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tv   News Ch8 at 6PM  NBC  January 26, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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schaible. >> and i'm keith cate. thank you for joining us tonight. we begin with breaking news. a home invasion in hernando flight. two people are hurt and their injuries are described as serious. deputies do have someone in custody and there's no threat to the community. we will let you know as soon as we get there to bring you more information. an update to an investigation. sink hole justice. more than a year after we expose their deception a couple goes to court one more time before sentencing. we thought it was going to be one more time but this couple had dozens of supporters there asking the judge for leniency. >> despite all of that, there's
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couple lying about the sink hole. and we're being joined by shannon behnken live from outside the courthouse. >> reporter: we tried to talk to the defendants outside of the courthouse and here's how they responded. >> what do you guys are hoping is going to happen here? do you have anything to say? any reaction today? >> reporter: glen and katherine jason were found guilty of wire fraud in october. this followed an 8 on your side investigation that exposed they sold their spring hill home and lied about a sink hole activity under the home. to the home buyers. they had already collected an insurance settlement for $153,000 but they did not tell this to the new buyers. those buyers have five young
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house, they had to move out of the house when it cracked and their insurance company dropped them. those buyers are ready for all of this to be over. >> so what's your reaction to what happened today? how do you think it's going so far. >> i don't know. it's very con feuding -- it's very confusing but we're going to try to figure it out. >> reporter: what do you want to happen? >> i just want them to take it back, and not have to spend all the extra money all the time. >> reporter: the judge will reconvene this on thursday morning at 9:00. he has a big decision to make. he has to decide whether this is serious enough, whether the offense is serious enough to send this couple in their 60s to prison. this is the first case of its kind. there are a lot of other 8 on your side investigations that we have broken where other people have done essentially the same thing so there are a lot of people watching this to see what will happen.
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>> that might explain why it's taking so long. we have much more on what's happening. we go to a neighborhood eyesore, 8 on your side has been getting a lot of complaints about this. that massive billboard right there at a south tampa hot spot. the sign in question is above mcdonton's irish pub and many are wondering why social security -- why it's there in the first place. >> reporter: good evening stace we all know that this area is a popular pub area. but there's a neighborhoods behind here. >> reporter: sometimes you love your neighbor but sometimes you don't.
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it's ugly, it's unsightly. >> reporter: when this billboard was erected on south howard on mcdenton's irish pub property people who live near by thought surely this isn't legal. >> you have a sign that's being put up that is as big as 275. >> reporter: the neighbors quickly learned no rules were broke -pl. - - broken. this taste of the rockies is an agreement to settle a lawsuit. >> just because you can doesn't mean you should. >> reporter: the lease for this billboard is for the next 10 years. >> have you gotten calls about this. >> i've gotten a lot of calls about it and i've had a lot of people who have talked to me about it. >> reporter: the frustration now extends to the city who tells us their hands are tied. >> i will tell you, that one of the things that is very
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general in life, is that you can't always legislate good taste. >> it blemishing the neighborhood. >> so the people you just tell them, you you just have to get over it. >> i would not put it that way, but there's nothing the city can do about that. >> reporter: i spoke to the owner, he tells me he didn't think the billboard would be a big deal when he signed the lease and that he's sorry that some people are upset. but it seems like it's going to remain here. >> reporter: is there anything he can do or that he's willing to do to fix this? >> you know i did ask him that today and he said he would get in touch with all front media the company that's leasing this billboard. but we'll just have to see what happens. >> reporter: candace mccowan live in tampa. thank you. what do you think about
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tampa. it's an eyesore, not a big deal, or no opinion unsure. you can follow us on and cast your vote. new information in the case of a pinellas county woman who disappeared two years ago and has not been seen since. the only suspect in the case, jerry gaston has died. he owned the home where roberta cable disappeared. they say gas ton made inconsistent statements and eventually refused to talk. deputies hope someone may know something that could help crack this case. a braydonton uber driver has been arrested for pointing a gun at his own passenger. one of them started complaining about being sick so mcdonald pulled over and forced the person out. that's when mcdonald pulled gun out on them.
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pull your gun out unless you're frightened for your life. and this according to the witnesses didn't rise to that level. not any where near that level. >> reporter: well mcdonald has been charged with aggravated assault and battery. and uber has deactivated his account. a guy caught on camera swiping a $2,000 bird from a largo pet store has now been arrested. christopher wipple together detectives he did not steal the bird, he claimed the bird climbed into his bag and closed the zipper with his beak. a friend of wipple turned the bird over yesterday. >> so it's the bird's fault. >> it was. >> they have to blame the bird. >> making a run for it. >> got to laugh. still ahead tonight, to go. >> a veterinarian struggling to
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coming up our 8 on your side investigation on to how hillsborough county addressed the case. we made it to 77 in tampa. but we're tracking the next cold front. it's going to arrive tomorrow: we'll time that out for you
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school recess statewide to the capital today. a florida house voted unanimously for a bill that would require elementary schools to set aside 20 minutes a day for recess. you will remember it was a polk county mom who started the push to bring back daily recess with an online petition. tampa is now ready for the gasparilla invasion. if you were any where near downtown tampa today you may have heard all the commotion there today. take a listen. >> that's the sound of pirates of the mystic crew of
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they were in search of the mayor. this is all part of the gaspari l la set for this friday. and the pirates asked the mayor for the key of the city and if he refuses, the battle is on. calendar. newschannel8 will carry the parade of pirates live for you. jen leigh, josh benson will be covering the parade. the coverage starts at 2:30 and we posted everything you need to know about gasparilla. and we posted everything for you on and some animals dropped off at the veterinarian's office. >> and what the vet was told
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now an 8 on your side investigation. abandoned again. animals dumped at a veterinarian's office. calls for help to the county and the response stunning. a vet says she contacted the
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dumped at her door. >> and the vet was told, just let them go. >> the answer to your first question is, the county says it can't find any record of someone saying just let them go. the answer to the second question what's going on at pet resources slower response times and plenty of questions. >> good boy. what a good boy. >> reporter: veterinarian dr. spencer day is caring for and treating sick and injured animals like this little guy. on three occasions last year people abandoned dogs and cats at her animal hospital. >> we either, adopt them, you know fix them up, adopt them out, in some cases it's just more than we can handle at the time. maybe we still have other animals to adopt or we just don't have room. >> reporter: she's called hillsborough. >> i was told it was my job. since i was a veterinarian that
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>> reporter: cameras captured this suv pulling into the veterinarian office. a man opens his trunk, and a dog starts to roam around. he left them then drove off. a month later, the same guy left a load of cats. several months earlier, someone else left a box of cats. >> i was shocked. >> reporter: shocked because someone told her to let the animal go. let it out. >> let it out. i said i can't do that. that would be animal endangerment. i just can't let the dog out. >> reporter: abandoning pets at a vet's office is like abandoning a baby at a fire station. >> i asked if i should bring the -t cats to the fire station, and i was told that i wouldn't, that wouldn't be acceptable. >> reporter: so she reasoned why not drop them off at pet resources where a vet is on staff. here's why not.
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animals is a crime. >> considered criminal activity to drop animals at animal services after hours. >> reporter: but it's okay to do it here. >> apparently, yes. >> reporter: dr. allan sent a letter to the commission says she believes state resources is making it more difficult to help the animals. >> and what about the county? who's responsible for this. >> they said that they could not track down who told her that. just let them go. and another reason they gave is
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cloudy skies around this evening from hula bay in south tampa. 68degrees, significantly warmer this afternoon. that southerly flow really helped to warm us up. a big change from yesterday. for the rest of this evening if you have outdoor plans hey looking pretty good. temperatures still in the upper 60s for us. the cloud cover will stay with us but still mostly dry. it's really until much later tonight into tomorrow morning. where our rain chances really start to go back up again. as you wake up tomorrow morning. temperatures will be in the mid- 60s. that's when the storms begin. we're expecting scattered showers and storms through the day. temperatures topping out in the low 70s tomorrow afternoon. now you can see the clouds around, no rain in our area just yet. high pressure still in place. the rain is good deal off to the west. you can see this cold front, this is the one we're tracking. this is the rainmaker headed our way for tomorrow. currently bringing rain across
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way into southern mississippi and southern louisiana. here's what we're expecting. the rain and storms will start up tomorrow morning. pretty much a wash out of an afternoon. don't expect to see much nice weather for tomorrow. with us. everyone will pick up about an inch of rain. a lot of areas will see two to three inches of rain through the day. possible. morning hours. the rain, starts to taper off as we head into wednesday thursday. the rain just won't be as heavy. won't be quite as widespread but we'll still see more showers throughout the day on thursday. here's what we're expecting. you can see the cloud cover that will stay with us through the overnight hours. sprinkles overnight but as we head into tomorrow morning. there's the front and those are the showers and storms along it. these start to make their way south through the day. the rain will be heavy at times. it'll be a pretty stormy, late morning, late afternoon hours. the rain lingers into the
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with the front still around. another passing disturbance we'll see more lingering showers. the storms won't be as strong. the rain won't be as heavy but it's still not going to be a very nice day. temperatures falling back into the upper 60s and it's not until thursdays evening where the rain completely clears out. then by friday, sunshine returns. the cooler and drier air comes in behind this front. highs into the 60s. the dry weather is going to be appreciated as we go into gasparilla. it's going to be chilly in the 40s during the early morning hours. as we get closer to noon we'll be in the mid-50s. couldn't ask for a much better forecast as we head into gasparilla. 70 in st. pete. 70 in brooksville. temperatures tonight are only going to fall back into the mid- 60s. so a mild night. that's through the clouds around.
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a lot of moisture around tomorrow and as the front moves through. those rain chances going up to 48%. you can guarantee you will see rain at your house for tomorrow. as far as severe storms are concerned guys. we are looking at a light potential mainly for the first half of the day tomorrow. we'll watch it closely when to expect a big outbreak. this time of year we can see these fronts. >> we know what happened recently. >> it drops very quickly. so we'll watch it. >> thank you. and the lightning practice for the last time before this weekend's all star break. jameson winston. you've known by now. you heard this. he's headed to the probowl. but is his action a popular
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bucks fans may be excited to see quarterback jameson wilson get the call to plan this week's probowl. but the decision to include jameson winston in the probowl, is not going well in other places. there's a lot of questions sighting worthiness. let's be honest this is the nfl's fault for keeping this probowl alive. 35 players turned down the invite. numbers make for a good debate. but don't blame jameson for answering his phone. the lightning play the final game before the all star break.
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the bolts will probably rather keep playing. the winter win streak has put them at the front of the race. just to remind them of urgency they will face after the break, their head coach put them up for a tough practice. >> our most important game on our schedule is coming up wednesday night. we need to win that one. we need to go into this break back on the winning track. >> i think we realized we had a couple of days here. we had some events. it hasn't been true days off but i think guys that are recharging the battery and getting up for this one game after the break. we want to go out obviously winning. >> and this weekend the prestigious roll out. and it might be a different look at the finish line.
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that's actually been around for a couple of years. but dominance, and driver katherine leg told us today she can't wait to compete in this unique car. >> we go just as quick as the other car. so i think we're just proving that it does pay to be economical. and it's just a really cool car to be part of. you look at it and you have an emotion about it. you can't go past it in a pit lane and not stop and go, i love it. or i hate it. you have an opinion on it. and also, you know it looks like the bat mobile so that's an extra. that's pretty cool. >> appealinging to the bat mobile crowd. >> she's from england. >> she lives in atlanta. that's where the team is based. >> she's racing a few indy 500s and done some indy car events. she's very happy in this. the team is running well right now. so we wish them the best. >> love daytona.
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>> we have mild temperatures for this evening. the rain returns tomorrow. >> nightly news is next, we'll
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