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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  September 7, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. donald trump and hillary clinton on attack. >> the secret is he has no plan. >> putin looks at her and he laughs, okay. >> trading sharp jabs over her e-mail, his taxes and isis. a war of words even before the debate. >> tropical storm alert. newton heading for arizona on its way to making history as the southwest and the midwest brace for dangerous rain and flash floods. fox news fallout. former anchor gretchen carlson gets $20 million in a massive settlement after those bombshell sexual harassment allegations against ex-chief roger ailes. the secret recordings that could be behind the deal and why is another top star leaving
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presidential candidate and the brothers taking on the ballroom. the whole "dancing with the stars" cast here for their first live interview and our biggest party yet. >> a megasexy, megahit. >> you don't want to miss it only on "gma." ? oh whoa whoa ? and good morning, america. that's not all who is here today. lo with the stars" here for our big party this morning. we have a lot of fun this wednesday. >> that's right, the full cast as you can see arriving and michael, trust us, it's always a wild and crazy morning. >> yeah, george warned mean and said, michael, brace yourself. laurie hernandez, ryan lochte, the olympian, marcia brady, aka maureen mccormick is here. vanilla ice is here and former presidential candidate rick perry. every year we say how can they
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>> our spies say rick perry can actually dance. >> i didn't know we had spies. >> george always has the inside on everything. speaking of presidential candidates, just 62 days until the election and the war of words reaching a fever pitch. both candidates painting their opponent as a danger to national security. trump's campaign manager kellyanne conway is here. george is going to speak with her live in just a moment. but first abc's jon karl is on the trail in greenville took on hillary clinton and her e-mails overnight. good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning, robin. trump went after clinton using that recently released fbi report on her e-mails to say that she is unfit for office which, of course, is exactly what hillary clinton says about donald trump. overnight in north carolina, donald trump offered a point-by-point indictment of hillary clinton. he zeroed in on the fbi report revealing how her staff
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used as secretary of state. >> they used hammers to destroy phones so they couldn't be turned over and, by the way, who uses 13 different iphones? in four years? who. the only people who use that many phones are usually involved in very, very and i mean very shady activity. worst than watergate prompting chance of lock her up from his supporters. >> let's do better than that. let's win on november 8th. >> reporter: the actual debates are weeks away, but the candidates are already engaged in a virtual debate. on foreign policy. >> putin looks at her and he laughs, okay. he laughs. >> he says he has a secret plan to defeat isis.
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have no plan. >> reporter: on veterans. >> his whole campaign has been one long insult to all those who have worn the uniform to protect our most cherished american values. >> hillary clinton said everything is working just fine. she doesn't know that people are standing on line for seven days to see a doctor and dying. >> reporter: but as trump hit clinton for lack of transparency. she fired back at him for telling abc news that nobody cares about his taxes. >> i just think he's dead wrong. story that the american people deserve and need to know. >> reporter: but overnight trump said he would release his tax returns immediately if clinton releases all of her deleted e-mails. >> let her release her e-mails and i'll release my tax returns immediately. >> reporter: now, just a few seconds after making that pledge that he would be open to releasing his tax returns, george, he seemed to take it back saying that would be, of
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of his taxes were complete. meanwhile, both clinton and trump will appear on the same stage tonight, although at different times at a national security forum in new york. >> that's right, jon karl, thanks very much. let's talk about it with kellyanne conway, donald trump's campaign manager and i want to start out with national security because that's what you'll talk about tonight. have you shown you are moving up in the polls over the last week. clinton super pac is hitting back hard with this new ad. >> i'm really war in a certain way. including with nuke, yes, including with nukes. i know pore about isis than the generals do, believe me. >> i love war, putting nuclear weapons on the table. the clinton says that's irresponsible? >> what's irresponsible is cherry picking little snippets of what he said. this woman was secretary of
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that record and she will be held account for that record. she's actually been in control of many aspects of our national security and our troops and defense and i think that given all of her super pac including her campaign having spent over $200 million most in paid advertising one wonders why is n she not at 50%, 60% in the polls. >> what does he mean when he says i love war. >> i'd have to see the entire commanders in chief have made the very difficult decision to go to war. you have hillary clinton as secretary of state calling a russia reset that didn't work, wrong on libya, wrong on syria and certainly wrong on benghazi and i think they'll both be held to account for that. we need to -- this is why it's so important to come out of hiding and glad mrs. clinton has done that because people deserve a conversation with the candidates and don't just do ads against each other. we do very few ads.
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support him yesterday and did a military preparedness town hall in virginia then he was in north carolina and got to talk to the voters directly. >> those conversations are coming. mr. trump has been hitting clinton on the clinton foundation saying it's pay to play but front page in new york new york says a lot of contribution that his foundation made to pam bondi, the attorney general of florida. now, the time line they spoke on the phone. an investigation was announced into trump $25,000 check. the investigation is called off. if that were mrs. clinton wouldn't you be calling that pay to play. >> i would ask her what happened and in the case of mr. trump and attorney general bondi, they said they never discussed the trump university lawsuit. mr. trump -- >> they did talk on the phone at that time period. >> they may have talked about anything. he has a residence in florida. >> she asked for a contribution. >> for her re-election. he has supported many, many republican candidates.
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clinton used the state department as a con sercierge f many foreign donors. half the meetings by those who gave money. a man who gives consistently to republican candidates in the re-election and had her official taff that we pay for, bartering for position and bartering for state dinners and, you know, just making contributions that are inappropriate, the state department is a very busy place. we should get human rights for disrespected and not worry about foreign governments coming in. >> roger ailes, fox news paying a $20 million settlement over those -- that sexual harassment lawsuit. a lot reporting mr. ailes is helping with attack lines. is that appropriate in light of this settlement? >> so, i'm at trump tower every day. i've never seen mr. ailes there. i saw him one time for lunch recently. he was at lump and --
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because mr. trump speaks to many people on the phone when i'm there there and have known each other for 30 years prefox news and prepresidential politics. >> kellyanne conway, thanks. >> thanks for having me. now to that deadly hurricane to hit mexico on the move this morning and the tropical storm could make history in the u.s. and ginger has been tracking the storm and, ginger, what do we have. >> newton a tropical storm in northwestern mexico about to cross the border into arizona. that's t storm in arizona and that is rare. so if it does indeed stay a tropical storm and make its way right there over tucson, not only see wind and a lot of rain but only the sixth time in recorded history that arizona has direct impact from a tropical storm. so what does that mean for you? you can get 2 to 4 inches falling quickly. it is so dry in the southwest as we know with a lot of drought in place, that's going to be a big issue. you can also see the moisture get trapped as far north as wisconsin so, michael, not only
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swath of the country but my mother-in-law lives in tucson so there is a lot of work here and, janice, i got you, all right. >> may be moving in with you. >> right. >> a little bit. >> that's right. >> thank you, ginger. the latest on bill cosby. he appeared in a pennsylvania court yesterday where a judge set a june trial date for a sexual assault case and linsey davis has been covering it from the start, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. bill cosby's lead attorney says his client has been the victim of racial bias and prejudice. and while he contends that for the past 1 assault allegations against cosby have pleaed out in the court of public opinion nine mops from now they will be laid out in criminal court when his client goes to trial. bill cosby will have his day in court no later than june 5th of next year. his legal team says they welcome the trial date. >> the time has come for somebody somewhere to shine a spotlight on the trampling of this man's civil rights and that time is now. >> reporter: the three counts of
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assault stemmed from an alleged incident in 2004. former temple university employee andrea constand alleges that he drugged and molested her at his pennsylvania home. she is one of at least 50 women who have accused the comedian of sexual assault. prosecutors hope to paint cosby as a serial offender and are asking the judge to allow 13 accusers to testify at the trial. women that they say could demonstrate a pattern of behavior that's consistent with >> if it wasn't important we wouldn't be seeking to introduce it. >> reporter: cosby has maintained all along that the encounter with constand was consensual and long denied the other allegations. >> women should not be objectified but not at the cost of sacrificing every person's fundamental right to be deemed innocent before proven guilty. >> reporter: cosby's lead attorney says they'll likely ask for a change of venue but the judge points out that due to the
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case has garnered it'll be difficult to find prospective jurors anywhere who are not familiar with the details of the case. now to that big break in the case of a missing child who vanished nearly 27 years ago, a minnesota man confessing in chilling detail about ab ducking and killing 11-year-old jacob wetterling in 1989. abc's alex perez has all the details for us, good morning, alex. >> reporter: hey, good morning, robin. investigators say the man responsible for jacob's death it wasn't until they nabbed him on a different case that he finally confessed. after nearly three decades jacob wetterling's family and friends in a minnesota courtroom finally learning the horrific truth about his disappearance. >> i want to say, jacob, i'm so sorry. >> reporter: heinrich confessing in court as part of a plea deal. the 53-year-old already behind bars for child pornography charges.
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person of interest but the confessed murderer. >> reporter: he revealed grim details of his death admitting he abducted him and sexually abused him before shooting him. >> an 11-year-old boy was kidnapped from the streets of st. joseph, minnesota. >> reporter: in 1989 wetterling vanished riding his bicycle with his brother and friend. police reporting a masked gunman kidnapped the boy leading to a massive search for any leads behind his >> mornings are i think the worst for me. >> reporter: the case growing cold until heinrich gave the fbi a tip last week. >> he led investigators to the burial site finally we knew, finally the wetterling family could lay their son to rest. >> for us, jacob was alive till we found him. >> reporter: and heinrich -- jacob's parents, i should say,
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for missing children. heinrich under the plea deal will spend 20 years behind bars. robin. >> all right, alex, thank you. we're definitely thinking of jacob's family this morning. amy with today's other top stories starting with a nationwide manhunt. >> that's right. breaking overnight, a murder suspect escaping from police custody in las vegas has been captured after a four-day manhunt. alo alon alonsso pierre president. police confirmed they found a vehicle packed with gas cylinders outside notre dame cathedral sunday. local media says the car's owner was on a government watch list. two suspects have been arrested. and there are new details on the $1.7 billion the u.s. paid iran this year. the obama administration now acknowledging the payment was made entirely in cash. critics claim the payment was
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but the white house insists it was a settlement stemming from the 1970s and says cash was necessary because sanctions blocked iran from using the global banking system. well, a record-breaking american astronaut has returned to earth joining two russians in a soyuz capsule landing in central asia. jeff williams spent six months on the space station during four missions, he spent a record 534 days in orbit. and an unusual landing for suspected drunk driver in connecticut. his car ended up lodged into this building eight feet off the ground. police say he fled but was caught just a short time later but what a stunning photo there. finally basketball superstar steph curry is on a promotional tour overseas and decided to join a game in thigh want but watch what happened when he tried to make one of his famous three-point shots, boom, he was blocked. >> whoa.
7:16 am
curry complimented the young man and then invited him to join his basketball camp in the u.s. but, you know, he made 402 three-pointers last season alone. just took that one 17-year-old, i don't think so. not so fast. >> every kid will try to block his shots when he goes to his camp. >> picture his whole life. that's fantastic. >> absolutely. and another thing everybody is excited about, big apple announcement. a lot of people are anticipating this, lots of talk that an iphone 7 will be revealed later to is in san francisco outside the auditorium with the announcement is expected. good morning, neal. how are you. >> reporter: big day out here. >> really big day. you remember when your iphone was this size. that's about the size of my thumb right now. but now what do you remember -- what do you expect from this new iphone 7? what can we look forward to? >> i have one of my ole ones too. it looks like a toy next to the
7:17 am
come but now i think the new iphone we'll see today is not going to be as drastic a change at least in appearance from the iphone 6. >> the big thing everyone is talking about is no headphone jack. a lot of us have bought headphones. i know have. some really expensive. what is going on with that something that's reality? >> reporter: here's what we're expecting from the new iphone 7 and it is actually one of the smallest parts right down there, you're right. it's that headphone jack. we think away. taking that real estate back. possibly for another speaker, possibly to make the phone more waterproof. possibly for a larger battery. another big change we're expecting is for the first time that home button won't be an actual physical button that you can push in. it'll be a touch sensitive area on the phone and one other big thing, it's not as sexy but important, possibly more storage, 32 gigs in the base model. that's a big deal for a lot of people who are constantly having
7:18 am
make room. but you're right it's that headphone jack that has a lot of people buzzing. you'll likely get an adapter or have to buy an adapter so you won't have to throw out those expensive headphones and might possibly be wireless headphones too. >> i don't know about you but i think more storage is very sexy. very sexy to me. always use more storage. >> you're heading into dangerous territory right there. >> without going there too early. we can see that iphone 7 on the show soon. let's go back to ginger with know in the rks and heat in the east. >> yes, you know it's autumn when we're looking at this. this is montana so this is higher elevation, right. but they did get the snow and summer not over at all. the heat and humidity building and feel like the 90s and 100s from the mid-atlantic through the northeast through the rest
7:19 am
. go check this out. we have got rain. some action on the radar right now, a line of shower moved in from lake erie and right now, traversing over 90, heading into downtown cleveland as well as parts of lake county and outside of menner into painesville. and into the day, the rain threat is not going to be the major headline. the highs in the low to mid-90s and that is going to be a hot one out there. we stand a chance for a few isolated showers and thunderstorms. have a great day. coming up that major fox
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harassment allegations, gretchen carlson receiving a $20 million settlement and surprised to learn that greta van susteren is leaving fox, as well. our biggest "dancing with the stars" cast party ever. everybody is excited. all the stars and pros together live for the first time right here in times square. look at them go. ? safe and sound ? picking up for kyle. here you go. you wouldn't put up with part of a pizza. um. something wrong? so when it comes to pain relievers,
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gear up for school.
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. time now is 7:23. i'm nick foley here at the live desk. breaking news from overnight. the suspect smashed into the store on the east side while the owner is asleep with the family upstairs and this happened at mickey's river market at the 1200 block of addison road. the surveillance video shows a car slamming into the brick building. the atm inside that left intouched. the owner actually lives above the storage. he said there were two or three men wearing hoodies and the family woke up to the pounding of the building outside. also breaking from overnight, cleveland police looking to a possible robbery and shooting after a car shows up with bullet holes. the officers responded to the employee entrance to find a vehicle that appeared to be shot several types. we don't know what condition the driver is in this morning. we're told that the shooting
7:24 am
and cedar road. and we'll be right back in two minutes with more news and
7:26 am
. good morning. welcome back. take a look and going straight to the radar now. tracking some light showers, moderate to heavy at times where you're seeing the deeper reds down there in strongsville. we move up here and skirt along the lakeshore. you can see moving from lake county into the chimney portion of geauga county is going to be impacted by the showers this morning and we're waking up to a line of wet weather for some the rest of us dry. temperatures awfully warm. 78 in menner and madison, 77, bedford; they're only going from here. 63 in ashland heights today, in the 90s. and that is going to be a hot one. >> and the weather is causing traffic issues and 90 eastbound after west 25th and seeing green on the screen there because of the rain. the slow traffic on 71 and that is past west 25th and get a
7:27 am
is where that accident is. you can see the visibility is an issue as well. we'll see you in 25 minutes
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? welcome back to "gma." take a look at that winning moment from season 22 of "dancing with the stars." nile and peta crowned the champs. this morning, the brand-new cast here live coming into times square. the dancing has already begun. we got a big performce >> can't wait for that just moments away from that. also right now donald trump and hillary clinton trading attacks ahead of the first debates which are just weeks away. trump's campaign manager spoke live with george kellyanne conway and she questioned hillary clinton's record on national security and says she doesn't know if roger ailes is giving trump advice. president obama is overseas this morning making history with his trip to laos. the first sitting american president to visit there touring
7:31 am
this morning and revealing he'd like to work with young people once he leaves office. also this morning, the boss, bruce springsteen, he's used to making millions of fans happy at his concerts rocking out for nearly four hours but this morning the very surprising revelation from the boss himself opening up in a way he's never done before about some dark days and what's behind them and we'll have all those details on our big board. >> chris connelly talking about them. >> serious revelations. bombshell announcements from carlson a staggering $20 million to settle a suit against roger ailes. amy is here with the latest and, amy, that other surprise longtime anchor greta van susteren announced she is out, as well. >> greta is out and gretchen is getting a big settlement when she filed her lawsuit two months ago no one knew what would happen taking on one of the most powerful men in the news business, seemed like a big risk but now she has won a major victory and the fallout may be
7:32 am
>> $20 million. >> settled sexual discrimination lawsuit. >> fox news making headlines of its own just two months after the bombshell lawsuit from former "fox & friends" anchor gretchen carlson against roger ailes for sexual harassment. the network's parent company is settling for $20 million. the announcement after a scathing "new york" magazine article announcing she was secretly recording conversations according to the report in one recording he allegedly told her, i think you and i should have had a sexual relationship a long time ago and then you'd be good and better and i'd be good and better. >> the parent company wanted this to be over and done with. they're trying to have this be part of the past. not part of their future. >> reporter: in an unprecedented public apology to carlson 21st century fox said we sincerely regret and apologize for the fact that gretchen was not
7:33 am
dignity that she and all of our colleagues deserve." carlson whose contract expired in june responded saying, i'm ready to move on to the next chapter of my life in which i will redouble my efforts to empower women in the workplace. as roger ailes who always denied the allegations resigned from fox news two weeks after the lawsuit was filed, his lawyers told abc news, he is not contributing to the $20 million settlement and just minutes after that settlement made news, an abrupt statement the departure of greta van susteren. >> there's so much going on beyond on the record. >> reporter: fox news saying we are grateful for greta's many contributions over the years and wish her continued success. later that day, greta writing on her facebook page, fox has not felt like home to me for a 2350u years. a source close to greta told abc news she exercised what is called the key man clause in her contract which allowed her to leave if ailes was no longer at the helm.
7:34 am
in a phone interview with "the new york times" there is so much chaos it's very hard to work there. and as a part of ailes' severance package he received a reported $40 million payout which would be double what carlson will receive in her settlement. george. >> yeah, and he's not paying any part of the carlson settlement. let's talk to dan abrams about it. pretty unusual to see that apology from fox news -- i mean from 21st century fox in addition to paying the $20 million. we also have other cases being settled. will that open the door. >> the 20 million will open the door to new cases. wow, they're willing to pay 20 million in a case like this. nationally, the average sexual harassment settlement is five figures meaning 50,000 to $100,000 range. you're talking about 20 million. gretchen carlson was not one of the higher paid people at fox news. so this is a gigantic settlement
7:35 am
written apology is incredibly unusual and you know that that was part of the settlement agreement. >> demand. >> this was not just something fox decided to put out. incredibly unusual to see this kind of number and apology. >> the other unusual element she sued roger ailes personally yet 21st century fox makes the settlement. >> it was always clear it was going to come down to them because he was working for them. you can try to sue him the one accountable but when he's working in his capacity as the chairman of fox news, they're going to be the ones that have to pay for it at the end. >> you won't be surprised to see more suits. >> there's still the statute of limitations. you can't start bringing stuff up from many, many years ago. there has to be stuff relatively recent, last few years or so for it to be a legitimate lawsuit. >> how about this gretchen carlson case. her husband a prominent attorney, as well.
7:36 am
litigation could be coming. >> seems what happened greta tried to play hardball when interest came to negotiations and saw an opportunity, had an opportunity legally to get out of her contract if roger ailes was no longer there. she basically says to fox, i want out of my contract. and they say, well, we're not going to negotiate. it's over. we're done. so she may have overstated her import to fox and as a result, made a bad call when it came like there could be additional legal wrangling between her and fox as well. >> dan abrams, thanks very much. >> all right, very interesting. coming up on our big board, rock 'n' roll legend bruce springsteen opening up about his difficult battle with depression. what's behind it. the latest on how he's doing, plus, the colin kaepernick debate is heating up again as team usa's hockey coach steps in threatening to bench players who don't tan for the national anthem.
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i love going there. welcome back. time for our big board and our team of insiders is standing by live for more on this morning's top stories. chris connelly is here. we love it when we somebody here at the desk. >> i'm sitting here. >> best-looking guy sitting right here. >> i doubt that. >> i love that. let's start with the boss because we're hearing that music right now. bruce springsteen, the music ledge lend whose bring so much joy to fans now opening up about his ongoing battle with depression. he talks about it in the october issue of "vanity fair." the cover story coming as he prepares to release his revealing autobiography "born to run." first time that a lot of us are hearing about this. tell us about the scope of his depression sdmre mentioned two specific bouts with depression in the last seven years. really debilitating bouts that were lengthy in nature and he says his guys in east street
7:40 am
"this depression" but at home it was definitely a factor and credits his wife patty with being able to spot when something is wrong and this man needs a pill. a sobering thing from someone. he's heard the cheers across the country, a lot in the same stadium, michael, where you heard them back in the day. >> filled it more than we did. more than we did. >> but when you leave the stage it's just not the same. >> a different thing. real life. when he talked to "vanity fair" this is what he said. his father suffered depression. he was afraid he would go down the same path that his father did. he said you don't know the ills in' parameters. can i get sick enough to where i become a lot more like my father than i thought i might? which is what -- what was his father like? >> "vanity fair" telling us he was prone to paranoia and bursts of tears and things like that their turbulent relationship deeply chronicled in many of his most powerful songs and stories he would tell and the "vanity
7:41 am
history of mental history on his father's side. how insidious this is someone who is so familiar with the joy he brings to audiences and who gets so much joy from the people who cheer for him would face this on an ongoing basis and share it with the world. >> how big -- no one wants to talk about it. people they look at it. pull yourself out of it. >> in locker room, cubicles. pull yourself up. cheer up. he understands going forward with the full knowledge and support of hit family so that's got to be a positive thing around the country. >> one of the highlights of the career of "gma" member, remember when we had the -- was it asbury park and to be there and he took over our entire show several years back, what a morning. >> he is the key popular figure for so many. >> this announcement is going to help a lot of people. >> i hope so. >> we're pulling for him and everybody else.
7:42 am
comes from that deep introspection. >> thank you, chris. now to the latest sports figure wading into the debate. john tortorella head coach of team usa telling espn if any of my players sit on the bench for the national anthem they will sit there the rest of the game. we have espn stephen a. smith joining us now and there he is. there is the guy. >> buckle up. >> what's going on. >> a little preacher black suit on. black tie. it's such a divisive issue. why even enter into the conversation? >> well, it beats me. he really had no business ingratiating himself into the situation. what i really have a problem with is his position on this. it's one thing if you're representing the nfl or the nba, a private industry. but we're talking about team usa, we're talking about first amendment rights under the united states constitution and when you consider it it that
7:43 am
want to sit and pooh-pooh usa values seems a bit nonsensical to me and i think it's beyond the pale and if john doesn't change his position i think he's somebody that should be replaced as team usa coach. there's simply no excuse. >> some would argue with that, stephen a., here he is talking about his son serving in the military and when you talk about that, that really gets people going on both sides of the issue and it's interesting, we saw many reports. kaepernick is the top seller. >> yeah. >> right now. what do you think that says? >> i think it says that we're a guided nation. you have some people that are looking and highly sensitive to what colin kaepernick had to say in terms of bringing up the police violence and brutality and as it pertains to the african-american community and those on the other side that don't appear to be as sensitive to that particular plight. no matter what way you slice it, here's what it comes down to, regardless of how divided of a nation anissa weier still one
7:44 am
the world and one of the reasons why is because of the rights that individual liberties come with. if you have the freedom of speech in this country under the united states constitution's first amendment that ultimately supersedes everything. so we can respect where tortorella is coming from and certainly respect where people from our military men and women are sensitive to this and have every right to be. what we stand for is what it comes down to and if colin kaep team usa rights and the coach shouldn't say i am going to sit you down if you don't abide by what i think. >> a lot of passion there in if he does step down you may havet to a san francisco couple so
7:45 am
going -- video going viral, it captured an awkward movement when the groom tried to remove the garter. i want to read something here. the company said we are very disappointed and upset by the situation and we have spent considerable time removing our video from the internet. they said our video. what do you read into the video belongs to the company, the defendant in this case. that's what's see interesting and a little known fact. videos and photos taken by wedding photographers are owned by the company. the photographers and the videographers. under copyright law they can do whatever they please with it including disseminating it on the internet. >> so before you -- i just learned something from that. >> did you know that, chris?
7:46 am
in cave paintings. >> sunny, if you have somebody video is there a way you can have a contract that give you the rights that you own the pictures of yourself and your family. >> absolutely because my wedding video is in my safe at my house because of all the stuff that's on it and that's because as a lawyer i knew to negotiate. negotiate. negotiate. so the little-known fact that you can negotiate is very, videographer and photographer, listen, transfer those copyrights to me and that way you have full ownership. the other thing in this case is no judgment here, but maybe drink just a little bit less so that your wedding video doesn't necessarily go viral. i mean, wedding is one day. your video going viral is forever. >> yeah, what's that stuff on your video that you got it all
7:47 am
chris, thank you. stephen, thank you, sunny, thank you, as well and coming up, t.j.'s got the scoop on taylor swift and tom hiddleston. t.j. >> yeah, this is a tough one for this actor. might have lost his girlfriend. the biggest pop star in the world but maybe lost out on one of the most coveted jobs in acting, george, i've got your hiddleswift update coming next. alzheimer's disease is out there. by funding scientific breakthroughs, advancing public policy, and providing local support to those living with the disease and their caregivers. but we won't get there without you. visit to join the fight. wish your skin could bounce back like it used to?
7:48 am
c acid it plumps skin cells with intense hydration and locks it in. for supple, hydrated skin. hydro boost. from neutrogena ? ? ?
7:49 am
a leading consumer testing publication recently tested the top laundry detergents. the winner - persil 2 in 1, didn't only beat tide... it beat every single detergent tested. boom. switch to persil proclean 2 in 1. #1 rated. t.j.'s here. >> why you making that face? >> you said you were going to enlighten george about this. >> everything you know about hiddleswift can be summed up by olivia newton-john -- ? summer loving had me a blast ? ? summer loving happened so fast ? this was three months, all right. and it's over. she's the biggest pop star on the planet. he was the guy in line to become
7:50 am
this short footage in rhode island where we first got a glimpse of them. just two weeks after her breakup with calvin harris. she went over to the uk. he came over to nashville to meet hers. now it's over. >> wore the t-shirt. >> yes. >> that's your new james bond. i love t.s. that does not -- >> come on. >> okay, now let's move on. they are actually saying this could have cost him the role of james bond because -- >> maybe it's the other way around. >> because they broke up together. >> because they were together. because it's a tough sell -- are you going to go watch taylor swift's boyfriend take down a terrorist conglomerate? maybe not. it says maybe it could have cost him. the internet did what it does on this. lost their mind. hiddleswift was trending. but it's over three months. just a summer romance. >> if he's not bond who will be bond now. >> daniel craig. >> daniel craig. >> he is going to get paid. >> oh, yes. >> you really own that.
7:51 am
>> i tried. "dancing with the stars" party coming up. whole cast here live. live. if you're searching other travel sites to find a better price...
7:52 am
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gearheads... and those with green thumbs. to the sticky... the stinky... even those who get a little icky. to all the beautiful mess makers, keep it up... with delta in2ition plus h2okinetic, you can. see what delta can do. back here on "gma" we are behind the scenesit eclectic group doing tom's hair. >> thank you. >> i got to get this piece back because it's shopped so be careful with it. >> please stay with us.
7:55 am
7:56 am
. good morning, time now is 7:56 and iitt tech is shutting down 130 campuses and leaving students withup finished degrees and no hope of getting their money back. and itt was banned from enrolling new fined iss. the school said it can't survive u.s. department of educatio students and can't guarantee all credits will transfer. and talking about this story here. the police in homes county busted. four officers swarmed the field party and about one thousand people were there and according to the dally roar, concerned parents called the sheriff's office and 73 people were
7:57 am
back from vacation and i am sorry. >> and we have rain and let's thing and storms and showers. and they can be heavy at times and heads up. rain is heading your way and into burton and geauga county and into ashtabula county and southern portions of cuyahoga and this is moving through, the rest dry and menner, 78 degrees in parts of burton, 63 in ashland. and ultimately, we can agree that it's warm this time of the year and morning. the temperatures today going higher and we're talking 90s this afternoon and a mix of sun and clouds and a threat throughout the day and that is i look at the forecast. over to you. and the weather is causing issues on the roadways without accidents that we're tracking right now and the right lane is
7:58 am
looks like some slow traffic on 90 westbound and that is where there is ponding on the roadways and 90 eastbound, west 25th and looking at the odot cameras and they're 12 looks and you can see the top left and right. a lot of slowdowns and we're back in 25 minutes with more
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. on the attack. trump and clinton going after each other. >> the only people who ice that many phones are usually involved in shady activity. >> clearly his tax returns tell a story that the american people deserve and need to know. security, taxes, immigration. the latest right now. ? why i got you on my mind ? patrick dempsey opens up about reconciling with his wife. the lessons he says he learned after they separated. what brought them back together and why their marriage is now healthier and happier. ? and we're kicking off our biggest dance party ever.
8:01 am
lochte, laurie hernandez. >> marcia, marcia, marcia. >> maureen mccormick and more. tangoing into new york city with the all-star pros. here live for their first cast interview and spilling secrets. >> hey. >> 10. >> 10. >> only on "gma." get excited, everybody, our dance party starts right now from -- derek, what do you say -- >> good morning, america. >> all right, derek, take it away. >> i'm ? summer nights when you cry ? ? no no no no ? ? endless tears bring them here ? ? no no no ? ? i'm going to make it right you're gonna love me right hold me and don't let go oh ? ? just want to make you feel good feel good ?
8:02 am
? because the fire don't need a reason to burn what i do and i wish to make you feel good ? ? just wanna make you feel good ? ? [ cheers and applause ] >> i love it when y'all are here and love the dancing. more of that coming up. inside to robin and george. >> what a performance. i'm telling you, george, every year i wonder how they're going to top themselves and every single time they are here, they do it. >> you know, not to know what's going to happen when you walk into work because you get blown away at 8 a.m. more surprises coming up including one big surprise for
8:03 am
will stop by all coming up this hour on "gma." first we got get the morning rundown from amy. >> the big story this morning the presidential race now focusing on national security as donald trump and hillary clinton step up their attacks. trump will speak this morning about increasing military spending and then tonight trump and clinton will appear separately at a national security forum in new york. we will get the latest on all of that now from abc's jonathan karl. good morning. jon. >> reporter: he is now for the fi he would approach the battle against isis. sort of. he is saying upon taking office he would give his generals 30 days to come up with a specific plan to defeat the terrorist organization. this after hillary clinton has said he has no clue what he's talking about when it comes to the military. clinton is also blasting trump for making a contribution to florida's attorney general pam bondi just as bondi decided not to join a lawsuit against trump
8:04 am
campaign manager kellyanne conway said the contribution is not an example of pay to play. >> i think there's actually no comparison between a man who gives consistently to republican candidates in the re-election, george, and a woman who is secretary of state had her -- had her official staff that we pay for bartering for position and bartering for state dinners and, you know, just making contributions that are inappropriate. >> reporter: hillary clinton is hitting trump for not releasing his tax returns. amy. >> all ri thank you. police in paris have launched a terrorism investigation after a car packed with gas cylinders was found outside notre dame cathedral. police have not confirmed reports that the driver was on a terror watch list. and there are new concerns about airport security. a government watchdog has found the undercovering testing of tsa screeners is unreliable. the watchdog found screeners often know the people who are doing the secret tests but still
8:05 am
recent tests. and a new setback in the battle against the zika virus. congress has once again failed to pass funding to stop the spread of that virus and democrats objected to a republican measure on planned parenthood added to the bill. thousands of college students are now cram scscrambl after itt is announced it is shutting down and banned students using federal financial aid. wild video from colorado. a woman looked outside and saw this, a her deck. the bear was able to grab the railing and pull itself up and eventually wandered off. that's incredible video but you got to look at this amazing photo, in fact, it could be the best summer vacation photo ever. this guy, yep, went snorkeling and snapped a selfie with a humpback whale. we do not recommend trying this at home but said he played and slashed around with the whales for 30 minutes and claimed that the whale even picked him up out
8:06 am
>> that's a real fish story. >> doesn't have a picture of that one. >> honestly thought, amy, you were going to say that was one whale of a time. >> i saved that one for you. >> we appreciate that. sara, it was so cute looking at you avoiding the dancers. >> that was so amazing. >> you're like -- moving around -- >> derek slid across the desk. i tried that four times. it never ended well. amazing. >> your eyes when you were watching it all. >> i didn't was great. in yeah. >> crazy in here. >> how about "pop news." >> i promise not to dance. time for "pop news." patrick dempsey opening up about reconciling with his wife. they sought guidance through couples therapy and came out stronger than ever and he shared what he learned explaining it's hugely important you've got to communicate and stay open and not get lazy and lots of snuggles, that's not what he said, but you know what i mean.
8:07 am
reconciliation. we're revealing more emmy presenters. the ceremony sure is to be a bit scandalous when kerry washington takes the stage. also presenting, tracee ellis ross of "black-ish" and chris rock. we're so excited for our friend jimmy kimmel to host the show airing september 18th, 7:00 p.m. right here on abc. >> nice poster. >> i can't get enough of jimmy kimmel. that guy could do anything. i need to have once. i need to see if he's as funny all night long -- >> makes good pizza. >> i wasn't going to ask him to cook for me but, jimmy, let's do it. back-to-school time and proud parents are sending their young ones back to the classroom. madonna striking a pose with her boys. i wonder if they're lime, mom. elton john's sons are dressed to the nines with matching briefcases. >> ah.
8:08 am
faith hill shared this video of her singing along to taylor swift as she dropped her daughter maggie off at college. take a look. ? oh, it's so sad -- good time you and i ? ? because you know we got bad blood ? >> when you go back to school with your mom as faith hill you got to sing, right? >> i can't believe her daughter is more like lgh believe -- in i'm getting this right now. >> how cool is that? >> so cute. >> how was back to school for you -- >> for me was great if harper just left about 30 minutes ago. she was a little nervous. >> yeah. >> first day of sixth grade. start to switch classes, that whole thing in my girls first time switching classes, they love it. they have a locker now but can't put a lock on it. they don't give the locks where they go to school.
8:09 am
i like that. >> to the right, to the left, to the left. the beyonce song. >> back to the left. coming up our biggest "dancing with the stars" party ever. two of our favorite troupe members are burning up the dance floor and the new cast members, there they are. and the new cast members are going head-to-head live. come on back. "gma's morning menu" is brought to you by centrum mul multigummies. now available for men and women.
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8:14 am
"dancing with the stars" out here in times square. the party just getting started. >> yes, it is. this is great up here. got a nice live audience up here, everybody. but we have four of the women who will be burning up the ballroom particular. we can't wait for that. we have marilu henner, maureen mccormick, terra jole and hernandez hernandez, welcome, ladies. marilu, we've seen you dance in "taxi" and you're partnered up with derek. you're the one everybody says could be the favorite? that was shot way before derek was born and my last dancing lesson ever was way before laurie was born so -- >> lowering expectations there a little bit. >> ballroom is so different. >> the one thing about you have an auto biographical memory. you still have it.
8:15 am
dances change so fast? >> you know, things keep changing and i keep -- we did it a couple days ago we did it differently. oh, no, i changed it. okay, i have to get something to extract it from my memory now so could be a curse too. i finally found a place where my memory might be a curse. >> terra, what made you decide to do the show? >> honestly i am honored to be the very first little person to ever be a part of "dancing with the stars." [applause] >> yes. >> and that i had a child a month ago i think that the biggest hurdle is really figuring out how this is going to work for me and i feel like if i can do this with my partner sasha and i can dance and really be taken seriously, then i can accomplish anything. >> better get notes from ginger on the baby thing. she did the same thing. >> we were just discussing how we were pumping in between.
8:16 am
that with ginger, not me. i have no idea. maureen, your mom florence henderson did season 11. did she have to twist your arm? have you reached out to her for any advice. >> i recently saw florence at a tv academy event and she was like, her daughter barbara said, you've got to do "dancing with the stars" and i was like, oh, no, no, no, no. you did it. you were amazing, florence, but i don't dance and it's my biggest fear in life, so -- >> no. >> you do now. >> you do now. you have no choice. >> i have no choice. >> now, laurie, we knew you took dance classes but your parents had to bribe you, cookies. what's val giving you? >> a chance at the mirrorball. >> you know, we don't have any cookies. let's get her cookies. we couldn't come up with any cookies but did bring you something, somebody should bring that out for us.
8:17 am
>> hi. [ cheers and applause ] hi. >> oh, my gosh. good luck. >> how are you? >> how are you? >> look. >> hello, simone. >> sit. >> i love you two are sharing a always teammates. once a teammate always a teammate. >> oh, yeah. >> simone, you brought something else for your teammate, didn't you? the shoes? >> i thought we had some food here, some pizza or something like that. >> wait, what? >> you like pizza. >> yeah, i like pizza. >> pizza is only after the meet. simone, we're hearing rumors about you too. you're going to watch laurie and come on "dancing" yourself someday. >> i would love to do "dancing with the stars" but right now laurie is going to do it for us.
8:18 am
excited to watch her. >> you'll get a chance to watch her live. >> yes, we're planning on it. it's weird because i've known her for so long. every time i see a commercial i fan girl. it's so weird. laurie is on tv. >> you guys are great. we have to go to robin. >> absolutely. >> you should have seen tom and i. we greeted each other the same way. >> was i not supposed to eat that pizza? >> you're going to have to go out and get another pizza. >> i will do that. interview with the whole cast and more from simone biles coming up next. would you please --
8:19 am
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8:22 am
back now with winning five medals at the rio games. captured our hearts. give them that smile. give them that smile. look at that. >> oh, getting ready to turn the page and start an exciting new chapter. great to have you here. we were watching you from afar. have you been able to really just enjoy the moment and all the things that are coming your way? >> yes, it's definitely exciting and i'm always gone from home. but it's very exciting and it's
8:23 am
the year before it's difficult. i know you're going to tour with your other teammates but to take the year off because it's very hard. when you train, you want to be 100% there. >> exactly. >> it's hard to do that with everything going on. >> yes, exactly so to travel and train there's just no way i can do 100% so a break is needed. >> yeah, break is needed. >> you mentioned home. boy, had a little homecoming for you in "h" town. what was that like for you. >> it was so crazy. for some reason i thought i was people at the airport and all of houston came and it was just crazy but i love them. >> that was the escort. how they got you home, right? >> that's my mom's car in my neighborhood. >> just like us. just like us. oh, that's wonderful but then you get to meet beyonce. the selfie with kim kardashian. >> it was crazy. >> all those things. do you want to pinch yourself sometimes? is it like a dream in yes, it is because you dream of these
8:24 am
like what else do i want now? >> oh, but, you know, you dream but you worked really hard. you worked really hard and so that's wonderful that you're able to enjoy it like you are and it's so great that you're going to own your own story and write your own story in a book that's coming out in november. "courage to soar." can you tell us about it. >> it's an autobiography and comes out in november so i'm super excited and it's on preorder now so i hope everyone goes to get it but it's life so they hear it from me. >> that's what's very important to you because you know as much as you love social media things can be said but i love how you're taking ownership and have a wonderful story with your parents and family and you're going to say it in your words. >> yes. >> that's the way it should be. we know a little something and michael gave it away upstairs. you talked to amy robach you said about a little something about is have. let's take a look at what you told amy. >> after every meet i have
8:25 am
have a big pizza party right here in times square for you. >> well, we live up to our promises. we are going -- i think tom bergeron went out. we have a pizza party and look at -- oh, michael is bringing out the pizza. laurie. >> i just love you. thank you. >> we were upstairs. i saw food and i love to eat. >> go ahead. >> oh, wow, look at it there. >> you guys are so >> you have to have a slice before we can have a slice. and i'm really hungry. >> right now? >> right now. >> it's okay. >> you can take yours up so i can have a slice. >> ah. >> now it's a party. let's get out to ginger, the party is on. >> yeah,ah, the party is on. we have a little salsa party going on. just in case you noticed, my shoes still fit. i totally put them back on and
8:26 am
>> and this morning, some of us waking up to dry conditions and others of us waking up to showers. you can see the direction heading south and east, parts of boston and seeing that. let's go ahead and go into ashtabula. we're seeing some of the lighter and more moderate to heavy showers in deep red and if you live in geauga county, we're getting lightning strikes d dealing with this morning. bainbridge and auburn. they will continue to move through and should be drying up around lunchtime. coming up, our huge "dancing with the stars" party is just getting started. the whole cast sitting down for
8:27 am
good morning, welcome back. if you just tuned in not too long ago, we were talking about the rain and have more time now. i want to dive deeper. this morning, we saw an onset over lake erie. currently right now, it's reached parts of boston in the corner and they continue to travel south and east. pretty heavy here in the orange and av the deeper reds. into pier pond and ashtabula county, south of 90 and you're going to wake up to the showers and this is who is getting hammered. we're talking about the deep reds and not only that, lightning and thundershowers right now in parts of geauga county into russell, bainbridge, newbury waking up to the heavy showers and this is going to continue to push farther south. man too a aurora getting hit with some heavier rain this
8:28 am
drying and clearing into the afternoon. the current temperatures, fairly warm. 79 degrees in menner; 75, euclid; 76, bedford and we shift into the south and western parts of our viewing area. also waking up to the mid-70s. this is pretty warm overall. okay, and we definitely have what we need to see some of those lightning strikes going off like in. >> august a. the highs are going to climb into the 90s. the rain chances are going to be on and off throughout much of the day. for the most past, we're looking at a mix a look at the power of 5 forecast. and let's look at the roads. john. >> and traffic is backing up because of the rain. look, you can see green the screen and the blues is where we're seeing ponding reported. the long backup on 77 and 71 and 90 and that is extending to the rocky river area. so, expect some delays in that area and a slowdown on the shorewell. and looking at the drive times quickly, 10, 24 minutes for 90
8:29 am
cameras right now. these are on four live looks. the big one, 71 near west 25th. the big backup.
8:30 am
? talk to me baby ? ? going crazy ? welcome back to our "dancing with the stars" extravaganza. we cannot wait to meet the cast. >> by the way, i got to he will you i love what you've done with the place here what you don't cocktails. that's lovely. no. >> that's not true in they're hammered. most of the audience hammered right now. >> i thought you were talking about us, not the audience. >> well, that's obviously but not them. >> you know, let's get this started. all right, pros, go get your partners. >> okay. >> hit it.
8:31 am
? message of the night will you join me till the morning light ? ? dance the night away because it feels right ? ? you can't stop me no ? ? you can't stop me no ? ? you can't stop me no ? ? ? ? 24/7 365 ? ? and we know the end is near ? ? you can't stop me no ? [ cheers and applause ] >> oh!
8:32 am
that is a taste of what is to come, we are in store for it again this season. >> yes, we are. i have a question for rob. aka vanilla ice. are we going to see some of those "ice ice baby" moves that will freeze up the dance floor. >> i might just clean the rust off them. see if i still got it. challenge for myself. >> you never lost it. what do you mean? >> hey, this is some fancy footwork. i'm out of my elm. i have to and learn what she knows. >> by the way, speaking of baby move, how are you doing? >> ah. >> i'm doing amazing, thank you, thank you. >> that's why i took this job. to get out of the house. >> it's better that way. >> so romantic. >> peta must love that one. >> great to have maks back. it's great to have derek hough back, as well this season. [ cheers and applause ] >> oh, now, now, we saw some of
8:33 am
>> i don't know. >> huh? >> sure. why not. >> give the people what they want. that's what she's trying to say. >> i know. i know. >> oh. >> oh, my dancing, oh, yeah. >> that's what -- what did you think i was talking about? >> that's my new hobby is dancing off time. >> workout video did you think i was thinking of. >> i don't know -- >> looks like you are auditioning for >> he just happened to have the shirt off. >> that happens a lot of the shirt. >> you know what i mean. >> guy that i know extremely well i used to play against him and he was a terror on the football field, i mean, calvin over here, now, i'm curious, you would score a touchdown but you would never celebrate. you never dance but you sign up to do this show. what's going on? >> two things, i didn't dance because i'm too tired by the time i get to the end zone.
8:34 am
sister to prove wrong. >> oh, that's right. because your older sister said you couldn't dance a lick. >> she sure did. >> he can't dance at all. >> you got to prove her wrong. >> that's why you're here. >> you were being nice. you weren't going to bring that up. >> well, i didn't want to make him mad. >> amber, oh, my goodness. such good things are coming your way. you seem so fearless. anything that is a little intimidating about this competition? >> actually really good teacher, so he makes it easy to learn. but it is very difficult. it is. >> de make you rehearse saying that? >> yeah, we just -- >> no. >> we just started a couple of days so she'll get it. >> the way she was looking at him already. going -- >> then we have kenneth "babyface" edmonds, winner of 11 grammys.
8:35 am
dancer in the family so you think that's going to help you in the competition. >> it's going to help me. the main thing that is going to help me is my daughter who is going to kill me if i don't come back with the trophy. she's like 8 years old and ready for this so i got to be right. >> all your family and friends are watching this. and where's my man, val. where did he go? there you are. how could i miss you there? now, i hear that this woman here has some mineirao bought moves. laurie. that into any of the routines. >> yeah, i haven't seen your robot moves yet. >> can you show us? >> oh. ? >> for the camera. for the camera. >> there you go. >> oh, yes. >> hey. hey, hey, hey. don't give it away. don't give it away. sit down.
8:36 am
all the moves. exactly. pace yourself. >> i tell you this, we have to see that i want to see more. that's all i'm saying. we talked about the guys being back and cheryl, you're back as well and so happy. we missed you also and we've got much more of "dancing with the stars" cast party. that's just ahead. but first let's go to ginger. >> michael, it would have taken val probably two months to teach me t to do that. look at that. that's what everybody asks. how hard are these tricks. i've got alan and brittany. u season and now a question from stephanie about "dancing with the stars." >> hi, how long does it take to get ready with the hair, makeup and costume? >> you know, we start getting ready at 7:00 in the morning. >>:00 a.m. >> when the sun rises. >> you're there all day. it's very fun and now we've good to get a . this is where the worst rain is right now. everyone is waking up in southern portions of geauga
8:37 am
heading straight for you and coming down heavy. the highs around 90 degrees. and we have that on and off chance of rain. > that weather by ashley home store. i'll do that coming up next. george. >> thank you, ginger. i'm here now with aaron eckhart starring with tom hanks in "sully." the story of that incredible landing on the hudson river. he plays sully's co-pilot. they're facing a pretty tough investigation behind closed doors. let's take a look. >> look, i just finished trni the only reason the plane operated as well as it did the aircraft could land anywhere is because captain sullenberger turned on the auxiliary power unit. >> following the qrh. >> no, he wasn't following proper procedure at all because i had that in my hands. if he had followed the damn rules, we'd all be dead. >> you lost the mustache. >> it's in the smithsonian. i put it on tape and sent it
8:38 am
mustache. >> it was -- well, i mean, you know, actually the mustache got a lot of attention. people would come up and say, nice, 'stache or the women would say they liked it. the real jeff skiles has a mustache. >> i don't think many know the story that you all tell in the movie. really tough investigation. >> everybody remembers the plane landing on the hudson, 155 lives saved. sully was a hero. at know about the story is that the national transportation safety board has an inquiry afterwards to make sure they crossed all the ts and dotted the is and followed procedure and it's quite a harrowing procedure. the consequence if they're found at fault could be they lose their jobs and their pensions and lose their reputations. and so over the course of a period of time, they didn't know whether they were ever going to fly again. >> just incredible. i hear you and tom had some harrowing moments inside the
8:39 am
the simulator, tom and i in san francisco and clint was there and sully was there which was great and but, you know, flying those planes is difficult. you know, tom and i barely got it off the runway let alone in the air but we had the exact flight plan that they followed up there getting it up, getting to 3,000 feet, the birds hitting, double engine failure and jeff skiles said, the thing that he noticed the most was, you know, you're always -- when you're in a plane you hear that when that sound went out, he said it was complete silence and that's the thing that he noticed the most and then they were able to get the plane down in three minutes which is incredible. >> split-second decision. you don't buy this idea they could have gotten back. >> no, they were at 3,000 feet. they had nowhere to lapd on both sides. it was the best route. and they were very confident. i mean, water landings are very difficult. but sully and jeff, you know, that was the option that they had so they took it.
8:40 am
thanks a lot for coming in. "sully" opens nationwide this friday. over to michael. coming up, more of our "dancing" party, everybody. but first a "gma" sneak peek at the trailer for "collateral beauty" starring will smith and kate winslet, all-star cast and it's about a father trying to cope with loss directed by david frankel opens december 16th take a look. >> we're here to connect. love, time, death. now, these three things connect every single human being on earth. we long for love. we wish we had more time. and we fear death. >> did you lose a child, howard? >> howard is a brilliant, creative charismatic guy. he used to love life.
8:41 am
i try to reach him and he's not there. i miss him. >> he writes letters. >> who are they to. >> howard doesn't write letters to people. he writes to things. time. love. death. >> kids right letters to santa claus. it doesn't mean they're crazy. >> no, this is therapeutic. >> who did you write the letter to? >> i wrote the letter to death. >> nice to meet you. charmed, i'm sure. >> people write letters to the universe all the time. most don't get a personal response. but you are. i don't want this. >> i'm time. i'm a gift. and you're wasting it. >> you're going to think i'm crazy but, i'm having conversations. >> i am love. >> don't try to live without me, howard. >> i saw you in her eyes when she called me daddy and you betrayed me. >> i'm the reason for
8:42 am
>> if you can accept that then maybe you get to live again. >> looking to the cosmos for answers. >> there's so much more at stake than even you understand. >> you've been given a gift. it's profound connection to everything. just look for it. i promise you it's there.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
stars" party. let's get to know a little bit more about the cast of season 23 and we're begin with james. i understand you're pretty serious about this competition. you even have a campaign ad. >> it's true. i was actually about to show the governor the campaign ad but it's pretty serious business what we're doing. i'm a very competitive person. >> tell me about the ad. >> well, the ad, it's got a lot of this which i think is a key point of any campaign video. >> using your fingers.
8:46 am
ha, ha, ha. some corny music and at the end, i approve that message. >> oh, that's good to know, all right. you own it. and let's talk about politics with governor perry here, as well now. do you approve of his message. >> no. vote for rick and emma. if you really want to win this thing. >> now, the governor told me backstage you're just starting to have fun now. is that right? >> that might be a little stretch. >> all righ no, no, no like i'm the luckiest guy. i won the lottery with emma. she's so patient. she's smart. she's the greatest teacher. >> he is a politician. >> i like totally won that deal but i'm a lump of coal and she's shying on that thing to make a diamond out of it. >> we can't wait to see that diamond shine. >> someone else who knows a little about how great emma is,
8:47 am
answered this a million times. vanessa marcotte there's so many challenges for everyone but height challenge for you guys. how are you going to get around it? >> it's definitely going to be a challenge and, you know, terra is the first little person on the show and we're both really excited and within minutes she's inspired me so much so we're both excited to do this. >> now you got it out there official. very nice. >> i want to bring in jana. country music star, so are you going to be singing at all in addition to dancing. both at the same time. absolutely not. >> all right. and what are we going to see from you on the dance floor? you got some moves in mind? >> you know, thank goodness i have gleb because he's definitely helping me with my confidence because it's tough. it's definitely -- i have no idea what i'm doing but he's a great teacher. >> i want to bring in jake because your former tv sister from "wizards of waverly place," the most followed on instagram, selena gomez, are you going to
8:48 am
>> i would love that support. selena, where you at? i mean, we would love to have that support if she were to come on, that would be great but i think have iiing an amazing dan partner -- >> you think selena could have brought in pizza or shoes like simone did. >> mr. lochte, i know grandma loved you at the olympics. how pumped is she for "dancing with the stars"? >> she's cuban so i'm supposed to have this cuban blood going through me and cuban i haven't really seen that come out in me. >> adorable. >> she's a cutie. she's a cutie. >> working on your cuban hips and -- you'll get there. you'll get there, lochte. >> cha-cha. >> one step at a time. >> a lot to look forward to. when we come back, these stars are going head-to-head in an epic dance-off next. we'll see what you guys got in just a bit.
8:50 am
8:51 am
? whoo. all right, everybody, it is time to put this cast's dance moves to the test with our dancing through the decades game. it's boys versus girls. >> here we go. now, how this works, we're going to show two people the name of a dance from the 1970s. all the way up to the 2000s then you dance until your team guesses the move. >> okay. >> first up is derek and marry li marilu. >> come on, baby. >> okay. >> do you know -- >> one, two, three, four, five. >> all right, all right. >> emma hit the buzzer first. >> what? >> hustle. >> yes. >> whoo! >> okay, girl. >> wow. that was impressive. >> you know what's really impressive -- >> what was impressive, those buzzers work even though they're
8:52 am
>> that is very impressive. all right. here we go. >> is there a two-step in there? >> i can't tell you what it is. >> oh, man, that's the only one i knowment for the '80s, laurie and val, come on in here. here is -- there's the move. >> hit it. let's go. ? you're so fine you blow my mind hey mickey ? ? hey mickey ? >> the governor got it. >> what is it. >> still have to get the answer. >> oh, the sprinkler. >> that's it. they got it. >> wow. >> okay. '90s. rob, come on in. ready. >> come here. >> here we go. >> okay, you've got this. >> you guys don't get this, you go home. ? >> running man.
8:53 am
>> well, hey, the guys are going to win by default because we ran out of time, 2-1. all right, everybody, we'll be right back. >> they gave them more money. they gave them more cash.
8:54 am
8:56 am
? "good morning america" is brought to you by microsoft surface. >> a pleasure today. yes, it is. i couldn't be happier. >> what a season it's going to be. have a great day, everybody. . good morning. it's 8:56. i'm terrence lee. we have new information about itt tech. the for-profit university is shutting down all campuses.
8:57 am
it's leaving students with unfinished degrees and no hope of getting their money back. the u.s. department of education banned the company from enrolling new students. it's looking into options for students and can't guarantee all credits will transfer. and let's get a check of the forecast with somara theodore. going to be muggy today. >> it is and starting off wet. let's look at the radar now and this is one area impacted for the past 20 minutes. we have been watching parts of like shalersville long 80, drakesford, you're waking up and hitting the road to the heavier showers and we head farther to the west. you can see dry, the shower lingering over the corners and into ashtabula, looking much better and improving there. this line of showers that moved in this morning is going to continue to push farther south and east until it exits the viewing area. we'll be left with overall dry conditions that you can see on the hour-by-hour forecast and a
8:58 am
the highs, though, reaching 90 degrees and that with the moisture in the atmosphere can trigger isolated thunderstorms. so you're going to want to keep the umbrella handy today. overall, though, as i said, a fairly dry day. the power of five seven-day forecast. a few things to note, the 90s are not ending yet. summer's not going out without a fight. we're back in the 90s tomorrow. and we're drying out after the showers this morning and still slowdowns on 77 and on 90 as well. you can still see green and roads, still reporting wet conditionsan was on 90 and backed up to rocky river and now looks more manageable and we're still tracking some slow cars on the shoreway also. let's go ahead and go outside and get a live look from the odot cameras and here are four looks. the big camera to 71 and west 25th. we'll see you at noon.
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> announcer: it's "live with kelly" today, from the new film "sully," aaron eckhart. and star of the series "gotham," ben mckenzie. if you are a super fan of live, we have an exciting announcement just for you. plus morris chestnut returns for another day of cohosting. all next on "li >> announcer: and now, here are kelly ripa and morris chestnut. >> morris: you've got to strut


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