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tv   News Ch8 at 5PM  NBC  January 26, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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>> and i'm keith cate. a report of an active shooter at the naval center turned out to be false. schools near by went on locked down. armed officers swept through the building searching room by room. they escorted dozens of people out. navy officials revealed they did not find any evidence of a shooter. >> as of right now we have found absolutely not that indicates there were any shots fired. there are no casualties at this time. >> captain curt jones said the report of shots came from one single witness.
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every active shooter report very seriously. >> reporter: no word yet on exactly who made that report of the gunfire or whether that person may face any penalties. now officials in california have been on high alert since the mass shooting in december. you will recall on december 2nd a married couple terrorized and killed 14 people in san bernardino california. they opened fire at a holiday party. an uber ride ended with a driver behind bars after he pointed a gun at his own passenger. john rogers joins us from manati county with more. >> reporter: one of the passengers wasn't feeling very well, but that uber driver did not care to clean up that mess and an argument escalated very quickly. >> reporter: some uber drivers have had genuine reasons to
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this uber in miami called police after a belligerent drunk kept attacking him. and this uber driver used pepper spray after a passenger kept attacking him. but mcdonald took things too far. he carried three passengers when one of them complained of being sick. so mcdonald pulled over on fairfield boulevard. >> he forcefully removes one of them. just escorts the person out of the vehicle. >> reporter: the affidavit says mcdonald did not want vomit in his $75,000 car. so as they begin arguing, mcdonald pulled out a gun. >> he was nervous, that something might happen. >> reporter: except what happened was mcdonald was arrested. he claimed he acted in self- defense but deputies say his actions were too violent.
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this driver's account has been inactivated. we repeatedly called mcdonald but did not get a response. >> do not pull your firearm unless you're in fear of your life, and this did not rise to that level according to the witness. >> reporter: we also tried to reach out to the passenger in this case, and he was unavailable for comment as well. >> do now know how long mcdonald has been an uber driver. >> he's only been a driver for them for a few days. he just joined with them earlier this month. >> thank you, john. reptiles are causing a big problem at a local airport. tortoises are causing a slow
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>> reporter: a new air traffic control tower is being built to handle more traffic but that also means near by residents are being forced out. construction on the new 142- foot tall air traffic control tower at lakeland linda airport is just about complete. it's another step as the airport continues to grow. but before the tower opens next month, this bank of trees has to be removed. >> there's about 120 acres we're about to clear. we make sure that they have line of sight in all of taxi ways. >> reporter: they have 55 to 65 65 tortoises and their young that need to be cleared. >> we're going to move them out and move guard.
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tortoises can be touched, rules have to be followed. >> they're still on the endangered list. >> reporter: cooper is not involved in the project but he told me to be good stewards of the land, this needs to be done. >> we can't stop our lives, we have to keep going. so we have to remove them the way they have to be removed. in the end everybody is happy and life goes on. >> reporter: the airport will pay thousands in fees to remove the tortoises. >> it's not cheap, but it's what we need to do and it's what we are going to do. >> reporter: eventually it'll be developed with hangers and maintenance facilities. >> reporter: so how long will the permit long to take. >> reporter: those permits
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next week. after that it should take two weeks to remove those gopher tortoises to their new home. >> slow go, slow going. josh barker, thank you. about a week ago this billboard was erected outside of mcdenton's along south howard in the popular bar district. the people who live in the neighborhood just aren't happy about it. they say this just adds to the other annoyances like noise and parking. >> it's a monstrosity, it's ugly.
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there's no way anybody can -- the recall covers trucks from 2004 to 2006. sold in the united states and canada. this is part of a series of recalls concerning those air bags. schools remained close in the wake of the massive winter storm. the storm dumped 22-inches of snow across the nation's capital. public transportation is getting back to normal as that snow is cleared. at least 45 deaths are blamed on the storm system. wal-mart and its partners are sending more than 6 million bottles of water to flint
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the bottles donated by wal- mart, coke and nestle are helping out. in exchange for an ends to economic sanctions. after their meeting the president asked the pope to pray for him. still ahead, you may have heard cannons booming in downtown tampa today. >> and you know what that means, of course it means the gasparilla pirates are here to demand the city surrender. >> coming up, the mayor warranted to give up the key to the city. >> and a new atm lets you leave your cards at home and use your phone instead. >> it was significantly warmer across the tampa bay area this afternoon. but we're already tracking our next cold front. we'll let you know just how
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and we'll also talk about your rain chances. and recognizing the
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sad news in the entertainment word,abe bagoda has died. he is better remembered as sal in the god father. he also played detective phil fish in barney miller. bagoda was 90 years old. a texas grand jury has cleared planned parenthood of all misconduct in undercover videos. instead it indicted people who
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the video appeared to show planned parenthood employees talking about selling fetal tissue. >> we've occasionally let women donate fetal tissue for research. and that's now been proven. >> one of those states investigated was florida. fdle officials found no wrong doing here. the undercover videos have been sited by lawmakers as a reason to defund planned parenthood. the u.s. has taken another step to improve its relationship with cuba. while americans can still only travel to cuba under 12 guidelines they will now be
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country. the u.s. will also allow more cuban commodities to be exported. are you ready? we're just days away from the 2016gasparilla pirate festival. today the pirates sent an advanced team to get the key to the city from mayor buckhorn. >> do you think he would see it coming. every year. did we fall for it this year? and that sets things up for the gasparilla. will we go down easily again or will we fight this time? >> have you guys heard, hey good evening jen and keith. apparently there's some kind of invasion going on in tampa this weekend. they already have the bleachers set up on bay shore for the parade that follows. and today this afternoon, the pirates of yemister crew came into downtown tampa with guns
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>> reporter: it's an annual tradition as the pirates of yee mystic crew invade tampa looking for the mayor. >> the mayor has to be around here some where i want to get him. >> reporter: the idea is the pirates politely ask for the key to the city. if the mayor refuses, a full scale invasion is on. >> not again. >> we got the mayor. >> i'm not giving up the city. i'm telling you, i'm not. we're fighting to the death. we'll give up patterson. >> mayor buckhorn decided not to give up without a fight. even asking me for help. >> that's exactly what we should do. we should bring in the calvary. >> these guys are nothing, i closed. >> reporter: but the pirates request. >> i pray you grant my captain's request. the keys. what say yee.
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give up the keys to your city? >> cheers. >> not you guys i know what you want. >> reporter: the mayor refused, the invasion is on. >> my crew is armed and my ship is armoured. >> reporter: i love the how the mayor doesn't want to give up the key but he's willing to give me to the pirates without a second thought. the joke is on the mayor because this year i was named the honorary alcalde of emore and it was i that let the pirate s into the city. >> does that make you a double crosser. i'm not sure i follow the whole story line. >> so the mayor lets in the pirates and that starts today. that kind of kicks off the entire thing. it's quite an honor to be named alcalde i'm very appreciative. >> you'll be a part of the festivities this weekends even though the mayor tried to throw you under the ship, sort to say. >> he did ask for back up. so the roughriders will be
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i'll be at the bay shore with 600 of my good friends. >> look up and wave at jen while she goes by. thanks jeff. always a good time. the fight. and wfla will have coverage. our coverage starts at 2:30. we posted everything you need to know on >> and so far it seems like the weather is going to cooperate on saturday. >> things shaping up very nicely for us for this coming weekend. which we always love to hear. because the weather could be -- >> a bit dicey at times. >> it is 50/50 year to year. >> really dicey this time of year. we have changes coming our way. but for this evening, really we're going to have a nice afternoon. out at frenchy's 67 degrees. don't expect to see a lot of sunshine. the clouds will be staying with us as those rain chances will
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at lakewood ranch, 75 degrees currently. a lot of us did make it into the 70s this afternoon. you can see the extra clouds in this location as well. for the rest of this evening what to expect. temperatures just slowly falling back for as the clouds will continue to increase. then as we head into the overnight hours, rain and storm chances begin to go up as we head toward sunrise tomorrow morning. so for the morning commute we're looking at some pretty good rain chances already into the forecast. temperatures mild in the mid- 60s but really we're talking about the storms for tomorrow. that's the big story. here's a look at what we're expecting. we'll break it down for you. when will the rain begin. it starts up tomorrow morning for the most part and pretty much expect a wash out of the day for the showers and storms continuing all the way into the afternoon and the evening. pretty much everyone is looking at at least an inch of rain. some of the heavier showers and storms we could see two to 3 inches of rain in spots. isolated street flooding could
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could also see an isolated severe storm as well. we'll be watching these showers and storms very closely for tomorrow. the rain begins to taper off some by the evening hours, but we also see a disturbance coming in keeping a pretty good chance of rain. there's the front we're watching off to our west. you can see it bringing us gulf states. we're expecting this to slowly sink toward the south and east. pretty quiet for tonight. but by the time we get into tomorrow morning another story. the front slowly sinks to the south. along with this frontal boundary coming in, we're looking at a decent chance of showers thursday. but it all clears up for friday. we have north wind that develops on friday. friday will be another cool day. also looking at drier air that's going to stick around all the way through this coming weekend.
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temperatures again today we're back into the 70s. with the front tomorrow we're looking at another cool down. by friday that's a peak of the cool air and we start to warm up as we head into this coming weekend. which is good news for the g asparilla. we're looking at temperatures around 62. a very light jacket will do. it'll be partly cloudy and not too chilly. partly cloudy skies, so really going to be a pleasant afternoon. maybe a touch on the cool side but not too bad. especially nothing compared to that children's parade last weekend. currently temperatures for most of us are sitting in the mid- 70s. still 79 in week week. some of the cooler air behind that front already working its way in to the great lakes it's 37 in minneapolis. 20 in chicago. we'll see some of that cooler
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storm chances for tomorrow. you see that good 80% chance of rain through the day. it's not going to be like some of the last systems we've seen where you see that quick 20, 30 minutes of rain then it clears out. the showers and storms tomorrow are going to linger through the day for most of us. even into thursday as well. so this is almost a two day event. wednesday looks a lot worse. that's going to be the stormier day but the stronger air continues on thursday. imagine a stroller that pushes itself. >> coming up next when parents with tired arms can expect some relief. if they are willing to pay for
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a new self-propelling stroller aims to make it easier for parents. it features cameras and three different retractable canopies. the price will be close to $3,000 when the stroller launches next year. jp morgan chase is rolling out new eatms's. the new generation machines will roll out 10s, 20th, 50s and 100s dollar bills. and to make it work with periscope, first links to an iphone through wifi.
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people to select the go live. membership. if not -- not your neighbor probably does. that's because almost 60% of households have a membership. it reduces your shipping cost so when you go out to buy that stroller for that new baby you have coming around. >> that's a bit spendy for me. >> that is astronomical. and how officials want to honor the remains found at a boys school. >> and if you've been preparing for the gasparilla you may have
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