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tv   News Ch8 Today at 400AM  NBC  January 11, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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good morning, and welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gail gallardo. >> and i'm gene ramirez. a case of road rage escalates between a motorcyclist and a driver. this happened on temple terrace. it resulted in a busted car window.
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report shortly. in our other top stories this world, the music world is mourning the death of david bowie. the iconic singer passed away after a battle of cancer. he turned 69 on friday. that's the same day he released a new album, black star. rolling stone magazine published that interview that was conducted while el chapo was on the run. the article comes right after the drug lord's capture in mexico. right now, el chapo is in the same prison awaiting extradition to the u.s. people in cape coral are cleaning up after a tornado. the ef-2 twister packed winds of up to 132 miles per hour. it tore a path of destruction for more than three miles. the severe weather was part of a system that ushered in cooler temperatures that we're experiencing this morning. let's go straight to
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more on the cool down. good morning, leigh. >> good morning, yes, you might be a little surprised when you walk outside. we're already down into the 40s and 50s. temperatures are dropping as we speak. we're down to 43 in crystal river. 46 in zephyrhills. 49 in auburndale. the warmer areas, to the south, 56 in north port. but everybody is at least colder than you were this time yesterday. brooksville, you're 23 degrees cooler, and a stiff wind is making it feel colder. that's going to keep us from warming up that much. the average today is 70. we're only going to hit 63. with weather and traffic on the 8's, 4:08, i have a very specific look at this very cold day. >> we're kind of like twins today. i didn't notice. >> yeah, we planned that. let's go to traffic folks. no video stream, that's not
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but we've got a pretty good drive here on 275 around hillsborough. the temple terrace area. we mentioned this earlier, we're going to have more on this story coming up. we do have a road rage incident here. a lot of vehicles on scene. westbound fowler avenue is blocked. again, coming up in our newscast, we'll have the details on that. meanwhile, a good drive on i- 75. westbound university parkway at i-75, we've got construction going on, tieing up two lanes. then the southbound entrance ramp from university to 75, we've got a lane blocked. that's due to construction. that's a look at weather and traffic. right now, an investigation into a shooting in pinellas county. that's when detectives tell us, a homeowner shot a possible burglar. it happened along whitney drive. neighbors believe the homeowner did the right thing. >> authorities cleared the scene just about three hours
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at 2072 whitney drive after a homeowner shot a burglary suspect after a scuffle. crime scene tape surrounded wayne's home for most of sunday afternoon and into the evening. dunldy told investigators, and neighbors, he thought he heard something in his shed. once he went to investigate, he discovered a man on the second floor. he warned the man, he had a gun, and when he asked him to leave, he lunged at nundy, and nundy shot the man. >> you said earlier, they went after the wrong guy. >> yeah, he said he was in the marines, and he has to protect himself. >> reporter: she believes wayne did the right thing. >> i think he did a great job. i commend him. i really do. i think he did a great job. i'm so grateful that he protected his family and protected his neighbors. >> reporter: detectives and
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hours at the scene, gathering evidence, and interviewing nundy. property records reveal they have lived in the home since 1978. neighbors tell me this is normally a very quiet neighborhood, where everyone knows everyone. seeing a crime scene on this street is completely out of the norm. i approached the nundy's home after the crime scene was cleared, but a woman who answered the door told me the family has no comment at this type. in clearwater, news channel 8. >> the homeowner has not been charged, but neighbors tell us, the case remains under investigation. detectives arrested christopher clark. they believe a 3-year-old somehow got spice out of clark's pocket. hours after eating it, the little girl got sick and was rushed to the hospital.
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check out this video here. a carnival cruise ship headed from tampa to the caribbean rescued a group of cuban migrants at sea. a viewer aboard that ship sent us this video. he describes the raft as being made out of styrofoam and wooden planks. the ship is on a five day caribbean cruise that left tampa saturday. police arrested four suspects in connection to the gang rape of a teenager at a play ground. they're still looking for a fifth. the men were spotted on surveillance video, entering a bodega before the assault. two of the suspects are 15-year- olds, the other are 14 and 17. police officers in philadelphia are on alert this morning. an anonymous tipster warns officers of a new threat from a radical group. this comes three days after edward archer is accused of
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car and opening fire. the officer was shot several times, but should survive. archer reportedly pledged allegiance to isis. a standoff in oregon enters a second week. all in protest of federal land policies. the group is calling on supporters to send supplies, including blankets, and coffee creamer. in your morning alert, singer david bowie passed overnight. >> yeah, the music legend had been battling cancer for more than a year. >> joining us live, lindsay, this is such a sad day. >> despite battling cancer for 18 months, david bowie didn't slow down. he just turned 69 last week, and on the same day, he released his 47th album. [ music ] and your sedatives >> this is his new album.
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it's already getting great reviews. bowie is helping to create glam rock. >> from there, he had a number of hits, including heros, and rebel rebel. >> this statement posted to his facebook page. it says he died peacefully surrounded by his family after a courageous battle with cancer. david bowie's name is trending in tampa right now. condolences are pouring in, especially in the music world. he bent the roles of gender, genre, and our minds. rapper kanye west tweets, so he gave us magic for a cher writes devastated. legend is gone. we would love for you to share your memories to us as well. >> his music really spanned the decades.
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time now, 4:08. chilly out there, lee. >> you will need to break out some winter gear. not only is it chilly this morning. it's really going to struggle to warm up. let me show you the next several hours, going hour by hour. we were in the 40s, for the next few hours. even after the sun comes up, we don't get much warmer. 56degrees at noon. an afternoon high of 63, that's well below the average of 70. that's with sunshine, plus a breeze, that's going to make it feel even cooler so you know as you head toward about 7:00 this evening, temperatures will be failing quickly, down to 55 degrees. those of you training like me for the gasparilla distance classic, it might be a good time today. not quite as cool as it's going to be this morning and this evening. how long is it going to stay this cool? highs in the 60s through thursday. but tonight is one of the coldest nights of the week. thursday, friday, and early saturday looks to be our best
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people will be cranking that heat today. >> it was so chilly. it's the same if we work out at the gym. train at the gym for the gasparilla? >> it's pretty comfortable in there. i imagine no matter what time you will go. >> when i hit the pavement, it's probably going to feel a lot different. let's take a look at traffic, folks. i-4 through lakeland looks good. roughly a 22 minute commute. if you're going to be hopping on i-75, right now, coming in out of pasco county looks very good on the roadways. commute. let's talk about temple terrace, because this is actually a news story as well. we had some road rage, and ended in a collision. police activity out here. westbound fowler avenue is blocked between morris bridge to river hills. you can take fletcher, just, you'll be routed around it. traffic is very light, and all. but just keep this in mind. no need to take a detour.
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let's take a look to the south, area. westbound, university parkway at i-75, some construction going on over the interstate. and the entrance to the southbound side is affected due to construction. leslie thanks. republican presidential candidate, donald trump sounding off about football. >> the whole game is messed up. football has become soft. football has become soft. >> coming up, trump's comments and how he is comparing it to america. >> then good news at the pump. why gas prices just keep falling, and how low i should say they could go. it's something most of us should like to hear this morning. it's 4:11. you're watching news channel 8
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in your vote, we are one week away from the iowa caucuses. it appears republican front runner donald trump is losing ground. according to a new news poll,
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when iowa caucus goers were asked about a possible outcome. democratic candidates hillary clinton and bernie sanders beat trump. planned parenthood plans to spend $20 million in the 2016 presidential campaign. but the group's president explains, it won't be used to criticize clinton's chief rival, sanders. trump is taking on the nfl in his latest rant. >> used to see these tackles, and it was incredible to watch, right? now they tackle, head on collision. the whole game is screwed up. you say, wow, what a tackle. bing, flag. football has become soft. now i'll be criticized for that.
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terrible. but football has become soft like our country has become soft. it's true. >> trump went on to say he doesn't watch nfl football much anymore. final preparations are underway for today's national championship game. it pits number 1 clemson against number 2 alabama. if the crimson tide wins, it would be nick saban's fifth national championship. for the tigers it would be their second, and top off a 15- 0 season for clemson. you may want to take a closer look at your budget. the nation's top financial officials raised interest rates. chris clackam takes a look at what this means for your bottom line. >> when the federal reserve
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there would be further gradual increases, a lot would be scrambling for the calculator to see what this would do for monthly budgets. >> you're going to see that quickly in your credit cards. typically, within one to two statements, you will see that. >> reporter: he says especially consumers with adjustable rate mortgage loans scheduled to reset this year. >> if the fed has raised interest rate as few times by the time your loan resets, you could be looking at a nasty payment increase. >> reporter: he says generally when interest rates rise on credit, they also rise on what banks pay customers with savings accounts. just not as quickly. >> a lot of banks are not going to be raising interest rates right away, and even once they do, say the back half of 2016, even then those yields are still going to be trailing the rate of inflation. >> reporter: it may help car sales continue the record pace
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we may be in for some more savings at the gas pump. experts are predicting gas prices will continue to fall and could possibly drop to just $1 a gallon. right now, the national average for a gallon of regular unleaded is $1.96. in the tampa/st. pete-clearwater area, it averages about $1.96. experts credit falling oil prices and stronger capacity. more than a dozen dogs from the flood ravaged waters of the mississippi are calling tampa home this morning. the dogs will be vaccinated and spayed or neutered. they should be available for adoption next week. we are welcoming those pups with some chilly weather. hopefully everyone is bundled up this morning.
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that's the thing is, it's going to be such a difference even from yesterday morning. 47degrees at 8:00 a.m. the sunshine is out in full force throughout the day. the temperatures are going to struggle. 56 at noon, 63 degrees at 3:00 p.m. that's well below average. weather watcher bob in venice this morning. he's at 59 degrees. notice that cooler air is still spreading down the peninsula, so it's cooler farther north. 10degrees warmer, 54 degrees in sebring. 12 in cincinnati. 3 in chicago. we have this big time cold front that swept through yesterday. got us the rain on saturday and now that rain is all the way to the south. notice tonight, a freeze watch is far south as levy county. so highs today only in the low to mid-60s. look at these overnight lows,
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even some 30s in places like citrus and hernando counties. how about traffic on the 8's? a little bit of road rain, folks. let's talk about temple terrace area. the road rage has got police activity out there. more on this story coming up. westbound fowler avenue is blocked between morris bridge and river hills drive. that is just rest of i-75. your routed traffic is light, but nonetheless, those westbound lanes are affected. let's move further to the south. what's going on in the sun coast area, westbound university parkway, right at i- 75. a couple of lanes taken away. also, the southbound entrance ramp. that has a lane taken away. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8's, back to gayle and gene. a down side to going high- tech? that raises questions about pilots flying for the airlines. >> then why some people rode
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you're watching news channel 8 today, and you can connect with me on social media. follow me on facebook or tweet me. i just posted about the sad news of david bowie's passing
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the transportation department internal watchdog is saying the government is
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automated systems in the air and accident investigations report pilots can get distracted watching automated systems for long periods of time. a no pants party that started in new york in 2002, the global flash mob gathered participants and they all started taking off their pants in subway. anyone with a train ticket can join in the fun. subway riders around the world took off their pants for the international celebration of silliness. i like to celebrate sillness. weather and traffic on the 8's, is just 3 minutes away. >> plus the powerball jackpot rolls over to more than $1 billion. but someone won $1 million right here in our area. coming up, where that ticket was bought. >> and changes in garbage
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well, let me tell you, it's time for weather and traffic on the 8:00's. we have a big change when you send the kids off to the bus stop this morning. make sure they bring along a coat. mostly clear. the clouds are clearing very quickly. 47degrees this morning. even with full sunshine, the kids come home from school today. 63degrees for a high temperature. we'll check in with emoji man who says it is time to build a fire, at least by florida standards. 63 today, 64 tomorrow. 65 on wednesday. not only do our temperatures go up by the end of the week, but also our rain chances. i'll talk about that coming up. leslie, how about traffic on the 8's? big bend to gibsonton,
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either direction. in sarasota, about 9 minutes, a pretty good drive there, a little construction i-75 at university in sarasota. let's take a look at some road rage out here, folks, people need to meditate. westbound fowler avenue, morris bridge to river hills drive. we've got the westbound lanes taken away here. eastbound not affected. but traffic light. so no delays. a live look, 275 at fowler.
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