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tv   NEWS CH8 7PM  NBC  January 15, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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some people in the bay area are cleaning up from a stormer morning. as that severe weather rolled over sayre societia county, it -- sarasota county, it caused extremely damage at a shopping plaza. >> reporter: crews have been spending much of the evening gathering this pile of aluminum. it had been part of the roofing
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>> reporter: from gheel 8 you could see the destruction of the roof at the ark plaza in venice. >> we heard a slight rumble then it felt like the tile lifted. and we could hear the roof peeling back. i saw the roof covering all the vehicles in the back. >> reporter: straight line winds caused this extensive businesses. >> hearing the roof fall off, some people were screaming tornado and is stuff like that. and we looked out the back door, and it was nothing but aluminum roofing. >> reporter: 20 dogs and six salon. the owner is praising the quick work of the firefighters. >> they ran in, they helped us leash the dogs and is bring safety. we were just blessed. >> reporter: for the people who work in this plaza there were some scary moments they
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>> we kind of huddled together and made sure everybody was all right, and prayed. and everybody's fine. >> reporter: because there is a subroof up there, none of the businesses sustain any damage on the inside. but they may have to remain closed through the weekend until inspectors can come out here and is make sure that it's safe for them to reopen. >> thank you very much josh. steve jerve continues our team coverage of this morning's wild storms. i feel like a broken record, but we keep saying it, this is what el nio look like. >> exactly right. we see these lines of thunderstorms come off the gulf. strong wind gusts, fast-forming tornadoes. we had a tornado watch in place for some extreme
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farther south you can see reports of tornado, as well as on the east coast. in cape coral, you recall they had another tornado in the area. so this type of thing can happen with the fast upper- level winds. the storm track helps to create higher sheer values and more tornadoes in this type of regime. for the rest of friday, most of the activity well to our east. a trail of clouds moving across the area. that's a replay of what happened this afternoon. showers rolling from west to east. and you can see that line of showers in that area over st. petersburg. the southern areas saw some very strong storms as well. a tornado watch in effect briefly for sections of the viewing area.
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inch of rain. half inch was typical for the area. this is for sunday morning. later saturday night into the early morning hours of sunday morning, a marginal risk, higher , this is what we see with el nio passing through the area and the continuous storms that can be quite strong. the bucs have a new coach at the helm. dirk koetter landed the job last night. today they made that official and is let the new head coach take the stage. kind of an emotional press conference for dirk koetter today. >> reporter: definitely. today's introductory press conference was the culmination of a career of hard work for head coach dirk koetter. turning a han solo-esque gun-
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of guy into one overcome by emotion, is it surprising his family members are here in attendance? >> it gives me my distinct pleasure to introduce your new head coach of the buccaneers. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: dirk koetter has been coaching football for 34 years. but nothing could prepare him for the emotions of being introduced as head coach of the tampa bay buccaneers. >> it's emotional on a day like this. it's one of the happiest days of my life. but also one of the most humbling. >> i was surprised that he was emotional. i don't see him like that ever, really. i congress of one other time -- can think of one other time. that made me emotional. >> there's been a lot of speculation, a lot of chances for a lot of years. and then here you are. this is it. it happened. >> i gotta thank my parents. jim and barb, idaho. i know they're watching right now and -- [ crying ]
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if you only knew the things that they instilled in me along the way -- that led up to today. >> it's the same with me. everything he does, it's -- he's the best guy. and the way people talk about him, and going back to polkateleit'lla, it's amazing to see how people perceive him. >> reporter: just as his parents made a strong impression on him, dirk said he always grew up wanting to be his father. it appears he's made a similar influence on his children. and we'll see if he can make an influence on this buck nears team. >> i would have loved to be in idaho with his parents watching that press conference live! [ laughter ] >> if he was that emotional, i can only imagine what his dad must have been like. >> reporter: a proud moment for everyone for sure. >> thank you so much, paul ryan reporting live. bucs fans are not at all
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for many the hiring is overshadowed by the firing of lovie smith. >> reporter: out with the old and in with the new. fans will start seeing a lot more of dirk koetter. billboards already in the air. a new era of buccaneer football. >> it wasn't a surprise at all. >> reporter: some fans like kareem mcgill who dresses the part at every game, still wondering what happened? and wondering what no more love for lovie will do. >> i'm worried about the chemistry of the team. how they're gonna respond. >> reporter: i talked to chidi ahanotu. he is still in shock about lovie smith. >> a big proponent of trying to get stability in our coaches. and that has not been the case over the last decade or so. >> reporter: ahanotu who played for the bucks from 1993 to 2000 and again in 2004 told me he thinks fans are to blame
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change, having desires for immediate success. >> i think our fans have an unrealistic expectation but i believe our ownership pretty much takes its cue from the fans. >> fan fans. mayor bob buckhorn was quick to reacted to the newest rays city proposal. three years to explore possibilities of moving across the bay to tampa. but that opens up a lot of questions. who would pay? would it be another dome, open air, or have a retracting roof? and where in the world would it be built? the mayor has some suggestions. >> the rays if they do their due diligence, they'll look at the options. the fairgrounds, they'll look in west shore, they'll look downtown. but i think from my perspective as the mayor of tampa, and looking at it from the rays'
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urban core is the best location. >> the next step is a meeting between rays management and the hillsboro committee formed to bring the team across the bay. sheriff judd has told us his detectives have solved the murder of a popular coach that's been a pulzel since it happened last august. the suspected killer is now in custody. >> if you want to see evil in the flesh, there he is. >> reporter: alfred renard jenkins has a criminal record dating back decades for armed robbery, kidnapping and drugs. he's facing a first degree murder charge for gunning down terry yellvington in the victim's own driveway. >> i lost my best friend this day. [ crying ] >> reporter: six years ago, he caught jenkins stealing from the union fund where they both worked at the packaging
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jenkins lost his job, faced grand theft charges, and according to judd carried out the ultimate act of vengeance. >> he was evil. and he was mad. and he was angry. >> reporter: after facing a judge is, jenkins went back to jail without bond to face a charge of first degree murder. skimmers at your local gas station. is asking the feds to look into it. that story coming up. >> thousands of truckers are learning their licenses to drive big rigs are no longer
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you've heard a lot about skimming devices at gas stations. now believes the secret service should investigate this crime in the bay area. jeff patterson has this story. >> reporter: they're small, cards. and once hidden inside a gas pump, you'd never know your credit card info has been stolen. >> this is happening at every state in the country. >> reporter: a senior analyst with has noticed a pattern in skimming incidents in florida. >> the majority have occurred in orlando and tampa. >> reporter: the state department of agriculture is in charge of inspecting the pumps for skimming devices. we found an inspector in tampa examining the pumps. has asked the state department of agriculture for more information on the skimming problem and believes
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into the problem in the bay area because credit card fraud is involved. he believes consumers have an obligation to report this crime to law enforcement so they can track the fraud. if i want to join the club at amazon, there's a rare sale on membership. and your google maps app now knows where you're going even when you don't ask for
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the closing numbers looked bad but they were worse earlier in the day. the lowest close since last august. at one point, down more than 500. walmart is closing hundreds of stores worldwide in the next couple of weeks. 154 of them are in the u.s. and most are the smaller walmart express or neighborhood market stores. only three in florida, slated to close.
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10 miles of another walmart. a chinese company is buying general electric's appliance higher. the haier group still has to receive approval from regulators. but it can use ge branding for the next 40 years. ge is focusing its efforts on industrial manufacturing and technology. you'll have to do without chipotle for one day next month. chain is shutting down every location for one day in order to hold staff meetings about food safety. recently chipotle has been plagued with outbreaks of e. coli, salmonella, and norovirus. the company has 1,900 restaurants. if you want to join amazon prime but you've been holding out, this might be your weekend. amazon is putting its prime service on sale for $73. prime comes with free 2-day shipping on most items from amazon and access to a
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the promotion celebrates the golden globe wins for mozart in the jungle. google maps is getting more helpful. now it will testimony you about -- tell you about drive times and you don't have to plug in a destination. it's called driving mode, and it uses your home and work addresses and is any recent searches to figure out where you're probably going! not only will it find the fastest route, it will check nearby gas prices too. a state certified truck driver examiner tested and passed thousands of students. but the examiner also took bribes from an orlando school passing 600 students who were not qualified. now legitimate truckers in the bay area could be at risk of losing their licenses.
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thousands of dollars to go to trucking school. now three years later, if he doesn't fork over hundreds more to retake the test, the state is taking back his license. >> at the time everything was okay. three years later is a long time to get a letter like this. >> reporter: perez and thousands of other florida drivers are getting this letter warning the state "has good cause to confirm your ability to safely operate a motor vehicle." >> all the time effort and involved and the money. >> reporter: perez turned to 8 on your side for answers. we found this is tied to a fake driving school in orlando that perez had nothing to do with. school officials were indicted for selling big rig licenses to 600 russians. even though they weren't qualified. >> that's very alarming because you have people out there driving 18-wheeler vehicles that weigh 80,000 pounds that are not qualified
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>> reporter: perez thought his training at cdl truck training in tampa was okay. one of the testers was the same one who was bribed by the russian school. >> i have no idea why he got caught up in the draft he was inform >> reporter: we want to know why the state is penalizing the innocent truckers. >> why won't the state help them out with that money? >> reporter: perez is stuck with a tough choice. >> you think this is right to make you pay more money and retake it? >> it's nothing on my end. i did my part. i feel they should be able to keep my license. >> state officials say this is about safety and the only way they can guarantee that everyone who tested with this examiner is qualified. after all the talk of
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the forecast saturday. 75 degrees. the changes, i talked about thunderstorms early morning hours sunday, another cold front comes through. and most of the week next week, highs in the 60s. and that's true this evening too. temperatures in the 60s with partly cloudy to mostly clear skies. camera images showed some high clouds but nothing serious. overnight temperatures are still fairly mild with fog developing. still enough moisture to make fog in the early part of the day. that'll change into sunday and especially monday. mostly mid-60s from clearwater beach to seminole. low 60s inverness, crystal river. low pressure area farther to our north continues in the carolinas. the air behind this front is not super cold. just cooler, milder. the temperatures tomorrow will be in the mid-70s. most of the rain clear of the florida peninsula now. still hanging around sections of the keys. posttropical storm alex making
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the latest hurricane or the earliest to form since 1938 out here. it'll continue to spin around out there. no effect on the u.s. fog will develop around 9:25 in the morning. should give way to partly cloudy skies. warm day and lighter winds overall. just a few clouds. rain chances kick in later saturday night sunday morning into the overnight. could be some severe weather here. stay weather aware overnight. and is everything races on through. the computer model caught up and by sunday we'll see cooler temperatures and that will be the trend throughout our 7-day forecast. sunday a high of 68 degrees with that early rain chance, that's the first half of the day on sunday. second part of the day looks pretty good. 62 degrees for martin luther king day there. 62 tuesday, 64 wednesday, warming up to the low 70s by the end of the week. watch the possible severe
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>> so saturday is an outside day, sunday is movie day in jammies. >> early part of the day. second half of the day, you might be okay. >> and next week i'm okay? >> the holiday then of course cooler weather. the fbi is looking into a crime that made big news in the bay area.
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66 degrees this evening.
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stay weather aware early morning hours sunday. sean penn's first interview about the controversial meeting with el chap okay. his big regret now on "extra." "extra" "extra" >> sean penn today as he breaks his silence on "60 minutes." >> there is this myth about the visit that we made. >> why he says the mission failed. did it really lead to "el chapo's" capture? and who penn thinks intentionally put him in danger. >> are you fearful for your life? caitlyn jenner's surprising new confession. >> i don't see dating women in the future. >> did she just admit she's ready to date men. trump and cruz, the broke manslaughter way over.
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>> look, he's got a problem. >> a problem after nuclear showdown. >> defending new york and who will take over his business empire if he makes it to the white house. celine dion putting her vegas show on hold to mourn her husband's death. >> i love him. it was very hard. >> a look inside their love story, their struggle to start a family. teresa giudice first red carpet after prison. plus martha stewart is here. >> let's say you got asked to coordinate lady gaga's wedding. >> entertainment capital of l.a. "extra" "extra" >> welcome to "extra," i'm mario lopez. coming up, steve harvey's emotional new face-to-face meeting with miss universe. coming up mario, who is the miss true brunette hanging out with oscar nominee leo in london.
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