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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 6am  ABC  November 29, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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off to a windy start. >> to say the least. overnight there's been several buildings damaged, a lot of them from the high winds. >> yeah. ear here's damage to a -- here's damage to a church at 71t and kinsman. the brick facade collapsing because of the wind there, but thankfully no structural damage >> another partial building collapse. look at this, this is on naywood avenue. the entire front of the building just fell right into the street. neighbors tell us this building has been vacant for several years. and lots of reports of downed power lines and poles
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barbdon. that did not cause a power outage, but in total first energy is working to restore about 1,000 or so right now. so we'll continue to follow that. and scwrmplet d. rudd also following that this morning. >> yeah. tracking that wind for you, 6:01, good morning. the one benefit from the wind, look at the temperature right now. we're kind of in the middle of this surge of milder air in the mid-50s this morning, but it does come with that price of the strong wind gusts. right now wind speeds are out of the south at around 10 to 15 miles an hour. the little bit over the last couple of hours. that's going to continue as we go through the day today. but, still, as you head off to work, two hands on the wheel, yellow, kristin will certainly back me up on that. on the drive home, the sun should peak out, upper 50s. not a bad tuesday in late november. kristin. >>reporter: not too bad. just worryd about those streets where we are seeing issues because of the strong winds. so for traffic out there use caution, especially here. we've got a partial building collapse west 91st street and
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nothing too, too concerning. but also use caution in this area here. it is passible, lorain at 126th street, a tree had fallen down in that area earlier. you can get around, just go slowly. let's check on the highways right now. we are looking at 71st, right, at 71, and we are looking okay. traffic starting to build, but at least we're flowing okay in this section. let's check out with john in the sky air tracker 5. good morning. >>reporter: hey, kristin, good morning. for the most part things looking pretty good aside from there were some downed lines. i do want to point out that east 9th street is back open after it was closed earlier this morning because of an issue with some lights. traffic moving again on east 9th. we'll check out some other areas and let you know what we see here from air tracker 5. in air tracker 5, i'm john ritter. we're not going to give in to fear, we're not going to give in to hatred or violence. >> we can't be broken by tragedy like this. >> healing after horror. ohio state coming together this
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that terrifying attack. >> very scary. and students will be back in their classrooms today less than 24 hours after a man drove into a crowd, stabbing several people. news 5's meg shaw here with the very latest. good morning, meg. >>reporter: good morning, sarah and corrina. there are so many unanswered questions this morning by columbus police and federal agents, they are now working to uncover why this happened n. a facebook post from the attacker may provide some insight. just three minutes before into a crowd of people and started stabbing, he posted this to his facebook. i can't take it any more, america. stop interfering with other countries, especially the muslim. we are not weak, we are not weak, remember that. the fbi now digging deeper into that post, all this as religious leaders focus on helping students and staff move forward. >> we're not going to give in to to fear, we're not going to
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or retaliation. >>reporter: many leaders now saying the only way through this is to come together. the ohio state emergency management tweeting this, quote, together we remain unified in the face of adversity. and they will try to heal together tonight at the st. john's arena with a special community event. that starts at 7:00. all are welcome. corrina. >> and, meg, c.a.i.r., the council on american islamic relations is condemning the attack. >> leaders here in cleveland also calling for everyone to remain calm judgment about all somali americans. >> the somali community have left a place where there is ongoing violence and they've come here as a refuge to live in american society. they love this country, they work very hard, they want to peacefully raise their families here, and they absolutely categorically stand against anyone who would perpetrate
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this attack could prompt violence against muslims and their mosques. well, looking ahead to tomorrow, ohio lawmakers are set to take autopsy bill related to weapons on college campuses. the columbus dispatch says this bill was in the works before the attack. it would let universities adopt policies that allow concealed carry handguns on campus. another bill going before committee tomorrow would reduce the penalty for carrying a weapon on campus from a felony to a misdemeanor. social media played a bi role after this attack, facebook activating its safety check feature. it allows people to tell family and friends that they are okay. facebook was calling it a violent incident in columbus. and, of course, we will continue to follow the latest on the attack as it develops. if you want to read more in- depth coverage of what's going on, you can check out our news 5 app. we have a time line of developments, full versions of news conferences and much more. corrina. let's get back to breaking news. we do have new information
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plane crash. the plane carrying a brazilian soccer team, as we've been telling you, it crashed overnight. at least two of those soccer players, we can tell you among the five people who survived. most of the passengers on the plane were players and also employees from that pro soccer team. you see them here. they were playing here in their last match against bolivia. we are staying on top of this. of course we'll keep you updated. sarah. teachers are going back to work in louisville. the rep says members of the teachers nearly four-week strike last night, but there's no word on if they accepted the new contract that was left on the table. they are asking the board of education to clarify two issues, reduction in force and insurance bills from before the strike. classes at all louisville schools are canceled today, but everyone will be back tomorrow. a 25-year-old man turns himself in after hitting a 10- year-old with his car. last week cleveland heights police say jeremy boone was
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crosswalk with his older brother. boone has been charged with aggravated vehicular assault. according to police, the child is now out of the hospital. some good news there. well, today, as we just mentioned before the break, it's giving tuesday. in recent years it's become kind of a companion to black friday and cyber monday, but instead of buying, the focus here is on giving. and the greater cleveland food bank is hoping you're going to remember them today. food bank leaders say they're in one in three people in cleveland live in poverty. many of them rely on the food bank to eat, and demand, of course, it increases during the holidays. kids are going to winter break, they don't get a school lunch. >> back in our kitchen, we can distribute anywhere from 5,000 to almost 10,000 meals in any given day, depending on whether or not school is out. >> now keep in mind donations do not need to just be in the form of non-perishable foods.
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financial donations and they use those to buy bulk foods to be stored in their warehouse. okay. meteorologist j.d. rudd back with another check of the weather >> yeah, good morning, everyone. 6:08. kind of a tossup today, a hard one on what the headline of the day should be. i went with the wind here in the morning hours but this afternoon it's likely going to be the milder temperatures. the wind has caused some issues this morning. we showed you the video earlier. the wind is still going to be gusty this afternoon, even around noon gusts could still be around 20 miles an hour. now to put that in comparison spea n we saw this morning, wind gusts at around 45 miles an hour. still, it may get your attention as you head out early this morning. outside of that we've got a mild day in store. i'll detail your forecast here in a couple of minutes. >> all right, j.d. it's 6:08. good morning, i'm corrina pysa. >> i'm sarah phinney. working hard as you saw there. still ahead, wildfires threatening thousands of homes in tennessee. we'll show you some more amazing video from those evacuating. and a cleveland company
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of school. but, first, a look at what's coming up on "good morning america." >>reporter: in this morning's "gma first look." passengers on this jet were stunned. >> they opened the door and dumped out of the plane. >>reporter: landing in houston from new orleans, but not at the gate yet, the emergency door is gone as well as a passenger. spotted on video obtained by kprc, she's seen running across the tarmac towards the terminal. but a medical case. >> psychiatric problem, airport response team 92. >>reporter: the woman hospitalized overnight, but this is not the first time. in the past few years we've seen flight attendants who decided to quit by deploying the emergency chutes and bailing out of the aircraft and their jobs. and we'll have more details coming up at 7:00 a.m., plus the latest on the airport
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o'hare airport. with "gma's" first look, david
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it is 6:13. and right now here at the live desk i'm following fast-moving wildfires in tennessee. look at this video here giving you an idea for just how close these flames are coming to homes and businesses this. is in gatlinburg. that city under an immediate evacuation order and that includes the popular great smokey mountains national park and ski areas, even dollywood. the fire being fanned strong winds and the worst drought in sneerly a decade there -- in nearly a decade there. so far no reports of injuries, but at least 100 homes are affected. and look at this, wildfires also a concern in colorado. this is a denver suburb. firefighters from the city among those being called in to help, and then it's snow causing problems in the dakotas. this is what it's like in bismarck, south dakota right now. in north dakota the governor actually issued an emergency
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they're upset over a proposed pipeline. well, he says the winter storms in the forecast are just too dangerous for them to be there. sarah. >> oh, snow. today green party candidate jill stein expected to file the paperwork needed to start an election recount in michigan. she's already done the same thing in wisconsin where the recount is set to begin thursday. however, stein is suing that state because it will not hand count the ballots. stein has also filed a suit for a hand count in pennsylvan threatening to file a lawsuit of her own. according to a letter from her lawyer obtained by tmz, melania trump is furious over a video suggesting her 10-year-old son barren is autistic. rosie o'donnell tweeted a link to the video last week. melania is not threatening to sue o'donnell, but she wants the person who posted the video to apologize. and a man whose profanity-
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from delta for life. >> this man [ indiscernable ] [ bleep ] we got hillary clinton supporters on here >> oh, boy. well, delta was criticized immediately after this happened for not getting the guy off the plane. late yesterday delta offered full refunds to passengers in addition to banning that guy for life. corrina. >> well, sarah texas is now the second state to confirm a zika virus. lab results confirmed this in a woman in brownsville in south texas right near the mexico border. the woman has not traveld to an area where the virus is circulating. the only other state where the virus is circulating is florida. and in california three people are dead, another five sick after eating thanksgiving dinner. health officials think they all got some form of food poisoning from a dinner at a church event. another 835 people did eat at that event also.
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sick. providing free hygiene supplies for women and girls in public rest rooms is an idea that's gaining traction on college campuses all across the country and in a growing number of cities. critics say, though, women will get greedy if offered tampons or pads for free. but a cleveland company has a solution. hospeko designs a dispenser that lets women get products for free but makes it difficult for one person to empty the whole machine. disp huge impact on the lives of younger girls. about 50% of girls in cleveland live in poverty and that means money for sanitary products isn't always available. sometimes they miss class. >> so the truth is that a menstrual cycle can be a barrier for a young girl attending school because of the humiliation, because of the lack of dignity and the consequences of not having access to those items.
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finding a solution. we are taking a live look outside right now. what a beautiful shot of the city. you know, those winds were howling overnight and we're seeing a lot of problems because of that, j.d. >> yeah, a lot of power lines and trees down because of the wind gusts at around 40 to 45 miles an hour. for some folks, if you got a tree outside that scratches on the siding, wakes you -- scraping on the morning hours, wakes you up. the reason there's a storm system to the west and northwest and the atmosphere is all kinds of wound up. the benefit, though, is the milder air it's bringing in. later on today around 3:00 in the afternoon temperatures mid- 50s to upper 60s. we're only supposed to be at 45 degrees this time of year. so we'll take that nice late november warmup. we had the rain last night into early this morning. that has now passed us by. the radar is trying to pick up a little snow activity there, light flurry activity over the lake, that's moving off to the
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storm system. and look at this, parts of the dakotas, bismarck, north dakota, look at that snow falling there. they have seen quite a bit of snow in the last 48 hours or so, but we're getting that mild air to work its way into the ohio area and we'll take that this time of year. the wind gusts, boy, have they been strong, 45 miles per hour at hopkins this morning, 46 in lorain, 49 in mansfield, 48 in the akron area, 46 the peak wind gust so far in wooster and 35 in youngstown. so it has been windy to say the least. wind gusts hour, they've backed their way down at around, we'll call it 15 to about 25 miles an hour. current temperatures right now are in the low 50s, sustained wind speeds out of the south at around 10 to 15. that wind will continue to ease back as the day goes on. we may squeak out a couple rays of sunshine especially later on this afternoon, right before that sun decides to set. high temperature around 62 degrees. we will take that in late november. but change is around the corner. so is your seven-day forecast. stay with us.
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that's the good news and our drive times right where we should be along 71, 77 and 90 as we approach the 6:19 on your monday morning. let's see what else we're dealing with. just some areas that might have some side streets dealing with fallen power cables, fallen trees as well, a little bit of a slow spot i noticed earlier 480 and 77, but nothing too concerning at this point. we do have a downed tree right here on oak park avenue. that's between 32nd and state in the city of cleveland. let's pull up our od there we go. this is 72 right at 480. the headlights are the northbound lanes flowing just fine for now. let's check in with jon rudder in air tracker 5. good morning. >>reporter: hey, kristin, good morning. we are getting an aerial look at maywood avenue, and it's -- and its closure because of a building that has collapsed. you can see there are several bricks in the streets. we saw some construction barrels blocking off maywood avenue. it looks like this may be closed for some time because there is quite the cleanup that is going to be needed to be made here in this area.
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area, beware, maywood avenue is going to be closed this. is all between west 90th and west 94th that building coming down because of major wind issues. avoid that area if you can. >>reporter: thank you, john. well, across the country we are hearing reports about some muslim women saying they're just afraid to wear thai hijabs, many of them opting to go without the head scarves. >> they say harassment and violence has increased since the election. muslim women actually began taking self-defense sharing tips on social media and making a choice, their face or personal safety. >> my head scarf has just become something that went from being a very spiritual element of a woman's life to being something where she had to be scared to wear it. i myself just didn't feel like i wanted to continue with that
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look up to the president-elect and will follow his lead if he condemns hate crimes. well, trending online this morning, actor anthony michael hall unfortunately, though, it's not for a good reason. famous for his roles in '80s teen movies like "the breakfast club," and "16 candles," hall is now facing up to seven years in prison. he's being charged with felony battery. his neighbor says hall broke his wrist and hurt his back during an argument that happened two months ago. up next, there's a celebration in the works for prince. what's being planned for the anniversary of his death. and a new addition to downtown cleveland, how the city plans to connect public square to the lakefront. guess what, we've got super screen 5 up and running, tracking your weather and traffic during the break. you're watching "good morning
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all right. if you are just tu tricky because of some fallen trees, fallen power cables, those wind gusts so strong in the cleveland -- in the cleveland area especially. 9th you are back open. it closed earlier because of some scaffolding cables that were getting in the way, but we do have huron county townsend in particular, 20 part of it closed between 57 and 601. let's pull up the odot view and check out 71 right at 480 and we're looking okay, j.d. >> looks good out there. we'll take it after the rain last and this morning.
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morning goes on. as the kids get back to the bus stop perhaps today, going to be a windy wait for some at seefng, a mild afternoon. still a little breezy by 3:00 or so today. i think temperatures topping out in the 60s. give you a quick check of that seven-day forecast. look at this, for late november, of course we turn the calendar and the weather changes as well. 40s return for the weekend and next week. >> all right. well, illinois the construction on the -- now that the construction on the new public square is done, we're so happy about that, well, the project. a pedestrian bridge to the lake, it's been talkd about for a long time, he was never completed, though. well, the commission says it's still in the works. designs are being finalized right now. funding is almost in place. >> we've got a great advantage which is $25 in committed funts from the city, the county and then from the state. >> now, since the project had an initial time frame that got pushed back, they don't want to put a time frame on when
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downtown projects going. well, if you like reviewing products and businesses online, you're going to want to hear this. congress just passed a bill that protects people who write reviews. the bill now includes reviews in the freedom of speech protections, meaning you can't be sued for writing a negative review. it was passed in response to some businesses making customers sign agreements that prevented them from writing badly online. well, coming up we state attack and the suspect. what's happening on campus today. and then a somber anniversary in cleveland. we are looking back at an intense police chase and shooting.
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i'm in ohio state right outside of walker hall and there is a guy crash his car and running around with a knife. >> now at 6:30, terror state as students return to class. we are learning the suspect made a threatening announcement before that terrifying attack. the motive investigators are now looking into. going back to class. teachers in louisville walk off the picket lines, but have they agreed to a new contract? but, first, the wind. [ wind noise ] >> it kind of sounds like thunder, but it's not.
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the side of the pnc building downtown. whipping winds causing a lot of trouble, power outages overnight. in the upper left of your screen there, you're looking at the entire front of an abandoned building. it collapsed onto maywood avenue. you see bricks and debris all over the place. >> and on the right strong winds take down half a wall of bricks at a church on kinsman. there are also many reports of poles and power lines being down right now. some progress is being made. several thousand people, though, still in the dark lake counties. j.d. rudd has been tracking this all morning. good morning, j.d. >> good morning. with those power lines and the wind, it's like they're doing jump rope out there. we can show you with our exclusive weatherbug network, a series of weather stations around the area that shows the temperature and the wind, especially this morning. we can highlight that. a wind gust of 43 in painesville, 43 as well in mentor. 32 the peak wind gust at our site in wooster. so, again, it has been a windy morning. give you a live look outside
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and wind go. winds have calmed down a little bit now, out of the south at about 15 to 20 miles an hour. it's still going to be breezy if not windy this morning. we should see those winds ease up in the afternoon. the temperatures also going up today into the upper 50s to low 60s, so the winds helping us in that aspect. but change is around the corner. we'll talk about that in a few. kristin. >>reporter: thanks so much, j.d. still tracking a bunch of different issues on the side streets this morning because of the strong winds. we've got a tree down oak park avenue. that's between 32nd and state. as we head into the city, though, a reminder that right lane on 90 eastbound over that innerbelt bridge, start time 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. that will be closed off for those commuters, but west 14th access is okay. make sure you follow me on twitter at kristin-byrne, i have a list of all those downed trees, downed power lines that have the intersections very difficult to get through as far as navigation is concerned. let's pull up our odot and put a track on the highways right
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west 117th. those northbound lanes, the taillights. let's check out in with jon rudder once again. good morning to you. >>reporter: kristin, good morning. you mentioned things looking pretty good on our highways this morning. no issues we're seeing from air tracker 5 flying just along 480 just a couple of minutes ago. and you can see traffic is moving along just nicely. remember, though, that maywood avenue closure we were just over because of that vacant building collapse, avoid that area. but, again, here at 480 things are looking just fine. i'm jon rudder in air tracker 5. i'm on campus. there has been -- i think it's some type of terrorist attack. >>reporter: confusion and chaos on the campus of ohio state university. >> people were, like, don't go on campus. >>reporter: a man driving into a crowd, and then stabbing people nearby. >> the car ran into him then plowed into a crowd of students that were standing outside. >>reporter: investigators now searching his home, looking to see if terror was his motive. >> we have to consider that it is that possibility.
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coming together as classes resume today. >> you're left to sort of pick up the pieces. >> well, that attack happening in just a few minutes, but, of course, that is forever going to change ohio state. >> absolutely. a campus left asking why a fellow student went after them, and that's one of many unanswered questions this morning. meg shaw in the news 5 tech center following the latest developments. and, meg, things are starting to get back to normal today. >> yeah, sarah and corrina. today is about moving forward university campus. classes will resume at normal starting here in a little bit as police and federal agents now begin their investigation into the man behind the attacks. less than an hour after abdul razak ali artan slammed his car into a crowd of people and started stabbing law enforcement swarmed this apartment complex where they believe he lives. fbi agents seen removing boxes from the apartment late monday night. at this point no motive has
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now investigating whether it was a terrorist attack saying they believe artan may become radicalized. investigators now looking into one of his facebook posts that read if you want us muslims to stop carrying out lone wolf attacks, then make peace. religious leaders on campus now working to help the osu community heal together. >> i talked to that boy almost everyday. a decent person. i mean, he spoke when spoken wasn't rude, wasn't disrespectful. >>reporter: you just heard there she was a neighbor that liveed in that apartment complex. now, as thousands of students and professors look to get past this tragic event, there will be a special community event tonight at the st. john's arena on the school's campus. it is scheduled to begin at 7:00, all are welcome. in the tech center, meg shaw, news 5. >> all right, meg, thank you. you know, that attack, you've gotta think it could
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hero officer. ohio state officer alan alan horujko is 28 years old, a two- year veteran of the force, also an ohio state alum where he was responding to report there is of a gas leak when he saw the car hit the crowd, then watched the suspect get out and start stabbing people with a butcher knife. alan horujko fatally shot the man identified as abdul razak ali artan, an 18-year-old o.s.u. student and somali refugee with a permanent le unfolded, as we mentioned, in just minutes ending up with 11 people taken to three columbus- area hospitals. three people are critically injured. injuries range from a fractured skull to lacerations from that butcher knife. we do know the victims are ohio state faculty and also students. and, of course, we will keep you informed of all the late- breaking details in this case. if you want to read more in- depth coverage of what's going on, you can head to our news 5 app. we've got a time line of developments and a whole lot
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corrina, we just received new information about the deal between the teachers and board in louisville. teachers are going back to work. they voted to end the nearly four-week strike last night. a union spokesperson tells us they more or less got what they were demanding, but they are also asking the board of education to clarify two issues, reduction in force and insurance bills before -- from before the strike. now today classes at all louisville schools are canceled. teachers need to set up their classrooms. everyone will be back tomorrow. here's at the live desk, we -- here at the live desk, we are also learning more about the breaking situation in colombia. we've been following this all morning long. at least two soccer players among the five survivors of that plane crash. everyone else on board, at least 76 people dead, including more players and also coaches from that brazilian soccer team. the charter plane declared an electrical failure overnight before crashing in a
6:37 am
resort towns in tennessee. smoke and ash filling the air. dozens of structures destroyed so far, thousands of people forced to evacuate. well, right now no one is allowed into the city of gatlinburg. that is a mountain town in the eastern part of the state. pigeon forge also in the path of the fire. the area's largest theme park dollywood on high alert because of this. now, this fire started five days ago, windy conditions, drought conditions, only fueling those flames, sarah. well, still ahead a college student's bank account is nearly drained. you won't believe how easy it was for the thief. but now a local bank is helping out. then neglected, living in the worst possible conditions, this four-legged soon-to-be mom has found a way out, but she needs your help to survive. "good morning cleveland" is
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20 minutes in front of 7:00. good morning, i'm power of 5 with us. 62 for the high today after a windy morning. we'll take a day like this. the clouds will try to break apart as we head through the afternoon. 55 for us this evening. overnight low not falling all that far, 50, maybe a shower or two coming back for tomorrow morning. i don't see snow in the forecast at least a few days, perhaps a small chance sunday into monday. more on that still ahead this morning in your seven-day forecast. kristin. >>reporter: thanks so much, j.d. air tracker 5 flying over a
6:41 am
madison this morning. looks like a fender bender, but the issue we're dealing with, a lot of power is out, so some of those traffic lights are out. treat as a four-way stop. corrina, over to you >> thank you, kristin. new this morning plans are in the works to celebrate the life of prince on the one-year anniversary of his death >> paisley park will host a four-day celebration from april 20th to the 23rd. bands scheduled to perform include prince's former backup band, the revolution as well as other members of his other bands. paisley park officially opened to visitors last mo museum. and starting next month the tours will be expanded with new fan experiences. well, coming up on the other side of the break, paying more to park, leaving your car at hopkins airport is going to cost you a little extra. and giving back to those in need, an easy way you can help this local family during the holiday season. plus super screen 5 up and running, checking your weather
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good morning, everybody. i'm corrina pysa >> i'm sarah phinney. thank you for joining us or this tuesday morning. and your windows may have been shaking overnight because today is off to a windy start.
6:45 am
buildings collapsed, power outages too, thousands of them from these high winds >> yeah. here's the damage at a church at 73rd and kinsman. the brick facade collapsing because of the wind. luckily no structural damage here. and another partial building collapse, this time on maywood avenue. look at this. the entire front of the building literally just fell into the streets. neighbors tell us the building has been vacant, though, for several years. and we're following lots of reports of downed power lines and le 65th and barberdon. power is still out for about 4,000 people and colinwood high school is closed today because they have no power. meteorologist j.d. rudd has been tracking the winds all morning. good morning, j.d. >> good morning, everybody. it's been a windy start. the good news is that wind is easing up as we move more through the morning. show you some of the wind gust reports we had earlier. these coming in between about midnight and 4:00 a.m. cleveland 45-mile-per-hour wind gust, lorain 46.
6:46 am
wooster, youngstown, all between 35 and about 40 miles an hour, so, again, it was a gusty morning, and those winds are easing up. now, the good news from all this, that wind is bringing in some milder air. temperatures going to be in the low to middle spheafts before the lunch hour -- 50s before the lunch hour. our average high this time of year is supposed to be 45 degrees. we're going to zoom right past that today. he we should be in the low 60s. and notice the wind easing back as we go through the day today too, so there's some good news for you. as far as things go on the satellite and ra into early this morning. that is gone. that is done. not expecting more rain for today. it's all part of a bigger system which is dumping copious amounts of snow in the northern plains. we are getting that warmer air to work its way in. that mild air flow coming in for today and will stay in place for tomorrow as well. this is kind of the big picture. we may see a stray shower or two early tomorrow morning, better rain chances passing by well to our south and southeast. and that system is on the move
6:47 am
as it slides by to the north of our area, that will give us a glancing blow for a little rain shower activity by early thursday morning. temperatures right now low 50s, upper 40s. we'll take that this time of year. look at the major readings here into the 50s. that's not bad at all. forecast for today for cleveland, akron and canton, how about that? high temperatures, should be in the upper 50s to low 60s. a little sunshine coming back this afternoon as well. kristin. >>reporter: thanks, j.d. i'm just happy we are drying out, but there are some slick spots on t we're seeing, our usual slow spots, right here 77 north as you transition into 90, 94 and 77 as well. as we head east, a report of a tree on a power line east 101 at lanphier in the city of cleveland. tracking just a minor accident berea and madison. let's pull up the odot views and check on the highways right now. starting to see some slow spots along 480. traffic is getting busier, nothing concerns, though, at least no accidents on the highways. let's check in with jon rudder in the breaking news leader in
6:48 am
we are seeing some increased traffic along the innerbelt bridge. you can see all of the lights coming across the bridge. actually, all this a police officer on the entrance ramp there from ontario street but he has since turned his lights off. as you mentioned, the accident at the intersection of berea and madison avenue, looks like some traffic lights may be out in the area. you're going to want to treat that area as a four-way stop. for the most part things looking good on our highways, sarah back to you. >> i'll take it from here. since a notorious cleveland police chase and shooting that ended with four people dead. the chase started in downtown cleveland. it lasted for 20 minutes, ending in east cleveland. officers fired 137 shots at timothy russell and melissa williams. several officers were disciplined. and in cincinnati the judge in the ray tensing trial will not be part of the retrial. she removed herself from the
6:49 am
samuel debows to death during a traffic stop. his murder trial ended in a hung jury and the prosecutor now wants to retry him in another county. and elyria man is expected to be in court this morning after ohio state highway patrol arrested him for his fifth, yes, fifth, o.v.i. officers say eric frye was arrested sunday. he was involved in a crash on state route 83 in wayne county. and a 25-year-old man turns himself in after hitting a 10-year-ol police say jeremy boone was driving on lee road when he hit the child who was in the crosswalk with his older brother. boone has been charged with aggravated vehicular assault. according to cleveland police, that child now out of the hospital. well, right now the fbi trying to track down two men who robbed a brooklyn bank at gunpoint monday morning. take a good look at these pictures here. those robbers walked into the huntington bank on ridge road. it was just after 9:30 in the morning.
6:50 am
robbing the bank. the other pointing a gun at the teller. the company now offering a $10,000 reward for any information leading to an arrest. and a local bank now saying it will do everything possible to work with a college student who was targeted by a thief. that student says someone pretending to be her used her information, requested a temporary atm card which was granted and the thief all but wiped out that student's account. well, this morning the bank says it will fix the mistake il whoever did it. and scams are getting so bad the county has put together a scam squad. the task force will combat scams that prey on older residents, nonprofit agencies and social service agencies. local, state, also federal law enforcement are going to work together on this to fight fraud. well, the busy holiday travel season under way. and if you're making a budget, allow just a little extra cash for parking. as of now rates at hopkins are going up by $1.
6:51 am
from $9 to $18 a day depending on which lot you use. well, today is giving tuesday. in recent years it's become kind of a companion to black friday and cyber monday, but instead of buying, the focus here is on giving. and now the greater cleveland food bank is hoping that you'll remember them today. food bank leaders say they are in desperate need of donations. one in three people in cleveland live in poverty. and many of them rely on the food bank demand, of course, increases during the holidays as kids go on winter break and they don't get a school lunch. well, the people in the geauga county's humane society rescue village is considering you will help helping nevra on this giving tuesday. the horse was rescued and sent there. the horse was neglected and in such bad condition that she actually lost her firstborn. now after being nursed back to health she's pregnant again. while nevra is getting much better care now, the shelter does need help. they are asking for your
6:52 am
the morning sprint continues in
6:53 am
now in the morning sprint, the latest in the ohio state attack. police and federal agents are now beginning their investigation into the 18-year- old student responsible for sending 11 people to the hospital. less than one hour razak ali artan drove a car into a crowd of people and started stabbing, law enforcement began digging through the apartment where he's believed to have lived, trying to figure out what pushed the somali-born student over the edge. they're looking into what he posted to facebook just minutes before the tragic event. in part the post read i can't take it anymore, america. stop intferring with other countries, especially the
6:54 am
now let's go to columbus where classes will resume as normal on the o.s.u. campus today. here's evan from our scripps station in cincinnati with more. >>reporter: good morning to you from an ohio state university campus who is waking up for what to many was a nightmare. right now students are starting to head back to class. we've seen university employees prepping those classroom buildings and dining halls for students early this morning. and overnight inside the student union here a wall has gone up for people to leave messages, messages of thanks to first responders, including officer alan horujko. he shot and killed the 18-year- old student and somali refugee abdul artan who had driven over a curb and into a group of students before slashing them with a butcher knife outside of the engineering building a little less than 24 hours ago. twas a little more than -- it was a little more than 120 seconds of chaos on campus, a possible terror attack, leaving students still in disbelief this morning.
6:55 am
come together so fast, regard the amount of people. >> despite -- regardless of the amount of people. >> there was a big relief that there was no loss of life for any of the student body here. >>reporter: there were several vigils both on and off campus here last night and the university has just announced this morning another what it calls community healing event at 7:00 in one of its arenas. reporting at the ohio state university in columbus, i'm evan millworth. now to breaking news, just a terrifying situation in detroit. two armed me four hostage and then burned down their home. thankfully all four, including two children were able to escape. one of the suspects is under arrest, and right now it's unclear if this second suspect got away or died in the fire. we are also learning more about that breaking situation in colombia. we've been following this all morning long. at least two soccer players we're learning among the five survivors of that plane crash.
6:56 am
coaches for that brazilian soccer team. the chartered plane declared an electrical failure overnight before crashing in a mountainous area. and right now out-of- control wildfires threatening resort towns in tennessee. smoke and ash filling the air, dozens of structures destroyed and thousands of people forced to evacuate. right now no one is allowed into the city of gatlinburg. that is a mountain town in the eastern part of the state. pigeon forge also in the path of the fire. the area's largest theme park, dollywoo too. well, the fires started five days ago, but windy conditions and drought conditions are only fueling those flames. well, breaking overnight, the president of south korea says she will step down if that's what parliament wants. it's a surprise announcement. the opposition says she's doing it to delay impeachment. prosecutors say she conspired with the daughter of a late cult leader who allegedly interfered in state affairs. an impeachment motion vote was planned for friday.
6:57 am
administration. >> right. last night mike pence hinting tuesday will include a number of, quote, very important announcements from the president-elect. today trump is set to meet with mitt romney for the second time and yesterday he met with retired general and former cia director david petraeus who's also up for the secretary of state position. we had a windy morning this morning. that wind is going to ease up as we go through the day today. temperatures on their way up. we should top out in the upper 50s to lower 60s today. maybe an morning, otherwise it's more of the same for tomorrow. temperatures should be in the lower 60s, then this system passes us by, we're back to where we should be this time of year, in the low- to mid-40s and wouldn't you know, a little rain/snow mix tries to sneak in sunday and monday. kristin. >>reporter: all right, j.d. we have a list of accidents, just tweeted them out coming into the news 5 traffic center right now. you're looking at four different views along 480. not too bad on the highways, just some slick spots, but we're starting to see some crashes. >> thank you.
6:58 am
about 23 minutes.
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning, america. breaking news, a deadly plane crash. at least 75 people killed after a flight carrying this soccer team plummets to the ground. at least five people make it out alive. emergency responders searching for more survivors right now. state of emergency, mass evacuations as dozens of wildfi southeast. >> if you are a person that prays we could use your prayers. >> an aquarium with more than 10,000 animals abandoned as orange haze surrounds resort after resort. the growing fires threatening dolly parton's theme park. 100 homes burning as firefighters pour in to battle the blazes. new details about what may have turned this honor student into a terrorist going on a rampage with his car then slashing people injuring 11. >> he was trying to hurt as many as he could. >> the hero officer who stopped


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