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tv   News Ch8 at 5PM  NBC  January 13, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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results. a woman wrongly fined over a messy uber ride gets her money back. >> power ball fever. florida lawmakers are taking a chance to win more than a billion dollars. good evening, i'm jennifer leigh. >> and i'm keith cate. we start with breaking news. several students were taken to the hospital after a school bus crashed today. >> it happened in hillsborough county. we want to get to jamel. >> reporter: they are latching it up. about to take it away. so they can continue their investigation on what happened. let's go to some eagle 8hd video of what the scene looked like a littlerrier. this bus crash happened a little bit before 3:00 p.m. again, this bus and a vehicle
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we are told there were 31 students on board this bus. there were several injuries. we are here between 5:00 to 7:00. let's go to some exclusive cell phone video i just got my hands on. basically, this is video of the woman as she gets out of the car with her child. she is alleged to be the woman in the blue vehicle. and he gets video of the school bus kids hanging out, their hands out the window screaming. there was a lot of commotion and crying. it was a very scary incident. we spoke with one of the parents who rushed up here to get her child. she got a frantic phone call from her daughter on the bus from one of the other kids who had a cell phone. let's listen in to what she had to say. >> mom, my bus has been into an accident. i'm really, really scared.
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i couldn't really hear so i dropped everything from work. came as fast as i could. i parked in the turning lane, came and saw kids everywhere. just commotion. >> reporter: so, again, through u.s. 301 now back open. those children were coming from summerfield crossing's elementary school. again, no serious injuries reported but some of the students did have to be checked out. again, this crash still remains under investigation. a lot of parents very upset tonight. keith, jen? >> all right. thanks jamel. will, all right, this sounds disgusting we know, but it is making news today. it is a puke dispute. yep. uber tried to force a tampa woman to pay a cleanup fee for vomit left in a car by someone else. but then 8 on your side got involved an the story took a little turn.
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with details on this. >> reporter: good evening keith. this was a $5 uber drive. it one woman 35 times as much. >> it was our date night. >> reporter: with two kids, cody dawson was ready to take advantage of a night off with her boyfriend. when it was time to go home, they ordered an uber. >> we live two miles from where we were. >> reporter: according to cody, the ride was standard. >> we got out of the car, everything was fine. we said thank you very much. and went inside and went about our night. >> reporter: that is where her story differs from uber. she woke up the next morning to a $200 fine. the cause? this. puke seen in this picture taken by the uber driver. cody tells me this puke isn't hers or her boyfriend's. >> i think he went and picked up some biscuits and gravy and maybe poured it in the backseat
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>> reporter: cody showed us messages from uber where she attempted to get a refund. uber was unwilling to issue the refund until this afternoon when newschannel8 reached out to uber and the driver. >> hi, this is candace mccowan calling from newschannel8. >> reporter: hours later, uber changed its tune after 8 on your side contacted uber, they sent cody another message saying now they will refund that $200 fee. >> we have used uber several times and we enjoy the service. i would rather call a taxi at this point. >> reporter: after uber told cody they had to protect the driver, they admitted they charged the wrong customer calling this whole thing a miscommunication. >> well everything worked out. but did uber ever call you back? >> no, we have not heard back from the company and we have several questions from them on how they make these charges but
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beware this could happen to them. >> candace mccowan, thank you. lawyers for the website gawker are trying to body slam hulk hogan in court. they released a sex tape showing him having sex with a former wife. also an issue of him in a racial rant. but his attorneys maintain he is being victimized by the website. >> it was an extortion. somebody tried to shake him down on a tape he didn't consent to with knowledge he had not consented. there is one thing, that is terry. >> gawker's town tried to get the entire case dismissed but the judge wouldn't have it.
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mcdonalds is accused of having sex with one of his teenage employees. armondo santiago began a relationship with that employee when she worked at his mcdonalds. largo police want to speak to the person of interest about a missing puppy. surveillance cameras at all about puppies caught this man picking up a yorkie pup, walking around the store with it and leaving while holding the dog in his sweater. the man is not suspected of the crime, but he was the last person seen with that now missing puppy. tonight is the next drawing for a world record $1.5 billion power ball jackpot. it is not just average joes hoping to win big. as capital reporter matt galka shows us, your elected representatives are also paying attention. >> reporter: while power ballplayers await to see if their numbers are called wednesday night for a record
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lawmakers have lot toe on their minds too. representative frank. games go up to $25. he says they take advantage of poor residents. >> whether it is today the $1.5 billion power ball, this is the first time in a long time something has been done in the florida lottery. >> reporter: he says he is not playing the powerball, but other state reps will be watching the numbers. >> my wife bought some. >> so what will we do with the money? >> we are going to give it to worthy causes an then use a little to help out on the home front too. >> reporter: if you are the big winner, feel free to buy yourself a new florida capital which costs about $45 million to build in the 70s . florida lottery secretary tom says his building, the building where the jackpot drawing will be taking place is buzz. >> it makes it fun. we were selling on saturday. we were actually selling $1,500 a second in just power ball between the hours of 6:00 and 7:00.
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minutes to air, and get in the zone. get relaxed. >> reporter: the guy everyone will have their eyes on. host sam arland says he is feeing off the games' worldwide momentum. >> no pressure. no pressure at all. i hope we do get a win tore winner tonight. >> reporter: matt galka, newschannel8. now, the odds are 292 million to one. power ball tickets cost $2 each and they are on sale until 10:00 p.m. well, what a let down on saturday night, a group of restaurant employees in new jersey thought they had won the record power ball and started celebrating. >> yeah! >> 47, yes, 62, yes, 63, yes. power ball, 17. [ screaming ] >> yeah. they hit every number on one of the pool tickets they bought. every just jumping for joy.
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then they realized they were reading wednesday's winning numbers, not saturday's drawing. oops. >> that makes my heart hurt for them. >> back to reality people. >> yeah. >> like the rest of us. >> back to work. scammers are taking advantage of the hoopla surrounding the jackpot. >> there is a website that claims to offer people a chance to buy shares of tickets as a group and then the winnings will be paid out equally. but this is a scam. legitimate power ball tickets cannot be bought by telephone, internet, or mail. and you will want to tune into newschannel8 for your winning power ball numbers. that drawing will take place at 10:59 p.m. we will show you whennering is drawn. tune in for that. and now, some breaking news to report.
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general electric is moving from connecticut to boston. several states were competing to lure the company from fairfield. ge officials have said they were unhappy about state tax proposals. ge employs about 5700 people in connecticut including 800 out of its headquarters. the al jazeera america cable network shutting down. it has only been two-and-a-half years since it launched but it has been hit with allegations of antsy metic and sexist behavior. ten u.s. navy sailors detained by iran are now free. nine men, one woman, were taken into custody during a training mission that accidentally veered into iranian waters. they were released this morning just days before iran's nuclear deal meeting. still ahead, president obama calls for a cure for cancer in his final state of the union address. >> coming up next, bay area
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share their hopes for the future. >> also ahead, they are america's worst cities for bedbugs and three of them are in florida. we'll tell you which one. >> the clouds rolled in early. we had quite a few high clouds early. sunshine. it will be all about the clouds until we get to our rain chance early friday. we will talk about that and
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>> we are staying on top of sop breaking news. a school bus crash sent several students to the hospital in hillsborough county earlier
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the bus has been towed away and the road is now open. we showed you the cell phone video of the crash right after it happened from someone who gavetous video. we have a crew on the ground, we are digging into what went wrong. what caused the accident. and we are going to bring you updates in newscasts to come. curing cancer is one of the goals president obama laid out in his state of the union address. he wants the nation to take the lead in the fight to eradicate the disease. josh thomas joins us with more on local reaction to the plans. >> reporter: good evening jen. we are here at the lake land research center. the president's call last night really hits close to home for the people who work here and the ones who are treated here. >> reporter: during his final state of the union address, president obama called on vice president joe biden to lead the nation's charge to beat cancer. >> for the loved ones we have
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we can still say let's make america the country that cures cancer once and for all. >> reporter: vice president biden lost his son to cancer last year. they are calling to speed up the process for cancer drug to hit the market. >> i think things are going to be able to move faster because if there is a magic drug, i think that mr. biden can help move it through the fda faster. >> reporter: sports bar owner bill knows all about cancer and what it can do to the body. he is a cancer survivor who appreciates what president obama wants the u.s. to accomplish it. >> i think we have the best doctors in the world. there is no reason why we can't put it to the forefront and try to find a cure. >> reporter: while great strides have been made in the
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the president want to see more public and private funding. >> we want to make something good come about. that has been done with medications and treatments for cancer but we are definitely looking for more cures. >> reporter: now, the president did not spell out a specific timetable, but like the space race in the 1960s , he would like to see an accelerated effort to find a cure for cancer. >> it sownes amazing but keep in mind places like the cancer center at watson clinic, that's a business so a cure would mean a different kind of strategy for them i imagine. >> reporter: no question about that. it would mean they would have to go out of business in terms of treating cancer patients but they could find other thing to do. if that is what it would mean, it would be well worth it. >> i understand that. josh thomas, live in polk county fortous night. thank you. remember that car that got
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remember that one steve? there it is again. it is free now. it is free from its icy prison. someone parked the vehicle near the lake in buffalo. waves splashed it with water that froze it into a thick layer of ice. then the tow truck showed up to pull the car free. look at how thick the coating of ice still is on the car. >> you hope that wasn't like a pair of teenagers who were like let's go park at the lake. and then, uh, dad, i left the car. sorry. >> at least they got out of the car. it wouldn't have been nearly as fun if you were still in it. all right steve, so we have had a little bout of cooler weather. >> nothing like that. but the clouds really rolled in. a gloomy daringly said the same thing today. >> it looks like the clouds will stay with us. that the story here. temperatures are cool. haven't warmed up much. 59 degrees.
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miles an hour. in the western part of pasco county there, temperature 57. and the winds are calm at the moment. 54% relative humidity. an the lows, it is 59 degrees, overcast. maybe you can see a little color to the scheme but i don't think we are going to see a lot of color to the sky this evening. we have increasing rain chances later tomorrow. so the emoji guy is hiding behind the clouds. a little cool for us. it will feel cool too. if humidity has come back a little bit. we have a few showers sprinkled across a southern portion of the state. but not much in the way of precipitation. just this parade of clouds rolling in from the southwest. for friday, a 60% rain chance. that will start later on thursday, but that 60% chance includes the possibility of seeing thunderstorms early in the day. by saturday, a rain chance 10%, 30% chance for sunday.
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about the rain chance at this point. that's our best thinking. 54 degrees at 8:00 p.m. mostly cloudy skies throughout this period. not a lot in the forecast area for tomorrow. or overnight. and the clouds really help to hold up our temperatures last night. about four degrees warmer than our overnight temperature. when you have clouds you want to say hold the heat in. 58 degrees, clear water beach, seminole, pinellas park. pretty steady with our temperatures. mid to upper 80s here. 60 degrees. pretty much a sameness to our temperatures. high pressure is our big feature but it is a subtropical flow. this trail that continues to flow across the state. there's a few of the light shower activity areas that i was talking about. then the clouds socked in pretty much everywhere you travel. that is why we are not optimistic about that. we have a storm, believe it or not.
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way out at the eastern atlantic. has not happened since 1978. but the storm is forecast to move toward greenland. it is is a long way away from us. very much a novelty, not a pure warm core system, we have the spin and the hurricane center decided to name the first named storm of the season for 2016 alex to that storm. so, the clouds will continue to roll our way from the gulf of mexico increasing clouds throughout the day. and, the shower chances do increase thursday afternoon into the evening showers. when you see these rain chances we are mostly focused on the early part of friday including the possibility, potentially of seeing some thunderstorms. 74 degrees for a high. techs remain warm. saturday, too, mid 70s . long term, we cool it right back down again. highs back in the upper 50s . overnight temperatures. tuesday morning could be in the 30s in some of those northern spots. >> wow. thank you.
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might use to cook your breakfast. >> but it could be a danger to your kitchen. we will tell you which product is under recall. >> also coming up, bedbug warning. which florida cities have landed on this creepy crawly
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i don't want to live with the uncertainties of hep c. or wonder... ...whether i should seek treatment. i am ready. because today there's harvoni. a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c. harvoni is proven to cure up to 99% of patients... ...who've had no prior treatment. it's the one and only cure that's... pill, once a day for 12 weeks. certain patients... ...can be cured with just 8 weeks of harvoni. with harvoni, there's no interferon and there are no complex regimens. tell your doctor if you have
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hiv, or other medical conditions. and about all the medicines you take including herbal supplements. taking amiodarone with harvoni may cause a serious slowing of your heart rate. common side effects of harvoni may include tiredness, headache and weakness. v v i am ready to put hep c behind me. i am ready to be cured. are you ready? ask your hep c specialist if harvoni is right for you. >> bad news for three florida cities. they made a list of top bedbug cities. tampa saint petersburg area ranked 31 on a list of 50 cities. orlando and miami, i think it is bad, also landed on the list. chicago ranked number one. that is true. we could have been chicago. with new york city at number four. the list ranked city by the number of pest control treatments performed by orkin
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the ceo of volkswagen was in washington dc today to meet with the environmental protection agency. they admitted to using software to cheat emissions test. the justice department filed a civil suit against the auto maker that could cost them $20 billion. we are talking lottery money here and fines for violating the clean air act. now an 8 on your side recall warning. wal-mart is recalling hundreds of thousands of griddles due to a shock hazard. it involves rival brand griddles with the model number xj14207. you should stop using them immediately and return them to wal-mart for a full refund. and twit sir reportedly working on a way to turn your tweets into advertisements. they plan to gather product related tweets for advertisers to choose from. if your tweet is chosen you
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asking for permission to use your tweet. tweet about a product you like. the product maker likes that. they want to use you as an ad. yeah. always a chance for heroics. >> a man's quick actions may have saved his mother's life as a tornado tore through their home. today, he will tell his story. and a homeless couple gets
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