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tv   News Channel 5 at 11pm  ABC  August 22, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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an exclusive interview next on news channel 5. breaking news where a child has fell into a wool off of
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the hospital. we will update you with the latest information. police are investigating a shooting around 9:00 on east 136th street. the victim staggered to the road. he is being treated at the hospital. donald trump passionate pitch to african american voters that some found offensive. >> crime, all of the problems to the african americans who i employ so many, to the hispanics, tremendous people. what the hell do you have to lose?
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>> well, some of these remarks raising eyebrows. >> they will be able to walk down the street without getting shot. >> talking with donald trump >> reporter: donald trump knows the stats and knows it is all about ohio. what isn't clear by his comments over the pa will take to win in november. >> you had more than anyone, 4 million more than mitt romney. at what point do you go after the 60 plus million you need in november? >> i don't want to cater to anybody.
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borders. we have to do things right. we have to have a proper health care system and protect our second amendment. there are a lot of things i am saying. i don't know if they are popular or not popular. i state what i feel. some say why don't you say this or that? i am a very honest person. i am honest about what i am release your taxes. the reason you are not is because your business is owed hundreds of millions to china and the kremlin. >> that is false. i have tremendous net worth and small debt.
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to. the value is small debt. they understand that. they are trying to get away from the e-mail situation. every time they talk about the tax returns. i will release them when i am not under an audit. >> before the election? >> i hope so if it is finished by then. >> that promise to banks with which he has mortgages, do you plan to reach out to governor kasich. he has not. >> the republican nominee met with the fraternal order of
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a major speech trump was supposed to give has been canceled. whether or not he is backing off his plan to deport millions of immigrants. he wants fair but firm policies. several thousand more e- mails will be made public. a judge is department to look at 15,000 documents from the fbi >> we can confirm the fbi material handed over to us includes april 14900 documents. >> the judge wants it by september 22nd how the documents will be released.
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>> one decision to cell the confederate flag and one boycotting. >> it was approved by the executive board. >> it is part of our history. it happened. >> the west virginia native has brought north the flag. >> what does it represent sent to you? >> heritage. it is part of the civil war. >> but it is part that many want to leave behind. some pulled out of the fair a decision they repeated this
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in lorraine county. >> some people have a strong opinion about this flag, did you ever consider maybe not selling it >> if the fair says i couldn't i wouldn't. i don't think there is anything wrong with it. >> i did get in lorraine county office. they want the fair to have the same policy as the state fair which bans those flag sales. we have a cool evening. >> we have showers 300 miles away traveling to the east. great night for star gazing.
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no rain. 64 in cleveland. 63 in canton. down to 59. could there be 40s tonight? look at the lows dropping down to 62 by 7:00 a.m. for the akron canton area, 58 degrees, clear and starry skies. quiet tonight. we will track the next round of thunderstorms. the humidity will return to the region. you have another day and a half before we are back to the summer time heat next. a 21-year-old man in the hospital after he was ambushed in his own apartment. according to cleveland police
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were involved. we are still waiting for an update on his condition. $10,000 is offered for information in a shooting at a lorraine taco bell. the shooter tried to rob him ordering food. the restaurant is putting up an additional $5,000 to original 5. this man may have used smart phone apps to target victims. he was caught on surveillance video. he held a girl for several hours. his dna matched the adduction of a 10-year-old. a man accused of stabbing
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he pleaded not guilty. when officers arrived they found 51-year-old kimberly manilla dead. president obama prepares for a trip to the south. why he is criticized before he gets there. >> are traffic lights putting your child's safety at risk? >> th the west coast. >> we would like to hear from you. text us, e-mail us, or tweet
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nearly $2 million will establish the medical marijuana program. >> the control will oversee the cultivation, distribution and licensing of the drug. the department of commerce and the pharmacy board will run the program. 3 million dollars from the government for better health care by health and human services across the state. one counsel man worried about
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school starts. traffic signals were no longer needed. the problem is lights are near schools. they are considering taking the lights down. >> expecting to be the topic of discussion, the mayor will weigh in on the petition to staffed. those who work where they live. at the meeting the mayor should veto the effort. it is seen as retaliation against firefighters. president obama is back in washington after a family
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>> he is criticized for not getting to the south sooner. >> he didn't cut his vacation. he didn't want to divert police and resources. a week after the floods sweeping through 60,000 homes have damage. 13 people were killed. volunteers are helping with the clean up. >> people are overwhelmed. we have to throw things out. >> water sat in my house for a month.
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centers are open. hillary clinton will make a visit to see the damage. donald trump stopped there last week. thousands of acres have been destroyed. >> reporter: 7 major wildfires in washington state in spokane where one of those exploding from 250 acres to 5,000 in just hours. >> people need to leave now. >> fires destroyed homes. >> the letter, gradation pictures, whatever, all gone,
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to nevada. >> nothing you can do. it is what it is. stuff happens. >> the closure of landmarks like hearst castle. evacuation orders have been shut down for the blue cut fire. firefighters across 9 states are under attack hitting hoping to put an end to the constant burning. the cooler weather in washington is helping in that fire fight. abc news, la. >> all right. switching gears in northeast ohio. you better not say a word. go with ohio weather.
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bright moon shine. you might need a sweater. >> it never gets cold here. [ laughter ] let's look at what is going on outside. our sky cam, a power of 5 network radar with the classic floral pa radar. ground clutter. no rain within several hundred miles. we will see shower and storms. we have storms in michigan, upper peninsula. they want to slide south and east. they will run toward alpena. here is the cool weather.
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jefferson. madison 58. warmer in cleveland, 64. akron 63. canton, mid-60s. frymont 61. ravineravena winds out of the south. 70 percent humidity. pressure 30.24. here is the storm i am worried about. this little guy is sneaking up on the back side of this one. that is tropical depression number 7. this will be gaston.
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still concerns about this low. if it does develop into a hurricane, it is headed for florida within a week or so. if it develops, it could threaten the u.s. main land. lock at this fair weather. it will soften pressure. we will see a southerly wind flow. low to middle 80s. it is not until we get a southerly breeze wednesday that the humidity will increase. you have one more day of this
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80, low humidity. wednesday is 88. thursday 88. storms likely. weekend beautiful, another hot one 87. >> parents were still upset that their sons were practicing a dangerous football drill. >> after bull in the ring. they rush a player in the middle of a circle that can lead to concussions. >> everywhere parent was cheering them on. the coach said run and hit them as hard as you did k. >> the team will no longer run
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sport safer. i thought things have changed. >> 9 years old. children are vulnerable. >> the upcoming season and they plan to
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bria is quiet. the browns moved practices to tampa bay, florida. the buccaneers and browns will have joint practice before their pre-season game in tampa after a while. under the old regime, this has been in the works. >> we did this a while back before summer. again, they were in jacksonville. obviously they like doing this. i'm just thrilled they invited
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>> for the most part the team is as good as the players on the field. ohio state throwing more promise for the future with top recruits. lindsey and ryans. both announc today. the third best receiver in the 2017 class in the nation. up until today ohio state didn't have commitments for the class of 2017. ohio state is a big day for the buckeyes. together in the video playing dodge ball.
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don't usually feel this good. we are anxious to learn and get better. >> winning and losing is talked about in the olympics. it is all competition. for one swimmer, the talk is not about the race in the pool but what is lost. that is a lot of endorsements. 4 inincluding speedo. this brand has stood for values. he lied about being robbed at gun point.
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80 and low humidity. wednesday, thursday we lower it friday. pleasant day friday. heat you up sunday monday. >> 2 on, 2 off. >> almost fall.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- hillary clinton -- and john krasinski -- with cleto and the cletones -- and now, pace yourselves, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: very nice. thank you. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thanks for watching.


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