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tv   NEWS CH8 7PM  NBC  January 27, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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>> it's 7:00. the station on your side is on yoyour schehedule. 8 at 7:0000 begigins now. >> good evenening. tampa leaders arare starting work on a plan to bring the rays toto this s side of ththe bay. this comes asas ththe leaders rereached an agreement allowing rarays management to look outside saint pete f for a new location. rod carter has the latest developments. >> reporter: today a team from tampa sat down to hammer down a plplan to lure the rays to town. >> we have met as a a committee
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will be. >> reporter: that group which includeses mayor bobob buckhorn has a task of hitting a home run the bay. but ththere are things they have to know first. >> we are in listening mode. needs are. urban,n, suburban. all of the other things that go o along with this. >> reporter: the mayor is nonot at all surprised the saint pete mayor came to an agreemenent to let the rays seek a new home, but saysys they are all in agreement on at least one thing. > the outcome of this ought to region. that is s what we are focusesed on. it is imimportant that wewe compete, but itit is more important that they stay.y. >> reporter: but will we will tampa? >> how feasisible is it that the stadadium could end up over here? >> it is a decent shot. >> reporter: in channel side, rod carter, newschanannel8.
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ththe victims of the brutal home invasion in the silverthorn communitity is accused of committing the crcrime. captured. >> reporter: tense times fofor neighbors as theyey wondered what communitity. liz phelps saw the accused crime. >> he came out of the community centerer with a cell phone in his hand. then my husbsband saw him come out and d calmed 911. >> repoporter: numerous 911 calls brought deputies to thisis gated community in silverthorne. . theyey found d kathlene perkins wiwith severe injuries. ththe attacker ran from the hohome with kathlene's daughter samanthaha in hot pursuit. deputies cauaught him as he tried
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wewell. they are expected to susurvive. representatatives from the hernando cocounty sheriff's office are planning a community meeting to let them know what happened and calm any fears. peter bernrnard, newschannel8. sainint petersburg polilice are looking for r a man who cashed two frauaudulent checks and drove away fromom a sun trtrust banknk with $4$4,000. this security camera video wawas shot last september. they believe he was s driving a a newer model chevy. well, a pregnant cow is alive and well tonight thanksks to a passer by and some pasco county deputies. deputy. after the unborn calf put too much pressure on her spine.e. the 1200-pound cow landed in just a foot of water and couldn't move untitil rerescuers propped up her head on a log and used a large strap to get
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>> you are used to this, but was it hard to see? hard to look it? >> it always is. any y time you deal with animals. that is why y we do what we do. animals don't have the ability to be able to call and d say come help me. you know, i'm in distress. . >> tonight the cow is doingng just fine and shshe is expected to give birth to a healthy calf. two pet friendly bills are getting new support in tallahassee. it allows owners to contest an automatic deatath sentence when their dog bites s someone. that was named after patty the dog from bradenton. the next protects good sasamaritans that smash a window toto save a dodog or person inin distress. sarasota county deputies solved a mystery. they identified some unknown skeletal remains.s. as john rogers shows us, they did it thanks to a picture of a belt buckle.
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two workers in this wooded area stumbled upon a skeleton. ththey knewew the body had been there for a couple of years. but that's it. these were the e only clues ththey had. a cell phone and this unique belt buckle. >> when somebobody is missssing like that, you just don't want to forget about it. >> repoporter: deputies vivisited local l homeless cacamps and carried araround this picture for the belt buckle. . surprisingly, some folks recognized it and after months of trying, a man n was able to identify the belt buckle's owner. hernando valasquez. if you know where e his family is, , contact the e sarasota county sheriff's officece. john rogers, newschannel8. more than a weweek after deadly tornadadoes hit the sarasota and duet areas, cleanup is still understood way. trees and debris remain on the street. they are dealing with contractor issues to boot.
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contractors contntinue to be a challenge. >> that is the thing to be careful. some of them can be absolutely genuinely tryingng to find business, but you don't know the good from the bad. that is why you have to be very careful. >> blue tarps cover roofs in tornado. two people died when their home in duet was destroyed by a twisteter. parts of south florida saw some severe weather this morning morning. look at that. . officials say a car r traveling northbound on the florida turnpike was picked up and dropped in the southbound lanes. the national weather r service estimates the tornado had wind speeds of 90 to 100 miles an hour. whenen we first introduced you to gordon page, his story was pretty heartbreaking. the koreanan veteran's home was
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it has been a long road, but his house is almost completely renovated. he tells newschannel8 the outpouring of susupport has brought heat and his s wifefe newfound fame. . >> i i have only been religious, now i'm ststronger. i didn't have a strong feeling before. everery time we hahave a needed, some place anand some way, that need was taken care of. one donor wrote a $30,000 chececk to help. >> well, meteorologist steve jerve e decided to come back to workrk finally. >> i wasn't on the cruise. > you were taking a coupuple of well deserved days off. you have beenen really busy in the weather center. >> we talked about the sesevere
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wewe have had severe weather. that makakes for unusual l hours at times. that is what we are here to do. >> e even today, a little bumpy >> ababsolutely. today. and the severe threat. it is fairly low, but therere remains a small chance in the overnight and the early part of the day tomorrow. some areas could see another inch of rain here, that would be at the high end i think. but some arereas saw well over an inch. it affected lakeland, tampa international airport. downtown saint pete over inch of rain. a lot of this should just end. you can see how is showers lifted throughout the day. we took it up to about 7:00 tonight. you can sesee the rain further out to the west. that is s a look at ththe storm reports. waterspout and the two red ones there, actual tornrnado touchdowns. and ththe one as jim mentioned was ef1 at 90 to 100 miles an hour wiwinds. according toto the nationanal weather service in miami.i. for r us, we are not expecting
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rain. through. got a nicer r weekend forecast. you u will want to stay tunened for that as thousands of folks will be headed into downtown tampa for gasparilla. we will hahave that forecast coming up. still ahead.d. >> just in time for gasparilla, a new service is launching in tampa bay y that works just like uber a and lyft except for boats. details on the other hand how you can n use it coming up. >> improving the live relelease
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>> so you want to be a pirate, but you don't have a boat. mary mcgcguire has a new solution like uber on the water.r.
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waters of tampa bay willll be filled with ships and sailors cruising in the gasparililla floatilla. but what ifif you are a mamarooned pirate withth no ship?p? >> you can go to the e website. look for what you are e trying to docucument cruising, sailing, fishing. kayaking. >> reportrter: recently launched in the bay area, boat setter allows users to rent a variety of captain votes. boat owners can also rent their boats out.t. there e is a boat of every side available. users plug in the info. price point, passengers, and d length. you certainly don't have to hahave discovered a sunken treasure chest to enjoy the water. >> i it providing an additional option. >> reporter:r: boat setter also provides t the opportrtunity for expeperienced boaters to rentnt their own boat thatat they can
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i'm mary mcguire, newschannel8 inin tampa. we plugged in tampa and cruisising into the website and the cheapestst boat mary found was slightly more than $200. the e most expensive, a yachcht that rents s out for r $10,000 a year. a bibig change is comeing to facebook. you might react in one of six days. thatat story is coming up. > plus, how about this idea? a cocoffee thermos that brewews your coffee on the go.
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>> late today, ththe fed indicated it woululd not t rule out anotheher interest rate hikeke. the dow fininished the day down 222, the s&p down 20, the nasdaq dropped 99 poinints. apple users may y haveve run into trououble surfing the safari web browsers. . many websites reported it was connnnected to the search suggestions. the bbbbc reported that apple has fifixed the problem. well, , telling a friend you lilike somethining on facebook is about toto get a little more complilicated. the social network is ready to roll ouout the reactions feature to the world.
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button, you will haveve your choice of five other icons. angry.y. facebook tested a sixth button, yay. but bloomburg business reports it was rejected because it was not universally understood. bloomburg saysys the icons should appear s sometimes in the next couple of weweeks. if you like your coffee really fresh, you don't t want to brew it beforere you arare ready y to drinink it. chcheck this thing out. it is called the mojo. it uses vacuum brewing and traditional l drip brewing. you fill up the container,r, then the water drips through ththe grinds and then, , you drink k it just like drinking from a thermos. mojo has e exceeded the fufund raising goals. early supporters can get one
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coffee lovers can raise a mug this this news. coffffee beans are cheaper than they havave been in years. there is an oversupply in brazil. but a drink at your favorite coffee house e will likely say the same price. that is in large part due to wage increases as many cities and states increase their minimum wage. complaints continue toto flow in about hillsboroughgh county's pet resources.s. we heard they told a veteririnarian to release animalals on her doorstep. they arere making it difficult to turn in animals to m make their own numbers lolook better. >> reporter: fourth of julyly fireworks s make for spectacular displays. they also terrify many animals causing them to flee in fear. it is one of the busiest intake
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so on july 5 when a dog withth no tags wandered into adriennene swisher's cul-de-s-sac, she calllled hillsborough county pepet seservices. >> they said this was not their normal intake hoururs and that i could bring it in on monday fromom 8:00 to noon. >> reporter: first t of all, adririenne works. shshe mamanages the timber lane pet hospital. shshe has three dogs at home and sasaid she couldn't't keep a stray.y. >> there e wawas no compassion, no emempathy. no solution. >> reporter: if she couldn't bring the dodog to the shelter shshe said she would be forced to o >> it wawas just ... do what you need to do. >> reporter:r: dr. lands got a similar response to the countyty when she called about someone hospital. >> i said i can't keep ththis cat. what am i supposed to do? they said just let it out. >> reporter:r: some believe the coununty is dodoing it to improvove their numbers. adrienenne contends s they are morere
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live release rate than caring for animals so ththey have limited ththe time they acaccept animals. she contends animal rescscues are taking in morere straysys. >> eventually just like everything else, you run out of room, you run out of space. >> reporter: it is her belief more animals are being left on ththe street. >> how mamany more animals are out there susuffering, starveing to death, hit by cars, ininjured, ththat wouldn't have beenen if thehey were able to get into the shelter and hahave a safe place to g go? >> repoporter: steve andrews, newschannel8. well, i mentioned that cold front passing through for r gasparililla. actually before that, later on tomorrow. that should provide cooler temperatures for the gasparilla festivities. partly cloudy. a littlele bit cool to start the day. starting off in ththe 40s s in some areas.
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with a break. partly cloudy with lighter winds. a few showers. fufurther soututh, you can see down into manatee county, , polk, further south as well. pretty gooood areas of showers. looks like heavier rain down south of sebring down alongng 27 and quite a bit of rain across south florida.a. that is where the isolated reports of severe weather ococcurs today. esestimates of doppler radar favor these southern areas. northern spots didndn't pick up as much. maybe an inch of rain in rays a lot of locations. temperatures in the 60s s ththroughout this period will stay fairly flat with the temps because humidity is high. the temps don't fallll that much. occasionalal showers. rain chances are certainly there on the weather wheel herere hour by hour. but, they do starart to fall off
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because of our higher humidity from bartotow down to sarasota. a cold front is stalled slowly to the north. but willll get a kickck and moveve on through. low pressure developing will kick off to ththe east. that will help to pull the cooler air in. now, plenty of cloud cover r around the area. that area of low pressure will continue to the east. notice the morning rain pockets that carry into the early afteternoon. 68 for a high. rain chance 50%. 63 for a high friday. for the paparade, all the e other acactivities going on. for mondnday, ninice day. 73 degrees. overall a a nicece weekenend. mornrnings are kind of cool, but we end up with seasonal weather. upper 60s , low 70s . that is what we expect this time of f year. >> that weekend d looks choice. . >> and you have the paradede going on. you will bebe involvlved with that? >> ly be. cocohosting the josh benson. . it will be a good time. >> you are a pirate onon the street? >> i'm not thisis year. i have many times though.
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and join us tomorrowow night at 7:0000 when keith cate joins us live from des moines. he is flying out toto iowawa to cover the caucuseses and we will have live reports ththroughout
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>> next time you close your eyes to o take a map, be careful. you may wake up with a kinkajou on top of you. before you say that would never happen, know that it did.d. in south florida,a, that, by the way, that exotic creature not to be confused with a pikachu came into heher house and found a comfy place. the 9999-year-old womoman awoke and thouought it was a cat at first. but it wasnsn't. the rightful owner of banana, the kinkajajou has picked the
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i think i would die. hey, you know that awkward situation when you see you arare dresessed the same as someone e else? this photo was posted on reddit. we don't't know a lot about it but itit got a lot of comments like one of us is going to have to change and is the hotel made of shirt or the shirirt made of hotel? if you had to put a price on ththis phototo of a potato, whwhat would you u say it is worth? well, phototographer kevin n claims he just sold it for a little over $1 millllion. the irish times reportrts he claims to have sold the potato portrtrait who an anonymous busisinessman whwho saw it hanging in his home. he used the orgaganic potatato as a proxy for then't ontolological study ofof the human experirience. >> you often say we are doing it wrwrong.
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pictcture of a potato? get t yourself a weather cat. a youtube channel. we are therere. see you at 11:00. >> done and done. . megyn kelly fires back at trump. >> whyhy megan says it's a mistake to ditch the debate. now on "extra"! he says he's out. because of her. >> do you r really think she can be fair at a debate? sbl whether he'ss there or not there. the show will go on. >> aj's's got trtrump's nemesis, megyn kelly, her first words about all the donald drama and she's taking onn every question. >> can trump go all the way? >> ples melania trump opens the door to their private life. >> who spendnds more time on their
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>> jamie-lynn sigler today. why she kept her ms a secret for years. >> i feel relief. patrick dempsey calling offff the divorce and renewing his vows? in the "extra" feed, kendall and justin and their calvins and new tom cruise. >> the giant clues he's making a sequel 0 t to one of his biggegest momovies ever. >> now on "exextra." packed with -- well let the cast of tell you. the entertainment capital l of l.a. >> hey, welcome to "extra," i'm mario lopez,z, coming up is calvinn harris selliling his b bachelor pad to move in with taylolor swift. > and mariah's wedding secrets. >> and donald trumump's announcement, he wonon't show up
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of m megyn kelly.
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