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tv   News Ch8 at 530PM  NBC  January 19, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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good evening i'm jennifer lee. >> and i'm josh benson. thank you so much for being with us tonight. >> deputies are investigating a murder. eagle8 is over the scene. we will bring you the latest
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one school is dealing with a distraction that has nothing to do with the students. and we have josh with more from barto. >> reporter: two teachers are now embroiled in controversy. we know it has reached the highest levels. >> reporter: as the polk county school board goes about its business, the high leader is facing accusations by another. i tried to talk to rivers. >> can i just talk to you for a moment. >> reporter: the details of the complaint had not been made public and because it's an ongoing investigation.
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the claim would only acknowledge that a complaint has been filed. i tried again to speak to the associate superintendent as he returned to the courtroom. >> mr. rivers can we just ask you one very brief question if you don't mind. >> i'm not allowed to comment on anything, thank you. >> reporter: superintendent laroy is also not talking and neither are board members though one did speak to me briefly. >> i prefer not to make any further excellent because we haven't even seen the complaint. it's hypothetical on how it will affect the district at this time. >> reporter: we know despite the differences the school leaders are still attending to school business. >> reporter: and it is expected that the findings of the investigation and details of the investigation will be made public in the not too distant future. >> i know we don't know the details, what about if the allegations are true. >> if does turn out to be true,
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action which could include the termination of her contract. >> more answers to those questions soon. thanks josh. a 6-year-old boy is recovering after being hit by a bullet during a drive by shooting in fort myers. the boy was hit bay stray bullet after two people pulled into the apartment complex's parking lot and began shooting. he was taken to a near by hospital and is expected to be okay. investigators are still searching for that shooter though. >> former home of colombian drug lord escobar was torn down. professional treasure hunters carefully searched the house using metal detectors and other tools. the new owners had the house torn down so they could build a new house.
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evers believe it is state is institutionizing new members. the proposition is to cut the population by 1/3 over if next three years. and dozens parched in support of the florida school choice program. that program provides private school scholarships to low income and minority students. >> it's bettered me. it's given me more opportunities, it's going to give me more opportunities in the future. >> i really like it. the curriculum is very nice. it's very -- it's to your pace. >> reporter: but feaa president mccall insists there's no plans to drop the suit. the program allows businesses exchange donations for tax breaks.
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can be better used to help public schools. the fight is about what should go up where a mural was and who should make that decision. peter bernard is live with more. >> reporter: that mural has been gone for 50 years. that's when local activist nola yokela committed an act of civil disobedience. >> reporter: he led a march the to city hall in protest of the
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artists with exaggerated faces. asatila the man who tore down the mural opposes the city's efforts. >> what the city is attempting to do now is to replace that mural that was there with an imagine that presupposes that things have gotten a lot better for african people in this city to what they were then, that's a lie. >> reporter: he is at city hall to protest plans for the new mural. >> in preparing for this proposal the city has made no attempt to talk to me, or any of the other surviving men. >> reporter: and our committee member tells me he's welcomed to help. >> if he wants to provide input he can do that. >> of course he is, every citizen is. >> i think if we get really good submissions we will find an artist that is respectful of
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interpretation of where we are now. >> reporter: and three artists will be chosen. applications are due february 8. >> what does omali osatelo want to happen with the mural project. >> reporter: it's his opinion that what should go up there should be decided by members of the black community solely. and he's threatened to tear it down again if he doesn't get what he's asked for from the city. and it may feel like winter finally. but that's not keeping some dedicated swimmers from their daily routine. >> that's right coming up meet a brave group of people hitting the water despite the chilly weather. >> plus, miss colombia finally confronts steve harvey. hear what both had to say after the break. >> we have a freeze warning tonight. several counties in the northern area. we'll review that as well as look for warmer temperatures and rain chances and your
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of manate county. first responders are at the scene of an explosion of a propane tank. we're told there was no serious injuries. well steve harvey finally had a chance to apologize to miss colombia for his flub. >> i just want to say i'm sorry. i cannot even begin to
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>> oh my god. this really happened. it was horrible. >> reporter: harvey accidentally crowned the wrong woman. miss colombia ariadna gutierrez had the crown taken off her head and given to miss philippines. and there were some tears but in the end miss colombia proved that she can forgive and even cracked a joke. >> you have to learn how to read cards. because it was on the card. you wanted me to win, you know. >> yes, i wanted you to win. that's it. i wanted you to win. i can leave it at that. >> the reigning miss universe also made an appearance on the show. she says the situation was tough on everyone and that she
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he may have played villains in the past but jamie foxx is a real life hero. he helped a man who crashed his car. fox ran to help pulling the man out of the wreckage. and the man who sang american pie song is under arrest. he has lived in camden since the early 1990s with his wife patricia mcclain. he was arrested for domestic violence. and according to sheryl bonistick is make up is with the board that makes the nominations for the awards and
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two entertainers are boycotts oscars. >> asking diminishes dignity and diminishes power. and we're a dignified people. >> spike lee says he's boycotting the award show as well. pete rose is being nominated into at least one hall of fame. he will not be inducted into mayor league baseball's hall of fame. the 74-year-old was banned from baseball for life in 1989 for betting on the sport and in december the new commissioner upheld that lifetime ban. magic johnson can't get enough of the l.a. sports team. he's a parable owner of the dodgers and according to a
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rams johnson was the first season tickets. monday the team offered fans the option to reserve their spot on tickets. the rams had over 5,000 minutes. they're excited out there for sure. >> indeed. we're all bundled up today. >> chilly temperatures are making it feel like winter. adrienne pederson spent the morning with people taking the plunge. >> reporter: at just 5:10 in the morning the tarps are coming off. by 5:30 the swimmers are showing up. >> when you opened your eyes this morning, you saw the temperature, was there any question whether you would be here? >> absolutely, i would be lying if i said there wasn't. sure. because i always can remember
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get to the locker room before your body temperature drops. >> the air temperature is only in the 40s but the water is about 80 degrees. peter betser has been swimming with the st. pete masters at the aquatic center for 33 years. >> now my cut out since i'm over 70 is 40 degrees. if it's under 40 i will take a couple of days off. >> reporter: did you ever think it was too cold to be out here. >> yes but as soon as you hit the water it's very nice. it's refreshing and it's actually warm. >> reporter: no thought of skipping. >> not this morning. >> reporter: what's your cut off temperature do you think? >> i don't even look. i don't. i don't even look. >> reporter: it's nice in the water. but after you get out. >> now to the locker room. wow.
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the end of the morning when i saw one of the reasons about two dozen people were here. and it has nothing to do with swimming. >> so maybe you're realizing this is right up your alley. the st. pete masters are out here at the north shore aquatic complex starting at 5:30 in the morning. i put more information on our website in st. petersburg i'm adrienne pederson, newschannel 8. if you don't have to break ice on the top of the water it's not that cold. but i guess the folks are pretty chilly this morning. that sunrise was gorgeous. north winds at 11 miles per hour. clear skies too here at frenchies. wind. your travel to willow bay to head to the restaurant there. hour. low temperatures for wednesday
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degrees our forecast low in brandon 34, tampa 39. sarasota forecast at 49 degrees. that's why we have a freeze warning in place for citrus, hernando, inland pasco. sumpter county as well is included in that warning. and also up into lake county from 1:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. take those precautions tonight. the usual cold weather stuff with taking in the pets and covering up the plants. layers, layer, layers for the folks that are sending the kids out to the bus stop. should be fairly nice coming home. but the temperatures will be a little bit milder as we head into the nighttime. 49degrees for the evening. it'll get chilly, one bring a jacket. bring a big jacket. 39degrees to start the day. in the afternoon, 65 degrees. over all fairly nice weather. 59degrees now. keep in mind with that low dewpoint and with the radiational cooling under clear
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northeasterly wind. 52 now new port richie. 57degrees you can see the current temperature out in brandon. 53 frost proof, 55 in wymama. and 58 in north port at the moment. it's going to sink farther south. long. an area of low pressure is leading to winter weather advisories for portions of the midwest. winter storm warnings as well. so that area of low pressure is going to slowly travel to our north and the rain chance will come on friday. advisories. low temperatures 39 degrees. forecast in palm harbor. 36 in plant city. northern areas inland away from the coast. usually the colder spots. 35 arcade ya. 38 lakeland. for the evening 49 degrees. if you're headed out this evening know that this is going
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going to happen pretty quickly. if we develop any heat it's going to be gone. bundle up, freezing temperatures. changing the winds more easterly that will make it milder. a full 10 degrees warmer than on wednesday morning. 72degrees for thursday afternoon. 71 for friday. temperatures back down again after that shower and thunderstorm chance on friday with the approaching area of low pressure and cold front. it will start to warm up next week, monday, tuesday as well. we have extended temperatures and time. many of you have been asking where is the warmer weather. >> a weekend that starts with a number five, what. he's expected to protect and serve. >> a cop is caught encouraging people to break the law and
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a minnesota police
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job for encouraging people to run over protesters. the comment urged drivers to run over the protesters and told them how to get away with it. a concerned citizen who saw the posttook a screen shot of it and alerted officials. >> the postsaid to run over the protesters if they were blocking the road and said how to get away with it. and that no jury would convict them. a person that has sworn to serve and protect the people should not be encouraging violence on peaceful protesters. >> reporter: the sergeant who made the post is on leave as the situation is investigated. as the debate continues across the country, a georgia
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called -- police are offering a reward to find the person who threw acid on a postal worker. the carrier drove herself to the hospital and we're told is going to be okay. rain slicked roads may be to blame for a deadly bus crash in california. two people were killed and 13 others hurt when a greyhound bus crashed and flipped to its side. there were 20 passengers on the bus at the time. the crash is now under investigation. and newschannel 8 at 6:00 is coming in next. stacie and keith are here with a preview. a woman's body found by the side of the road. we're going to take you live to the scene coming up. >> plus a crook caught on camera. targeting a bay area church. we'll show you what he got away with. >> eight on your side came to sarasota looking for unlicensed contractors after storm damage and it didn't take me long to find one.
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transgender policy at this sarasota school that might surprise you. coming up we'll hear from that
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well they're working as fast as they can but tornado clean up will take months. now a new threat is on the way. and making sure storm victims are not victimized again. eight on your side chases down unlicensed contractors. >> and new rules and a bay area school that change it made for transgender student. >> good evening i'm stacie schaible.
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we begin with breaking news.
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