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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 430am  ABC  October 6, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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good morning. it will be a great day for baseball. >> yes, it will. go, tribes! temperatures will be warmer than yesterday and even warmer after that.
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menner, 67 in ashtabula. this is a warm start compared to earlier this week as we head into the afternoon. take a look at the numbers. we are hitting 80 degrees. somebody will hit 08. a good amount of sunshine and passing clouds. kristin, how are the roads? >> we are looking good. accident-free on the highways. 90 eastbound bridge will be closed. the new innerbelt will open back up. 71 at badgley still quiet. a calm ride. not issues to tell you about@of right now. back to you. a glimpse into a mind many suspect is a serial killer. this morning an exclusive with jailhouse letters. >> they are emotional and raw, explaining why he killed all those women, and he sent them
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gpa hickey. >> reporter: shawn grate provided insight into the mind of a confessed killer and why he said the government killed his victim it's first. their minds were dead, grate road, blaming government assistance for taking the mind of his victims. uses the words bodies, victims and people interchangeably and the letter is scattered with bible verses about death. we are sharing this because we believe what grate says is newsment he admits to the roles
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five women and claims his motive. the families say they have the right to know why he did it, posing a final question scrolled across the letterhead. why is my mind eating me alive? or has it ate me? i called the ashland county prosecutor's office to let them know about the letters and their contents but i could not get through to the prosecutor. the support staff says the office doesn't want them and doesn'ca them. then i received an email from a special prosecutor in the case telling me i can submit copies of the letter if i want to. in the studio, megan hickey, newschannel5. >> because of the incentive nature of the story we reached out to family members of stacy stanley and elizabeth griffith earlier this week. >> we offered to share the letters with them if they are
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corrina, to you. look at this video here. traffic in florida. you can see clogged highways, more than 2 million people across the southeast being told to get out. matthew blamed for at least 16 deaths in the caribbean, ten in haiti. the storm hit there as a category 4. thousands of people losing everything, homes, livestock, crops -- we don't even know exactly how bad the devastation is. crews still trying to get to ar it is a category three and expected to strengthen again as it makes its way to the florida coast. we are learning red cross workers here in northeast ohio are going there to help, going to georgia, north carolina and south carolina, part of 500 workers standing by helping with disaster work and supplies. an exciting day here in the
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the indians are getting ready for the play-offs. >> they will be playing the first game in the series where it will all go down. good morning, the nick, you have a prime spot on the field. >> reporter: how about this. you don't get down in this section of the stadium very often. tonight the indians will look to continue the trend one of the division series, game one against the red sox. rallies, together with towels given out in game one. also game two. how about the pressure paint job and the logo -- fresh paint job and the logo, alds. and a special moment on the mound, as terry francona's father, the original tito,
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and cleveland metro schools will be on the field holding the big giant flag. the first pitch against the boston red sox slated for 8:08 tonight. the two teams have a big history in the post season. we will break down the familiarity with unanother but obviously the excitement is in the air today. game one of the american division series hours away. back to you. >> i cannot wait. if you can break towels back here is more on disturbing video of a lorraine police officer sending a -- lorain county police officer sending this. a second meeting is set tonight at are you creation baptist church.
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a bridal hospital, coming attractions, is suing the hospital. they said people stopped coming in the store african-american better vincent went to the store there and was diagnosed with ebola when she returned to note 67, there are brand new -- galaxy note 7, there are brand
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good morning we will be seeing a good amount of sunshine as we things quiet today and tomorrow but rain chances go up early saturday morning throughout saturday with the passing of a front. we will talk some more soon. kristin, to you. >> all right. happy there is no rain and no fog. at least this these camera shots the highways look good. coming up later on in the show i will be talking about construction in the akron area. back to you. let's talk about a breakdown for a former president. bill clinton ran into trouble.
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tire trouble there on i-77. state police tell us clinton's secret service detail took care of him. he was in town yesterday for a campaign event for his wife in canton. >> the wheels on that bus did not go round and round. you are welcome for that joke! fresh off the vice president debate, mike pence will be in strongsville. he will have a meeting at the 10:30 a.m. at the strongville rec and senior center. then trump will be next thursday in cincinnati. pence gave more insight the into what he may talk about. yesterday at a rally in pennsylvania he continued to respond to clinton calling trump supporters a basket of deplorables, he says she cannot lead the people she loathes and the days of politics for personal profit will end is day he is elected. 4:41 on your thursday. many of you may have gotten emails from your kid's school.
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way through northeast ohio, and it is taking local people by surprise, too. >> can you hear in he now, how about now? >> huh? >> a new wave of complaints about the iphone 7. we will have it for you when we come
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breaking news coming into the live desk. federal prosecutors announcing men to l.a. they are charged with smuggling three tons of cocaine into the u.s. , worth at least $70 million. they were caught when planes carrying the drugs crashed. jackie? well, corrina, now to a terrible story out of pittsburgh, putting another face to the heroin epidemic. a 7-year-old girl goes to school and tells her teacher something is wrong with her parents. police step in, go to their house and find this couple dead
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here to make things even more disturbing, three other children, all younger than 5 years old in the house. officials don't know how long they had been dead. now to another overdose story, this time in ohio. employees at a pizzeria in cincinnati found two people unconscious in their parking lot. they luckily had mar can, after knowing how bad the neighborhood. >> they were hugging like they died together. they were hugging one another. we pulled them apart and threw them back because i wanted to clear their airways. >> eventually the fire department arrived and gave the couple more doses of narcan. they were revived and expected to survive. the pizzeria restocked the narcan just in case it is needed again. 4:45. this warning, a scare prompt
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passengers ready to take off on a southwest flight from louisville to baltimore were evacuated when a alexander note 7 suddenly started -- galaxy note 7 suddenly started smoking. this is now raising questions about the safety of those devices. avag verizon wireless servers are complaining about a drop in service. you can enable voice over, enable lte. if the that doesn't work you will need to would swap out your phone. well, this year in ohio the dynamics of ohio's battleground status is changing.
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seeing nationally. right now hillary clinton is in the lead, but in ohio it is donald trump. >> he needs the enthusiasm from the demographics voting for obama. and in ohio that make as difference. >> if ohio goes to trump but clinton wins the actual election it will end a very long stream. ohio has a hire percentage of picking the winner than any other state, getting it right in 28 of the last 30 elections and no republican candidate has winning our state. all right. i have a winning forecast. let's talk about that. i know we have the tribe game tonight. current temperature 63 trees outside. current time bright and early, dark and early, 4:47. super, super warm out there for this time of year. we are talking upper 60s. you know what i mean 124 that should be the -- what i mean? that should be the high.
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the south keeping the numbers in the upper 70s. we have a front from the west that won't arrive until saturday morning. today's high will reach 79 degrees. yesterday we hit a high of 78. today i am going 79. beautiful conditions out there. now let's switch gears and head to the tropics. you know what is going on down there. we have hurricane matthew, a super strong storm, a category 3. it weakened when it went over the terrain in cuba and haiti. when it is not over water it dies down but once it gets back in the open waters of the bahamas where temperatures in the water are warm we will see that regenerate in the next 12 to 24-hours. current wind speeds are 115 miles per hour and it is heading straight for florida. take a look at the track. i also have a look at the core of the wind speed. make sure you are listening if
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that is the level of the damage, a category 5. and into the weekend we are seeing temperatures on the up around here. we should be cooling down over the weekend. >> thank you, somara. i have been watching the highways. i am happy to report we are accident-free. a little slow spot around pearl. newburg heights. 76, 277 and 77 checking in just fine in akron. let's zoom on in and talk about a project throughout the middle lane restrictions along 76 between dart avenue all the way to wolf ledges parkway. 8:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. the timeframe, but it is happening through the middle of the month. here is 480 and state route 237. smooth ride so far. corrina, to you. in health news we have been hearing lots of reports of hand, foot and mouth disease here in ohio.
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rome, a pediatrician at cleveland clinic. she calls it a bread and butter illness. it is in kids 4 and under and causes a rash in the hands and feet and soars in the mouth and fever. she says it is pretty harmless and goes away in a few days but they are seeing something different. >> we used to see it in the spring, march, april and may but now we are seeing a of it this -- flurry of it this fall. in past years it has been a springtime disease. >> it is very common and spread through bodily fluids like saliva. hand washing is very important. you treat it symptomically. speak with your pediatrician. just a warning that yawns are contagious as we show you this video. apparently the length of your yawn is related to the size of your brain.
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cool our brains. the longer you yawn the bigger your brain. the study published in biology letters but not all scientists are sold on the explanation. >> i am sold! [ long yawn ] >> we know the deal, jackie! the time is 4:51. it has been six months since prince died. his sister wants you to know you are not the only one who misses the mu >> his pet doves have not been the same. majesty and divinity are their names. when he was around they cried all the time. since he died the doves have been silent. his sister says they play prince's music to make the doves less sad. when they hear it, they start crying, just as prince would
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cry." well, thank you for waking up with us on newschannel5. i am jackie fernandez. >> and i am leo alirez. well, no one knows where the water is going. >> the mall of america announcing a new policy that has employees weeping with joy. could it catch on here in ohio? before we go, let's take a look at how wall street opens
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good morning. let's go ahead and get a look at the forecast for the tribe's game. they are taking on the red sox this evening. we will have great weather. temperatures in the 70s to
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the sun will be setting this evening giving way to clear skies and the temperatures will fall into the upper 60s. very comfortable for a ball game, especially in the fall when we should be much cooler. >> we have this, somara. 90 eastbound over the innerbelt bridge they will be making repairs and get the new eastbound innerbelt bridge ready to open here. that is closed until 6:00 a.m. friday. the detour let's head outside and check on the odot views. no issues in the akron area. 76, you are checking this just fine. back to you. >> all right. happening today the opening ceremonies of the chagrin documentary film festival. >> the main event the premier of the film starring austin pendleton. you may not recognize the name but you definitely recognize that face. yes, he is from warren, ohio, one of the most popular
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tv shows and movies and will appear in person at tonight's screening. >> and the caribou house is getting a grant to help it stay open. the cleveland nation behind the $290 thousand grant. it is one of the most celebrated black theaters in the country. it will produce theater and arts programs that honor the african-american experience. we literally had tears of joy from it. >> for years black friday has been creeping deeper into deeper into thanksgiving day, be you this year retailers at minnesota's mall of america won't have to do that. the mall's owners are leaving the decision to stay open on thanksgiving up to individual stores. most of them already saying they will be closing so employees can spend time with their families. here is what we are working on at 5:00.
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what is ahead for the dids behind this awful -- for the kids behind this awful crime. >> and a suspected serial killer confess in a letter only sent to newschannel5. what shawn grate has to say about his crimes, when we come
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almost welcome back. the westbound lanes of the innerbelt bridge will be closed until friday as we start with prompt. looking good this morning. let's head outside and check on our odot camera. no problems on 90. 90 and west pretty quiet. to you. a man described as a charm he with a dark side linked to five murders, writes two


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