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tv   NEWS CH8 7PM  NBC  January 18, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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good evening family and friends came to pick up clothes and keepsakes today at the home where two people lost their lived early sunday in a tornado. today jeff patternson talked to a neighbor who said it was over in minutes. >> reporter: this is where
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steve was killed after his home tore apart. his wife katie survived the tornado but died of a heart attack shortly after. four children and steven m. wilson were injured in the recover. it was over. >> reporter: his wife got of bed and went to the front door. >> she said there's a tornado warning. she opened the front door and it almost snatched the door from her hand, and she said this this must be the real thing here. >> reporter: they went into an interior closet. >> that's the scariest feeling. looking up and wondering if the roof over you is not going to
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the roof of nancy devito's house collapsed over her. she's in the hospital but her family is left trying to salvage what memories they can. >> my mom was kind of counting on that to be able to move some where else. and, now everything is gone. the only thing we can hope for is somebody is going to want a beautiful beautiful front piece of property to build on. >> reporter: as for nancy she's currently staying with one of her daughters. she's still bruised and -- and sore but very thankful to be alive. work crews have a huge job ahead of them. >> this area, this is the living room or what was the living room. >> yeah what was the living room. >> reporter: on this fourth floor condo there's devastation everywhere you look.
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anybody go through something like this. >> reporter: 40 workers are on- site doing the clean up. the rebuilding efforts will take months. county officials say 50 buildings were badly damaged by the tornado causing around $11 million in damage. >> we have a lot of damage but we have a good insurance company. >> reporter: officials met with tornado victims to provide them with resources and information about finding the right contractors. officials say before signing any contracts it's vital that you do your research to make reputable. john rogers, newschannel 8. the national weather service meteorologists we're formed sunday. saw. >> reporter: meteorologists knew that a danger storm was
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and radar tracked the dangerous tornado about 350 yards wide. it lasted about five minutes and tore up homes and condos in its path. then at 3:48 a second tornado manatee county. that tornado lasted 13 minutes. >> that one was on the ground for almost 9 miles. >> reporter: that was the tornado that killed three people on a trailer that flew disintegrated. >> with winds that high it basically rips everything apart. >> reporter: if you have an emergency radio at home turn it on. at least until springtime when el nino begins to fade. and there are plenty of ways to make sure you're moves in. according to the national weather service, people in duet received an 18 minute heads up before a tornado ripped apart
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weather radios and apps are sirens. sirens in florida don't work very well. the way we build our homes here are different because of the hurricane threat. you would have to have a siren every square mile for it to be effective here. >> impractical right. news8 offers an app you can download for free which is more practical. it can alert you at home and on the road. and at water works park in tampa people are bundled up. >> reporter: what a difference a few hours make, now that the sun is down. you can feel the difference in the temperature.
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and i spoke to people who are loving this winter weather and others like me, i cringe at the cold air. i went to several places including water works park. we went to the river walk and curtis hixon. those who are from tampa or live in this area they were bundled up in scarves, heavy jackets and boots and many they were shocked to learn how quickly the sunshine state just quickly became very chilly. now while those who are visiting from up north they say these temperatures are perfect for them. many tourists told me this beats the 10 or 15-degree weather they're dealing with back home. >> we had to go back inside and switch to no shoes, shorts and t-shirt because it was too cold. >> sometimes in the morning it'll be too cold then it switches to 60. so this is different for us.
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shelters are opening up this evening. that includes pasco counties those cold weather shelters are opening up. if you need more information you can go to our website. live in tampa, janel linee. >> for those of you who are watching and think what is wrong with those people. we're just not as prepared. we're not equipped. hot summer. cold for us. >> everybody says burr. >> boots with the fur. >> i like that. just don't sing it. let's look at tomorrow night. this will be a freezen whatting
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-- freeze warning tomorrow night into wednesday. 59degrees, 64. 70. we climb the ladder to 70 which is basically above average. then we had a rain chance for friday as well. mild that day. that's why the temperature falls off with a cold front on saturday with a high of 60 degrees. right now it's 52 in tampa. 47degrees in weeke wachee. these temperatures are quite cool in northern spots. we've seen a few clouds but they don't do a whole lot to reflect the showers down here. we'll talk more about the chilly weather and that rain chance for friday. we'll have that shortly. >> still ahead oneight at 7:00. petersburg street while thousands of others take part of dr. king. >> coming up on newschannel 8. an exclusive look at the
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people all over the country took time out today to honor dr. martin luther king jr. here in the bay area they did it in many different ways, including taking in on a big parade. josh thomas was there when the parade took off. >> happy mlk day. >> reporter: drum majoretts performed in the parade that honored mlk a drum major for progress. he fought to bring this country together, a message not lost on some of the young paradegoers today. >> dr. martin luther king made black and white people be able to sit with each other at
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>> this is a day in our history where we're. we all come together as one and unite. >> reporter: martha marcelli came all the area and hopes that the day is not lost on the kids. >> i hope they go back and read about the past. tampa's parade stretched from 16th street to 22nd street. those who gathered for the parade told us it's important to remember the man who stood up for so many people's rights giving them the opportunity to celebrate today. for the second year, mlk day celebrations took a pretty interesting turn in miami as
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swarmed the street. look at this. thousands of riders raced through traffic, ignored traffic rights. see them up on one one wheel. riders say they come from other states. the group says they have an anti gun peaceful message. you might like some of the new features in hotels and restaurants if next time you travel and if you do you can
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you might notice some changes on planes and in hotels the next time you travel. and you can either thank or blame millenials. >> millenials have money to loyal. they're looking for a more technology driven experience when they're staying at hotels. >> reporter: the latest rooms because millenials are more likely to be working in the
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now the 20 and 30 somethings are getting credit for what is called bleisure travel. >> this is the working traveler who adds leisure to their trip. >> reporter: hotels are offering travelers more leisurely things to do. the airlines are taking notice. offering for example more seats with plug ins available. >> we'll see more spaces for laptop storage in new planes. >> reporter: she says millenials are get driving change but like all travelers should be booking spring and summer travel right now. airlines are doing a little better. flying on time than they were a year ago. the latest numberings from -- numbers are in from november.
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hawaii airlines did the best flying on time nearly 34% of the time. the worse was frontier was an on time record of just 74%. the free ride is over for anyone who's been enjoying i tunes radio without paying. apple plans to phase out the ad supported version of i tunes radio. the service launched in 2013 to compete with services like pandora and spotify. after january 28, i tunes radio will be included in a $10 a month apple music subscription. the only thing that will still be free is the beats one radio station. there could be sal salmonella joe in raw cashew pieces. the affected lot did not ship
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exclusive. wro*ur -- you're about to see the tornado damage on siesta drone8. >> it's a way to see the world like you've never seen before. from this view you can clearly see how the storm ripped the roof right off. every single unit on the top floor. drone eight caught these shots as an army of restoration crews work to get repairs on the place. they have a lot of work in front of them. across the street. here's what the excelsiur condos looked like. you can see several places abandoned by vacationers who were down here to enjoy the beach front location. the entire building is off limits because of missing
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outside areas and staircases. i spotted this piece of wood dangling. >> this is where this piece of metal went through. >> reporter: the storm caused isolated damage. >> these picnic tables it's done by two by 12. look how thick they are. just boom ripped them all apart. >> reporter: this is the first of what we hope will be many stories using drone eight. it's unique perspective and unique eye in the sky. peter bernard, channel 8. a driver in st. louis
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he ended up creating a water sculpture. no doubt a unique scene. st.louis has been completely cold. we're feeling it here in florida so you know it's cold. stays dry, chilly in the mid- 50s. just a bit colder for us. still, a gorgeous sunset tonight. 46 now invernus. same in plant city, lakeland, braidenton and venice. that's pretty chilly in green bay minus 17. international falls feels like minus 16. even down to indianapolis it feels like minus five. that's pretty cool. high clouds continue to stream our way. we've seen patches of those throughout the day and clearer skies too. these are freeze warnings and watches for the northern areas. the freeze watches i mentioned
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tomorrow night into wednesday morning. that will likely be a freeze warning by then. high pressure is the big feature. we'll see more of a north to northeasterly flow. winter jackets probably a good idea the next couple of mornings to start the day. the sun should help to warm it up a little bit but temperatures still below normal. as we get into wednesday morning, that freeze watch or potentially a warning in place will make for a nice balance over all. a chance comeing in from the west. we'll see nice temperatures in the 70s by thursday and friday. by friday we see this approaching area of low pressure and cold front. that will pass on through the area, gives us rain and thunderstorms chance. clear by saturday for that gasparilla extravaganza the parade. but will be quite chilly for the weekend with highs in the 60s. these are the lows for tonight. close to freezing.
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with the next couple of nights. 59 for tuesday. the seven day forecast says our temps will stay cool as we get into saturday and sunday with temperature near 60 degrees. chances of storms and thunderstorms. if you hauled that winter jacket out of the closet looks like you could get good use out of it here. >> 39 is cold for us. >> it's very cold. >> i'm just saying. >> especially if you're out early in the day. >> thank you, stay with us. we'll be right back. >> plus here's what you will see tomorrow at 6:00 a.m. >> think you can run or walk 30 miles in 30 days. i'll show you the gasparilla app that helps you.
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the excitement was unbarable in one neighborhood. and as you can assume by that bad pun, a bear made a visit. not just one bear, a whole family. a mother and two cubs all decided to take a nap in a tree in a cul-de-sac. the only interruption, the cubs got hungry. so mother layed between two limbs and allowed the cubs to nurse. wow that's acrobatic. >> the boys always come out and play and they can't really play when there's bears. >> or lions and tigers in case you're keeping score. this is not the first time bears have kept the neighborhood kids inside. another large bear was spotted on the street on halloween. we think it was a bear. it could have been a guy in a bear costume.
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>> on halloween absolutely. >> that is not a story when the firefighters arrive and rescue the bears. >> i think they couldn't bare to do that. see you at 11:00. pinkett smith boycotting the oscars. her powerful new video on martin luther king day now on extra. jada takes a stand. >> i will not be at the academy awards and i won't be watching. >> her new facebook video today amping up the bash lash over the all white oscars and her message to oscar host chris rock. >> hey, chris. >> amy schumer kissing her new man. we've got the hot couples news at the star packed critics plus awards. how the tiny star of room
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angelina gushing about brad. our new interview on angie's take the kids to work day. mick jagger's first words about the death of david bowie. >> he was a good friend of mine. >> the big news today about bowie's final album. plus, in today's extra feed. gwyneth pal trow versus jessica simpson. bachelor ben on a makeout marathon but taking a break to answer our question. now on -- >> extra extra. from universal studios hollywood, the entertainment capital of la. hey, welcome to extra i'm mario lopez. on this martin luther king jr. day jada pinkett smith is sounding off about this year's oscars.
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