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tv   News Ch8 at 5PM  NBC  January 25, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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good evening i'm keith cate. >> and i'm jennifer leigh. and right now we have breaking news for you. 35 students from seven springs middle school were on board. reporter paul lameson is live over the scene. paul what can you tell us from your vantage point. >> reporter: good afternoon jena. we have good news for traffic. they are pulling the school bus off the road. we're on trinity boulevard. if i pull back right here, there's still delays. 35 students on board and there were some minor injuries. mode. traffic should be getting back to normal. back to you jen. live. we appreciate it. a handful of pinellas fired. an investigation revealed they were cheating on their exams.
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scandal just a few minutes ago. let's get to paul with the latest. >> reporter: the recruits getting exceptionally great answers on their written and oral exams. one recruit doing so well, one of the instructors said the recruit was almost mechanic. the ring. the sheriff says it was all one heck of a secret operation. they were meeting in a garage, they were telling each other to be extremely careful. undetected. take a listen. >> all seven admitted to having
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them to their advantage. cheated, and in many cases lied about it. people who are cheats and liars don't belong working in law enforcement and they're not going to work for the pinellas department. >> reporter: other recruits were given the opportunity to get the answers for the exam and when asked how difficult these tests were, they said not hard at all. a woman will be getting a huge cash settlement. kingston claims that winston raped her while they were students. she claims that the school did
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tried to cover up the case. >> good evening jen. jameson winston plays here on sunday. but these allegations started following him around before he was a starter at fsu. today florida state admitted no kensman $250,000. $730,000. kensman claim she had to leave school and was denied an education because fsu didn't immediately investigate her allegations. federal prosecutor john fitsgibins isn't involved in the case but believes this was merely a business decision for fsu. >> this case is generating huge legal fees. it seems like it's endless, perhaps. really fsu probably doesn't want to have anything to do with this case any further. >> reporter: the school
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pointing out that they know have programs in place dealing with sexual misconduct. also pointing out they're admitting no wrong doing and that this settlement avoids millions of dollars in potential litigation fees. jen. >> jeff patterson live for us, thank you jeff. and fishing out tornado debris one week after a tornado touched down. threatening boats and life. so it's vital to get it cleaned up. we're talking about wildlife. john riders went out on the waters and he's joining us live from sarasota. there's a lot out there john. >> reporter: there is but they've made a lot of progress. but there's still a lot of work to do. there's debris that's caught up in the man groves and in the
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>> reporter: all of this tornado debris has got to go. county crews are cleaning up the damage left behind from last week's tornado. the challenge is picking all of it up. >> there are some big pieces of buildings that we know that we have not seen yet. so we're looking for those. across the intercostal water. county dispatch, six boats. >> just the material itself. >> reporter: the torn metal and nails can tear up boats so it's important to remove the debris. spot.
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so as crews are out here, they will leave markers. and a crew will come back and remove it. it's not only important for boats, but for the ecosystem. it's difficult yet delicate work and they expect to have it several days. the county partnered up with some private organizations to help clean up all this debris out here. and it's right now unclear how much this will cost the county to clean this up. but they feel it's worth the price because this is a very well traveled area plus they don't want to harm the environment out here. >> time is money, so it depends on how long it's going to take but it has to be cleaned up. the northeast is cleaning up at a winter blast. burtonsville. you can see how much snow was
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thankfully no one was hurt inside. some parts of maryland got up to 18-inches of snow. in washington, d.c., dump trucks helped clear the snow. it's still difficult to get around in some of the roadways and many school and government offices remained closed today. many major airports that closed ahead of the storm. passengers may still see some cancellations and delays. with one week to go before the voting begins in iowa. the three democratic presidential candidates -- >> it's really heating up in iowa which is where tonight's town hall is taking place. the three democratic hopeful nominees are going to be
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typical debate format you may be used to. >> reporter: riding high in iowa, bernie sanders leads the polls in the hawk eye state but is far from guaranteed victory. >> mr. sanders. >> reporter: sanders rise in the first state to vote comes in advance of hillary clinton. while clinton may be second, she's spending time reminding voters of her first time experience. >> and i offer you my experience and my judgment about how best that job should be done. >> reporter: over the weekend, clinton scored the endorsement of iowa's des moines register: but it's too earl troy tell -- will take the lead. error. but a rival pole shows sanders leading by a much bigger margin up to five points. tonight's cnn town hall will not include a debate state instead each candidate will
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already be looking ahead to new hampshire but even in the granite state, polls show sanders on top. what's interesting it's going to be one factor we heard about over the weekend. that's the fact that new york mayor mike michael bloomberg may jump into the race. just when you think you've heard it all and you think you know where this race will go, something like this may spin it on it head. >> it's a special election we're watching. the republicans have another debate on thursday. and this might help marco rubio he always does well in the debates and he's picking up steam in iowa. >> a distant third but still gains. he's been running ads across iowa. as you may imagine everybody would.
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des moines register the same paper that endorsed hillary. this may put him in the lead. and be seen as more of the traditional republican candidate. >> i'm going to grab my coat and head up to iowa, mark, thank you. >> it'll be an interesting week for you. >> i've never been to the iowa caucuses so it'll be interesting. scientists are using lasers to combat the disease. we'll take a closer look at this new technology. a bird swipeed from a pet store is back in its cage tonight. we have video of that reunion. >> after a cold morning with 30s.
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we'll have that and we'll talk about much higher warm temperatures in the way. >> one veteran's bad dream with
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8 only your side helped crack the case of hector the cocatoo. a woman who ended up caring for the bird saw our story and called deputies. tonight hector is home again and detectives are on the trail of the man the pet land worker duffel bag. and police have been trying
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being plaguing the citrus industry for years. >> reporter: this orange grove is one of many that dot the area. but they've had a devastating effect on their livelihood and their industry. >> reporter: citrus growers across florida have been finding a disease that's been killing their citrus for years. scientists are using lasers to inject the leaves with antibiotics which has proven better than just spraying the trees with insecticides. >> we're making head way and ultimately we're going to have a stable system followed by replanting that will restore this industry. >> citrus growers hope to be able to use the new technology as soon as this march. larry black is a third generation citrus grower and cannot wait to use it on his
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>> there's no silver bullet but this is a step forward in replacing insecticides. >> now you have a chance to turn around the entire florida citrus industry so that we can increase production instead of the production constantly going down. >> reporter: it's a step forward for the industry that does not want to become ex extinct. now to give you an idea why this is so important to citrus growers, the industry expects to produce 69 million boxes of produce this year alone. but when you compare it to 10 years ago, it was 240 million so you can see that for them,
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>> yeah it's been a huge deal for the growers out there who suddenly find that their property is worth more for development than it is for growing oranges and it's an ongoing battle for disease. brainer. to get it going. >> they're going to try to get it going as soon as possible. the project has to be approved by the fda. so they're going to do the best to get it to speed up the process. we got through the children's parade and now we're looking ahead to the big grown up parade. and maybe it'll be better. >> it won't be as cold but not as windy as this kwraor was.
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>> i walked by and -- whoa. >> it was a little windy out there. >> the cold cut through you. >> frosty morning for a lot of folks as you woke up. this is a nice photo from parish. michelle sent this to us. if you have more photos we would like to see them as well. for us through the overnight hours it's not guilty going to be as cold tonight as it was last night. temperatures significantly warmer by the time you wake up tomorrow morning. this morning, we were in the 20s and 30s. but tomorrow, we're going to be in the 40s and the 50s. most of us starting off the day in the low 50s. yes you will still want a light jacket but it won't be nearly as cold to start off the day. you can see as we get closer to the coast, any where from the upper 40s to low 60s in st. pete for tomorrow morning. throughout the day we're going to warm up nicely as well. by noon we're already into the upper 60s. expect a little more cloud cover into tomorrow.
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as we head into the evening hours. it's quiet now. we're looking at a high area of low pressure that's pushed up to the east of us. that southeasterly flow really helps to bring in milder air. that's how we're going to see the brief warm up in the tampa area. we're tracking some changes. notice the cold front just to our west. that area of low pressure. this system is moving our way and will arrive here in the tampa bay area by the middle of this coming week. here's the big picture view. you can see it slowly pushing east. but the time we get into wednesday morning, we're going to start to see only rain around here. tomorrow stays pretty quiet. it's as we head into the early morning hours wednesday when we start to see showers. as the rain moves through, the showers will turn into snow as well. tomorrow morning will definitely be milder. temperatures in the low 50s. notice the forecast model picking up on a little more cloud cover into the afternoon
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over all going to be a great day. we'll top out in the mid-70s. not expecting rain for tuesday. there's the front we just showed you it starts to move in. so by 7:00 a.m. or so we could already be seeing a few showers around. as it passes, we could see on and off showers and storms with some heavy rainfall through the day. we're probably talking one to 3- inch inches across the tampa bay area. we're going to keep rain chances around for thursday as well. the day. we'll watch that closely for you for the timing. but all of it should be moved out as we head into friday. and of course for gasparilla this coming wednesday. currently outside it's 64. 68 in plant city and inverness. not too bad around here. minneapolis. heading into tomorrow, temperatures briefly warmer
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but with the cold front on wednesday. temperatures going to quickly drop back. friday will likely be the coolest day so by saturday for the parade. we'll be topping out in the upper 60s. some clouds around, rain chances out of the forecast. it shouldn't be as windy. so if you're planning ahead. a light jacket, a sweater, dress in layers throughout the day. upper 60s is pretty ideal. >> comfortable. >> thank you. we're just days away from the gasparilla parade of pirates. i will cohost our coverage along with josh benson and jen holloway will be our pirate coverage on the streetless. >> i looked at the ratings and i think everybody in america this weekend.
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panthers panthers are going to be facing the denver broncos. >> if you want to watch it in person it's going to cost you. >> super bowl prices are soaring. what you can expect to pay for
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more breaking news tonight. a car has crashed into a building in tampa. eagle8 pilot reporter, i guess more a reporter not pilot. paul enzel live at the scene. >> reporter: we're at tina's nail salon. and if i pull back you can see the damage.
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you can't even see the car. we are told two people were transferred from the scene. you can see the damage is quite severe so two people taken away. we're not sure how they ended up crashing into this building but you can see the building is smashed right in. >> yeah they plowed right through it. paul amason live for us up in eagle lake. thank you paul. nielson is going to be tracking discussions people have about tv coast to coast. they will also incorporate conversations from instagram. the average resale price of a ticket to the february 7th game between the broncos and panthers. $5,178. >> chaching. >> that's according to super bowl tracker zeekgeek.
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ticket and he's here to tell us more. >> too pricey for me. what kind of jobs are coming to tampa international. >> we're going to go behind the
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