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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 430am  ABC  October 24, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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now at 4:30, the wait is over. the interbelt bridge reaching its biggest milestone yetment. intense flames destroyed a home. i will have the latest. >> it's just on a totally different level. i am beyond thrilled. >> on monday it will start to sink in. >> an epic world series class now just one day away, and the final preparations that the team is making, and the new
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rosier. good morning everyone. we are starting your monday morning with a special announcement. >> please welcome to the good morning cleveland team meteorologist j.d. rdd. -- rudd. he will give you in depth weather coverage. >> the weather has been good overall, but the focus will be on the tribe. >> great time. >> i think you look we needed in cleveland. >> i don't want to be blamed or anything bad that happened. temperatures may be warmer right now, more than earlier this afternoon. most ofs are in -- most ofs are in the 50s. you may want the jacket. temperatures continuing to fall off. you may want the jacket at 5:00. cannot rule out a spotty shower
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>> thank you so much, j.d., and welcome to the team! we are accident free, and it's a perfect time to join us on good morning cleveland. you're okay in the traffic world. 90 east, yes, the eastbound interbelt bridge. the westbound bridge hoping last week, and now looking good eastbound. westbound, we're okay, and let me just area, and 76 and 77, and we will check on the odot cameras in a bit. the indians and cavs' fans know it's a good day, and this will help them get ready. the interbelt bridge is now open. sarah finney is live this is a big day. >> reporter: a big day, and some days -- or excuse me, 5
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it's early. the eastbound and westbound bridges costing half a billion dollars. that's billion with a b. the drivers will get to decide if it was worth the time and the money. before you head outside well want to give you a look at what you may be seeing. remember i-71 north, now there's two lanes. if you're going eastbound on 90, you will also see the two- lane access to the bridge there. as for waiting years for access, that's its own dedicated lane, and hopping on 90 will be easier from tremont. if you're counting that means five total lanes are open on the eastbound side. the westbound side, opened up exactly a week ago, and i'm going to tell you about a couple more changes coming up in the next half an hour. live in cleveland, sarah
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joe biden has made fighting cancer one of his top priorities. >> today he is stopping at the cleveland convention center. meg, this is not a political stop. >> reporter: no, cancer research is near and deer to his heart. he lost his son beau to brain cancer last year, and since then he launched a campaign to honor beau's memory and find a cure for cancer launched in january. he has travel aid cross the country talk together top researchers and stakeholders, and the conversation will continue at annual medical summit where they will discuss the latest break throughs and ideas on how to further cancer research. he has made several stops in cleveland this year. biden is set to take the stage this morning at the convention center at 10:00, and he will
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clinton, and he will stop in toledo around 1:00 anddayton around 5:00. corrina? breaking news coming into the live desk. this is a house fire in elyria township this is from tmc news, and along with this video here this is rosewood drive, happening around 12:30 this morning. you can see the house is destroyed. we hav no once home at the time -- no one was home at the time. the owners are on vacation. a judge ruled the h2o lounge should be closed. court documents rule there's not been a valid operating permit since the beginning of
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a. with he's okay. she's the girlfriend of one of the men arrested. police said he had a gun and forced her into his car sunday morning. someone saw what happened and called 911. officers caught up with the car and arrested them. they are also facing drug charges this morning. 4:36 is the time right now, and we are counting down to game one of the world series. an exciting people for our city. >> we are calling it c.l.e. christmas around at home, too. last night the indians tweeted 48 hours until we start the quest for the fourth and final champagne celebration. the team was working out last night. danny is trying to work his way back from the forearm injury, but the rest of the guys like andrew miller, they are ready to get going. >> it's been a pretty long time since cleveland won a world series as well.
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late '90s, and these 25 guys and their 25 guys didn't experience the whole process, and we just want to win the world series. it doesn't matter who we are playing. >> here's a look at schedule. cleaver, josh and tomlin will follow. game one tomorrow night, first pitch just after 8:00. 4:37, and still ahead, our country's soldiers who entered the call are being forced to pay back why the military said they should have never received a signon bonus. whether you're cycling the trails, hike the paths or looking at the water falls, the new way to show your support for the national parks.
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it's 4:39. thank you for waking up big and early with us. big story in the weather
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the temperatures may feel like the 40s, especially when you factor in the wind. holding strong at 15 to 20 miles an hour for some, and as you head out the door this morning, grab the jacket, and the green light is on for the roadways, and i don't think anything major for us at all. the winds, you may need two hands on the wheel as you go home. temperatures should be in the 50s, and how about a check of the roads? >> thank you, jd. you mentioned the wind for the access from the westbound side, nice today. two lanes approaching the interbelt bridge. terrence, over to you. a water main break has caused a boil alert for people living near tower street.
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license plate and help cuyahoga national park. this plate will give $15 to the friends group. troops going neighborhood to neighborhood in iraq, trying to keep people safe. getting back to maybing bourbon, employees upset they want.
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it's 4:43, breaking news into the live desk, a search is going on for this man. michael vance shot two officers with an ak47 in oklahoma and sped off with stolen car. the officers were responding to a shooting when vance opened fire. two relatives were found dead
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it's believed he made have been set off by his recent arrest on child sexual assault charges. they believe he is hurt and traveling in a different car. the two officers are hurt but injuries do not appear to be life threatening. this is one of the deadliest bus crashes. a tour bus and big rig collided, and the bus so fast, the semi's trailer went 15 feet into the bus. one doctor treating the survivors said the injuries could have been worse. >> the bus struck something that was collapsible. when you see someone involved in a high-speed motor crash, you usually see broken bones,
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patrol said it does not appear the brakes were deployed. and in arizona, look at this crash here, the cattle truck somehow hitting 24 vehicles, and it was just north of pheonix. you can seat major traffic backup that lasted 9 hours. at least 17 people were hurt, and four had to be flown to the hospital. jackie? we have to go until election day, and according to the polls, hillary clinton has a 12 point lead, reaching 50% nationally, and trump has 38%, and when it comes to women, clinton has a 20 point advantage, and this latest poll after the third and final presidential debate. developing overseas this morning, the fight continues
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mosul. once the troops enter, they will likely start intense fighting with isis soldiers. is a big frustration for thousands of sold -- this is a big frustration for thousands of soldiers. california offered up to $15,000 as a signon. audits reveal widespread overpayment, and they are going after 10,000 ld million. some veterans have to remortgage their homes to pay back the money, and at this point we don't know if other states are affected. new this morning for you, a winter-like wonderland in the northwest, but the fall foliage is throwing through. that is snow of the season falling in new england this weekend, already, and bringing enough early snow, the sky resorts could open.
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in nevada, and some place got 9 inches of snow in october. it was only at the highest peakment. as you -- peak. as you may have noticed we have a new member of the morning team this is jd rudd and you are joining us from kansas city. >> my wife and i were in kansas city as the royals grabbed their n, now we move to cleveland, and the tribe is hot. the cubs it could be a tough world series, but i know we are pulling for the tribe. you talked about the snow. we have nothing like that coming, so don't get ahead of me just yet. >> okay, good! >> it will be cooler, and here's the power of 5 radar sweeping the sky. there's nothing to pick up at all. later today, there may be a spotty shower i would say along
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will be on the dry side. for monday, the biggest change is the drop in temperatures. that's the biggest thing to talk about, it will be cloudy and cooler today. and here's how the radar may shape up this morning, and it's east of mainly ohio, back into parts of pennsylvania, and that could see a couple of showers later on today, maybe something, and that will go through at 3:00 or 4:00 this afternoon, and primarily many of us will wide up staying dry, and the wind could be an issue, and t' game one for the world series. here's what to expect at progressive. 45 by 9:30, and if you were lucky enough to go to the game, make sure you dress in layers, and fall is settling in with the temperatures struggling to get out of the 50s. 55 in cleveland. 56 in akron. 58 right now for those in new philly. here's the hour-by-hour forecast for today, trying to
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touching 53 out of the mostly cloudy sky for us today. i think many areas, it's lower 50s, and perhaps even some locals getting stuck in the upper 40s. the wind machine, stuck in the on category. no matter what the air temperature is, it's going to wind up feeling just a little bit cooler. forecasting 52 in cleveland, and let's scope out the 7-day forecast here. change coming to the back half of the week. 58 for the high on thursday, and that may be one of but a wet one as well. windshield wipers and rain gear for us on thursday. >> thank you so much, jd. we are accident free, and that's the good news to tell you. when it comes to the interbelt bridge, we are fully open to five lanes of traffic. access to the folks who live south and west, even better. 90 east and 71 north, two lanes
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north, access to the bridge, back open, and west 14th street, the on ramp to 90 east is also open, and that's the carnigie bridge open as well. this morning, the whiskey jim bean employees returning to the job after 250 of them walked off the job. they wanted to stop working up to 80 hours a week. the company is promising to hire more full-time workers. nobody likes a tied game, and especially one where someone walks away with the w. >> case in point, last night's nfl game against seattle and arizona. it ended in a 6-6 tie.
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chance to claim the victory in overtime, but they just couldn't do it. the cardinals missed the 24- yard field goal to give them the win, but it hit the upright, and then the seahawks did the same thing. this is the first tied game in the nfl by the way without a touchdown since 1972. >> all right, these they need new kickers. that's for sure. >> i'm jackie fernadez. >> and i'm terrence lee. thank you for starting your week with us. the fans have waited a lifetime to see the indians and the cubs in a world series, and it may cost you your life savings. donald in the buff going to the highest bidder. you will not believe how much someone paid for this statue the. as we head to break, let's
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in. 6 away from 5:00 on this monday morning. good to you. i'm jd rudd. the weather time line this week, windy today, and maybe some extra-hold hair spray. storm, still cool, but less in the way of wind. a small warmup for the back half of the week.
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into thursday. hour-by-hour forecast for today. mostly cloudy skies in cleveland, and temperatures should be in the 50s. different from this weekend. make sure you're dressed up and ready to go for things. we will look ahead to the game one forecast in a couple of min the outs. >> thank you, jd, and the highways are looking good. here are the drive times on 9o71, and 480. 90 eastbound to the interbelt, 13 and 71 to north fulton to 90. traffic may be building in the eastbound and westbound lanes here, but not too much of a crowd yet. an east side community comes together to remember a 15- year-old killed in cleveland heights. it was parents owned, and yet
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gathered for a vigil. >> we are so thankful to the community, and we are feeling grateful. this means a lot to us. >> the vigil was organized by interfaith leaders at the community. >> beautiful to see the support from the family there. >> going to a world series game will not come cheap. right now you can't find a ticket for game one or two at progressive for under $700. if you think that's outrageous, you have to see look this is tickets for game 3 at wrigley field, and the cheapest you will find, folks, $2,000! >> oh my gosh! >> that's a paycheck, like one paycheck for some people! >> we have had a championship crowd with the cavs, but man, those chicago cubs, they are worse than us, so i guess why
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the matchup has everyone excited even professional athletes for other supports. >> we know how supportive lebron james has been. now he is taking it one step further. lebron reaching out to his bud dwayne wade to make a friendly wager. he said let's talk. >> the king responded absolutely. we're placing a nice bet and more on this one, my friend. >> i can't wait to see what the wager is. >> even though tomorrow is the home opener for cavs, people were saying maybe lebron should throw out the first pitch and delay the game by half an hour. a popular nightclub and the scene of many crimes finally shut down. a child punched at school, but it was no recent fistfight. you be shocked to find out who actually hit the kid right
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there is five years of traffic jams that is over. unit that you can ask act smoother rides to cleveland this morning. a politician is in ohio, in october, and it is not a campaign this -- visit. tell us white joe biden is in cleveland today. this is starting to it is monday and the tribes pay and -- the tribes bands, we are going to the world series. we will see how they are getting ready for the big game.>> yes. good morning. it will be a great week today. after a weekend of rain and wind, will we get a reprieve? we are welcoming


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