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tv   News Ch8 at 530PM  NBC  January 14, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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good evening i'm jennifer leigh. >> and i'm josh benson. a well known crack house is out of business and neighbors couldn't be happier. in fact, neighbors are credited
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for alerting police so they could make the bust in the first place. peter bernard is live. >> reporter: two of those people that were arrested have bonded out, one is still in jail. but more importantly, neighbors are happy that those people are out of their neighborhood. >> reporter: it sits in the historic uptown neighborhood where people are proud of their homes. jim keene is president of the neighborhood association. >> we have seen a dramatic increase in the neighborhood of families moving in and young folks and we have certainly seen a decrease in crime in the neighborhood. historic uptown is where it's up. >> reporter: cops found 14 people in the house after they used a s.w.a.t. armoured car to remove a gate and get inside.
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they arrested antonio ford and patrick greene. both have lengthy arrest records and devonte tyson. >> this was all about neighbors calling us in and placing a complaint. we want this out of our city so we're happy that neighbors are calling in. >> reporter: they believe he moved from place to place, always one step ahead of them but when he landed here they bought drugs from him again and officers got a warrant. a man who opened the door denied knowing anything about the drug crime. he claimed to be asleep when officers arrived. >> reporter: the neighborhood association has a great relationship with the police department, any time any neighbors see anything they call in right away. josh.
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uses a program called the tip 411 how does that work? >> what you can do is you can text sppd, sppd and then your tip goes to tip 411 on your cell phone, you can tell what you see and you can also take a photo and share that with a cop and the best part about it all, you can remain anonymous. >> great tools to help bust these criminals. bet peter bernard live for us tonight. more on the case of a florida woman who was arrested in italy. they say ashley olsen met the man in a nightclub. olsen was later found dead in her apartment on saturday. an autopsy determined that she had two fractures to her skull and was strangled. a florida man is facing charges for using his wife's
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he woke up and wanted a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, but there was none so he started yelling at his wife. at the same time, she accidentally knocked over a glass of milk and that's when he used her as a mop. he's out of jail on a $1,000 bond. former back street boy carter is facing charges in florida. carter and a friend were arrested after a fight broke out. the owner of the bar says the scuffle began when the bar staff refused to serve the pair because they seemed too drunk. carter is now facing misdemeanor charges. >> people would not be required
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to pay for the damage caused from busting out a window of a hot car under a legislation that cleared a committee in the state capital today. sponsor elizabeth benekisto says the statistics are alarming and this is a great first step. >> reporter: any tools that we can give to citizens to be able to rescue those children and pets and elderly or disabled persons, we want to be able to do that. nobody wants to walk by a car and leave someone stranded or at risk. so this gives them the opportunity to do so without worrying about the property damage that's done. >> reporter: the legislation could be voted on by the full senate as early as next week. >> reporter: you have seen these exclusive images obtained by channel 8 of cuban migrants rescued at sea by the cruise ships.
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all of this smoke only to the gene ramirez. >> reporter: a new perspective on these changing u.s.-cuban relations. >> reporter: instinct took over, take video, snap pictures. but it was unlike anything wedding photographer neil patel has ever shot. >> it was surreal. really amazing that they were rescued because you look around 360 degrees around this ship there was no land. >> reporter: eight cuban migrants stranded at sea. rescued sunday by the crew of the paradise. passengers debarking sharing more pictures and stories. >> someone had binoculars and saw that it was all, styrofoam ice chests. >> reporter: carnival explains the cubans were given food and medical evaluations on board the paradise.
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they had just run out of food. you have to think what they're trying to escape from. i can relate to that. >> reporter: witnessing this he is reminded why. >> the condition they were in coming on board the ship, it gives you a whole new perspective of your freedom. >> record numbers of tourists going to cuba to have a good time but you see these people from cuba who are doing the opposite, everything they can do to get away. what do you think about that? >> the desperation is real. >> reporter: cubans are repatriated, which means
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and legislation repealing the law cleared a key senate committee. lawmakers feared that keeping the cohabitation law would be used against parents. we see those how is my driving sticker, now a teenager is giving feed back to everyone on the road. >> some brief periods of sunshine today, the clouds rolled right back in again. shower and thunderstorms chances are increasing in the overnight and the morning hours. we'll talk about that coming up. next at 6:00. guy. he is not going to be left alone until justice is served.
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to a pawnshop to get back his
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duck dynasty patriorch is backing ted cruz. political insiders say robertson's endorsement could give the cruz campaign an even bigger push with the evangelical voters. the six main cast members of friends are said to be participating in a tribute to james burrows. the special will air right here sunday february 21st. organizers of the david bowie tribute concerts are considering streaming the event live.
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it'll take part on march 21st. the nominations for the academy awards are out. and the revenant got the most dominations with 12. mad max fury road is up for 10 oscars including best director, production design and best picture. you can see who will take home an oscar when chris rock hosts the academy awards on sunday february 28th. adam sandler and 50 shades of gray lead the nominations for the razzi awards. meanwhile 50 shades of gray is nominated for worse picture actor and actress. the winners or losers will be announced february 27th a day
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will star wars the force awakens become the most viewed movie of all time? according to the hollywood reporter it's unlikely to reach the 2.79 billion made by the movie avatar. drivers in the plano texas area may want to pay closer attention to how they're driving. mark mckennan has spent the last few months documenting his experiences throughout the last year for a new you tube channel that he's started called bad drives of plano. >> i found videos much like the one i take. i really liked it. i thought i want to do this. when they see the video maybe they want to think twice. >> reporter: mckennan is only 19 and proved he isn't perfect
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his own car rear ending another car. maybe he wasn't paying attention. >> yikes. a test our sons and daughters take to get in college is about to change in a big way. >> taking the sat is tough enough, let alone knowing that you're studying for a new redesigned exam and you're the first class to take it. >> it's a number but a number that really defines where you get to be and where you want to be in the future. >> reporter: sarah genine is a senior at robinson high school. she knows how crucial test scores are to getting into college. that's why knowing she's in the guinea pig class scared her a little. >> it's just a little stressful for me not knowing how the results would be and not knowing how the curve would be.
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evidence based reading. you don't get marked against wrong answers and it's more research based. >> it's layed out the same as the a.c.t. but it's presented in a way that's more confusing to read. the reason to change it to that is not a good run. >> reporter: students had no choice but to take the new format. i talked to the chief of assessment of the college board. >> the test is done simplified to focus on those knowledge and skills that research tell us are most important for college. >> reporter: schrader recommends not stressing out as much. >> when you read the comics, you don't read all of them. you read the ones that are
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appealing to you. same with the a.c. t. one test is better for certain students and the other is better for others. >> reporter: as for taking it, well you're on your own. in tampa, i'm adrienne patternson. the video of an 89-year-old man helping his neighbor was caught on camera. he grabbed his shovel and cleared the walkway. the man says he was just doing his neighbor a favor. another man captured the video. he said when his father died, he took over some of the tasks
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>> we were four boys and it was automatic for me to more or less do -- i called it a man's job. >> did i mention he's adorable. he says he still plays golf whenever he gets the chance. and he swears by bacon and eggs for breakfast every day. >> there you go. i guess bacon for longevity we've learned that again. 66degrees here at hula bay restaurant. mostly cloudy skies in this location. we have the east winds at 9 miles per hour. expect it to be windier. here at new port richie 62 degrees. same at st. pete beach with the low 66 degrees. at the plantation crystal river 66 degrees. we have an east wind at 6 miles per hour. a passing low will bring us storms possibly severe on friday. so we'll look for that
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possibility, seeing strong thunderstorms activity for us. again we're also looking for those thunderstorms to start possibly in the morning hours. one second here. you can see, friday morning and early afternoon. the possibility of storms i mentioned. some could be severe. and because of the el nino situation that we're in. there's the possibility of seeing some tor -- tornadoes as well. the storm threat primarily here. lightning, rain and hail. a very low possibility, but certainly lightning and rain here in the high category. tornado generally in the low scale here. so that is a possibility. we saw last weekend in cape coral we saw an intense tornado that's rare for florida. we're going to mention that possibility of seeing strong activity. with a few showers to the left. you may want to download the
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storm weather max. 71degrees at 3:00 p.m., mostly cloudy skies through this period. 68degrees right now. tampa international airport. the dewpoint is 49 degrees with an east wind at 6 miles per hour. 64 in st. petersburg. east wind with a dewpoint of 61 degrees. that's our feature to the west that will likely develop. spreading showers, mostly rain here across southern portions of louisiana. this warm front sliding our way as well. we're starting to see the influence of this low take over. upper level energy, fast jet stream high above the atmosphere. that's why we're talking about the wind. hurricane warns in place for the azors. no threat to the u u.s. or n but it is out there -- hurricane warnings in place. alex the first hurricane to form in january since 1938,
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occur during this month since alice in 1955. watching the path of the low pressure area. passing from west to east, you can see for friday, severe thunderstorms possible with windy conditions. back to our west you can see that line of showers and thunderstorms. then for about 12:50. severe thunderstorms possible with windy conditions. so roughly the possible of seeing stronger thunderstorms would be from 6:00 a.m. up until 1:00 p.m. and then everything pushing very quickly to the east. everything, the movement of the weather in our atmosphere is moving very fast from west to east. you can see there the fog possibility for saturday morning. but by then it's all clear. 74degrees for friday. high rain chance at 70% first half of the day. 66 on sunday. the rain chances increasing to 60% as a result of this passing disturbance on sunday. behind that cooler temperatures for next week starting with martin luther king day and all the way through into next week. chillier temperatures after that, back to you.
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>> thank you, steve. a robbery like you've probably never seen before. >> coming up next how a store clerk reprimanded a thief and
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now to what's making heads lines across america. an ohio fire marshal believes a
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home explosion that killed a family of four was intentional. neighbors describe the explosion and fires extremely intense. the roof caving in within minutes, a man, woman and her two daughters found dead inside. fire marshal says the explosion originated from a first floor fire and ruled it arson. an armed robbery didn't go quite as planned for a robber in indiana. watch on video how the confrontation between a robber and a clerk takes place. >> he's telling him to get out. and now he's lecturing him. he's pointing his finger like, a parent would. look at him he's telling him. you get back out from behind this counter you don't belong here. >> bold, the clerk then
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drawer shut so the robber couldn't even get money and convinces him to put his gun up. then gives him a few dollars. bodies snatched out of coffins. it's a sickening crime that tampa police are working to get to the bottom of. >> plus the drawing is over but power ball mania is still in full effect. we're live in melbourne beach where that winning power ball ticket is sold. our 8 on your side investigation over a veteran's missing ring has caught the attention of state regulators.
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it is the biggest jackpot ever and the florida publix grocery store sold one of the
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winning tickets so where's the winner.
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