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tv   News Channel 5 at 6pm  ABC  September 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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officers to him. also today prosecutors announced a special prosecutor will take over that case. and our investigator is taking an in depth look at who he is. >> his name is mark r. weaver and he's an attorney based out of columbus. according to their website he a partner at izaac wiles, listed as an experienced legal advisor who served as deputy attorney general in ohio. his profile says he prosecuted several death penay office. he's also been called on to be a special prosecutor several times, but he also practices a very different type of law, according to his profile he teaches elections law at the university of akron. in his twitter profile we describes himself as a media law attorney and communications advisor among other things. in fact he also runs a practice called communications counsel which offers services including
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relations, media training and prices communications advice. in an article for columbus weekly he was profiled in an article called meet the olivia pope's of columbus. as for why a special prosecutor was named, we reached out to the ashland county prosecutor but he refused to answer our questions. >> sarah let's take a closer look at the grate case. while he's only been charge with the two murders investigators are looking at the possibility here for five murders in total, three one in richland county and one in marion and prosecutors say grate is cooperating leading them to the body of candice cunning happen as well as confessing to the murder of a joan doe had in marion. a frantic 911 call as an uber driver is held up at gunpoint and robbed. >> a gun was pointed directly at my forehead. >> now that college student is
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seconds a long a lake wood street. >> i can't explain in words how it has a gunpointed to your head. >> tonight at 6:00 we learned he's not the only victim. >> masked gunman are holding up people along the western side of lake wood so paul kiss casette out today to learn what's going on. paul what did you find out? >> reporter: at let four people robbed at gunpoint and tonight three cases remain unsolved. >> 911 what is your emergenc teen wearing masks robbed him at gunpoint. ?ex?udvhv=h)6zt?er$g?re@p?.pm&?w guns. >> that robbery happened at madison in lake wood just 15 minutes later in less than half a mile away, csu student and uber driver was also robbed by two men at gunpoint, here at west 117th. >> one had a gunpointed directly at my forehead and this is a robbery give me everything you have. >> and his passenger was also
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the armed robberies happened just after 2:30 a.m. last wednesday. he had his cell phone stolen which impacts his job as an uber driver and he told me he was robbed on his mother months birthday and this is what he thought with the gunpointed at his head. >> i don't want my mom to wake up and someone say happy birthday your son just died. >> while those robberies appear to be connected there was another armed robbery outside this taco bell in the same area two days earlier but an arrest was made in that case. he hopes po will never forget. >> i never had a gunpointed to my head. it was three inches away from my head. i can't explain in words how it feels to have a gunpointed to your head thinking you'll get shot and die on your mother's birthday. >> and one of those robberies the robbers were seen driving a dark blue honda and anyone with information on this case or saw something are asked to call lakewood police. live in lakewood, paul kiss cantus channel 5. now at 6:00 brand new
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last night at 11. a man badly beaten, his face still swollen. the person allegedly responsible an ashtabula county sheriff's deputy. >> when he got out of the car he was going to hit me and strike my friend as well. >> so tonight we're seeing things from the deputies perspective with this newly obtained body cam video. investigator joe p looked at the video and joe what does it show? >> reporter: the video is revealing it hitting suspect edward durgle while he was down on the ground in handcuffs. the video captured by the body cam of a jefferson township officer who was also in the scene arrested on september 11 after he was a passenger on a speeding atv. durgle was completely complying with the a receipt and it's not easy to see but his attorney shows the sargent hitting him and you can clearly hear the
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>> the sargent is charged with assault, tampering with records and assault, he's on paid administrative leave. no court date set as yet. 5 on your side investigator. new tonight at 6:00 a faces felony charges accused of having sexual contact with a female inmate. ken lens jr. was indicted on two counts of sexual battery and allegations surfaced last year that lens had sexual contact with a prisoner in the wayne county jail. he resigned. bci investigated and lens was indicted last week and just
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kenny you are our hero yesterday, today and forever. >> [applause] >> tonight after a somber day in lorain county, a fallen trooper is laid to rest. >> as law enforcement from around the country and canada gathered and paid kenneth velez. leon bibb is reporting the story for us today and leon days like this are always emotional. >> reporter: you are right about that danita i'll tell you that. these times are deeply emotional of course for the family and close friends, but there's also emotion running through a brotherhood from through out the u.s. in parts of canada members of a brotherhood of blue came paying respects giving honor. there are always tributes for law enforcement officers who
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today at lorain couldn't it community college, it was so. the funeral of ohio highway patrol trooper kenneth velez for his family and for his brotherhood. those who spoke looked for words of comfort and for tribute. >> the velez name, the highway patrol, this thin blue loin that we talk about, kenny velez represented well. >> the children of kenny velez also spoke of the man so many called hero, they also said he was always dad. >> my father showed us more love in one lifetime than most people get from a father, so we still feel the love. >> state highway patrol troopers are in the slow procession miles long and tribute police car rooflines blinked their red and blue, six
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pipers lift to the early autumn sky. a riderless horse symbolizing absence of the hero. and other honors. at calvary cemetery is buried the body of kenneth velez a hero of the highway who was part of a brotherhood who wore a badge. >> you know you can measure a person's character by many ways and today they measured it this way. law enforcement officers from 19 s came to honor the memory of ohio highway patrol trooper kenneth velez who was part of the brotherhood. leon bibb, news channel 5. leon, thank you. we are just four days away now from the very first presidential debate of the season and new polling shows hillary clinton holding a national league but continuing to trail here in ohio. john kasich that puts the pressure on the clinton operation here in cuyahoga county. >> reporter: rob and they know
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largest number of votes in this state. it's a historical fact. the question is will it be enough to offset losses elsewhere. while the new nbc wall street journal poll has hillary clinton leading donald trump nationally 43-37% the results of the state of ohio remained flipped with third poll in a row giving trump a five point lead 42-37. governor john kasich who was not supporting either candidate sums it up this way. >> frankly part of that the clinton campaign has there's literally no enthusiasm for hillary clinton. >> i don't know if it will change but that is her challenge. >> abc political director tells me that's most evident in the break down of the african american vote that trump has been going after. he's only at 5% but she's only at 76%. remember barack obama was in the mid 90s. >> she needs to unite the barack obama voters back behind her and they are just not ready to go there. you're seeing them go to her
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the third party candidates many simply staying home not enthusiastic and she needs those voters and she does not have them. >> helping to roche them are democratic mayors from around the state. cleveland mayor frank jackson joining them but stressing the support of politicians on steps only gets you so far. >> these will be won by somebody not the mayor of the city of cleveland but who may influence one or two but is going to be won by somebody's neighbor who says i'm vo for hillary clinton so this is by work going through the street is on the ground pressing the flesh. >> as for the ohio poll numbers, states tend to lag behind the national polls but both could be thrown up in the air come debate night on monday. on your side john kasich, news channel 5. breaking tonight a police officer has been charged with first degree manslaughter for the shooting death of terrence crutcher, a blackman who was having car troubles and his car
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the road. someone called police about a car running with its doors open. when officers arrived police say he reached for something inside of his car. officer betty shelby who fatally shot crutcher is expected to surrender herself. more in depth coverage tonight on world news tonight right after this broadcast. and still ahead for us tonight at 6:00, a massive security breach, new details emerging about an attack on yahoo and its users who should be concerned in what you need to do right no medical marijuana industry get off the ground. we take an in depth look at the legal hurdles the businesses have been facing and why getting over them may be getting a little bit easier. record breaking weather news, okay record tying 88 was that high today, now at 82, so will we keep that hot highs in place into your weekend full details coming up next in the
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an important consumer alert for yahoo users . this afternoon, the company confirmed a massive data breach we're talking 500 million accounts. yahoo says the information may
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addresses, passwords, and more. it's not believed that financial data was compromised. according to the company a state sponsored actor was responsible. the breach happened back in 2014 but you should still be on alert and change your password and security questions now. new information coming in about the states first ever indictment involving the drug which is used to tranquilize large animals is being cut into heroin. the indictment says the since nate area couple so officers told our scripts sister station in cincinnati that they know there are more dealers out there and they are going after all of them. its been tied to deadly overdose outbreaks both in that area and route here in north east ohio as well. now we turn to legal drug, just three weeks ago a medical marijuana law went into effect in ohio. >> rob it allows dispenseries who operate here but they run into problems finding the legal
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you're taking an in depth look at a new rule changing that. >> reporter: here is what's happening this week the states highest court ruled that attorneys here in ohio can give legal advice to medical marijuana patients, physicians, cultivate ors, and business owners. now this change comes as the banking industry is resetting ohio's new law and business at specialized companies is taking off. one of those companies is in property and casualty insurance for the cannabis industry both recreational and medical. policies cover the marijuana plants, furniture, fixtures and equipment for dispenseries, cultivate ors and manufactures of products like edibles. patrick, a cleveland area native started it six years ago when the idea of cannabis insurance was a novelty. and now he says he has about 1000 clients nationwide.
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only continue with ohio's new med it came marijuana law. >> my guess is we would have maybe our first sale in the state of ohio if we're lucky some time in the first quarter 2018 i think is a reasonable timeline it could be a little bit further out. >> now i spoke to a local attorney who says his firm is getting calls from people interested opening cultivation and processing facilities, as well as dispenseries but one of the biggest hurdles are the banks most of which are not willing to medical marijuana activity even though its legal statewide it is still considered illegal on the federal level. tara? well, no one expected the first day of fall to be this warm. >> yes. >> it is warm. >> it isn't what i think of when i think of fall. >> right. >> it was within reach too. >> like right there. >> well we tied. it's nice to have the full
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books and that pool weather is going away. fall will be here and the pumpkins are going to be out, the coffee in hand as you set on the back porch this weekend is certainly a good plan but for right now grab your shades and head outside maybe even have dinner out on the deck. akron is looking at that sunshine i do expect temperatures to cool down pretty rapidly here with some added cloud cover and we lose the sunshine in the 7:00 r hour. that's another ding for remembering enjoy. 86 for us in bed ford, 78 hard on, 70s for us east ciders, 79 mentor to 80 in burton farther south noticing middle and upper 80s including over akron at 85, 87 one of the warm" locations and temperatures in brunswick to a cooler 84 mansfield look at all that glorious sunshine so clouds off in the distance covering new london at 84, 77
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area wide above average so that means tonight will also be a bit on the milder side as well but as we lose the sunshine your temperatures drop off nicely i think those overnight lows having a chance to dip into the 60s. you're headed out to the ballpark, thinking it's going to be sweatshirt weather on this first day of fall, not exactly. maybe at the end of the game, but even 71 feels pretty good with a few extra clouds here tonight, starting out at 82, so grab extra water when you make your way to the stands. cold front to changes everything, takes away the summer heat replaces it with the potential of rainfall but notice not a lot of green around but cooler air from the north. let's time out rain opportunities, with friday night football games the jason aldean concert, rainfall over the lake about 7:00 headed south and it disappears, not so impressive. i think a little bit of an opportunity saturday morning you can see that moisture around us for your saturday start, but then saturday we
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cooler temperatures evident rather than the 80s the 70s are back. here is a look at the power of five seven day forecast high for friday 80, 70s saturday and sunday but warm up for monday and tuesday with our next rain shot on wednesday but the moral of the story is the high temperatures are moving out cooler air is settling in and still not a lot of rain. guys over to you. >> no complaints. >> not at all. the baseball season contin for awhile. >> hopefully the magic number shrinks and are you okay every time i meet someone want to make sure you aren't injured? >> we're all healthy. >> can you play quarterback? >> i can. >> it's the resume i have to check every time we see something. >> this is debatable on this side. >> always. >> we aren't putting you on the air. the indians have a chance to have their magic number dwindle while you were at work. you'll find out if it did and the newest browns quarterback sizes up the browns quarterback
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i think that that's been our thing. >> looks like they're looking ahead we all know that because it's playoff time. the indians magic number stays at 5, victor martinez with a
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one goes to detroit they play game two tonight, 9-2 final. browns continue to go towards the dolphins without an injured, corey coleman won't need surgery, that's after losing and let's count, cam irving, and probably campbell this sunday. it's a young team facing adversity and search for the teams first win of the year and i do mean first win. six, 0 & 06 is what they are if you want to count the preseason. >> i think that you guys i'm never going to do that. our football team in this organization depends on me to have a positive out lock about it all and i do because i've seen this before. we all have when you're changing things, and you're trying to come from where we've been, these are the things have you to go through. you know that saying without struggle there would be no progress. well we are struggling, but we are going to get progress pretty soon i promise you that. >> much has been said about the fact that rookie cody kessler
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fifth quarterback in five straight games the stat of the year dating back to last season. now, if they have to go to a sixth straight quarterback in six games this man charlie whitehurst is your next man up. >> obviously, you don't have these plays and players and first and foremost is making a critical mistake but if you are called on to make a throw to win the game i expect to do that. >> and don't forget tonight the huge action show we have it every thursday 7:00-7:30 and it reairs at 11:30-12 on saturday mornings news channel 5, you can air from browns fans head coach hue jackson and players as they prepare for the upcoming game. that's the hue jackson show only tonight on news channel 5. >> and it is a good show. >> i feel like the staff announcer. only tonight. >> only tonight. >> on news channel 5. >> but for how much money. >> you know watching the browns it was so exciting.
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>> it was. >> so do you think it's all just staying downtown or what do you think? >> we're a young team. with a lot of injuries this week. >> optimism. optimism, people.
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tonight, breaking news. the female officer just charged with first degree manslaughter, after a father walking toward his suv, his hands up, is later shot and killed by police. the state of emergency at this hour in charlotte. >> shots fired. shots fired. >> after protests turn violent. the national guard just has now died. we're on the scene. also breaking tonight, the shooting, as we come on the air. authorities on the scene right now. a workplace in tennessee, the images coming in. donald trump's outreach to black voters, and his controversial words about stop and frisk. and tonight, robin roberts with president obama. the exclusive right here, on policing. and what he would tell hillary clinton as she walks on that debate stage monday night.


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