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tv   News Channel 5 at Noon  ABC  August 11, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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mother nature has done double whammy on many of us for the 2nd in a row. thousands of residents and businesses were left in the northeast ohio dark. afternoon everyone. about 24 hours after storms swept through earlier, round 2 can again last night -- came again last night hitting hard . heavy rain hit parts of northeast ohio but the storms are not done yet. we are bracing for another round this afternoon. our meteorologist is here with
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it. the first thing you want to know is it that these temperatures are going to continue to climb. we are already at 90 degrees right now. you can see 86 you click. 87 bedford. nearing 90 down in peninsula. new london upper 80s. notice we are already seeing those rain shower starting to pop off and build in a few areas. i will give you a view of the bigger picture in our viewing area just north of youngstown, there is a cluster of thunderstorms there. we are also battling the humidity there this morning and this afternoon. would dewpoint over 71 degrees it is oppressive. here's your hour by hour forecast: high 3 290. thunderstorm chances will be prevalent through the afternoon and evening. as many as 7 people are missing today after a massive fire in an apartment complex in
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we're live on the scene with more on the dramatic rescues in the ongoing investigation. investigators just confirmed at least 2 people died in this. teams are still out at the scene looking for other possible victims and trying to figure out what caused this devastating fire. >> flames tearing through a maryland apartment building. >> the fire was just going up. >> reporter: firefighters are pulling people from the smoke- filled top floor forced to drop the children from windows. >> i got so scared. there were people jumping out the window and screaming for help. >> reporter: the massive fire started late wednesday night after an explosion so powerful is sick debris including the store flying across the street. [ audio playback ] >> reporter: at least 30 people hospitalized. as fire crews doused hotspots
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teams are on the scene looking for several residents fill unaccounted for. >> we're still in a search murder -- mode trying to identify at least 5 to 7 occupants. >> reporter: firefighters have been among the injured but we have just learned they have been released from the hospital. here in ohio there is a family mourning the death of a 9-year-old boy who was struck by lightning. the lightning the top of the broadcast. the scene was coshocton county which is northeast of columbus. the boy was putting youngsters -- horses into a barn when he was struck by lightning. he was taken to the hospital but died there. there was a girl that was also struck and she survived and is reported to be progressing. in hudson there was a serious crash where an suv erupted in flames. what you see is what is left of
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hudson. the driver hit guard rails before the vehicle burst into flames. a woman is dead after a home invasion this morning in east akron. police say 4 people were inside the house when 2 men wearing bandannas force there way into an apartment and demanded money. it was around 1:30 in the morning. the victims were pistol whipped and a large amount of money was taken. when police arrived they found 55-year-old melanie unresponsive in her room. . police are searching for the killers. also, a woman shot in the chest while talking to officers and paramedics. this happened on ericsson avenue. we don't know her condition but so far there have been nor rest in the shooting. we can expect to see more construction around the cleveland browns. the city is ready to spend millions of dollars on upgrades to the arena. this comes just a year after another big
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cleveland city council voted last night to spend about $10 million on improvements at firstenergy stadium. the funds are coming from the syntax, a tax on alcohol and cigarettes. it is used for repairs and upgrades. we're looking into the details of the upgrades plans -- planned for first energy. it includes upgrading lights, sprinkling lines and up dating security the team made more notable changes during its construction project that wrapped up last year. the brown's first preseason game is friday night. you can watch it here on news channel 5. our coverage begins
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headline at the noon hour: the race for the white house continues to heat up. the latest on donald trump and hillary clinton taking more jabs at each other. also, question: is the affordable health care act really working? a new study showing how poor people are getting healthier than ever before. and there is an app for that: how the latest drugstore chain is going digital when it comes to cash . we will be back
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retail sales in this country is taking another term. this time it is macy's department stores. department -- struggling sales are forcing them to close 100 other department stores nationwide. this came after 2nd quarter sales fell less than feared. they will close 50 percent of the stores that are not meeting still goes -- sale goals. they said the closures will begin early next year. shoppers may watch for door closing sales at the end of this year. the nations largest drug chain -- drugstore change has started a mobile payment app . cbs announced they will start accepting in-store payments through its pdf mobile app.
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the move will allow them to have debit payment options in the smart phone app. this will go live by the end of the year. despite criticism there is a new study of obama care which shows obama care maybe helping to make people healthier. the study found that low income people in states which expanded medicaid insurance to everyone under the affordable care ac people in states were medicaid were not -- was not expanded . it also found the expansion of medicaid was associated with the increase of uses -- the use of outpatient services and emergency room use as well . happening today, the drug enforcement administration will announce it will not approve the use of miracle wanna for medical purposes -- marijuana for medical purposes. this development after some states
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have passed some sort of medical use for marijuana. they say the therapeutic value of marijuana has not been scientifically proven. all eyes were in the sky in the big apple. with this guy said when he climbed up trump tower. what he was looking for up there? temperatures climbing into the 90s for some of us already and it is only 12:11. we still have a few more hours to go befo at the height -- high for today . we will talk about storm chances when we come back.
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right now florida state officials are trying to determine how live ammunition made its way into the gun which was used to kill a florida woman in what was to have been a police stimulation this week. the 73-year-old woman was shot and killed during a civilian police drill in which officers were required to make decisions
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-- lethal force in a live broke play with guns. they were supposed to be loaded with blanks but instead a real bullet found its way in. the officer who fired the shot is now on administrative leave as the investigation is underway into how live bullets got into the gun which was to have fired links instead. in colorado a judge will determine if the man who went on a shooting spree in it planned parenthood clinic is competent to stand trial. he is accused of opening fire in november and wounding 9 others. the man expressed no remorse for the killings. robert dear was ruled not competent and make. there is a 2nd action investigation -- psychiatric investigation underway for the man who said he wanted to me donald trump. the man climbed trump tower on the outside, scaling the wall using suction cups. new yorkers on the ground and those inside the skyscraper could not take your eyes off the
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great falls virginia signed up the building. emitted to the 21st floor before police broke a window from the inside and pulled him inside. >> i reached out and took hold of his hand and i said sir, you need to come with me. i brought him inside with the help of my partner and we placed him in custody and handed him over to ems. >> video. in it he said he wanted to me donald trump in the trump tower. by the way donald trump was not there at the time of his climb. now for the political climb to the white house, donald trump and hillary clinton continue to poke at each other's vulnerabilities. there campaigns continue today with donald trump in florida and clinton addressing the economy in michigan. here's karen drivers. >> reporter: donald trump not letting up on hillary clinton. >> crooked hillary. we should
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some skating or some say over- the-top attacks. >> isis is honoring president obama. he founded isis. >> reporter: his polls show clinton lead is growing. time magazine newest cover of donald trump just one word: meltdown. >> this is the problem with him he can't they disciplined long enough on break through and get the numbers back with hillary clinton. >> reporter: in an already bizarre campaign season, the hits just keep on coming. the man who climbed trump tower last night with suction cups. another animal rights protester trying to rush the state during the clinton's event. >> some people get carried away. >> reporter: and more controversy versus was on stage. campaign -- clinton campaign faces heat . in donald trump
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for donald trump they're getting he because of a congressman who had charges filed against him for sexual child abuse. and so it goes on the political campaign trail as they vie for the white house. let's take a look at that storm trail which came through with east ohio. >> leaving a trail has in it ? >> it has been leaving a trail could we see more? >> when we hit these temperatures we get this more sure passing through and we will have a volatile atmosphere . we start to see these thunderstorms begin to pop up. we're waiting for the atmosphere to reach its limit and we will start to see those storms moving in. current temperatures right now -- you saw 90 bear . we are
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new london. 88 wellington. illyria 87 degrees. bigger picture, i do amount now because we don't really have any thunderstorms in our area. this is an hour viewing -- area but out in youngstown they do have a cluster. out on the lake we are seeing a downpour. ashtabula county also getting some light showers. here's future cast. i put it 6:15 p.m. 6:15 p.m. there are critical spots down here out toward portage county. they are seeing some of the heavier rain as well as a chance for thunderstorms, some of which could be pretty song -- strong or at least a lot of lightning. we head into tomorrow morning, much of the same pattern where we start off quiet and drive. this morning i said it is looking a lot like shampoo instructions because we just keep repeating this. we push
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tomorrow. we're seeing the same song. saturday the pattern changes a little bit because we are getting cold air that were used to but in the afternoon we do see some showers. there's an area of high pressure sitting off the coast of the atlantic. it is turning. as it does it is moving air around. it moves in a clockwise fashion. it is digging the moisture from the gulf the ohio valley. as a result we have some of these ingredients that we have been seeing. lake breeze will cause scattered storms. what is according here -- occurring here is there is a temperature difference. we have the cool air overlake as well as warm air over land because water heats up faster -- land heats up faster than water air . that will push and
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heiser going into the 90s both today and tomorrow. by saturday as the cold front passes through, we should start to see a difference in our temperatures but the rain chances still very prevalent and then we will head into the top of next week. that is when we will start to settle out and start to see temperatures and conditions a little bit more cleveland weather. i like that here guy like the low humidity. let's take a look at your radio. i want you latest weather up dates on cleveland star 102 and 98 and
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ms. theodore take me to your 7 day.>> let's go ahead and take a look now. today, thunderstorms very possible this afternoon with a high of 93. anyone be prepared. >> or anywhere else you should be prepared northeast ohio. we may get a little bit of rainfall. take care everybody and be well. >> closed captioning is brought
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we have him standing by in his retirement solution studio. >> welcome to this week's money tip . do you own gold? whether or not you portfolio is definitely a hot topic. did you know there are multiple ways to own gold. let's go through a few of them. before we do i want to talk about the fact that when you hear about gold today it is gold. many people don't understand that there is trackable gold and non-trackable. back in this 30s the government actually seized american's gold
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if you have trackable gold, the government knows you have it. let's jump into if you waste own gold. gold bullion known as physical gold or bars and coins. again, determining whether you purchased trackable or non- trackable is important. holding a gold -- owning a gold etf or a trading bond is another way to old -- own gold . this al gold without earning the physical metal. one more way is through a gold etn or exchange traded note. there is a little more risk involved here is you are playing with the futures of gold through a big investment. want to know which gold you should invest in? we can help. email your questions to bill smith or you can call my office.
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if you would like more information, tune into retirement solutions with bill smith sundays at noon. you can also get more information by calling the office at 866417 by calling the office at 866-417-4156 or log
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all now today on "right this minute" -- the viral video show. >> clouds about to cover the sun. >> hiker waits for his buddy on a mountain cliff. >> oh [ bleep ]. >> you good, you good? >> until a slip leaves him -- >> hanging on -- >> by his finger tips. now get their story behind a scrape >> i was just like, oh, wow, i'm about to be a statistic right now. cameras catch a suspect. >> eyeing up that bicycle right there. >> the crazy way he plans to steal it. >> oh! come on. if a grand adventure is on your bucket list -- >> there's an app for that. >> how it can help you live your dream while helping others.


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