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tv   News 5 at 11pm  ABC  October 2, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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new details emerging about a shooting at a rest stop that triggered a police chase and shut down a major highway. we had confirmed one man is dead and another is in the hospital in critical condition. we have been in constant contact with the ohio state patrol. >> reporter: they are investigating. shooting happened at a interstate 71 restaurant delaware county. the men left the restroom and the alleged shooter got up from a park bench. >> we know that the two young adults in the rest area. >> reporter: it was just after 11:00 this morning when state highway patrol said gunfire erupted at this rest stop. the male driver turned victim. >> the mail got out of the car to go to the restroom while the female waited in the car.
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shot. approximately 6 times. >> reporter: shot by a man who got up from a nearby park bench. that is according to our affiliate station in columbus. they say the shooter got into this we had a corolla and led police on a 44 mile chase. the chase ended on the highway in richland county. when the driver crashed into this guardrail said they surrounded this car but found the alleged shooter already dead from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. we do not know the names of the victim or the alleged shooter. the victim is in critical condition. the alleged shooter is dead. state highway patrol said they expect to release the names tomorrow. we are learning more about a crash that shut down part of interstate 480. one woman was killed and
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driver is responsible police say . and could have been high on heroin. >> reporter: call after call. panicked drivers on interstate 480 trying desperately to get through to emergency services on saturday night. >> the car was broke down. >> reporter: they say they were changing a tire around when a 48-year-old drifted to the side of the road and hit them and took off. the 27-year-old was pronounced dead at the scene. as for the 22-year-old she was taken to the medical center in critical condition. state patrol said the man did not go far after his crash. they found his pickup at the next exit. and arrested him. we were told
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the incident. he is being held at the cuyahoga county jail. >> reporter: he faces a list of charges including aggravated vehicular homicide, aggravated vehicular assault and possession of heroin. about two dozen people need another place to sleep tonight after a fire forced them from their homes. the blaze broke out earlier this evening at the courtyard apartments. the fire chief told us the fire started kitchen of the downstairs unit when crews arrived on scene flames were shooting out of the apartments window. >> the fire did not travel out of the apartment that it started in. there is quite a bit of smoke damage throughout the building. we will have a number of residents that will be displaced. >> the red cross is helping the displaced residents find a place to stay. one of the two people in the apartment with the fire started was taken to the hospital for
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what a fantastic finish to the weekend. we started off on the soggy side and now we are starting to see harsher clearing across the board. cleveland is at 57. the cooler air tracking and from lower 50s making its way to inland and sheltered locations. overnight lows in the mid 40s for wayne county. any moisture we saw earlier this evening moved to southern locations and the high pressure is starting to build across ohio valley. this will keep us on the dry side unless sunshine in stores out the rest of the week. the cooler air making its way in across the board. we are talking about daytime highs slightly warmer by tomorrow afternoon. lower 70s for the overnight star tuesday mostly cloudy skies
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sunshine breaking through. i will show you your seven-day forecast coming up. and when temperatures return to the 80s. election officials in ohio are speaking out about a so- called plot to rig the presidential election. a report surfaced late last week online claiming a columbus man found ballot boxes filled with thousands of votes for hillary clinton another democratic candidates. at the franklin county board of election. county officials say the allegations are false. the board of elections have several security measures in place to prevent such incidents . concerns are growing about a potential cyber attack affecting the outcome of the election.: security secretary jeh johnson confirming that election officials in 21 states including ohio have asked for help in blocking hackers.
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registration databases and at least four states were compromised. sources say the hacking is tied to the russian governments. the deadline to register to vote in ohio is just over a week away. democratic presidents of candidate hillary clinton will stump for votes tomorrow in akron. if you are interested in attending the event we have a link on our at. hillary is getting a big endorsement from lebron ja according to an article published in business insider decided concerns focus on education as a primary reason that she has is both. donald trump also received an endorsement this weekend from the cleveland police trauma and dissociation. it is the first time that organization has endorsed a presidential candidate. the news comes amid reports of trump turning nearly $1 billion
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>> reporter: is donald trump refuses to release his tax returns the new york times says that may be because he has nothing to hide. nothing as an no federal income taxes. the times reports that someone anonymously mailed them pages from trumps 1995 state tax returns reporting a staggering $960 million loss. apparently from the collapse of his it latex sitting casinos, airline and the purchase of the plaza te legally have paid no federal income taxes for up to 18 years according to the times. hillary clinton suggested as much in the first presidential debate. >> maybe he does not want the american people and all of you watching tonight to know he has paid nothing and federal taxes. >> that makes me smart. >> reporter: clinton campaign said what is he not releases returns to show us all how smart he really is. trump is
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his tax revelations came as a new abc washington post poll finds 53% of americans take hillary clinton won the first debate. the second matchup is a week away. trump is trying out some tough talk. >> she could actually be crazy. i don't think she is loyal to build. she should bill -- be in prison. >> reporter: the clinton campaign accuses trump of new lows. >> i don't think it is well considered by the trump campaign. i think it is >> reporter: trip and -- trump and clinton faceup next saturday. a local restaurant raised nearly $5000 for the family of an ohio state trooper killed in the line of duty. they have donated a portion of this weekend the sales to the family. he was hit and killed while conducting traffic enforcement on interstate 90
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we checked a while ago and they have raised $4900. a special escort to homecoming for the daughters of a fallen ohio police officer. his brothers in blue stepped up on what will be sure to be a memorable evening. >> reporter: contagious smiles as the girls primped for a big night. hair nails and makeup and dresses. >> we got up early this morning. >> reporter: there world changed eight months ago when her dad died in the line of duty. >> those girls were his life. he always said they are daddies princesses. >> reporter: they dressed for the homecoming dance. >> he is watching over us in a way.
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>> reporter: all three have dates. and special escorts. >> it is an absolute honor for us to get to take you to the dance. >> reporter: dental officers standing in for their fallen comrade. >> we want you to forever note that we are here with you always. >> reporter: as their mom captures this moment. she cannot say ou they keep saying it was their honor. >> reporter: heavy hearts as the girls create another memory without their dad. >> he may not be physically here with us but he is in our hearts. >> we are told this was her last homecoming dance. she graduates this year. hurricane matthew heading toward jamaica now.
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the u.s. to the u.s. was a trump hotel defaced in the middle of the day? we only saw daytime highs in the upper 60s today. i will show you when warm air makes its way back in. why high-efficiency washers mail -- may not be worth your mady -- money. >> there is a look at your
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police in washington dc are looking for the person caught on camera vandalizing donald trump's new hotel. this video shows a man spray painting black li it has been covered up with pieces of why would. a student group at penn state university is set to meet with school officials this week . this comes after an incident at this weekends homecoming parade. the spanish and latino student association said faternity members chanted buildout wall as the group marched to mistreat . a spokesperson said they are
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a university in north carolina is issuing a warning to students after a party turned deadly. police say two students were shot and killed overnight with a fight broke out. the victims were innocent bystanders. hurricane matthew is a powerful category four storm working its way through the caribbean. it is set to make a direct hit on haiti sometime tomorrow. hurricane warnings are in effect for nearby jamaica and a u.s. landfall is not out question. >> reporter: in kingston jamaica the first bands of the storm started moving in. we saw the heavy rain and we have seen some flooding even within a half an hour of it starting to rain. incredible flooding. the real concern is in haiti because it looks like the worst of the storm is going to hit that island which was ravaged by the earthquake in 2010.
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major storm. what they are concerned about our mudslides. and the major rainfall. the rain is more a threat than the wind. we will watch that. the state department has warned all americans to get out now. saying time is limited for a safe departure. we are learning new information about that deadly commuter train clash in new jersey are searching for answers and say the event recorder recovered from the back of the train is not working. they also released photos of the mangled wreckage inside the terminal and revealed the engineer has no memory of slamming into the station. one person was killed and 114 others were hurt. >> he looked at his watch and noticed his train was about six minutes late. arriving at hoboken. he said when he checked the speedometer
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hour when entering the station track. >> by law the train is required to have a working front event recorder. investigators are hopeful that will hold some much-needed answers. high-efficiency washing machines are supposed to save water and energy. a growing number of people claim the hg washers especially the top loader models are not getting their clothes clean. consumer reporter is digging into the complaints so you don't waste >> reporter: he takes pride in his appearance and cleanliness. that recently changed. >> i walked past my guys and they say you stink. >> reporter: he cannot believe it. >> i smelled myself and that is me. >> reporter: he believes the problem is his four-month old washing machine. a high-efficiency top loader from whirlpool. he said it does not use enough water to clean his closing.
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clothes. the was not enough water and is not letting my clothes wet. >> reporter: he has used different detergents and sometimes uses more and sometimes uses less. in the end it has made a difference. >> here is the feature that they want you to use. >> reporter: he showed me what he is dealing with by starting a load using the maximum water feature. after it filled up -- >> at the water. almost none. >> reporter: whirlpool explains the save you money adding water based on the weight of the clothing. online forms and amazon reviews are filled with hundreds of complaints about poor watch quality from high- efficiency top loaders made by many different companies. front loaders do not have as many complaints. which is what he is thinking of moving on to. so he does not smell as bad. after we contacted the store where he bought his machine was able to return it.
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of the other models get excellent reviews. it is sunday and many humans spent time in church today. this afternoon some lovable creatures turned out for a blessing. about 50 animals and their humans took part in the annual pet blessing . in honor of st. francis of assisi. the church hosted their sixth annual animal fair and pet blessing. noah's ark mini rescue groups plays the homes. luckily the rain held off. for the services. >> the weather was a blessing. finally getting over the soggy conditions. it was a rough start to the weekend but we finished well. hopefully you got out for and i strive. we are starting to see partial clearing across the board.
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finally tonight it is clearing. the temperatures are on the cooler side. a light breeze throughout your evening. we are tracking a few showers to the south. things will start to clear up pretty nicely as we go to monday. high pressure once to take center stage. it least the next three 3-5 days. temperatures tonight will be in the mid-40s. right now you are in the lower 50s. hopefully you had a wonderful day. ashtabula is a 54 degrees. we are over the soggy
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just-in-time to work. look at all the sunshine. take a good look at the daytime highs. by tomorrow afternoon we are returning to the lower 70s. fall-like weather pattern continues for this evening. sunshine returning. the big weather story this week is we will see daytime highs for the first week of october back in the 80s. you can i want to mention tomorrow as the children go to the bus stop many locations in the lower to mid 40s. have a coat handy. the upper-level low we have been dealing with is spinning. i have a few chances of some isolated rainfall activity for
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highs in the mid 70s for akron and canton. tonight it is 53. tomorrow afternoon upper 60s to near 70. seven-day forecast is good. lots of sunshine returning on tuesday all the way to friday. we have our next front saturday we will feel like fall. there will be a 20 degree temperature drop. it is always nights when i am here on sunday. and we are talking about spotlight sunday. thank you to the viewers that send in photos. we had a wonderful weekend at canal park.
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coming up in sports. >> busy day. we will give you a taste of what is coming up and find out what song was playing at the indians clubhouse when they clinched home-field
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that song was played at the indians clubhouse after the final out in the game today. the indians are coming home earning home-field advantage against boston in the division series. game one is thursday in cleveland. we are waiting on the time. this is how the indians earned the opportunity to come out.
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about this? he gets a home run. welcome back. he separated his right shoulder on july 17 and he was hit by a pitch on the 14th. today he gives the indians the lead. in the regular-season he has been caught stealing twice in his big- next pitch. it is the strike out to end it. indians finished the regular season by sweeping the royals. >> you get to the last weekend of the year and sometimes you see teams start of taper off. i was proud of the guys. to keep playing a. nobody asks for a day off. all the pitches wanted to pitch.
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thursday to take on the red sox. but a good day for the browns. they had a three point lead and handed off to johnson. redskins recovered the fumble. washington capitalizes on the turnover driving 91 yards. the browns had three turnovers. washington beat cleveland. next week they are against the patriots. are back since the first game of the nba finals. lebron did not play but off- season acquisition the only be a sharp. we will be back with final
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monday through friday afternoon it will feel like summer is returning. we will see fall next weekend. enjoy this week. thank you for watching. sport sunday is coming up next.
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we cannot turn the ball over. that is just the way pro football is. i have to do a better job. i take responsibility. >> turnovers. welcome sunday . we have so much to talk about. we will talk about the indians and the white and gold. we will talk about everything you know about when it comes to the browns. i want to go through a couple of key points. i want your thoughts on the browns lost today. >> it was frustrating. the fumble and a changed momentum. it is hard to have the fumble and they score. another fumble.


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