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tv   News Ch8 Today at 5AM  NBC  January 11, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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good morning, and welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gayle guyardo. >> we do have some breaking news to talk about this morning. breaking news of road rage that escalates between a motorcyclist and a driver in temple terrace. an investigation is underway right now near morris bridge road, and river hills drive.
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in our other top stories, the music world is mourning the digit of david bowie. the innovative, and iconic singer passed away after a battle with cancer. he turned 69 on friday. that's the same day he released a new album called black star. this morning, questions surrounding sean penn's secret interview with el chapo guzman. the article comes right after the drug lord's capture in mexico. right now, el chapo is in the same prison he escaped from, awaiting extradition to the u.s. people in cape coral are cleaning up this morning after a tornado. look at this. the ef-2 twister packed winds of up to 132 miles per hour. it tore a path of destruction for more than three miles. three people received injuries. the severe weather was part of a system that ushered in cooler temperatures that we're
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meteorologist leigh spann with more on this cool down. colder air has filtered down the peninsula. temperatures are still dropping quickly right now. 44 in zephyrhills. 45 in lakeland. we just dropped to 48 in tampa. still waiting on some of the chilliest air farther south. 55 right now in north port. but look what a difference. nearly 25 degrees colder right now than you were this time yesterday. yes, not only is it cool, it's also breezy, making it feel even cooler. that cool breeze from the north will keep us from warming up very much. in fact, the average for today is 70. i'm only expecting a high of 63 today. at 5:08, i have an hour by hour look at this relatively chilly monday morning. we do have an investigation going on on fowler ave.
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on the tampa side of the howard franklin bridge. as we move to temple terrace, a reminder that investigation still taking place. westbound fowler avenue is actually blocked between morris bridge. eastbound, you're routed around that closure. we do have a new accident. around state route 33. that's in lakeland. that's off to the shoulder. also, some construction here as i mentioned westbound university. also, the entrance ramp affected. you can get by, but some lanes are blocked. back to gene and gayle. police in temple terracey looking for a motorcyclist who shot at a driver in what could be a road rage incident. ryan hughes is live at that scene. ryan, what's the latest out there? >> reporter: the investigation is in full swing. this is one of the vehicles involved. you can see a couple of police officers here processing this scene.
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the driver side window that was either shot in the incident, or punched by a man on a motorcycle. then, roughly a block and a half or so down east fowler avenue, you can see that this scene stretches down there. a few blocks beyond that, where the roadway is closed at the intersection of east fowler and i-75. we have some video that we can show you right now. we're told by temple terrace police this incident happened between 1:30 and 2:00 this morning. we're told a motorcycle shot into that car after some sort of confrontation on the road. a window was either punched, or shot out and it shattered. the driver of the motorcycle sped off onto i-75 southbound. if we could come back here live, this is another live look at the scene. you can see the crime scene unit arrived here. the investigation is in full swing. we are hopefully expecting some sort of update with plus, but we'll certainly keep you
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the person in that car behind me this morning. >> i'll bet, ryan, thank you. a pinellas county man is facing child neglect charges this morning after a child in his care ate synthetic marijuana. detectives arrested christopher clark. they believe a 3-year-old somehow got spice out of clark's pocket. hours after eating it, the little girl got sick and was rushed to the hospital. she should survive. carnival cruise ship headed from tampa to the caribbean rescued a group of cuban migrants at sea. the coast guard reports the carnival paradise ran across the group. a viewer aboard that ship september us this video. he describes the raft as being made out of styrofoam and wood planks. the ship left tampa saturday. developing this morning, new york police arrest four suspects in connection to the gang rape of a teenager at a playground. they're still looking for a fifth.
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surveillance video entering a bodega before the assault. police accused the men of attacking a woman as she walked through a brooklyn playground. two of the suspects are 15 years old. the others are 14 and 17. police officers in philadelphia are on alert this morning. an anonymous tipster warns officers of a new threat from a radical group. the officer was shot several times, but should survive. archer reportedly pledged allegiance to isis. the small, armed group seized the national wildlife refuge. the group is calling on supporters to send supplies, including blankets, and coffee creamer. in your morning alert this morning, singer david bowie passed overnight. >> sad day. the music legend had been battling cancer for more than a
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this is really a sad day in music history. >> reporter: it is, despite battling cancer for 18 months, david bowie didn't slow down. he just turned 69 last week, and on the same day, he released a brand new album. [ music ] >> he just posted this video to his youtube page. the new album is called black star, and it's already getting great reviews. bowie is credited with helping to create glam rock. his album, space oddity put him on the map in 1969. from there, he had a number of hits including heros and rebel rebel. this statement was posted to his facebook page, if we can get that working there. to his facebook page. well, i'll just tell you what it says. basically, they said he died peacefully surrounded by his family after a courageious
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david bowie's name is trending in tampa right now. condolences are pouring in. josh globen says he bent the rules of gender, genre, and our minds. rapper kanye west tweets so fearless, so creative, he gave us magic for a lifetime, and musician gene simmons posts you will be sorely missed. go to our page, wfla so you can post your memories of david bowie. >> a lot of people are waking up surprised and so sad of his death thank you, lindsay. it's chilly out there. >> yes, what a difference just 24 hours makes. you may be surprised. maybe your just walking out the door to walk the dog. a jacket, you will certainly not forget it for long. we're in the 40s, for most of us this morning.
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but those are clearing out, basically as we speak. as the day goes on, even with more sunshine, we struggle to warm up. 53 still at 11:00 a.m. that's jacket weather still. only 60 at 2:00 today. 63degrees at 3:00 p.m. as it stays clear this evening, temperatures fall rapidly down to 55 degrees at 7:00 p.m. if you're training like me for the gasparilla distance traffic. i'm saying go for a lunchtime run. it's still going to feel cool, but not quite as cold as the morning or evening. coldest night of the week is tonight. showers and storms back in the forecast late thursday, friday, and into saturday. let's check in on traffic on the 8's, because we know people will be cranking that heat up. it's cold this morning. remote start with the heat. who buys the cold air package? >> i do.
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we've got a nice commute here. 6 minutes on your drive time. 275, coming away over to i-4, just 10 minutes on your drive time there. a quick live look at traffic here is 275 at biers. we have an investigation going on. lanes are still blocked here due to a possible road rage incident involving a shooting. so westbound fowler avenue from morris bridge to river hills drive is taken away. there you're routed around it. but no delays because traffic is light. republican presidential candidate donald trump sounding off about football. >> the whole game is all screwed up. you say wow what a tackle. bing, flag. football has become soft. football has become soft. >> coming up, trump's comments and how he is comparing it to america. >> then good news at the gas pump. how gas prices are falling, and
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week away from the iowa caucuses. it appears republican front runner donald trump is losing ground. ted cruz leads trump by 4 points. when iowa caucus goers were asked about a potential match up, democrats hillary clinton and bernie sanders beat out trump. planned parenthood announced it would back the democratic front runner. it's the first time in the group's 100 year history, that it's backed a primary candidate. planned parenthood plans to spend $20 million in 2016's presidential campaign. but the group's president explains it won't be used to criticize clinton's chief rival bernie sanders. trump is taking on the nfl in his latest rants. >> at a nevada campaign stop, the presidential candidate claimed football was going soft. take a listen. >> used to see these tackles, and it was incredible to watch, right? now they tackle.
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the whole game is screwed up. you say wow, what a tackle bing flag. football has become soft. football has become soft. now i'll be criticized for that. they'll say, oh, isn't that terrible. but football has become soft like our country has become soft. it's true. it's true. >> trump went on to say he doesn't watch nfl football much anymore. in recent years, the nfl has implemented various rules aimed at reducing the risk of concussions among players. now 5:15, final preparations are underway for today's national championship game. it pits number 1 clemson against number 2 alabama. the game kicks off at 8:15. if the crimson tide wins it would be nick saban's fifth national title. in an 8 on your side
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to take a closer look at your budget. the nation's top financial officials raised interest rates. chris clackam takes a look at what this means for your bottom line. >> reporter: when the federal reserve raised interest rates last month amend said there would be further gradual increases during 2016, a lot of consumers were september scrambling for the calculator to see what that would do for their budgets. >> reporter: greg mcbride, senior analyst at, says especially consumers with ajustable rate interest loans set to reset this year. >> you could be looking at a nasty payment increase. >> reporter: he says generally when interest rates rise on credit, they also rise on what banks pay customers, with savings accounts. just not as quickly. >> a lot of banks are not going to be raising interest rates
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even once they do, say in the back half of 2016, even then, those yields are still going to be trailing the rate of inflation. >> reporter: chris clackam, nbc news. we may be in for more savings at the gas pump. experts are predicting gas prices will continue to fall, and could possibly drop to just $1 a gallon. right now, the national average for a gallon of regular unleaded is $1.96. the tampa st. pete clearwater area, the average is about $1.91. it's $1.94 in the bradenton- sarasota area. the nation's top health official is touring florida to remind people to enroll for health insurance through the human care act.
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in tampa, she visited new mount zion missionary baptist church. she reminded parishioners, the deadline to enroll is january 31. recycling could pay off in one bay area city. today, clearwater is rolling out incentives to get people to recycle. every time it is picked up, customers will receive points. those points translate into discounts from businesses. those entered will be enrolled for a chance to win an ipad. more than a dozen dogs are calling tampa home this morning. the humane society of tampa rescued them. 15 dogs arrived this weekend. they should be available for adoption sometime next week. it's 5:18, and we are welcoming those puppies to some pretty cool temperatures here. thank goodness, they have cute coats.
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raining here, and shouldn'ting raining for quite some time, so you just bundle up. much cooler though, this morning. what a difference between yesterday to today. most of the us start the day in the 40s. eastbound with sun. skies through the day, we don't warm up much. 56degrees a breeze in the air at lunchtime. a bright blue sky, and a high of only 63 degrees today. i checked in with my weather watcher, wendy in brooksville at 42 degrees. south. lakeland, 45. 52 in sarasota. quite literally. look, you just have to get to atlanta, where it's 25. chicago is 2 degrees. so everyone gripped in the sort of wintery weather for sure. the cold front came through down around the keys. we're still cloudy now, but look at this. you see the blue shaded areas just to our north? that's a freeze watch in effect starting at midnight tonight.
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average in the low to mid-60s. check out tonight's lows, 41 in wesley chapel. even colder. 36 in brooksville. sunny and cool again tomorrow. 65 wednesday. rain chances do go up by the end of the week. we're moving right along folks. looking pretty good in temple terrace, we still have an issue going on, where we've got the roadway closed. it's purple there, and a lot of police activity due to an investigation, because of possible road rage this morning. morris bridge to river hills drive, westbound is blocked on fowler. this is just west of i-75. you'll be routed around it. traffic is light. not seeing delays yet, but i'll be keeping an eye on it for you. eastbound i-4, in lakeland, we have a collision, that one is off to the side of the roadways. no delays, and polk parkway
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a down side going to high- tech. >> ahead, the concerns a watchdog group is raising this morning. then why some people rode the subways without their pants.
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the transportation department internal watchdog believes the government is falling short in ensuring airline pilots maintain their skills. automated systems in the air. the accident investigations report pilots can get distracted watching automated systems for long periods of time. a no pants party? it started in new york in 2002. the global flash mob called improv everywhere gathered participants, and they all started taking off their pants on the subway. new yorkers and subway riders around the world took off their pants for the international celebration of silliness. >> a little too close for comfort with all of those people. ingly don't want to sit on the subway with no pants. weather and traffic on the 8's, is just three minutes away.
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jackpot rolls over to more than $1 billion. but someone won $1 million right here in the bay area. coming up, just exactly where
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well it's 5:28 on this monday morning. time to break out the winter gear for the kids headed to the bus stop this morning. even when they come from school, still going to be cool. only 63 degrees. time to build a fire. we're going to see a long cool spell, sitting in the mid-60s through wednesday, before warming up. we've got a pretty good drive here.
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a good drive as you move into downtown tampa. only going to take but 150 minutes from biers to i-4. we've got this issue, where we've got lanes blocked, and it's due to an investigation from possible road rage. westbound fowler avenue to river hills drive. that is what is blocked off. and you are routed around it. meanwhile, a good drive on 275. heading into downtown looks very, very good. also, a quick live look out here. 275 at the howard franklin,
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