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tv   News 5 at 6pm  ABC  November 4, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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taken seriously. >> the 27-year-old social worker told first district police someone stole her lost 2014 nissan rogue. police file a report thursday but she says that was it. >> i know they have a lot going on and this is a missing car so it is not as big of a deal as some other things and i thought i would just kind of do a little detective work myself and take it into my own hands as much as possible. >> stolen debit cashed was used at nearby gas stations she went to work. >> he brought orange juice and earrings. >> and she posted it on facebook writing does anybody know this man? he stole my car early this morning out of my driveway. this is more than just an inconvenience. >> definitely. it is -- i feel violated.
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>> he knows where i work and with my mom lives. >> on with the evidence. >> it is my baby. i got it on october 1st. my first brand new car and graduated from grad school and the last car was a 2003 ford taurus. >> she works in oak wood village not close to the west side of cleveland. i have more information online. if you want to see th her license plate number, i posted it on my social media pages and our news 5 app. live in cleveland. derrick waller, news 5. sheffield police say a woman and man are dead following a murder-suicide heard on a 911 call. dispatchers could hear them arguing and gunshots followed and when officers arrived to the home, they heard two more gunshots. after a few hours, swat
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discovered the pair both dead from gunshot wounds. right now cleveland police are investigating a shooting where two people were shot in the head. according to first responders it happened in the 2500 block on cleveland's east side. a 30-year-old male found dead when they arrived. the other victim was taken to metro health and they say she was in critical condition. >> douglas shine was found guilty of aggravated murder. a jury ruled that he was responsible for the three people after shooting at a barber shop. three others injured last year. shine could face the death penalty at his sentencing. we have been telling you about the heroin epidemic. wooster experienced 6 overdoses yesterday. we go to wayne county to see
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heroin bagged up as evidence along with digital scales and drug instruments and crime tape hangs where one man overdosed. and police reports detail where three other men and two women all oded in different parts of the city between three and 11:00 p.m. thursday. >> it is a problem everywhere. this is an epidemic like i don't think the country has seen before. >> wooster chief matt fisher says that cops use a medicine to reverse the overdoses and two are have seen the chief suspects a batch of heroin laced with fen ta nal or carfentanil made it to his town. >> whatever it made was something stronger than your every day run of the mill heroin. >> the suspect is locked up accused of providing the heroin. >> wooster has 26,000 people and not too touched by the
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people in wayne county. >> there are 22 confirmed and there is probable at least 8 to 10 more. >> dr. patterson and melinda coughman work at 180 and say it is not only the increase that is alarming, the deaths. >> a lot of the ones are the younger kids coming in probable between 19 and 25. but they hope the spike in wooster overdoses serves as a wake-up call addicts to have hope and get help before it is too >> we are helping lots of people and seeing lots of people succeed but we also know that we are losing people as well. >> bob jones, news 5. tonight cleveland police need your help in identifying the body found in a vacant lot at east 55th earlier. the county medical examiner's office says they cannot figure out who it is. the remains were discovered on 17th street.
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female with long brown hair in her 30s and mid-40s. they ask if you have a family member missing that matches that description and give the medical examiner's investigative unit a call. tera blake in for mark and you know what, tara, it was sunny and cool. >> we are looking at the sun moving away and remember with the changing of the times we will lose the sunshine even earlier. 5:00 hour but it does mean earlier sunshine to get you going. ou that means tonight clear and quiet and cold before what will be a beautiful weekend full of sunshine and added cloud cover and holding on here in astubula. you can see the nice beautiful sunshine offer of those clouds and i love that shot as the changing trees are gorgeous. 53 the current temperature in cleveland and astubula already dropping in the 40s. tonight's football games and for any friday night plans the jackets are a must.
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currently in akron. high pressure, the dominating feature in the next couple of days and truly as we move into next week. as it shifts east we finally see the warm-up. no upper 70s like we had the chance to enjoy for the mid point of this week. we did have beautiful weather predicted for next week that will look better than the 53 we have at astubula. we will take a look at the seven-day forecast. guys back to yo general election. tuesday four days away and the campaign for the most watched race in the nation and making one last race in ohio. republican presidential nominee donald trump was in clinton county. he held one last reality with supporters near cincinnati. jz fans making their way at wolstein center for a concert for hillary clinton.
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trying to to hold. and john kosic joins us now and for democrats, these rallies are pretty much tradition. >> usually the week before the election that we see the final shows to drum up the support. we found jo walsh the day before the 96 election on stage with the clintons and the gores and the boss bruce springstein a frequent visitor. first fo for barack obama in 2008. both downtown. and this is not judge somewhere's first political concert. he did it in 2012 and 2008 with lebron james at the q. the message is always the same as lebron's was 8 years ago. >> i need everybody in here. mom, dad, uncles. aunts. get your family and vote because this is the most important day of our life. the reality is the concerts
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voters and they may help in the motivation department when it comes to getting people out to the polls. john kosic. news 5. while most voters have a legal address to put on the registration forms. there is a misconception that homeless people can't vote. in fact homeless ohio residents can register with the address of a shelter. there is also a misconception about felons. only those currently in prison serving time are banned from voting. awaiting a felony charge they can vote. and the cuyahoga county board of elections wants to make sure that you can track your absentee ballot to make sure it is where it is supposed to be. election officials say the democratic party is sending out postcards claiming voter ballots not returned and the cards being sent to people whose ballots have been accounted for at the board of elections. you can give the board of
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one of the most contentious and heated and controversial presidential races in history. the nominees that made hundreds of claims in the year long campaign. so we are taking one last look at some of the claims that donald trump has made. plus the cavaliers are about to make one last stop on that championship run from last season. more on where they head
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we are four days away to election day and we know its has been an election day full of claim some false. we took a look at hillary clinton's claims and now jamison yuller is running some claims through the truth a meter. >> there is claims on the campaign trail of donald trump to provide three hundred fact check, one hundred more than hillary clinton. the trump fans on the campaign trail found 15% received political facts highest rating of true or mostly true but they
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to be false and 17% received political facts worse rating. pants on fire. >> nearly 180,000 illegal immigrants with criminal records ordered deported from our country are tonight roaming free to threaten peaceful citizens. >> promising to make the immigration reform. made the claim about illegal acceptance speech at the rnc. political facts dug through the data and founding a million immigrants have been ordered removed but still in the country as of july 2015. and estimated 20% of them had at least one criminal conviction. >> there is a lot of truth to the statement but we think there is a little more information you need. >> like some of the immigrants are not allowed to return to their home done and some are being monitored by law enforcement.
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claims as mostly true. no stranger to controversy. trump tweeted this three weeks before election day claiming large scale voter fraud happening on and before election day. offering no proof though that political facts still looked into it. >> republican supervisors of election on the watch for this they are the ones most critical in donald trump's remarks for stirring up doubt and concern about the integrity and electoral process. actual instances of fraud in rating trump's ads as pants on fire. for this trump fact i'm jamison yuller. >> if you want more facts this you can find them at a restraining order on the donald trump campaign and his in formal advisor donald stone barring them from harassing voters during the election. a federal judge ruled that
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acts in or near polling places will face charges and a lawsuit file by the democratic party claim the gop and trump supporters were conspiring to prevent people from voting. on election night we will have live results and interactive newscasts. your vote election night 2016, that will start at 7:00 p.m. and bring you throughout the evening. continuing to our democracy 2016 coverage on news 5 at 11. a warning right now about a scam that costs a lorainne man thousands of dollars. that man received a phone call for somebody claiming to be his grandson. the caller said he was in jail and needed $2000 to pay his bond. the victim bought those cards and gave the scammer pin numbers over the phone. police say if you receive a call like this hang up and
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investigators are working on right now and it may get under skin. a focus on the public housing and on your side investigation found that families earning 6 figures and living in low- income homes and homes that your tax dollars helped to pay for. cleveland mom salina young. >> i am so happy you are doing this story because it needs to be recognized. it needs to be recognized and people need to pay more attention to it. >> you know i being looked over. >> i feel like we are being looked over. >> so how does this happen. tonight at 11. investigator sarah buduson uncovered the loophole to pay low rent. got to see that. >> that's tonight at 11. more good news here at six. >> i think so. >> just going to keep on going. >> getting better temperature-
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the other temperatures. was it too warm. no complaints. >> i can't match that unfortunately. >> see how she set us up, rob be? >> it is warmer. take a look at the sunrise. we will take a look. the school a lot of activity on a friday night. those football games and the regular season is over but for those that have moved to the next level, good luck and dress warm tonight. it certainly is gointo the chilly side and east siders in the 40s including astubula at 49. 49 in chardon as well and 48 in orange and evening plans the jackets in 40s and 52 in downtown and akron and canton warmer and at 54 and lower 50s here in ashland counties and currently finding the middle 50s and west siders on the
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that will allow the temperatures to really drop off here tonight. the good news some of that warmer air from the south will slowly migrate to northeast ohio. the true peak of the week will be monday and tuesday. perfect for voting and here this weekend not that either as you were hearing with rob and danita. the high pressure east keeping the snow away and rain chances well back west and not expecting real true amounts of rainfall to hit if you have green grass you may have to watch it. not suggesting watering but just way too cool but we stay nice and quiet for the weekend plans and want to show you the temperatures bumping up and even as we hit 7:00, you will find some 50s here and remember we are changing the clock and the sunrise sunset will shift. you are now going to find your sunset in the 5:00 hour.
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we have browns expecting to have a great game in the 60s but if you are stuck in the shade at any point of the game, a good idea to have the sweat shirt and certainly going to feel on the chilly side. here we go. tonight and for your forecast tomorrow. 42 in sandusky and your high of 55 and 52 in wooster for your high and cleveland expecting a high in the lower 60s and may notice more of the cooler air in place. 62 canton and 63 for your high and overnight lows in the 30s for the southern locations and keep that in mind and you will want the extra comforter or the heater on. if you have kids, the heater has to be on. 60s for this week with that extra hour of sleep as we fall back to daylight savings time and for voting day, a high of 66 and a weak front trying to
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chance is on friday. guys, over to you. we all know cleveland is all in. >> yes, we are and we are getting the word that the white house is too. in true which had fashion the cavaliers will meet with president obama to celebrate the nba final wins and you know it is customary for the team to give the president his own team jersey. but maybe he will be honorary cav before he leaves office. >> go with the winners. >> j r will have the shirt on. yes. he is a bulls fan so i am sure he will be glad to have the cavaliers in the house. >> i am sure the cubs will come up. >> who started quarterback for the browns we will tell you. we we live a memorable moment
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next of news 5. >> the tying run at the plate. rajai davis. it is gone. you should see the celebration out of the indians 3rd base dugout.
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was when rajai davis hit that home run in right filed when i went bonkers. his first home run since august. >> one reason it will take time for all of those to get over it. the president feeling the pain but looking forward. >> pain in that moment and look around and you see paul dolan and think about his family and what they have afforded us. the opportunity to try to create here. and getting so close to it. it is hard in that moment. not to feel that pain and to look around the clubhouse and see the guys that literally left everything out on the field. >> as you have time to reflect back, you can think about the bigger picture and some of the bigger things that might mean to the people and the city and the way the connection was formed between the city and the team and hopefully that is something we can continue to
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the option of carlos santana. the indians exercised the 2019 contract and mike napoli 35 years old. if you are keeping track the tribe home opener is 152 days away. ezekiel elliot rolling into town and rollin leads as a rookie. could have drafted zack prescott and cody kessler and starting on sunday and over josh mccould you then. missed the game because of a concussion and got injured in a game with the bengals and said he was impressed with his poise. against dallas. in a high school football type. first round of the playoffs and
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mcdonald's five on your side. highlights ganly mckenna and avon lake at avon. if you see us say hello. >> snow on week one of the playoffs. >> no, no. we will see you back here at 11. have a great night. news five at 6 has been brought to you by the ohio lottery cash
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tonight, breaking news. the new abc news tracking poll. the shift in the race in just one week. the new numbers, clinton and trump. and two police officers shot in new york city. one dead, images coming in from horrific discovery. the woman kidnapped, chained in a storage shed. tonight, what authorities have found. the explosive new video. an african-american man, and the takedown, the police k9. authorities say they had the wrong man.


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