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tv   News Ch8 Today at 6AM  NBC  January 27, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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gogood morning and thanks for watching news channel 8 today. i'm gayle guyardo. >> and i'm gene ramirez. in our top stories this wednesday morning, a chickenpox warning for local parents and kids. eight students at a pinellas county elementary school have the e virus. officials are worried the numbmber could go up if they are not vaccinatated. thisis morning the leaders of an armed group p occupying a national wildlilife refuge in oregon are under arrest. .
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stopped d the man and his followers. gunfnfire erupted, one e person died before agents took the man, his brother and three others into custody. and d we have been waking up to rain all morning. the storm system moving through h the bay area, it could bring us 2 to 3 inches of rain over the next 24 hours but meteorologist leigh spann has s a lolook at the system right now. >> we e might get the breaeak when a lot of you are head off to your mornining commute. but also the cold front causing this well back to the west and thatat's going to bring back in rain. but at this point, let me show you where the rain is falling. from pasco county north through hernando and citrus county. but look at this, heavy rain in pinellas and now w just light sprinkle, same thining in hillsbsborough county. polk county, you had heavy rain overernight and you arare starting the toto dry out as well. and farther r to the south, we still have some rain coming down in highlands coununty. and let me show you the e forecast because this wiwill take
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and notice what happen, 6:00, 7:7:00, 8:00 this morning, relatively dry. still cloudy and big puddles on the road but not t a lot of rarain coming down duduring the morning commute. look at this, by lunchtime, you may want to pack the lunch because more rain comes in and spreads inin all afternoon and evening off the gulf of mexico. so in weatather and traffic on ththe 8s at 6:0808, i take you spspecifically hour-by-hour and d show you what to expect. . but leslee has specifics on big road problems. two big problem, bothth involvlved semi-trucks. these slipperyry roads nevever a good thing. we have a delay ofof overer 30 minutes, folk, northbouound from kennedy y to ashley coming off of the e howard franklin bridge. it's all due to ththis accident here. still onlyly the right lane coming by. listen f you're coming off -- listen, if you'rere cocoming off the howard franklin bridge, exit at kennedy and take highway y 60 instead. . quite a mess ththere. let's move overer to pinellas, , not t good news hehere, 38thth avenue north blocked both directions
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take 30thth instead. this crash has a semi-truck ininvolved as well. . that's a look at weatheher and traffic. back toto gene and gayle. >> thanks. . parents are raising quesestions about whether their kids shouould bebe vavaccinated against chchickenpox. >> the florida didn't of health is urging parents at one local scschool to do so nonow that eight kids haveve contracted the virurus. nenews channel 8's lindsey mastis is joining us live with the mornining alert. > reporter: hundreds of people are sharing and commenting onon this story on our wfla facebook page. and because of the state statute, t the healthth department is not naming the elementary school. and we do o know it's in pinellas coununty and the officials sesent out letters toto parents. the number of cases in pinellasas county started rising lastst year. accocording to the health competent,t, in 202012, therere were just 16 cases. and by the enend of lalast yeyear, ththere were 38. and now w the healalth department wants all children vaccinateded.
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families that used medical or to reconsider. they poinint out ththat for chilildren with comproromised immunemement is, symptoms can bebe serious and lelead to complications tashfefeen maliks, pneumonia or even -- compmplications tashfeen maliks, knew -- complications such as lesions or pneumonia or even death. and d one writes about heher three sonsns. she says one year after ththe shots, they had an outbreak at the schoolol and they got chickenpox again. so in my opininion, the shot doesn't work. . and ananother write, both of my kids had the vaccine,e, both were exposed to chickenpox on several occasions and neither r ofof them got itit. we want to know whwhat you ththink. you can join the discussision on our wfla facebook page. >> i know you will be gegetting feedbaback. thanks.
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alerts each day on facebook and twitter. just search the #8alert. 8 onon your sidede has anan alerting for this morning, especially for parerent, a dangerous drug causing kids to overdose. two peoplele were rushed to the hospital afafter overdodosing on the synthetic drdrug known as momolly. 8 on yoyour side's ryan hughs is live at t the health department thisis morning. it goes by the e street name molly y but it has anotheher name asas well. >> reporter: molly is also known as ecstasy and people use it at parties to get energy and. and now officicials here at the florida departrtment of health are concerned by this. the two people hospitalized in largo are e believed to have used molly from ththe same batch. both overdodosed and were put on life support. anand here's the problem, molly is often made in ovoverseas labs wiwith no overersight or quality control and an ovoverdoses can lelead to i increased bobody
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anxiety and confusion. the after effect cans be long days. they think they're taking. >> reporter:r: now 8 on your side checked wiwith the pipinellas countyty sheriff's o office to see if there's been an up tick in usage. it doesn't apappear there is bubut deputies are seeing more anand more synthetic drugs on the and nonow there's no test usused molly. doctors just have to trtreat symptoms until thehe poison leaves the body. it's obviously very dangerous and parents shouould be on alert for r this. back to you.u. >> you got to watch out for the sisigns. you might hear your kid on the phone saying, are you picking up molly? they're not talking about a friend. developing this mornrning a neighborhood is shaken afteter two women were aiair lifted to the hospital followining a violent home ininvasion. the attacker broke into the home and beat the women with an
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police c caught the attatacker a mile awaway. anand now investigators are cecertaining for a motive and believe the victctims knknew they are attacker. st. . parties policece are investigatating a fafatal crash involvining a woman in a motorized whwheelchair. this -- - st. petersburg police are investigating a fatal crash involving a woman in a a mototorized wheelchair. . the search is s on for a hit- and-run driver inin tampa. ththe driver hit a mototorcyclist near the intersection of rome avavenue north and sly avenue west. paramedics rushed the motorcyclist to the hospital. he is expectcted to survive. thisis morning, a suspected bird thiefef is telling his side of the story. christopheher wipple claims he didn't do it, the bird did. that's right, he is accused of stealing a $2,000 cockatoo from a pet store e in largo. surveillance video captptured him
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the bird on his shoulder. and there he is getting ready to go to jail. he claims the bird climbed into his bag g and closed the zipper with hisis beak. >> now give this guy the benefit of the doubt, you see the bird breaking into the bag, allegedly.y. you dodon't stop the bird? you don't tell an employee? >> no, they wewere fast friends apparently. 14 sea turtles are back in the wildld this morning thanks to the florida aquarium. they were rescued in new england duriring a cold snap in november. the aquarium nurseded four back to health. and d crews then released all 14 turtleles at canaveral national seashore on the east coast. good luck, , guys. i hope you enjoy. if. > it's rainy now. >> it has been very rainy but here's some good news a lot more o of us gegetting on the road right now won't have toto deal with the rain coming down. look at the break wewe're getting. we had the babatch of rain if
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and -- rain from midnight till babasically now. and now we'r're getting a break momentarily. it's going to come back. i don't t think wewe will see much rain betweween now and d 8:00 a.a.m. and after that, the rain chance rampmps back up, 80% right t through lulunchtime. 70% through the eaearly afternoooon. soso we are going to lulunch, while the kids come home from school, that's where we hahave the best rain chance anand 60 at 5:00, 6:00 this evenening. lookok at the rarainfall totals. overnight, aboutut .50 or more. anand by 2:00 p.m.m., more starting toto the sesee more than an inch of rain. thatat red color in some places by 8:30 thisis even, that's 2 inches of rarainfall and we're not done yetet. off f and on heavy downpours s today, tonigight and even tomomorrow morning so flooding is going to be our biggest threreat. and we could see an isolatated strong thunderstorm but t we
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let's check on 8080 traffic on the 8s. the best way to prevent accidents isis to watch your speeds. when i i was a teenager, i hydroplaned d at 35 miles per hourur, got in a crash. i will never forgrget that. we have a couple major accident, 275 in tampa, hitting the brakes off the howard frananklin bridge. and wewe are looking g atat 41 minutes. so off thehe bridge, just exit, trust me, exit and then go to kennedy y boulevard. don't take 275. look at this. if you u werere going slower, you would be gogoing backwards and. a we have a bad crash involving a semi in pinellas county. >> thank you. prohibited to pray. . >> ahead, the bay area school asked not to prpray before the football championship game and controversy. and a scscheduling nightmare when it comes to taking the driver's license road test. the onone county where e it's a big g problem and 8 on your side you're watchining news channel 8
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>> right now, duke energy is working g to restore power to hundredsds of people in pinellas county. this is a lolook at the company's outagege map. this time. duke ashowers customers it is working on the problem and will restore power as soonon as
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in an 8 onon your side alalert northernining, hillsborough coununty residents have to wait mumuch longer than other drdrivers to schedule e ththeir driviver's licensnse road test.t. it's the bay area county with the most drivers but has the least number of teststing location, just one. so i did some digging and found out ththat's by design, but does it work? >> it's like clock world series. >> reporter:r: his son got his licensnse fast, though scheduduling the road test in hillsborough county took long. >> about a month.h. >> reporter: i just checked a few dadays ago and couldn't find anythingng on the hillsboroughgh calendar through march. and nonow it says all appoinintments are booked and d then i i checkeked pinellas county and i can find anan appointmentnt withinin weeks. >> i think we do provide it in a titimely man? >> reporter: a month verses two or threeee days? >> we are going to expand the appointments and you will sesee that when we open thisis branch back up in august.
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collector's office claims a future exexpansion of the single teststing location will offer more than the 120 daily y appopointments now w available. and ththird party vevendors are now being lolooked at but no additional locations the. office believes it's safer to keep tests on this tracack rather than residential streets or parking lots. still ununwilling to wait? ? some are heading to neighboring coununties fofor the services. polk c county's tax collector claiaim non-residentnts accoununt for 10%. > that's a concern in regards s to the majority of the fafacility, the ststaff, the overhead of the e office is paid through h the commissions s we receive in add vaccinated lore yum taxexes. >> reporterer: soso do -- add v alor -- in taxes. >> rereporter: i lelearned the state gives tax collectotors justst
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when you geget ththe state license. and now both collectors agree it would help if they y got more money from the e state e because at the end of the day, this is a state funcnction. it's a florida driver's license bubut not too o longng ago, they had the tax collector's office run the operation. >> and whwhen your teen wants to drive, they want to drdrive now. i went to pass. > yeah, -- i went to pasco. >> and yeah, and some other people i dodon't want to have to drive. >> i caved. i caved. all right, a tampa neighborhohood is outraged with what it calls an eyesore. it's a huge billboboard. you can see the e signgn in the tampa. the giant sign sits outstside the store. people in the neneighborhood explain n it's an annoyance like bills and parkining. ththe owner said it will be ththere for 10 years. a private christian school in tampa is demanding action
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the statate championships. this hapappened in orlando when they took on university christian in decemberer. at the time, cambridge claims they were told the pre-game prayer could not be broadcast over the loud speakers. the school believes its civil rights were violated and is threatening to take action. >> the the government can sensor your speech, what speech is going to be safe? > school officials explain they were told the prayer was not allowed because religion is nonot allowed on government property. cambridge is giving the athletic a association 30 days to respond or they may file a lawsuiuit. the so-c-called affluenza teen could soon return to texas. ethan couch drdropped his bibid to stay in memexico. hehe is accused of a deadly drunk drivining accident. his attorney argued his privileged life style prevented him frfrom knowing riright from wrwrong. and prosecutorors claim couch and hihis mother fled the texas as
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probation. we are seconds away from 6:18 on this wet wednesday morning. >> as more of you hit the road for the morning commute, the rain is subsidining, at least momentarily. we still have pockets of rain in citrus, hernando and now in pasco county and eastern portions of f polling and highlands county. but look at hillsboroughgh, pinellas, just some lilight rain. and dodon't get used to that. an area of rain in the gulf is developiping and willll come in here latater today. so go ahahead and download the free weather max app. it keeps you updated it hahas ththe upupdate right there and it will riright back up. it wiwill bring a 60% rain chance this morning. 80% at noon. and maybe bring your lunch to workrk so you don't have to get out in the rain. still l a 7070% chance at 3:00 p.m. and the storm prediction center has us in the marginal risk of severe activivity. so i don't think you will sesee a
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we could see e a few strong wind gugusts. i will monitor that closely over the rest of the day but the tornado threat is low. watch through the day. here it is at 8:00 this morning. not a lot of rainin. coululd you be seseeing a a shower? yes, b but not widedespread. anand by 1:00 p.m., here come the pockets of dodownpour, off and on all day picking up anywhere frfrom 1 to 3 inches of rain where you live which means watch for flflooded streets. itit will continue overninight and finally drying ouout tomorrow and d that's going toto lead to a beautiful gasparilla weekend bubut it's not so beautiful on the roads right now, leslee. >> it is not. and unfortunatelely fofolk, we have some sad news now.w. kicking off this morning, it's a wet morning, the roads are slippery and you want to watctch your speeds. . we have a fatal crash inin pinellas county. authororities have confirmed with meme that one person isis ceased ---- is dececeased. semi-truck and a vehihicle, not a good situatition.
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westbound is blocked now w atat 41st. soso take 30th ininstead. and other in hillsborough county, look at this delay, 5151 minute, almost at an hour off the howard franklin bridge kekennedy to asashley. why? we h have an accident. this one involves a semi-truck totoo. only t the right lane getting by northbound at ashleyey. takeke highway 60, that's kennedy, instead. and that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. back to gene and gayle. >> thank you so much. well getting ready for gasparilla. >> h head, something new you may sesee during -- ahead, something you may see during the parade.
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tampa's getttting ready for the gasparillala invasion. today the city is unvailing a paramedic bike team.
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equipped bikes to responond to medical ememergencies faster. the bike team will work side by side with police during gasparilla. in the meantime, tampa's mayor is standing strong. mayor bob buckhorn is refusing to surrenderer to the pirates of gasparilla. this is part of the festivities leleading up to this saturday's invasion a and paparade. a greaeat tradition. > yep, and catch the festivities righght here on news channel 8. t this isis our own tradition, we carry the parade living for. our coverage starts at 2:30 saturday and we will stream it live o on so you can watch anywhere. and d by the way, ouour web team has been compiling eveverything you will wantnt to know as ththe pipirates invade tampa. sectctions at and a lot of people headed for themem. >> yeah, the third largest t parade in the country. >> a lot of fufun. go out there and get your eye e patch. >> and beads. >> i have seen your costume, looks s good. >> thanks. weweather and traffic c on the 8s is three minutes away.
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move causing controversy y in the rarace for the republican presididential nomination. >> we hahave had six debates now. why should the netwtworks continue getting rich on these debates? >> new i in the next half hourur, the e front runner's stand against the debatetes awe count
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okay, it's's 6:28. tracking rain since midnight and a a lot t is starting to subside.e. still getting rain in citrus, hehernando and highlands county. we are not done yet. an area of rain in the gulflf of mexico is going to come back and bring higherer rain chanceces througugh the evening. an 80% rain chance todaday. and 50% tomorrow. we've got some memesses out there.e. fatal crash in pinellllas coununty, folks. right t herere in st. pete, , heads
6:23 am
blockeked, 38th avenenue north at 41st street. fatatal accident involving a semi- truck. take 30th ininstead to get around that. and take a look at this, ononly one lane gegetting by, nortrthbound 275 slammed from the howard franklin bridge.
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good wednesday morning. wewelcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gene ramirez. >> anand i'm gayle guyardo. >> an 8 on your side for parents two. people overdososed on the e partrty drug known as molllly. ththey're on life supppport right now. the overdoseses are renenewing efefforts to educate parents on the e signs of molly y usage and the dangers of the drdrug. a motorcyclist is recovering in anan ararea hospspital after a hit-and-run and is expected to survive.
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morning, you are waking up to a rainy morning and it's going to last momost of ththe day. this is a look at the raindrops coming down pretty heavy on hillsborough avenue in tampa. let's gogo to leleigh spann this morning. we've had a lot come down already. >> yes, betwtween .50 and .75 in places. so i have good and bad d news, as more and d morere hit the road for the morning cocommute, the rain is going to momentarily bebe coming to an end.d. basically a break.k. although we're ststill seeing rain alolong i-75 up towaward pasco, hernando and citrus counties. but through right now, hihillsborough county, not too bad, just light rain. no rain in pinellas bubut there e are big puddles you have to deal with. and along i-i-4, you might have to use ththe windshield wipers. . here it is at 8:00 this morning, a lolot ofof that morning commute, the heart of it at
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about 10:00, we may see the e break. not so lucky for the lunch break as morere rain comes onshore by noon. and by 3:30, the e kids coming home and rain pouring in. off the and on downpourur us this evening. atat 6:38, i will talk about how much rain we could see. but the overninight rain cacausing havoc. >> yeah, certainly is. . it's slippepery out there and dangerous. you got to watch your speeds and use caution. two major accidents right now. this is 275 northbound. . believe it or not now, this looks better than it did just a few minutes ago because we have two lanes on the right getting by. looks like they pushed everything to the left lane and the left shoulder but we have a back-up to the howard frfranklin bridge. and st. pete and talk about this f fatal crasash, all lanes blblocked. that's eastboundnd and weststbound on 38th avenue north at 41st strereet. tatake 30th instead. goining to be blockeked for hours as the investigation continues.
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an 8 on your side alert for parentnts this morning. eight stududents at the the same school in pinellas coununty are diagnosesed with chickenpoxox. the fear now, dozens more could be infected. 8 on your side's ryan hughes is live in largo this morning. i know this has parents worried. >> reporter: good morning, gayle. we talked to parents and granandparents who told us they got a letter from school plead officials herere at the florida department of health warnining them about this illness. and now at this point, eight stududents are confirmed to have this but most of us have seen this before. >> youou don't see it year after year after year and thenen alall of a sudden, there's a big breakout. it's kind of strange. >> reporter: and now the school district hasn't identified the school involved or named ththe the chchildren due to privacy laws. school officiaials and health
6:28 am
messssage to all parent, get your kids vaccinated. even those who have declined bebecause of exemptions are asked to reconsider immediately. they tell 8 on your side it's the best way to keep your children safe. right now, they can't confirm whether all eight were vaccinated or not.t. the incident is under ininvestigation.n. and some scary momentsts for some parents out there. baback to you. >> without a dodoubt. thank you so much. time now 6:6:34 this morning, a new obstacle in anan uninvolved murder case in pinellas countyty. -- unsolved murder case in pinellas county. the unsolved murder is still a mystery. and now the only suspecect evever named in the case is dead. he owned the home where she was last seen. investigators claimed he made inconsistent statements and eventually refused to talk. and deputies hope someone now may y finally feel comfortablble to come forward and help solve the case. >> and now your vote. today president barack obama will meet privately y with senator and democratic
6:29 am
sanders at the white hohouse. according g to the white house, the meet willing be informal with no specific agenda. the two discussed arranging the meeting last month duduring the e congressionanal hollywood ball. and ththe meeting -- congressional holiday ball. the meeting comes days afafter the president praised hillary rodhamam clinton. president babarack obama has not endorsed a potential susuccessor. no trumump at ththe next debate? the e republican front runner is nonow claiming hehe will not debate on fox nenews. this all has to do with the feud that started at the begiginning of hisis campaign. kelly. reporterer. i think she frankly is not good at what she does. and they cocould do a lot better than megyn kelly. and i am going toto be making a decision with fox but i debatete. >> as for megyn n kekelly and fox news, they say the debate is on trump. and now ththe rest of the candidates are getting ready to debate tomorrow night.
6:30 am
debatete for all candidates because it's the last debate before monday's iowa caucus. nenews channel 8's lindndsey mastis is joining us now w live with your morning alert. and d what will trump p be doing instead of the debate? >> reporter: gaylyle, gogood morning.g. presidential candidate e donald trumump post this statement to social medidia overnight. senator going g to the debate, he prpromises to -- overnight. so is instead of gogoing to ththe debate, he promisises to hold a fund raiseser for r soldiers anand wounded warriors. and he posted this video, it's clear, he's holdlding a grudge against the sameme moderator who o quesestioned him in the first fox news debate. against me. i know that. everybody y knows ththat. fair at a dedebate? >> rereporter: anand also on social media, trtrump posted a poll.
6:31 am
should do the debate. . this morning, , so far 57% sasay yeyes, he should. it does s seem like he's's already made his decisision not to show. he posted a comment, pathetetic attempt by fox nenews to try to builild up ratings. withthout me, they woululd have no ratitings. we will soon fifind out come thursdayay. >> i know a lot of folks will be interested to see how it shakes out. thanks. and of cocourse you can follow the morning alerts each day on facebook and twtwitter. just search the #8alert. and kekeep it here on news chchannel 8 for the latest developments in iowa. . we will be covering the caucuses live from iowa stararting tomorrorow. we will be in des moines rereporting on how the tight t races are e playing out in both the republican and democratic fields. find out what it means for flflorida and the races going g forward. happening today, lawmakers are returning toto capitotol hill after the massive snowstorm thatat forced federaral ofoffices to close.e. a senate confirmatition vote
6:32 am
also rescheduled for today, a house votete that cocould override president bararack obamas a veto ordinary reason a gop bill repealing bomb care. -- veto on a gop bill repealaling obamacare. this mororning, the broadway league is rereporting some big losses. grosses for the weekek enending sunday were just below $16 million. that's a big didifference compared to the momore than $26 million n made the previous week. every show lost momoney because of the attendance drop of coursese. new york wawas hit with a one-day record of 26.6 inches ofof snow. lolook at. that. we're getting hit with several inches of rain. . >> yes, a lot of rainin overnight. and d we are seeing it dwindle down. goodod news for those justst leaving for the morning commmmute. but i urge you to go ahead and grab ththe umbrella anywayay.
6:33 am
in citrus anand hehernando counties this point. you might t get a shower bubut itit's not going toto bebe widespread. and then after 10:00, i really raramp that rain chance up to 70% byby the lunch break. anand 80% through h early afternoon. and more downpouours possssible, 60% through the e evening. and in fact, between now and 9:00 this mornrning, we are not going to pipick up much more. so about .50 to .25. that's what we have already seen. . and afafter 9:00 though, this is between and 9 2:00, more of you u start t to -- -- between 9:00 and 2:2:00, more of you start to see e the e rain pipick up. . by 8:30, a lot of the area may be seeing 2 inches of rainfall and the rain will continue toto stack up overnight and in throrough the day tomomorrow bebefore the cold fronont finalllly comes through h and we dry upup and leave it comfortable for the weekend.d. and let's check on trtraffic on the 8s because yeah, it might
6:34 am
problemsms. and the proboblems happened when it was raining. >> exactly. >> so ususe caution out there. let's get to what is happening. pipinellas countnty, sad news, we haveve a fatal accidentnt. i just encourage you to watch your speeds and be careful when the roads are slippery. 38th avenue nortrth at 41st street, all lanenes closed on 38th avenue. and i need you to use 30th instead. investigigation going on there. and d let's head over now and look at this, off the e howard franklin bridge, stacked and d packcked due to the crash north 275 at i-4, still very l levy. that's weather and traffific on the 8s. baback to -- ststill very heavy. that's weather and d traffic on the 8s. in the future, we may not need bank cards to get money from the atm. >> ththe possible changes comiming toto a machine near you. and the weight of oprah's actions. what happened to one company's ststock when she revealeded how much weighght she had lostst. and then, , dadangling on the edge.
6:35 am
position some folks are inin as mother naturure erodes away their homeme. in this line of work onlyly the freshest ingredients make the cut it's impmportant to me to o know every dish i serve is thehe best it can be. especially for this food critic.
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we bake it in store every day with pride so you can serve it with s some
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>> right now, police in seattltle are looking for a shooter r who openeded fire at a homeless camp. >> yeah, the mayor there is calling it a tragedy. two people are dead and three others wounded. this happened last night at a camp called the jungle. police believe the shooting was targeted and do not ththink other homeless individuals are at risk. investigators claim to have before. the 2012 ohio police chase that left two people dead. when it was over, more than 137 shots had been fired. new this morning, six of the officers involved are fired, off the job for gun play putting officers at risk. anand the cleveland polilice chief
6:38 am
ensure proper training and policies are followed. students and staff at an indiana school are grief strike than morning. >> yeah, their principal died while saving several studenents frfrom a run-away school bus. irrelevant happened in lawrence township. -- school bus. it happened in lawrenence township. the school bus headed straight towards chchildren and the principal pushshed several students out ofof the way before the bus hit and killed her. she had been a a principal at ththe school for 22 years. well today in flflorida, the search continues fofor a mimissing child believed to be within an escaped prprisoner. a mimissing child d alerert is in effect for the 3-3-yeyear-old who is belieieved to be with his mother and her boyfyfriend is an escacaped state prisoner. the prisisoner's mother is devastated a and sendnds this messssage to heher son. >> no matttter what you've done or what t she has done, i love you.
6:39 am
hohome and turn the yourself inin. >> she worked maintenancnce at -- he worked maintenancnce in daytona beach shores. . he reported d to work friday morning but cut off his ankle monitoring deseskies disappeared. > two deputies continue to recover this mornining after they wewere attacked by a man with a baton. the deputies were respondiding to a domestic callll when the e man allegedly struck one depp any the head several timemes. hehe had to be air lifted to a hospital. a female deputy was also struck but had miminor injuriries the. two depp suspect ---- the two suspect, a man and a woman, are now in custody. police are searching for a botox bandit. you can see the burgrglar caught in the act.t. it shows the man in a santa hat breaking into a plastic c surgery y center. he raided a refrigerator, , stuffing botox and other supplies into a trtrash cacan.
6:40 am
about $20,000 0 worth of stuff. >> a dangerous situation n in california arere homes s are dangling off the edge of a cliff. the wet weather is causing g ererosion along g the california coastltline there. and in thisis drone e video, you can see dirt and d rorocks from the cliff crumbling into the water below. and now parts of an apartment complex is danging off the edge. the city declared an emergency and ordered all residentses to evacuate. this morning, soonon it won't matter if yoyou haveve your card when you head to the atm, chase bank is rorolling ouout new aths called e atms. it will allow yoyou to log on to an app and use yourur cellphone. and the machines can dispense cash in any incremenent, nonot just $20 bibills anymore. they have been tested in new york since last year.
6:41 am
are waking up in a good mood after the stock soared momore than 20% after she announced she lost more than 26 pounds on the diet. . the company'y's market value rose by nearly $150 million. let's do the mathing for. in other words, it's $5.6 lost. toto gold. well a new study just comfort food. . i don't think she was having this. no surprise here, pizza. hmhmm. one of my favorites. more than 2,000 people in the u.s. were surveyed in december and 15% said pizza is theieir favoritete comfort food. and that's nenearly double any other food choice out there. and in second place for comfort, chocolate and ice cream. i say have the pizza and d then haveve chocolate ice creaeam. >> i agree. arare you a thin crust guy? >> no. >> you like it thick?
6:42 am
all right. >> grab your umbrella on the e way out the e door. >> yeah, it might not be raining on you but i'm still urging you to grab the umbrella. look what's s happening, the rain of r rain overnight. this is the 12 hour rainfallll totals with the bullseye hillsborough county,y, western and northernrn portion of polklk county. and morere than an inch of rain fell there. . about .50 in other places. and we are still getting lilight rain at this point up in citrus and hernando. and along i-4 in iron hillsborough, yeah, you might be having to put your windshield wipers onon once or twicice, bubut it's light rain. and i will keep justst a few light showowers at 8:00 this morning. anand the heavy rain is returning. that's why i say don't forget ththe umbrella. rainy, gusty, stormy afteternoon. here's what's happening. there goes the first babatch of rain. here's this brief break aroundnd 9:00. .
6:43 am
and these downpours will ride along the coldld frfront. so off and on, heavy y rain today. some of those storms could bring gustier winds and heavy rain. and it's a slow mover, another low pressurere center from the e gulf of mexico. so we could still be seeing rain for most of the day tomorrow. our bibiggest threat with this, i really believe it's going to be the rain anand possibility of street flooding and. the isolated chancece that the there's a strong wind gust that may do damage not out of the ququestion. so i will watch that carefullying for. beautiful weekekend. can't wait for that. but rough on the roads this morning. >> it has been. esespecially wiwith this bad weather, folks. and we have some unfortununate news in st. pete, a fatal l crash. the intersection is going toto be closed for quite some timeme, 38th avenue north, you can't get by at 41st street. take 30th to the south instead. it does run a nice parallelel route and it actualally looks
6:44 am
and memeanwhile, slow traffic off the e howard franklin brididge. and a crash now cleared from the roadway northbound 275 near i-4. it's s slow in the area. and let's s take a lolook atat soututhbound 275 at fowler avavenue. starting to get stacked and pack there had.d. and hohow long is going to take fromom kennedy to ashfully 19 minutes. -- ashley? about 19 minutes. bearss avenue to i-4, 26 minunutes southbound on 275. and then i-4 through yboror, stararting to geget slow. and ehrlicich to 275, 17 minutes soututhbound. and away if plant city, we are e down to about 37 miles per hour westbobound around i-4. that's weather and traffic on the 8s8s. back to gene and gayle. what yoyou need to know before you walk out the door is next. >> including g chickenpox worries at a bay area school. and the political shake-up with the e repupublican prpresidential candidates. what one candndidate is refusing to do just days befofore the
6:45 am
an 8 on your sidede health warning abouout chickenpox. >> several students at one elemenentary school are diagnosed with the illness and officials fear it could get worse. ryan hughs is live from the pinellas healalth department. ryan -- >> reporter: gayle, good morning. officials here at the florida department of health are investigating this morning. the school district hasnsn't ididentified thehe school involved or named the childrenen due e to privacy laws. school officials and healthth department leaders have a message to all parents, get your kids vaccccinated. even thosese who slippery roads declined a vaccination because of medical or religious exemptions are asked to reconsider immediately.
6:46 am
investigators are trying to figure out the motive bebehind a violent home invasion in hernando county. two women were air lifted to the hospital after an attatacker broke into the homeme and beat the women with an object before fleeing. victims knew their attacker. > st. pete police are investigatining a deadly crcrash involving a woman in a motorized wheelchair. . a driviver was soututhbound on 3 1st t street whenen he hit the e womaman who was s outside of the markrked pedestrian cross walk on that motorized wheelchahair. hehe did stop. the 43-year-old womaman didied. ththis morning, the leaders of the armed grououp occupying a national wildlife refuge in ororegon are under arrest. ththis is exclusive video from the oregon tv station from the site. gunfire erupted and one person dieded before agents took the leader and followers into
6:47 am
donald trump is making more waves this morning. the republican presidenential candidate is skipping totomorrow ninight's debate hosted by fox news. trump thinks fox moderator megyn kelly will treat him m unfafairly. trump is the front runner momost popolls. after heavy rarain last night and into the early mornining hour, we arare getting g a brief break. therere's still lilight rarain followowing in polklk county. and i expect a brbreak in the rarain until abouout lulunchtime. anand then the heavy downpours are going to returnrn. 71 degrees totoday. stronger storms. we are inin the marginal risk which isis very small but a risk stronger wininds. bubut i believe the biggest threat wilill be ththe possibility of strtreet flooding and embedddded in that willll be the songerer wind gusts. and guess what, we -- wiwill be the stronger wind gusts s and guess what, we dry out for gasparilla day on saturday. looking at traffic, we've
6:48 am
i'm going toto start off with an unfofortunate crash because it's a a fatal accidedent. 38th avenue north is blocked strereet. take 30th insteaead. and i just want you u to keep ththat in mind bebecause it's's getting congngested in the area. and this fafatal crash is near school. eastst. your commute. and 275, kennedy to ashley, about 11 minunutes but heavy beararss to i-4. slow through ybor and new tampa and the veterans expressway. >> and d go slow later today as the rain hits the roads. > yeah, and there'e's still big puddddles. >> thank you for joinining usus.
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