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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 6am  ABC  February 25, 2016 6:00am-6:59am EST

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@search for the driver that hit @them and took off. @>> rain and snow moving in @overnight and we have live team @coverage. @>> somara theodore is tracking @the wintry mix. @where is the snow now? @>> on the west side. @let's go ahead and get straight @to the radar. @i want to show you where the @snow is falling. @as we head throughout the @morning, we are expecting the @snow to pick back up again. @light. @we are seeing reports of @flurries from a lot of people. @so, it's coming down light. @here is the circulation. @it will continue north. @winds are picking up out of the @west. @it's pulling in the colder air. @that's why you see the greens @transition into the blues and @whites from rain and snow. @let's get closer to the ground @so we can see where the heavier @bandt are falling.
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@moderate snowfall sweeping @through erie and huron county, @south of lorain. @this snow throughout the @morning, not too bad right now. @temperatures hitting the @freezing mark. @we had rain yesterday. @it will be that kind of morning @when you know you ever cleaning @off the windshield and you have @the ice layer, that's what you @are looking at. @we will wait for the temps to @continue to fall. @as they do, we will see the @transition to more wintry @weather. @john in storm tracker 5. what @are the roads looking like? @>> help, somara, we are on @dewitt in sandusky. @the secondary roads are where @we are seeing the snow @accumulate. @this is moderately snow- @covered. @you can see the snow falling. @it's difficult to see how hard
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@i stopped and took a quick @video to give you an idea of @how hard the snow is falling. @you can see in the light wind @that we are dealing with, to. @it's coming down at a good clip @and allowing it to stick to the @cars and roadways. @windy conditions out here. @snow on the secondary roadways @and as you mentioned, cleaning @off the windshield in sandusky @with ice and potentially more @snow. @slick conditions out here. @overall primarily some snow- @covered roadways on the @secondary roads. @back to you. @letter. @>> jon, you are exactly right. @in storm tracker 5, we are @south in to strongsville into @millersburg heights. @when we were at a standstill, @you could see the flurries @coming down. @this is the heavy wet snow that
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@coming down at a moderate @level. @we are on 71 north. @you see visibility is pretty @low. @temperatures had fallen about a @degree into the upper 20s and @heavier amounts of snow moving @in. @ment to the left of the screen @you can see odot is out here. @they are ready to treat the @major highways, the side @streets, the untreated roads @are a concern as the slick @conditions are an issue this @morning. @kristin? @>> thanks so much. @be safe out there. @wind and snow is never a good @combination. @i am seeing slowing on 71 @approaching the city. @nothing too troublesome. @we are accident free. @major accidents at this moment. @tracking minor ones east of @cleveland. @240 and faith road, too. @look at the snow. @you see what we are talking @about on the west where we have
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@the secondary roads are the @ones you want to be extra @cautious on. @490, our odot camera there, you @see the slick spots on the @highways. @ we are dealing with our own @weather issues but we are @affected by the severe weather @in the midwest. @i got the misery map up. @we are seeing flight delays and @cancellations across the @country including now nine @canceled flights at cleveland @hopkins and four delays. @schedule. @if you are traveling today, @jackie? @ breaking news here. @two akron police officers @involved in a crash. @you see it on your screen. @the driver in the other car @takes off on foot. @>> let's go to nick foley. @this was a bad crash. @>> reporter: it was, terrence. @we are next to the akron police @s.u.v.
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@as you can see, a lot of damage @heft behind. @the front end -- left behind. @the front end ripped off. @a man driving a van plowed into @the cruiser. @both suffered injuries but are @expected to be okay. @the hunt for the driver @continues this morning. @this is after these officers @were responding to a call of a @fight in progress. @police tell us the officers @were traveling south on south @arlington when the driver of a @van pulled out of georgia @avenue and struck the police @s.u.v.s. @you can see by the video, that @was a violent collision to say @the least. @airbags deploying and police @unit investigation telling us @that other officers responded @including a canine. @the driver of the van which @suffered a lot of damage, that @driver could not be found and @the search continues this @morning. @again, the officers were taken @to nearby hospitals. @to our understanding, they have @been released this morning and
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@reporting from akron, nick @foley, news channel 5. back to @you. @>> thank you. @ breaking overnight. @a 16-year-old is in custody @after police say he shot at the @4th district station in @cleveland. @this is video of the scene at @carton avenue where the boy @apparently shot himself in the @leg trying to run away. @much he was taken to the @hospital. @the police station is on @kinsman. @they say the teenager fired @multiple shots at the building. @two others outside in a zone @car when it happened. @they heard and saw the shots, @ran after him and officials say @by the way, the officers did @not fire any shots here. @terrence? @ new developments, corrina, @on exclusive news channel 5 @story. @cleveland school board voted to @suspend the resource officer. @matthew cicero was on paid @administrative leave. @he made statements about tamir @rice blaming tamir's mother for @her son's death.
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@ellet high school in akron is @taken into police custody. @that student was found with a @loaded gun inside the school @yesterday morning. @the school was placed on @lockdown while they found the @student and recovered the gun. @no word on any charges. @ a cleveland man accused of @calling in a bomb threat is set @to be sentenced today. @last january sperling edwards @slashed his girl friend's tires @and sending threatening @messages. @in may he called in a bomb @threat to a high school. @edwards was found guilty tf @inducing panic, harassment and @aggravated menacing. @ all new in the 6:00 hour, @ohio state's interim band @director is here to stay. @' the university named him the @director. @waters was fired after an @internal investigation @concluded he ignored cultural @problems with the band.
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@of 2020 if he is approved by @the board of trustees. @ the old wright patterson @community center will be open @with a new purpose. @the center closed in 2014 due @to budget cuts. @now the space will become a @u.s.o. @outpost. @it opened saturday and will be @available to active duty @military, reservists and @national guardsmen and their @families. @ baldwin-wallace university, @it's quiet. @in a few hours it will be @backed with bernie sanders @supporters. @sarah phinney if plains what is @going on. @>> security sweeps inside the @gym. @doors open in an hour. @we checked about 15 people are @lined up outside right now. @want the gym can hold about @7,000 people max. @sanders is hopping for a @turnout like this. @want if we can take a live look @inside -- never mind. @let's go to the video.
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@he will talk about the cost of @higher education and campaign @finance. @the visit comes as baldwin @wallace released a poll showing @sanders and hillary clinton @tied among ohio voters. @clinton has multiple events @scheduled in south carolina. @the deck particular primary in @that state is saturday followed @by super tuesday. @the clinton picked up a major @endorsement by harry reid. @the rally at baldwin-wallace is @10:30. @rsvps are encouraged. @ thanks for being with us @this morning. @i'm terrence lee. @>> i'm jackie fernandez. @up next on "good morning, @cleveland," the sheriff's
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@ @ we are getting you ready @for a messy morning ride. @somara theodore is tracking the @finish. @>> we have two storm trackers @and kristin byrne is checking @first corrina pysa. @ a south african university @evacuated and closed when a @student protest turns violent. @protestors reportedly torching @buildings. @the administration building @burned to the ground. @it started after a student
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@security guards tried to @disburse the crowd with tear @gas and rubber bullets. @ brand-new video of the @sandy hook shooter adam lanza. @police confirmed he is the @person in the video game. @he is playing dance, dance @revolution. @this is six months before the @massacre. @lawyers are using this in a @lawsuit that says a gun company @the shooting. @they say he went to a movie @theater to play video games up @to 10 hours a day. @ the sheriff's deputy that @stopped the accused kalamazoo @killer is talking about the @deadly rampage for the first @time. @james harrison was coming off a @prank call when help spotted @something serious, a prank call @matching the description. @he followed the guy that turned @out to be the suspect, jason @dalton. @>> my actions were part of a @team effort. @any one of the other officers @could have spotted the same @car.
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@>> he found a gun in his @pocket, matter of an arsenal of @15 guns. @ new this morning, isis @supporters making direct @threats against the ceo is of @facebook and twitter. @the group shoots at photos of @mark zuckerberg and mark @dorsey. @they are responding to efforts @by the companies to promote @terrorism. @both social media sites are not @commending. @ we have new information in @the battle between apple and @the fbi. @apple ceo tim cook says he is @prepared to take the case to @the supreme court. @a judge ordered the company to @help with the san bernardino @shooting investigation by @unlocking a terrorists iphone. @the ceo says the move would be @a, quote, bad move for america. @>> this case is not about a @phone. @this case is about the future. @what it says here, can the
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@wright software that we believe @would make hundreds of millions @of customers vulnerable around @the world including the u.s. @>> the fbi says it's asking to @look at one phone and argues @national security is at stake @in cases like this be. @ dozens of people are in @quarantine at a u.s. customs @office. @a worker opened an envelope @that had white powder inside. @the worker and two others felt @sick. @ sever states have filed a @lawsuit against the obama @administration over the @affordable care act. @texas, wisconsin, indiana, @nebraska filed the complaint @over a fee charged health @insurers which includes the @state. @the lawsuit claims the federal @government could make billions @off the fees. @ president obama is @revealing what he is looking @for in a supreme court nominee. @>> he says the person may have
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@quality and he is believed to @be vetting a republican @candidate. @nevada governor brian sandoval. @republicans are vowing to not @even hold a hearing on the @president's pick. @>> our job is to give the @person a hearing, to show the @courtesy of meeting with them. @they are then free to vote @whatever their conscious @dictates. @>> senator majority leader @mitch mcconnell said president @obama should leave the supreme @court selection to the next @president. @ we are taking a live look @outside here in akron. @you can see that snow is @settling. @>> it's starting to stick. @here we are in that phase we @were talking about. @not quite happening in the @overnight but picking up during @the morning rush hour. @this is slow and steady @snowfall. @1 to 4 inches is expected. @i know it doesn't seem like
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@the national weather service @issued a winter weather @advisory. @we will see wind gusts of 35 @miles per hour. @you all will probably see @between 3 and 5 inches of snow. @a little bit more than the rest @of us. @here is the big picture. @you can see we have the @northwest flow coming down. @as the winds continue, we will @get the colder air moving in. @now we are seeing the rain @transition into snow. @the let's zoom in and get the @trouble spots we are seeing @throughout the morning. @the kind of focused on parts of @huron county as well as @sandusky. @letter these darker purples you @are seeing are the moderate @snow patches affecting the @secondary roads. @lighter in akron, 76, lighter @flurries hitting the roads. @' slick from yesterday as the @temperatures fall, we could see @icing on there. @be careful with that. @ment temperatures just at the
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@32 in cleveland as well as @ashtabula. @notice the futurecast, this is @the later morning commute @between now and 9:00 a.m. @we will see things pick up. @it will be affecting us all @day. @the timing of the snow isn't @until around 7:00 p.m. @it will be a cloudy and snowy @day. @not only that, very windy. @highs reaching the lower 30s @then dropping into the 20s. @you can see it doesn't last @long. @saturday, sunday a warm up. @janessa in storm tracker 5, how @are the roads looking. @>> reporter: slick conditions. @i am on 480 east into @independent area. @i'm tracking the storm. @we see cars with a good coating @of snow.
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@we are going 55 miles per hour. @visibility is still good here. @we are seeing on the left side @of the screen we have seen a @few plows. @people are starting to take it @slow here as they are traveling @on 480 east into the @warrensville area. @slick spots and temperatures @are hovering at 32 degrees. @>> that looks slick out there @in your spot. @here is the odot camera at west @25th. @backup starting already. @i'm sure people are taking our @advice and heading out early. @you need to. @expect the typical backups. @5 on your side traffic maps. @cleared. @71. @look at the orange cars. @slowdowns from steelyard drive @past 490 and 480 as well.
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@did that already. @ how much would it cost to @buy every item offered on @amazon. @>> $12.86 billion. @a computer scientist came up @with the number. @there were 479 million items @available on the web site last @year. @they determined the average @price of the item was 26.86. @so far amazon has not responded @whether he is on the money or @not. @ still ahead, a donation @set. @the jar filled with a thousand @dollars stolen from a local @church. @why they believe the thieves
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@ @ welcome back. @we are getting school delays @listed at the bottom of your @screen. @it's a slick morning ride for @you. @an accident at buckeye and @shaker. @slowdowns happening before the @6:30 mark here. @field yard past 490. @let's move over here. @the backups have started. @71 north at west 25th, bumper @to bumper. @cars are going 18 miles per @hour.
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@somara, it will be tough @regardless because of the @wintry mix we are dealing with. @ we have seen the commute @issue that will be happening in @later portions of the commute. @not so much the earlier half @but the late err half. @you can see the heavier snow @and deep purple down to the @south in columbus, ohio. @the we are seeing the light to @moderate snow heading into @lorain county, waking up, 80 @into downtown, you will see @snow picking up there. @flurries to moderate snowfall. @we have winds right now @sustained at 17 miles per hour. @gusts are expected to reach 35 @miles per hour. @that could cause an issue with @blowing snow and visibility. @ abduction confusion. @an 11-year-old boy thought he @saw a person being kidnapped @but it was a misunderstanding. @the boy was walking home from @school and thought he saw a @young blond girl pulled into a @white van.
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@parents at the school and @eventually found the van. @the boy's description dead on. @instead of a 12-year-old girl @it was a 46-year-old woman @hucking her uncle. @>> everything turned out good. @we don't have a victim of an @abduction. @i would like to thank the young @man who called us to tell us @what he saw. @>> it cost around $2,000 in @overtime but it was worth it @because they encourage people @to call if you see anything @suspicious. @ nearly $1,000 in church @donations meant for at risk @teens was taken. @>> officers say only someone @that visited the church before @would know about it. @they don't have a security @system or cameras, but after @this crime the pastor said they @are looking at new security @options. @ coming up next, from the @live desk, breaking overnight.
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@a boy ended up in the hospital @trying to run away. @plus, a messy commute. @our team of storm trackers @hitting the roads to get you
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your dreams evolve, and with committed support, they thrive.
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@ @ breaking news. @a driver crashes into a police @officer. @>> the search for the hit and
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@ first a winter weather @alert. @winter weather advisory to the @east and it could be a messy @morning ride. @our team of storm trackers are @west and south checking out the @road conditions for you and @kristin byrne is keeping an eye @on backups and accidents. @>> let's get it going with @somara theodore tracking the @storm. @>> this is part of the system @that brought us the rain @yesterday. @it's moving from the northwest. @northeast ohio is seeing @flurries. @roads are slick. @that could be an issue. @looking farther north, it's @this band here that we are @concerned with. @it is getting ready to move in. @it will add accumulation. @1 to 3 inches throughout the @day. @if you live in areas under a @winter weather advisory you @could see between 3 to 5 @inches.
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@cooler already, in the 20s. @29 mansfield. @30 ashland. @32 cleveland. @waiting for a few other cities @to catch up. @we will see a wet, wet heavy @snow. @jon, how is it in storm @tracker. @>> reporter: we are back on 90 @heading eastbound. @for the most part things are @clear where we are. @as we moved further east @conditions have improved. @as we were we have had a few @miles back, conditions were @starting to deteriorate. @this is what we are dealing @with outside. @primarily wet roadways. @ment further west the snow @picked up and we had decreased @visibility. @it was sticking to bridges and @overpasses. @that made things difficult. @it was making it difficult for @us to see. @it took a while for the snow to @pick up west.
6:32 am
@it has let up as we moved back @east. @that's how things are look for @-- moving west. @ on 271 outside of @independence area, on forbes @road right now. @we are at a standstill. @i want to show you the @accumulating snow that is @picking up across 271. @traffic 271 north picking up as @the snow is coming down at a @moderate level. @temperatures 30 degrees. @i am tracking the storm as it @continues to shift more. @a good batch of slick spots @across the area. @my major concern as @temperatures continue to drop @possible freezing and icing in @some areas. @kristin? @>> janessa, you are right. @the timing couldn't be worse
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@i want to show you with this @closure. @this is streetsboro. @it's closed because of flooding @from jeff son to the railroad @tracks. @the bypass at 303 is open. @akron area, not seeing backups @at 76 and 77. @the index map shows us where @the snow is falling and shows @us a lot of these highways are @impacted as we zoom out to @drive time speeds 13 minutes @crocker to innerbelt. @nod bat. @backup 71 and west 25th. @over to you, corrina. @ the weather is causing @school delays and closings. @we have 11 delays, one closure. @they are scrolling at the @bottom of the screen. @we are talking about the severe @weather in the midwest. @well, it's affecting us @locally, too. @looking at the misery map, @hundreds of flight delays @across the country. @this includes nine canceled at
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@all flights at akron-canton are @on schedule. @check with your airline if you @have travel plans today. @ breaking news, a van slams @into an akron plus cruiser @sending two officers to the @hospital overnight. @the driver took off and is @nowhere to be found. @nick foley is live in akron. @what do you know? @>> this happened late last @night. @to our understanding, the two @officers inside this s.u.v. @involved in the crash were @taken to hospitals, treated and @have been released this @morning. @hard to put your mind around @this sucker. @you can see the fronted end is @gone. @this is harder to see but this @advertise a piece of the other @van that is wedged inside the @s.u.v. @right now in this crash as @well. @you said the search for the @driver continues this morning. @this all played as these @officers responded to a call of @a fight in progress. @police tell us the officers @were traveling south on south
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@when a driver in a van pulled @out of georgia avenue and @struck the police s.u.v. @as you can see by the video, a @very violent collision. @airbags deploying. @officers in the s.u.v. @were shaken up as well. @investigators tell us that the @officers responded including a @canine. @the driver of the van which @turned out to be stolen was not @found and the search continues. @again, the investigation into @the incident, the entire @incident tints as well. @we do want to -- continues as @well. @the two officers appear to be @okay this morning. @reporting from akron, nick @foley, news channel 5. @ breaking from the live desk @a 16-year-old is in custody @after police say he shot at the @4th district station in @cleveland. @this is video of the scene @where the boy apparently shot @himself in the leg trying to @run away. @he was taken to the hospital. @the police station is on @kinsman. @police say the teenager fired @multiple shots.
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@zone car when this happened. @they heard and saw the shots, @ran after him and officials say @the officers did not fire any @shots. @jackie? @ corrina, right now, a @manhunt is underway for a @robbery suspect on the run @since monday. @this is video showing how javan @smith escaped. @you can see police searching @him while being booked then @smith waits until the officer @is distracted on the phone. @he takes off his shoes and @sneaks out the backdoor. @if you know where smith is, @call police. @ three men arrested for @beating a man to death have @been charged. @this happened in cleveland. @police say dontez curly was @attacked near lee road. @his family told us curly new @the people that killed him. @ happening today, bernie @sanders making the third @campaign stop in northeast @ohio. @>> he is speaking at baldwin-
6:37 am
@a lot of people are going to @his events. @sarah phinney has this story. @when he was in tulsa, 10,000 @people showed up and they are @lining up here. @>> reporter: sanders is hoping @for a similar enthusiasm at @baldwin-wallace. @this is a live look where he @will be. @security went through the gym @about 30 minutes ago. @doors open at 7:00 and lines @are forming outside. @the university releases a poll @showing sanders and hillary @clinton in a dead heat in ohio. @clinton has multiple events @scheduled in south carolina. @the deck particular primary is @saturday followed by super @tuesday. @harry reid called on his @colleagues to back hillary
6:38 am
@the rally at baldwin-wallace is @free. @rsvps are encouraged. @in the newsroom, sarah phinney, @news channel 5. @ a popular company @responding to rumors there are @worms in their drink.
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@ @ good morning.
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@and lighter to deeper purples. @that signifies flurries to @lighter snowfalls. @the snowfall will be @persistent. @throughout the morning, we will @see it throughout the day. @we are looking at 1 to 3 inches @in the way of accumulation @unless you live in the snow @belt, 3 to 5. you are under a @winter weather advisory. @the winds are causing @visibility issues with blowing @snow as we head into the @morning, terrence. @ uber starting the new uber @moto service. @motorcycle service. @passengers will be provided @with helmets. @the project is only in bangkok. @>> no thank you. @ a new survey of customer @satisfaction giving high marks @to nordstrom, costco and @amazon. @walmart is second to last in
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@favorite retailer? @abercrombie and fitch. @ green tea is good for your @body. @>> lipton wants to reassure you @the lemon flavored green tea is @not full of worms. @a summer posted a video saying @she thought she found worms in @the tea bag. @social media freaked out. @have no fear. @lipton posted video in response @to bust the myth. @the particles are lemon @>> yuck. @ all new in the morning @sprint, up next, driver @swerving all over the road. @what was going on behind the @wheel.
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@ @ light snow hitting @northeast ohio. @it's picking up west of i-71. @that's where we find jon @rudder. @>> janessa web has snow in the @south and kristin byrne has @seen backups earlier than @usual. @first somara theodore is @tracking the wintry mix. @>> it's persistent which means @it's coming throughout the day. @it will take its time rare @arriving and stick around @causing issues. @the issues will grow while you
6:46 am
@it's important to note if you @live in cuyahoga, lake, geauga, @ashtabula, we are under a @winter weather advisory until @about 7:00 p.m. @this evening. @3 to 5 inches is expected where @you live. @that is what will go for in the @snow belt. @elsewhere if you don't live @there, 1 to 4 inches in terms @of accumulation. @the big picture showing the @flow from the northwest. @it will spiral and spin. @a lot of snow. @here comes another band moving @in to northeast ohio really @affecting the western side of @the viewing area. @here is a look where we are @seeing the moderate snowfall. @parts of hartland as well as @huron county, parents of @sandusky on 80 you will see @flurries to moderate snowfall @at times. @where the snow bands persist @and pockets of heavier snowfall @that's where we pick up the @accumulation. @that's not the only issue.
6:47 am
@because they are hovering so @close to freezing not freezing @line, it's a heavy wet snow we @are expecting. @throughout the day, we are @going to be seeing windy @conditions that can make for a @blustery day ahead. @visibility is lowered. @notice the timestamp, it stays @around. @persisting is the word today. @that's how it will affect you @throughout the day. @as we get closer to the evening @it should wrap up. @power of 5 forecast, @temperatures in the 20s @tomorrow but saturday and @sunday it will be warming up to @the 50s. @jon in storm tracker 5, goes @how is it looking? @>> reporter: thanks, somara. @90 eastbound near shelved @township, you mentioned @temperatures near the freezing, @not freezing line. @we are at 31. @a look outside as we move back @east from the sandusky area
6:48 am
@conditions have improved a @little bit. @not as much snow. @the snow has let up. @it's mostly windy. @moisture is on the roadways. @cars passing on the left are @kicking up moisture on to the @windshield. @slick spots on the bridges and @overpasses. @this advertise the west side. @on the south side, janessa web @is webb is in -- janessa webb @is in storm tracker. @i am just outside of twinsburg. @people are going no mall speeds @because the snow is not @accumulating. @temperatures at 32 and a bit @cooler at the surface.
6:49 am
@it is trying to make a slow go @as traffic starts to pick up @here. @it's not accumulating. @we are seeing winds that are @picking up and you can see the @wind sheil wipers moving @quickly as temperatures @continue to drop. @we will see these slick spots @and probably accumulating snow @throughout the day. @>> the highways aren't too bad @at this point. @they are out treating the @highways. @it's the side streets the snow @is starting to stick to them. @the accident is not cleared @yet, buckeye and shaker @boulevard. @i'm not seeing backups there. @the backup it is getting worse @on 71. @now it's backed up 71 north @from before pearl and past 492. @490 not looking fantastic, is @either. @traffic is building. @71 at west 25th a typical slow @spot. @over to you. @ we are following two @breaking stories.
6:50 am
@police station hit by gunfire. @>> we begin with nick foley on @a hit and run crash involving @an akron police cruiser. @this was a bad crash. @>> reporter: it was, terrence. @you are looking at the damage @left behind. @the officers inside the cruiser @at the time of the crash @injured but expected to be @okay. @the search for the driver who @hit this cruiser continues this @morning. @now, investigators tell news @channel 5 that this happened @when officers were responding @to a call of a fight in @progress. @police tell us the officers @were traveling south on south @arlington heading to the call @when a driver in a van pulled @out of georgia avenue and @struck an s.u.v. @you can see by the video it was @a violent collision. @airbags deployed. @the van was damaged in what' @appears to be a near head-on @crash. @officers responded including a @canine. @the driver of the van was not @found and the search continues.
6:51 am
@they were treated and released @this morning. @reporting from akron, nick @corrina. @ multiple shots fired in the @4th district police station. @police say a 16-year-old was @the shooter. @this is video of the scene. @the boy apparently shot himself @in the leg trying to run away. @he was taken to the hospital. @police say the teen took off @after firing. @two officers were sitting @outside in a zone car when it @happened. @they heard and sawed shots, ran @after him. @the officers did not fire any @ new develop. @>> on an exclusive news channel @5 story. @cleveland school board voted to @suspend a resource officer. @administrative leave. @in january he made statements @on facebook about tamir rice
6:52 am
@death. @ a 17-year-old student at @ellet high school was taken @into custody. @the student was found with a @loaded gun inside a school @yesterday morning. @no word on any charges. @ a cleveland man accused of @calling in a bomb threat is set @to be sentenced today. @last january, spirlin edwards @slashed his girlfriend's tires @and sent her threatening @messages. @then in may he called in a bomb @threat. @he was found guilt at the of @inducing pan -- guilty of @inducing panic and harassment. @ the race for the white @house making a stop in @northeast ohio. @sarah phinney has details on @bernie sanders stop. @>> reporter: people are lining @up outside. @this is a live look at the gym @where bernie sanders will be @speaking. @the rally begins at 10:30 this @morning. @lots of excitement.
6:53 am
@in northeast ohio. @he is expected to talk about @the cost of higher education, @campaign finance and climate @change. @baldwin-wallace releases a poll @showing hillary clinton and @bernie sanders tied among ohio @voters. @sanders visits ohio, michigan @and illinois, clinton is @scheduled in south carolina. @the democratic primary in that @state is saturday followed by @super tuesday. @the rally is free but rsvp's @are encouraged. @so many somara, over to you. @ good morning. @we are in the morning sprint. @we are getting ready to take @you through the rest of the @morning. @futurecast, a light to moderate @persistent snowfall is what we @are seeing. @heavier pockets affecting @medina up through geauga and -- @sorry, cuyahoga county. @you guys will see the bulk of @the snow today as well as the @snow belt. @accumulations throughout
6:54 am
@if you live in the primary snow @belt, 3 to 5. blustery @conditions. @temperatures will drop @throughout the day into the @20s. @it will be windy out there.
6:55 am
@ @ welcome back. @we continue with breaking news. @more than 200 miami university @of ohio students sick with @norovirus. @that of course is the highly @contagious gastrointestinal @virus that causes vomiting, @nausea and diarrhea. @school officials urging @students to ramp up hand @washing. @it can survive on surfaces for @days. @the university says the @norovirus was initially @detected in five students more
6:56 am
@ new crazy video this @morning. @look at this. @fedex driver in florida caught @on camera swerving all over the @road. @the man said the driver was @nodding off like he was asleep @or under the influence of @drugs. @the fedex driver was not @charged with driving under the @influence says he took his keys @out of the ignition. @ this is out of texas. @a man caught with a machete @vandalizing cars at a bus @station. @the suspect getting agitated @when police arrive. @the man charges the officer. @shots were fired. @the man dies at the scene. @ in flint, michigan, the @city could be getting $100 @million thanks to a plan @proposed by the u.s. senate. @that would replace urging @waterlines.
6:57 am
@he will speak at be event @highlighting the lead crisis. @hillary clinton brought her @campaign to flint. @ republican presidential @candidates are getting ready @for a debate at the university @of houston. @marco rubio is campaigning in @texas. @ted crews, john kasich continue @answering questions about if @and when they should exit the @race. @>> you can see the bulk of the @snow is winding in from @northwest parts of detroit, @into northeast ohio. @we expect it to be a slow, @steady, persistent snow. @here is a look at the @temperatures dropping into the @20s. @>> the side roads are more of a @concern because the snow is @sticking to them. @5 on your side traffic map @showing the slow down as you @approach the metro curve into @the city. @cars are bumper to bumper in @some spots, others 18 miles per @hour.
6:58 am
@after show that starts around @7:30. @hope you join us. @>> the news continues next on
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erica this mor good morning, america. state of emergency. touch down from texas to virginia. at least eight dead as the outbreak rips apart homes. winds hit 83 miles an hour and a coast guard ship trying to rescue a fishing boat. last chance, marco rubio and ted cruz fighting to stop donald trump's momentum ahead of tonight's big debate. >> if the donald winsection, who the heck knows what he'd do as president. >> as mitt romney goes after trump hinting a bombshell may be news exclusive, david muir one-on-one with tim cook, the apple ceo answers questions for the first time about why he he


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