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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 6am  ABC  February 23, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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police want to you be on the -- for. >> and where they got it from on school grounds. >> and first, breaking overnight from the live desk. and the bomb squad called out to a home here and this is around mid-night. police on scene want to say why they were there. and we have calls out and we're working to get you more information. and for now, let's get a check on the forecast. >> how's it looking tomorrow? >> and good morning, tuscaroras and waking up to cloudy conditions and moving into the lake shore and through parts of akron and ravenna. everyone is seeing the clouds this morning and that is working clearer out and hour-by- hour, we start off in the morning chilly and looking at temps in the 20s and into the seven, 8 hour, we'll hit the 30s by this afternoon. and i am expecting the low to mid-40s and more clouds building in.
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talking about a storm system entering the picture. i am glad weather is not in your way and into pearl this morning and what is that about here? this is 90 and the shoreway, traffic is building over to you, terrence. and thank you. and cleveland police with a warning about stolen cars and suv. and we're talking about 80 the last month and there is a particular suv that caused the attempt of fees. >> reporter: want to show you
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in the parking lot at burlington coat factory. he said it's from her jeep liberty taken over the weekend and they found that 83 vehicles were stole then four weeks and he said that they're easy to hot wire. >> and. >> what if we were there to get in and they were holding on and -- trying to get in the car. >> and yet makes sense. >> he said they're working closely with police and the incident here appear to be a part of the larger theft spree and sarah phinney, newschannel 5. and this morning, several teenagers were broken into and they stole several items and cars over the weekend and they have a lot of people's property
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have anything taken, give police a call. and we're working to uncover what led to a deadly daytime shooting on cleveland's west side. the police say a 41-year-old man was shot at west 81st street and franklin boulevard before 2 yesterday. and he died at metro health. police are investigating this as a homicide. and the trial continues for a man charged in the crash that killed two cyclists and injuries three others. in court yesterday, the 42-year- old timothy wolf said he didn't see the cyclist because the glare temporarily blinded him and he's facing two counts of homicide. the winner of a woman who died in the akron plane crash is suing the owner. joe castillo is accusing the owner of allowing the flight to take place while knowing it had a malfunctioning instrument and control panel. the ntsb has not determined what caused the crash in november.
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died. and the search continues this morning for a missing man in akron who drove his car into the river or sunday. he took a wrong turn and drove into the freezing river. and she describes how she got out. >> and kicking hard, hard, hard and the fourth time. it finally both shattered open and he climbed out, too. >> watkins was able to swim to shore and call police. that is the last time anyone saw harris. the call was from the river yesterday afternoon. police are not saying if this was a recovery operation. and this morning, there is an investigation into how four local students got sick. they were eating food given to them from another student. meg shaw is digging into the story for you this morning.
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>> reporter: the good news here, all four students sickened are at home and they're doing okay this morning and they were take own monday after eating the drug-laced food at lake erie preparatory school and all four students and twirls got sec after eating the food at a class mate and that happened before 2:00. and they know that was brought from home and fright now, no students were punished, including the one who gave out the food and they have a lot of unanswered questions. >> and materialing if it's necessary. >> and as they try to get to
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and police in brighton are looking for a burglary suspect to escape and officers are not giving us up -- up his name and they're urging him to turn himself in. and another felon escaped from the cleveland correctional facility. >> and he's the third in one month. the 22-year-old got out of house on friday by kicking it out and jumping over the fence and that is the same way tucker and shepherd escaped three weeks ago. >> and how any did it happen? many were aware of and are impulsive. unfortunately, the impulsivity sometimes has antisocial actions we have to deal with. >> and tucker is back in custody. and they're still on the loose. the private agency that runs the oriana house plans to increase the security and even
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and the houses in akron had a different problem last month now and. a major bust in summit county and several illegal weapons and vehicles taken from a home in copley. and he will face drug and gun charges now. and we opposed marijuana. three out of four support medical marijuana. >> and that project is working to get the issue on the next november ballot and who sent it might come as a surprise for you. and for one, they didn't serve the highest support. >> and 46 to 65-year-olds are backing the idea more than any other age group. >> and perhaps this speaks to people who see it as more relevant to the likelihood of they need something like this.
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religions of the voters and catholics and those with no religion led the pack of supporters and women likely to say yes than men. 6:08 now and i'm jackie hernandez. >> a health alert why some material could make you three times likely to get sick. >> and calling all men. and we'll tell you how this cana effect your chances of
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. good morning to you, it's 6:11 and prosecutors in michigan are sticking with their theory that the man accused of shooting eight people picked the victims the random. >> and investigators said that jason dalton said he took six people's lives and he was the shooter. he was in court yesterday and denied bond. investigators said that dalton picked up customers in between
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now, uber said it got several complaints about driving from passengers that night. and they had no reason to suspect anything suspicious about him. and bernie sanders heading to northeast ohio this week. and he will hold a rally at 10:30 on thursday morning. hillary clinton plans to keep it in ias well in march and the five candidates fighting for 30 delegates, donald trump in the lead there and supreme court justices are back to work after the justices death and in -- and thera could make the difference. corrina. and. and corrina has breaking
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>> and you're getting the latest. and the syrian government saying it will stop armed operations that continue to -- counterterrorism efforts against isis and al qaeda and one person dead and investigators on scene and looking into what happened there and. 28 in cleveland and 24, menner and 28 in ravena and this is going to be a cold start. in hind sight, this is going to be a mild day. when we look back from tomorrow and thursday. and as we head throughout your tuesday, temperatures will reach the low to mid-40s and
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conditions and they will build in this afternoon and this is brewing in texas and oklahoma and that is going to pick up and head into northeast ohio. the timing on this, wednesday morning. the rain arrives, thursday the snow arrives and i want you to go ahead and break this down thursday and quiet for today. the rain comes in and that rain. we're looking at accumulations between one to two inches of rain and we could see some localized flooding. and we'll see about that and we get a low and things dry out and the next batch of precipitation comes in and the only issue, not only does the rain come. >> and in your power of 570
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like this and the no arrives thursday and that is being to the west or east by 15, 20 miles per hour and we'll keep tracking that for you and for now, though -- . >> and like you said, i think tomorrow and thursday might be the tricky commute and -- and 15 more minutes from now and that is looking great and this is 72 know and clark right now and i am not seeing problems in that spot either. i am having a hard -- there we go and what is going on? and that ride is not bad and going 64 miles an hour and over to you, too.
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and it's hard to look at in advance and these were taken from general here in cleveland this weekend. and three boys found shooting in the backyard with the safety tips removed and officers have seconds to make a call. >> and this is defaced and there is no orange tips on them and that is the difference, the biggest problem we have and the kids for whatever reason, lowed it and they teface them and take the safety measures off of them and go of the appearance to the possible and police officers that they're real. >> and this happened down the street from where he was shot by police and he had an airsoft gun police thought is was real. and the north ridgeville police department went on facebook to drive home how dangerous it is for kids to play with the airsoft or bb guns and they posted a series
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it looks and the post explains it's stainless steel and has a sill ender and the police department said the gun operates on compressed air to shot a small plastic ball and including this plea, quote, parents, guns like these are getting people killed and look what you're kids are playing with and there is noy reason they need to play with this gun in public. and they drop drop the gun immediately and put the hands up. do not reach for it. and put your hands up and let the officers know that that gun is on you and it's not the real thing. and now to a health alert for you. a new warning if you have flooring made by wellumber liquidators. >> and some laminate styles have a higher risk for cancer than previously thought. the cdc underestimated the health risk and their report said there are high
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flooring made in china, making it three times likely for people to get cancer and other health problems. turns out the scientists, rather, forget to convert feet to meters and some of the calculations. and multitasking behind the wheel might be more dangerous than you think. the researchers put video cameras in cars to see what drivers were doing before the crash. 2/3 of the time the driver was distracted and cell phones are the biggest problems. drivers were three times likely to crash if texting and 12 times if they were dialing even eating behind the wheel, double the risk of a crash. >> and that makes sense. calling all men, listen to this and ladies, too. if you carry your cell phone in your pants pocket, guys, change that habbit and sperm levels were of affected and using the cell phone as little as an hour a day and that is cooking the sperm on from the heat and cell phone. and put that in your chest
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your phone, keep it away from your body. it lowers the sperm count and quality of your sperm. and new info. if you're trying to lose weight, there are three times during the day when you're vulinnerrable to a snack attack. >> and get the wins out. the times are 11:01 a.m., 3:49 p.m., and 9:31 p.m. during the snack o'clock times, you're likely to give into calories. >> and easy to do. if you're a starbucks fan, you have got tone see -- probably. >> and the coffee chain is changing the rewards program and that is going to take you longer to rack up. they can more than double for people who get a $2 coffee. starbucks, however, saying the majority of customers will earn rewards at the same rate or faster than before. >> and that is somara theodore. she gets a hot chocolate from there.
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your wallet, amazon requiring you to spend money for free shipping. shoppers will have to spend $49 to avoid shipping fees. it used to be $35 and that change doesn't impact amazon prime customers. for easter. they're releasing a new flavor that is getting mixed reaction online. kisses. one person tweeted is it the pumpkin spice of spring? basicked. so -- . >> have you? >> and wal-mart, i got them. thank you. >> and you, too. >> and -- . >> what do you think? you get them, too. >> and this is what it looks >> okay. >> come in closer. oh, no, we need to switch that back up. there we go and here. >> no. >> um.
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>> and we'll tell you what the rest of team gmc says. >> let's go to break. i have to get rid of it. >> coming up next -- i like it -- and high one country managed to build an upside down house. >> and a local harvest for a hunger campaign. hearing about the challenge we're taking part in this afternoon. you're watching good morning cleveland.
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. welcome back. showing traffic moving along just fine and accident free for most of the morning here. no major issues for you and we're moving along at top speeds and look at the maps though. i want to show you green on the screen and looks great from the west side and the jennings freeway looking okay and accident free and that is the important part of the, however, tomorrow and thursday might be different and yawn tomorrow, snow on thursday? >> and we're going to see all of those things and more and let's get a look at the weather headlines. the boom, not working, and you know, it's taking its time and there we go. we have a full screen and seeing mild temperatures today. the clouds will move in and
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we'll see snow following that for your thursday and over to you. and you might feel like the room is spinning and they constructed it upside down. >> and this is a new exhibit in taiwan, including everything from a living room if a garage, the ceiling with the floor and furniture above your head and that took about two months to complete. the boss is back, ladies and gentlemen. bruce spring steep and the e street band. it's his first show here since 2012 and there are a few available. and the show starts at 7:30. and harvest for hunger kicking off the 25th annual campaign in northeast ohio. >> and that drive is one of the largest of its kind in the nation and last year, raising over $4 million, enough for 19 million meals. >> and later this morning,
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bagging contest. >> uh-huh. >> and in an effort to get everyone in the community to help out and donate this year. >> and we're excited to represent team gmc for a great cause. coming up next, the selfie that is not for southern california media anymore and how one credit card company is using it to fight fraud. >> and a woman jumped on to a car and a busy highway. good morning cleveland is back
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. at 6:30, thieves targeting the suv. more than 80 vehicles stolen in the past month. and robbers are going after one specific brand. then. >> four school children sent to the hospital after eating food from a friend. we're getting the latest on this for you. first, the latest on the forecast with somara theodore and that power of 5 forecast. >> and today, the calm before the storm. the temperature is reaching the low 40s. we're seeing mostly cloudy conditions. other than, that no rain and that changes. check out the system as it inches closer and closer to us. it brings a threat of snow for your thursday and a rain for your wednesday. we're going to see the wet snow and not only is there going to be gusty winds, we could see power lines on thursday and this is a big storm and depending on the positioning, we could see more rain or snow as we get closer to that and we will have you covered as we track it. for now, though, over to you, kristen.
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on 71 into the city. and look at akron. you're green on the screen and as we do the city zoom from 480 eastbound, 447 to 271 -- 447, to 271, and eight minute ride for you. and i will step out so you can get a quick look at the speed. that is -- this is the akron area and a three-minute ride 76 westbound and heading outside, though, into the greater cleveland area, live looks at 90 this morning and showing traffic getting congested. over to you. >> thank you. and to news breaking overnight from the live desk. we're working to get more information on why the cleveland bomb squad was called out to this home on the city's east side. this is around midnight. east 133rd street. the police on scene would not say why they were there, so, again, we were working to figure out what was going on and, of course, we'll keep you updated. terrence and jackie. a warning for anyone driving and parking in cleveland. car and suv thefts are hitting
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>> and shopping centers like stillyard commons are popular targets here. our sarah phinney is on top of the story for you this morning. thieves are targeting one brand in particular. what is it? >> reporter: jeeps seem to be the vehicle of choice. one victim we spoke with walked around the store parking lot multiple times before realizing that hers was gone. newschannel 5 examined hundreds of police reports and found 83 vehicles were reported stolen throughout cleveland in four weeks. security is very invisible but it didn't stop someone from taking her 2003 jeep liberty sport over the weekend. she was inside for 20 minutes when it happened. police told her that jeeps are popular with thieves because they're easy to hot wire and calls it an aggravating situation. >> that is my car. i paid for it and i worked hard for my stuff and someone stole my car. that is me and my kids transportation.
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>> reporter: and that working closely with police and regret the car missing. and now information from a deadly crash in akron. a woman was in the car with her husband when jumping out on route 8 and ran across traffic in a median and she was on the other side of the highway when she was hit and this happened afternoon. the highway was closed for a good portion of rush hour. cleveland city council is considering giving $200,000 to the peacemaker's alliance. the group worked to reduce violence in the city and is going through a rough time. the former leader is charged with using thousands in donation to 53 off personal debts. we asked counselman zach reid about the proposal and he could they should not let them hurt the entire program. the 29-year-old johnson is accused of dragging an akron police officer for nearly two
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expired plates. car door, johnson sped away with one of the officers hanging on to the side of the suv and he crashed and was arrested. the injured officer was treated and released from akron general. and a lot of questions this morning after they were eating food from a classmate. cleveland. what do you know? >> reporter: the good news in this is that all four are home and doing well this morning. they were released from rainbow babies and children's hospital monday night after eating some sort of drug-laced food. cleveland police tell us that the four students, 13 and 14- year-old boys and girls were transported to the hospital after 2:00. they tell us the students were believed to have eaten drug- laced food from a student and while on school grounds. they know the food was brought in from home. they also say that the student
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that food was removed from campus immediately and meg shaw, newschannel 5. and the democratic candidates will stay south the first time and tim mcginty is up against michael o'malley. and. we have learned cleveland's police union will not endorse the candidate. and it explained the decision and said it -- a price and butted heads with the officer all the time and -- into police- involved shootings. and coming up next,
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the project getting a major bost. we check in on progress. >> and kyrie comes in about what forced him to -- the game. and let's check in with somara theodore. >> and if you're waking up with us or heading out of the door, here's a few things you should know. mild temperatures are -- going to turn yesterday and 83 have rain impacting us tomorrow and throughout the next half hour, i will go ahead and break down how this storm is impacting you into the end of the week. and have a great day. stick around, you're watching
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. good morning to you, 6 flate. the cavs have the night off. they look to get back on track after a purposancy against detroit. kyrie ring is did well and they lost to the pistons, 96-88. and this is some interesting news about him. we're learning the real reason why he left sunday's game in oklahoma city. the teen said he had flu-like symptoms but he has a different story here and that he found bedbugs at the hotel he was staying at. >> and i woke up and i am just
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are you serious? >> and this is a strange part about this and this hotel is supposedly haunted by a made who committed -- committed suicide there decades ago and other teams reported sliding doors and bathtubs mysteriously filled with water and as if that is the only hotel. and retailers are pulling hoverboards from the shelfs. none are considered safe and -- safety standards, if they're met, recalls will be issued. and the selfie, it's not just a social media and mastero card wants to use the acts to fight fraud. the company was found using fingerprint scans to prove online purchases and you can't use the same photo every time.
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you're taking the photo as you shop and mastercard researching ways to verify purchases. >> i know quite a lot about you, bruce. that is about everything there is to know. >> morgan freeman. morgan freeman is almost as well-known for narrating movies as he is for starring in them. now, he can narrate your commute. you heard me right. he is the newest voice option on the waves navigation. the oscar winner will tell you that you are going the wrong way. veer left. very good. >> and i constantly make my gps reroute. rerouteing. >> and that happens to me. next in the morning sprint, today, the senate is gearing up for a serious fight to replace justice scalia. >> and catch us on facebook starting around 7:30. you don't want to miss it. good morning cleveland back in 2nast millions.
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sprint, our team is looking at several stories this morning and kids sickened by candy. and let's check in with the weather and traffic team. somara, we start with you. >> and thank you, and let's get started. we have a lot to talk about today. it's going to be a fair day for us in northeast ohio. chilly and cold, rather, to start 28 in cleveland. and 27 in akron; 30, toward millersburg and the chill to the air will turn into a mild day ahead. and we're starting off with sunshine but a good deal of coverage will make it into northwest ohio and break down the weather system that we have in play. and here it is. it's brewing over the texas panhandle. it started off as a system off of the coast of the pacific. they ride into the rockies and get the second win and -- wind and second life. they begin to grow and make it look like they're heading to georgia and make a sharp left turn and that is called a
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northeast ohio and depending where the bull's eye of the storm falls, that will change the weather significantly. and right now, we're going to see slow from it. it will start off as rain and as it moves upward, the pack end will push counsel the colder air in canada and that means the rain will turn into snow and this is a look at the future cast. we start off clear and the clouds move in for tuesday and bam, the rain moves in and we're not talking about 50 shades of green here but originals and reds and some heavy, heavy rain coming down at times and notice how that begins in the west and into the east. and this is a look at the power of 5 seven-day forecast. and one important thing to note is the temperature trend. we start off in the 40s and we
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friday, following the panhandle hooker. over to you, kristen. >> and it's been a roller- coaster ride. we have a stalled-out crowd. and elsewhere, we're accident free and i am starting to see the slowdown on 71 from about south point, past 490 and into howard. heading outside for live looks at 71 and seeing the traffic build up. 71 and west 25th and that is the bottom left-hand corner and that is the odot camera there. over to you, corrina. and we're talking about the news breaking overnight from the live desk. the cleveland bomb squad called out to the home on the city's east side. at this point, the police are not saying why and this is around mid-night on east 133rd street. we have calls out, we're working to get you more information. of course, we'll keep you updated. and new for you this morning, a widower filing a lawsuit in akron's deadly plane crash. >> and. >> reporter: castillo's wife diane is one of a few people killed in november. he's suing the owner for
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the suit said they knew it had a malfunctioning instrument and control panel. the ntsb has not determined what caused the crash. and the city of strongsville wants you to pay a 3% tax increase for doing things in the city. they charged -- at indoor and outdoor theatres, bowling alleys, and other recreational and entertainment values and the plane dealer said if it passes, the tax proposal would take affect november 1st. and canton city schools disapproving a deal to release land to the pro football hall of fame. the deal is good for many years and including the tom benson hall of fame stadium, don scott field, the high school parking lot and five acres north of the city. and in return, the district gets $85,000 a year with an increase every few years. >> and sarah phinney is
6:48 am
first, let's check in with meg shaw. >> reporter: many unanswered questions remain after four students were hospitalized after eating drug-laced food from a classmate and that happened at 2:00 and cleveland police tell us -- after they ate the food on school grounds. brought in from home. the student responsible was removed from school grounds as soon as school officials began their investigation. and right now, they say they're trying to determine if any discipline is necessary. the good news this morning is that all four of the students are home and doing well. sarah phinney. >> and. i have a warning about car thefts and right now, jeep is
6:49 am
newschannel 5 examined more than 100 police reports and found 83 vehicles. from the burlington coat factory over the weekend. she was in the store for about 20 minutes when it happened. we found a heavy security presence last night and this morning. caldwell doesn't think it's enough. they tell us they're working with police. terrence, back to you. >> thank you. and three teens are arrested for several car break- ins in north ridgeville. they stole items from cars over the weekend. the officers posted on facebook they have a lot of people's belongings left at the station. if you had anything taken, call officers. and governor kasich is giving the public construction project a major boost here. the state is giving the project $3.5 million as it nears the finish line. the total cost of the overhaul, $37 million. it's expected to be completed in a little over three months. public square is expected to play a big role during the republican national convention
6:50 am
and thousands of downtown residents could cash in with the convention coming to town. this week,y number of renters will receive letters from property management groups and the downtown cleveland alliance. they're urging people to register their apartment for rent with the dca by february 29th. get this. you can make double your rent during the week of the convention. >> and bernie sanders will hold a rally in northeast ohio this week. it will be held at 10:30 thursday morning at baldwin wallace university. hillary clinton is planning a campaign in ohio ahead of the primary in march. [ singing ] baby, you were born to run! >> the boss is back. bruce springsteen and the e street band are headlining at the q tonight. the rock'n'roll hall of famer's first show here since 2012. and you better believe a lot of folks are excited to see the boss. tickets are a hot commodity.
6:51 am
available and this show starts at 7:30, meaning all of the area around the q are going to be majorly congested. >> yeah. and also happening today, harvest round kicks off the 25th annual campaign in northeast ohio. >> and that is one of the country and raised more than $700 million last year. >> and including us here at newschannel 5 and we're taking part in the grocery packing contest. i want to know who is going to handle the eggs? we're accident prone. >> that is true. i am good at handling eggs. i am filipino. >> can we tag in somara theodore here? >> yeah. >> and maybe, possibly. i'm not available. and let's look right now. so, my neighbor in tuscaroras and carol county, waking up with cloudy conditions and that is because of the disturbance in west virginia. thank you, west virginia, and we head throughout the day and the clouds working through and that is going to be increasing
6:52 am
and this is a look at the day planner and what we expecty. we started clear and the clouds move in and you're seeing sunshine, though, and highs in the low to mid-40s today. and we're track the rain that is moving in tomorrow and how that ring is switching over to snow as we head throughout the show. keep watching. the morning sprint continues in
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. breaking from the live desk, international outrage. a three-year-old boy is sentenced to life in prison in egypt. turns out a case of mistaken identity. a 16-year-old with the same name apparently the real suspect in the murders of three people. and a total of 116 defendants named in the case. mass sentenceing is common in egypt, ruled under strict sharia law.
6:54 am
construction site brought under control and not before causing this massive crane collapse. and the giant arms came crashing to the ground and no one was hurt. >> and new video from california. firefighters bagsed a massive fire. -- battled a massive fire. intense flames tearing through and the crews managed to keep them from spreading to adjacent structures. and the morning sprint continues right now with tragic developments about the helicopter crash in hawaii. >> and so sad here. a 16-year-old who was injured in the crash has died. last thursday, bystanders caught the crash on camera and here it is. hard to look at. it crashed into the water near pearl harbor and five people were on board. prosecutors in michigan are sticking with the theory of a man accused of shooting 8 people and killing six of them and picked victims at random.
6:55 am
dalton told him -- told them he baked -- picked victims' lives. he was in court yesterday and denied bond. and bill cosby's wife is not done with her densation. camill cosby met with attorneys for the seven women suing her husband for several hours yesterday. she will continue the deposition next month. she served as the husband's business manager for more than five decades and didn't have to answer any private conversations that she and her husband shared. bill cosby denied any wrong doing. and there will be protests at apple stores across the country. the customers want to support the company in spite of the fbi. the government wants apple to unlock an iphone belong to one of the san bernardino shooters. apple said that that would compromise security for millions of the iphone users. so far, we have not seen any protests scheduled in ohio, but there are many scheduled in new york, l.a., chicago, and philly. also, the republican hopefuls are -- presidential
6:56 am
for 30 delegates and donald trump is in the lead. and senators will meet today to talk about replacing supreme court justice scalia. a republican leads the senate judiciary committee and the iowa center said that the committee won't consider anyone nominated by president obama. for his part, the president said, he will move forward with a nomination. and the time is 6:56. i know a lot of you are wondering, somara, what is the forecast going to be like and when is it going to get bad? >> i know. praise for impact and that is coming up. the temperatures right now are in the 20s to start and that is a chilly start. the highs reaching the low to mid-40s today clouds build in and signifying something is looming. the clouds rolled in and there you see, rain tomorrow is making for a messy commute and
6:57 am
here in the power of 5 weather center, and mark, jason, tera, and we have you covered. we're staying on top of this. for today, right? yes. >> and for today, this is a live look at the odot camera, 71 northbound and west 25th. starting to see the backups, slowdowns, really, from bench pearl to stark weather. again, 71 north and typical spot. going from 20 to 25 miles per hour and stop and go as you see. a couple of other incidents to talk about. starbuck, 37th and broadway in the lorain area and a car crash involving a deer at bane bridge. chillicothe. nothing too major and the pretty soon. again, let's you see tomorrow and that is going to be the tricky one. today, really not bad. we saw maybe one, two, three accidents and later on tomorrow and thursday. we're going to be there for everybody. >> you can count on us. certainly. and continues next on "good morning america." they're going to be delving deeper into all of the facts
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what is really on his mind. say. see you.
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good morning, rally last night. cruz. >> this guy is sick. this guy. >> and a e to pump him in the face, i'll tell you. >> as cruz is forced to fire a key staffer after new allegations of a dirty ather alert. a large tornado outbreak expected to hit the gulf coast. damaging winds up to 70 miles an hour and golf ball-sized hail.e in the threat zone. flooding rain and storms from texas to maine. snow hole emergency. this 10-year-old girl falls ten feet below the surface. desperately tries to pull her free and we have the


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