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tv   News Ch8 at 11PM Sunday  NBC  January 10, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> announcer: welcome back to the golden globes much and now from the frds awaken orce awak "the forz a wak ce from, "the force awakens",
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>> once again it the nominees for motion picture drama. >> announcer: "carol." "mad max: fury road." "the revenant." "room." "spotlight." [ applause ] >> and the golden globe goes to -- "the revenant." [ cheers and applause ] [ cheers and applause ] >> announcer: coming to the stage and accepting the golden globe tonight is writer/director -- producer of "the revenant," alejandro g.
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[ applause ] >> my god. >> speech. speech. speech. >> sorry, there's a lot of kissing here. i forgot to say thanks to mark, my co-writing partner, all the native americans who help us make this film possible. and, i don't know, i want -- somebody, guys, please jump to do something. i cannot say how surprised i am and how proud i am to have survived this film with all these fellas. please. tony. >> wow, thank you guys so much. this is such a surprise, brad westin, arnon, everybody at regioncy, fox, we love you so much. this was an incredible experience. alejandro, thank you. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you, everybody. >> and leo, of course. >> come, come, come, come.
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i'm afraid that's it. we're out of time. for myself and mel gibson, shalom. >> announcer: the nomination ballots are mailed to all eligible members of the hollywood foreign press association, who choose up to five nominees in each category. on the final ballots, the same members vote for one nominee in each category. information concerning the final results is known only to the accounting firm of ernst & young, llp prior to tonight's opening of the sealed envelopes. this is shawn parr for "the 73rd
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. a suspected burglar shot in pinellas county in a backyard. we'll tell you what neighbors are saying tonight. >> plus, why sean penn met secretly with the drug lord el chapo. good evening, everyone. i'm melanie michael. >> i'm rod carter.
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new tonight, a homeowner shot a possible burglar. >> this happened in clearwater just before 2:00 this afternoon. detectives tell us the trespasser was in the backyard at the time. newschannel 8's chip osowski is at the home in pinellas county and tells us neighbors believe the homeowner did the right thing. >> reporter: authorities cleared the scene just about three hours ago. they responded to the home at 2072 whitney drive, after a homeowner shot a burglary suspect after a scuffle. crime scene tape surrounded wayne dundee's home for most of sunday afternoon and into the evening. dundee told investigators and neighbors he thought he heard something in his shed. once he went to investigate, he discovered a man on the second floor. he warned the man he had a gun and when he asked him to leave, he lunged and dundee shot the man. >> you said earlier they picked
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>> he was in the marines. so i know, you know, he's going to protect himself. >> reporter: suzanne halstead lives across the street and has known the dundees for years. she believes wayne did the right thing. >> i think he did a great job. i commend him. i really do. i think he did a great job. i'm so grateful that he protected his family and protected his neighbors. >> reporter: detectives and crime scene technicians spent hours at the scene gathering evidence and interviewing dundee. property records reveal dundee and his wife linda have lived in the home since 1978. neighbors tell me this is normally a very quiet neighborhood, where everyone knows everyone. seeing a crime scene on this street is completely out of the norm. i approached the dundees home after the crime scene was cleared, but a woman who answered the door told me the family has no comment at this time. in clearwater, i'm chip osowski, newschannel 8.
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have yet to identify the intruder. meanwhile, the homeowner has not been charged, but detectives tell us the case remains under investigation at this hour. cleanup and damage assessment under way tonight after a tornado touched down in cape coral. the ef2 tornado had winds of up to 135 miles per hour. trees were pulled out of the ground, homes damaged, as you could see in the video, fences broken apart there. streets are flooded. a lot of the parking lot simply turned into ponds. residents say they were completely caught off guard by this storm. >> it shocked us. it came out of nowhere. the alarms didn't go off until after. >> celebrating my grandson's third birthday and everybody was outside. i got to push them in the house and go to the front, everything was gone. we have a bouncy house. it's like two blocks down the road. >> the good news in all of this, there were no serious injuries reported. the governor did tour that area this afternoon. that storm damage is part of a system that moved through
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you probably noticed it's bringing colder air with it. >> storm team meteorologist bryan bennett is in the weather center tracking the changes we'll see in the next day or two. i mean, we're talking 40s at some point, right? that's right. the cold front that brought the storm is all part of a storm system that's going to bring us much chillier temperatures by tomorrow morning. we'll be in the 40s with chillier temperatures in the offing. check this out. the tornado that passed through last night was indeed a rare strong tornado. it was an ef2 tornado in cape coral. it was on the ground for 3.4 miles and it was wider than a football field, at 182 yards. over the last 30 years, we've only seen 17 ef 0 or stronger tornadoes in all of tampa or fort meyer areas, meaning it is very rare to see a tornado that strong. satellite and radar picture showing a few clouds, also showing the cold front has passed by. now we look at cooler temperatures.
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overnight temperatures will be dropping down into the 40s. head north, upper 30s to lower counties. yeah, lots of chilly air heading our way, rod and mel. i'll let you know if we can see the golden globe, or the sunshine in the sky, coming up in a bit. >> thank you very much, bryan. of course you can track the cooler temperatures by using our storm team 8 weather max app. it is free to download in your app store. a pinellas county man is behind bars tonight, after investigators tell us a child in his care ate synthetic marijuana. according to detectives, christopher clark had the spice in his pocket. a 3-year-old managed to take it and eat it. hours later, the little girl began vomiting and then stopped responding all together. tonight, that child is expected to survive. meanwhile, clark is charged with child neglect. the extraordinary tale of el chapo took a surreal twist today. rolling stone published a secret interview between the
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authorities now want to speak with the actor. >> reporter: tonight, a mexican law enforcement official tells nbc news that mexican authorities want to speak with sean penn and mexican soap opera star about their secret trip to meet drug lord el chapo guzman. it's believed to be his first interview in decades, the article published by rolling stone magazine overnight. guzman only agreed to take the questions, penn writes, after a previous seven-hour face-to- face meeting, days before a failed october raid. according to penn, this picture authenticates that meeting. penn quotes el chapo as saying i provide more heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine and marijuana than anybody else in the world. [ speaking spanish ] >> reporter: on friday, the attorney general said guzman's desire to make a movie about himself and his interaction with producers and actors eventually led to his arrest.
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authorities want to identify as many people closely associated with el chapo as they can. >> reporter: trusted source tells nbc news that authorities were aware that penn and the actor was in mexico to meet with guzman in october. a plan was delayed to be sure the two would not be harmed. when the raid took place, the two commented. this isn't the first time penn had dabbled in journalism. he previously written articles for the nation and the san francisco chronicle. this time, rolling stone says it agreed to let the subject approve the final version before publication. the magazine says el chapo made no changes. gabe gutierrez, nbc news, mexico. also making headlines tonight, donald trump losing ground in iowa, just weeks ahead of the iowa caucus vote. now, according to a new nbc
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ted cruz leads donald trump by 4 points. when iowa caucus goers were asked about hypothetical general election matchups, hillary clinton and senator bernie sanders lead trump as well. the donald says anything but winning is a waste of his time. >> i feel that if i don't win all of it, and i mean the presidency, that i've wasted my time. i know i've been given accolades for the job we've done and everything else. >> you've shifted the debate. >> well, especially being somewhat of a novice. i've been -- people have said very nice things, like time magazine. i really feel if i don't win, i can't make a difference. on the democratic side, clinton is just now 3 points ahead of sanders with a margin of error that's a virtual tie. police are trying to find out who vandalized donald trump's campaign headquarters in massachusetts. someone spray painted profanity on the campaign office overnight. police are now looking at
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vandals. >> we certainly have the right to protest against that candidate, but you certainly do not have the right to do a criminal act. >> trump's campaign just opened the office within the last couple of weeks. campaign volunteers cleaned up the graffiti this weekend. the deadline to enroll in the affordable care act health insurance just three weeks away. today, president obama's health and human services secretary visited tampa to help encourage americans to enroll soon. secretary sylvia burwell joined congressmen at new mt. zion missionary baptist church to talk to people about enrolling. >> we need people to sign up. we're reaching out to targeted markets that are hard to serve. we're using churches and pastors to spread the word, but ultimately we need folks to sign up. their lives will be better as a
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31. well, it was the big story this weekend everybody was talking about. if you have $2 and big dreams, you still have a chance of becoming a billionaire. yes, that's with a b. nobody matched all six numbers in last night's historic powerball jackpot drawing, but at this winn-dixie store on palm river road in tampa, one lucky person bought a ticket worth a million bucks. not bad. they picked five numbers correctly. newschannel 8's mary mcguire brings us more on the lotto fever sweeping tampa bay and the nation. >> reporter: the powerball jackpot is set to roll again on wednesday night, on an estimated $1.3 billion jackpot. so don't worry, you still have another chance at becoming a billionaire. florida lottery tickets were selling like hot cakes last night, at a rate of 42,000 a minute across the state. unfortunately, if you were one
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snapped up a ticket, you did not wake up $949.8 million richer. since the powerball jackpot rolled over on wednesday, thousands of people lined up across the bay area to snatch up what they hoped would be their lucky ticket. >> these are the winning numbers, right here. >> reporter: some people had a very specific strategy when picking out those lucky numbers. others just left it up to chance. >> quick picks, praying, and just kind of pick boxes. that's what it's all about. >> reporter: lotto fever has brought big business to local gas stations and mini marts. >> people would come and buy other things, but they wouldn't go out without buying powerball. >> reporter: along with their $2, everyone brought their champagne dreams and caviar wishes to the ticket counter. >> i pay all my bills off, take out my family and live where i want to live. >> reporter: folks still dreaming, despite the crazy,
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winning stacked against them. 1 in 292.2 million. in tampa, mary mcguire, newschannel 8. ticket? >> you know what? i got nothing. nothing. not even a single number. >> we could be live in the bahamas sometime. >> okay with that. it was a fun night in hollywood here on newschannel 8. >> golden globes were handed out to this year's best. we'll have a full recap of some of the night's winners and best moments. >> plus, a gallon of gas for a dollar? oh, it could happen. stick with us. you'll want to hear this one,
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well, one party is definitely over, but others are no doubt just getting under way in hollywood. >> and our invites were lost, right? >> yeah. >> tonight, the golden globes honored the best in movies and tv. what a ceremony it was. gina kim gives us a look at some of tonight's winners. >> if you do win tonight, remember that no one cares about that award as much as you do. >> reporter: host ricky gervais may have tried to dampen excitement at the golden globes, but it didn't work with rachel bloom. >> oh, my god! oh, my god! >> reporter: she won best actress in a tv comedy for crazy ex-girlfriend.
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>> reporter: also overwhelmed was gael bernal of mozart in the jungle. he won best actor in a series best comedy. >> this is really incredible! this is really a big surprise! >> reporter: meanwhile, jon hamm closed out his madmen career with his second globe as best actor in a tv drama. in the film ranks, 18 years after a screen writing globe, matt damon captured one for acting in the comedy or musical category for "the martian." >> i have to thank my kids because i told them if i got on tv, i would definitely say something to them. >> reporter: honors for best animated film went to "inside out," while kate winslet won her fourth career globe. >> i really am actually extremely surprised. >> reporter: best supporting actress for "steve jobs." [ cheers & applause ] >> reporter: a standing ovation greeted the best supporting actor winner sylvester stallone. >> i'm going to try not to get emotional. >> reporter: he earned his
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>> i want to thank my imaginary friend rocky balboa for being the best friend i ever had. >> reporter: a golden moment on a golden night. gina kim, nbc news, beverly hills. >> the night's other big winners included taraji p henson for the show empire, who screamed in a very loud voice, get off my train to somebody standing on her dress. while the computer hacker series mr. robot won best tv drama. . nothing will stand in our way. i will finish what you started. >> well, the new star wars movie is dominating in the box office for a fourth straight week. the force awakens held the top spot this weekend, banking another $41 million. it just became the third bestselling movie of all time. >> i contributed to that, by the way, this weekend. 8 on your side consumer
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your wallet will love this. gas prices could reach, are you ready, sitting down? a dollar a gallon. aaa puts today's national average for a gallon of regular at $1.96. "usa" is reporting that tumbling oil prices and strong refinery capacity could push the price to a dollar a gallon in some areas. not bad. well, here's a look at the headlines for this week. is history. now it's all about the temperatures. over the next three days, we'll have lows in the 40s, high temperatures in the 60s, and towards the latter part of the morning, we'll be keeping an eye on the possibility for a strong, maybe a severe storm. right now, we are 57, pretty common temperature in tampa. rusk kin, brandon, bartow, area. head north, it gets cooler.
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right now, 5 degrees below zero in minneapolis. keeping in mind today they had the third coldest nfl game ever in history, so lots of chilly air to our north. cool air to the south. yeah, some of it by florida standards will be cool tomorrow, 63. tuesday and wednesday, 65. back to average on thursday. then above-average temperatures as we move back into saturday, approaching 80 degrees. this week on average is the coldest week of the year. i think i can handle 60s and 70s just fine. this is the darkest, gloomiest part of the year, which on average it is. satellite and radar pretty quiet, a few clouds. cold front to the south has passed through, clouds filtering in. these clouds stretch from nova scotia to the equator, 4000 miles of continuous cloud cover. fortunately, these clouds are
11:24 pm
allow us to clear out as we move towards tomorrow morning. so tomorrow morning, good deal of sunshine, a jacket or a coat recommended with temperatures in the middle 40s. going to be 46 degrees in tampa, 49 in st. petersburg, 51 in bradenton. head north, in the lower 40s, if not upper 30s for parts of citrus and northern hernando county. so cold night in store and it's going to continue to get cooler heading into tuesday morning. i think we'll have 30s in much of citrus and hernando county. then tomorrow afternoon, deep blue sunny skies. the sky will be that color right there, just a lovely deep shade of blue. if you're a photographer, charge the battery now and get the camera ready, because tomorrow will be a beautiful day, lots of sunshine. but with the sunshine, still kind of cool, a high temperature of only 63 degrees. then on tuesday, we'll have a 10% chance for a shower in our far southern communities. otherwise, a decent-looking
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wednesday, a few more clouds, 65 degrees. thursday night and friday morning, we have a storm system that's going to be moving in and being the climate that we're in right now with the strong el nino, we're looking at the possibility that one of these storms could become strong to severe. keeping a closer eye on it than we normally would. january and february are months we want to watch whenever we have a strong el nino, which we do. we saw what happened. want to keep an eye on things. right now, keeping an eye on it. monday, tuesday, wednesday, fabulous, deep, blue sunny skies. >> meantime, we'll keep an eye on the jackets we'll need tomorrow. >> thank you, bryan. the family of a woman who died after being forced out of a florida hospital wants a federal review of that case. >> coming up, why the family's lawyer believes the hospital committed a crime. >> also ahead, adorable and adoptable. dozens of dogs displaced by the flooding in mississippi are looking for some brand-new homes here in tampa bay.
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. a new threat tonight against police officers in philadelphia to tell you about. investigators say an anonymous tipster told police the threat is not over and that three radical shooters remain at large. this comes just three days after edward archer is accused of approaching an officer's patrol car and then opening fire. that officer survived and police say archer pledged his allegiance to isis. he remains in jail with no bond tonight. very bizarre and deadly crash to tell you about. this happened early this morning on one of the busiest stretches of highway in atlanta. police say it looks like the
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too fast and lost control of that car. then the car flew over that overpass and fell nearly 50 feet down. the car landed upside down in the middle of interstate 75, killing all three men inside, and the men were last seen leaving a party just before that crash. and check this out. the destruction of an historical house in omaha, nebraska became a spectacle literally of fire and ice. the flames destroyed a pub nearly a century year old. the water from fire hoses transformed the building into what looked like an ice castle. the family of a woman who died hours after being forced from a hospital in florida is asking for a federal review to see if laws were violated. >> the family's attorney says he believes this is a case of patient dumping, which is against the law. we get more tonight from carey sanders.
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a 57-year-old barbara dawson's death was avoidable. unanswered, did the city police or maybe even the staff at the calhoon liberty hospital, where dawson's family said they had initially gone complaining of stomach pain, set her death in motion? >> i can't even breathe! >> reporter: that's barbara dawson's voice recorded on a police dash cam that was pointed inside an empty police car. >> you can walk out of the hospital peacefully or i can take you out of the hospital. >> oh! >> reporter: that's the voice of the police officer who physically escorted dawson from the hospital. the 57-year-old patient was treated and discharged. when she refused to leave, police records show they were called to intervene. the officer arrested dawson for disorderly conduct and trespassing. as she neared the police car, dawson collapsed. >> mrs. dawson, falling down like this, laying down, that's not going to stop you from going to jail. >> reporter: in this police dash cam image, you can see dawson's hands cuffed.
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lot, dawson was taken back inside the hospital. she was dead. the medical examiner says it was a blood clot in her lungs. the chief of police says the responding officer acted appropriately. the hospital says it's now conducting an internal review, but cannot discuss more. >> we cannot answer questions that specifically relate to an individual and their healthcare. >> reporter: family attorney benjamin crump. >> the federal law says you can't dump patients out just because they don't have sufficient insurance or their socioeconomic status, that you have to make sure they are stabilized. >> reporter: barbara dawson's brother. >> you could take the same situation and put a dog in barbara's spot, and i guarantee you, those individuals wouldn't be still working. >> reporter: hindering the investigation? missing security camera video. the hospital says 13 cameras, including the one pointed at
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those broken cameras have since been replaced, too late to help explain what happened to barbara dawson. carey sanders, nbc news, miami. more than a dozen dogs are calling tampa home tonight, after the humane society of tampa bay rescued them from flooding in mississippi. this has been one of our favorite stories today. veterinary technicians accepted 15 dogs this afternoon and, boy, are they adorable. they are being checked out, vaccinated and spayed or neutered before they can be adopted, hopefully this week. >> with this one, we know she is a girl, probably retriever or hound mix. we have to give her a name, so i think you would be a good lola. >> anyone who wants to adopt lola or one of these other cute pups, check the humane society website. again, it could be late this week or even sometime next week before they are available for adoption.
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