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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  March 15, 2016 11:35pm-12:37am EDT

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>> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- kirsten dunst, from "batman vs. superman: dawn of justice" gal gadot, and music from jake bugg. with cleto and the cletones. and lling, here's jimmy kimmel!
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>> jimmy: i'm jimmy. i'm the host. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. [ cheers and applause ] it is the middle of can you feel the madness descending upon us? how many of you filled out a bracket for the ncaa tournament?] you're all under arrest. it's illegal, you know. [ laughter ] did you fill one out, guillermo? >> yes, jimmy. >> jimmy: you did. and it was what?h. $10. >> jimmy: i didn't have time to fill out a bracket this year. [ laughter ] i'll get the same result. it's an excitingr you like basketball or you like learning the names of colleges you never heard of. there's something for everything. they say march madness will cost employers$4 billion in lost productivity.
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whatever it is every year. it's stupid because they're making the assumption that if employees weren't watching the games and tallying up their brackets they'd be if you've ever been in an office you know could not be farther from the truth. [ laughter ] if we weren't filling out brackets we would be on facebook.ctually did fill out a bracket, and since some of the games -- i don't like to reveal mine to my staff because i'm hoping to win, but since some of the games have already been played i thought i would now. and this is my -- oh, wait ars and applause ] it's the wrong bracket. that's my bracket for "the bachelor." but you can see i was very close. i had lauren b. and finals and it was the other way around. i'm sorry. i like girl things. i don't know what to say. [ cheers and applause ] meanwhile, the bachelor last night, they had the bignight, and the good news for jojo is she did not find
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is going to be the next bachelorette. so this is our circle of life here at abc. it'sma-hot-tub, we call it. [ laughter ] it's really beautiful. we have a new bachelorette. and eventually we will have a new president of the united states. but not for another 28 months or were primaries in five states today. cnn dubbed today super tuesday 3. and we are now another tuesday closer to finally having ais own line of vodka named after himself. [ laughter ] donald trump has claimed -- he's been claiming correctly, i think, that hisg more interest in voting. more people are signing up to vote. just like herpes fuels more interest in . [ cheers and applause ] but most of the focus tonight was on florida and ohio. and if there's one thing i know, it'srust florida to make the right decision. [ laughter ] hillary clinton beat bernie
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and i'll say, that's tough for bernie because a 74-year-old't win in you know. i sometimes try to remember what these 24-hour news channels talked about when there going on. iota of it. and people are watching in huge numbers. i thought it would be smart for us to start covering everytoo. so let's go to the waufle graphics. here we go. wow. [ cheers and applause ] that's bigger than the magic wall. let's see here. let's put them up. these are the results from super tuesday ght for the all-important delegates. trump and clinton in the lead for their respective parties. but what happens when you add 45 delegate counts? you'll see that the leads remain
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by 45. [ laughter ] which is interesting. now let's wipe that away what happens when you mix all the numbers up. like a jumble. okay? you mix them up. and the numbers actually change. now let's flip the numbers. and you can see at this point some of the numbers are backwards. but if we take the square rootrs it changes the colors on the map to kind of a plaid. [ laughter ] which is exciting considering the fact that we're about to move into spring fashion season. so we willonitor these results as they come in. in the meantime, joining me now to break it all down and find out what the math means, our panel of experts. first, author of the book "not in my boardroom," betsy rp. hello, betsy. the founder of the conservative think tank americans against and political strategist dr. hello there.
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thank you for being with us. i'll start with the obvious question. what did results mean for the race going forward? [ all talking simultaneously ]>> donald trump. [ all talking simultaneously ] >> jimmy: okay, guys. it. who would you say it's biggest winner from tonight? womb start with -- >> i want to say --aneously ] >> jimmy: maybe instead of all talking at once we could talk one at a time? >> sure.>> jimmy: okay. at this point is there any scenario you could imagine in which donald trump would not be the republican nominee for president? and this time we'll >> you know what? you've got to be kidding.
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[ all talking simultaneously ] [ yelling simultaneously ] >> jimmy: unfortunate.nd applause ] that's exactly what our family dinners are like at home. [ laughter ] today. when you go to the youtube channel through the white house, you know they have a youtube channel, there's a video -at up on the screen. with a very curious title. "president obama and prime minister trudeau hold a joint." [ cheers and applause ] how does that not have a million -- he really doesn't care anymore, does he? ben carson is no longer running for president but he did endorse donald trump. and in case you're wondering what the opposite of a ringing endorsement is the answer is this. >> even if donald
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president, which i don't think is the case. i think he's going to surround himself with really good people. but even if he didn't, we're only looking at four [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i know he's a maybe not the guy i want operating on me. [ laughter ] even if i don't get the tumor out of your brain, how long were you really going to live anyway?e up to 80 years. i'm also starting to worry about chris christie, who appeared again with donald trump, this time in north carolina. look at this. this is a picture of chrisan he says he thinks might be the worst president in history, president obama. and here's chris christie with donald trump. just saw "the revenant." [ laughter ] [ applause ] do we know for sure thata gun to him on that plane? meanwhile all the candidates who have dropped out are starting tone doris each other. a number of celebrities are
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endorsements too. is he being supported by a number of notable athletes and television stars, the stars who are supporting him are joining forces to make their ownshow. look at this. >> from the producers of "sex box" comes the craziest reality show yet. all the donald trump together in one house. aaron carter, dennis rodman, jesse ventura, wayne newton, willie robertson, mike tyson, tila tequila, and gary t-r-u-m-p stands for taking redirection, understanding, massive power. >> which super fan wille president of the united states? >> like a business. >> chris christie hosts. "trumpus room."l planet. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: all right.
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] >> jimmy: welcome back. gal gadot and music from jake bugg. this is the time of year when the streets of hollywoodith visitors from all over the world. and some of those visitors, mostly the young ones, stay just a couple doors down from us at youth hoft lz. there's a youth hostel block. it's called the walk of fame
11:50 pm
they've got a new sign p. it's very exciting. beds go for $30 a night. you share a a shower. it's a nightmare really. [ laughter ] every now and then we like to give a pair of young tourists who are staying there a chance to compete for an upgrade, a free upgrade to aood hotel suite. and with that said hostel la vista.] here we go. hello cousin sal. that is my cousin sal. >> jimmy, what's happening? >> jimmy: you look great in that outfit, cousin sal. these are our contestants.o we get these people? >> they're from the hostel, i believe. >> jimmy: you are from the hostel. but you are not hostile. yes? >> no, we're not hostile. they don't really get jokes. >> jimmy: we'll start with the young lady. i see your name there is nicki. where are you from, nicki? >> australia. of australia? >> meal bourne lbourne.
11:51 pm
>> melbourne. >> jimmy: do you do there for work? >> i'm a nurse. >> jimmy: do you see a lot of snake bites in that part of the world? >> no. >> jimmy: we hear a lot about the dangerous vipers and spiders and animals. >> not a lot of that. >> jimmy: and how's the hostel so far it's adequate. >> jimmy: it's adquatd. okay. they should put that up on the sign. [ laughter ] let's meet your opponent now and neighbor, max. hello, how are you? good day. i'm fine. how are you? >> jimmy: i'm doing well, thank you. where are you from? >> i'm from the netherlands. >> jimmy: where in the -- >> utrecht. >> utrecht. us please? >> -t-r-e-c hearing-t. >> jimmy: oh. there are art supplies named after that place. place. >> jimmy: i can tell by your hat do you do? do you work? >> i just graduated. but i also deliver chinese. >> jimmy: you do? >> yeah.
11:52 pm
neo china. chinese food in the netherlands. who the hell would have ever guessed? [ laughter ] does anyone order it? >> oh, a lot of : have you ever had mexican food? >> i was in tijuana saturday. i had mexican food, yeah. >> jimmy: wow. why is his spanish better than er ] all right. well, this is what you're playing for. a luxury suite at the one and only hollywood roosevelt hotel. good-bye to potentially being murdered in your sleep and hello to a 700-square-foot king suite with soft unlimited toilet paper and all the mints you can all you have to do is know more than your opponent does about the place you are visiting, los angeles. i'm going to ask you some questions about our city and state. and whoever answers more ohe room. are you ready? >> i'm ready. >> jimmy: all right. here we go. nicki and max, it's time to play. first question.
11:53 pm
>> hollywood. but before it was hollywoodland. >> jimmy: that's absolutely right. congratulations. next question is name the famous beverly hills street where the movie prostitute played by julia roberts went on a shopping spree. >> rodeo drive. >> jimmy: that is correct. we have a tie game. very well you wearing your backpacks, by the way? >> they made us. >> jimmy: oh, they told you? [ laughter ] oh, i know why. because whoever wins goes right to the hotel. okay. question. here we go. [ cheers and applause ] please settle down. chuck the condor is thet nba team? max.
11:54 pm
>> jimmy: no. nicki. you want to jump in here. team left. [ laughter ] >> we can give her a picture if it helps. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: yeah, that's what we said when we saw>> it was the clippers. >> jimmy: it was the clippers. thank you, max. yes, it was the clippers. we will award no points for that one. next question is what famouslevard is named after the sun setting. nicki. >> sunset boulevard. >> jimmy: sunset boulevard is ] nicki takes the lead. next question. this is a video clue. inside this place, look at the do they sell in there? max. >> marijuana. [ applause ] >> jimmy: good, netherlands they call it chinese food. [ laughter ]
11:55 pm
>> jimmy: we have a tie game. this is very exciting. next sings the song "california girls"? max. >> katy perry. >> jimmy: well, that was one of the correct answers. that or the lee roth. or gretchen wilson. all right. next question, according to cher horwitz in "clueless" she doesn't need to learn how to parallel parke goes in l.a. has what? max. >> no parking spots. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: no.oes in l.a. has what? >> a valet. >> jimmy: a valet is we have a tie game. we're going to have one more question. it's going to be on the video screen. i'd like to turn your attention to the screen. and tell me who is this man? >> jerry brown. >> jimmy: that's right! holy cow! [ applause ]
11:56 pm
how did you know that? >> well, actually, i looked thing. >> jimmy: oh, wow. >> who the government -- or the governor is -- >> jimmy: close enough, max. you know more than all of those people behind you right now. [ laughter ]ratulations. sal's going to take your luggage for you. and don't fret, nicki. you're not going home -- or back to the hostel ot a bottle of purell for you. we've got a styrofoam cooler. and most significantly, we've got a "make america great again"rs and applause ] there you go. all right. thank you both. tonight on the show we have music from jake bugg. superman" gal gadot is here. we'll be right back with kirsten dunst. [ cheers and applause ]ortions of "jimmy kimmel live" are brought to you by the brewers of guinness, who want to wish you a happy st.
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>> jimmy: welcome back. tonight from "batman vs. superman: dawn of justice," wonder woman is with us. gal gadot is here.der woman, by the way. not an american wonder woman, which is a little bits
12:02 am
but a good one nonetheless. then a talented is called -- there it is. "one by one." jake bugg from the samsung outdoor stage. tomorrow night our guests are harry connick jr., erin andrews. we'll 2 chainz and lil' wayne from south by southwest and a special report on the scene in florida from our friend and donald trump enthusiast jake byrd. byrd, who goes around and winds up -- he made it onto cnn tonight. look at this. >> i talked to a top trump campaign official who said john kasich may have a good night in ohio. but this person also said [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] we'll hear and see jake tomorrow. our first guest tonight is a very talented actress. a two-time golden globe nominee who kounds among her leading men tom hanks, cruise, christian bale, and that was all before she was 12 years old. her new movie is called "midnight special."
12:03 am
>> if he'si'm sorry. >> i won't let that happen. >> he believes in something. you don't. >> it doesn't matter. good people die every day believing in things. >> bryce spent two years watching another man raise our son. he did what i >> jimmy: "midnight special" opens in theaters friday. please say hello to kirsten dunst. [ cheers and applause ] how are you? >> i'm really well.
12:04 am
i know you just got back from austin, texas. right? >> i landed at 11:30. i thought i'd have to beired into the -- >> jimmy: it may be too much fun there, right? >> oh, yeah. it was either hangover, breakfast tacos, like -- it was -- >> jimmy: what did you eat? let's go through everything you ate. >> okay. i of my life. >> jimmy: really? >> yes. chico. have you been there? >> jimmy: i heard of it. >> the best sushi in austin, texas? >> jimmy: right. because there's no fish there. [ laughter ] >> there's a lake. you can have some crawfish that's a weird thing to eat in austin, isn't it? >> yes. he flies it in from japan. he's a white dude named tyson that studied in japan and gets the best sushi -- the best fishm japan. it's crazy. i felt like a little dolphin. he would bring us out little snacks like this. clapping after each bite. [ laughter ] like -- you understood sea world there. >> i really did. that was the first time. >> jimmy: did you eat any
12:05 am
the traditional austin fare? >> i did have barbecue one er day we had just come from berlin to promote the film. it's funny because we promoted the movie at this brat house. so we had more brats.ut a tray of brats and beer and we were in germany. i didn't even eat all this stuff. we covered all the bases. >> jimmy: yeah. the barbecue was started by the germans there in that -- for it got started. >> it did? >> jimmy: bratwurst is a big thing in austin, texas. >> yeah. we went to the prime brat house. with all [ laughter ] bachelor." we talked about this the last time you were here. did you get to see the finale? >> i did. funny? i did an interview for this before i came on your show obviously. he told me -- i was like just tell me. was? >> i was going to be on the plane -- well, i kind of sneak on reality feeds sometimes to look who won. i came on the show bays want to do my homework actually.
12:06 am
know who won. i ruined it for myself. >> jimmy: like watching theng who the winner is. it for yourself. >> and i was sad for jojo. i like jojo too. i'm so happy she's the new jimmy: are you really? >> i am. i love jojo. i was sad. i was disappointed. morning p >> jimmy: what do you think jojo thinks about the fact you love her in she's like oh, me. >> she's a sweet lady. >> jimmy: she does seem very nice. and i'm sure she'll be a good latch lorette. i don't know what it takes to be a good bache you have to have sex with at least four guys. [ applause ] that's all we ask for. four guys. 3 1/2 maybe. maybe like three halves. who knows what goes on in that fantasy suite? i know you analyze the show. i'm so surprised you didn't watch the finale last night. >> i was on a plane from austin. ich time -- i couldn't get a flight earlier. this is bad my friend got cupcakes with their faces on it.
12:07 am
>> jimmy: you call it the bach. "the bach" -- who do you watch it with? >> it's funny because my mom was like come to my house and watch it. my best friend's like come to my house and watch it too. it's always a contentious like where am i going to be? >> jimmy: group viewing? >> yeah. my mom's texting what she's making for dinner. trying tone >> jimmy: do people talk during the show when you're watching it? >> we do. we analyze it very, very like specifically. >> jimmy: in what way? do you stop the tape and then -- >> yes. >> jimmy: oh, you do. >>we talk about things. we have shots. we call them terence malick shots which are just like crickets in mexico city -- you know when they do the nature >> those are our terence malick moments. we have some wordage for all of it. >> jimmy:tch az group s a are group with laser pointers. >> i've heard of these friends. i don't know them but i heard this story. >> jimmy: you got your own laser i don't.
12:08 am
that watch it with laser pointers. i was kind of jealous. we need some -- with our wine glasses. you point the laser just the right an it will actually takes the hair off the contestants. >> whoa. [ laughter ] you can see what they're going to look like after you've been married with them. your mom. i wanted to mention "fargo" because i thought that last season -- [ cheers and applause ] you were great in it. and it was so great. >> i'm proud of that one.y is a show even better the second season than it was the first season. was that a fun job for you? or do you absorb too much darkness when you play a character like that?ually one of the most intense characters i've ever played for sure. and actually, after i'mtimes i'll like write a little note to myself to kind of sign out and be like okay, stop acting like peggy giersen because otherwise you might kill really? >> yeah. i write to myself basically like
12:09 am
whatever in my words. away. it's very personal to me. notes? >> i don't. it's more like letting your unconscious know to let this go. that? do? >> no, it's something someone i work with told me about. >> jimmy: how about that? >> it's nice. it's like saying good-bye in your own way when somethingng to you. >> jimmy: i would love to see a compilation of various actors' notes after -- did you write a good-bye note to mary jane aftero, i wasn't doing it then. [ laughter ] i was just like here, get this -- >> jimmy: your new movie is a >> yes. it's kind of like a close kointers vibe or "e.t." it's a throwback to those films but this jeff nichols. he did "mud" and "take shelter." if anyone's seen those films. [ cheers and applause ]
12:10 am
they didn't see those movies. [ laughter ] >> he's very talented. you should check those movies out if you haven't. >> jimmy: i saw "mud." it's great.. i'm really proud of it. >> jimmy: this is your son -- i don't -- i'm always worried about ruining and saying too much because much you want to say. but your son has -- >> special powers. >> jimmy: okay. i'll let you say it. i don't know. >> you canclearly the kid has something. his eyes are glowing -- >> jimmy: a lot of kids nowadays have glowy eyes. you don't know. [ laughter ] the video games they give them weird things. and then yn. >> we're basically on this crusade to get him to this point that we don't know what's going to happen to him. and by the time you meet my character, she hasn't seen her son in two years bec kicked off this religious ranch. it's a very intense family story but it's also a chase movie. and then on a bigger scale it's a very big spiritual
12:11 am
like the bachelor in a way. taken away from their families to go live on a -- in their case a mansion. butyou. i hope you recover from austin. the movie is called "midnight special." it opens friday. kirsten dunst, everybody. we'll be right back. [ cheers and applause ] live photos are more than just photos. they come alive when you touch them. and then they go back to still when you let go. you take a picture, you get more than just a photo. you get to relive the moment.orts you through space and time. i'm kidding. time travel is dangerous. d at progressive, we let you compare our progressive direct rate... great deals for reals! ...and our competitors' rates side-by-side, so you know you're getting a great deal. saving the moolah. [ chuckles ]
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hello, jimmy john's?ling tires] [swoosh]
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what took ya so long? jimmy john's! freaky fresh, freaky fast. >> jimmy: max is enjoying his room at the roosevelt. st. patrick's day is almost upon us. and if you aren't completelyebrate unless you know how to pour a perfect pint of guinness. so we asked an expert, help teach us how to do it. >> we want to learn to pour a perfect pint of guinness. can you teach us? we're not good >> not at all. >> first of all we're going to pull down nice and easy and let all that beautiful hydrogenated stout come into the glass. >> jimmy: wouldn't it be simpler to just pour it directly into >> no, jimmy. guinness is all about patience. >> that's mine? >> not yet. >> not yet?
12:18 am
>> jimmy: already impatient. to try pouring? >> jimmy: yeah, i would like to try it. >> all the way down. don't be frightened by it. ease off there, guillermo. ease off, baby. nice one.ooks better than yours, by the way, doesn't it? >> yeah. home field advantage. >> jimmy: he's dressed as a leprechaun, in case you were wondering. >> no, a mexichaun. >> jimmy: espera. that's spanish. my own? >> oh, no, jimmy. it's onet want any of those bubbles in the top. >> jimmy: you're so picky. don't you have some kind of with us? >> we don't share that with my: outsiders? how dare you? >> a toast. we'll say slante. >> jimmy: that's like -- >> likea lawn chair, yes. >> grab a pint and post your
12:19 am
hashtag he brewers at guinness. >> jimmy: we'll be right back
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>> jimmy: still to come music from jake bugg. our next guest flew invisible plane to settle a metropolis. it opens march 25th. please say hello to gal gadot. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: welcome. >> thank you. name correctly? >> i didn't hear theimmy: gal gadot. >> you're good. the gadot could be better. more t at the end. >> jimmy: gadot? >> yeah. >> jimmy: i was steered the wrong, no, you're doing -- >> jimmy: does the name gadot mean anything? >> river bank. >> jimmy: oh, how about that? >> and gal means wave. >> you should have been aqua girl instead of --
12:25 am
no, but actually the gadot used to be greenstein. >> jimmy: really? >> yeah. but we felt like gadot is more -- yeah. it's -- >> it's more -- >> jimmy: who changed it? >> my parents. >> jimmy: your parents did. they went for a stage name. preparing you for fame.i love your show, by the way. >> jimmy: oh, that's very nice of you.] thank you guys. >> and i was so, so disappointed when they cut you off the movie. >> jimmy: i know. it was disappointing for me too. i was furious about it. next one. maybe in "wonder woman." >> jimmy: is that shot already? >> what a brilliant idea. we are shooting the movie right now. >> jimmy: yeah, i'll be in [ laughter ] i think i'd be a great love interest for wonder woman. >> you think? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: you could tie me up -- >> run it by the director. >> no, no, no.
12:26 am
chris stein is fantastic. >> jimmy: yeah. he's okay. you know, if you like that sort of thing. >> don't get me n find something. >> jimmy: you kind of -- i have to say, i've seen the movie. and i know how seriously comic book nerds take this kind of stuff because i am one of what do you think about my breasts? >> jimmy: what? [ cheers and applause ] >> no, no. i'll tell you why. it: i don't know. hold on. let me figure it out. >> figure it out. >> jimmy: they look great. both of them. [ laughter ] >> thank you. thank you. no, no, no. i was e a bad joke. >> jimmy: i'm blushing. but yeah. >> me too. >> jimmy: why do you say that? >> because i thought you were alludingt of the comic -- the fans had a lot to say about my breasts. >> jimmy: oh, they did? >> you knew that. >> jimmy: what's wrong with these guys?ere going. >> jimmy: no. honestly, i'll tell you, the only thing i take issue with is
12:27 am
this is not the wonder woman costume that we the almost red, white and blue but it had some yellow in the middle. and that was america. oh, there's your costume. [ cheers and applause ] fantastic costume. >> thank you. >> jimmy: it's different. it takes some getting used to. >> it times akesit. the first time i tried the costume they brought me into michigan two days after they announced that i'm going to do the part. they brought me into michigan to try on the costume.nto this huge hangar filled with images of me as wonder woman, which was surreal. and then they got me into the fitting room. and then i tried the costume. and i was so happy and grateful and thankful for being there and doing this role that i didn't say anything about the fact that it was so tight. and i literally couldthe.
12:28 am
>> jimmy: they made it too small? >> it was so small. but i didn't say anything. >> jimmy: hter ] >> of course. but i love him. but right before i passed out they noticed that i was breathing quite heavily and they adjusted nd then you have to fight and it's very active in an outfit like that. >> i know. >> jimmy: you must feel vulnerable in that. >> no. just cold. i guess it wonder woman to have like a wonder parka or a wonder -- [ laughter ] cardigan or something like that. >> i don't know who came up with the idea of shooting wonderthe english winter. >> jimmy: this is the guys. again. >> you saw the costume. >> jimmy: so it was you were shooting >> of course. >> jimmy: meanwhile, bat sxhan man and batman, more than covered. might as well be in a gorilla costume.
12:29 am
and you're freezing. >> i'm totally jealous. the kimmel man. >> jimmy: that sounds like i would have changed my name from,[ applause ] the kimmelman family. you were miss israel when you were a teenager, right? >> i was. >> jimmy: how did you wind up becoming>> it kind of happened to me. they offered me to participate in the pageant. i went for the experience. and then i won. and i was hen i had to do the miss universe pageant. >> jimmy: which donald trump owns, right? >> yeah. >> jimmy: did you meet him? >> interesting, don't you think? >> jimmy: i think it makes it all the more >> yes. and then i was -- >> jimmy: did he try to marry you? [ laughter ] >> no. >> jimmy: he did not? >> no. >> jimmy: interesting. he must have been off his -- maybe he had the >> no. and then i was freaking out that i'm going to win that pageant as
12:30 am
>> jimmy: oh, you didn't want to win? >> no.f permission not to win the miss universe pageant. >> jimmy: you threw the miss universe pageant? >> i just am not that type of hought i'd be miss israel. >> jimmy: how do you not win the -- >> oh, god. [ applause ] >> jimmy: oh, that's you. wow. you know what?like your heart is in it. [ laughter ] >> i just tried really hard not to fall off the high heels. >> jimmy: yeah, come a long way to wonder woman. i'll tell you that. >> thank you. >> jimmy: well, congratulations. i think people are going to like your character a lot.dawn of justice," march 25th. gail gadot, everybody. we'll be right back with jake bugg!
12:31 am
live" concert series is
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mmel live
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samsung. kirsten dunst, thanks to gal gadot. apologies to matt damon. we ran out of time for him. "nightline" is next but first, out june 17th, here with the song "give me the love," jake bugg! ] stick lies and rhymes about the old days keep em rich just to make new waves it in a few ways full back tough on the pale blaze middle road well bode the game played soft focused hard on the airplay d like the new phase it's only gonna be the same peering down their postponing defeat stay back try to keep it upbeat the old streets brick wall hit by the concrete throw band back hand is pony hard to tell if any of them are phony took back time to think what they owe mebe the same just gimme the love just gimme the love
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[ cheers and applause ] morning it's another pure grey morning don't know what the day is holding and i walk right into the path of a lightning bolt siren of an ambulance comes howlinge center of town and no one blinks an eye and i look up to the sky for the path of a lightning bolt e angels parted for her but it only brought me torture but that's what happens when it's you that's standing in the path everyone i see
12:37 am
with gritted teeth and i wait my time this is "nightline." >> tonight, judgment day. for the presidential hopefuls. donald trum wp a huge win in native son marco rubio out of the race. but with underdog john kasich scoring big in ohio, could he be the one to take down trump? and with a projected win ie states up for grabs today, could hillary clinton have finally put bernie sanders behind her? plus the a-list activist taking a forced to flee syria. power couple george and amal clooney meeting with the refugees. while many are still fighting to escape the deadly grasp of isis,


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