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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 6am  ABC  September 2, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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traffic in a moment. and first, let's go to corrina pysa. >> and new video out of florida. hit by the first hurricane the state's seen in more than a decade. and hermine downgraded to a tropical storm and more than 100,000 are without power across florida. the storm making landfall earn 1:30 this morning as a category 1 hurricane. and could bring with it 12-foot storm surges and up to 50 ch evacuations are ordered and states of emergency declared in georgia and north carolina. i mentioned hermine is getting weaker but somara, still a risk of deadly flooding. >> and that is right. deadly flooding and severe storms and this is a look at tropical storm hermine. and we're seeing wind speeds at 70 miles per hour and as corrina mentioned this and that is no longer a hurricane. once it goes below 74 miles per hour, we're talking about a tropical storm and we're seeing
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up speed and moving quickly but not before the deadly flooding in florida and i want to point out the fact that we talk about this often with the systems and the right present quadrant is where they're prone for tornados. and here at home, we're dry and we have a lot of winds over lake erie. as a result, we're seeing a small craft advisory along the lakeshore and we stray shower or two. otherwise fairing on the drier side and cool in the upper 50s, a high in the mid-70s. kristen. >> and thank you, somara. and light look at video from early whyer this morning and this is an accident past west seventh and emergency personnel on the scene there. the farthest left lane blocked and there were two cars involved in this crash and two people were taken to the hospital and cars were able to get by the right lanes and we
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hospital there and heading to the maps now and we're looking good on 90, 77, and 480 and if you're taking 480 eastbound from the turnpike to 271 and let's go outside and check on four live looks of 71 and we'll see the delays in a half our or show and speaking of that, let's check in with john rudder and the breaking news leader in the sky and air tracker 5. >> and we good morning, kristen. you mentioned the inner belt br reopened after being closed overnight. and traffic is flowing nice and smoothly, not a lot of volume across the bridge and the eastbound lanes, i guess, were closed and closed overnight from 8:00 p.m. into about 6:00 p.m. and that opened up a little earlier than expected and crews were able to finish the work they were doing overnight and that traffic is moving nice and smooth. and we're able to see from air tracker 5 in a moment. and people thank you so much, and following breaking
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i november 90 and ends up -- i- 90 and ends up getting busted by police. the trooper stumbled -- stumbled across the guy and when we saw the car, he went to check it out and inside, he found the driver sleeping, a gun at his feet, crack, pot in the passenger seat next to him so the man was arrested. >> and we overnight, police in strongsville chasing a suspect for nearly 20 miles until it ended in a violent crash in clevelan first time this happened? >> and this marks the third time in over three weeks that strongsville police pursued suspects from their jurisdiction into cleveland. and one of the pursuits leading to an apparent atm smash-and- grab crime ring. the question, are they on their own once into cleveland? the latest incident coming last night as police chased a stolen u-haul from strongsville into
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patrol car and what we know is that ems transported one person to a nearby hospital with unknown injuries. and this comes after two other pursuits into cleveland the last few weeks and this is from early august involving a smash- and-grab at a bp in strongsville. the police chase the suspects into cleveland and made two arrests in that incident and they led to the multiagency bust of an atm smash-and-grab crime ring going back several years and of important note here is that department of justice report, cleveland police have a specific policy of only giving pursuit to violent felons or drunk drivers and this doesn't prohibit others from pursuing suspects into cleveland city limits and also, a very interesting development here. we keep an eye on this as weeks come by and as we move forward and we have to keep an eye on this for sure. >> thank you so much. and moving forward on your friday morning and this man
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morning accused of assaulting a paramedic. rex ferguson was being treated at affinity hospital for intoxication when he suddenly escaped and he ran across state route 21 and jumped into the tuscaroras river and officers and paramedics went in after him when they say that officials, he grabbed one trying to break his hand and arm. ferguson is now facing several charges. and did you -- the house? no. >> no, you heard him. and that is what he told newschannel 5 in march when we asked him if he egged the house on euclid street more than 100 times and now we learned he pleaded guilty to inducing panic and will be sentenced on tuesday. and the police department need says your help this morning. this is the marathon gas station near lorain and fulton. the guy you see there is about to be pickpocketed by another
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steals cash this with the victim realizes what happened, the suspect punishd him and ran off. and police are searching for three suspects who pistol whipped a man on columbus avenue before robbing him. they drove off in a silver hyundai. and if you recognize any of the people, give police a call. and the ohio department of education said that it's moving forward with evaluations of charter school sponsors. they want to see how laws while raiding their academic performance. >> and republican lawmakers wanted to delay this review but the department said they will meet the october 15th publication -- publication deadline by sampling 10% of sponsored schools. and right now, reporting tri-c is receiving out to students, saying the college has obligations and many of the same programs. itt stopped enrolling any student because the federal
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from using federal loans at the school and that might be difficult for students to transfer. the company said it's unlikely that any credits would be accepted at another school. and roar over the shore. the scene of the cleveland air show kicking off the labor day funtivities. >> and that, vent starts tomorrow at berkeley front airport. >> uh-huh. >> and sarah phinney joins us live and good morning. >> reporter: and good morning. we have burke lakefront airport and i am standing underneath a c-17 military transport plane. it was originally developed for the air force and this morning, we have to talk about the navy. the blue angels are a couple hundred yards away and yesterday, we caught up with the boss. and he's in charge with leading the formation throughout this weekend and commander ryan bernacke and his team have been studying google maps to get a
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using progressive field, the q and energy station to set up maneuvers. they don't use maneuvers or gps, instead relying on landmarks and cleveland is one of about 30 cities the blue angels are visiting this year and cleveland is one-of-a-kind. >> and this is a really special venue for us and being here on the water with lake erie behind us is unbelievable and with the city on the other side, i don't think we have where we have the water and the city. and everything is so close together. >> and the blue angels are performing saturday, sunday, and monday around 3:00 p.m. the shows last about 45 minutes and coming up in the next half hour, we are going to introduce to you a blue angels crew member from northeast ohio. you don't want to miss it and sarah phinney, newschannel 5. thank you, and looks fun
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big. >> yeah and we wonder if we're going to have great weather for the show? >> and locate look at the forecast. okay, and so, we're going to sigh some lovely weather out there this weekend. and temperatures around 75 degrees and not bad. pretty mild as we head into your saturday and sunday and warming up into the 80s, warmer than today and the good news, we lose the clouds today and it remember and see nothing but sunshine for the remainder of the labor day weekend >> and this morning, an airline mix-up and a mother outraged. jet blue sent her son to the wrong city. >> and a student behind a controversial rape case is coming home to ohio. >> and 49ers quarterback, collin kaepernick was on the field with his teammates. >> and maintained his protest by not standing for the national anthem.
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first look. >> for the land of the free. >> reporter: in this morning's gma first look, san francisco 49ers quarterback collin kaepernick refusing to stand during the national anthem again. this time, he took a knee and right behind more than 240 service members being honored during the chargers annual military appreciation night. as the crowd and players stand, you can see kaepernick knee his teammate eric reid joining him. the crude booing as the team took the field and now, the quarterback sparking a new controversy, for wearing the socks to practice, showing police officers as pigs and they drew criticism from law enforcement officials across the country and we'll have more reaction at 7 a.m. and i'm with your gma first
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. 6:14. breaking news coming into the live desk this morning. look at this picture. this is tuler rocker. a police officer stating she is missing. call police if you know where shy might be or if you have any information to find her. and thank you. 6:49 right now. remember toker stanford university swimmer brock turner is expected to be released for good behavior. >> and he's returning to the and turner's case gaped national attention. he's being released after serving three months for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman. the judge convicted him of three felony counts and a sentence many people across the country said was too lenient. and he must register as a sex offender for life. and the federal report on hillary clinton's e mail investigation could be released as soon as today.
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or other investigative materials support to congress e. and the irs wants to give taxpayers a heads up and there will probably be a delay in tax refunds next year and they're blaming the extra steps they have to take to check for identity theft and the government will hold refunds until mid-february for some who file early. and you make my dreams come oates, right? this is going to get you pumped up on a friday morning and they're officially being honored with a star on the hollywood walk of fame today and it's the 2,567th star to be added the to hollywood boulevard and it's being in place in front of the musician institute, somara. >> and all right, i love that and let's get some right now and what we're dealing with this morning. and you wake up and notice
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looking at the same in sullen. parma, 58 degrees for you there and into areas like new london, 59 degrees and vermillion, 62 and mohegan state park and looking a the 56 degrees this morning and dry conditions greet us as we head out of the door and a lot of models showing a few stray showers similar to yesterday and that will start to go ahead and really not occur into the afternoon. as we look along the lake shore and have that small craft advisory picking up this afternoon out of the north-northeast, and this is a look at our setup and you know we have hurricane hermine that is going to travel up the eastern seaboard and for us, we have the high pressure dominating our region and that is why we're going to stay dry for most of the labor day weekend. and i said that model was playing with green and a stray shower at most in our western counties into lorain and eerie and otherwise, dry for everyone
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to move out of our area and we'll be clearing out through the evening, dry for saturday morning and temperatures taking their time rising and we should be hitting the upper 70s and low 80s for your saturday. the seven-day forecast, breaking that down on friday and today, again, we have more cloud coverage than we will see for the remainder of the weekend and highs around 75 and we could hit 80 for a lot of neighborhoods on saturday and into the remainder of the we all of the outdoor festivities taking place into the middle of next week, though and summer makes its statement known that it's not over yet. >> and thank you so much. >> when is the official start of the fall? september 20th or 21st? >> and they will -- begin yesterday. >> and looking at the odot view, 480 and transportation boulevard and no issues and check out the drive times and we're god to go.
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that happened at 490 east and past west seventh all clear and we have a couple of ramp closures no longer closed and one opened this morning and a couple last night and on 271 southbound to 303 and 303 to 271 south and this open know -- open-ended at 6 this morning and let's toss it to john rudder and check in with him. good morning. >> and i want to mention for folks fallen tree and power lines have some things blocd and here where we are right now, 480 and rim, things are looking good and traffic is flowing nice and smooth, and increased volume from across the uninner belt bridge and nothing is too overwhelming and just traffic. and a nice, smooth ride for you this morning and we'll check in with you in a few minutes. back to you. >> and thank you, john. the activity here from texas are hard to watch and will make you extra careful
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and this is showing a student crosswalk just hit by a truck that was turning right as students -- and that student was able to walk away. i want to tell you off of the bat here, the student in this next video is okay after being hit by a truck and that didn't stop for the school buses light inside and the austin school district police handed out 900 citations to drivers illegally passing buse the first week of school. >> and they're crazy. >> and we to another one this morning. a new york mom in i state of page because her five-year-old son does did not arrive at jfk airport as scheduled. >> and he was in boston because of a mix-up with the airlines and cell phone video shows him. you see him in the middle? and that is andy martinez passing through the boarding gate and somewhere along the
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to boston and another five-year- old boy to jfk. >> and she goes to sigh him, it's not her child but another with her son's passport. the five-year-old boy and for three hours, she believes her son might be kidnapped. >> and she was probably thinking where is he? and what's state of panic. the mother paid the extra $100 fee to have her son accompanied by a flight attendant. jet blue has since apologized for this and tried to offer vouchers but the family said no thank you. they want an investigation into where this flight attendant was. >> and the attorney went on to say we're not concerned about a law the. we want to make sure this doesn't happen to another parent and then we will think about a lawsuit. >> and you can imagine while waiting at jfk, and trying to get answers, i'll bet everyone was like we don't know what happened. >> and other kids get off of the plane and not hers.
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and food and beer and lots of fine. >> and first, jared fogle surrounded by controversy again and why he is filing a lawsuit against the parents of one of
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. welcome back and it's 6:23. and looking had to the weekend,
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wilder walk to the tv. and this saturday and sunday at 55 locations. and tickets will be $5 and the problem is that the closest theatres to us are in columbus and pittsburgh. and also this weekend, beer tasting in berea and, of course, we're talking about oktoberfest. >> and the cleveland labor day oktoberfest kicks off tonight at 4:00 and you can buy tickets at the door and save a few enjoy authentic german beer, food, and music and runs through monday and you have been before. you love it. >> and the best part, the wiener dog races. they are getting it. and that is cute and sounds so adorable. >> and light look at the labor day forecast and this is for monday in particular and if you're planning on cooking out and enjoying some activities outdoors, this is what you're looking at. the temperatures in the mid-80s and that is warmer than today
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okay, and as we head through the weekend and that will extend into the actual labor day holiday. and as far as next week goes, we're heating up and we're going to talk about that more for now and over to you. >> thank you. >> and we i love that meal. have coffee, a cheeseburger and an apple and that is perfect. 71 northbound and healthy with apple. 71 northbound fulton and to 90, a 3-minute ride, and 57 miles per hour and seeing that slowing on 71 and check on 90 and 90 eastbound, crocker to the inner belt and we're at 12 minutes and getting busy, though and to 90 and fulton. >> and we this morning, four people who survived the aurora theatre shooting are ordered to pay. >> and c ne -- cinemark saying they owed and james holmes opened fire inside and killing
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cinemark was not liable and most took a small settlement and now they're being ordered to pay the cost for the state's case. and jared fogel is back in the headlines again and this time saying the parents of one of his victims are to blame. and he's filing a lawsuit against them. he's serving 15 years after pleading guilty to child pornography and having sex with a minor daughter to engage in destructive behavior and he plans to argue she was emotionally distressed before meeting her and that hereby not have to pay for trauma and damage to her. are you sending a package? and get ready to pay up. ups is education inning the
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. now on good morning cleveland, the blue angels return to this year, they're bringing a local guy back home. >> and we have to start here this morning with breaking news. hurricane hermine hitting florida's gulf coast. >> and this is the state's first hurricane in more than a decade and let's go to corunna pysa. >> and flooding is forcing people from the homes in florida. and hit by the first hurricane to make landfall there in 11 years. hermine is a tropical storm and hit as a category one
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and hermain can bring storm surges of up to 12 feet and possibly 15 inches of rain and one woman said she never saw the water this high and the national guard is on standby, states of emergency in florida and georgia and south carolina. and getting weaker as it's on the move and we could see deadly flooding out of this. >> and that is not only in florida as it continues to crawl up the earn seaboard and this is an image swirling florida-georgia line and we're getting thunderstorms and that comes out of hurricanes and we're going to keep our eye on this system as it continues to track up the coast and impacting areas as far as new england and with that storm surge. the rain is reaching into areas like the carolinas and virginia and here at home, and we're dry and quiet. the temperatures in the 50s. cool start. fifty in elyria and ashland and millersburg and warming --
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and cooler. the highs reaching 74 and 75 degrees and we start off with a great deal of cloud coverage and we start to lose that to tops of son, kristen. >> and we there are no accidents to tell but and seeing the usual slow spots, 71 and into the inner belt bridge and that is opening back up this morning and earlier than expected and got the slowing on 271 around state route 8 and tracking cars going 54 miles per hour and usually we see closure at 271 and opened at 6:00 a.m. and we're a half hour in and might cause confusion. if you travel that way, 271 north. that ramp is reopened at state route 8 and we're looking okay at 90 and fulton, and we're starting to get, yeah, stop and go at the usual spot and check in with john rudder in the sky, air tracker 5. >> and good morning, we're flying over 480 and moving
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looking good and some traffic in the eastbound lanes and coming in those westbound lanes and as things move to 77, it looks like a nice smooth ride for this morning and no issues from air tracker 5 and i want to point out for the folks in manaway, and they're affecting route 44 in franklin and that is in manaway and the first pec at progressive field and friday night, could be a lot of people filing in downtown and back you. and police chase a car from strongsville into cleveland, about 20 miles down 71 and nick foley is joining us on top of the story and this is in the the first time it happened. >> and seems like a trend the last month for sure and we have seen this fridge again and sometimes the suspects driving the vehicles are caught and other times they're nowhere to be found and we know that some of the chases in the area are
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incident has police in strongsville chase a stolen u- haul van and leaving officers more than 20 miles and the van in the police car colliding at lorain avenue and west 44th street. ems said one person transported to the hospital with unknown injuries and this is on the heels of two other pursuits the last few weeks. the issue is that once in city limits, they have a specific policy of giving chase when it drunk drivers. steve loomis said this policy empowers the suspects. >> and getting a car to drive real fast and, you know, they're not going to chase us and they're going to -- and that ism boldening them and they're going to go and rob the next person. >> and one of the other pursuits from the smash and grab in strongsville in early august. the police made arrests, two in that case in cleveland and led
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grab crime ring. >> and the city of lorain is dealing with the 9th murder of the year and three happened in 48 hours. the latest is a double homicide and killing two brothers. they were fighting when one shot the other. she said a neighbor then shot the other brother and police won't say if he acted in why elf defense but right now, he's not charged. new information on a story we covered for over a year. a neighbor more than 100 times and the man was arrested in march and he said that he was innocent and he's changing his tune now, pleading guilty to inducing panic and he will be sentenced on tuesday. and we have a traffic alert for everyone this morning and if you plan to take the turnpike, watch your speed. the state highway patrol will be on force on the ground and in air.
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ovis out of airspeed stops and we have gotten many dus driving under suspension stops and we have had numerous felony stops. >> the last 2 1/2 years, speed is to blame for 64% of all deadly crashes on the turnpike. terrence. and people labor day means one thing in northeast ohio. it's time for the cleveland air show. >> and people have been hearing this all around and hearing them getting ready and this time, they have a local with them. and sarah phinney got a chance to meet him and we get to meet him, too, sarah. >> and -- [ indiscernible ] one of -- [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: the twists, the turns, the speed. and the blue angels, captivating thousands for years at the cleveland national air show, including drew verbal. >> and my dad -- every year, every year the blue angels came
6:36 am
thunderbirds. >> i and years later, he wears the blue angels uniform. >> and i never thought i would be a part of the team and be back here. >> reporter: whole most spend time looking at the hornets in the air, he inspects themselves on the group. >> and we check to make sure this is good and go around and look at all of the aircraft landing gear. >> and his job is to make sure the planes look great, free of nicks and corrosions and that is not an easy task. >> and they love >> reporter: and he hopes to inspire others in the crowd. >> you work long hours and to see the kids faces and everyone is hyper when we start flying and that is great. >> reporter: and the hornets are parked here at burke lakefront airport ready to fly and he said he will do touchupsar the shows on saturday, sunday, and monday. of course, his family will be here to see him and he is so excited to be back in northeast
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airport, sarah phinney, newschannel 5. >> and thank you. coming up, collin kaepernick putting his money where his mouth is. and what he's planning after the latest protest. >> and raising rates. ups is ready to charge more when it starts and how much more it will cost you.
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. good morning and welcome back and there is so much going on this weekend, including the
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we'll see the beautiful fireworks and great conditions for that. rain chances are extremely low and we'll see a great deal of sunshine toward the evening, 7:10 the first pec and slightly cool with a good amount of breeze in there and that is a look at the forecast. and over to you, kristen. >> and happy it's not raining this morning and we see stop- and-go traffic on 90 and fullton and getting a check of the drive times coming up. and can't wait for the drive times. and ne morning, you have to get ready to pay for more shipping. >> and ups is raising the rates. they go up 5% the day after christmas and ups said the increase will pay for expandings and improvements and they raised their rates at the same time last year. >> and instead of raising prices, wal-mart is cutting jobs, eliminating 7,000 accounting positions. and the company is moving to a more modern bookkeeping system and people in those jobs won't
6:41 am
moved to a new place that would pay less. >> and we wouldn't be good in cleveland if we didn't talk about food and beverage. and there is some new competition. starbucks is introducing the chile or chili smoker sorry. trying to get fancy there and with cocoa and spices like cayenne pepper and andu chile, mix can hot chocolate and -- mexican hot chocolate and hits stores on tuesday. >> and that seems good. >> and atm trip? >> yes on you. >> and light look at the planes in cleveland for the air show. we'll take you there next in the morning sprint. >> and you know i got the last
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. happy friday, cleveland and let's get you going with the morning sprint. >> our team is following the latest on florida's first hurricane in 11 years and also, what to expect of the cleveland air show. >> and first, start with the weather and traffic together and hey, somara. >> and good morning, everybody. on the screen is the last
6:45 am
and we're going to talk about hurricane hermine, impacting the florida panhandle and making its way to parts of georgia and you can see watches and warnings, all of is that is issued in the color shadings here. the actual storm is continuing to die as it approaches or hits land. no longer a hurricane and now a tropical storm and we saw the wind speeds go from 80 miles an hour to 70 miles an hour and causing a lot of inundation along the coast and we can see severe weather in portions of torn autos there and this is going to continue to bank up the eastern seaboard and providing them with too much rain and you can see now, a live look at home and we're dry and you need to know the small craft advisory is issued and if you plan to take the boats out, continue to follow that boater forecast and this is a look at the situation we have going on while we're relatively dry, compared to other areas and we
6:46 am
and that is going to keep us quiet and this is optimal conditions and for this afternoon, notice a chance of stray shower. other than, that some striations here and beautiful clouds and sunshine mixing together as we head into the evening, clearing out in time for the baseball game. saturday, 6:00 p.m., you can still see we're dry and quiet, the temperatures upper 70s and low 80s. the power of 5 seven-day forecast, for everyone planning ahead, labor day is looking lovely and we next week. kristen. >> and thank you so much, somara. and we're looking good as far as the traffic is concerned this morning. the drive times look good and back to 12 minutes, 90 eastbound crocker to the inner belt. and that is good news. it opened an hour and a half ago and not seeing problems for folks from the left side and 77 northbound from the central interchange to 90 and travelling at top speeds to 180 eastbound and 271. taking you 25 minutes and let's go outside and check on the odot views and no issues.
6:47 am
westbound lanes without any issues. and let's check in with john rudder and air tracker 5. good morning. >> and good morning. pretty nice day for a flight here and air tracker 5. and a nice morning for a commute also. we're 90 near west 25th street and you can see a bit of a slow oup do that interchange. and things are looking pretty good. also, playing back video of the typical slowdown spot and we see 71 as you approach west 49th and there is -- west 14th. is too overwhelming and that is how things are looking, the morning sprint continues. next. and all right, john, thank you. a car crashing on to the field in akron overnight. the pictures coming into the
6:48 am
strongsville police have chased suspects from the jurisdiction into cleveland. the question is are they on their own once they pursue into cleveland? the latest incident police chased a stolen u-haul from strongsville into the city. the van crashed at the intersection of he reach avenue and ems transported one person to a nearby hospital with unknown injuries and this is after two other pursuits of the last few weeks and this is from early august, involving a smash- and-grab in strongsville. the police chased suspects into cleveland leading to a
6:49 am
years. since the department of justice report last year, cleveland police have a specific policy of only giving pursuit to violent felons or drunk drivers and this policy does not prohibit other agencies like strongsville from pursuing suspects into cleveland city limits. jackie. >> and thank you. a man will be in court accused of assaulting a massileon paramedic. police say rex ferguson was being treated at a hospital for intoxications and when he escaped, he pulled the fire alarm as and he ran across state route 21 and jumped into the river and officials and paramedics went in after him and he grabbed one of the paramedics trying to break his hand and arms. and we we have new information about the woman shot in front of her children in akron. and she had a restraining order against the shooter and williams has a long history of domestic violence. he's previously pleaded guilty to weapons and drug charges and endangering children. and a former village clerk
6:50 am
kim green was convicted of stealing more than $677,000 from south amhurst. prosecutors said she was using the money to buy lottery tickets and got away with it for three years, too and she was also the manager at the gas station where she bought the tickets. and now to the race for the white house, vice president joe biden made two stops in northeast ohio yesterday. in parma, he talked about how donald trump is not an accurate leave the country. and donald trump is also in ohio as well. he spoke at the american legion conference in cincinnati yesterday morning. then he went to killington, half -- wilmington, halfway between cincinnati and columbus. that town devastated in 2009 when dhl closed a shipping hub there. and the supreme court could rule on ohio's golden week voting battle. and democrats want them to look at the court ruling that
6:51 am
people can register and vote at the same time. and the cleveland air show kicks off this weekend and sarah phinney got a chance to talk with the main attraction. the blue angels and very excited about that this morning. >> and we were laughing a guy in a golf cart rolled by here. the blue angels are behind us and you may have heard or especially seen them yesterday flying around downtown cleveland and before they went up. we had a chance to talk to the boss. he's the commanding his name is ryan bernacke. and they charged to get a lay of the land and they're using progressive field to set up maneuvers and checkpoints. they don't use computers or gps instead relying on landmarks to find precise air show. cleveland is one of 30 cities the blue angels are visiting and he said that cleveland is one-of-a-kind. the city and water are close to
6:52 am
sunday, and three shows lasting about 30 minutes and again, you're going to come on out and check them out? >> and i have been seeing them practice and they look good. >> yes. >> and it's loud. >> yeah. >> and most up yesterday. >> and i know. >> loud and fun. and thank you so much. and looking like a blast out there. >> and a, beer tasting in perea. >> and kicks off tonight and starts at 4:00 on fairground. you will get authentic german beer, food and music and runs through monday night. the favorite part? >> don't miss wiener dog race. if you go out there, make sure you get a stein. >> yes. >> and get the big cups. >> yes. >> and this is how you say i love you in german. you say igligadish. >> uh-huh. and the morning sprint continues in 60 seconds.
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. just about 6:54. hermine hit florida as a category 1 hurricane and was downgraded to a tropical storm. and still causing major issues and let's go to lindsay to our affiliate in tampa. >> we're in the heart of crystal river, a waterfront community and most of it is underwater. the stoplight is essentially the heart of town. down the, under water. the water is coming up halfway to the street signs. 19 is blocked from two major towns. and crystal river, a 10 to 11- mile stretch and this is to give you an idea of some of the flooding, there are cars, the water is up over the hoods and closer to the roof and this is what at least one submerged car looks like in this area. we have reports of flooding in people's homes, two to three
6:55 am
have seen the marines and flooding from inside. we're along u.s. highway 19 and staying here for our safety. deputies have not opened up any of the roads heading west where the flooding is worse. high tide right new is finally starting to recreed and we expect to -- recede and we're getting in there the next hour. and thank you. a former stanford university swimmer brock turner is expected to be released from jail today. >> and he served six-month sentence for sexual assault and he's expected to return to the family home and will have to register as a sex offender. his case captured nash attention when the victim posted the statement online and got a short sentence. and jared fogle filed a federal complaint against one of the parents of one of his victims. he said they are partially responsible for some of her emotional distress because they didn't properly supervise her.
6:56 am
retiring, five months after five of his officers were killed. he plans to leave the force next month and here's been with dallas pd since 1983 and served as chief the last six years. >>. and now information about the explosion in cape canaveral. an unmanned spacex rocket blue up. it was carrying a facebook satellite and they planned to use it to bring is some social media to parts of africa. donating the first million he earns this season to charity. he's underfire for not standing for the national anthem and did it again in san diego last night. this time, instead of sitting, he took a knee and his teammate took a knee next to him. >> and the protest is spreading to other teams. jeremy lane said during the -- sat during the national anthem to support kaepernick and he's ready to deal with backlash coming his way. and one final check of
6:57 am
at sufficient aft. and 75 degrees today, we'll start off with clouds and some chance for a stray shower and warming up 92 usually to the 80s. 86 degrees with lots of sunshine and this is great weather for a holiday weekend. >> and it really is. thank you, somara. the highways look good, too and 90 at east 55th and the upper right-hand corner, the typical slow spot and checking out the drive times and looking great so far and had the one accident, 490 and west sevent ago. >> and very nice. and coming up for you this friday morning on "good morning america," they're going to have an exclusive with dwayne wade speaking out after his cousin's death. george stephanopoulos is going to get you deep into that story with him. >> and if you have been having back pain lately, a shoulder injury, they're going to talk about natural remedies to help with chronic pain, too. >> and i think we might be feeling pain. kristen took us to go work out. me and somara evident why, and it was rough.
6:58 am
>> happy friday, everybody. hope you have a great weekend. we'll see you monday.
7:00 am
america this morning. good morning, america. state of emergency. hurricane hermine slams florida overnight. the first to hit the state in more than a decade. ginger zee on the scene when it hits. the storm pounds the panhandle with winds topping 80 miles per hour. evacuations and rescues overnight. millions on alert along the east coast as the heads north. a weekend washout and travel nightmare for the holiday. breaking right now, global recall. samsung the world's biggest smartphone maker sending a major alert after reports dozens of devices burst into flames. quarterback colin kaepernick once again refuses to stand during the national anthem overnight. this time as service members are honored in front of him on military night. now outrage growing over his protests as more athletes join him across the country.


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