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tv   Live on 5  ABC  August 22, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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for months. and we will talk to a stay is going to get rid of traffic lights. we took your concerns to the mayor. a victim caught in the chaos after a woman hit the gas instead of brakes. we've learned that the woman narrowly escapeds the car plowedded through the crowd in >> it happened during a summer concert series. we have been following the story from the beginning. and there were nine people injured and you spoke with one of the witnesses. >> reporter: i did. and of the nine injured three of them are still in the hospital. all three are women and of the three, one is in critical condition. this ordeal unfolded this and a half is next to greenbrier come
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steps away from people that are need the most last night. >> reporter: what you see in the surveillance video is the nightmare this garfield heights woman witnessed. >> the car sit somebody. >> reporter: a car backs into a crowd of dancers last night and just misses nancy by a few feet. she did not want her last name use. >> we have a lot injured. ten down at least. >> reporter: all the sudden people were starting to extreme. nancy tells me she jumped out of her car and tripping over other chairs and bruising her leg. >> when you saw it coming, you knew it was coming fast. there were car was going at least 20 miles an hour as it backed up all the way through this makeshift dance floor on to the park lawn and rammed into the suv. the police tell us that the driver is 74 years old. >> it doesn't appear to be any type of medical acondition.
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condition, it appears to be an accident that she hit the gas instead of brake . it is here where people come to socialize and dance and listen to a band every sunday in august. but normally nancy takes a seat in the back. and this time it was different and may have almost cost her life. >> we decided to get the band stand and watch them dance. >> reporter: and the police have not released the name of the driver in the case. but she has a valid driver's license. and we know that charges have not been filed in this case yet. and coming up at 6:00, i'll tell you what i found out about the car she was driving. the road to the white house brings donald trump to the buckeye state.
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win for anyone wanting to win the oval office. people are lining up even though the event does not start for two more hours. bob jones is live at the university of akron what is expect tonight? >> reporter: the jar as people call it, hold about 5,000 people. and the donald trump campaign expect a full house and many people have made their way inside the arena. as far as protesters we have not seen any yet at this point tonight speak with john green who is is the director of the institute that studies political science at the university much akron and he said if you average recent polls, trump is trailing clinton by 3% in ohio. and he believes that part of his message will be targeted towards the working class voters and the rally expects to focus on terrorism and trump's
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supporters on hand and one brought his big white trump truck. he has face someday criticism for some of his comments in the recent weeks some think he has calmed down his tone. but he does not see it that issues and not what donald trump said the day before. >> reporter: and we will carry donald trump's speech on our newschannel5 app. that starts tonight at 7:00 at the university of akron. bob jones, newschannel5. and bob has well documented that donald trump can stir up a file storm for his tweets and now we know the same goes for his employees.
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50 current and past. some said that muslims are not fit to be judge and called for secretary of state john kerry to be hanged. donald trump's has not responded to the posts. continuing the team coverage for the race for the white house now. trump may be feeling a little extra pressure to get his message to resinate in ohio. a poll shows the biggest lead yet for horseshoe hillary clinton in the buckeye state. and right now rob powers is from the control room with the democratic side of the campaign trail today. >> reporter: today hillary clinton still struggling to shed concerns about her e-mail accounts. the fbi released tens of
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and a conservative watch dog group claimed that some of the e-mails showed donor to the clinton foundation had special access to the state department but clinton's running mate waste nod time of firing back. >> why don't you come clean about your own business dealings and tell the american people who are in debt to. >> reporter: bill clinton send and e-mail to donors saying if hill havi president, the foundationp stole accepting foreign donations and continue to make the donor list public. a fight to remove this man from the ohio state medical board. officials wrote a letter to the board asking them to remove mike -- as president because he is also the president of ohio
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he offers his public staples as three ohio -- statements of three ohio abortion doctors as a conflict of interest he said that he'll recuse himself from dayton right to life. our state is getting $3 million from the federal government to help bring you better health care t is made up of 41 straight awards from the u.s. department human health and services t is improve conditions and services at ohio health centers. a new warning about zika virus in our country as lawmakers in florida ask for nor federal resources to fight the virus. it could spread beyond florida. right now there are two hot zones in florida where the case of the virus have been confirmed, miami beach and south beach. but the cdc is not taking any chances and they are warning pregnant women and their partners to avoid those two
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county. and the national institute of health warning the spread of zika virus is inevitable. >> i would not be surprised if we see cases in texas and louisiana where you have the situation with the flooding in louisiana. there will be a lot of problems getting rid of standing water. >> reporter: the nih said it will spread aggressive will attack virus and contain the mosquitoes that and they warn that the funding will one out at the end of this month and they need more -- more help to keep the zika virus under control. president obama returned to the white house after a 16 day vacation at martha's vineyard. he will be going to louisiana.
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a lot of his neighbors are facing the same problem with their homes. >> it's just like a nightmare that won't be end. we cannot wake up from it. everything we had and bought over the last 25 years is gone. >> that homeowner said that people have been togs debris from the -- tossing debris from the homes on to the streets and the smiles can be detected for miles and now they opened three recovery centers to help people get back on their feet and officials will go door-to-door tomorrow. and mark johnson is here and we're getting off to a great start. what a great look over mentor. blue skies. barely a cloud in the sky area wide, just a couple clouds here and there. and mid-70s in cleveland and elyria and 78 in akron, 77 in
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almost cool in ashtabula right now. and there are the clouds sliding southward and they should fade completely once the sun goes down and we're not looking at any rainfall in the evening and the overnight. and middle and upper 70s at 6:00 and lower 70s at 8 and mid- and upper 60s on the way up to 10:00 p.m. overnight the lows in the 50s. you may need a sweater. i'll tell you how will linger coming up. a social media scare. and an app could be linked to the kid happening in of a six- year-old cleveland girl and the attempted abduction of another child in elyria. what we know about the new information in the case. it is a ranking that no state wants to have, the most threats against schools. how many cases ohio saw in the last school year and what impact the threats have on students, staff and law
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council to task. a proposal that has a city divided and has them retall retaliating. and how this 9-year-old boy spent his birthday helping
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brad new law information that has parents keeping a closer eye on their children since february. >> we're talking about the kidnapping of children and a man who is a free man tonight. and investigators believe that social media played the case. >> reporter: yes, specifically apps that could be in your child's hand right now it looks like fun for kids to star in their own music video and kick back and chat with friends. but social media may have played a role in two high profile cases that put local parents on edge. >> someone in the homes had
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going on that provided enough information for the individual to go there. >> reporter: and the fbi is investigating the social media, specifically an app, if it played the kidnapping of a cleveland girl and the attempted abduction of another girl. they do think that the app that's include ways to chat with kids could be the key. >> there are different ones that we're looking at. kick is musically is a big one. >> reporter: the investigators believe this man seen on video walked on the home on 104th street and took the 6-year-old and they believe the same man climbed through the a window in elyria and tried to snap a ten- year-old girl. >> he had a lot of information ? to do that and that is why we think there's a social media specifically an app. >> reporter: and they have
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told me that an app might be a common thread in the case. the six-year-old who was kidnapped was later dropped off in a neighborhood near her home. if you have any information, the fbi is once again asking that you contact them and there is a reward money available. tracy carloss, newschannel5. and the search for this shot that had parents on edge for months after that six-year- old girl was and we spoke to the father of the elyria girl snatched from her bedroom. >> one day someone may not be so lucky. and that kid, they got let go. but the next person may not be as lucky. that is all this takes is one time. >> this is the surveillance
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they believe he was in a four- door chevy malibu with a lied covered driver's side panel, late 2002 or 2003. ohio is among the states with most threats against schools. and they say that school threats are on the rise. it is both because of students and outsiders looking to create chaos in our state, the associated found 170 threats near the last school year and the cost is staggering. and the police hours responding and investigating really add up, not to mention how the threats damage a student's sense of security even if it is a false alarming. , which they almost always --
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are. people are rushing to louisiana to help. one is a woman who lost everything in hurricane katrina. and this man said what he herd about what happened in louisiana this month, he had to do something. >> all this food came from people from new orleans who are like here you go. everything was from one post on my facebook page. we raised about $2,000 in three days. >> davis ended up feeding 300 and we're talked pulled pork, baked beans and more. a massive dinner cooked newspaper just days. -- cooked up in just days. a nine-year-old is trying to ease the struggle of the victims is a nine-year-old boy. he got a response when he asked for help. >> we're going to give them lunch so they don't have to
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going deliver pizzas to neighborhoods. >> that young man is the man. carson booty celebrated his ninth birthday yesterday by delivering pizza to flood ravaged neighborhoods. he put the call out on social media asking for help and the response was overwhelming. and that carter's vision, he was able to deliver 363 pizzas around lafayette. >> is it special -- humbling, especially in today's time. you don't see children that young that have touch u such a big giving heart. >> and ended up getting donations from all over the area. wow! >> good job. a great kid and the heart in the right place. he can inspire a lot of people.
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like the rescues from just private citizens with their own boat. thousands of water res rescues. the cajun navy. we're not worried about rain, we have an area of high pressure. miles away and the showers from canada are traveling that way. we're dry and 74 degrees in elyria and 72 in ashtabula, and 81 in mentor and mid-70s in ravenna and wooster and ashland. and 77 in the mansfield area and notice the dry weather here and last night we had some of the little showers and thundershower with waterspouts
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briefly heavy rain because of the heavy front and is out of here. and that is the high building in and that will stay in place. and will bring us dry and warm weather. so your overnight looks like this 57 degrees and clear skies and cool. open the windows. the humidity is going to stay low. tomorrow i'm thinking about 80 and lots of sunshine and low humidity and the last day of low humidity for a little while. mid-50s for the akron area and mainly clear and cooler. and tomorrow mid-80s and summit and stark countys a little more inland away from the lake. sunny skies all day long and get outside and mote lawn and do some yardwork. you will not be sweating as bad as you have been. you got tuesday at 80 and sunshine and wednesday we're straying dry and we may see some clouds moving in. and 88, there's the humidity coming back.
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night into wednesday morning and we jump and the lows in the 70s. that means that the humidity going way up again for mid-week and a 70-degree low thursday into friday and more humidity and 87 degrees thursday and storms are likely with another front coming in. and then we cool you down a little bit and the humidity lower a little bit friday into saturday. saturday and sunday, what a great looking weekend. warmest and muggiest day will be sunday but you're dry week long. more of "live on 5:00" with lee
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they looked at 44,000
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from depression are bluer, grayer and darker and they use more filters and more likely to include faces. >> and facebook is looking for teenagers to use its new app called life stage. the social net work is a little different and it is video only that can be customized with a frame like design and you cannot share or send your video to friends. they have to check out your posted. and you have to be 21 to use the service. new concerns about keeping our kids safe. some helmets banned for safety concerns. here's is a question.
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fbi beliefs that an app played a role in the kidnapping of a six-year-old cleveland girl and the attempted abduction of another girl. and they think it made it easy for the kidnapper to get information from the children. three pele hospital right now. this is after a car had plowed through a crowd at parma heights. and it hit about 100 people during a car last night injuring nine. and the 74-year-old driver mistakenly hit the gas instead of brake and then backed up hitting an suv. donald trump will hold a rally at the university of akron tonight. people started line up early
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our newschannel5 app. just two days before school starts in lorain and we learned about a controversy surrounding some of the buildings. >> and some of the traffic lights may be turned down. and paul kiska spent the day digging into the story so why are some traffic lights being targeted? >> reporter: there's a show saying that there's not enough traffic to warrant the traffic lights. but when you talk parents, they cannot believe after all of these years, they are going to change at a school crossing. >> going around with this petition for the streetlights for them to put the streetlight over here. >> reporter: and this lorain city councilman is on a mismghts he's circumstance -- a mission. he's circulating a petition. he wants the city to reconsider a plan to take down 39 traffic lights. they are most concerned about
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>> lights by the schools need to go back up. >> reporter: and this light at 31st and palm avenue is two blocks from palm elementary school. and many kids cross at this point section. but he said that people have been speeding since the light has been deactivated. >> i want to see the traffic light up. most people go down here 35 minimum in a 25. >> it is for lorain. >> reporter: this all started after an engineering study recommended that 39 traffic lights were no longer warranted because there wasn't enough traffic in the area. and this traffic light at 35th and oberlin has been changed to a yellow flashing light. and they recommend it had also be removed -- recommended it also be removed and it is right in front of this school and the city said they are doing their
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near schools to see if certain traffic lights should remain up. >> particularly some of the school areas. the police will be out there and they will be monitoring and see if there is a reason to keep it up. >> reporter: it sounds like the mayor is being open mind bad this especially the traffic lights near the schools and they will take a closer look at their study. in 39 traffic lights come down, it will save the city $55,000 much the 7 hills mayor expected to speak out against a controversial move by city council. it is a night that we told you about this month who is allowed to gather signatures for a petition in the city? 7 hills firefighters gathered signatures to keep their department fully staff overnight. and the council said that nonresidents cannot gather
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veto the council's university and he said it is seen as retaliation against the firefighters. to boil it down to one word, horrific that is how a mother described her son's basketball player. she watched the drills is bring us a warning for parents tonight. >> reporter: ann evans is not happy with what she saw at football practice. she said the drills are mo than dangerous for fourth grader, they're banned in most league across the country. and we found videos of other teams running the drills. this is bull in the ring. players get into a circle and one by one they rush a single player in the center. it is about what ann evans said she saw nine-year-olds doing in stoa. a long time nurse she is not okay with it. >> every parent was cheering
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>> reporter: the drill has been banned by several youth leagues across the country. it is wildly considered dangerous and may lead to concussions. evan pulled her son off the team and he'll play flag football this year and she's speaking out to warn parents of any sport. >> reporter: i talked to the noncharge of stoa youth football. he wasn't available for an on the banned drills. but he said they are not being run anymore want league and they are doing everything they can to make football safer for everyone. mark, can you keep it like it is? this is great for football. football practice and blue skies, we're loving them. and a few clouds inland.
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have five radars from cleveland to dover and new philly and ashland and mansfield up to the lake erie islands. and this is just false echos here in green that is not rain. that is ground clutter. 76 degrees and 78 in akron and 77 in canton and dover new philly 79. and the temperatures are going down and it will cool off tonight and it will be cool for many and some of you will say it by 6:00 a.m., greater cleveland around 57 to 60. akron and canton in the mid- 50s. a great night for star gazing. you need a little sweater lee jordan. >> i'll keep the in mind. a chilling sight right now. a man, rifle locked and loaded
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the intrusion more horrifying? it was captured on the family's nanny cam. rio are so yesterday. the olympics are over and the foreclose is shifting to the next summer games. see what tokyo has in store for
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indicate dias. and they are thinking it is bedbugs and going to the emergency room and throwing out mattresses and calling health debt it may be the oak mite partly cloudy of the exploding population this year. they are -- microscopic. we'll have more on this story tonight on newschannel5 at 11:00.
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jeffrey reefs hit a tree and fence as h ground when he was skydiving. and he made at least one deadly mistake. >> >> he was on a skydive, a normal one and deployed his parachute at an altitude that was lower than the recommend altitude. >> and sky divers should not
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demonstrated certain skills, including free-falling. developing right now, nine states across the western u.s. are currently fighting wildfires. >> in washington state, families are facing evacuation orders as a fire destroyeds hundreds of homes -- destroys hundreds of homes. >> reporter: another terrifying scene and thick smoke and fire filling the >> i knew it was bad. >> reporter: three fires burning just outside of spokane. it jumped from 250-acres to around 50,000 in a matt -- 5,000 in a matter of hours. >> gone up in a matter hours.
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to a pile of ashes. photos and graduation letters and all letters gone and nothing to show. >> reporter: firefighters all over the state are now on the attack. hiding the fires from the air and on the ground t is the same across the rest of the west as 25 fires burn from california to nevada. and there's good news in southern call casual the mandatory evacuation the blue cut fire has been lifted. and that fire burned more that 30,000 acres and now almost fully contained. atlanta police are looking for a man caught on nanny cam breaking into homes. and the man is scene walking through the home with a rifle before taking valuables. the owner said they got an alert when the camera picked up motion inside the home. another burglary victim said
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at gunpoint while he ransacked her house. >> stand up and walk over to him and he points the gun and he pointed it at my forehead. and i point it had to a jewelry box and he flipped it up. and the whole time, the gun. >> she said that he terrorized her in her own home before take off with thousands of dollars worth of stuff. rio olympics one day behind us and the world is looking ahead to 2020. and at ceremony, the brazil passed it to japan as tokyo prepares to host the next summer games. setting the tone is japanese prime minister shinzo abe dressed up as a super icon. this is just a sample of what we can expect. the 2020 games expected to be big on technology. we're talking 8k television viewing and super high speed
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robots. they'll be everywhere from offering directions to even driving taxis. >> i think that will be very interesting. >> i look forward to the robot swimming event. >> it could happen. that might be a little problem. weatherwise, are >> we get one more of these before we turn the humidity up a little bit. tonight is the day to get out and star gaze a little bit and we get the heat and the humidity back for wednesday. right now our power of 5 radar network showing some clouds here. i got the radar and the satellite turned on right now. you notice that we got a few little clouds here and there. and there's an area of high pressure sitting on top of us. and that is going to keep the rain showers away.
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any rain for several hundred miles, nearest rain showers is 400 miles to the north. i kid you not. don't worry about that. 74 in elyria and 81 in mentor and 72 in ashtabula and 75 in wooster and 79 in dover and new philly and the dew points tell the tail. last week they were near 70. and sometimes lower 70s that is muggy. 54 point in rev ravenna that is comfortable air for summertime. so enjoy the cooler and humid air cleans the atmosphere out a little bit and ragweed and weed pollen. here's is the u.s. mainland and here is florida, bahamas. and this is this thunderstorm
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sit and spin. and that guy, not named yet. probably will be named in the next day or two. and this will be -- and this will take him to incredibly warm weather and that would mean explosive development and that would mean bringing it close to the u.s. mainland by this weekend or early next week, something we'll keep a close eye on. and it's been a long time since we had a major hurricane rain showers and storms for the flood ravaged areas of new orleans and the houston area and they are hit and miss. so they will not do i a lot of damage and -- not do a lot of flood damage. and we'll dry the high in. and the highs bringing us fair weather and bring us sunshine and so let's enjoy that and overnight 57. clear skies and cooler, comfortable sleeping weather.
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80 tomorrow and lots of sunshine and low humidity. lee was doing something else. i caught her offguard. 54 in akron and canton and 84 tomorrow. the 7-day. wednesday 88 and 87 with thunderstorm thursday and cooler and less humid into the weekend. here's what is coming up at 6:00. shedding light on the invisible victims of domestic violence. men involved in abusive relationships often we uncovered about the growing problem. a scare at one of the nation's busiest airports raising new questions about security what would happen in a real emergency? "live on 5:00" continues after
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new yess about how prepared our airports are. this is after jfk and new york erupted because of reported
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alarm. >> reporter: it was panic. passengers running and they thought for their lives. >> active shooter. >> reporter: and the shocking pictures on the tarmac are not only flyers running but security personnel running. >> someone started screaming and everyone dropped their bags and running and even tsa people running. >> to be an applaud and yelled someone is shooting. it was a false alarm. >> no one was leading them to safety or telling them the right thing. and several tsa agents shouted out there's a gun or terrorism. >> reporter: every airport is responsible for its own security and he said that leads to a patchwork of law enforcement, neil police,
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the reason that the senator said it may not be just jfk but other american airports that could see panic like that if there is a real shooting. shimmer is calling for a federal investigation and he wants the department homeland security to see if there are broader lessons for all of our airports. and new over to robin for a look ahead at 6:00. a dib domestic violence more men being abused by women. a local man's rocky relationship ended in tragedy. his family is speaking to only newschannel5 about why he was relieved. and fighting the heroin epidemic. and a local police department will have a new weapon to help save lives. newschannel5 at 6:00 starts in
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a rookie relationship cost one man his life after suffering alleged abuse at the hands of his girlfriend and now she's charged with his murder. >> why didn't he listen when we told him to get >> reporter: we're digging into the couple's past and uncovering the warning signs that may have been missed. 46-year-old frank salmoan died saturday in a house on the west side and his girlfriend elizabeth scott set the blaze. >> and we're shedding light on the sometimes overlooked male victims of domestic violence. and megan spoke to the family.


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