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tv   Nightline  ABC  February 26, 2016 12:37am-1:07am EST

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is a special edition of "nightline." "consent on campus." >> tonight a highly contentious, deeply complicated issue, often at thesection of alcohol and hookup culture at schools all across america. can sexual assault be prevented? the personal stories of those living with the trauma and the you're just paralyzed by not knowing how to react to what's going on. >> nothing's the same. at all. >> a father stunned by his son. >> it's on his record, his life is ruined. >> here tonight voices on the front lines tackling the tough issues special edition of
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"nightline." "consent on campus." >> good evening. the statistics nothing short of alarming. reports of sexual assault onerous to ignore. yet so many cases remain unreported. and unresolved.
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at the core of so many cases the question of consent. can consent be defined? can teaching students how to put it into practice prevent destroyed? we'll meet with several people tonight who believe it can. tova danovich says her nightmare began after a late night outed to crash at a friend's apartment, sharing a futon with a guy she used to date. >> we had all met up. we decided to go out for the evening. at some point later in the evening i woke uphim having sex with me. >> reporter: the then 19-year-old, a freshman attending college in new york city, says she was frozen in shock. staying silent through the ordeal slept just a few feet away. >> you're just paralyzed by not knowing how to react to what's going on. i didnit. i didn't really want to make a scene. i just pretended to be asleep. >> reporter: tova's experience
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and misunderstood ways people react during a sexual assault. >> if anyone had ever asked me, if someone has sex with you and you don't want them to have sex with you, will you stop that? the answer would have 110% been, yes. then when the situation actually arose, that was not my. >> people talk about fight or flight without realizing that the third piece is freeze. it kicks in when we're in abelieve we cannot escape. >> reporter: it's not uncommon in the most typical kind of college sexual assault, acquaintance rape. according to a sweeping survey of 27 than 1 in 5 female undergrads were victims of sexual assault or misconduct. >> it's on us. >> reporter: we're seeing a growing tide of advocacy from le personalities. >> to get in the way before it happens -- >> reporter: and lady gaga with
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speaks to the trauma of victims. it can happen to you >> reporter: there's also student advocacy. >> no means no! >> can i put my hand here? >> yes. >> reporter: a big push toward prevention awareness campaigns attempting to clarify sexual consent.oes not equal consent. >> when she's too drunk to function, it's rape. >> reporter: there are new apps designed to record partners' yes. >> reporter: add drinking to the mix and it complicates things even more. alcohol or drugs are involved in as much as 80% of sex assault cases. purchased strawberetas to drink. >> reporter: she had been too out of it to give consent. hanging out at a party with a when she felt sick.
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could not feel my arms or legs. >> reporter: next thing she knew she blext morning i woke up. and i was completely naked. in the sheets at the base of the bed. he was at the top of the sat up and had -- like just -- completely disorientation disorientation. all that was going through my brain is, i need to get like tova she says she immediately defined it as rape and filed a report with the school saying corey, aol team, forced herself on her when he was in no condition to consent. the person that i was two years ago today is not even close to being the person that i am now. i now have depressionety streaks, night terrors. >> it's on his record, his life is ruined. >> reporter: there is another side to this.s corey's father and he says his son was completely blind-sided by the accusation. >> he was blown away, he didn't
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that wasn't what he corey, who declined to be interviewed, told his father he remembered the night very differently and that he and morris had consensual sex. >> would i ever think that my sonn sexual assault? absolutely not. >> reporter: c.d. mauk says his family is financially and emotionally drained from the fallout of what he says is the almost of proving consent. >> where does consent start and where does it end, i don't know. let's remember, we're dealing with young people. many of them who are very there's alcohol around supervision. >> reporter: the university initially dismissed the charges. then weeks later reversed that nding him responsible. a year after that, a local court said the school improperly shifted the burden of proof. corey was cleared. but by then c.d. says the. >> you're labeled a rain rapist. you can't go to parties. you can't be with anyone of the
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>> all the court documents are here --ly says she feels damaged too, still maintaining she could not have consented and that it was rape. >> life after the assault is not even close to being what nothing's the same. at all. >> a lack of a no is not a yes. >> reporter: ian tolino at university of maryland is a peer as consent bro, part of a growing effort at universities across the country explicitly teaching consent. >> if somebody's just not say anything. >> reporter: the idea that consent must be explicitly obtained before and during sex. >> we talk about what consent is in terms of action and in consent, nonverbal consent. >> reporter: two states have even made consent a legal requirement at their public what qualify ies as an ongoing consent? nobody knows. nobody can answer that question. >> reporter: all of this is highly controversial and realistic? >> it seems very black and white. in practice it's a lot more
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here at penn state university with an outspoken mix of people to tackle the complex issue of consent on campus. dr. cheryl errit, 20 of treating victims of trauma.
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former college wrestling coach.0 students in college sexual assault complaints. ian, consent bro. tova who says she was assaulted as a college student. consent advocate whose improv troop travels the country teaching consent through scenarios like this. >> according to sources you are accused of raping astudent amy. >> i admit i had sex with this girl but i did not rape her. educators perform skits like this hundreds of times a year. >> amy alleges she was raped at a party. she said you forced herself on her and she struggled but you pinned her arms down and had sex with her even after she said to start by thanking the people of penn state. obviously penn state considers the idea of consent on campus an important priority, which is why we're here today.h this idea that it's easy as a concept to bring
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that's a very difficult bar. >> it's not clearyes's are enough, how many actions are enough to constitute consent. >> the fact that we come at it from this perfect es or no makes it difficult on both sides. >> it's so confusing. i would speak more as a coach now. just in talking with my guys.fused. these are not rapists. the girl consents to kissing. so do i stop kissing five seconds later and say, okay, can i kiss your neck? it's very, very >> i know -- i know that it can seem very confusing. burt i think a lot of the time we have this idea that male sexuality's like a freight train, it just doesn't ere at a girl's house and something were going on and her dad walked in -- would the
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pulling his clothes on? consent really does need to be gotten at every single step. if the incentive is strong enough, people canu ever worked with men who expressed surprise that they've learned they've crossed this line? >> well, yeah. they may not realize what they've done is rape evenll rape. i don't think they fully grasp the idea of consent, which is so gray, as we've talked about.rifying consent is what catharsis productions aims to do via these improv scenarios where a young man has been accused of a blast, laughing, talking. she was hanging all over me. and my buddy jeff made the usual panty dropper punch which she was plowing loud with the music and all the people. she's the one who suggested we go somewhere where she could hear me better. i walked her up to my room. she smiles but stumbles and grabs me for er up, she starts kissing me. next thing i know we were having sex. that's pretty much what
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does anyone have any questions for aaron? >> did you assume that she said she would like to go somewhere else that that meant that a possibility of any sexual activity -- >> like i'm the only one making that assumption? >> when she said stop what head? >> i started to try to take off her clothes but she kind of pushes me back and says, whoa, take it easy, stop. i start kissing her again. this time she didn't do anything do you think she may not have been able to stay stop again after the first time because of intoxication? her. consent and alcohol. are we saying if you're tipsy you cannot give consent? >> yes, and we're saying if you're tipsy, the othernnot get consent. >> i feel like if alcohol wasn't involved, the answers would be a lot more clear cut. >> you're suggesting we ban alcohol on campus? >> as a college student, i think there should be stricter policies for it. we are entering into a place
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the majority of these >> reporter: to be -- >> be clear the scenario we depicted, they weren't equally drunk. this isn't a gray area. he used it in thatory way. >> 90% of my cases involved the use of alcohol by one or both parties. maybe you don't have sex with somebody if you know they've been drinking even one drink.rule. >> reporter: during their freshman year an alarming 15% of women were raped while incapacitated from alcohol or drugs, according to a recent w i'm going to get mauled for this. i'm a father of a daughter also. and with respect to alcohol, i think there's a corresponding accountability that goes with the female as much as the male. so don't go into at frat at 2:00 in the morning. don't go into a place there's a bunch of guys drinking and play drinking games. to me as a dad, these are
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get lost in this discussion because we're afraid thating sexist. i don't see that as sexist. >> ian, i saw you shaking your head. >> shifting responsibility to a specific party, especiallys the majority victimized, i think is just not true. >> you consider that victim blaming? >> yes. >> i consider that being a responsible parent. >> it means that every woman has to see every man as a potential . and i can't buy that. in terms of responsibility, i'm responsible for what i do when i'm drinking. i'm not responsible for what other people choose tonking. >> didn't want to have sex, she could have punched me or kicked, at least t of laying there. >> i want to get at another issue, she didn't fight back. she would have screamed or said something? >> many, many women gode during a rape.
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>> from a victim's perspective i was somebody who at the timer did i say no. when i was being sexually assaulted. and that made it very difficult for a number of years to actually be able whether or not what happened to me qualified as sexual assault. >> think about the number of times that a woman is in a situation where she is thinking risky to try to make him mad or make things worse. >> reporter: these are exactly some of the nuances the improv educators try to get at in their performances. >> what did she doe whispering that was a clear sign she was not into it? >> she just laid there. >> i don't know about all you guys but if i'm having sy just stop moving? i check in with them. that's just basic customer service. >> reporter: a recent stu and women tend to view these cues differently. most men read body language for consent.
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that way. >> so can consent beyeah, we all know that. but we all have different body languages. so really what's the easiest, clearest way to get consent? is to make it verbal. ask for it. when somebody what that is consent for? consent for kissing, right. >> i was wondering what you think about these consent apps that have been made. because i think they're y. yes. >> and not effective at all. >> yeah, well, that's the thing. those things are absolutely null and void because if somebody were to give someone consent at and then 9:10 rolls around, they decide to change their mind, that's the thing with consent, it's active, in the moment, f you're in a college campus in that skit he gets consent. 30 seconds later she changes her mind. and she goes in and sexual assault.
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going to be kicked out of school immediately. be out the window for young men. we need to be careful here. you are guilty until you prove yourself innocent. which is the way it is today. the history of what's happened when historically, for many, many, many years, when women who were raped came forward the victim being e saying is women have been mistreated for many, many years, which is true. so now let's go get the guys. >> no. >> that's what i heard you just say. i don't mean to be rude -- >> there is no epidemic of falsethere is an epidemic of unreported rapes and of women who are not disclosing. that's the fact. >> there are plenty of unreported. and that's horrible. let's not try to fix this problem by creating a whole new group of victims. >> the life-long impact on yourucation career, career employment, job opportunities,
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rest of your life. you will always have that label. as sexual predator. >> the only going to fix this is for this country to get back to its moral culture. hookups weren't always there. >> i have to agree with you to some extent that i think that the hookup culture is a the loosened moral fabric of society. i think that we don't teach young men the right principles anymore. if i can be very frank, i think we need to make sobern. i think that just people, they let inhibitions loose when they're drunk. >> there's a question back here. >> as someone who's dealt with this m her life, i have a question just about this. when does the fear stop? when do women feel like they can go into places and not be afraid spend time with? >> thank you for your courage. in sharing that. when it's acquaintance rape it can make you doubt your own ability to tell who's fe, who isn't.
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so get help and talk to somebody. >> what kind of solutions would you point towards? >> be a bystander, help your this together. >> if you see something, say something. you could really be saving an enormous amount of pain. >> if you learn the value that people are human beings andrespect, we can beat this. >> we'll have more when we come back. with advil, you' ll ask what backache? what sore wrist? what headache?r? advil makes pain a distant memory. nothing works faster stronger or longer it' s the world' s #1 choice. what pain?
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ly hope you'll weigh in too as we continue the conversation on our "nightline" facebook page and twitter. thanks for watching this special edition of "nightline," "consent on campus." tune into gma first thing tomorrow. as always we're online 24/7 at
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