your page but the 50 tip is to first never send nude pictures and change your password every few months. >> and nothing simple like one, two, three, four. >> yeah. >> or use the word password. and coming up, a major shift could be on the way for food stamps. the new rules the u.s. agricultural department proposed. >> and check out the police dog. how he managed to score a $2,000 outfit.
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. new on good morning cleveland, two developing stories. first in cleveland, a family's home fills with carbon monoxide. in akron, a security guard fighting for his life after being stabbed by a psyche patient. >> and our team is on top of both stories here. nick foley in akron where that guard was in surgery overnight and sarah finny in cleveland where the -- sarah phinney in cleveland with the family being treated for carbon monoxide poisoning. and we have a good surge of moisture moving through and what that is going to do is push up 90 through ashtabula and partings of pennsylvania. that is moving in and out this
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that will cause us to get more this afternoon. and for now, areas getting the hardest. chardon this morning, and northern parts. >> august a chester, munson andmon roy. and throughout the day, accumulations not forecasted to break more than an inch and there is not a lot of snow out there and you will notice sunshine settles in for thursday. kristen. >> and somara, we're accident free as we hit the 530 mark and i will tell you the highways are wet at this hour and light look at 90 and columbia. our roads are wet. traffic is starting to pick up and so, again, not much of an issue as we approach the timeframe. as we zoom out, odot is out. i have seen them on the odot cameras this morning. another thing as we look at the traffic flow for you.
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impact you and that is between diagonal and not too much a large section of euclid. over to you. and breaking overnight, at least 10 people rushed to the hospital and all -- high carbon monoxide levels inside their home. >> and most of the victims were children. let's go to sarah phinney with more. and you have been making calls. what have you found out? >> reporter: as we're learning, the mother was the one who dialed 911. she was concerned about the kids. the victims were taken to thee hospitals, including uh. and i want to show you footage of the home where it happened, not far from mayfair elementary. the deputy fire chief said co levels in the home were considered dangerous and victims were told they were conscious. investigators are not sure what caused the high levels and the family recently had issues with the furnace and a contractor visited a few days ago. the gas company was on scene
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we'll keep you updated. sarah phinney, newschannel 5. >> and thank you. this morning, we're following developing news in akron. a hospital security guard fighting for his life after being stabbed by a patient. and nick foley is live at akron hospital. how is the guard currently doing? >> reporter: this is where the guard was brought after being stabbed with serious injuries. akron police tell us that guard underwent surgery last night for the injuries and that his current conditions this morning is not known and stemming last night from an incident at saint thomas hospital. as a patient was transported from akron city to that hospital to the fifth floor psyche ward and we're told the 54-year-old guard was unarmed and that the patient pulled out a knife stabbing the guard in the stomach and neck. the 33-year-old had two knives on him and unknown how he got them in his possession. summa healthcare released a
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member of our team was injured during an unprovoked attack and our thoughts go out to his family and i spoke with the -- [ indiscernible ] they were unable to give us information on the patient's condition and that i hope to update the condition later this morning. back to the studio. and thank you, nick. >> i want to let you know we have school delays into the live desk here and we put them at the bottom of the screen. you will see them scrolling there. and breaking overnight, a smash-and-grab sale in east cleveland. a pair of would-be thieves crash into a store front and get stopped in their tracks. and this is off of hayden avenue and it's been hit before. the suspects hitting the same spot as the last time and a nearby officer heard the crash and got there before they could get it inside and that suspect ran and got away without stealing anything and, by the way, two stolen trucks were
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>> and a lot of smash and grabs were happening in east cleveland and to that point where shoppers were worried about the safety. and convenience stores along euclid avenue have been hit over and over again and that stores are cutting their hours because of the robberies. >> and they close at 10 and like at 9:45 and this is pushing shoppers like me tote get off of work and come here and get something because of the robberies and stuff going on you. >> thomas is reaching out to all macon retailers and said by -- major retailers and said by pullings their resources together, they should be able to get a security guard for all stores. and the s.w.a.t. team is called in monday night. they found a gun in the store and one in the car outside. witnesses gave conflicting stories on what happened but this is not the first time the store is targeted.
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location was robbed leading to a 12-our standoff with officers. a -- 12-hour standoff with officers. jessica ferrato is suing the officer who arrested her and the rta. surveillance video shows the officer approaching her at the bus stop and he said he later shoved her to the ground and arrested her. an terminal rta investigation found the officer violated agency policies and was placed on probation. and a bedford police dog has a new vest to keep him safe on the job. the massachusetts charity donated the body armor on k9 officer mike. they're designed to protect the dogs from bullets and objects that could be used to stab them. and the charity vested interest in k9 esprovided more than 1500 vests to doing error errors across the -- dogs across the country. and this is an aerial view
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you can see all the rides were taken out and anything there was crumbled down and the kingdom water park is still open. and. tiny houses are coming to cleveland. a local builder planning to start construction on two small home this spring and each will be under 600 square feet and built on a vacant lot on west of the 8th and desperes avenue and they come with a big price tag. each will be listed between 125 and $150,000. and coming up next on your wednesday morning, the zika virus is changing the way we deal with blood donations. and the new restrictions for deaners. >> and the changing face of laundry. and picking up the slack and touches are taking notice. and another look at the power of 5 forecast.
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. good morning and welcome back. i want to go ahead and get straight to the temperatures and that is what we're talking about this morning and we had some snowfall out there and know that it's 28 degrees in cleveland. if you're walking out of your door in new philadelphia, it's 30 degrees there and for all of my friends in ashland, 28 degrees and winds are light and we are seeing highs this afternoon reaching the low 30s and about 34 degrees is my high for this afternoon and i have good news.
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going to get into the end of the week. we have to stick around for that and for now, over to you. and in consumer news, a major shift could be on the way for food stamps. >> and stores might have to start stocking healthier options and they will require retailers to provide healthier food to comcontinue accepting food stamps. -- continue accepting food stamps. the usda said that fruits and veggies should be an option. and to new developments in the zika virus outbreak. the fda recommending huge changes of blood banks across the country that would ban donations to anyone who travelled to a country in the zika zone. and they asked anyone going to a zika outbreak country to weight 28 days before donating blood. and a health minister is
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countries it will be safe to travel tory on for the summer and there is no need for them to worry about the virus over the others. and time now, 5:40. next, the mystery almost over a record-setting powerball win finally coming forward to claim the prize. >> and a hoverboard explosion starting a fire. and i have the scary morning one mom is sharing this morning.
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. welcome back. 5:44 and breaking overnight from the live desk, second degree second degree could be the first state to ban transgender students from using restrooms of the gender they identify with rather than their biological sex. the state senate and house both passing a bill which now goes on to the governor's desk. here locally, you might remember we told you about the controversial new all-gender bathroom trend, found at places like the greater cleveland aquarium and case welcome to the show university. -- case western university. and flint, michigan, played the highest water rates in the county even as the water was being tainted by lead&.
5:45 am
this is according to a new study. flynt residents paid more than $800 a year for the water, nearly double the national average. and france is staying on alert. the country's parliament approving a three-month extension of the terrorist emergencies. 130 people died when terrorists opened fire. the threat of new violence is too high to lower security right now. the state of emergency will stay in, affect until may 26th. and the city is rebounding from those attacks. this is new video here. the first time that they -- service november and that is at the concert where most of the victims were killed. and last night, the band playing to a sold out crowd and therapists were on hand in case can someone needed them. and people in florida about to get new friends and family members. the second winner of the
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ticket will step forward. the news on conference is scheduled for this afternoon. there were three winning jackpot tickets, the first claimed in tennessee days after the drawing and the california winner is still a mystery here. and let's look live outside and now at 5:45 and most of us waking up to cloudy skies but thankfully, no snowfall. >> and there is. you see me up here? >> and -- . >> they don't pay attention to me. are the flurries following us? >> i can prove it to them. this is the proof. >> and anything. >> the snow is falling outside. if you can take pictures outside of your window to help me build my case, the snow is falling and a front is on the way. and that is going to take time to move through. that will probably come through later on. we do have this deep plume of moisture that is causing us to see some snow this morning. throughout the day, that is going to continue to shift up
5:47 am
will see a little bit of clearing. before the afternoon snow comes with that front. and this is the timing on that. we're going to be seeing scattered snowfall this afternoon. good news is that clouds are clearing out and what we call this is radiation -- radiational cooling. the temperatures is going to drop into the teens overnight and getting cold. and that means no clouds tomorrow. we'll see sunshine. i want to break down the seven- day forecast for you and let's start with the first three days. so, tomorrow is going to be sunny. and it's going to be cold, though and friday is going to be rainy and warmer. the temperatures reaching 50 degrees for your friday and let's take a look at the remainder of the weekend and not a -- a mild weekend ahead and i wouldn't necessarily put the coats away and we have a chill settling in at the end of the weekend and beginning of next week. and we'll keep monitoring this. not too far away. how are the roads?
5:48 am
we're flowing just fine on the major highways. the only issue is no accidents but this water main break in akron and euclid avenue is closed between diagonal and east avenue and unclear how long that will take and let's go to video. we were there when crews were making the repair and there they are, still an issue this morning. that is part of the route this morning and so, definitely expect the delays across that section there. we'll let you know when it's there. the odot camera showing 480 and traffic picking up. and you can make out from the video the snow on the side, highways just wet as that light snow cater -- scattered around northeast ohio. and to consumer alert, a danger we're telling you about for months now. hoverboards exploding and catching fire. >> and a family dealing with the aftermath here and meg shaw is telling you the story, one you will see on 5. >> reporter: the good news in all of is this -- in all of
5:49 am
we have seen incidents like this time and time again. now, the dangers are hitting entirely too close to home. two teenagers from orange each received offer -- hoverboards for christmas. the family tells us that one of the devices was charging for 15 minutes before one of the boings heard it making weird noises. he went to check it out and seconds later, it exploded into five-foot flames. luckily, he grabbed an extinguisher nearby. >> and i don't think we thought this would happen to us and that is like an urbanling end and happened. >> and they're -- urian legend and happened. >> the safety committee is investigating the cases and not to mention hundreds of cases of people falling off and
5:50 am
and a seismic shift in household responsibilities. it's sending shock waves through laundry rooms earn the country. >> and for decades, women mostly took care of the washing and drying and folding. that is changing. >> oh, yeah. >> and research shows 67% of men, ages 18 to 34 do their own laundry, up from 23% the past three years and this is getting the attention of marketers, creating everything from drier seats for guys. >> okay. >> and that is a buttons on washing machines to avoid bleeding colors. >> ah. >> and us guys don't like the colors, apparently. >> is that true? do you not do that in. >> i sort my colors. >> and delicates? >> mama taught me well. >> good. and coming up next, compared to a serial killer. a man accused of murder wants -- [ indiscernible ] banned. >> and what a rapper said is causings controversy on the -- is causing controversy on the campaign trail.
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. new to the race for the white house, now polls paint a conflicting picture of governor kasich's position in the race. >> and a poll done by the south carolina house republican caucus shows him behind jeb bush but, cnn also releasing a poll recently and it shows kasich coming in last with 4% support in south carolina. and a rapper is raising eyebrows this morning. >> and has name was killer mike yesterday and he made a comment about hillary clinton that is sparking a lot of outrage online. >> and he said michael, a uterus doesn't qualify you to be the president of the united states.
5:53 am
>> and he said he was quoting jane elliott. he said that he's not a sexist and supports other female politicians. and we're counting down to the republican national convention that is five months away. >> and the local businesses are getting their names out there and trying to get a piece of the estimated $250 million. our city is expected to see from the rnc. >> and that is downtown and front desk people, cabdrivers, uber drivers, you name it. and that is downtown to the airport and they have seen me and have a stack of my car and fliers. >> he said because of his efforts, he's seen a 20% increase in business. 1600 vendors will be located on the vendor list for the rnc. and let's check in with somara theodore. >> and we are seeing a deep plume of moisture coming in
5:54 am
particular getting hit good in lake county right now and in menner and willoughby hills and this should be moving out the next hour or show and we saw a lot of winter wonderland pictures and tweet them at somara theodore. i would love to see them. and reaching the low 30s. we're going to also be seeing a good deal of sunshine for your thursday. we'll talk about that later for now. over to you. and salt on the highways. spots. yesterday. not as much time, though, necessary. what a mess that was, right? and looking at 480 in the area and other maps showing -- slowing traffic and there is a water main break in akron. the graph sick showing us the section of euclid that -- graph sick showing us the section of euclid that is closed and east
5:55 am
at 71 and seeing ice crystals form on the cameras. and still slick. over to you. and new information this morning on the michael madison case. a judge just granted his motion and it will prevent prosecutors from comparing him to the notorious cleveland serial killer anthony saul. he's charged with killing three women and dumping their bodies in east cleveland. the comparison would be bad here and madison's trial begins in april. a former brown's player looking at two years behind bars. rutger is facing federal charges. the fbi used charity donations to pay down gambling debts and the mortgage. we're talking $150,000 for american and cleveland peacemaker's alliance. he took the money over four years. and the attorneys are saying he's not fighting the charges and wants to apologize. >> he knows he's going to have to be punished and he's going to tell you everything possible to make it right.
5:56 am
face charges later this month. and let's show you a crazy story out of southern ohio. a young couple giving birth sooner than expected. there might not be anyone prepared for an emergency. katelin is a nurse. on monday morning, she told her firefighters husband that it was time for them to go to the hospital to have their baby. they jumped in the car and things are moving quickly and rob knew they were not going to make it to the hospital. >> 15 minutes later or so, the phone rings again. robbie and -- said yeah, thinking he forgot something and wanted me to go to his house. his grandson's here. i said you're joking. i said other things but pretty much said you're joke. >> no, i'm serious. we delivered the front set of the car. >> and this actually runs in the family. kaitlin was also a surprise delivery.
5:57 am
was on duty at the time. hmm? >> andlove that. >> the grandpa keeping it pg. >> a packed house in madison. the residents on a mission to save the officers. the latest on a proposal to nix the police department. >> and a local church fight ising to add an outdoor gun range. the city is not happy. the stories ahead in the next
5:58 am
new at 6, breaking overnight, high levels of carbon monoxide send more than 10 people to the emergency room. what officials are saying could have caused it. >> and a security guard brutally stabbed by an out-of- control patient. what went down at an akron hospital and why the patient had a 85. >> and -- a knife. >> and toy or trouble, a local family discovers the hazards of hoverboards. first, good morning cleveland's latest weather and traffic with somara. >> and good morning, northeast ohio. we have a little bit of a different story from yesterday's weather story. turning out to be a nightmare for a lot of us. this is from ashtabula to p.a., new york and this is moving out of here. we get a break from the snow and returns this afternoon.
5:59 am
we're talking about low numbers like a 5 and zero together and how are the roads now? >> i got a tweet saying there are slick spots in elyria. and as we zoom out on the maps, not seeing major accidents. just an issue in akron this morning. the spot, the water main break happening on euclid avenue closing down euclid between diagonal and east avenue. the bus routes part of the section there and that is going to be the delay there and heading to school or work outside. this is 71 in dennisson. the traffic is starting to pick up. you can make out the sheen from the headlights there on the highways wrecked because of the light snow. over to you guys. >> and breaking overnight, high levels of carbon monoxide send more than 10 people to local hospitals. >> and most were children. sarah phinney is live at the university hospital this


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