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tv   Nightline  ABC  February 23, 2016 12:37am-1:07am EST

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this is "nightline." >> tonight, caution on craigslist. a young woman left in a coma after an alleged roommate hey found her, barely breathing. >> the risk behind the screen. >> the internet has been great but it also providesad guys to make us victims. >> can connecting on craigs list sometimes lead to tragic>> she broke the bottle over my head then stabbed it into my head. "black-ish" has confronted controversial topics what the big deal is, my friends use the "n" word all the time. >> which friends? >> now tackling police
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in the 20 years since its launch, craigslist has grown from a small collection of job postings to a global marketplace. a destination for millions and a boon force. but sometimes connections made on craigslist turn violent, even deadly. abc's geo benitez has this le. >> reporter: when seven months pregnant, michelle wilkins responded to a craigs list ad for maternityt shefd getting a bargain, never expecting what she says happened when she went to this house to make the purchase. >> she cut me. >> reporter: wilkinsd by the seller of the maternity clothes this woman, dinel lane, later arrested for the grisly for attempted murder. wilkins' harrowing story of survival is part of a growing number of cases in which people are targeted by criminals, gravely injured, and in some cases ecause they responded to an ad on craigslist.
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recently been linked to chris raigs list. grandparents bud and june who thought they found their dream car on craigslist, instead shot in the head. >> you understand the charges against you? >> i r: the alleged suspect johnny j. towns charged with murderer and prosecutors are seeking the death penalty. >> whonow. >> okay, hold on. >> i responded to a craigs will it ad -- >> okay, hold on -- that craigs list ad took a horrific turn for wilkins when she says lane stabbed her across her stomach and cut her unborn childsurvive. lane was quickly arrested and charged with attempted murder, assault, and unlaw pregnancy. she pleaded not guilty. >> miss lane did not intend to kill miss wilkins. >> reporter: closing arguments in lane's trial took place today
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stand, recounting her harrowing ordeal. >> just kept saying,u doing this? and i just remember this one point where i was just holding my hand over my head and i just said, i don't know why you're doing this, i love you.e broke the bottle over my head and she said, "if you love me you'll let me do this." then she stabbed it into myter: it's not just buyer beware on craigslist. sellers can also be at risk. >> i asked the defendant be held without bail on the murder -- >> reporter: the so-called craigslist mark markov. 2009, he was a medical student at boston university when he allegedly found julissa bridgeman on craigslists as a masseuse. she was later found handcuffed and shot to death in a boston hotel. >> philip markov was taken into custody about 4:00.
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the murder of julissa brisman on april 14th. >> reporter: he was taken into custody after the surveillance footage was released showing himel where brisman's body was found. >> appears ms. brisman put up a fight, sustained blunt head trauma to her skull -- >> reporter: markov later string of similar assaults, handcuffing and robbing women advertising themselves on craigslist. he was caught on surveillance video at two more area motels. the women survived. >> just a normal guy. i couldn't imagine he could do something like that. >> our top priority is holding philip markov's a predator. >> reporter: markov, who was engaged to be married, committed suicide while in jail awaiting trial for the murder of brisman. a story so shocking it was made into a lifetime movie.raigslist killer." >> you're under arrest for the murder -- >> reporter: forrist part
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majority of craigslist users are trustworthy and well-meaning andf violent crime related to craigslist is extremely low. >> it's very anonymous, it makes our lives easy right away, buy any time of the day. it also provides another avenue for bad guys to make us victims. >> reporter: former nypd about dangers lurking behind the screen. >> when you see some of these crimes happening you're not surprised? >> people take their safety for granted. they think, it's an official website.ponsible solely for your safety. >> reporter: when 23-year-old danielle jones needed a roommate she turned to craigslist. 35-year-old byron mitnly to allegedly turn violent within days, beating her so badly she is now in a coma. >> when they found her, she wasng desangui. nated, barely breathing. >> reporter: byron mitchell is in custody facing attempted
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he pleaded not guilty saying he acted in self-defense claiming she attacked him withsomething danielle's mother finds hard to believe. >> self-defense would have been, punch her, give her a black eye. did he really have to do this? give her severe brainorter: danielle's family hopes her story can be a lesson craigslist. >> don't just trust anybody.anger out there. >> reporter: her cousin caitlyn set up a go fund me page to pay for danielle's care, already raising over k what happened to danielle. it happens all the time. this isn't the only case. this is just the only case that is so prominent because we're trying to do something about it. >> you have to who you let into your private life. and that's basically the bottom line in any of these incidents that we've seen. >> reporter: even the most careful can fall victim to criminals. and her husband james posted a listing on
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heirloom, this diamond ring. police say the female suspect and a man seemed interested andnto the family's home to talk price. that's when one man pulled a gun. two more stormed inside. the entire family, including the couple's sons, were tied ped my wedding ring off my finger. i kept saying, take it, take anything you want. >> reporter: police believe this was the suspect's intent all long. that they were actually combingking for a target. >> their intent was never to buy that ring, their intent was to commit a robbery. all four had weapons and the tools to tie everybody up. >> reporter: the couple's ried to intervene, his father broke loose to help, and was shot and killed. defending his son. >> my husband was a hero. protect his family. he always told the boys he would protect his family. and he died protecting his family. >> reporter: the suspects were all convicted and are in prison.t asserts that vanishingly few crimes are
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someone for the first time after connecting on the site. >> this is not an auction site.t something where you sell your goods on ebay where everybody has a registered name and you have a bank account attached to it. >> reporter: there are ways to safely do business on in public. >> whether it's in a diner, a coffee shop, something like that, where there's a lot of people around. get to know this person, seeort. >> reporter: more and more police stations are setting up, change zones where people can meet and complete a deal safely. do your homework. >> google them. find out who they are. loraphs. >> reporter: watch out for red flags. >> even the e-mail address the person uses. see if they have something that you can verify. >> reporter: the jury is now deliberating dinel lane's ey arguing she never intended to hurt michelle wilkins, her life forever changed by that craigs list meetup. for io benitez
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lease a 2016 lincoln mkx for $399 a month only at your lincoln dealer. a topic tackled in a tv comedy. but list brutality is one of the subjects the hit sitcom "black-ish" is confronting. we take you behind the actors who are part of one of the funniest and most socially conscious shows on television.
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>> the svp of our newandre johnson! >> wait! did they just put me in charge of black stuff? >> reporter: for two seasons the johnsons on "black-ish" have left viewers inobama's the first black president? >> doing a bang-up job over here -- >> reporter: with an edgy take on being black and successful in >> you know what i miss? " "colored." >> reporter: the comedy isn't afraid to delve into controversy. race is front and center here. >> there's somepeople don't like to talk about. like if o.j. really did it. >> reporter: even this season's first episode tackled the "n" word. >> i don't get what the big deal is, my friends useall the time. >> which friends? >> reporter: anthony anderson stars as high-level ad exec called andre, dre, whorivileged kids are out of touch with their roots and only blammish.
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>> reporter: on the show he's it real in his household which opens the door to hot-button issues including another sensitive topic, an episode "hope" dealing >> this is the unarmed guy who was selling dvds, that guy tased 37 times. >> is he okay? >> he got tased 37 times. so, you know. he'seporter: though other sitcoms have taken on heated social issues, like "growing pains" with teens and alcohol -- >> were you drinking? >> yes. >> was sandy? >> yes.g. >> reporter: and "roseanne" with birth control. >> are you crazy? she wants me to take her get birth control and that's a good thing? >> reporter: few havee "black-ish." >> have you talked to your own kids about police and race i have. son, one day it's going to be thrown in your face how blactionnd hopefully i've prepared you with the tools happens. >> if they get to trial you see what that gets us --
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>> i've had my run-ins on the receiving end of a billy club just walking down my street. they're looking for drug dealers. i was like, look at me.n dance tights from high school, from the performing arts. >> if i'm not really black could somebody please tell my hair and my ass?nbow played by tracee ellis ross -- >> it seems perfectly appropriate for our show, for living in this time. this is what's on the news, this our country. and this is something that this family would need to respond to. >> reporter: actor lawrence plays pops, sees this as an opportunity -- >> you really bring in the serious moments. >> we talk about trayvon, we talk about freddie gray, wec gardner. this is a conversation we're having in the country right now. >> if you have to talk to the cops there's only seven words you need to know. yes, sir, no, sir, and thank
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news for jennifer lewis who grew up near ferguson, missouri. >> i was warned as a child never to go to ferguson that ferring guson had a movie theater. so ferguson was personal for me. >> reporter: kenya barris created "blackish" to he said was a void on tv. >> there's so few examples of people of color on television. a lot of times the few examples that are become sort of the voice piece fororter: in fact, "black-ish" pride the itself on being politically incorrect. >> were you worried about the name "black-ish" in the beginning? >> i was worried aw i can't think of it being called anything else. >> that was the difference between us and "the cosby show." that's why i stuck to the name blackish. that was a family that happened to be t a family who's absolutely black. >> we want to know how you think a black guy would say good
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>> hm.that. >> reporter: some people of color say they're a little squeamish sometimes. they worry that getting close to stereotyping and also some of the subject matter. does it bother you that some a little uncomfortable? >> no, it doesn't bother me. that means we're in our groove. that means we're doing what we set out to do. you know,'re trying to say something of relevance and importance, it's going to make people uneasy. >> did you feel, when you were raising your kids and youeration successful, that there were times where they're just kind of blackish, not quite -- >> oh, yeah. my son came to me at 12 years old and said he didn't feel derstood where he was coming from, being a 12-year-old kid, born into privilege. and then my family still living in compton and in watts.hat's going on around did country with young black men. and that's not his experience. >> reporter: still, comedy is
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we got a taste during our set as i said, we are moving on up. as they say on cribs, this is where the magic happens. ho know the show the magic is inside dre's closet. >> all i'm concerned about are my shoes. >> this is crazy. >> reporter: anderson feels free to borrow his character's shoes, moments of his own life to the show. remember this episode? >> i want to have a bar mitzvah. >> that was a real event? >> that was a real event. son, we cannot have a bar is not who we are. son, your friends are jewish, that's why they're having bar mitzvahs. and i was like, this is what we'll do. i will throw you a and you know what we'll do, we'll call it a bro mitzvah. >> reporter: the cast hoping these stories not only give viewers a laugh but something to relate to as well. >> it's liberating to be part ofat's relevant and
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american people and the highest compliment i've ever received from my show is when i see your family up there, i see my "nightline," this is deborah roberts in burbank, california. >> "black-ish" airs wednesday night at 9:30 right here on abc. next, then this but dance when she met the president and the first lady. you calling... but i can't come home right now... me and the boys are playing... all night text beth, what can i do... pick up milk. oh, right. milk. introducing the newly redesigned passat. from volkswagen.
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it's the video going viral.
1:04 am virginia mclaurin was over the moon when she was invited into the white house. >> she's 106! >> no, you are was so excited she couldn't help but dance. >> what's the secret to still dancing at 106? >> just keep the video went viral, viewed more than 42 million times. such an encounter beyond a dream. >> i thought i would never live house. >> well, you are right here. >> reporter: that white house dance party now bringing smiles to so many people. >> andppy. >> how sweet is she. tomorrow night we're going on a journey to africa. a look at the modern war to save an ancient abc's t.j. holmes with a sneak peek into the wild. >> south africa is home to over
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but they're facing extinction in the wild because of their highly coveted horns. i'm on patrol with rangers in the oldest game reserve in what's a bigger threat to your rangers the animals or the poachers? >> it's the poachers, definitely the poachers. they've got deadlyr: tonight the rangers have air support. this is the latest attempt to combat the killing of rhinos in nighttime operations have always been very, very difficult. besides possibly meeting up with poachers you might be tracking, out there. you walk into a herd of buffalo, you probably are going to be dead. >> and there will be much more from. tune into gma first thing in the safari. tune in tomorrow night on night lin for an epic expedition for a series "into theu for watching.
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hollywood life live, it's "comics unleashed" the with your host, byron allen. tonight, byron welcomes it now a man who enjoys more comedians than alen! [ wild cheers and applause ] >> yeah! thank you. thank you. welcome to "the comics ashed."


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