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tv   News Ch8 First 4  NBC  January 11, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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i want to thank hillary clinton, matt lauer and tony goldwyn. i will see you tomorrow. be kind to one another. bye. now at 4:00, your fiction at 4 weather in less than a minute. >> and could a dog case influence state law? out. >> and what happens to an animal that's too traumatized to serve.
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in the bay area today campaigning for president. we'll hear some of what he has to say. good afternoon, everyone. thank you for joining us. i'm josh benson. >> we have breaking news right now. we have a crew at the scene of a shooting in tampa. it's at the whole foods store on 22nd street north. our crew is interviewing law enforcement as we speak and we'll have more information as soon as we get it. let's begin with the cold weather forecast. it is sweater weather in florida. here is meteorologist julie phillips. >> good afternoon. definitely sweater weather, and we are looking at the coldest night yet so far this season for tonight. we have only made it down to 48 degrees, so it's been pretty mild for us so far. tonight's forecast low in tampa is 42, so significantly cooler than we've been so far this year. although we have seen some 30s in the forecast, not too unusual for us in january.
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42 in wesley chapel and 40 in plant city, 45 in pinellas park and 39 in new port richey. while it's been a chilly day, you can see temperatures in the 50s. at the plantation on crystal river, we have the beautiful blue skies there. temperatures at this point definitely cooler than yesterday for most of us, about 5 to 10 degrees cooler than we were. we are in the low to mid-60s across the area, even some 50s in the northern areas. still 60 in tampa and 64 in north port, definitely below average temperatures at the moment. besides that, looking at clear skies. it will remain that way all the way through the evening hours with temperatures falling back quickly tonight and by the time you wake up tomorrow, look for sunshine with lows in the low 40s. how long the cool spell is going to last, coming up in the
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a guide dog is recovering following and attack by a pack of pit bulls while on a walk in bradenton. richard draper is legally blind and uses his dog andy to get around. last week they were on a walk when three pit bulls attacked andy. she had several bite marks on her neck and throughout her body, and draper is worried she may not be able to work for him. >> she's bleeding from the neck and coughing up blood. i was angry because i was attacked, angry because my dog almost got killed. >> he is going through daily monitoring with southeast guide dogs and officials hope she'll be able to return to service. the police department is now investigating. legislation allowing a dog to get its day in court after biting someone is moving through the state capital today.
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old lab mix from the bay area named padi. >> reporter: this legislation is being pushed by manatee county. under the current law, if your dog bites someone, the dog is immediately considered wrong. this legislation would change that. meet padi, a 4-year-old lab- retriever mix, spared by a judge after biting a visiting child who pursued the dog into a corner. state law automatically requires a dog who does severe damage to someone to be put down. senator billmontford says a number of dog owners came to him asking for help. >> this is an opportunity for the owner to appeal and say, let's really look at the details here, the circumstances, and let's make the right decision. >> reporter: the legislation has the support of all the city and county-owned shelters in the state and the humane society, but it is
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dunk to pass before the session is over. >> the court decision that freed padi does not apply to the whole state. the city and county shelters support the legislation because they want uniformity across florida. a 3-year-old girl is recovering at all children's hospital after deputies say she found spice in a coat pocket and ate it. now in jail, 45-year-old chris clark, charged with child neglect. deputies believe he bought and used the fake pot on saturday. then sunday the toddler found the drug and ingested it. she was unconscious when paramedics arrived at the home. doctors warn spice is dangerous, especially for kids. >> use of any drug or medication depends on size. if you're a smaller individual, you'll get a lot more in your system if it's consumed. >> deputies say clark admits to being a drug user and they
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taking care of the young girl. florida senator marco rubio is in sarasota today responding to criticism over his votes. he attended his presidential campaign earlier in the day. rubio focused on his economic policy during his speech but after, responded to attacks by chris christie over his attendance record in the senate. >> people are aware that when you do, you're going to miss votes. ultimately, my answer is the one i told you consistently. i'm running the president because the only way we're going to change the damage being done in washington by barack obama, is to elect a president that will undo that damage. to do that, you've got to run
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music loses a pop icon. we'll take a look at the life and times of david bowie, next. >> and one of the best places to work in tampa bay includes one o. area's most exciting shows, and professional hockey. what it's like to be employed by the lightning, coming up on
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the music world is mourning the loss of david bowie. >> he died of cancer last night and the british star leaves behind a colorful legacy. >> reporter: legendary singer
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generations with his persona and groundbreaking sound, dead at age 69 after an 18-month battle with cancer. he died peacefully, surrounded by his family after an 18-month battle with cancer. his son tweeted: >> reporter: bowie was born in south london as david jones, bursting on to the scene in 1969 with space oddity.
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ziggy stardust. bowie's theatrics and style became the hallmark of the pop fixture. in 1996 he was inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame and awarded a grammy lifetime achievement award ten years later. his long time wife, iman, by his side, bowie continued working. he released his latest album black star, days ago on his 69th birthday. the album topped charts in the ukage u.s. highlighting his ability to continue to push the envelope even after four decades in the industry.
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the ringling brothers will retire their iconic elephants earlier than expected. >> instead of waiting till 2018, the elephants will be joining other retirees in may. >> reporter: the ringling brothers center for elephant conservation in polk county is about to get some new members ahead of schedule. the 11 remaining elephants performing with the circuses will soon be off the road for good and calling this polk county location home. the circus announced it is accelerating its plans. >> our plans came together more quickly than we anticipated. there's a lot of logistical planning to do to bring 11
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we just really consolidated our information more quickly than we anticipated. >> reporter: they had planned to retire in 2018 but are now coming ahead of schedule. they will perform with ringling till may, then will retire to this location in polk county. josh thomas, newschannel 11. joining us now for another look at the first at 4 weather, julie. >> how low did we get overnight? >> mid-40s. >> that's pushing it. >> maybe upper 40s. i'm trying to remember now. it is going to be colder tonight, low 40s. bundle up tomorrow morning before you head out. 9:00 p.m., temperatures near 48, so you'll already want that jacket if you don't have it for the afternoon hours. tomorrow morning bottoming out
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temperatures in the mid-60s as we head into the afternoon hours. still going to be chilly but have beautiful blue skies and sunshine back in the forecast. most of us are in the low to mid-60s but northern counties are still holding on to the 50s, 60 in tampa and 57 currently in inverness. you can see off to the north, really looking at these winter like temperatures at places like chicago, 19, 15 in detroit. this deep trough, we are looking at the cold air and it's colder tonight just north of our viewing area. we'll have freeze watches and warnings in effect, so the northern counties, citrus and hernando, even have potential to maybe get close to freezing temperatures in the low 30s. it will be the coldest night so far this season. the clear skies allows temperatures to fall back and
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a combination for chilly temperatures. this is the region of high pressure that's built in across the southeast. through the overnight hours, skies will remain clear. you can see on the forecast model, quite chilly tomorrow morning. any of the light showers will stay south of the tampa bay area. as you head into tuesday afternoon, still going to be sunny and cool with a northerly wind flow only making it back into the mid-60s. this is a long cool spell for us. heading into wednesday, more of the same. high pressure builds on top of us and we have that north wind. temperatures are in the 40s when you wake up wednesday morning and wednesday afternoon, still topping out in the mid-60s. really going to be a cool stretch ahead of us and a slow warmup as we head throughout next week. temperatures will slowly warm into the upper 60s by thursday, rain chances going up thursday night into friday morning. could see storms through that period as well. another cooldown heading into next week, guys.
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playboy mansion in l.a. is up for sale. the property and home to hugh hefner listed for $200 million. it was built built for $1.1 million and features 29 rooms, game house, home theater, and that famous swimming pool. now to the most impressive auto show, opening today. from muscle cars to minivans, this year there's even smart cars. here's jay gray with a peek inside. >> reporter: the detroit auto show opens with a display of horsepower and this year high- tech. >> all the technology in the car is really the bigst buzz in the industry right now. >> reporter: from autonomous driver to connected car. >> everything you love about your smartphone, integrates all
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front of your eyes. >> reporter: and a trip in a talking car may not be that far away, cameras and software being tested right now to allow the vehicle communicate with other cars on the road and stoplights to get realtime traffic information, even smartphones of pedestrians along the route. >> the opportunity to get that advanced information before the car is there, before anybody is put in danger, it would be incredible improvement in safety. >> reporter: while there's plenty of tech talk, there's still a need for speed, which is why dlf unwill veil the f 1. >> six speed automatic transmission and creating an american super sedan to rival the best of europe, but made in the detroit area. >> reporter: the industry
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jay gray, nbc news, detroit. car sales reached a record $17.5 million last year and this is the sixth straight year for an increase. we haven't seen growth like this in the car industry since the 1920s. they had quite a season last year and they are still in the hunt this year. it's not just what's happening on the ice that has the tampa bay lightning making news. ask employees who work for the team and they will tell you it's a winning environment year round. i went to find out why people like it so much. >> reporter: the environment is electric. fans will tell you the lightning put on a heck of a show. we're not just talking about what you see on the ice. every employee who works for the lightning has a goal: to give guests electrifying experiences egg nighted by
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it's an atmosphere created intentionally. >> we want them to be proud of working for the tampa bay lightning, want them to enjoy working here. >> reporter: in 2010 the culture almost immediately changed. >> i think one of the reasons we do well as an organization is because i don't meddle. >> reporter: something others find inspiring. >> it's kind of hard not to be happy to work for jeff bennick. he makes our jobs easy, gives you to ability to create. >> reporter: and it takes creativity to keep 1400 employees engaged and satisfied. they are called front liners. >> we changed part-timers because it's more indicative of who they are and what they do and the value they serve for our organization. >> reporter: when those front liners do something fabulous,
4:21 pm
these monthly gatherings are called 15 of 15, where front liners who go above and beyond are rewarded. >> we do 15 minutes with all our front line staff once a month, where i bring in one of our executives. and it's 15 minutes where we kind of show and tell in honor and celebrate. >> reporter: this night keisha received a special coin in person from steven stamkos. she was rewarded for making the night of a little boy with cancer. she produced a special certificate for him and had his hero, thunderbug, pay a visit to him. >> i just wanted him to have the best night ever. and when he left, he was so happy. >> away want to actions of the employees to motivate throughout the organization.
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for every person who works in this empire. >> our organization vision is to be a world class organization unifying tampa bay through the power of lightning hockey and legendary events. >> jeff says his philosophy is simple: he hires good people and lets them do their job. he says it's about respect. he says if they don't do it well, there will be a discussion, but he wants them to be proud to work for the tampa bay lightning. time to check in sports. if you're from minnesota, turn away. there will be a fan-based grieving tonight because it is championship night in college
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the crimson tide taking on alabama. last year all games were lopsided and this year both semi-finals are snoozers. there's an interesting matchup between a fast-paced tigers offense and dominating crimson tide defense. runningback derrick henry can cap a magical season with the ultimate prize. >> real dream come true, you know, because those things don't happen every day. so special with my teammates, unbelievable feeling, something nobody can ever take away from us. >> play prepared and know what you're doing. that's the only way you can play fast and be confident in yourself. i know what i'm doing.
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football fans are talking about, vikings kicker blare walsh, chip shot 27-yard field goal to put the vikings into the championship. give walsh a little credit. he stood at his locker sunday afternoon and answered every question. >> you know what? it's my fault. i want you guys here when i make the game-winning kicks and you've got to be here when i miss them. i'm excited for where this team is going to go but we needed this one and i didn't come through for them, and that hurts. >> he missed only five attempts all season and under 30 yards, 9 for 9 during the regular season. >> i interviewed him in miami last year. he's a great guy.
4:25 pm
>> he said it's like a 2-foot >> that's right. >> just goes to show you, and it's why they moved the extra points back. it was boring, too automatic, not enough excitement in the game. it's never a guarantee. adrian peterson, you're not off the hook either. crucial fumble in that game. >> i didn't turn that game on till the fourth quarter and i wish i hadn't.
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ugh. i really shouldn't. no, you know what? i should. and i will. i deserve this. i'm a bogo findin', weekly ad flippin', couponing mastermind. who's saving big time? this girl! can i help you? indeed. this queen of savings deserves a reward. a cannoli, please. the weekly ad, bogos and coupons. three easy ways to save at the same place you love to shop. publix. where shopping is a pleasure. now 4 headlines at 4:30, number four, two window washers in houston nearly fell from the city's tallest building. the chase bank building is 75 stories tall and they were stuck near the 71st floor. they were pulled to safety through a window.
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jackpot up to $1.4 billion and florida is long the top selling powerball states, spending more than $3.2 billion. $1.3billion of that goes to state education funding. wednesday night folks get another chance to win. >> number three, uber is cutting fare prices in more than 100 cities, trying to beat ordering rides. the price is down 20% in tampa. this is the third straight year they have dropped prices at the beginning of a new year. number four, looking at a series of sketches showing david bowie through the years. he died last night at the age of 69. on friday he released his album black star on his birthday. tampa police tell us a gas
4:28 pm
tried to rob the store. >> reporter: we are right outside the whole food market where you can see police have this whole area roped off. at 3:30, detectives say there was a shooting that occurred inside this store. investigators say a man walked in here with a knife attempting to rob the place. they say that clerk had a gun nearby, pulled it out and shot that person in the head. that person was taken to a nearby hospital with life- threatening injuries. detectives are interviewing witnesses and talking to this store clerk. they are waiting to get a condition update on this person who was taken to the hospital. once we have more details, we'll pass that information along. have you gotten a medical procedure recently only to be
4:29 pm
in the mail? >> lawmakers want it to change. >> reporter: a year after disagreement over medicaid expansion and providing health insurance for the uninsured, lawmakers want different health care alternatives. bills would require hospitals to publish pricing information for their medical procedures. they say the goal is transparency. >> what this is about is information. the consumer, wherever they live in florida, needs to have real information act price and quality. obviously that's not uniform throughout the state. >> reporter: the governor says the bills don't go far enough and wants penalties for hospitals that price gouge. the florida hospital association says they support
4:30 pm
like to reach common ground with lawmakers. now your first at 4 weather again with meteorologist julie phillips. >> good afternoon. we are in a cool spot here, this photo taken this morning from safety harbor. great photo. send us your weather photos on our facebook page. currently outside, still have the beautiful blue skies around. while it's cold, it's been a pretty day, winds not too bad, fairly light and temperatures in the low 50s at clearwater beach. definitely chilly and we have the coldest night of the season expected tonight. temperatures are going to be falling back into the mid-30s in brooksville, some northern spots expecting to get close to the freezing mark. should be about 42 in tampa and 44 tomorrow in bradenton. through the day, we'll warm up
4:31 pm
back up into the mid-650s. below average temperatures, dry conditions, and how long the cool air will last, plus wet weather coming up in the full forecast. if you're traveling to and from tampa international airport, you may run into construction delays outside the terminals. today jen shows us how $953 million will make the airport bigger and better. >> reporter: suzanne and thomas often travel through tia but today they're picking up friends, and they are big fans of the airport. >> experience has always been wonderful. it's been one of the easiest airports to come in and out of. >> reporter: if they think it's easy, they'll be happy with the latest project at tia. it's not hard to miss all the construction taking place as two cranes construct the changes involved in a $953 million airport expansion.
4:32 pm
dining terraces, the first time we'll have outdoor dining at the main terminal. this in a few months will be a p.f. chang's. >> reporter: they are adding about 50,000 square feet to the main terminal including 10,000 square feet of outdoor dining facilities on both the east and west side of tia. with change comes delays. if you're traveling through tia in the next few weeks, keep in mind they have closed a couple levels in the short and long- term garages. but they have plenty of parking for $10 a day in the economy garage. this is what the multimillion- dollar project will look like in the end. these pictures show the updated people movers. we have what you need to
4:33 pm
a look at tomorrow's traffic today. >> hope you're enjoying your afternoon. we have a little construction in pinellas county. starting tonight at 7:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, you'll see closures here at gulf boulevard as they do some repair work, so keep that in mind. you can also contact me on facebook or follow me for the morning traffic commute. >> every weekday morning we have weather and traffic on the eights starting at 4:00 a.m. coming up, the story behind this picture that's going viral. it's something you don't want to miss. >> and stick around for these 8 on your side stories. >> reporter: the coast guard reports seeing more cuban refugees on the open water. coming up, the story of a
4:34 pm
>> reporter: an army veteran takes his sister's wedding ring to a pawnshop for a $200 loan. $1,300 later and two years, the ring is missing. >> reporter: the pinellas county homeowner who lives in this house shot and intruder yesterday and nearly killed him.
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welcome back. now for a look at celebrity news, the hosts of hollywood today live. >> from hollywood today live, the world has lost one of the greatest artists of all time, david bowie. he died peacefully after an 18- month battle with cancer at the age of 69, days after the release of his latest album,
4:38 pm
>> the revenant had a great weekend, winning three golden globes and took in $38 million at the box office, up to second place in its third week of release. star wars held the top spot with $41 million. >> do you have $200 million lying around? >> i definitely don't. >> if you did, you could buy the playboy mansion. that's right, playboy enterprises just put the sale. one small catch? until he died. he bought the house in 1971 and has no intention of leaving any time soon. time now to feature your pictures on tv, starting today
4:39 pm
sent in by carol. >> what's he got there? pie. real thing. >> better get to work. >> i guess he very much enjoyed the berries. jeanie shared this one, her son ryan holding his daughter hillary clinton ken that and his new son paxton, just born a few weeks ago. and it's almost that time, gasparilla time. are you ready to get your pirate on? and we're going to close today with this one from melissa, clearly getting ready to go gasparilla. this is lincoln. so cute. >> it is coming up. >> and you can tweet your pictures to me and share pictures with me on my facebook page.
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now we have an update to breaking news, a shooting in tampa. let's go live to eagle 8 for the latest. >> reporter: good afternoon. let's set the stage for you, here at 22nd street north and mlk boulevard at the hope foods store. what happened here, around 3:30, a man went into this store demanding money with a knife, pulled a knife on the clerk. the clerk then pulled out a gun and shot the guy. he was transported to tampa general hospital and this is still an active crime scene. you can see all the police activity around this area. it's causing a little bit of a delay with people looking, but right now the situation is active. if you're in the area, watch
4:42 pm
some pictures are worth more than a thousand words. >> a couple of a young photo reconnecting after being involved in a car crash in tennessee has gone viral. >> reporter: as a graphic design student, erica always hoped her work would get noticed. but this is something she never saw coming. >> we are at 38198 shares. >> reporter: the 21-year-old and her boyfriend hunter were on their way home friday night. neither remembers how it happened. hunter came to as his pickup was seconds away from slamming into this bridge support. >> i don't know how we lived through that. >> reporter: the picture provides context as he's at home recovering in florida. >> i've got a good gash across
4:43 pm
>> reporter: but it's a different moment captured inside the hospital room that social media can't stop sharing. >> all i cared about was seeing her and making sure she was okay. i didn't care what happened to me as long as she was all right. >> reporter: the caption not necessary. the eyes and neck braces are enough. >> obviously something happened and we were making sure each other were okay. >> reporter: neither of the two understands how but messages they have received from pure strangers shows why. >> we have gotten hundreds of messages telling us our story is what brought them out of a really dark place in their life and changed their life. i'm just happy so many people
4:44 pm
>> power of social media. good stuff there. julie has more on the weather we were asking for. >> it's been chilly so far this winter but this is really the coldest. >> all week, right? >> yeah, and it's going to last a while. sometimes it's one or two days. >> flirting with records? >> no, it's just been so mild that it feels colder than it would be for january. definitely bundle up heading into tomorrow morning. this evening even, temperatures will fall back quickly. soon we'll be in the low 50s and winds will be light with clear skies. temperatures. waking up tomorrow morning we're in the low 40s. this is tampa, so other spots will be colder than that. heading into the afternoon 60s. freeze warnings have been
4:45 pm
counties, for inland citrus and inland hernando, could have temperatures near the freezing mark. as you head south, we could still be in the 30s. see the clear skies we have right now, pretty much the entire state of florida looking clear because the high pressure has built in. the clear skies hang with us all the way through the overnight hours. waking up tomorrow morning, temperatures will be in the 30s and far northern counties could be flirting with freezing temperatures as you wake up. no rain expected, going to be another dry day with winds not bad. they will be fairly light. wednesday morning the high builds on top of us. we're left with a north wind through the day, keeping temperatures nearly as cold. notice the only difference is a little more cloud cover building in as we head into wednesday afternoon. we are still in the mid-60s and
4:46 pm
today in the 60s, tomorrow and wednesday and thursday. but friday and saturday we'll warm, and sunday we are tracking a strong cold front, one. we'll keep things dry until morning. we may have to shift that. we'll keep temperatures warmer in the 70s, then the big cooldown coming next monday. check out highs in the 50s. >> saturday looks gorgeous, though, 75 for a high. new york is known for its fashion scene but nothing like the scene you're about to see. >> plus a huge octopus invades minnesota. >> reporter: hundreds of new yorkers boarded the subway then ditched their pants yesterday, ride. keep in mind the temperature
4:47 pm
this started in 2002 as a prank but has become an annual event. and check out this 18-foot snow octopus in a front yard in minnesota. it took three brothers 500 hours to finish. they do a different sculpture every year. their goal this year, to raise $10,000 to provide clean water in haiti. and lava on the rim of a hawaiian volcano after falling rocks triggered an explosion inside. northeastern communities were not in any danger. the volcano has been continuously erupting since 1983. coming up, what started this fire. >> and you may have used some
4:48 pm
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now let's take a welcome at what's trending online today. >> beginning with an interesting way to use left over sparklers. a man collected thousands of them and put them all in a bucket lined with tinfoil. yeah, took it to an empty field and that's what happened. he used very long selfie stick to record the sparkler fire.
4:51 pm
this at home. the fire from the sparklers started add fire, but they used fire extinguishers to put it out. and then there's this. >> this girl coming out of the apartment, and she came out without shoes on with her baby. and i said it's cold outside. and then she said, there's a fire. so i grabbed my kids and we went outside, i said we're not going to be in a fire, not today. >> reporter: you can imagine it's gone viral. so we're told the fire being started by an electrical issue. no serious injuries were reported. yes and we have much more news coming up with keith and
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