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tv   News Ch8 Today at 530AM  NBC  January 12, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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publix. where shopping is a pleasure. 5:30 on this tuesday morning. good morning. welcome to weather and traffic on the 8s. i'm gene ramirez. >> and i'm gayle guyardo. our top story this morning, we are waking up to freezing temperatures in some spots. at this hour, there is a freeze warning for citrus and hernando counties and much of the bay area is waking up in the 40s. >> we have team coverage of the cold weather this morning. adrienne pedersen is at a
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pasco county but we start with meteorologist leigh spann with a look at the chilly temperatures. >> in fact, the coldest air we've seen so far of the fall and winter seasons. exactly. i know it's been hot in december so really january has come in with the cold air. and now i want you to see it's all of citrus county until 9:00 under this freeze warning but areas away if the coast in hernando and temperatures are continuing to fall. they are officially above freezing right now but you have until 9:00 to see the temperatures dip below freezing. brooksville, 38. it gets milder the farther south you go but everybody is pretty chilly. and 45 in lakeland. 48 in sarasota. and even cooler than yesterday by two degrees than this time yesterday in tampa. and seven degrees kohler in crystal river. during the afternoon, bright blue skies but a high of only 36 degrees. very dry air, low humidity. so in weather and traffic on
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day temperature trend to let you know how long this cold weather lasts. and because of the cold weather, we have shelters open in pasco tun and -- pasco county and that's where we find adrienne pedersen live. >> reporter: that's right. good lorn, leigh. not only is the shelter open right now. you can see the sign here in holiday. but we are also expecting it to be open again tonight. so i do want to go ahead and pull up the information on your screen right now. grab a pen and paper and you might want to write this down for friends and loved ones. take a look here. we know there's one in port richey at 8020 washington street. and the other one here in holiday, the 3,000 block of u.s. 19 north. and metropolitan ministries is operating a family shelter and a place called restored hope is open right now in dade city. and we have all of this information including the hours
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plus, some of the shelters, you should call and make a reservation before you just show up. and again, the shelters are open now. and we are expecting them to be closed during the day and open again tonight at 6:00. but the rest of the, they'll probably be closed and we should be fine but we will keep you updated. >> that's right. because we are expecting another similar night tonight. but during the day, it feels more comfortable and then the warming trend will take place. you stay warm out there for sure. and if you're just hitting the roadway, you will be cranking the heater. >> certainly will and in the car for a while. the construction that we turned the camera around and saw that it was clear but it is actually not because we moved to another area and the construction is still out there. this is what you need to know. traveling northbound 275, kennedy to himes is still blocked. now it was supposed to wrap up at about 5:00 a.m. and that's why the camera was turned around.
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you can see what's going on. they moved to the howard franklin bridge. you can trust me, it's still blocked. another view of the camera but i know it's still blocked. still leave the house a little bit early until they wrap it up. and again, you will be detoured off at kennedy. and now we have other accidents. in the next report, we will go over the rest of the counties. now back to gene and gayle. >> thank you. breaking news, a cup and will their two little girls are dead after an overnight ocean motion at a home -- overnight explosion at a home in ohio. the cause is under investigation this morning. firefighters report seeing flames shooting from the home when they responded a little after 8:30. the victims have not been identified. happening today, state law makes are expected to push forward with a new law that impacts our pets. this came to light after a dog bite case in manatee county.
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allow dog owners an appeal when their dog bites someone. ryan hughs is live in manatee county this morning where it all started. >> reporter: good morning, gene. it did. and right now, it requires dogs like padi to be put down with few exceptions but because of a case right here in our own backyard, it could give our pets another shot. you likely remember padi. he bit a little boy's ear to the point that the boy needed surgery. he was set to be euthanized until a judge ruled the state's dog bite law untunes constitutional. this morning commissioners are pushing a new law that would give the pet owner an opportunity to fight for their pet's life. so far the legislation cleared three committees without a single vote no. >> this gives an opportunity for the owner to appeal and say let's look at it. let's really look at the details here and the circumstances and let's make the right decision.
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lawmakers are expected to discuss the proposed law again today and leaders from here in manatee county are in tallahassee lobbying for its approval. you can certainly count on us to let you know how things go, gene. we will keep you posted. >> i know you will. and emotions run high on both sides of this issue so it will be interesting to see how it plays out. thank you. the shoe is on the other foot this morning. the owner of a guide dog attacked by pitbulls is taking care of his best friend. richard draper is legally blind so he needs his dog andy to get around. two other dogs attacked and andy was badly hurt. >> she's bleeding from the neck and she's coughing up blood. and i'm like, i was angry, you know, i was angry because i was attacked. i was angry because my dog almost got killed. >> the police department continues to investigate this incident. if andy is unable to work in
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we are just three weeks away if the iowa caucuses and now candidates are busy campaigning and each day getting more support. this morning vice president joe biden is talking up democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders. >> bernie is speaking to a wanting that is deep and real. and he has credibility on it. >> the vice president praised sanders for his record on guns and inequality and he added that he never thought hillary rodham clinton was the only favorite for the party's nomination. democratic presidential hopefuls are addressing issues that specific lay if he can minorities in the u.s. -- specifically affect minorities. republican presidential candidates senator marco rubio
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the senator held a town hall meeting and fund raising in sarasota. senator rubio is pushing his economic policy and he responded to criticism over his attendance record for senate votes. this morning stage is set for thursday's republican presidential debate. seven candidates will be on stage for this debate. they are donald trump, ben carson, senators ted cruz and marco rubio, senators chris christie and john case and i can former florida governor jeb bush. the debate will be broadcast by fox business network. and on this tuesday morning, waking up think, oh, boy, it's cold. >> we thought yesterday was cold and today is colder. in fact, this is the coldest air we have seen so far of the season. the first freeze warnings of the season until 9:00 this morning for citrus and hernando county bus the cold snap is sticking around because we could see another freeze watch tonight in citrus and hernando counties as well. so you have time to get ready
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the plants both this morning and for tonight as well. even with blue skies and sunshine, it's going to be a cool day. still 44 degrees at 8:00 this morning. we are still many the 40s at 10:00. and then into the mid-50s at noon and 63 at 3:00 p.m. that's well below the average of 70. and you can bet temperatures will fall quickly as soon as the sunsets, down to 52 at 7:00 p.m. and rain chances slim to none over the next two days but late thursday, the rain chance goes up and it's a 60% chance on friday. that's with one storm system but that's actually another storm system on the heels that will come through on sunday. and keeping us with rain but that second system that cools us down. and again, back into the 60s next week. and let's check on traffic on the 8s. the issue on 275 has officially cleared up. so now we have lanes back open. >> good. >> what you need to know, folks. an issue in the dade city area.
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spot here. looks like injuries involved, 301 at trilby road. be aware of that problem. and over here, u.s. 41 at hail, that has cleared from the roadway. and over here on state road 41, injuries possibly tying up lanes. and traffic is moving fine off the howard franklin bridge. northbound no longer exiting at i did. you can travel all the way. so no blockage there. and it looks different now that they have the new pattern place. >> thank you. the powerball jackpot continues to grow and there are millions of dollars from past winning tickets unclaimed. coming up, the apps that can help you know if you're a winner. and a health alert. this morning, there are new guidelines for when to start getting annual mammograms. the updated annual recommendations just ahead. plus, the capitol bureau in
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to kick-off the 60 day legislative session. what to expect coming up. also, what did it take to recapture one of the most wanted drug lords in the world? i'm lindsey mastis and i will show you the shootout in mexico
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[ gunfire ] can you believe that? dramatic video shows the shootout targeting one of the most wanted men in the world. >> we are learning new details this morning about what it took to recapture mexican drug lord joaquin el chapo guzman. lindsey mastis is live in the morning alert center.
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take credit for this? >> reporter: it can. mexico's attorney general believes the communication between guzman's confidants and hollywood film makers was key and because of it, investigators were able to track cellphones and monitor electronic data that led to a violent shootout. take a look. [ gunfire ] >> reporter: looks like a first person shooting game but this is real life. mexico claims five people associated with guzman died in the shootout, even though they believe he was hiding in the house, he managed to escape. he was found and captured on a highway. and now here's another look at the safe house and in the basement, looks like he has a vault door. and we are seeing surveillance video and photos of actor sean penn. his movements were being monitored as well. guzman is expected to fight extradition to the united states and because of that,
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believes getting him here to face charges could take more than a year. >> thank you for sharing that. you can follow our morning alerts every day on facebook and twitter. search the #8alert. today in florida, it's the first day of the 2016 legislative session. >> and a big topic of discussion has to do with the surprising medical bills that you receive weeks after a medical procedure. >> this is all too common for people in florida and lawmakers want to change it. >> reporter: good morning. the tallahassee capitol bureau ask it's day one of florida's 60 day legislative session. the two-month annual lawmakerring period where politicians from all over the state will beg, borrow and deal as they craft new laws for florida. day one means governor rick scott will address the legislature and give his state of the state address. it's no secret the governor is pushing a $1 billion tax cut as his number one priority for the period. >> it's going to diversify our economy and help small
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good paying jobs. >> reporter: governor says the state can afford the cuts but unless he is planning on winning the powerball, state leaders are in a wait and see approach with money heading into the session. >> we know the lay of the land now. and the governor has his priorities and we will have ours and you try to pull it together. so we feel good about it. >> reporter: what else can we expect? debates on everything from guns to fantasy football, solar sun decks to black jack decks and we will have our eyes on all of those issues and many, many more over the next 60 days. errorring in tallahassee. >> thank you. clean-up and repairs will continue in cape coral this morning after this weekend's ef- 2 tornado. the damage to homes and businesses is estimated at more than $6 million. the storm which packed winds of 110 miles per hour left a trail of destruction more than three miles long. the community is thankful that no one was seriously hurt. there's another shift in the mammogram debate.
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screening at age 40 and every year after, the u.s. preventative services task force is recommending age 50 and every two years after. any earlier and experts believe the risk outweighs the benefit. >> in the 40s, we find that the benefit is smaller. and that there are also harms. >> harms include false positives which can be expensive both financially and emotionally. while the recommended age for screening varies among organizations and group, they all agree a woman's risk increases gradually during her 40s. well the largest powerball bigger. the jackpot now stands at $1.4 billion this morning. there are still more than 40 hours to the crawing and you know what that mean, it can grow even more. tickets can be purchased until
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no one matched all six powerball numbers saturday night but there were many winners of smaller prizes which many times go unclaimed. well, 8 on your side has information to help you keep track of the winnings. there are apps to figure out whether you're due a payout. lotto lotto tells you whether you have a winning ticket big or small. and there's lottery hub, the official app for the mega millions and powerball games. and lottery pool boss. that helps people keep track of who is has paid what and who is in the pool. helps prevent problems later. >> and if you win a smaller prize, maybe you can recoup the loss of the ticket throwing good money after bad. >> right. with strange weather patterns around the globe, it comes as no surprise to see russia in a block of ice. the temperatures dipped to negative 2 degrees. 19 people were admitted to the
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a number usually topped out at about 2 or 3 people. and an ice scraper is not going to help this car owner. lake-effect snow is to blame. the system dumped about 2 inches of snow per hour in new york. not far from buffalo. and the winter was so severe, several schools had to be canceled. if the car owner, it looks like work will be canceled too. it's 5:48. we have to show that video for perspective here. >> i posted it and said, i'll take our cool morning every day. now we do have the possibility of dropping below freezing in a few spots. citrus, hernando counties and especially areas away if the coast, still under this freeze warning until 9:00 this morning. temperatures drop until the sunrises. you have a chance to see very isolated spots that dip below freezing. and everybody is colder than yesterday. we're at 44 degrees.
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coldest morning so far of the season. and clear and cool, 55 at noon. and 63 degrees at 3:00 p.m. chilly. and notice just two degrees from freezing now in crystal river. and 46 in bartow. and i checked in with my 42. yes, chilly. morning. sunshine and below average. change. tomorrow morning still cold in the 30s and 40s. and into thursday night and friday, big storm system may bring the threat for thunderstorms before cooler air next week. and leslee, how about 80 traffic on the 8s? a nice drive out of pasco townty. and also from hernando county. south of the dade city area on the surface roads, we have a collision here, 301 right at trilby road. just be aware of this one. injuries involved and it should wrap up soon.
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up lanes, state road 674 at county road 39. i-75 looks good and so does 41. and let's head over to pinellas county. new accident, injuries involved in this crash at starky road. that's eight. a back to gene and gayle. >> thank you. a positive end to a missing pet is getting easier. >> this morning, the way technology is helping pet owners during a difficult time.
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so a new app is on the market to give pet owners just one more tool to keep their pets safe. >> yeah, it's called finding rover and it uses facial regular in addition on your dog. fining rover is providing a way for pet owners to do more. fliers and craigslist postings are typically the first resources pet owners reach out to. finding rover searches through thousands of pictures to try and locate your pet. >> it looks at eight different points on the dog's face. if a dog comes in to us, we take the same kind of photograph and if that dog has been reported as lost, it makes the connection. >> and the app will send alerts to people in the neighborhood
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i thought most dogs look alike but -- >> no, no. >> they have that special identifying feature. >> like you said, mine is one of a kind. >> she is. weather and traffic on the 8s is three minutes away. plus, the crimson tide won the college football national championship. in the next half hour, a look at how alabama fans are set operating this morning. >> they are. and the gasparilla distance classic just around the corner. coming up, some tips on how to be in tiptop shape this year even if you are not a runner.
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5:58 time for weather and traffic on the 8s. and let me warn you, it's some of the coldest air of the season. starting in the 30s and 40s. blue sky and cool air. highs today only at 63 degrees. very low humidity. another cold night tonight.
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when it warms upcoming up. how about traffic on the 8s? all right, we look at pinellas county because we have an accident with injuries. starky road, it can get busy there. and not seeing delays as of yet. and also another crash, this is more in the residential area, 12th street at 18th avenue. and also we had some earlier construction that finally cleared on 275 off the howard franklin bridge but the traffic pat certain different now. so be on the lookout. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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