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tv   News Ch8 at 6PM  NBC  January 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> thank you for joining us. >> it looked like a done deal. a new plan that would allow the rays to look for a brand-new stadium outside of st. petersburg but still in the bay area. >> city council must approve the plan but this time they are expected to do so. latest. >> reporter: this agreement opens the door for hillsboro county to begin discussions move. and whether the team stays in st. petersburg or not, that city is sitting on a gold mine named tropicana. where will the race end up? a proposal put forward by st. petersburg's mayor arngz louse the rays to -- allows the rays to look for possible stadium sites across tampa bay. the team must inform the city of how it will evaluate potential sites and that evaluation must be a minimum of six months.
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provides the best opportunities of any other site in our two counties. >> reporter: developing the 75- acres where the trop sits would provide the city with a boatload of cash. stadium. according to commissioner ken hagen, hillsboro county is prepared to begin meaning. discussions with the rays. >> the day that agreement is reached with the team, i will place a call to the rays' president and is it'll be my hope that we can sit down within a matter of weeks. >> reporter: former tampa mayor who helped develop stadiums throughout the country now lives in st. petersburg. he sees great benefits for st. pete as long as the rays stay. >> this land is worth a fortunate. one of the things they put in there if other developers. to come in and do something with it or around it, the city will benefit from some of that.
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the city wants to redevelop the tropicana site. developer fees will go into an account controlled by the city. if the race stay, they get half of that. if they leave, the city keeps it. and the mayor expects that cash could finance a new rays stadium onsite. >> either way, the city's on a gold mine. you also said pilz bro county is prepare -- hillsboro county is prepared? lined up. government and is private sector leaders, a law firm that specifically deals with major league baseball. they really don't have the luxury of sitting back and wasting time he said. >> way to go. breaking news. tampa police are investigating a home invasion where a gun was fired inside the house. police say the shooting happened at the park on the chesterfield apartments on bush boulevard. a man kicked in the door and encountered the victim.
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a child inside the home. no one was hit. the woman was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. police say thehe victim and the man do know each other. investigators continue to search for the shooter. a wild chase caught on a deputy's body camera. a woman hotried to run down a newport ritchie police officer is put in handguns in the police department park lot. [ sirens ] >> reporter: the pasco county deputy's body camera catching all the action once a deputy tries to pull over 56-year-old lisa myers, the chase begins. moments later two, cruisers crash. later an officer gets out to try and stop her. she wasn't having any of it and
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the officer jumps out of the way. she nearly hits a cruiser. later ends up on the police department's front lawn, backs up and is slams into a cruiser. >> she pulled into the police department. we got her. >> reporter: when she's cuffed, she begins her rant. >> i'm a christian! you are not -- you can't have what's in my purse! my property! [ yelling ] >> that was paul mueller having a little trouble with his audio. but this started when the woman was spotted dozing at the wheel. and charges are pend, a slew of charges, from the newport ritchie police department, and the sheriff's department. a year ago today 5-year- old phoebe johnchuck was killed when her father threw her off of a bridge on the introduction to the sun skyway bridge. a u.s. army ranger set off on a 3-day run today to raise money
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>> reporter: it starts with a beautiful view, great place for a run from tampa to clearwater, back to tampa. it's a 17-mile trip one way. but alex estrella is hoping to run it for the next three days for little phoebe. >> three days! three days! >> reporter: former army ranger alex estrella is an experienced ultradistance runner. this trip has a purpose. to honor the memory of phoebe johnchuck. >> it means that her tragedy is gonna help other children. >> reporter: phoebe's grandmother told me she believes her little ray of sunshine will never be forget know. >> i know that she's looking down right now. and that she's happy what he's doing for her. >> reporter: estrella never
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he was simply moved by her story. >> when i heard the story, i said i can't run for every situation that happens around me. >> reporter: but he knew he could do something in phoebe's honor to help others. >> something came upon me that something had to be done. i just got ready to do the run for phoebe. >> reporter: for the next three days, he will run. raising money for the shriner's hospital to help other children. >> i think it's amazing. i didn't know there were people out there still that would do something so special. >> reporter: today at michelle's side, phoebe's kindergarten teacher. >> it's beautiful. and phoebe would have loved that. she would have been right out there running right past him! >> reporter: what a great story. alex is hoping to raise at least $5,000 for other children.
6:07 pm to tell you how you can help. >> jeff patterson live in tampa. hundred was drivers are back on the road after getting their licenses reinstated. it's actually a special day for this. they call it driver's license reinstatement day in hillsboro county. more than 300 people were able to get their licenses back. they lost them due to minor infractions like unpaid traffic tickets. many of them struggled to pay off their fines. >> it's the people who are poor who are in this situation of a catch 22. they can't pay the money, then they become more poor as a result of that. >> just been catch the bus and stuff. i'm just lucky to have it reinstated so i can get around. >> everyone who got their license back today still has to pay their tickets and the fines in full. you can't win if you don't play. and this time everybody it seems wants to play! >> the powerball jackpot has
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we'll show you how powerball fever is sweeping the area. >> and a couple left in the lurch by the system supposed to be helping them. >> we had a high of 76 degrees today despite the morning rain. rain chances again tomorrow.
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the jackpot now stands at a whopping bon gazillion dollars. [ laughter ] >> it's amazing. i'm kidding of course. it's $800 million. still a huge number and will probably get even bigger before tomorrow's drawing. >> people are flocking all over to convenience stores to buy their tickets. anthony allread is live tonight safering what you would spend that money on. >> reporter: that's right! but i have breaking news to report. i have not yet bought my powerball ticket! about $800 million, i get all warm and fuzzy inside! since i live in clearwater i spent the day running around
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blow all that money right here. >> reporter: one of the things i found was a yacht! i would buy a yacht. this $2 million yacht, if i could trick it out even more, i could get it up to $5 million. i talked to some people, what would they spend that money on, and they said vacationing right here on clearwater beach because it's one of the best beaches in the bay! and they just kept telling me how they would blow all that money right here. the sign earlier today said $7 hundred million. now it's up to $800 million. i can't imagine what the sign will look like if it goes up to a billion dollars. >> so much money! >> they'll have to change the signs from million to billion. >> they could do it.
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national debt with the lottery. thank you anthony. a couple trying to get help here is instead getting confusion. >> their health insurance plan has been one nightmare after another for them. what we found out about the
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coverage confusion. they're supposed to have health
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struggling to get the care. and it looks like this couple's struggles are just the tip of the iceberg. they signed up for health insurance through the affordable care act but for them, getting the proper care confusing process. >> it looks like the system supposed to. and shannon has been looking into their situation. this one is a head-scratcher! >> it really is. this couple did everything they were supposed to do. they paid for their policy. when they went to the doctor, their insurance was absolutely useless. >> reporter: barry and is jane are stucuck in an insurance nightmare. >> it feel -- helpless. >> reporter: the couple thought an obamacare health plan was their ticket to affordable health insurance. but they've spent hundreds only to have no insurance at all. >> we started to get rejections on all of our bills. the doctors weren't being paid. and is the pharmacy said they
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>> reporter: first they bought september. but their doctors' claims were denied because. computer errors! now they owe thousands and face threats from collectors. >> no. 1, they listed my husband's gender as female. and they had my date of birth incorrect. >> reporter: no one at florida blue or the insurance marketplace would help. >> the marketplace told us to call florida blue. we went back and forth. neither one would call each other. >> reporter: a real headache. but it gets worse. still fighting with florida blue, the couple decided to go with a different carrier for the new year. they paid nearly $500 for a plan with united healthcare. they received insurance cards and this week, an e-mail stating they have no medical coverage. >> they say they have no record of us signing up. >> reporter: they turned to 8 on your sign for answers. i went straight to state regulators.
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>> this shannon, a reporter with channel 8. >> reporter: their case is now under review by the state to find out what went wrong and make it right. >> this has turned into a huge problem. and we're just hoping that it finally getting resolved. >> regulators tell us this should have never happened! a spokeswoman says a state expert will follow up with them next week to help them clear up this problem, and we will check back to make sure that they do. >> do you have any idea whether this is an isolated incident? >> we've been hearing all along from people who are having trouble with the marketplace. and in this case it looks like it was a computer glitch. but the state experts want to talk to the folks at the marpt place to find out why -- marketplace to find out why. so if this is happening to anyone else, we want to hear
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some nice light here. 70 degrees with a north wind at 4 miles per hour. looks pretty calm out in the gulf at this point. plantation crystal river, 70 degrees. nice view here from frenchy's on clearwater bleach. on saturday, 76 degrees. there is a possibility of showers. afternoon, evening hours. maybe even thunderstorms. 71 a little cooler, drier on sunday. only a slight shower chance early in the day. you can see the temperatures slowly headed back down again. 60s by monday. those temperatures will stay there all week long. highs in the 60s. manatee river got a nice shot. you can see the beautiful sunset here. wfla on facebook. at 9:00 pm, 66 degrees, extra clouds mixed in with some clearer skies. there's some clear patches out there.
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our forecast low, a mild morning, 10-degrees plus above normal. 76 degrees at 3:00 pm, partly cloudy. increasing clouds as the day goes along. 73 brandon, 68 seminole. same in clearwater beach. 70 brooksville. 70s all over the place. kind of a novelty this weekend. if you want to check out this game in minnesota, gonna be one of the coldest playoff games ever. 3 degrees at kickoff. wind chills well below 0 as the seahawks travel to minnesota. minnesota moving into an indoor stadium next year but playing outdoors. and is colder air, already single digits coming across the border into the dakotas. most of this rain, snow on the backside, the colder side of the storm. most of this rain, miserable weather up in michigan today. north. this is what helped to bring the showers our way today. we still see a pretty good parade of clouds across the state.
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clearer skies to clouds. most of the activity, the rain, off to the east now moving away. we say goodbye to that air of low pressure and enjoy a very nice evening. certainly in the overnight hours, very quiet too. the approaching showers around 6:00, late afternoon, evening hours overnight, the possibility of showers ahead of this feature. a cold front that will bring cooler temperatures. another push behind that front as high pressure builds in and moves cooler air our way. that sets up highs in the 60s throughout the week next week. 68 degrees this evening, fairly pleasant. a light jacket, 62 and mild to start the day. clouds with sunshine. 71 degrees on sunday for a high temperature. these are our highs. and as i mentioned, the temperatures slowly falling below normal. 64 degrees on tuesday. 65 on wednesday. rain chances pretty low throughout this period, maybe pick up long-term again. but it will be a cooler week. probably should have the
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we could record our cool evaluate low of the season so far. that would include december as we go throughout this winter of 20 2015/16. >> finally we got some winter. >> it's january. it's time. coming up next, the bucks' head coaching search in
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we're gonna move as swiftly as we can. also be relentless with our research and make a smart decision. >> the search for a new head
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bucks general manager had into interviews -- two interviews scheduled this weekend. these are your bye week candidates for the bucks. the only chance to sit down with arizona cardinals offensive coordinator harold goodwin, and panthers defensive coordinator sean mcdermott. mcdermott will meet with the bucks tomorrow then head up to cleveland for an interview with the browns on sunday. busy busy. all you internet-savvy bucks fans, this is most of you, running back doug martin and jameis winston are up for awards on you the fans determine the winners. and is the clutch
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a lot of competition there. it is wildcard weekend. sunday news channel 8 will have the seahawks/vikings game, expecting a game time temperature in the lone single digit, wind chills in the minus- 20s. so we're gonna try and keep this field as warm as possible up to sunday morning. and the new shiny stadium downtown is gorgeous. it's gonna nice and toasty at this time next year. while the bucks were stunning us with their coaching news, the lightning enjoyed a couple of days off north of the border. they are back today. the hockey season is a long one but now is the time that head coach john cooper begins to focus on the math. his team, 2 points out of the wildcard spot. it's a manageable deficit.
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string together some wins. >> we gotta turn this around. we sit here and say it's gotta start tonight. and one game it does, and the next night it doesn't. so we're running out of time. and it does have to start. >> back to minnesota's video, we were there in august for the preseason. it was over 90 degrees. we were laughing. [ laughter ] >> that's my alma mater. >> what would it feel like in a playoff game in january! [ laughter ] an update here. your gear is ready to hit the shelves. t-shirts, hats, being printed right now. this year it's gonna be in
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area and is on the parade route s. >> 'tis the season. starting to see it all pop up on facebook.
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