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tv   News Ch8 at 530PM  NBC  January 20, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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>> right now on newschannel8 at 5:30 ... >> good evening. i'm jennifer leigh. >> and i'm josh benson. it was a long cold night for one family as they searched for their elderly father. the 82-year-old has dementia and wandered away from his assisted living facility on the coldest night of the year.
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how they were able to track that man down. >> reporter: we are at the slyvan abbey cemetery where that man was spotted several feet into the woods. >> he said i wasn't sure i was going to make it. >> reporter: it was long a long night for andrew taylor, his father bob walked away and was missing on a night when the low was just 45 degrees. >> it was agonizing. as the hours went by, you fear for the worst. >> reporter: the fear turned to joy when 12 hours later a worker at a cemetery spotted taylor in the woods. detective thomas stall was one of the first to get there. rescue crews captured what happened next. they worked to warm the 82-year- old uptaking off their jackets, taking him from the woods to the ambulance. >> i don't know how much longer
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johnson wasn't able to find him there. >> reporter: missing persons detectives tell us those with dementia are often the ones they are looking for. the pinellas county sheriff's office offers project lifesaver, technology that can minutes. metal detector. signal. the signal gets stronger as you get closer to the patient. >> reporter: as for taylor. >> he has a sense of humor. he is trying to figure out what cemetery. >> reporter: yeah, mr. thankful this evening. they say he is in the hospital being treated for hypothermia and he will have to be there several days after his night josh? >> oh, but glad to hear he is on the mend. candace, is this project lifesaver only offered in pinellas? >> reporter: you know, it is
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the best advise is to call your local sheriff's office and see if they offer it. thanks so much. men ran up to a woman's car with gun ins hand. one gets in the passenger seat while the other get ins the drivers seat but the woman wasn't having any of that. before the would be carjacker could close the door, she fights back pulling the person out of the car. >> what that bad guy didn't know was the backseat of the car had two kids and she wasn't going to let them be taken so she fought, she dragged the guy out of the car and they both ran away like cowards. >> don't mess with mama right? they sped off and crashed. all three were arrested. a miami man dropped off his
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find the car on fire. look at that. a value lie decided to take the $400,000 car on a joyride. the valet was showing off by repeatedly revving the engine. overheated causing flame to shoot out the rear of the car. a school bus with 26 students on board was involved county. five people were taken to the hospital. passengers had a bit of a bumpy ride. the plane bumped into a loading passenger bridge at miami international airport. no one was injured but the bridge was closed while it was being repaired and nearly 10,000 gallons of raw sewage flooded a fort myers neighborhood. a driver broke a valve at an rv resort that criminalled the
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they rushed in to clean it up. the streets were dry and the foul serge has gone from the air within 24 hours. >> business leaders are better prepared to deal with violent situations in the workplace. as ryan hughes shows us, that is because security experts provided a free seminary showing people how to deal with an active shooter. >> reporter: business owners and leaders came together to prepare for an active shooter they learned tips they hope they never have to use. the shooting at a county health building in san bernardino where 14 people were killed underscores the importance of workplace safety. that is why craig gundy strive to teach business owners, prevent shootings. the largo based security company offered a free seminar to anyone who showed up.
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owners and employees. the main message, plan ahead. >> basically using a risk management approach. >> reporter: upgrade communication systems and assessment. because of a shooting there is is most critical. >> when these events occur, the first five seconds afterwards often set the stage for whether you survive or a tragedy happens. >> reporter: that is why he recommends everyone knows the closest exit or place to hide at work. the instructor tells me he has been teaching these classes many years. reporting in largo, i'm ryan hughes, newschannel8. a company worker tells us they plan to hold another free seminar in march. well, a plan to keep voter information private fell flat in tallahassee today.
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florida supervisors say growing concern about identity theft is the main reason for their support of that bill. >> a month later, the new address is out there from their voter file. and the lastly, you have people contacting us wanting to know why there are minor children. why is their information, all their personal information out there in a state that leads a nation in identity theft. >> the senate ethics and elections committee table the bill because one of the committee members was absent today. the state's online voter registration efforts are on schedule. a bill passed last year setting an october 2017 implementation date. some have questioned there the state division of elections will make the deadline. but a progress report shows things are moving right along.
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why not try fat water? >> sounds pretty odd, but it is a new diet trend that is helping some people slim down they say. we are going to show you how it works. >> a young california panthers fan wants to make sure his team makes it to the superbowl. see the good luck charm he gave to his favorite player coming up. >> and after a very chilly start this morning, we are look at a brief warmup across the tampa bay area. and our next storm system is set to arrive by the end of this week. we will have the details for
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>> welcome back. jamie fox is remaining humble about saving a man's life. heard someone yelling so i got in the car and called 911. when i got there, the truck is on its side. >> the driver was speeding and driving under the influence causing his truck to flip sever to help. the two men were able to cut the seat belt and pull the driver out of the wreckage. >> luckily, a guy pulls up, he has emt scissors so i grab the scissors from him and cut the seat belt. pull him outed, and as we pull truck goes up. we are over here in the grass. >> the driver sufficiented broken bones and a punctured lung but he is expected to be okay. he is facing dui charges. fox met and talked with the
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and thanked him for saving his son. and thousands of bottles arrived in flint, michigan courtesy of pop icon cher. it will go to the community food banks and fire houses. president obama declared a federal emergency in flint sending $5 million in federal aid to help with the contaminated water crisis there. actress jamie lynn sigler sclerosis. ms damages the central nervous system and has no cure. she credits her husband and their two-year-old son for giving her the courage and support in her daily battle. pee-wee herman is back and going on vacation. netflix has released the first
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he is known from the 80s television series pee-wee's play house. the film premiers march 18. >> does he age at all? >> i don't think so. >> gee. well star wars fans have to wait a bit longer. disney is pushing back the release date instead of may 2017, star wars episode 8 will be hitting theaters in december 15 of the same year. it the film is in preproduction and is going to start filming next year in london. nine-year-old jackson and his family waited outside panthers practice to give luke keuchly a good luck charm. it is getting a lot of attention on social media. >> you can have it. >> are you sure? thank you man!
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that whey i know it is from you. >> the pair ended the exchange with a high-five before jackson gave him a pair of his practice gloves. fat phobia is a thing of the past. it could help you flush out some pounds. gayle guyardo went to find out more about the craze of adding fat to your water. >> reporter: when the new year rolls around, all the latest health crazes start to bubble to the top. tonight, i will show you what fat water is. word is stocking up on water and drinking plenty of it is floating around, but adding fat to the water? it is a thing. >> this is a thing, how does it make you feel? >> it tastes really good and it gives you fuel for your brain
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it gets you going and gets you ready for your day. >> reporter: the makers of bullet proof which adds butter to your coffee came out with fat water claiming to give you energy, help you lose weight and feel better. it is not available in our market, but you can still drink it. >> a tablespoon of mct oil. >> reporter: it is simple to make. you mix purified water with medium chain fatty acids which simply comes from coconuts. >> coconut oil when it gets delivered converts the energy much quicker. >> reporter: the fresh strawberries and stevia are optional. blended all together for a smooth delicious drink that does not have a coconut flavor. >> cheers. >> to your health and your energy. >> reporter: gayle guyardo, newschannel8. well, you can add the xtc oil to anything.
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make sure you blend it. emulsifying the oil gives you the best health benefits. you can find out more on that fat water on well, cold temperatures have given people in ohio an awe unspiring sight. >> check it out. waves frozen in place along the shores of lake erie. here is how it works. arctic air is blowing across lake erie. when the wind changes directions, so do the cool designs. really cool. >> very neat. and check out this french bulldog's epic frolic in the snow caught on camera. that is pure joy there. when you are this cute, does that? i don't have anything as cute as the french bulldog sliding through the snow. as the sun is setting, 62 degrees.
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southwest this evening. really going to be a nice night. it will be cool, but not as cool as last night was. here is what temperatures look like this morning across the tampa bay area. we were in 20s . tampa dropped to 41. it was a very chilly nigh, but temperatures warming up a little bit making it into the low 70s . then we are track another cool down. temperatures plummeting back into the 50s . it is just that time of year when we see the ups and the downs with the cold fronts coming through. so for the rest of this evening temperatures will generally be in the upper 50s . we will have a few cloud us around. no rain expected tonight. lit be fairly quiet. as we head into tomorrow morning temperatures will be in winds. a few clouds. as we head throughout the day, the cloud cover will build a little bit. temperatures with our southeast winds really helps to warm us up. so we will be reaching into the low 70s during the afternoon hours.
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as you take a look north, we are seeing a little bit of snow moving across the east coast. here is the big storm system we are watching. here is what we are watching. this area of low pressure going to slowly slide east. you can see it start to wrap up. starting to see some showers developing on friday for us, this is the day the cold front passes through the tampa bay area. you can see the potential to see some wintery mix. maybe some snow in the atlanta area as we head into the end of this week. then the snow increases across the east coast as we head into this weekend. we are looking at some hefty snowfall totals. anywhere from six inches to a foot across places like nashville and into west virginia. in dc, one to two feet of snow
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weekend so it is going to be a winter wonderland if you have travel plans that way, check if your airlines. for us, none of the white stuff, but we are tracking the chance to see storms friday. rain chances going up significantly as the cold front passes. could see a few sprinkles lingering saturday morning but for the most part, friday is the day we are watching when it come to rain chances. 62 in tampa. 60 in zephyr hills. it 59 in crystal river. tonight, it is not going to be as cold as last night. 44 land o lakes. we should see temperatures in our northern counties still in the upper 30s . around 45 in crystal river. it will be chilly, just not as cold as we were last night. by the afternoon, we will top
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last long. day. arrived. winds will pick up. it will be windy. with the children's gasparilla extravaganza, the kids will need to be bundled up. it will be chilly out there with the wind so strong. an then, next week looks fairly quiet for us okay? >> all right. thank you very much julie. spreading themselves thin in an effort to stand out on college applications. >> coming up next, the pressures puts on today's high school students are greater than ever. now an unlikely group is banning together to say enough
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>> making headlines across america. sarah palin joined donald trump blasting the establishment and the obama administration. she didn't make his first event in iowa but made the second rally of the day in tulsa, oklahoma. there, she stressed trump's antiestablishment campaign saying he can change the country. from sat tests to sports and extracurriculars, the pressure to stand out on a college application can be overwhelming but now a new report endorsed by top u.s. colleges and universities process overhaul.
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when it comes to extracurricular activities. >> i have a job outside of school. trying to get involved in extracurricular activities is difficult. >> we have unfairness to kids who are economically disadvantaged and we have too many stressed out and depressed affluent kids. >> and another suggestion is to make the sates and act tests optional. sad news to report. a 13-year-old girl who was left home alone is dead after she tried to use candles to stay warm. the girl was left alone in an apartment with no power in syracuse, new york. she lit candles throughout the apartment which cause something on fire. the teen's mother was in another town at the time according to investigators. newschannel8 at 6:00 is coming in next. >> big new developments in the case of baby chance walsh. >> his mother was sentenced in court today.
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will spend behind bars and what sentence. >> plus, a huge plume of smoke visible for miles. we will show you why this warehouse fire ended up snarling up traffic for hours. >> a microchip finds a stolen puply. i will tell you all about it coming up. >> why each and every high school student in tampa will be receiving a message from the mayor on their phones ahead of this year's gasparilla
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>> right now on newschannel8 at 6:00. >> in my eyes, she's a monster. >> no mercy from her parents or judge. a mother charged in her baby's
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