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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  October 3, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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tonight, breaking news. the monster hurricane. the category 4 storm already deadly. tearing through the caribbean at this hour, haiti and jamaica bracing. and then, the models show it coming toward the u.s. states of emergency already declared along parts of the u.s. coast. also breaking, donald trump just moments ago, with to the bombshell headline involving his taxes. reports he might not have paid federal taxes for nearly 20 years. what trump says now. the outrage tonight over this video. a call to 911 about a suspicious person. the man telling police he was simply waiting for his mother to come home on her porch. >> what are you doing? >> then taken down by police. it was his mother's home. the aborted landing. the passenger jet and the emergency moments before
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ryder cup. but what's wrong with this picture? good evening. and we begin tonight with the deadly hurricane on the move. a category 4. winds reaching 140 miles an hour. tonight, authorities already issuing warnings right here in the u.s. the hurricane bringing drenching rain, powerful wind gusts, and a dangerous storm surge in the caribbean. flash floods already in jamaica. people struggling to push cars across haiti, warnings of possible devastation to come, and just look at the size of hurricane matthew tonight. and from the space station this evening, this image just in. the eye of the storm so perfectly formed there. ginger zee has the new models here. the possible tracks, as this now heads toward the u.s. next. but first, abc's linsey davis in haiti. >> reporter: tonight, hurricane matthew already deadly and closing in on haiti. >> the wind just started to pick up. >> yes, it did.
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>> reporter: now packing 140-mile-per-hour winds. at one point, the strongest atlantic hurricane in nearly a decade. but it's the storm's slow speed, moving at just 7 miles per hour, that makes it so dangerous. we made our way into haiti today from the neighboring dominican republic. the outer bands are already starting to bring heavy rain, and the worst of the storm is still hours away. parts of the island could see more than three feet of rain. potentially triggering deadly mudslides. of 2010 that left more than 200,000 dead, more than 50,000 people here are still living in makeshift shelters. >> as we know, we're not really prepared for this type of hurricane, but we're doing the best that we can. >> reporter: and at this orphanage outside of port-au-prince, they've boarded up the windows and moved the their more than 60 children to the second floor. the storm has already killed at least four across region. in cuba, the u.s. military has
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family members from guantanamo bay. this man warning residents to evacuate. long lines are forming for food and supplies. worshippers at this church, praying they'll be spared. and with odds increasing for a landfall in the u.s. later this week, states of emergency have already been declared from florida to north carolina. >> and we won't gamble with people's lives and the livelihood of many people up and down the coast. >> reporter: david, the entire region is bracing for what is being described as life-threatening rain. we're talking about potentially 40 inches of rain, which could be devastating for people who are still living here in some homes that are rather fragile, homes that will offer very little protection. it's going to be a long 24 hours ahead. david? >> all right, stay safe tonight. in the meantime, this massive hurricane is going to pass right between haiti and cuba, and it will pass just to the east of jamaica, where they're taking no chances,
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abc's gio benitez is in kingston. >> reporter: tonight in jamaica, time is running out for last minute preparations as hurricane matthew passes close to the island of 3 million people. >> this particular hurricane, by virtue of its trajectory, will have a severe impact on jamaica. >> reporter: and we're already seeing a preview. cars stuck in high water after a quick passing outer band hit the island. the big concern tonight, flooding. the other concern, tornadoes. this waterspout spot part of the island. in kingston, streets are empty and this, as the u.s. state department urges all americans to get off these caribbean islands now, fearing it could soon be too late. and david, just take a look. here in kingston, jamaica, we are seeing some powerful and dangerous surf. and even though this island may be spared the brunt of the storm, we're still looking at the possibility of tropical storm-force winds and even a foot of rain.
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let's get right to chief meteorologist ginger zee, who is tracking this for us. >> reporter: the slow mover is now 225 miles south and west of port-au-prince, so, it is haiti in the immediate and frightening threat tonight. into cuba tomorrow. then the bahamas as we get into wednesday. that's the timing as we move out of the islands. i wanted to go through it here, the forecast. tuesday, 4:00 a.m., that center passes that southwestern portion. that's where we were talking about the 40-plus inches, life-threatening rain. eastern cuba gets it tomorrow as the center passes over. lots of warm water, plenty of energy to get into and now west of the bahamas, and that's where we're concerned, david. this track, the latest official from the national hurricane center has shifted to the west, and though there is a large margin of error, when we get to day four and five, this is a big deal. because it now encompasses miami to jacksonville, charlotte, charleston, wilmington.
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the spaghetti plots, steering from the high pressure system, the cold front trying to push it out, the two computer models long rain that we look at, the european and the american, both take it close to or landfall in north carolina by this weekend. much bigger impact from the american model by monday into new england. >> all right, tracking this for several days ahead. ginger zee, thank you. in the meantime, we turn next this evening to major developments in the race for the white house. donald trump, just moments ago, headline about his taxes. what he's saying now about reports he might not have paid federal income taxes for nearly 20 years. and it comes amid new polls out tonight, nationally, hillary clinton after the first debate now, now at 47 to donald trump's 42. in florida tonight, clinton moving up there, 46% to trump's 41%. in pennsylvania tonight, clinton at 45%, trump 41%. no real change there. and in north carolina, another
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but in ohio tonight, the most welcome headline for donald trump, he's ahead there at 47% to clinton's 42%. abc's tom llamas on trump's reaction a short time ago on his taxes. >> reporter: tonight, donald trump praising himself after that front-page story revealed he may not have paid federal income taxes for nearly 20 years. >> i have legally used the tax laws to my benefit and to the benefit of my company, my investors and my employers. i mean, honestly, i have brilliantly -- i have brilliantly used those laws. >> reporter: this latest drama began when "the new york times" obtained part of trump's 1995 personal tax return, showing in just one year, trump claimed a $916 million loss. under the law, that would've allowed him to avoid paying federal income tax for nearly 20 years. the documents arrived in the
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a mysterious manila envelope. no name, just a trump tower return address. the trump campaign learned about it on saturday. that night, as the story went up online, trump took the stage in philadelphia. >> thank you, everybody. thank you. >> reporter: and without citing any evidence, saying this. >> i don't even think she's loyal to bill, you want to know the truth. and really, folks, really. why should she b r >> reporter: but as he spoke, the story of his taxes exploding. "snl" took taking aim. >> he has about released his tax returns, which means he's either not a that rich. >> wrong. >> not that charitable. >> wrong. >> or he's never paid taxes in his life. >> warmer. >> reporter: in the past, trump has complained that not everyone pays their fair share. >> that's the amazing thing is that half of the country is paying nothing, zero. and even if you don't make a lot, you should have to pay
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>> reporter: he's also zeroed in on the rich, tweet, "the hedge fund guys gals have to pay higher taxes asap. they are paying practically nothing." but tonight, trump won't confirm or deny whether he paid any federal income taxes in the past 20 years. >> i was able to use the tax laws of this country and my business acumen to dig out of the real estate mess. few others were able to do what i did. >> reporter: and trump facing another involving his fortune. new york's attorney general sending a cease and desist letter, barring trump's charitable foundation from raising money in new york, saying it was not registered to do so. that same attorney general, a democrat, is investigating whether trump used charitable donations from the foundation to settle lawsuits against his businesses and buy himself gifts. the campaign tonight blasting that attorney general's, quote,
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>> and tom yllamas live with us tonight. tom, we heard no denials from donald trump about him not paying federal next tacking for nearly 20 years, so, what does the campaign say tonight to those who might ask, why not just release the returns, then, and move past this? >> reporter: well, david, tonight, we put in a formal request with the campaign. they told us, quote, mr. trump is under audit. now, in the past, trump has said since he's under audit, he's been advised not to release his tax returns, but nothing legally is preventing him fro david? >> tom, thank you. and the best news for trump tonight, that new battleground poll in ohio that has him leading there, which is why hillary clinton is there. so is abc's cecilia vega. >> reporter: in ohio today, it seemed like hillary clinton couldn't wait to get in front of the microphone and rip into donald trump. >> toledo is the kind of place where people work hard, look after one another, and, yes, pay
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battleground, trump is winning. clinton not letting up. >> here's my question -- what kind of genius loses a billion dollars in a single year? >> reporter: but clinton now facing heat herself. overleaked comments she made back in february during a closed-door fund-raiser about young bernie sanders supporters. >> they're children of the great recession, and they are living in their parents' basement, they feel that they got their education and the jobs that are available to them are not at all what they vi themselves, and they don't see much of a future. >> reporter: trump says clinton was being nasty to sanders supporters, but her old rival coming to her defense. >> what she was saying there is absolutely correct. >> reporter: with the next debate just six days away, clinton hoping for a repeat of the first one, now fodder for "snl." >> my microphone is broken. she broke it. with obama. she and obama stole my
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they took my microphone to kenya and they broke it, and now it's broken. >> secretary clinton, what do you think about that? >> i think i'm going to be president. >> reporter: the real life hillary clinton, today, all >> it's great, i'm so excited. >> reporter: raising a fist in the air, celebrating an endorsement from one of ohio's most famous sons, lebron james. the nba superstar writing, "we need a president who brings us together and keeps us unified. policies and ideas that divide >> and cecilia vega live from akron, ohio. and tomorrow night, we all know the vp debate. what are you learning tonight from your sources on both sides about the stakes here? >> reporter: well, david, tim kaine needs to basically debate two men tomorrow night, mime pence and donald trump. for mike pence, though, the pressure is really on to overcome donald trump's performance in that last debate. most persons say he lost it. tim kaine -- mike pence, tomorrow, rather, david, needs
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>> cecilia vega, thank you. and tomorrow night, right here, you can see the vp debate on abc, 9:00 p.m. eastern. and then, on sunday, the second presidential debate, just six days away now, comoderated by our own martha raddatz. of course, we'll have full team coverage and the debate, right here, on abc. overseas tonight, and a sharp break in relations between russia and the u.s. tonight. the u.s. announcing the end of talks over syria. the state department saying russia failed to live up to its commitments during the cease-fire there last month. that announcementus said he is scrapping a key nuclear arms com deal, backing out of a promise to destroy weapons grade plutonium because of, quote, unfriendly acts by washington. and from paris tonight, a brazen robbery, netting the thieves millions of dollars in jewels. it happened in the middle of the night, the robbery leaving reality tv star kim kardashian tied up, shaken, but okay. abc's alex marquardt from paris. >> reporter: tonight, paris
6:44 pm
$10 million in jewels. it's the time of year when the fashion world flocks to paris, and security is heightened. the kardashian sisters seen all over town with their security, even showing off some of that famous jewelry. after a sunday night event, kim kardashian was home in her rented luxury apartment. her bodyguard reportedly not there. the hotel they chose for paris fashion week wasn't a big famous hotel, but this much more discreet one with the private apartments, known for exclusivity and long list of celebrity clients. at 2:30 a.m., five people dressed in police uniforms entered the hotel. authorities tell abc news, two of them got into kardashian's apartment where they bound and gagged her and held a gun to her head before escaping. kardashian's husband, kanye west was on stage -- >> i'm sorry. s i'm sorry. there's a family emergency. i have to stole the show. >> reporter: the stolen loot included a $4.5 million ring. kardashian tonight back in new
6:45 pm
news, quote, she is badly shaken, but physic little unharmed. tonight, there's no sign of the thieves or the jewels, which experts say by now could be broken up into pieces and sold off individually. david? >> alex marquardt in paris tonight. alex, thank you. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this monday. the outrage over video just released, the black man taken down by police while he was sitting on his own mother's porch. officers responding to a 911 call about a suspicious person. the man telling police waiting for his mother. you will see the confrontation, and the fallout tonight. also, the new headline this evening about the late robin williams. the new and emotional message from his widow. and then, the aborted landing, the passenger jet battling powerful cross winds. the big scare just moments before the jet was about to land. what the pilot is then forced to do. alright, did you know i was the mommy slam dunk champion? really? yes, really! don't sound so surprised. let's see it! -oh you're ready. alright, here we go. let's hear the crowd.
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call of a suspicious person, then taking him down, even know that man told them he was waiting for his mother to come home. well, tonight, city leaders are now calling on the d.a. to reconsider the decision not to press charges against those officers. here's abc's steve osunsami. >> reporter: greensboro police are saying that this disturbing video needs context, but to so many tonight, this looks like plain misuse of force and an outrage. the call on june 17th begins peacefully with dejuan yourse sitting on h m video from police body cameras shows two officers responding to a call about someone breaking into the home with a shovel. >> you do believe me, right? >> reporter: for several minutes, yourse tries to explain that he's locked out, it's his mother's home and he's struggling to reach her on the phone. when he shares he has a criminal record, the officer's suspicion grows. he again suggests they head to a neighbor's, who can confirm he's no crook. and with this touch -- >> no, no, no, sit down. >> reporter: -- it's clear he's
6:49 pm
>> but why are you talking to me like that? >> reporter: but what appears to push officer travis cole too far is when he starts calling friends for help. >> the police is over here, they're harassing me. >> reporter: all charges were dropped, and both cole and officer charlotte jackson resigned. >> keep in mind, i haven't done anything. i wasn't doing anything. >> reporter: police confirm they later discovered he had two warrants out for his arrest. the prosecutor is refusing those calls tonight to re-examine the case. david? >> steve, thank you. when we come back on a monday night, rob sharing a powerful new message tonight. also, look at this. the white knuckle landing. the pilot forced to abort the landing at the last second, right before hitting that runway. and america celebrating with the ryder cup champions tonight, but there is something just a little off somewhere in this photo. the exmrn nation, right after the break. sure, we could have stacked these tires. or put them on a rack. but the specialists at ford like to show off their strengths: 13 name brands.
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england. the pilot then pulling up the plane just seconds before touching down on the runway. incredible. he did come around for a second attempt, forced to land the jet almost sideways there before safely coming to a stop. well, robin williams' final days, his widow tonight writing an emotional essay about his suicide. she details his anxiety and loss of memory. she described it as, quote, she hopes doctors can learn from her loss. the essay appears in the medical journal neurology. and going solo tonight. american golfer rickie fowler standing out in this picture as team usa celebrates its big ryder cup victory. teammates congratulated by their wives, girlfriends, getting a kiss. there he is in the middle. the ryder cup tweeting its support, saying, don't worry, all of america loves you. and that's true. what a victory this weekend. when we come back tonight, the america strong. the family, the daughter turning
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keep on grooving. ? let's groove tonight. ? ask your doctor about toujeo?. ?share the spice of life.? ? finally tonight, the birthday gift, the letters. 18 years in the making. here's david wright. >> reporter: 17 years ago, on her 1st birthday, abby's family prepared an intimate time capsule. this trunk, filled with cards clippings, to be opened on her 18th birthday. >> this is a box that my parents set up for me. >> reporter: a day that finally arrived just over a week ago. >> so, i'm going to go through it and i'm already going to cry. >> reporter: inside the box, a letter from abby's uncle john, who died five years ago in a car crash. >> i just want to say, i hope you grew up to be just like me. because it will drive your mother and your grandmother crazy. your uncle, john.
6:58 pm
abby's mom, too. >> follow your heart. find something you love, no matter how difficult it may seem to achieve. >> reporter: the mom actually filmed abby opening the time capsule. mother and daughter, sharing a lifetime of memories. david wright, abc news, new york. >> hard to beat a gift like that. i'm david muir. i'll see you right back here
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