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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 5am  ABC  November 17, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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now at 5:00, a legionnaires outbreak in east lake. where exactly it is centered and if people who live here should be concerned. >> then hillary clinton makes her first public appearance since losing the presidential election. the message she is sending to her supporters. >> and one ohio town makes it legal to smoke marijuana. getting people arrested. good thursday morning, everyone. thank you for joining us. i am corrina pysa. >> and i am terrence lee. we have a couple more days of good weather left this week but wait until you look outside. you can't see anything. this looks like a scene it of a horror movie, jd. >> yes. be careful. let's be serious for a second. it is foggy out there. if you are heading out use caution. the fog is thick.
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we are down to zero miles in rivera, four miles of visibility in cleveland. that is okay. we like to see the number closer to ten. other areas are a half mile visibility. it is foggy this morning. it is on the cold side and with the temperatures in some areas dipping to below freezing that could lead to isolated slick spots on the roads so be cautious this morning. by the afternoon it is a much different story. high temperatures should be in the 60s with plenty of sunshine. records coming up here in a little bit. kristin? >> thank you, jd. let's talk about the fog on the newschannel5 traffic maps. you mentioned the visibility a big issue. a lot of foggy odot cameras around the akron-canton area. pull up a couple speeds here this morning, 63 miles per hour along 77. southbound right here along 71 we are looking at 63 as well. maybe slow it down a tad, but keep in mind that will be what
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throughout the morning commute because the dense fog advisory not lifting until 8:00 a.m. and the odot view along 76 and 77. barely making out the cars. low beams is the way to go this morning. back to you. this morning one person is dead and ten others are sick from an outbreak of legionnaires disease. >> sarah phinney is live in east lack where this is health officials say they have it under control but sarah, there could be more people at risk here? >> reporter: the health commissioner says they will be looking at a dozen businesses within a mile radius that have cooling towers because the bacteria can infect people that breathe in the vapor or mist from contaminated water. it cannot be spread person to person. a 54-year-old man died in the outbreak, be you the ten people sickened are now okay. the health department is
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date back to the summer. the commissioner says the common source appears to be three businesses in east lake. officials eventually zeroing in on consolidated prescription products. samples from one of the cooling towers show ledge nel la bacteria but the company says the towers were clean and the latest test results show no bacteria. the health commissioner think concerned. >> i think they can have confidence. we have it controlled. >> reporter: it will take up to 15 months to look at all the
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well, people in louisville have been on the picket line. teachers are picketing everyday there but residents of canton are asking the school board to stop sending help. the superintendant confirming two administrators were sent twice to help lewisville schools but says north canton schools were never put at risk. well, the sentencing phase for douglas shine continues today. he was found guilty three people inside a warrensville heights barber shop and conspiring to kill the witness. the stepmother testified yesterday, and she says his stay in a juvenile facility when he was 10 turned him from a smiling boy to a young man that doesn't trust others. a professor fired over a social media post plans to
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anti- semitic comment on facebook. she says her statements were taken out of context. in the meantime the sandusky father is behind bars, facing charges for leaving his son unsupervisorred in a park. the ideal -- unsupervised in a park. fortunately the child wano a major milestone in an effort to get rapists off the streets. the attorney general says all of the nearly 500,000 kids from cuyahoga county have been tested. testing finally -- kits from cuyahoga county have been tested. thousands of the rape kits were sitting on shelves for decades. the results of the test, by the way, have led to 500 indictments. victims of human trafficking will soon have a
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army harbor light complex is finished of the the 30,000 square foot building has three levels to get inside. no stone left unturned here while designing the space. >> the victims of trafficking are basically the most fragile and in the most fragile situation they have been in in their lives. >> the grand opening for the living units for up to six trafficking victims at a time. america is worth it. our children are worth it. believe in our country, fight for our values and never, ever give up. [ cheering & applause ] >> hillary clinton making her first public appearance since conceding the election. she was honored by the children's suspense fund, a non-profit she spent years working with. she said it has not been easy
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to leave the house again, but her message to supporters, pick yourself back up and move forward. clinton is encouraging we all work together as democrats across the country and here in ohio are trying to get donald trump's white house advisor fired. they are among 169 democrats that signed a letter to fire stephen bannon who undermines trump's ability country and promote stories from the website that show hate against jews and muslim, against other groups. a new report this morning shows infant mortality rates in our state are on the rise and african-american babies are dying at a rate three times faster than other groups. the report from the ahead department of health show the three leading causes of death are prematurity, sleep related issues and birth defects.
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may have voted to use marijuana but under ohio state law you can still be fined and lose driving mt. olive ledges. a -- privileges. look the polar bears, these cubs have a 50% survival rate in the first few weeks. so far mom and babies are doing just fine. >> good to hear. are all right. to you. >> it is nice to see oo is a cute video like that -- nice to see a cute video like that. the fog should mix out by 8:00 or 9:00 this morning. after that sunshine and 60s.
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temperatures are looking possible for us. then by the weekend that is where things start to change a bit as the storm system works its way in. it is windy, cold and some will see their first snowfall of the season. we will talk more about it as the morning rolls on. 5:09. coming up, do you recognize any of these items is this the famous star they once belonged to and what is being done with them today. >> and about women and migraines. why they could be a sign of a bigger health problem.
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welcome back. more than four months after the shooting death of a black driver in minnesota, the officer that fired the shots is facing criminal charges.
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officer was at fault. philando castile was shot after the car he was pulled over in was shot by jeronimo yanez. it went viral sparking outrage and protests. the dash cam video not made public captures castile telling the officer he had a gun. >> officer yanez then said, okay, don't reach for it then. castile tried to resp was interrupted by officer yanez who said don't pull it out. castile responded, i am not pulling it out. >> moments later investigators say officer yanez fires seven shots into the car, an action the prosecutor says was not justified. riancies is expected to turn himself -- yanez is expected to turn himself in and face a
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evidence about possible corruption by chicago police officers into the shooting of laquan mcdonald in 2014. video shows officer van dyke shooting mcdonald 16 times. he pleaded not guilty to murder and no other officers have been charged in the incident. a california judge cleared the operators of a that advertises escort service bus investigators say it is used women and young girls. the judge indicates he will likely throw out the pumping charges but the final ruling won't happen until december too 9th. the u.s. dollar at its strongest since 2003, hitting a 13 year high yesterday. the combination of higher interest rates and spending introducing the value and better economic growth in the u.s. adds up to a stronger dollar. we will take that, right? jd, but not the foggy start to
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>> no. nobody likes that. but we have a nice afternoon in shape. once we get past the morning the afternoon will look great, and tomorrow will be a five- star day, as well then the weekend -- well. let's start now with the fog advisories. we have reduced visibilities all across the area. we will talk about that in a couple minutes. it is outside this morning. 36234 avon. look at wooster, 28 this morning. that is cool pocket right there. that is the area we are seeing some fog, too. that may cause isolated slick spots. keep that in mind this morning. it will be a world of difference this afternoon. sunshine and 63 degrees by 2:00. the wind, i think a little breezy today at around 10 to 15 miles per hour. so, by the afternoon, again, nice and warm temperatures. you may have the windows down
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satellite and radar, not a lot of activity in our area but look what is going onto the west. this is taking shape. you can see a little counterclockwise swirl. that is the beginning of the storm system. ahead of it various winter alerts are in place, including just upgraded in the last hour a blizzard warning for parts of western minnesota and northeast sections of south dakota. these folks will get the brunt of this storm system as it works its way through. it will come into our area. hereis our advanced future-cast showing you rain coming in by saturday morning along with the cold front. the cold air gets involved by the end of the day saturday turning rain to snow saturday night to the early morning hours of sunday. we could see some areas picking up a couple inches of snow, especially in our eastern locations and the temperatures for everybody will be cold. enjoy days like today once we make it through the foggy
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we are definitely dealing with the fog this morning. the dense fog advisory should be lifted around 8:00 this morning. medina county, yes, this is fog. this is 71 and 76 in medina county. slow it down. it is rough out there. the orange showing where it is foggy. here is tuscarawas county, starke county and and geauga lake, too. but the greater cleveland area is mostly clear but it doesn't mean you won't see patchy fog in those areas, too so keep an eye on it. would you pay $850,000 for a piece of stone? one person did of the the earliest known inscription of the ten commandments sold at an auction. the stone weighs in at about 115-pounds. it is written in hebrew.
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the tablet must be put on display at a public museum. today another auction house is getting ready to sell the largest collection of marilyn monroe items including her designer wardrobe, jewelry, personal letters and the gold bedazzled gown she wore at jf 's iconic birthday celebration. ly be available in house and online in what would have been well, people across the nation are taking part in the american cancer society's great american smoke out. >> it encourages americans to quit or help make a plan. tobacco the largest preventable cause of disease and from mauer death in the world but about 40 million americans still smoke cigarettes. the good news, though, rates are dropping. 42% of people smoked in 1965. compare that to 17% in 2014.
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imagine if you could lower your cholesterol with a shot. instead of popping a pill everyday. researchers are looking into a new drug. you get an injection twice a year. so far the study finds it custodies ldl cholesterol, the bad cholesterol, by half or more. researchers say it could mean major advances in preventing heart disease, heart attack and tropical storm colin. a new university of florida stroke. a new florida university says migraines are not considered a risk factors steven forsyth cardiovascular but base -- factor for cardiovascular but based on this new study, maybe it should be. women should stay away from smoking, keeping their cholesterol in check and being careful with estrogen based birth control pills. what a better way to kick
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horse drawn came ride. this girl from cincinnati is 4 years old and celebrating the end of her radiation treatment in true style. she had tumors in her intestines and is undergoing chemotherapy through next spring to make sure the cancer stays away. >> the little fighter. so good to hear. well, we k the way. what you can do to make sure you are safe. >> and a cable scammer is out there. what you can do to help avoid
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welcome back. we are talking now about what you should have in your car for winter care. you can have a extra cell phone that can call 9-1-1 even if it doesn't have service to it, along with everything else on your screen. >> bring it back.
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we are dealing with the fog jd showed you. the fog is patchy but blanketing the southern portion of the viewing area. look at the low travel times. traffic is so light right now. i don't think it will be a huge issue but as we see volume building in an hour torso it could make a difference. 90 eastbound to crocker a 13 minute ride. look at the odot view and a quick peek at the foggy cameras, 76 in summit county is where i am >> kristin, thank you. we have a consumer alert for you this morning. we want to you be careful next time a cable worker shows up at your door. >> it may be a scam. people in lorain say guys are showing up at their doors with real looking equipment offering to set them up with service. this woman paid them $200 and then found out she was scammed when her cable went out.
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equipment was obsolete. i was stolen cable and didn't know it. i could have been in big trouble. >> what should you look out for? never pay up front. always get some sort of paperwork about the service and look for familiar company logos on clothing and vans, as well. 5:26 on your thursday. up next a local councilwoman caught red-handed. why she is facing dassey's case. what is next from the guy in "making a murderer." here is a look at last night's lottery numbers.
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. now at 5:30, a deadly legionnaires outbreak in lake county. who may be at risk. >> and i ask you, are you at city hall. you said you are not. but you are right here. were you lying? >> an elected official caught stretching the truth. and in an exclusive on your side investigation, we asked how this cleveland city councilman spent campaign money. >> and another voting system in america causing scandal this morning. someone in particular is pretty
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>> and first, we want to you watch out for the fog. oceans, my gosh, barely visibly -- oh, my gosh, barely visibly there. erie county schools already delayed two hours because of the fog. let's head to meteorologist jd rudd. >> yes. it is soupy out there this morning. if you have a photo you want to share, do so safely. there is a dense fog advisory in place for all the countie all of us are in the 30s to start your thursday. but by afternoon it will be amazing. lunch time 57. the 5:00 temperature around 59. between noon and 5:00 i think we touch the middle 60s today. how about that? tomorrow record high territory. we still have to talk about the big change for the weekend. we will do that as the morning rolls on. back to kristin now. >> thank you, jd. let's pull up the fog map to show you in orange where we are seeing the fog.
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impact this had morning, especially 76 and up 7 in the akron area as we zoom -- and 77 in the akron area as we zoom in. slow it down because of the visibility issues we are seeing. the commute, though, into the city no problem. a three minute ride and 56 miles per hour for the average speeds. no real issues on the roadways other than the fog. we are accident-free right now. let's show you are the fog is the at 271 an issue, as well and medina county another fog issue at 71 and 76. back to you. we are investigating an outbreak of legionnaires disease in lake county. officials believe it may have started at a plant in east lake. sarah phinney is live there. health officials are now checking to see if more people are at risk? >> reporter: good morning, terrence. the health commissioner says they will be looking at 15 other businesses within a mile
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should not be concerned. the disease cannot be spread person to person. however, people can be infected by breathing in mist or vapor from contaminated water. officials say a 54-year-old cuyahoga county man died but all ten of the people sick are now okay. the district focused on three cases because the people worked in companies nest to one another in east lake, eventually zeroing in consolidated precision products. samples from a cooling tower showed legionella bacteria but health official ifs cannot confirm it came from the company. one employee does not want his face shown on camera spoke to us saying -- >> i helped our health safety group who does a fine job of taking care of the employees
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it seems like there is a lot of talking about it to make sure things are happening, things are being checked and the employees are being told. >> reporter: several hundred legionella cases are reported in ohio every year. the health commissioner tells us it will take two or three months to check out all 15 companies. live in east lake, sarah phinney, newschannel5. >> sarah, thank you. keep us updated. nick foley at the live desk in a developing story we are following. a new trend of guns impossible to trace found a new report from texas warning law enforcement agencies across the country and northeast ohio about the untraceable guns. the parts are legal to buy in the united states but some are connected to people with criminal organizations. no serial numbers are required because the unfinished parts are not considered a firearm but we are checking with local police to see if the trend is showing up locally.
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thousands of dollars in campaign money on repeated trips across the country. we called councilman zack reed if he was at city hall so we could speak with him. he said he wasn't even though his car was at the garage. but we went there and he was. we asked him about the $5,000 in 2015 laid out in his campaign finance report. he insists it is all business saying the trips are for law enforcement firms and more on strategies to reduce silence. >> why is no other councilman taking trips to new york, san francisco, fort lauderdale. why are you the only one doing it? >> it depends on what committee you are on. >> the secretary of state office says quote all expenditures made by a campaign committee must be for influencing the results of an election, a campaign expense, the candidate's duties to
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charitable contribution. candidates do not have to list the reason for the expense unless they are audited. a woman targeting north olmstead. julie ann mccormick is charged with theft. police say she stole more than $900 worth of stuff on monday of the she will be arraigned on november 29th. so far no comment from her or the council president. well, let me start by saying our in the nba voting but his wife kept it classy. >> the same cannot be said for justin verlander's fianci kate upton. verlander got the most first place votes but ended up finishing up second in the voting to boston owes rick porcello. that is because two writers left verlander off the ballot completely. upton not holding back on twitter.
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she is really letting it all out there, you know, letting out steam, not happy about that one. up next, the nobel prize controversy continues today. what bob dylan is saying to the academy. >> and helping cancer patients bounce back. what you can do to help improve
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20 minutes away from 6:00. the browns are back home at the steelers come to town. if you are heading to the stadium, look at this. pregame 34 degrees, rain, snow mix, cold, bitter wind during the game. if you are a die-hard browns fan, hey, you will be there. you will be planning for the cold game. we will be expecting snow but plan ahead and take it slow to and from the game if you are heading out and about anywhere this sunday. kristin? the story this morning the fog. the visibility issue reduced. the left sign of the screen, this is medina county, 71 rein 76. and 76 and 277 in akron, compare that to two different views of the greater cleveland area. you can see the difference here, the southern portions of the viewing area and the northern portions. so, regardless, take it slow, you may come across patchy fog. terrence and corrina?
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out of ahead state university is encouraging for cancer patients. >> yes. it finds exercise is a good thing both during and after treatment. researchers say not only is it safe, but it improves quality of life, even leads to better physical function. specifically here they looked at spring training and arobic exercise focusing on prostate and breast cancer patients. by the way, there are more than 15 million cancer survivors living here in the u.s. that number is expected to go up to 20 million within the next up next, we saw the horrifying scenes streamed on facebook live, a man sitting in a car shot by a police officer. this morning that officer is facing charges, but not everyone is happy about it. >> then an alert for parents. new test results are in. find out if your child's booster seat is safe. you are watching "good morning cleveland" on newschannel5. we appreciate it. we want to leave you now with this super screen 5 with the
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we will keep you updated on traffic and weather during the
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if good morning, we are following new developments
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charged with manslaughter for killing a black man during a traffic stop but many are not happy with the charge. instead, take it to the streets saying officer jeronimo yanez should be charged with murdering philando castile. his girlfriend streamed what happened live on facebook. >> you saw him get his i.d., sir, his driver's license. oh, my go me he is dead. >> this was my best friend. i feel as though murder to the highest extent of the law is what would be appropriate here in minnesota. >> castile told the officer he was legally carrying a gun and prosecutors say he never tried to remove it from his pocket. the officer fired seven shots. the county attorney says the presence of a firearm does not justify use of deadly force. that officer will be arraigned tomorrow.
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morning new details about the release of brendan dassey, one of the men in the hit docuseries "making a murderer." he must be released friday night by 9:00 if a emergency appeal is denied. this week a judge ordered his release after overturning his conviction saying he has to be retried or set free. the state appealing the case. prosecutors want dassey to stay in prison while the appeal plays out but his daughter lays there is no case against lawyer says there is just no case against him. well, a competency hearing on monday in the dylann roof case will be closed to the public. the judge is deciding what will be allowed in the trial. prosecutors and organizations are arguing to keep the hearing open. a south carolina man is arrested for calling in a bomb threat at the white house. when police talked to justin mccoy he said he did it.
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being held in jail without bail. president-elect donald trump not wasting any time, today meeting japan's prime minister in new york, trying to build trust with the impending president. the prime minister will also try to safe guard the long- standing alliance between the u.s. and japan. japanese officials trying to figure out what trump's intentions are once he takes office in january. we are learning of a stunning sale here at the live desk. a record amount paid auction. this piece known as grain stack was sold for a whopping $81.4 million at christy's in new york. the bidding lasted about 14 minutes. $81 million, jd! >> mark johnson bought it! [ laughing ] he was like sure, why not. i have two already. i will buy one more. it is 5:47.
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this morning, this is like a monnet. soupy and foggy out there as you look down the road in the distance. be conscious on the roads. the dense fog advisory is in place until 8:00 this morning. here is a live look at the weather bug camera in the cleveland area. not that bad right now as we spotted an airplane -- hopefully it is an airplane, some kind of flying object in the sky. 36 in akron, 38 in rivera, 38 in mansfield. use caution on the roadways. this afternoon a much different story. have your sunglasses ready. a mixture of clouds and sun with high temperatures shooting into the middle 60s once the sun makes an appearance. and late november, record highs tomorrow. the current high is 71 set last year. i am forecasting 73. how about that, across the entire area. but then this guy is lurking off to the west. that is the wind of change.
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it is already taking shape in the higher terrain of the rocky mountains. it will work its way across the northern plains and into our area. there are blizzard warnings in place for some location, as well. here is the advanced future- cast showing us how it plays out. i doesn't arrive until late friday, if not early saturday morning. a few rain showers coming in. there goes the front. the clouds thicken up and the rain showers will continue for saturday afternoon to saturday evening as the cold air gets involved. there is the snow that will continue for us saturday night to sunday. some areas around 1 to 4 inches of snow. the higher amount there is targeted in red in the eastern locations. kristin? >> thank you, jd. the buts ins we are -- the good news we are still incident-free. but we still have fog. things have not changed much into the 6:00 timeframe. tracking some speeds there.
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really. ladies and gentlemen county 64. 63 on 271 northbound. give yourself extra time to get to where you need to go because of the reduced visibility. i haven't seen it impacting the greater cleveland area. here are the worst cameras as far as reduced visibility and fog. 71 at 76 in medina county had been you cannot even see the -- medina county, you cannot even see those cars. the institute for highwa safety tested 53 new child booster seats and 48 were given the organization's highest rating the. the costco easy elite and high back 2 and 1dxs, however, were not given a good safety rating. two years ago only 25% of booster seats test bid the group earned their booster rating, so a big improvement overall. >> yes. well, i cannot believe it
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>> people at butterball are ready to take your turkey questions today. >> never too early, right? you can call the butterball turkey talk line at 800- butterball. for the first time you can text questions. we don't know how long it may take them to text you back so keep that in mind. they have been taking calls for more than 30 years and the most asked question, how long does it take to thaw the turkey. we checked. it is about four hours fridge. excuse me me, four day, people. this is very important. take it out way in advance. you can't be putting a frozen turkny the oven. >> no. >> and too busy to attend the nobel prize ceremony, singer bob dylan skipping a trip to sweden. he says he is honored but has preexisting commitments. he stayed silent for weeks after his nomination was
5:52 am
present a nobel lecture within six months to get the prize. well, looking to make extra cash? a warning if you use the facebook marketplacers and other trading marketplaces. >> and a special moment from a kent state basketball game you won't want to miss. "good morning cleveland" is
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welcome back. well, people, the s-word is on its way. snow. i am sorry to say. >> yes. landscapers and more will be working around the clock to get ready for what the weekend brings. landscapers say they are slammed trying to prep supplies and check last minute things
5:54 am
having a good season this year. we are laid back. because of last season we are slow to start. >> the good thing, the child winter last year left many -- the mild winter last year left many businesses with salt so, yes, good news when we are talking about snow. whether we like it or not, jd, it is coming and possibly this weekend. >> most likely saturday night
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you know what, let's be positive and talk about friday's forecast. 73. are you kidding me? more positive news in addition to that is that we are accident- free. no major issues on the highways despite the foggy, foggy roadways we are seeing this morning because the dense fog advisory is not lifted until 8:00 a.m. 76 and 77, the speeds are showing no problems. the cleveland area, 71, 77 as well as 90. here are the odot cameras we are monitoring. this is 76 at state route 21. you can kind of make out the cars. it looks better than the shot i was showing you at 71 and 76 in medina county. back to you. the soon-to-be sheriff of sandusky county accused of stealing prescription drugs is expected to change his not
5:56 am
stealing drugs from a police station drop box. he still ran for re-election and lost his race while behind bars. shakers high school reversing a decision to punnish a student after posting his texts online. two students posted another student's snapchap content and texts on the internet. the students say they were insensitive to african- americans ansu but now the plain dealer says the school is dropping one of the student's suspensions. cleveland police detectives need your help identifying these two armed robbers. take a look at your screen here. this he targeted a subway restaurant on the west side, pointing guns at employees and taking cash from the register. they took a lock box and a tip jar off the counter there. if you recognize them, give police a call. here we go. who doesn't love the sweet treats and dishes.
5:57 am
we can't wait for them. >> oh, yes. we have a warning for you this morning. watch out for people illegally selling those foods online. it is a trend that is taking off on social media. and the problem is regulating what is being sold and what is in the food you are buying. while you can sell 90% of baked goods out of your home legally without a permit, something like a pumpkin roll need as license. >> a moist thing like a cheesecake or creamy pie, you would do that. >> and the cuyahoga county board of health says many times people are being fooled online thinking what they are buying is made in an approved kitchen. ask to see the seller's facility if they give you the run around that could be a red flag. >> i am craving a pumpkin roll. they are delicious. the kent state basketball team taking a unified stance on a dividing subject. >> during the homeowner against
5:58 am
fans invited players to join them for the national anthem. they won against the delta devils 93-63. 6:06. an amazing act of brotherly love. we showed you this in-- -- incredible catch. called big bro being called a
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now at 6:00, a deadly legionnaires outbreak in lake county. where it is centered and if people that live around here should be concerned. >> and hillary clinton makes her first public appearance election. the message she is sending to her supporters. >> and one ohio town makes it legal to smoke marijuana. the law loophole, that is still, though, getting people arrested. good thursday, morning, everybody. i am corrina pysa. >> and i am terrence lee. we have a few days left of good weather this week. take a live look outside. a wintry mix is on its way. let's get right to meteorologist jd rudd. >> let's spin this a little bit. some people were hitting me up


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