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tv   News Ch8 Sunday Morning at 9AM  NBC  January 10, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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good sunday morning. i'm candace mccowan. let's start by checking on our sunday forecast with bryan bennett. good morning, bryan. >> good morning issue candace. -- good morning, candace. we have a cool front passing through. temperatures won't go any higher than now. there's a good view from south tampa. no big weather problems on your sunday morning as you head off to church or whatever you're doing this morning. right now 79 lakeland and sarasota. temperatures remaining steady or dropping a few degrees during the day. looking at the satellite and radar picture, we have partly to mostly cloudy
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showers in hardee, desoto and highlands county. they will expect by 10:00 a.m. and for the most part we will be done with the rain. now we're watching that front that's going to bring us cooler temperatures, especially by tomorrow morning. for today remains partly to mostly cloudy, steady temperatures in the 60s, other wise a breezy northwest wind of 10 of 20 miles per hour. back in the 40s by tomorrow morning. i'll have details in just a bit. candace. >> bryan, thank you. you can track the weather any time using our storm team 8 weather max app. it's free and you can get it from your app store. if you have $2 and big dreams you still have a chance of becoming not a millionaire but a billionaire. no one matched all six numbers in last night's historic powerball jackpot drawing. mary mcguire is live with more on the lotto
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>> [no audio] >> florida lottery tickets were selling like hot cakes last night at a rate of 42,000 a minute across the state. >> unfortunately if you were one of the thousands of people who snapped up a ticket you did not wake up $949.8 million richer. since the jackpot rolled over on wednesday thousands of people lined up across the bay area to snatch up what they hoped would be their lucky ticket. >> these are winning numbers right here. >> some people had a very specific strategy when picking out those lucky number, others just left it up to chance. >> quick pays, praying and up
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>> along with their $2 everyone brought their champagne dreams and caviar wishes to the ticket counter. >> i would pay my bills off. >> folks still dreaming despite the im possible odds of winning stacked against them, 1 in 292.2 million.
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>> mary mcguire live in tampa this morning. thank you very much. well, while a billion dollars can't buy help roy caplin wrote a book on lottery winners. caplin argues in his experience the lot ri -- >> for most part it helped calm their lives down and in some people it saved their lives because they were in dangerous jobs our their health was deteriorating and it helped remove them from that kind of situation. >> he has some cautious advice, don't go on a bing, don't quit your job. we want to know what you think. leave us a comment on our facebook page under wfla news channel 8. a substitute teacher in volusia county is accused of
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them shot if they didn't stop behaving. the 61-year-old threatened 3rd graders during his first day as a substitute teacher. one father said it scared his child. >> he was very shaken. he had a difficulty going to sleep . >> a volusia spokesperson said the teacher went through all the background checks and training and are ensuring parents the woman will not be back in the classroom. deputies in manatee county are searching for the suspects in an armed robbery in bradenton. they pointed pistols at five people sitting in a carport on the 100 block of 61th avenue east. once the suspects pushed two of the victims to the ground they took what they had in their pocket. no one was injured. this morning a pilot continues to recover after his ultra light plane crashed this lake county. he was the only person on board. he was
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airfield when smoke started to come out of engine and the plane crashed falling about 500 feet. the pilot was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. investigators are hoping this surveillance video will help them solve a triple murder from this past week in lakeland. detectives believe that three suspects may have fled the area in this white commercial van. if you recognize the van you're asked to call the sheriff's office. this morning it looks more likely that the most wanted drug lord in the world that faces charges here in florida will be headed to the u.s. gabe gutierrez reports from mexico that el chappo's guzman's desire for fame on the big screen may have led to his recapture. >> the most wanted drug lord in the world paraded in front of cameras over night. el chappo guzman one of the richest and
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today is back where this saga started, the same maximum security prison he vanished from 6 months ago, the daring escape from a item was straight out of a hollywood screen play. it was his own desire for the spotlight that may have led to his dramatic recapture. >> the mexican attorney general revealing that the drug kingpin was trying to make a movie about himself and had his people contact producers and actors. at least one source said their movements were tracked as authorities closed in on el chappo last fall. there was a failed attempt to arrest him in october but during an early morning raid friday a bloody shoot out. five suspects killed, six arrested, a mexican marine injured. authorities
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and grenades. >> he was not captured easily, he went to the sewer to an awaiting car and was captured. >> el chappo's extradition could take months but it would be a major turning point. the last time guzman was captured back in 2014 the next republican government refused to send him across the border. this time there appears to be a sharp reversal. gabe gutierrez, nbc news. >> mexico law enforcement officials claim his talks with sean penn helped find him. in a rolling stones article penn described the complicated measures he took to meet guzman. tonight hollywood stars will walk the red carpet for the 73nd
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ricky gervais will host the awards for the fourth time. you can watch the 73rd golden globe awards right here on news channel 8 tonight. the red carpet show starts at 7:00, the awards show itself starts at 8:00. a young ballerina is fighting for her life after she was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. to incredible story of a young girl beating the odds as she pursued her dreams. >> this is a live shot of tampa this morning. you're watching news channel 8 today.
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time now is 9:12. battling cancer is tough on anyone but when you're with a little girl with a promising future it can be tougher. holly furfur has a little ballerina who is beating the odds. >> most every little girl dreams of growing up to be a ballerina. for ana mott that dream was becoming a reality. she was given the role of clara in the nutcracker her friends and family knew she was destined for greatness until -- >> she started having a lot of back pain. >> she was diagnosed with a rare cancerous brain tumor and the prognosis was not good. >> we needed ana feeling positive going into that surgery, fighting this and not afraid.
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brain surgery, an infection in her brain, 33 radiation treatments and 6 months of inpatient chemotherapy and she survived. >> she was left partially paralyzed, completely blind and suffers from memory loss. with her fighter spirit and the love and support of her four brothers and sisters to the surprise of many ana regained the feeling on the left side of her body and she's dancing again. she said she wants to dance to inspire others to know they can do anything. >> i'm going to help all these other people and be able to lift them up too because i've been through it and i know what it feels like. i'm glad i'm going to be able to heal people who have to go through it too just like me. >> inspiring girl. coming up bryan bennett has the full forecast. >> also ahead, a tornado in a florida community. the amount
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this morning we're getting a look at the damage caused by an ef-2 tornado in cape coral. wind speeds between 110 miles per hour and 135 miles per hour. it pulled out trees and damaged several homes. many streets
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today homeowners will be busy cleaning up. some say it sounded like a big plane was coming down. >> sitting on the patio and we started seeing lightning and a big flash in the back and then we heard what sounded like a freight train or boeing. >> like a 747 coming over head. >> like a what? >> like a 747 coming over head. we said it's a tornado and we ran and hid. >> there were no serious injuries reported. at this hour energy crews are working to restore power to many homes. at our last check only 1,500 homes still had no power. definitely giving credit to the national weather service. they were on top of that storm. they issued the tornado warning early and hopefully allowed folks to
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ef-2 in florida is not a common thing but we are in elnino season. keep an eye to the sky with the possibility of severe weather. today just a few clouds, partly to mostly cloudy this afternoon. temperatures remain ins the 60s. a few showers in our southern region will continue to exit. temperatures hovering around the upper 60s to lower 70s. looking to our north it gets cold when you get up to say, minneapolis. right now 10 degrees below zero. bismark 21 degrees below zero. it feels like 27 below in minneapolis with the wind and feels like 31 degrees below sow row -- zero in minnesota. i can not imagine that now when i'm in my winter coat here. we don't have to
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today 68 degrees, tomorrow 63 for a high. middle 60s throughout much of the worker week, back above average so next weekend. so not too bad considering on average this is the coldest week of the year. i think we can deal with 60s and 70s and not wind chills in the 30 below zero category. here's a look at the radar picture over the last 18 hours. those big storms roll off to the east. here's a look at the damage caused in cape coral that flipped a car upside down and caused quite a bit of damage. we have quiet conditions in citrus, hernando and pasco county, even a few little breaks that afternoon. a few showers to our south right now will exit a.m. this morning showers exiting our southern areas, other wise partly to mostly cloudy skies for much of the afternoon. remaining in the 60s today. cooler weather today,
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tomorrow morning starting off in the 40s. by tomorrow afternoon sunny skies and a high of 63. this morning mostly cloudy skies for many areas, those showers will be exiting. this afternoon remaining partly to mostly cloudy, high temperatures only in the 60s. so temperatures really not going up much this afternoon. tomorrow morning have that coat ready as you head off to work or school. we'll be in the 40s and only warming to 63 tomorrow afternoon. this cold front is having an impact on our area. >> it's going to be stronger than yesterday. >> beautiful day tomorrow too. >> thank you very much. >> yep. the man bucs fans believe will be their next head coach talked to another team this weekend. coming up the other nfl team that wanted to talk to a bucs assistant coach. sports is next. plus, here's what you'll see monday morning on news channel 8 today. >> manatee county leaders are headed to tallahassee to speak to lawmakers about padi's law
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what they're hoping to establish on the important visit. >> plus weather and traffic on
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and good morning. the bucs no longer have to worry about the miami dolphins kicking the tires on offensive coordinator dirk cutter. they hired adam gase to be their head coach. we got a reminder on saturday.
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francisco 49ers for their head coach opening. that might make bucs fans squirm a little bit but this is due diligence for cutter and the 9ers who are reportedly setting their sights on hugh jackson. on saturday joe collin, the bucs defensive line coach, the bucs denied the san diego chargers permission to interview collin for a roll on their coaching staff. the oakland raiders also inquired and were met with a no. the bucs want collin to stay but what role would he have on the new coaching staff? nfl teams battle all season to claim home field advantage if playoff games even if it's a wild card game. coaching day of these playoff, at least one game was a home team nightmare. kansas city chiefs, the away team, at houston. opening kick off nile davis 106 yards
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the chiefs were just getting started. 7-0 there. the 3rd quarter now still a shut out here. alex smith to chris conley. the chiefs shut out the texans 30-0. the steelers blow a 15-0 lead, come back to kick a field goal to beat the ben gals. the two handed jam. he only had eight points but what a highlight. how about sheldon mcclellen though. watch this move here. 21 points. the cains cruise to a 72-59 win . the gators hosting lsu. ben simmons makes a nice move for the lay up. 28 points for him. gators ice cold from three point land but justin leon hits there. they win it 68-62.
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usf men get it going at noon and then at 5:00 usf women against number 1 uconn. we'll have the results on super sports sunday. have a great day, everybody. >> thank you, dan. it was a nail biter for lightning fans as they took on van kooufr -- vancouver. it was a win for the bucs. it's the first since mid-december that the lightning won consecutive games. the nfl is setting up the fan experience zone in san diego. the super bowl kicks off on february 7th. we're breaking down big political news this morning. coming up in our next half hour
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good morning. i'm candace mccowan. thank you for joining us as we break down the hot topics in politics this weekend. a tearful president obama addressed the nation this week on gun violence. the president is testing and accepting the limits of his executive power on gun control. president obama
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remembering the victims of mass shootings across the country. senior white house correspondent chris jansing has more. >> president obama unable to hold back tears as he remembered 20 children murdered at sandy hook elementary. >> every time i think about those kids it gets me mad. by the way, it happens on the streets of chicago every day. >> in the 3 years since newtown he's failed to get sweeping gun laws through congress. today he forced to propose far more modest actions. >> the gun lobby may be holding congress hostage but they cannot hold america hostage. >> the most aimed provision to get more buyers background checks. >> despite all the hype in advance there was no change at all in the law.
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simply restated what has been the law since 1968. >> in florida lee enthusist leigh said she bought a gun. >> they never checked my name, never looked at my license. >> she paid cash she said untraceable. but the fight for more restrictions on sales has become a catch 22 for gun control advocates given by fear of new restrictions. americans bought more guns last night than any other time in the last 22 years, an estimated 1.6 million of them. advocates of gun rights are gearing up for a fight. the nra issued a statement saying, the american people do not need more emotional condescending lectures and argued the president's proposals could not have prevented any of the horrific events he mentioned. >> for president obama entering the final year of his presidency that's an argument he rejects. >> we maybe can't save everybody but we can save some.
9:26 am
more gun regulation gathered in virginia for a town hall with president obama. both sides got a chance to talk to the president in an intimate setting with most people wanting to know what would it do to prevent gun violence. diane gallager joins us from washington dc. >> president obama came face-to-face with people for and against gun control. >> we put out a proposal that's common sense, modest, does not claim to solve every problem, respectful of the 2nd amendment. the way it is described that we're trying to take away everybody's guns. >> he heard from tia kyle, the wife of murdered american sniper chris kyle. >> the thing is the laws that we create don't stop these horrific things from happening. >> gabby giffords, the
9:27 am
and her husband mark kelly. >> we are both gun owners. >> missing the nra leadership that declined cnn's invitation. >> i'm happy to meet with them and talk to them. the conversation has to be based on facts and truth and in what we're actually proposing. >> the president's executive actions would expand background checks and narrow the gun show loophole that exempts private and small sellers from keeping records. an arizona law enforcement officer wants to know how that's going to keep guns from the mentally ill. >> crime is always going to be with us. if we haven't solve every crime we shouldn't try to solve any crime, that's not what i'm suggesting. >> former president bill clinton joined the campaign trail in iowa to support his wife's run for president in 2016. clinton was asked to
9:28 am
candidate donald trump. the former president told reporters he would respond to trump's charges that he's an abuser of women. >> donald trump is, again, today making an issue of your past transgressions. do you want to respond? >> i don't have any response. if he wins the republican no, nomination we will talk about it. i don't have no interest in getting involved in their politics or doing anything except trying to help hilary. >> with bill clinton on the campaign trail for hilary senator bernie sanders doesn't seem threatened. he said he's running against hilary clinton, not her husband. the vermont senator said the former president's conduct was, quote, disgraceful. >> look, hilary clinton is not bill clinton but bill clinton did i think we all have acknowledge was totally,
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unacceptable. i'm running against hilary clinton, not against bill clinton. he's been in iowa recently. i'm running against hilary clinton. a first for planned parent had parenthood. they are endorsing hilary clinton. today she will accept their support at a campaign rally. the decision comes after the house approved a measure to strip federal funding for planned parenthood. a new candidate is running for president for the libertarian party. a two-term republican governor of new mexico gary johnson announced his campaign. he president the nominee in 2012. johnson won more than a million votes for president which was the highest over all vote in the party's 40-year history. the affordable care act came front and center from the white house this week.
9:30 am
signed a bill to repeal obama care that now awaitsthe president's pigture -- awaiting the president's signature. the only thing needed to repeal the law is a republican president paul ryan said. >> this is the closest that we have come to repeal obama care. now we're sending that repeal to the president's desk. we have now shown that with a republican president there's a clear path to repealing obama care without 60 votes in the united states senate. >> well, if signed into law the bill would end $450 million in federal money that goes towards planned parenthood yearly. vice president joe biden sat down with an nbc affiliate to talk about his decision not to run for president in 2016. take a listen to what he said.
9:31 am
but it was the right decision for my family and for me. i plan on staying deeply involved. we've got two good candidates. >> president obama supported biden's run for commander in chief up until the vice president's announcement. during this interview biden mistakenly said there were two democratic candidates running for the white house but there are indeed three. president obama's state of the union approach is approaching and the president is expected to focus on the future. he will speak before members of the congress and house. he will look ahead to the items he wants to accomplish before he's out of the office. will take place on january 20th. rival senator ted cruz and donald trump are going head to head in the polls. now the mud slinging begins. coming up, how trump is trying to plant seeds
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it's 9:41. senator ted cruz is firing back after rival rival republican donald trump tossed questions into the mix over whether he's eligible to be president. he argued the birth certificate argument just like he did with president obama. hally jackson reports.
9:34 am
eligible for the white house because of his canadian birth. >> i've been hearing a lot about it and you've been hearing and everybody is talking about it now that he's doing better. i'd seek a declaratory judgement. >> what does that mean? >> you go to court. >> which court? >> federal court to ask for a declaratory judgement. >> cruz leading trump in iowa left off the attack with a tweet featuring fonsie now turning more serious. >> people will continue to make political noise about it. it's straightforward. >> cruz was born in calgary but his mom was born in delaware, an american citizen makes cruz one too. the constitution requires the president will natural born. >> the constitution doesn't define natural born citizen, the supreme court never ruled on it. most of the legal experts agree it means citizen by birth and that would include ted cruz. >> here's trump himself in september. >> i hear the it was checked out by every attorney and i
9:35 am
>> trump is stepping a toe in rocky waters testing the support of his supporters who also like cruz. he scores higher than any other republican but trump is getting the green light from radio hosts. >> as far as trump hitting cruz or vice versa, have at it. >> cruz has been disciplined into not getting into the personal attacks of campaigns. >> like pointing out trump would allow deported immigrants to apply for citizenship. >> is it important to draw those distinctions for them? >> they are looking at every candidate and determining who has the experience, the knowledge. >> very interesting. i'm joined by usf professor and political analyst ed benton. thank you for joining us and breaking down the political headlines of this week. let's
9:36 am
do you think any of this birther debate will have an impact on ted cruz? >> probably not. this is nothing new. a few years ago we were talking about the ethnicity of president obama, whether or not he was a citizen. same song, different verse. >> absolutely. it's interesting to hear trump change his story over months now that cruz is his top competitor. i heard that iowa is cruz's the lose. what do you think about that? >> i think so. i lived in iowa about 37 career years ago before i came to usf and know the state very well. setting the tone in iowa for any candidate is important. whoever wins there will have the leg up and the bragging rights of saying i'm the front runner now. >> the other big thing about that, i read an article that was talking about donald trump and if he were to lose in new hampshire or iowa he might lose his momentum, especially since he's big on talk about winning. do you think losing one of those
9:37 am
>> sure for any candidate. candidates want to win early to not only maintain momentum but keeping the campaign contributions coming in. they can get starved out early because they do not farewell in the early primaries. as a result donors are lukewarm about the money and they run out of money and therefore have to throw in the towel. donald trump probably could survive better than others because of his own wealth. >> we're getting very close to the iowa primary. how many more changes do you expect to see in the polls? >> i think he will do well. iowa is a very -- this is a big farm country. john deer is locate in the area. these people are very level headed, having lived there for years. it's a pretty good barometer of how americans feel will be
9:38 am
>> a lot of people watching. also jeb bush saying this week that if trump is the gop nominee that hilary will win in a landslide. what do you think about that? >> i'd say the same thing too. you want to scare people away from hilary and say she's -- i mean, not away from hilary but from trump saying you can't win so look to someone else and i'm available. >> do you think that's the reality if trump were to be the nominee he would have a tough time? >> he's a polarizing candidate. if i were a republican candidate today i would try to steal the thunder from trump by appealing to voters who you are disenchanted with government but represented in a more civilized tone. >> absolutely. a lot to keep watching here. it's going to get hotter and hotter the closer we get to the primaries coming up here very soon. mr. benton thank you so much. >> glad to be here. thousands of untested rape kits are
9:39 am
law enforcement agencies in florida. why this is not a new problem and what the attorney general wants to do now.
9:40 am
time now 9:49. this morning an unusual and controversial bill is in the missouri house legislation. house bill 2059 asks to include sex in the definition of a gift between lawmakers and lobbyists or members of their staff. it was introduced by republican representative bart coreman after a scandal involving a former speaker of the house and intern. >> effected officials have a relationship with lobbyists i think they should know. i think the citizens should know if that's going on. >> coreman adds that the bill should help improve the integrity, accountability and
9:41 am
with other gifts it will not be required the add to a monetary value or report relationships before they were lawmakers. the fdle announced more than 13,000 untested rape kits were in florida and insisted it would take a lot of time and money to fix that problem. the numbers ma i be new but the problem is not. >> 3 months ago rape victim kelly green said police who investigated her case waited 3 years to test dna and catch her attacker. >> we could have prevented other people from being raped. >> that testing delay came down to one thing. >> at the time it was a matter of funding. >> 20 years later and thousands of cases involved untested rape kits money remains the problem as well as the solution. >> if it costs millions of dollars and we solve one rape case it's worth every penny.
9:42 am
released fdle survey are staggering. 13,435 untested sexual assault kits statewide, a problem the $13,435 untested sexual assault kits statewide, a problem the fdle insists will cost between $9 and $32 million to resolve and take 9 years. >> the goal is to get the bad guys off the streets. >> pam bondi vows to lobby lawmakers and is counting on a grant from the u.s. department of justice to fund the rest. >> this is a victim's rights issue. that's one thing we all agree on. >> it's also going to take the support of governor rick scott who insisted money is no ojt. >> i'm going to work with the legislature to make sure it's funded and fund public safety. >> the fdle said just under 10,000 of those untested rape kits should have been submitted.
9:43 am
tested with priority given to the cases where there's a chance of prostitution. pasco, polk and lakeland have between 200 to 300 untested cases in their evidence files. presidential candidates receive all kinds of items during their campaigns. that includes jeb bush. coming up after the break what one
9:44 am
former florida governor jeb bush received an unusual contribution, a powerball ticket. someone gave one of his the gop candidate said if he won the money would go to a really good cause. luck was not on bush's side or anyone's side for that matter. no one won the grand prize. the iowa caucus is less than a month away but this week a different kind of caucus. in predictions. on the republican they might know what they're talking about. >> absolutely. let's get a final check of our sunday weather. checking out the satellite and radar pick ture you can see that most of the rain is exiting right now just left over in highlands county but over the next 30 minutes or
9:45 am
pretty much a dry day. temperatures will be steady or maybe even dropping a little bit throughout the day. we'll we main in the 60s. tomorrow morning heading off to work or school you will probably want a jacket or coat because we will start off in the 40s, even the 30s for or northern counties. tomorrow afternoon and 63 with a good deal of sunshine. tuesday, wednesday looking good, a lot of as we head into thursday and friday scattered showers and maybe a storm possible as temperatures then return to above average temperatures. so today not a lot of rain, i think the rain for the most part is gone but the clouds will stick around and cooler weather by tonight. >> enjoy the winter because it's going away quickly. thank you for joining us this morning. our next news cast is at 4:30. have an accident sunday.
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