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tv   Live on 5  ABC  February 23, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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bob jones spoke with her husband in that car with tonya. bob. >> reporter: well, he told me that he was married to tonya for less than two weeks and he has no idea why she tried to cross a busy route 8 yesterday afternoon. i also spoke with tonya's kids and her sister and they want to stress that they don't believe this was a suicide. >> it was it was horrifying scene for drivers. a woman was hit by a pickup crashes. >> i saw the car out and there is a girl laying and not moving. >> reporter: the victim, identified as tonya johnson a firefighter for 18 years and owns a company that helps the disabled and leaves behind >> everyone loves my mind. she is caring person. >> my mom dedicated her life to helping people and she did that around the clock.
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she had a strong mind. >> reporter: tonya's husband of one week didn't want his face shown but says he had a disagreement about whether to get off route 8 and he pulled off the side of the highway. >> we were holding hands and i was looking to the left and she just opened the door. she just got out of the car and just started walking. i have no clue, no idea. she wasn't crying. >> reporter: randy was stunned when tonya walked across three lanes of route 8 and jumped over the barrier and hit and killed by a barrier on 8 north. >> reporter: i love my wife and still love my wife and devastated. >> tonya's family is haunted by the question why but are convinced this was not a suicide. >> never in a million years would this woman take her life. >> this is not in my sister's characters. everyone can vouch for that. >> reporter: and tonight the
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says the cause of death was blunt-force trauma but the manner of death has not been determined. in the meantime the police department continues to investigate this accident and they say the husband is not facing any charges. live in akron, bob jones, newschannel 5. >> new details about a deadly plane crash that devastated an akron neighborhood. the widower of a woman that died is suing the plane's owner. joe castillo accuses the owner of allowing the flight to take place knowing it had a malfunctioning instrument control panel. investigators are working to determine what caused the crash in november. all 9 people onboard were killed. >> we have learned that cleveland's police union is launching a fight about overtime pay for cadets. >> reporter: the cadets finished three phases of training held in columbus and our kristen volk is in the newsroom.
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paid for it. >> reporter: the union has filed a complaint with the u.s. deparment of labor which we have requested but the state highway patrol that runs the overtime to pay. they say they stick to a strict 40 hour a week schedule but because the cadets have a ten minute lunch and up early for stretching and required to stay at the academy for lunch the union president is demanding the cadets get paid for the extra hour. out of the original 50 cadets remain in class. some have dropped out due to injuries and others left because of stress according to the union. steve lumpas addressed his overtime concerns with us. >> they are paying them $10.50 for 80 hours worth of week in a two week pay period. 40 hours a week but the reality is that they are working 12 to 16 hours a day.
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and we will make sure they get paid. >> reporter: we reached out to the city for answers and they said they paid the cadet overtime for december but not anymore since. the cadet columbus based training will move to may. >> moving to phase two and learning about the law and constitution. the next phase involves mock crime scenes and crash investigations. >> things are changing quickly. >> there is a guy named bruce springstein in town, the boss. don't worry about inclement weather, you will be chilly downtown. akron. that's 16-degree difference. lake breeze. cooler near lake erie and 50 in
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philly and 49 in wooster. dry weather as far as the eye can see. dry for now. you will stay dry through the midnight hour. here it comes, the winter storm taking shape. this is all rain sliding towards the north. it will arrive after midnight, probably closer to three or four in the morning. so your hour by hour looks like this. 30s for greater cleveland all the way through ten p.m. 40s for akron through ten p.m. and from 40s into the upper 30s for the canton area. clouds will thicken up. but you will stay dry. we got a lot of rain coming our way and snow. this could be very, very messy for you here in northern ohio. more on that coming up. >> now to the presidential race, the democrats caused in nevada and now it is the republicans turn donald trump has had easy wins. we have what to expect.
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is the favorite to win. it doesn't hurt that his name hovers above his hotel in las vegas. this is the last chance for candidates to prove their strength before super tuesday when 11 states vote. even though the polls show donald trump with a double- digit lead in nevada. he did have a surprise in iowa. organization is a key to win and competitors like marco rubio hope that they can beat him at the ground game. the florida senator is gaining a slew of endorsements after he managed a strong showing in south carolina. and i'm asking you to vote for me tonight because i will win. and the democrats know i will win. they spent more money attacking me than any republican because they know i will win. >> meanwhile ted cruz fighting to keep from falling out of contention. another disappointing finish for the texas senator after his 3rd place in south carolina would raise new questions about his viability heading to super tuesday. the nevada caucuses and at
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mind voter turnout, a wild card, only eight percent of republicans voted in the last caucus. we will win in ohio. we put effort in and the last thing i worry about is ohio, we will win. and tonight's caucuses come as we get new insight in to how ohio voters feel and that has governor john kaisch vowing to win despite the numbers. john kosic continues the coverage. the quinn a tack poll is the first one we have seen. it comes three week before voters head to the primary. the top of the race remains the same as the last paul with kaisch and donald trump running one and two. trump leading one and ted cruz 3rd with 21% and marco rubio 4th with 13% and ben carson at
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in georgia kaisch says it is get behind him. >> i would hope that they would be clear that's for me. i have spent the least amount of money and rising in the polls. i can win my home state and why would i be feeling pressure? around me. >> kaisch's favorability in the poll, the highest of the candidates, 77% and more polls as we head to the march 15th primary. on your side, john kosic newschannel 5. john rudder, official news chopper with a look at a wreck tying up traffic this hour. >> reporter: multiple cars involved in this accident. this is 71 southbound just south of the 480 interchange near snow road. i will give you a look at how traffic is backing up. this is coming from 480 and from 71. so you can see the traffic is backed up a few miles in both directions on 480 and on 71. we will go back to the accident.
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accident. we did see one person taken away by medical personnel and we haven't heard one way or the other with the severity of the injuries and we are keeping an eye on how it is affecting traffic. protestors across apple stores and around the world to show support for the tech giant encryption battle. telling the f.b.i. "don't break our phones" in what they call a fight for the future campaign. a judge has ordered apple to unlock one of the san bernardino terrorist iphones, the move, turning into battle between tim cook and james comey. they believe incriminating evidence may object phone and bill gates now weighing in. >> shouldn't call access some
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than if anybody has been able to tell the phone company to get information. >> and gates later said this case should be left up to the court and to congress. apple ceo is asking the f.b.i. to seek legislation and set up a commission to sort through the difficult issue. lee. well despite the protest today. apple is losing the battle. 51% of americans polled in a new research study say nat company should unlock the phone. 38% say that the company should not do so. and the opinions do not fall along party lines. 56% of republicans said apple should unlock the phone and most of the democrats surveyed agreed and sided with the f.b.i. 4 7% wantal to unlock the device and 43% supporting apple. are you ready to rumble?
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has arrived. lawmakers offering heated responses for and against the the political headlines raging. obama nominates a supreme court justice. what the kalamazoo driver did before he went on a killing spree that left 6 people dead. our series of investigations in the cleveland division of water and how the
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last year. today we are learning new information about the man accused of going on a killing spring in kalamazoo michigan. we are learning how he spend the hours leading up to the shooting. >> charged with 6 murders and facing life in prison ... >> you understand the charges? >> yes, sir. >> uber driver jason dalton showed no emotion. >> i would prefer to remain silent.
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during his arraignment but prosecutors say the 45-year-old admitted to investigators he took people's lives. dalton's friends say they are in disbelief. >> he was quiet and reserved. definitely not out to ever cause anybody trouble. >> according to the destroyed free press. dalton once worked as insurance adjusters, married and father of a 10 and 15-year-old. >> friendly and talked to us. was smiling and joking around. >> this local gun shop owner in shop and sharing these surveillance pictures of dalton jacket. >> seemed like he was having a good time opposed to going on a shooting rampage. >> screeching like you would not believe. >> casey called 911 to report dalton's erratic driver. uber confirms gets reports but maintains those were the first
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dalton stands accused of shooting 8 people at three separate locations killing six and injuring two including a 14- year-old girl in critical condition initially believed to be brain dead. >> abigail is strong. everybody needs to get that straight. my daughter is not dead. >> as for the investigation, authorities say that dalton is cooperating but not talking about a motive. due back in court next thursday. elizabeth hurr new york. president obama is formally calling for the closure of guantanamo bay. >> submitted his proposal to congress. and digging into the president's plan to close the prison. >> comes 7 years after president obama vowed to permanently shut the facility. mr. obama wants to transfer more detainees to foreign countries and work with congress to find a spot in the u.s. to hold other detainees. the president's goal is about closing a chapter in the
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keeping this facility open is contrary to our values. it is viewed as a stain on our broader record of upholding the highest standards of rule of law. >> right now the prison houses 91 detainees. >> advocates say holding them indefinitely is un-american and the facility is a recruitment tool for terrorists. despite gop opposition committee chairs will hold hearings on the president's plan. new supreme court nominee confirmed in the president's final year in office according to mitch mcconnell. on the senate floor mcconnell bluntly warned the white house that the gop controlled senate would not act on any one the
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>> presidents have a right to nominate just as the senate has its constitutional right to provide or withhold consent. with hol it. >> president obama has vowed to pick a supreme court nominee to fill justice antonin scalia's seat. he died at the age of 79. we learned that the justice suffered from obesity and artery disease and diabetes. we saw the sun outside. that makes for a good day, right? >> you know what, it can feel warm depending on if anything >> that's true. breezy near the lake shore. in the 30s here in cleveland but inland, 50s right now. kind of a calm before the deluge. take a look. look at that shot. another great sunset two days in a row we will enjoy a beautiful sunset. downtown cleveland. let's enjoy it. dry weather. what do you want to do this evening?
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going to be impaired by any type of rain or sleet or snow or wind. dry weather for hundreds of miles around greater cleveland and akron. not going to stay dry. clouds in and out, we will see clouds thickening up from the south as we head through the overnight hours and that's the leading edge of what will be some pretty impactful weather in the next two-and-a-half days for northern ohio. lake breeze doing its job. 36 cleveland but 52 in akron. ravenna 48. 38 in menner and 50 in the canton area right now. we will bring on up canton, downtown humidity. 57%. northeast wind at 12 and dew point at 35. so what about the rest of the evening? well, the good news is wherever you are going, your evening timeline shows dry weather through ten p.m., through 11:00 p.m., through midnight. we are going to chill down through the 40s into the 30s in most spots.
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concern, our weather alert number one is wednesday. and that will continue through thursday. we've got rain coming in just in time for the morning rush across most of the area. and that's going to be heavy at times. really going to slow you down. could be flooding during the day on wednesday. and your travel, tomorrow morning and tomorrow afternoon will be slippery. due to wet roadways. here is the storm system. let's analyze what it is doing. this front will drop in tonight and get kind of ingested in the storm and this will all be snow here by probably 11:00 or midnight. winter storm warnings are out for champaign, illinois through indiana and portions of lower michigan almost to detroit. this is where we expect 6 to 10- inches of snow. look at how close we are to
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for us, warm side means rain. notice rain showers coming in and we transition to snow by thursday, mid-morning or so. a little bit of lake effect lingering to friday morning. that's a cool-down that will commence. rainfall totals impressive. this is taking you up to 8:15 tomorrow. more than an inch of rain in some spots. there could be minor to moderate flooding problems 38 tonight. dry evening. but rain moving in after midnight. a.m. 48 degrees tomorrow.
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we'll be right back. pilot is shaken but okay. but hitting five vehicles along
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>> no one else was hurt and the whole ordeal was caught by surveillance cameras. >> reporter: plane crash caught on camera. >> the ground, pretty loud and intense. >> reporter: a busted wing. watching the video as the single m20j slams into a car and individuals to a stop. >> the first time i heard that, it was terrifying because what do we do, we don't know what to do. >> reporter: you can see the pilot emerge from the plan. the lapd says he was alone in the 4 seater and not injured afternoon. >> he did a great job. i give him a lot of credit for what he did. >> reporter: sky 5 tim lin was nearby when he heard the sound of the plane's engine sputtering and watched it at low altitude to gear down before the pilot dodged homes and crashed. >> he picked the best spot he
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were no other injuries even though five cars were damaged in the crash. >> and that was kirk hawkins reporting. by the way, that plane is registered to an owner in oregon who has been recognized by the fa afor meeting or exceeding high educational licensing and medical standards. next all new at five, the complaints keep rolling about outrageous water bills for cleveland water customers. and we won't stop digging into them until we get action. an ohio mayor shares hisout
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about firefighters battling cancer are being treated. live on 5 continues brought to you by national carpet mill superstar. a canton mother and firefighter is being remembered today after she was hit by a
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in akron. we spoke with her family and learned that tonya johnson was arguing with her husband about directions when she got out of the car and started to walk across the busy highway and hit. the couple had only been married a week. she also leaves behind three children. a man suing the owner of a plane that crashed in akron last year killing his wife and 8 others onboard at the time. bill castill says the owner knew there was malfunctioning parts. investigators are working to determine what caused the crash back in november. and today voters in nevada are meeting to choose their republican presidential candidate. businessman donald trump is considered the heavy favorite in the contest. the nevada caucuses are the last chance for candidates to prove their strength before 11 states vote on super tuesday. for an update on an investigation into bill problems with the cleveland water department.
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>> we have new details about those that are fighting questionable charges out there and investigator jonathan walsh progress. >> reporter: no contact was made since the story aired. you may remember we showed you two more people soaked with anger about their water bills. the customers told me it has been challenging. david pensack from linhurst is drowning in frustration. >> the only reason we knew we owed the money is we made the call. otherwise i would be sitting here and not paying a water bill for the last three years. >> reporter: that's right david told the cleveland water department he did not receive a water bill. not his fault for getting a bill and he has not only called but visited the utility department paying what he needs to pay. after the story aired david did not get a call back from the division of water and i reached out and department rep said they would call him today. >> so aggravating and so
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your frustration level gets to a point that you don't know where else to reach. >> reporter: francisco vasquez faces a $6500 water bill. our story aired thursday when a crew came out but didn't finish because of time constraints. >> i never had any water for the building. nor have i had any water. >> reporter: today francisco got calls from the water department and an appointment was set up tomorrow at 9:30 a.m. francisco is a bit frustrated that it took another few days to get a crew out but anxious for the inspection to happen. >> reporter: now here are just a few of the complaints about water problems that i have received since friday alone. if you are having water bill issues go ahead and e-mail me jonathan dot walsh. water officials want me to pass
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jonathan walsh. newschannel 5. new developments investigation. sarah buduson has taken action here. >> after watching our investigation. david smith fired off this later to the ohio municipal league. says "he is embarrassed and upset by how the director responded to our questions" firefighters are getting sick doing their jobs. bills. >> you are being obnoxious but this and i said i had an appointment to keep and trying to get out of here. >> reporter: susan gabe told us the ohio municipal league firefighters benefits to fight
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ohio is one of 16 states without a law recognizing the lengthy of firefighters fighting cancer. despite the studies showing the job increases the risk for the deadly disease. we talk to mayor smith on the phone. >> i found it offensive that this lady would take detrimental actions and not look out for the health and safety and welfare of our fellow firefighters. >> by the way there is another major development in this battle tonight. a state senate committee held a meeting today and they will show you the emotional testimony tonight on newschannel 5 at 11. i'm investigator sarah buduson newschannel 5. ohio shoppers will get another three day sales tax holiday. the state senate approved bringing the holiday back for 2016 but did not move forward
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it an annual event. the first state tax holiday was hold to help shoppers save money. thousands of homeowners are eligible for a refinancing program to save them money. the federal housing finance agency is using social media to get the word out about the home affordable refinance program or harp. it is for homeowners that owe as much or more than what their home is worth. the program expires at the end the year. tomorrow we may have to bundle up. >> it is chilly but the good news is we are dry. 36 in cleveland. and 52 in akron. a contrast near the lake shore, 30s inlands and 50s thanks to the lake breeze. let's show you the power of five radar. dry weather. so we are not worried about getting rained on until well after midnight. and there's rain coming but again we have got a wider view showing just clouds moving from
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rain showers on their way in, a.m. in the morning. here we go. we are watching dry weather, clouds thicken up. in this we try to get an isolated shower and a better chance for rain, four to six a.m. then things get interesting for the next 36 hours. we are tracking a big winter storm in here. it will impact all of you coming up. all right. still ahead all new at five. state lawmakers at work on new legislation that would offer women new protection at work. we detail that proposal. a parent watches his little girl disappear into a mountain of snow. a chance encounter that led
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winning lottery numbers.
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today. we will track a major tornado outbreak that is ongoing right now as we speak. our southern states. we are talking from new orleans up towards mobile alabama and into central portions of alabama and mississippi. you can see the thunderstorms and we got a tornado outthrough ten p.m. for this area but i will zoom in. we will show you the tornado reports. there is one tornado track. there's one, two, three, four, same tornado there. five and it looks like five tornadoes reported. touching down and there will be more to come. this is going to go in the overnight as well. damage from this unfortunately and we pray for everyone's live down there that we don't see another major outbreak of
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we will be right back. ohio lawmakers wants to protect pregnant women at work. there is no law to provide accommodations for extra breaks and as such. breast cancer rates are not on the rise in the u.s.
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choosing to have their breasts removed. decades ago it was the only solution to beat cancer but surgeons can perform lump sem tamies. still this surgery jumped by a third. part of the reason is the reason choosing double mastectomies even if it is only found in one breast. some women are choosing it as a preventive measure. frank. new video shows a dramatic rescue in the sierra mountains. where a 10 year-old girl found through a snow hole into freezing water. her father was trying to pull her out when rescue arrived. >> drama cell phone video of a father trying to save his ten- year-old girl from freezing water and hypothermia.
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>> this morning samantha white speaking after falling into the snow and frigid water below. >> at first i thought it was just an indent but i fell in hanging. to help. >> i stuck out the snow pole for her to grab and she was not strong enough to hold on to it to sink. >> a search-and-rescue team was nearby on an overnight training exercise. >> if not for the actions of samantha's position may be different. >> the weight of the snow collapsed creating an opening smaller than a manhole. samantha had fallen 10 feet below the surface of the snow. this morning, thankful for her rescuers. >> i was happy they were training there. wow. those rescuers. >> uh-huh.
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>> a little more snow coming our way thursday, a few inches, probably enough to shovel and first we got to get through heavy rain. it will be a mess for a lot of folks. rain and sleet and then snow. are you ready if. >> no. >> we are canceling the snow. frank doesn't want it. >> mother nature says no way. get a look at the beautiful sunset as we take a live look at downtown cleveland. no rain yet anywhere in northern ohio, here is the storm system, beginning to wind up, gathering a lot of moisture from the gulf of mexico. pretty soon it will meet up with the cold air and put down a swotf of 6 to 10-inches of snow. for us heavy rain and that begins after moon. here is the snow. notice the leading edge down to kentucky. it will move slowly to the
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for the morning rush hour. and once again, dry weather for now. so no worries about travel. notice by 2:30 a.m. we are beginning to see the rain approaching around 30 towards wooster and canton moving northward. watch the time, 7:00. see the yellow see the yellow and oranges, your commute tomorrow will be wet. we will get scattered rain through the afternoon. by the afternoon rush we get another spoke of energy coming in with high gusty winds and more heavy rain for the afternoon rush. current thermometer readings. the lake inland areas in the lower 50s. not too shabby. temperatures tonight. everywhere you go. they will fall back in the upper 30s and then go back up in the middle and upper 40s for tomorrow as the storm system approaches. dry for now. believe it or not the track of the storm is not set in stone
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why. i have a couple of reliable computer models, one model take the low from near cincinnati and takes it up to sandusky. that means more rain and less snow for northern ohio. the other computer model takes the low from cincinnati up towards steubenville. now this changes things. if it follows this track, then we get quite a bit more snow and earlier changeover in time for the morning commute. we do know we will get heavy rain tomorrow. look at the rainfall. over an inch of rainfall. major reporting stations through tomorrow afternoon and evening. we will go one to three inches of snow and maybe four or five friday's rush. rain wednesday and wednesday night, snow thursday morning and thursday night.
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38 tonight for the low. dry evening but rain coming in after midnight. tomorrow it is rain, heavy at times. 48 to 50 degrees. rain over an inch possible by the time this is all said and done. akron and canton, tonight we will -- boy, our temperatures didn't take again. the lows for akron and canton, mid-30s and rain coming in after midnight and tomorrow in the low 50s for the akron, canton area with that heavy rain likely. rain on wednesday. we'll go thursday one to four inches of snow transitioning during the rush, west to east. it will be tricky. some will be seeing rain and others west of 77 will get snow. thursday's morning rush, a mix. thursday afternoon's rush, a snowy mess. all right?
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lingering east of cleveland on friday. and then the weekend. you get another bonus weekend. 40s on saturday and 50s on sunday. two men getting a big payoff after serving time in jail they didn't commit. we will have more on the new ruling that gives these two men millions. a popular spot to grab a bite to east on clifton boulevard will be shutting its doors but not for good. coming up, all new at six, we will be hear from the owner about the clifton diner's future. but first live on 5 returns
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saving discovery. a rocky river mountain freshman was diagnosed with scoliosis, she couldn't imagine it would save her life. >> scoliosis can occur before
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results before surgery revealed she was a heart beat away from something much worse. >> reporter: for a few months high school basketball and soccer player claire smith had been restricted to virtual competition after surgery to treat scoliosis with spinal fusion. >> claire's mom thought that was the worse thing until a cardiologist had frightening news. >> the doctor came to talk to me and explained how serious this condition was. >> reporter: during preop tests signs after dangerous heart condition were seen on an cardiogram. >> there was conditions that
5:56 pm
>> the doctor explained the electrical condition of the heart regulates the heart contractions and some people have a worse condition. >> if this problem goes undetected what can happen. >> it can lead to sudden death. >> a life-threatening heart problem. >> there were times my chest would hurt but i didn't think anything of it. i thought it was heart burn. >> a stress test confirmed the diagnosis when claire's heart hit a speeding 195 beats per minute. she needed a surgical oblation. a treatment to cure the problem. one that may never be
5:57 pm
>> we found it before she found it before she had symptoms of it and god forbid a life- threatening emergency. >> there's a 10% chance of recurrence so the doctor will keep an eye on it. that's it for live on 5. chris and danitta what is going on at six. >> a construction project is way over budget. >> costing taxpayers millions. we began to ask why and we learned that changes were made after one company's initial bid. we will tell you what they are. v.a. hospital leaders flashing resources and forcing veterans to look elsewhere for care. could it be intentional? a whistleblower says yes. new developments and exclusive
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newschannel 5 at six starts in two minutes. newschannel 5 at six brought to you by mr. hero. get a roman burger 7-inch deal for 5.75. live, always investigating, always on your side, newschannel 5 starts now. all new at six. an exclusive 5 on your side investigation in the work on a massive shore way project in cleveland. that's right. newschannel 5 has uncovered information that o dot is spending millions more on improvements than thought. the work to extend west 73rd how over budget are we talking. >> this project, the west 7 third street extension that connects it to edge water park will cost 20% more than initial estimates and you all are paying for it. >> we are kind of like a cleveland commercial.


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