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tv   News Ch8 Weekend Morning  NBC  January 10, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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there was the winner last night in the powerball drawing. >> the national weather service confirmed a tornado touched down in southwest florida saturday night. coming up, a look at the damage the storm caused.
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i hope your sunday is off to a great start. i'm candace mccowan. let's start off with a check of the forecast. >> did you buy a lottery ticket? >> yes. >> we didn't win the big one. i love my job so i'll be here anyway. current temperature right now, 70 degrees in tampa, 72 degrees in st. petersburg and in the 60s when you head east and north of tampa. right now 72 degrees to our south in venice and north port. satellite and radar picture shows a bit of clouds that are moving basically from mexico all the way over florida. we're going to have a good deal of cloud cover today. as far as rain goes, most of that is is out of the area. maybe a couple of showers south of i-4 throughout the morning and the afternoon.
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but mainly an over cast day. temperature wise not going far today, maybe rising up about 2 or 3 degrees. looking for a high temperature in the upper 60s, approaching 70 degrees. it's remaining cloudy and breezy this afternoon as well. tomorrow much cooler. it's going to start off to be kind of a chilly start to your work week. >> thank you. you can track the weather any time using our storm team 8 weather max 8. it's free. just download it from the app store. right now if you have big dreams you still have a chance of becoming a billionaire. no one matched all six numbers in the powerball drawing. the prize will roll over once again on wednesday to an expected $1.3 billion. mary mcguire is live from our tampa news center. that was already a historic drawing and we're setting more records.
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we're all still here on the sunday morning but the florida lottery reported tickets for selling at a rate of 42 a minute across the state last night. if you were one of the thousands that snapped up a ticket you are not waking up a multimillionaire. since the jackpot rolled over on wednesday thousands of people lined up ape cross the bay area to snatch up what they hoped would be their lucky ticket. those ticket sales pushed the price to a million. last night some people had a strategy picking out those lucky numbers, others not so much. >> not even close. not even close. >> you say you're just praying? >> quick picks, praying and pick boxes. >> reporter: if you bought a ticket you still need to take a look at these numbers to see if you won a smaller prize. here are the powerball numbers. if
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powerball you still win $1 million. these are the winning powerball numbers 32, 16, 19, 57, 34 and the powerball number of 13. now, if you are still holding onto those champagne dreams and caviar wishes the odds are still stacked against you at 1 in 292.2 million. >> just because there's no jackpot winner it's a good idea to check your ticket. a million dollars is not bad at all. a millions can't buy you happiness but can help. a book on lottery winners. >> for most people it help ed calm their lives down, for some people it saved their lives because they were in dangerous
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deteriorating and they removed themselves from that situation. >> however, he does have some cautious advice, don't go on a bing and time take time and don't quit your job. we want to know what you think. leave us a comment on our facebook page under wfla news channel 8. deputies in manatee county are searching for the suspect ins an armed robbery in bradenton. they pointed pistols at five people sitting in a car on the block of 161st avenue east. they pushed two suspects to the ground and took what they had in their pockets. no one was injured. a pilot continues to recover after his ultra light plane crashed in lake county. he was the only person on board. he was practicing touch and goes when the plane crashed falling about 500 feet. the pilot was taken to the hospital with
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a man is being extradited to polk county to face charges of lewd conduct. joshua austin met the girl in a chat room and mailed her sex toys and other items. her father found the items and ordered her to stop. he then called detectives. polk county investigators are hoping this surveillance triple murder. detectives believe three suspects may have fled in this white commercial van. if you recognize the van call the sheriff's office. in hillsborough county the driver of an suv continues to recover after crashing saturday morning along fletcher avenue. a honda accord crossed over the head-on. the driver of the honda died. crash investigators are trying to determine what caused this driver to lose
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police in vancouver, canada are searching for a man they say doused dozens of syrian refugees saturday night at a welcome event. a man on a bike road past and pepper sprayed the group. paramedics treated as many as 30 men and children and women for pepper spray. in italy an unexpected act of kindness. the founder of a plastics company has given a generous gift to his employees. he died at age 87 and left half a million dollars to be split among he has staff. his workers made the act known. still ahead this morning, a look at microsoft's smart car and how it can help save lives.
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health alert for parent with small children.
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(vo) what's your dog food's first ingredient? corn? wheat? in purina one true instinct grain free, real chicken is always #1. no corn, wheat or soy. support your active dog's whole body health with purina one. time now is 6:10. cold season is here and viruses are spreading in between children. a pediatrician has information about a painful illness connected to the common cold. >> this time of year viral
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changing weather. pediatrician albert richard, junior said he's treated lots of patients with runny noses, congestion and cough. sometimes you can develop a ear infection as a complication. >> when you have a cold you get some swelling of the tissues of your sinuses and that swelling can block up the drain, block up the middle ear space and fluid can accumulate. >> when that fluid sits it can become infected. >> that infection causing some pressure and bulge of the eardrum that can lead to pain. >> it can be hard for a parent to know whether or not a child has an ear infection. if it's following a cold it likely is. >> the main thing is understanding what a cold is maybe a little low grade fever just in the first day or so and then after that some runny nose and congestion for a week. when it doesn't follow that progression, when they've been sick for two or three days and
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that can be a sign that something changed. >> tylenol and motrin can help ease the comfort. if the ear infection s are more worrisome the doctor will treat it. >> when your middle ear space fills up with fluid your eardrum can't move properly and it muffles the sound. kids don't hear clearly so they don't speak clearly. >> that's why it's important to treat ear infections early. >> that was brittany glasser reporting. some signs to look for are a fever above 102 degrees, tugging at the ear and crying when lying down. coming up bryan bennett has the full forecast. >> also ahead, how technology can save thousands of pedestrian lives.
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microsoft's new smart car.
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what if the sweet stevia leaf was discovered... ...before the sugarcane. all our favorite sugary foods would be our favorite truvia-y foods. truvia. life with less sugar is just as sweet. pone of the cool perks of this place pis you can eat as much cereal as you want. to work to get some. alrighty. we just like cereal. love it, live it. (laughing) at the 2016 consumer electronic's show there's a car that can prevent accidents. what it's like to driver a mie
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>> we've been in a lot of self-driving cars but the point of this technology is what it can do with you in the driver's seat now that the car is driving for you. >> what do i do? >> just drive normally and then if you're confident when we are between the cars you can resume button. >> okay. push resume. it took over. i can feel it take over the steering wheel right away. my feet are off the pedals, hands up. i see that a person just appeared on the dash board. what's happening? >> we reduce it because there was a pedestrian. >> do you think that people are going to be wearing smart vans all the time so the car will come around them? >> possibly not. the smart phone has the same cape ability. everybody is carrying a smart phone. >> we're coming up to a
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the car know it's red? does it have a camera? >> no, the traffic light is communicating to wifi with the car. >> now it's just going yellow, about to turn green, it takes off again. the smart phone is embedded microsoft technology. >> yes. in the future what will happen is if the driver is not needed for the driving task anymore we can be productive, use the display here and talk. what's the weather? >> it's currently 49 and cloudy in las vegas. >> this car will only work in a highly connected environment is now we have to wait for the rest of the world to catch up. this morning we're getting a look at the damage caused by a tornado in cape coral. winds up to 70 miles per hour, pulled out
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the storm caused significant damage. many streets turned to rivers and parking lots. today homeowners will be busy cleaning up the storm damage. impressive damage that occurred out of that tornado that touched down in cape coral yesterday. the national weather service has confirmed that that was in fact a tornado. they'll be going out to do an assessment this afternoon to determine exactly -- to determine what -- >> i was sitting on the patio and we started seeing lightning and then a big flash in the back and the next thing you know we hear like a freight train. >> like a 747 coming over head. >> like a what? >> a 747 coming over head. we said it was a tornado and ran and hid. >> right now emergency crews are working to restore power to
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only 1,500 homes no power. they're getting the power back on. it was a tornado that surprising during a strong el nino year during january and february. we have to keep an eye out for additional tornados right now temperatures kind of warm for january. 70 degrees in tampa, 72 degrees st. petersburg. satellite and radar picture is showing two things, the big storms to our south that went through the bay area and caused that tornado in fort myers. most of the activity now has moved down to southern florida. to the north we have a cool front that's going to move through today and that's going to bring us obviously cooler weather. that's why today's high temperatures will be steady or maybe even dropping throughout the day. so looking to our north in citrus, hernando, pasco county looking quiet right now. pinellas county over to hillsborough most of the area is quiet except for this little band of rain through southern hillsborough and parts
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this is going to continue to move off to the southeast and exit our area by about 10:00 a.m. this morning. your forecast for today remaining cloudy, steady temperatures in the upper 60s, topping off near 70 degrees. for just about everybody a tad cooler as you head north. brooksville 63 degrees this afternoon. we'll have a moderate chop today and the risk of a rip current today so keep that in mind if you're planning on taking a swim in 66 degree water, which i don't know if i would recommend that. today gloomy looking with the clouds but not a lot of rain once that skinny line exits to the south. tomorrow we'll have a good deal of sunshine, 63 degrees, kind of chilly for a temperature. tuesday we're looking at a 10% chance for a little shower and 65 degrees. warming up towards next weekend but candace we'll
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the fur. >> absolutely. some chillier temperatures. >> should be nice. >> thank you very much. the man the bucs fans believe will be their next head coach talked to another team this weekend. coming up the other nfl team that wanted to
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the bucs no longer have to worry about the miami dolphins kicking the tires on offensive coordinator dirk cutter. they hired adam gates. if we need a reminder that cut cutter is not a done deal we got one on saturday. cutter interviewed with the san francisco 49ers for their head coach opening. that might make bucs fans swarm but that's due diligence for the cutters and the 9ers who are reportedly setting their sites on hue jackson. the bucs reportedly denied the san diego chargers the bucs want cullen to stay but
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nfl teams battle all season to claim a home field advantage. one game was a home team nightmare. the kansas chiefs at houston opening kick off nile davis 106 yards untouched for the touchdown. the chiefs were just getting started. 7-0 there. in the 3rd quarter now still a shut out here. alex smith to chris conley, the chiefs shut out the texans 30-0. then the steelers blow a 15-0 lead, come back to kick a field goal to beat the bengals 18-16. college football saturday florida state trying to knock off 12th ranked miami. look at him go all by himself. the two handed jam. how about shell lon mcclellen now, 28 points.
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freshman ben simmons makes a nice move for the lay up. 28 points for him. the gators ice cold much of the year from three point land but justin leon hits there. they win it 68-62. big double header today at the sun dome, usf men get it going at noon and then at 5:00 the women against number 1 uconn. we'll have the result on super sports sunday. have a great day, everybody. >> thank you, dan. it was a nail biter for lightning fans as they took on vancouver. the bolts won 3- 2 in over time. the game winner was on the one-man rush. it's the first time since mid-december that tampa bay has
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we are learning more about the arrest of mexico drug lord el chapo guzman. >> there was no winner in last night's jackpot. don't throw your tickets away, there's still some small winners in florida.
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no one won the powerball last night, the largest amount in mystery. the odds to win are 1 in 292.2 million. we'll have more in a live report. investigators in polk county are hoping this surveillance video will help them solve a triple murder from this past week in lakeland. if you recognize the van call the sheriff's office. the national weather service confirmed that a tornado touched down in cape coral saturday night. hundreds of residents are without power this morning. the 70 miles per hour caused damage to several homes. no injuries have been reported. it's time now to get a check in with bryan for the latest on our sunday forecast. it's cooler. >> it is going to be cooler today, candace. today a high of
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right now we are at 72 in st. petersburg. in fact, the temperatures you see right now are probably the warmest you'll be all afternoon. temperatures will be steady, maybe even dropping a little bit throughout the day. that's because of that cool front right now up in northern florida. it's going to be moving through our area. we had these showers and storms preceding that front that came through yesterday evening. we still have a little area of showers right now basically from manatee county over through polk county. that's drifting off to the south and will give a couple of light showers to manatee and sarasota county and hardee, desoto, highlands county throughout the morning. that will be out of the tampa bay area through about 10:00 a.m. gloomy today with a bit of cloud cover. through out your morning mostly cloudy and temperatures in the 60s this afternoon. really temperatures not going anywhere. we'll be in the upper 60s for a high temperature during the middle of the afternoon, other wise remaining kind of cloudy today. not the most beautiful day but more sunshine tomorrow. candace.
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. right now if you're waking up and checking your lottery tickets we have bad news for you, no one matched all six numbers in last night's historic powerball drawing which means the prize rolls over again. mary mcguire is live from our tampa news center. there's a silver lining. >> reporter: you still have one more chance at becoming a billionaire. yes, billionaire with a b. on wednesday night the powerball will roll over once again to an expected $1.3 billion prize. that's a world record. now since the jackpot rolled over on wednesday thousands of people lined up across the bay area to snatch up what they hoped would be their lucky ticket. those ticket sales pushed the prize to a national record of $949.8 million. some people had a strategy in picking it those lucky numbers.
6:28 am
numbers that mean something to me but i'm just going to write down a bunch of numbers and hope that i get lucky. you never know. >> reporter: now, if you did buy a ticket you still need to take a look at these numbers coming up to see if you won a smaller prize of course. a number of other prizes are up for grabs. if you got five numbers and no powerball you still win a million dollars. here are those winning powerball numbers 32, 16, 19, 57 and the power power number of 13. if you were to take home everything on wednesday night you still wouldn't make the forbes list of the 400 richest people in america but you would be richer than taylor swift, katy perry and garth brooks combined. a little food for thought. >> i'd absolutely take it. i was in that line yesterday to get a ticket and it was long. they're going to have to eventually start hiring more workers at the stores. >> i'm afraid the machines will start breaking. >> mary mcguire live in our tampa news center.
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a substitute teacher in volusia county is accused of telling students she could have had them shot if they didn't stop misbehaving. the district said the 61-year-old threatened 3rd graders during his first day as a substitute. the woman told them she would will the a gunman into the classroom the shoot them. one father said it scared his child. >> he was very sick and he had difficulty at first going to sleep. >> well, a volusia school district spokesperson said the teacher went through all the background checks and training and said she would not be back in the classroom. the most wanted drug lord in the world may eventually be headed to the u.s. although it could take 6 months. gabe
6:30 am
>> the most wanted drug lord in the world paraded in front of cameras over night. el chapo guzman, one of the most richest and powerful men on the planet is back where his saga started, the same maximum security prison he disappeared from. the tunnel was out of a screen play. >> it was his own desire for the spotlight that may have led to his dramatic recapture. mexican attorney general revealing the drug kingpin was trying to make a movie about himself and had his people contact producers and actors. their movements were tracked as authorities tracked in on him. there was a fail to arrest him in october but then a blood by shoot out. a mexican marine
6:31 am
authorities seized a gun, armored vehicles and grenade launchers. he did not come easy. he went through the sewer coming to a waiting vehicle to finally be arrested. >> he faces charges in six american states. the attorney general said they plan to fulfill a request from the u.s. to extradite el chapo. it could take months but it would be a turning point. the last time guzman was captured in 2014 the mexican government refused to send him across the border. this time there appears to be a sharp reversal. gabe gutierrez, nbc news. >> a mexican law enforcement claims the drug lord's interview with sean penn helped find him. in a rolling stones article penn
6:32 am
measures he took to meet guzman. blue bell is testing every batch of ice cream. blue bell claims no listeria has been found. the company recalled its entire product line after listeria was found on coners. containers. they are under federal investigation. frontier airlines reports there will be 42 new non-stop routes. for a limited time fares will be as low as $39 one way. most of the flights will launch in april. a group of wounded warriors made some new marine friends. take a look at this video. 38 of the wounded military personnel visited the dolphin research center. of course the dolphins were entertaining show offs doing flips, providing shakes and pulling the soldiers around the bay. how special.
6:33 am
leg explained how the dolphins can help. >> i think it's the sensitivity that's a big thing. they are so perceptive of the injuries and people's abilities. >> the event was organized by the wounded warrior project. the soldiers road through the florida keys and key west. very special for them there. >> pretty cool. coming up in health news, a ballerina teaches lessons of survival after being diagnosed with a brain tumor. >> first of all lester -- let's take a look at pictures we have sent in over facebook. these are pretty cool. check out this photo from lakeland by torey. a cool looking cloud picture from yesterday by denise. all right. if you'd like to send in a picture wfla bryan on facebook or twitter.
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forecast after the break. plus, here's what you'll see monday morning on news channel 8 today. >> manatee county leaders are headed to tallahassee to speak to lawmakers about padi's law after padi bit a little boy. what they're hoping to accomplish on the important business. >> plus, weather and traffic on the 8s on news channel 8 today. okay. so right now, everyone is saying, "hurry! you gotta get fios." but why? well, because there's never been a better time to get a great deal from fios, the fastest internet and wi-fi available. only fios has speeds from 50 to 500 megs. because your devices run better on a better internet. and for just $79.99 a month online, you can get 50 meg fios internet, tv and phone for your first year. plus with a 2-year agreement, fios gives you $400 back, and all of the premium movie channels for a year. this is your last chance. offer ends january 16th.
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battling cancer is tough on
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girl with a promising future it can be especially tough. holly furfur has a little ballerina that's beating the odds. >> most every little girl dreams of growing up to be a ballerina. for ana mott that was becoming a reality. her friends and family knew she was destined for greatness when she was given a role in the nutcracker. >> she started having a lot of back pain. >> she was diagnosed with brain cancer and the prognosis was not good. >> we needed ana feeling positive going into that surgery, fighting this, didn't need her afraid. >> fight she did through two brain surgery, an infection in her brain, 33 radiation treatments and 6 months of in patient chemotherapy and she survived. ana was left partially paralyzed and completely blind and suffers from memory loss. with the fighter spirit and the love and
6:37 am
sisters she remained the feeling on the left side of her body and is dancing again. >> ana said she wants to dance to inspire others to know they can do anything. >> i'm going to help all these other people and be able to lift them up too because i've been through it and i know what it feels like. i'm glad i'm going to be able to heal people who have to go through it too just like me. >> remarkable story about her fight against cancer. >> definitely. it's a day that we can get outside today. a lot of rain yesterday. >> stormy yesterday, today not a lot of rain. temperatures will start to change. we'll be in the upper 60s for a high. in fact, we're probably already at our high temperatures right now with a cool front moving in. we'll remain steady, maybe even dropping temperatures throughout the day. right now 72 degrees is the current temperature in
6:38 am
degrees down in venice. satellite and radar is showing us the shower and storms that went through yesterday have passed off to the south. we don't have to worry about a lot of that activity today. we have a front to our north that will move through today and bring us slightly cooler temperatures. citrus, hernando, pasco county a good deal of cloud cover but relatively dry, maybe a couple of little sprinkles but that's about it. pinellas county your quiet. southeastern hillsborough over into parts of polk county near bartow we're looking at a skinny line of showers. this little skinny line might intensify just a bit as it moves off to the southeast. if it does it will bring showers to hardee, desoto and highlands county and exit highlands county by about 9:00 or 10:00. this afternoon remaining cloudy throughout much of the day, steady temperatures. again, right around the upper 60s. other wise kind of breezy, winds out of the northwest at 10
6:39 am
temperatures today during the middle of the afternoon in the upper 60s to around 70 degrees. cooler as you head north. there will be a bit of a rip current risk today, other wise a moderate chop. your 7-day forecast, a 10% chance for a shower mainly south of town, high temperature of 68 degrees. tomorrow as we head back to work as you would guess it's going to be a beautiful day with a lot of sunshine, kind of cool with a high of 63 degrees. tuesday maybe a little shower, other wise a good deal of sunshine, remaining cool on wednesday as well and then warming up towards next weekend with another area of showers and storms coming in. this cool front is changing things a bit, bringing us some cloudy skies today, cooler weather especially by tomorrow. >> quite interesting a lot of changing for sure. thank you very much. a shortage of deputies is what one law enforcement agency in hillsborough county is facing this morning. coming up after the break 8 on your side finds out why there's a lack of
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when we go to the store, i find my box of honey bunches of oats and i' m checking to see if i packaged it. best cereal in the world right there. if the last 3 letters
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the hillsborough county sheriff's office is phasing a dedilemma, a shortage of deputies. what's behind the lack of qualified candidates. >> the hillsborough county sheriff's office needs to fill more than 300 vacant deputy positions but officials here tell us not to worry because safety isn't in jeopardy. >> the hillsborough county sheriff's office wants to build its ranks but it's having a tough time doing that. >> finding people has become a challenge. >> the root of that problem is somewhat surprising. larry mckinnon said they have strict guidelines when hiring new deputies. they must have clean backgrounds and no criminal record.
6:43 am
within the last 6 months will be disqualified. >> the topnotch guidelines are meant to weed out any problematic candidates. >> we have to filter through 10 tons of dirt to get to one golden nugget. >> we talked to taxpayers who like it. >> if you have to have a good person in there you want someone topnotch. >> they should have strict guidelines with all the police brutality we're having right now. >> it has steered some qualified candidates towards less hostile businesses. >> it's hard to find people who want to get into this profession anymore. >> it needs to hire 200 deputies for its patrol division and around 130 to work in county jails. >> sheriff's officials tell us they will continue their
6:44 am
the county, specifically at sporting events in colleges. ryan hughes, news channel 8. >> public safety is not a concern they said. it's going to be a huge night in hollywood as award season kicks off. coming up we have a preview of the 73rd annual golden globes. stay with us. with the help of comfort keepers, i'm keeping my mom healthy! i'm keeping dad on schedule. i'm keeping my mom happy! comfort keepers in-home professional caregivers can provide meal planning and preparation, health and wellness services and personal care services through custom care plans that can change as needs change,
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hollywood is gearing up for year. the 73rd annual golden globes are happening today. mark barger has a preview. >> first of all i'd like to thank susan downey telling me that matt damon would win. >> there's more sus sense about what's said that's what's won. not this year. >> all the main races are tight this year. >> dave craiger said it's no shoe win. >> the ref innocent could win, red max.
6:46 am
steve jobs, bryan kran son and the revrence. >> leonardo dekap reeecap rihanna -- dicaprio went through souch to so much to put this on screen. >> this one is a race between brie larson for room and for brooklyn. two young actresses. >> he expects the marshawn and tian and the big short to battle. >> if you won 18 years ago for writing goodwill hunting but never won an acting globe, that could happen this weekend. >> jennifer lawrence has already two globes and wining a third for globe could mean beating out many others including amy schumer.
6:47 am
actress in a comedy that's going to be the best speech of the night. >> it could have plenty of competition. mark barger, nbc news. >> best sporting actor sylvester salone is favored to win his first golden globe for playing the role that earned him a nomination 39 years old, rocky balboa. >> i need to get to the theaters. >> i feel the same way. >> the golden globes air on news channel 8 at 8:00 tonight. let's take a look at these pictures. hunter tracking down a mountain lion in idaho stumbled upon a biological mystery. this lion has fully formed teeth and whiskers growing out of its head. it was
6:48 am
killed last week near the utah border. wildlife officials offered up some possible theorys. it's possible it could be the remanence of a conjoined twin. another explanation, a tumor that will grow teeth and hair. >> it looks like he has not snout there as well. >> that's creepy and i apologize to showing that to folks at home just waking up. >> something i've never seen before. >> don't want to see it again. coming up in our next half hour bryan has another look at our weather that's a little bit more winter-like. >> yeah, it will be colder. >> there were no wib ing -- winners in last night's powerball drawing.
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