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tv   News Ch8 at 11PM Sunday  NBC  January 24, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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. a new pet store thief strikes. why the store owner is desperate to get this bird back. >> plus, buried in the snow. many of the country's largest cities struggle to get back to normal. good evening, everyone. i'm melanie michael. thank you for joining us this sunday night. it has happened again in just a matter of days. pets are becoming the prime target of thieves. this time, it's a pricey bird worth thousands that was stolen. newschannel 8's chip osowski
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we recently covered the puppy theft. these are expensive pets. >> reporter: they certainly are not cheap. here's a flyer of the bird missing from this store, valued at more than $2000. the store's owner is hoping surveillance video will be the key in catching the culprit. the surveillance video captures a man walking through the store with the bird in question named hector on his shoulder. he walks down an aisle, reappears and the bird is gone. he's wearing a backpack and two pairs of glasses. while authorities are not naming a suspect, mary beth kennedy, the store's owner, believes this guy knows something. >> very suspicious, was wearing on. we've been told by one of our customers that he's seen the believe he is local. >> reporter: a puppy was stolen from all about puppies just down the road from petland, earlier this week.
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barfield traded the puppy for cash and cocaine. in that case, the dog was located and is now safe with its owners. kennedy is hopeful for a similar outcome and right now is concerned with the bird's well-being. >> we hand feed all of our baby cockatoos here in the store. our biggest concern right now is that baby cockatoos are not like puppy dogs, where you can throw down any kind of dry dog food and they will eat it. this baby had a very particular diet. >> reporter: kennedy notified the pinellas county sheriff's office and deputies are now investigating. before the man leaves, he does a bit of a dance for the camera. surveillance video doesn't get much better than that. obviously anyone with any information on this bird theft case is urged to give the pinellas county sheriff's
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the thief in this case could face a felony grant theft charge. >> thank you, chip osowski. well, a cold night ahead in the bay area. goodness, we have seen very, very chilly weather over the weekend. storm team 8 meteorologist bryan bennett, live in the forecast center. bryan, how cold will it get tonight? depends where you live, mel. we'll see upper 20s to lower 30s north of tampa. around tampa, right around 38 degrees. let's take a look at the current temperatures right now. we are at 43 in tampa. we've already reached the freezing mark in parts of citrus county. st. petersburg right now at 45. sarasota, 42 degrees. overnight tonight, we'll see temperatures gradually drop. i don't think citrus and hernando will drop too much more. they might drop to 28, 29 degrees. st. petersburg will be around 45 overnight. again, warmed a little bit by the bay and gulf waters. clearwater, 37 overnight. new port richey, 33. brandon, 35. bradenton, sarasota area will
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there is a freeze warning for citrus and hernando county, indicating you'll be at or below freezing during the nighttime hours. there is also a frost advisory for just about the entire bay area, so don't be surprised if tomorrow morning you have a little bit of frost on your windshield, except for pinellas county, tampa, bradenton and sarasota, a tad warmer by the gulf of mexico. tomorrow morning, clear and cold, 38 degrees. by 3:00 p.m., sunshine and nearly 30 degrees warmer than how we started the day. we'll continue to see that warming trend and even storms moving in. i'll have the details in a bit, mel. >> starting out very cold. 38 degrees in the morning. bryan, thank you. well, now to the historic winter blast of 2016. the blizzard killed at least 25 people and left thousands stranded on roads. it's also canceled more than 10,000 flights. reporter chris welch continues our weather coverage tonight,
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>> reporter: all along the east digging. >> there you go, there you go! >> reporter: and scraping and, of course, plowing can be heard. crews are trying to clear the roads as best they can. cities like washington, baltimore and philadelphia are working to get metro train and bus services up and running commute. >> this will be a long-term plowing and cleaning operation. i want to thank the city workers for their work. >> reporter: in new york, even though the travel ban has been lifted and buses and most trains are operational, officials are still urging roads. >> leave your car where it is. don't try and shovel it out today, unless you have an urgent. >> reporter: washington, dc brought in 400 extra snow removers and canceled school for monday. the coastal flood warning has been lifted in new jersey, where several cities were inundated with high water that
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officials say the worst appears to be over. >> we've really done very, very well in this storm and we have no concerns about flooding or damage from flooding any time soon. >> reporter: drivers in at least three states were stranded for hours during the peak of the blizzard. while the storm has moved on, officials warn we are not in the clear just yet. >> it's still very dangerous. there are some highways that look great. it's down to pavement and you might be cruising along at 50 miles an hour and you'll hit snow and we'll have accidents. we've been very lucky with no fatalities. we want to keep it that way. >> reporter: in washington, i'm chris welch reporting. as the digout continues, flight delays and cancellations also continue around the country. tonight, flights from tampa international to cities in the northeast are canceled. several flights to the northeast tomorrow are already canceled as well. check your flight status before you head to the airport because you could be facing a wait. breaking news tonight in
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investigating a deadly shooting at this hour. this is a live picture from the scene at 1300 east ohio street. police tell us just after 5:00 this afternoon, they got a 911 call about a man shot to death. detectives identified the victim as 36-year-old reginald brown. again, this is a live picture at this hour from the scene. anyone who may know something about brown's death should call plant city police. in manatee county, detectives also investigating a homicide tonight. this is surveillance video of the suspects. 31-year-old charles leinart got into a fight while walking through the parking lot of gravely in bradenton. that's a business there. leinart was then shot and killed. if you recognize the man in the black shirt and red baseball cap, please call crime stoppers. the number is on the screen, 866-634-tips. in hernando county, deputies are investigating a stabbing tonight.
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speedway gas station on mariner boulevard. deputies tell us the man was stabbed in the chest, but is expected to survive. tonight, again, they are looking for the attacker. in polk county, scary moments this morning, as seniors were trapped inside this five-story burning building. the fire happened in lakeland at the belva vista manor. firefighters tell us one person did not make it out alive. two others were taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation. one resident praised the efforts of the firefighters and praised the building management's response. >> i'm in a good, safe environment. i've been here at least 12 years and they take good care of us. and so i don't worry. i know that no matter what happens, they will make sure we're all right, we're safe and secure. >> 8 on your side has learned the building does not have a sprinkler system because it was built before sprinklers were
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the cause of this fire, still under investigation tonight. a small plane landed on a highway in south florida this morning, then took off again. engine trouble prompted the pilot to make an emergency landing in westin. three men on board were headed to the keys. luckily, nobody was hurt. well, tomorrow supporters of a transgender student plan to call the sarasota county school district asking for a widespread policy on transgender bathroom use. nathan quinn is a student at pine view in osprey. a year ago, he began the transition process. but it wasn't until recently that the school's principal finally allowed him to use the boys bathroom. now, nathan and his supporters want a district-wide policy. >> it's not just about me. it's about the other trans kids at pine view. they need the same rights. >> some parents have opposed this action and they posted on social media. one mom saying, i'm concerned about my student who may witness the opposite sex in the bathroom.
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consumer alert, new information in a listeria outbreak traced to bagged salads. food manufacturer dole is recalling its salads in 23 states, including florida. the cdc says that 12 people in six states have been hospitalized and one person in michigan has died. to know. dole says salads with the letter a in the upper right- hand corner of the package are the ones affected, so be on the lookout. well, we now know who will be playing in the super bowl. it was a big day today in the afc championship. peyton manning tossed two touchdown passes, as the broncos beat the patriots 20- 18. it was the 17th and possibly final meeting between manning and tom brady. manning is headed to his fourth super bowl. and no such spence in the nfc championship. carolina takes advantage of seven arizona turnovers,
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carson palmer to clobber the cardinals. they will face denver in the super bowl in san francisco, just two weeks away. the presidential primaries are already upon us. coming up, the boost that could help propel senator marco rubio in iowa. >> plus, a major roadway in hillsboro county could be getting a facelift. how will it affect your commute? what's being proposed for u.s. 41 and your input on the
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. a new endorsement for senator marco rubio's campaign. with one week until the iowa caucus, is there time to bounce back in the race for the white house? newschannel 8's candace mccowan takes a look. >> reporter: good evening. according to the latest national poll conducted by the washington post and abc news,
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place with ben carson with 12% >> we're very pleased with where we are. >> reporter: the des moines register newspaper announced on the republican side, the paper is endorsing rubio, calling him the gop's best hope. the paper is endorsing democrat hillary clinton for her experience, but the newspaper hasn't actually picked the caucus winners in the past several years. this week, rubio announced his florida campaign team, tapping former herman cain worker debbie cox-rauch as the tampa bay regional chair for the campaign. >> it's the only campaign that's announced chairs in all 50 states. we're the only campaign in authority announced chairs and team leaders in all 67 counties. >> reporter: rubio's momentum, only sure to hit full stride if he were to win second place in the caucus over ted cruz or donald trump. in tampa, candace mccowan, newschannel 8. good news for frequent flyers and job seekers. a handful of new shops and restaurants are slated to open soon at tampa international airport.
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to fill. the airport is going to host a job fair tomorrow. it starts at 10:00 a.m. and runs until 4:00. it will be held in the hillsboro county aviation authority board room, located on the third floor of the main terminal. well, you're invited to give your input on the proposed widening of u.s. 41 in hillsboro county. the public hearing will be held tuesday night at 5:30 in the gardenville recreation center in gibsonton. improvements include widening u.s. 41 to a six-lane divided highway from cracker avenue to south of causeway boulevard, a distance of approximately 7 miles. a warning tonight for those who use online dating apps and websites. in the past four weeks, bartow police have investigated four armed robberies and car jackings stemming from those apps and the websites. police say in each case, the victim arrived at the predetermined meeting place and either one or two attackers appeared with weapons, robbing the victim at gunpoint before the date ever started.
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stealing the victim's car as well. police now cautioning those using online dating sites to be very careful in the future. gasparilla, the children's parade is over, a great one this weekend. now it's time to get ready for the main event, workers out along bayshore boulevard in tampa this afternoon, setting up tents, making other preparations for saturday's big pirate invasion. it's going to be a great day. the gasparilla parade begins at 2:00 p.m. saturday afternoon. newschannel 8 will carry the parade live for you. jen leigh and josh benson cohosting our coverage. and our coverage starts at 2:30. we're also streaming it live for you on our website, a great day for bolts fans. the team hosted its second annual family carnival. it was such a great event. the event was held inside amalie arena, or the big top.
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friendly activities to enjoy. of course, air hockey, and exclusive photo and autograph sessions with your very favorite players. >> it's a terrific event for the community to be a part of and to meet players. you know, it really brings kids to get to see their heroes and the kid in all of us is a fan of all of these guys. we really enjoy just being part of being an attendee and participant here. >> everybody had a great time, including a few of our muse channel 8 producers who enjoy taking a few selfies with the team captain. all carnival proceeds benefit the lightning foundation, which helps hundreds of local nonprofit organizations. it is a chilly evening across the bay area. take a look at current temperatures. right now, 43 in tampa. 41 in lakeland. 42 in sarasota. 48 right now in st. petersburg. already at or near the freezing mark in parts of citrus and
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today we had high temperatures in the middle 50s. tomorrow, about 10 degrees warmer with a high in the upper 60s. then tuesday and wednesday, a little above average, lower 70s, but a cold front will bring some rain and slightly cooler temperatures as we move into thursday and friday. satellite and radar picture, clear skies all across the bay area. in fact, you might get a nice glimpse of the nearly full moon. last night officially was a full moon. throughout much of the day today from miami to tampa, all the way to panama city, we do not have a cloud in the sky. it was a beautiful day in the sunshine state, albeit a little cold. to our north, the blizzard has finally exited. it left behind nearly 40 inches of snow in parts of west virginia and around 25 to 28 inches of snow from washington all the way to new york city. fortunately, that is history. those folks can start to shovel out. we do have another low pressure system around denver, colorado.
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shower or storm around this particular low pressure system, but it is going to bring us rain by wednesday. tomorrow, sunshine. tuesday, a few more clouds. wednesday, the front approaches and a little low pressure might even develop along that front and hence our rain chances on wednesday. then that low pressure will exit on thursday, take the rain chances with it. on friday, we're looking at nice weather. saturday should be pretty nice as well. maybe a few additional clouds. now, saturday's weather, kind of important. gasparilla pirate fest, probably the biggest activity in tampa, if not, and much of florida throughout the year. fortunately, the weather is looking really nice. we'll have a low temperature, or cooler temperature during the invasion of the pirate ship at 11:30 a.m. 64 degrees. should be a dry afternoon, partly cloudy at 2:00 p.m. for the parade. and a high temperature right around where we should be for this time in january, of 68 degrees. so tomorrow morning, dress
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clear and cold. make sure you bundle up the kids heading off to school. tomorrow afternoon, 67 degrees, lots of sunshine and 10 to 15 degrees warmer than it was this afternoon. really a nice-looking day tomorrow. even though 67 is technically below average, that's going to feel pretty nice tomorrow compared to the 50s that we had all week long. tuesday, again, a few additional clouds and 73. wednesday, we get a few showers and storms move in. there is a chance that one of those storms could be strong or severe. something to watch throughout the week. thursday, rain exits and temperatures cool off. next weekend, gasparilla saturday, 68 degrees and partly cloudy. then looking pretty good on sunday as well. so the children's parade was a little on the chilly side, with temperatures in the 50s. >> adult parade, two thumbs up. >> crazy windy. yeah, adult parade should be
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what's a female pirate? >> we'll research that. thank you, bryan. good forecast. a warning tonight for taxpayers. coming up, details about a scheme that's already seeing victims pay tens of millions of dollars to scam artists. >> and ahead, a large earthquake rocks the last frontier.
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. a consumer alert to share with you now. just in time for tax season, the inspector general for the irs is warning taxpayers of a new and very costly tax scam. here's what to watch out for. >> reporter: a new series of public service announcements is warning of a scare that's taking more and more victims to
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scammers call american taxpayers and demand phony back taxes. often the criminals threaten to call police if the taxpayer hangs up the phone. >> it makes me angry. i feel personally bad for the victims. then i feel angry that these criminals are using the irs as a means to scare people into paying them money. >> reporter: the inspector general for the irs says as many as 5000 victims have paid as much as $26.5 million to the scam artists, who can be located inside the united states or around the world. the scam began by targeting new immigrants to the united states other penalties. the inspector general says it has since mutated and now is targeting every demographic group. >> early in the scam, the callers had some sort of information about you. they may have four digits of your social security number. now they are randomly making blanket calls. they have also shifted now to also calling cell phones. >> reporter: that's why the
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videos in both english and spanish, telling people the irs will not call you out of the you. and the government has one piece of advice for anyone getting such a call. >> hang up on fraud. >> you can't be tricked into giving personal information if you hang up the phone. you certainly can't be tricked into paying them money, harassed or intimidated into paying something if you simply hang up the phone. >> reporter: but what if the caller really was from the federal government? not to worry, the irs won't be offended if you hang up on them, according to the inspector general. a powerful earthquake rocked south central alaska this morning. the 7.1 quake struck about 160 miles southwest of anchorage, but it was still widely felt there, knocking items off shelves and walls. closer to the epicenter, about 30 homes were evacuated after a gas leak was reported. there have been no reports of injuries.
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looking out the window and it almost looked like the building was kind of, like, rocking, the whole -- not just the building, but like the concrete pad underneath. it was kind of swaying back and forth. it was pretty phenomenal. >> scary moments, indeed. the national weather service reported that a tsunami was not expected as a result of this quake. tonight show host jimmy fallon, rallying for support of flint, michigan during the city's water crisis, using the hashtag #waterforflint. he tweeted he is donating $10,000 for bottled water to help. the tampa bay counselor corps marked international
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commemorating the 71st anniversary of the -- not enough has been done since then to prevent acts of genocide. >> we should remember the past because we don't want to repeat mistakes made in the past and the world we're living in today, people have a tendency to forget what has happened. we're talking something that happened 70, 80 years, a long time. i don't think we've improved much since then. >> in 2005, the u.n. resolved that january 27 should be observed as a day to honor the memory of holocaust victims. major news regarding the bucs tonight. coming up, paul ryan will let you know who is replacing dirk koetter as the team's offensive coordinator.
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