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tv   News Channel 5 at Noon  ABC  March 16, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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. good born can -- moments he was nominating merrick garland to the u.s. supreme court and sets up a dramatic political fight with senate republicans. that i have vowed to block any replacement for the late justice scalia until there is a new president in office.
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>> today i am nominating chief join the supreme court. >> reporter: with that announcement, a political showdown begins. president obama's nominee, 63- year-old merrick garland is chief judge known as a moderate drawing bipartisan support over the years. >> he's earned a track record of earning consensus as a thoughtful, fair-minded judge following the law. >> reporter: garland called the nomination an honor. >> for me, there could be no higher public service than serving as a member of the united states supreme court. >> reporter: president obama said garland is eminently qualified but republicans have repeatedly vowed to block the nomination regardless. >> this vacancy will not be filled this year. we will look forward to the american people deciding who they want to make this appointment through their own votes. >> reporter: a promise that mitch mcconnell first made within less than an hour after justice coo is leah's --
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chuck grassily announced he would not hold a hearing to consider the nominee. today, senate democrats say they're optimistic about the president's pick. >> i hope that president obama's nomination exceptionally qualified and consensus nominee will have republicans change course. >> reporter: president obama bringing up the pressure on republicans to relent. the republican party formed a task force to block the nominee. they will attack garland's record and use the issue to go after democrats facing re- election. the democrats are responding with a coordinated effort of their own to get public support on their side in this battle. bazi kanani, at the supreme court. we'll follow the story all day, of course. at five, federal agents raided several locations this morning as part of a major drug trafficking area in ohio. the fbi said it involves large amounts of crystal meth coming to northeast ohio from california.
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on lincoln way and arrested the alleged ring leader carlos elias and his wife lisa. the investigators said he imported two to 5 pounds of crystal meth per month and sold it to distributors. this morning, five children were taken from the home also. agents said many of the drugs through the mail or by fed ex and the raids were part of a two monthlong investigation. >> two to five, six pounds a month is pretty descent amount of crystal meth and so, yeah, we hope it will put a dent in it. it won't end anything. >> reporter: and the story from massillon, in the meantime, 10 people are facing federal drug charges and several locations are included, including a mexican restaurant in canton. bob jones was first on the scene and digging for more details on that part of the story for later today on newschange 5. and there is a new video of a smash-and-grab robbery. this is in cleveland. it was at the gas way
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the thieves hit after 4 this morning and you can see a van backing into the front door and shattering glass everywhere. the masked thieves grabbed an atm and shoved it through the van's side door and we checked with cleveland police and the suspects are on the run still. and the ohio supreme court just ruled they can try again to execute a convicted killer. romel broom survived what was to have been his execution in 2009, following 18 attempts to insert needles to deliver the drugs for execution. and they failed to find a usable vein. it forced ohio to change from a three-drug combination to a single injection. boom, convicted of raping and murdering a cleveland grill in 1984, still has federal appeals sentencing. and check in with jason nicholas and lacking at the weather forecast. and spring is on the way. >> the closest we're going to get to spring is happening now and we're going to see the
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tomorrow and this is a live look downtown in cleveland and we have beautiful sunshine. look at the clouds. a beautiful afternoon for most of us and the only issue will shower. 59 right now in downtown cleveland and again, under a mix of clouds and sunshine. the clouds, for the most part, are across the east and 60 or about ther and we should be in the mid- to upper 40s and the cloud cover is mainly head west, we're looking at sunshine and look at the sun. medina and into lorain, elyria and amhurst looking ooh. we have an unstable atmosphere as the area of low pressure sits and spins to the north and west and some showers to kelly's island, put in bay and another of the shower there and fact, our lightning stacker was on and detected a couple of lightning strikes into catawba and bellevue with wet weather here and a couple of cells of
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afternoon and otherwise, increasing sun and windy, though and we'll break that down coming up. leon. >> and thank you, jason. it was a big night for the front runners and the race for the white house. donald trump and hillary clinton continue to inch closer to their respected nominations and clinton winning florida, ohio, north carolina, and her childhood state of illinois. further widening her lead against bernie sanders. in the meantime, the republicans field narrowed it down to three candidates. marco rubio lost and donald trump, however s building on his momentum with several wins but denied a victory in ohio by this morning, trump gave credit to ohio's kasich. >> and i did well in ohio but i governor. i think if i had a day or two more, perhaps it would have i congratulate john on that. >> and we're going to go all the way to cleveland and secure the ron nomination.
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to pick up as many delegates as possible from here on out and making it harder for trump to win the nomination and potentially leading to a brokered convention, possibly. and there is an upset in the race for cuyahoga county prosecutor and michael o'malley defeated mcginty. he faced criticism for his handling of the grand jury in the tamir rice case and other force. and another big race for the u.s. senate seat from ohio. incumbent senator rob portman won the republican nomination november . hundreds of other races and local issues were also decided last night and you can find a complete list on our news net 5 app. and coming up, as we subway shutdown. a major city's transportation system is offline. crippling the commute for
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are you as healthy as you think you are? a new report shows how your -- [ indiscernible ] is affecting your quality of life. this is newschannel 5 at the noon hour.
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. one of the nation's busiest subway systems is shut down for a critical safety inspection. washington, d.c.'s metro subway is undergoing a series of tests, following numerous
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hundreds of thousands of commuters are using alternative transportation and that is causing major traffic tieups in washington. what is not norm -- is normally an easy commute is taking several people hours to make. >> and going to be a nightmare. and what i don't understand, why don't they provide shuttle buses for every metro train station, you know, leased every so often to help customers for something and that is crazy. >> washington metro is expected to reopen tomorrow at 5:00 in the morning unless inspectors passenger safety. and speaking of traffic delays, downtown cleveland will be jam packed tomorrow for saint patrick's day. and the rta will operate extra rail service to accommodate the expected crowds in cleveland. the parade begins at 1 in the afternoon and detours and barricades will be put up before then and it begins at
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125 marching units and more than 10,000 participants. saint patrick's day tomorrow. and up next, severe weather country. what relief is on the way for some victims. i'll be back with the story in
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. there was a new report released overnight that shows northeast ohio's overall health status is improving but some counties are struggling to stay in good physical andel this hi -- healthy shape. meg shaw has more. >> the good news, five counties in our area improve their rankings from the 2015 annual report and that includes cuyahoga county, which ranks ohio. geauga county is one of the healthiest in the state and coming in second place. there are several factors determining the health of our state. right now, 19% of adults in ohio are smokers and that is down 2% from last year. adult obesity remains the same with 30% of adults having a
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and drunk driving deaths, that is all a factor. 35% of driving deaths in ohio are alcohol-related and cuyahoga's percentage is higher at 45% and they use the factors to determine how healthy the counties will be while looking at education, access to healthcare and the unemployment rate. and those rankings, cuyahoga and summit county dropped. medina and geauga improved. you can find a complete breakdown of the rankings on the news net 5 app. meg shaw, newschannel 5. >> and thank you, meg. case western reserve university school of medicine is number one in ohio. that is the main point of the u.s. news and world report. the case western reserve school is ranking above the top 25 medical schools in the nation and based on pier assessments for medical school deans across the country, research funding
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and picture this. a major online retailer is looking into allowing shoppers to pay with a selfie. filed a patent application for the technology and customers will be able to take a picture or short video of themselves to authenticate payments. amazon's facial recognition system would ensure it was the exact customer. no word when it will be available giving a new means to the old phrase a picture is worth a thousand words. maybe. and the national park service is changing the predicted bloom dates for d.c.'s cherry blossoms. officials now say the best time to see the blossoms will be march 23rd and 24th and that is a few days later than first protected and meantime, starbucks is celebrating the return of blossoms with a limited edition drink. the chain is offering a cherry blossom frappucino.
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cream and white chocolate frost and drizzle. >> come on. >> and it's available through the end of march. >> and you have to go on a diet after. >> and we'll go there and do one. >> cherry blossoms and thundershower incredible. >> yeah. >> and severe weather in the midwest. and that is the weather story and storms, twisters ripping through overnight and 20 million people in the pathway and 9 tornados touching down and officials are assessing the damage and the storms -- the storms destroyed many homes and structures and the texas governor is expected to tour the areas and days of half rain forced interstates and displaced thousands of residents in texas and the louisiana area. >> and trouble there again. >> yeah. >> and seems like they're getting pounded day after day. >> and you're following that the last few days. >> and into the upcoming
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begins at 12:30 in the morning on sunday. >> welcome spring. >> and we'll have a huge party in the weather office. 12:30. everyone's invited at home. >> and i will get you a frappucino. >> and oh, my gosh. >> okay. >> and there is too much sweetness. and a live look. and look at that sky. and this is a nice day and it's windy, though. the only issue and that is a summer-like sky and spring. we have the deep blues and some cotton ball cumulous fair weather clouds for now and i can't rule out a spot shower during the afternoon. the atmosphere is unstable. 81 now in downtown and temperatures above average this time of the year and we should be in the mid-40s, upper 50s to near 60s, parma and north royalton and strongsville and in the low 60s here into the south. look at the cloud cover, quickly leaving us and we have clouds, menner into burton and once you head to the west, all
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sunshine and this is the weather for much of the afternoon and take a look here. we have a few showers though. this is the island and put-in- bay out here. and showers into canada and north and east of cedar point. the same deal, baring down in huron. huron, vermilion, you will get wet with this cell moving through and that is about it. the wind advisory in affect for the counties and that is basically 71 and east. and 71 and west and won't seem nearly like gusty winds but close. and southwest, 25 to 30 and gusts in the brown colors and the wind advisory area and up to 50 this afternoon and 8:00 tonight and you have the trash out outside and the planers otherwise, i don't know why you would, but anything that can blow away, bring it in and secure it. a huge storm system and look at this rain and no behind you and
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we're talking green bay, minneapolis and this is going to sit and spin and dominate the weather and that is not going to be good news but cooler weather for the upcoming weekend and snow shower chances and windy, relatively mild with temperatures in the lower 60s and the winds, southwest 20 to 30, gusts, 40 plus and tonight, mid-40s to keep things dry and tomorrow is not a washout and i expect scattered showers to arrive in the afternoon and into some mid-50s on friday, a few morning flakes. possible on friday and some morning flakes possible on sunday and some more snowflakes early to mednext week and looking at highs in the lower 40s as spring begins.
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. here's the weather doctor at. on. that the temperatures in the low 60s and windy. the wind advise or out and keep that in mind. the winds can gust today 40 or 50 miles per hour and that is a big deal. saint patrick's day, i think the parade is okay. a few afternoon showers and mid- 50s. we're in the niters by friday morning. >> okay. >> and by the time it goes? that is it for us.
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. hi, i'm sarah carns. matt reader is owner of weather armor and he's here to talk about retractable awning and that is the perfect solution for outdoor living. hi, matt. >> hey, sarah, thank you for having me. >> thank you for being here and tell me about the retractible awning. >> they're easy to use. >> okay. >> and health this button here and watch what happens and that is going to come out on its own and stop automatically. >> yeah. >> and they're easy for people to use. the other nice thing is they come in custom sizes. we can go virtually any width up to 40 feet and we can
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16 1/2 feet and that is a very large awning. and what that will do is that will make the patio or deck that people wish to cover, some are -- somewhere around 30 to 40 degrees cool or a hot day. you can imagine the difference it would make underneath. >> and -- . >> that will make a huge difference on how much cooler the other side of the house is. >> good point and i didn't think of that at first. this is beautiful. tell me about the different fabric options and color selections you have. >> and we have over 200 fabrics. the fabric we use for our awnings is woven acrylic and it won't crack, rotor mildew. >> wow,way. >> and come in custom stripes, patterns, solid colors and we have a fabric to match anyone's home. >> and how long does installation take? >> about two to three hours, depending on the home and all of our installers have been with us over six years and
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>> and that is great and what special offer do you have? >> we would like to offer the first 20 people to call in today, 250 off of the purchase of a retractible awning. >> that is awesome. >> to learn more when adding a retractible awning, log on to weather
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as show a woman walking down the street -- >> with her sister and 16-year-old daughter. >> see what her ex throws in asneak-attack. >> no! some good old boys doing a good deed getting dirty when they -- >> rescued three see the swap to save some uncooperative creatures. stop! aneet has people worried when they see -- >> flames coming from the ground floor. >> the dramatic scene as they make a run for it. and spies her


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