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tv   Live on 5  ABC  September 2, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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according to a new cnn poll, looking at five national polls, her lead over donald trump has been cut in half since a post convention balance last month. anchor rob powers is following the late breaking developments tonight. we have been digging into the report and the fbi notes for a while. the fbi's re lees release. the bureau said it had redact #d classified information under the freedom of information act. that testimony could fall under that umbrella. there's a great deal of interest
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have said. as for clinton the fbi says during her teen your under tenure under obama there was no criminal neglect. still talking politics, donald trump meantime received his second national security briefing today before heading to court, african american voters approach. >> reporter: last time a republican presidential candidate was 1988. he feels he can cut into clinton's base in philadelphia he might have a shot. some african americans leaders are in north philadelphia. trump having a round table discussion with people on race and immigration. support among african americans
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digits. trump met with a family who lost a loved one to an illegal immigrant. hillary clinton has no clue what's going on with illegal immigration and doesn't care. >> he will continue his african american outreach tomorrow in michigan when he meets with thank you john, the battle over ohio's golden week continues today. the state democrats asked the u.s. supreme court to step in and delay the ruling that eliminated that week when people could register and vote at the same time. last month a lower court upheld the law. the ruling found there were
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vote. this is the satellite imagery of the storm's formation in the gulf. it was a category 1 hurricane with 80 miles per hour winds. the storm battling north leaving half a million people without power in florida and georgia after becoming the first hurricane in 11 years to make land fall in the sunshine state sending people scrambling higher ground. the governor of florida warning people stay inside and be safe. >> there's a lot of debris. including trees and falling limbs. do not travel on the roads until they're clear. >> governors from new york, georgia and virginia are embracing for a life threatening storm and a storm surge of 15 feet along the coast of new
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wednesday. incredible stuff. that remains under threat where tornado watch is currently in effect for south carolina. the center of the storm in south carolina and these would be the bands that could produce tornados. so tornado watches extended up now into north carolina. maximum sustained winds at 55 miles per hour. closer to home look at thi excellent time to be in northern ohio and enjoying something outdoor. dry weather nothing to worry about. we had a few sprinkles early this morning. 79 in akron in philly and 72 in mans field. friday night football, week number two. can't believe it already.
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into a incredible weather weekend? i'll have the answer coming up. 25,$000, was it wasted? that's what one local college student fears after learning her college is shutting down. what was wrong after brown mackey students got an e-mail. convicted judge get off easy. turner is out and coming home. plus an alarming spike in blood led levels in children. what parents need to know to keep their little ones safe. leon takes us to a place where the change of season means
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paul spoke with a student on
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it's closing. >> these are just older versions of the new ones. >> reporter: amber and her classmates college careers have hit a major road block. a for profit college with a private ownership, the medical assisted student was shocked when the college sent out this e-mail informing students the college is closing october 31. >> i don't know how i'm going to informed students they could transfer to the canton location more than 20 miles away but further from her home. >> it's an hour drive from my house and i can't do that every day, especially in the winter. >> reporter: the college is closing because their building lease is not being renewed. the parent company has had legal problems in the past.
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states they had to forgive $10 million in student loans. the attorney's. amber has left in bim bow paying 20,$000 for a 15-month program. she's finding it difficult to transfer credits. >> reporter: what are you worried about? >> transportation. am everything? >> a spokes person for the college did call me back but offered no new information. live in akron, news channel five. five. lauren lister has the
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student's release. >> reporter: brock turner early this morning walking out of the santa clara, the former stanford swimmer keeping his head down saying nothing driving away a free man. >> he should be in prison but not with us anymore. it was a wrong sentence. it's a terrible crime. >> reporter: earlier this year he pleaded not guilty, accused of sexual assaulting a young woman passed out drunk behind the dumpster a party. he was convicted but critics felt his sentence was too lenient. protestors tried to make the point at the jail after his release. behind the decision per ski who has received death threats and faces a recall campaign we don't believe he has the correct perspective to be ruling in sex crime cases and violence against women. he doesn't take them seriously. >> reporter: we're told the judge is not allowed to comment
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judge website he says "have a reputation for being unbias to both sides". gas stations being inspected fored this holiday weekend. most in southwest ohi sweep is also up north at least 30 skimming devices have been found on the ohio gas pumps since last october. if you pay with plastic it's safer to use them as credit since debit pins are more vulnerable. the safest option is cash. >> just use cash. i have had the most difficult time trying to figure out what to wear. last night i had long sleeves on because it was chilly.
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what you had on. >> you can't go wrong. >> at least he's not wearing shorts today. >> that's true, it is friday. >> we're going to have a great weather weekend all the way through monday. it doesn't get much better. when you string together four days of incredible weathers of a holiday weekend you mark it down as somhi let's go to our power of five. a quick glance. there's no rain shower activity out there. no worries about rain or overnight or through the entire weather weekend. 72 downtown. we'll start off right around 72 at 7:00 p.m. falling into the 60s. currently 72 degrees and comable
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incredible weather to go into a fair. anywhere out and about looking good. 71 in worster and 77 in millers burg and 79 in akron. clouds are out there. they're cumulous beginning to fade away as the sun goes down. those fair weather clouds fade out. here's hermine trapped against this stalled out front. that's why it's not coming north. it's east coast this weekend -- it's just not the place to be because this storm is heading right on up to the jersey shore and sit there between sunday and wednesday. just unbelievable stuff. for us it's all about high pressure and fair weather and sunshine and dry weather and warmer weather. so your evening, whatever you want to do outside, 07 #s at 6:00 and upper 60s at 8:00 with skies becoming clear and starry
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for cleveland. we'll drop you down to 58 degrees. tomorrow looking at 78. doesn't get much better than that. a bit warmer and akron 52 tonight. humidity staying low. your labor day forecast, we're getting a sneak peek ahead to monday. afternoon 86 for 70s. all in all a tremendous weather weekend. saturdays in the upper 70s and 82 sunday and 85 on monday and back into the 90s on tuesday, wednesday and thursday. all new at 5:00, millions of bees wiped out. this time we know exactly why. what beekeepers are saying after their colony was killed. all new at 6:00, the fbi
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picture. what the agency would do with
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tonight an official apology from officials in one south carolina county after spray of mosquito pesticides killed millions of bees. they were supposed to be warned the spray was happening but they weren't. they were devastated to find colonies wiped out and hope lessons are learned from this terrible mistake. >> you can point fingers and blame everyone. that won't accomplish anything. if we say how important they are to the environment and how unhealthy it is to airline
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there. bees on the the only ones at risk. an epa document says people should bring grills and pet and children toys during an airline spray but no one was given notice. it strikes in your sleep. a new treatment could help people suffering from sleep apnea breathe easier. millions of americans suffer from central your body doesn't send a signal to the brain telling it to breathe. it's a mark which some may find uncomfortable. it's a device similar to a pacemaker that's implanted under the skin in your chest and sends a signal your brain is missing to the muscles responsible for breathing. check your hand soap out. today the fda banned more than a dozen chemicals that have been
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soap. manufactures have failed to show they are safe and effective in killing germs. tricosi n has been suspected of interfering with hormone levels and creating drug resistant bacteria. we find out why cases among children tend to spike as they head back to school. a mother is getting ready for work. here's explosions outside and find her c
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they are spending more time inside their homes. the news comes as housing and urban development proposes lowering the level of lead in cal but -- in a child's blood before seeking the risk is higher if your home was built before 1978 eight
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things can be done to lower the risk.>> taking off your shoes can be helpful.>> reporter: also wet mopping in vacuuming regularly. eating a diet rich in calcium is also helpful. the main risks of exposure are paint and dust in our area.>> a woman believes she was targeted after a breakup when her car was set on fire. this was and kipling this morning. people who live in that neighborhood say they could hear explosive sounds when this car went up in flames. we spoke with the owner of the car, the mother -- and she had this message for whomever did this. >> you just didn't care. you didn't care. i have residents under me. two little girls.
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a weapon a few feet from the school. not clear if it's connected to the car fire. no one was hurt weather, what have you got on tap for the weekend?>> we weekend. no worries about rain all at all. things are looking great for whatever you want to do outside. dry weather will carry all through your holiday weather weekend. next up, a wider shot. for the next several hours along the lake erie shoreline, north breeze. 79 in akron, 78 over new silly. -- new silly.
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philadelphia. we will end up in the middle and upper 50s to begin saturday. wait till you see the next few days. you will love this forecast. create something great car reviews land, and create jobs. >> new at five, how a community got a chance to thrive. a vision for the future. first, your winning lottery
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>> in my world of weather, it's all about your world. love this shot from nature. she create some beautiful things. this rose has two centers and it, two flowers combined into one. a great shot from barb. sunrise and fog in streetsboro.
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jeff kramer, yesterday's low clouds. a fall like sky. finally, the saga of my new little puppy dog. honestly, dad, i have no idea who chewed your shoe. can you be mad at this little face? i couldn't, either.
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or >> if you look at the sky and the changing landscape, you don't need us to tell you autumn is approaching.>> marcus going to like this. the new season brings many things, including the knowledge it will be time to harvest grapes for wine. leon bibb is here to share his latest my ohio series. filled to the brim with od was told the grapes were nearly ready, i went to a vineyard. it was there i found more than i had expected. this is a story of a great deal more than grapes online. it is near time for grapes. grapes are robust, some ready to give. a vineyard on the north coast of ohio, it has been a good season. expectation is wine from these
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you are in a vineyard where workers are people of patient's. patience is necessary. still, once the pallet gets ready for wine, not today, not yet, but soon. >> this is all turning brown. that means harvest is coming.>> reporter: the lands were good soil, favorable weather, and prayers may lead to a good yield of great, this vineyard under a warm sun begins on a trip through asphalt it treats of the historic neighborhood where two roads intersect in the traffic like blinks from red to green. this is a heart of so -- heart of cleveland's tough neighborhood. yes, friend, this, too, is
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the grapes got too mac heavy and pulled loose.>> reporter:
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how about 82 on sunday? any complaints? labor day, 85. send your checks. now we start 90 degree weather tuesday through thursday. hot and muggy with a few storms. enjoy your weekend and stay safe. here is was coming up at six. the fbi wants to access millions of drivers license photos. why they want them and who is pushing or >> a presidential candidate makes an embarrassing mistake. how the candidate and crew ended up in the wrong city. first, the navy's blue angels are back. you probably heard them. a sneak peek at one of the
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one of the biggest events this weekend will be the
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back this year. this time they have a local guy flying with them. we spoke to the akron canton native who knows how to grab a piece of the sky.>> my dad would bring me every year. i never thought that i would actually be a part of the team and be back year. >> through and specs planes to make sure the aircraft and landing gear are working properly as well as keeping the planes looking great. he hopes to inspire others the crowd an update to a news channel 5 exclusive. a 16-year-old girl is heading to the paralympics in brazil. parma high school gave lauren deluca a special sendoff. she is the number one person in the nation for this. , wheelchair fencing. she is the only american to qualify for rio.>> my goal is to have fun. i do better competing when i
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fun. lauren was born with cerebral palsy. the left side of her body is weaker than the right. lauren says she never considered her condition is a robot. that has only made her work harder and become stronger. she is already looking forward to 2020.>> how about that? that is it for live in five.>> we will send it ahead for a look at what's coming up at six. or >> drivers license photos, who is a private. a chase through for gnome jurisdictions. we want to know why police were allowed to continue the chase
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news channel 5 at six is
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live, always investigating, always on your side, news channel 5 starts now.>> we all take strides to make sure our personal information stays exactly that, personal. what if a photo in your wallet ended up as part of an fbi investigation?>> we discover the fbi wants to access the database of millions of ohio driver's license photos to scan for a possible suspect. we have been digging into this topic. reporter: the aclu of ohio is asking the atty. gen. to deny access to those photos, saying it would make everyone a suspect. could your face be in the next police photo lineup?>> is big brother.>> it's an invasion of privacy. >> reporter: the atty. gen. told me there had been inquiries about the fbi accessing the database,


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