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tv   News Ch8 Today at 6AM  NBC  January 28, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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breaking news in pasco county this morning. a 16-year-old girl shot in a home invasion. now an investigation is underway at a home on garfield drive in holiday. hello, i'm gene ramirez. >> and i'm gayle guyardo. deputies tell us that the three men that entered the home are now on the run. we have crews headed to the scene to gather more information and we will bring it to you as soon as we get on- air and on and we want to, oh, more top stories this morning. a potential fraud at wendy's
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now there are reports that wendy's is now investigating fraudulent charges on customers' credit cards. what happened apparently is that people are charging things at other stores using credit card numbers used at wendy's. this happened late last night but it's just coming to light. you want to check your not a victim. if you are, you should call police and check with the three major credit agencies to clear it up. and this morning, broward county residents are starting to clean up after a tornado. the twister packed winds between 90 and 100 miles per hour. take a look at the image of cars just tossed around. this is what it looked like at broward college in fort lauderdale. well this morning, a dense fog advisory is now in place for the coast until later this morning. you have been watching the sea fog roll right in overnight. and this is a view from along the howard franklin bridge. and now let's go to meteorologist leigh spann.
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water, the sea fog, it's going to last until the early afternoon. but the official onshore dense fog advisory only last until about 8:00 this morning and we have seen it be hit and miss as the sea fog rolls in. anywhere along the coast, all of pinellas, coastal areas of hillsborough and manatee counties. and if you don't have dense fog, you have drizzle or mist in the air thanks to the moisture off the gulf of mexico. even seeing some light rain coming down right now in pinellas county, spreading over the bay bridges where the dense fog was and now it's going to be wet right over into tampa, bradenton and manatee county. so now i have switched this over to a forecast. so you know what to expect for the next several hours. a draped cold front is going to keep us unsettled, cloudy, the possibility of a shower off and on and pockets of heavier rain through the mid-daytime period. it's not until the afternoon when the cold front starts to
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help to eventually dry us out. at 6:08 in weather and traffic on the 8s, i will go hour-by- hour so you will know what to expect. we've got a little bit of a foggy spots, here and there and we've got some issues going on. let's take a look at wesley chapel, southbound 75 before you get to state road 56, an accident involving a patrol car. not seeing any delays and no injuries report sod that's good news -- reported so that's good news. and meliek on the street, it's foggy out here and he is southbound on 275, not too the far away from the gorgeous skyway bridge. you saw the sign that said limited visibility with this fog. and as he is creeping closer, it's getting thick and the skyway bridge is approaching. traffic. back to gene and gayle. new this morning, flames race through some apartments in tampa. while you were sleeping, the fire broke out on the 4600
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quickly spread to three units. everyone escaped safely. fire crews are trying to determine what sparked the flames. right now the search is on for a bold thief who stole from an elderly couple on the way home from the hospital. it happened when debbie and james poole stopped at a gas station. they were struggling at the gas pump so they asked a stranger for help. the stranger tricked the couple into revealing their pin number and took off. when the officer arrived, he realized the couple had no money so he filled up their gas tank for them. but the officer explains, it's just part of his job. >> honestly for me, i don't consider this going above and beyond. these are people that needed help and since day one, i've wanted to help people. >> james poole is recovering from a stroke and debbie is healing from a kidney transplant. in your vote, momentum is building for the presidential candidates heading into next week's iowa caucuses.
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and senator ted cruz are in the lead, senator marco rubio is gaining ground. three new major polls put senator rubio in third place. his campaign is confident his message will resinate with voters. >> i will be a president for all americans. i won't just unite the republican party, i will seek to unite the american people. >> he is planning to place third in iowa, second in new hampshire and first in south carolina. also developing this morning in the race for the white house, donald trump is planning to be a no-show at tonight's gop debate in iowa. it's all linked to a feud between the candidate and the debate host fox news. >> yeah, and now other candidates are using this as an opportunity to attack. news channel 8s lindsey mastis is joining us live for this story. she has been following this all night and into the morning. how likely is it that trump
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>> reporter: trump seems to be sticking with his promise to aa two-day tend a benefit for military candidates instead. other candidates see this as an opportunity. listen to ted cruz. >> apparently mr. trump considers megyn kelly very, very scary. [ laughter ] >> reporter: now a lot of this is playing out on social media right now. cruz is using the #duckingdon al. and he's urging trump to debate him one on one. and now it's interesting that some super pacs that are supporting cruz are promising to donate $1.5 million to vets if he agrees to a one on one before the iowa caucus. and here's trump's response, he writes on twitter, can we do it in canada? so it did you want seem likely at this point. and by -- so it doesn't seem likely at this point. and here's marco rubio's response.
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and then take a look at what jeb bush put out on twitter. it's a poll and he says, if donald trump can't handle the fox news debate, what else will he not be able to handle? and the options are hillary rodham clinton, isis, pout and all of the above. i checked this morn -- isis, putin and all of the above. and this morning, 79% of the people have voted all of the above. if trump doesn't show tonight, we will have to see if it makes a difference in the iowa caucuses. you can join the discussion on our facebook page. >> i'm sure you will hear from them. thank you. news channel 8 is on your side with election coverage. keith cate is on his way to iowa this morning. he will focus on the tight republican and democratic races and what it means for florida. drivers in washington, d.c. who did not move their cars before the big snowstorm are now facing hefty fines. so far the city has issued more $1 million in parking tickets.
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the mayor warned people to get the vehicles off snow emergency routes before the storm. she explains crews are trying to plow streets from curb to curb and vehicles parked in the way will have to be removed or towed. one inspiring story of how strangers came together to help a truck driver on the edge of a cliff. take a look at this picture. this is from a turnpike near bedford, pennsylvania. wow. >> wow. >> it was taken during that monster snowstorm and it shows a group of strangers locked arm in arm, they scaled down the embankment to pull that driver to safety. >> wow. >> how's that? >> that's incredible. >> not only human strength to do that but then just putting themselves at risk. >> and mental strength. >> yep. >> incredible. >> amazing picture there. it is cloudy. it is drizzlely. it's foggy. no, it's not a pretty morning. moisture is streaming off the gulf of mexico.
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all day over the waters. and some of the fog has spread inland over the bay bridges this morning. and now it's raining. so we have some heavier rain coming down along 19 and pinellas county and right over the courtney campbell causeway and headed into tampa and south tampa and spotty light rain in manatee county. i left in the 30% rain chance for the drizzle and light rain this morning. i expect to the get at least a few pockets of heavier rain through the middle of the day as the cold front begins to finally push to the south and we the wind it will rain chance down -- and we dinned -- and we dwindle the rain chance down through the evening. we will keep the pockets of rain through the afternoon. tomorrow, beautiful sunny through the weekend. and a little cool tomorrow but even warmer for saturday and sunday. checking in on traffic on the 8s. i know the roads are still -- traffic on the 8s.
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>> sure is. let's take a look at the few problems we have going on in the bradenton area. it's actually in parish. so outside of bradenton to the east, rye road at rivers reach boulevard, an accident. and wesley chapel, this accident completely off to the side of the roadway, south 75 before state road 56. and meliek on the street, folks, guess where he is at, it's raining now and this is actually out in the sun coast area, manatee county, just got off the skyway bridge southbound on 75. be careful out there meliek. back to gene and gayle. >> thank you. another water scare in the midwest. >> ahead, where testers found dangerous water that may have been exposed to children. and using mosquitoes to fight a mosquito-borne virus. the scientific break through in the battle against the zika virus. i'm eight's lindsey mastis and i'm going to show you where
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well developing this morning, three more people are under arrest in connection to a stand-off with an armed group at a wildlife refuge in oregon. 11. and now the leader of the group is asking the remaining followers to stand down and go home.
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the refuge in a dispute over ranchers lighting fires on government land. the governor of michigan is putting together a team to help solve flint's toxic water problem. the group will focus on finding long-term solutions. so far, about 200 kids in the city have elevated lead levels in their blood. the governor admits he has no immediate plans to remove the pipes that exposed thousands to poisonous lead. and a town in ohio is also dealing with a lead tainted water scare. testing in the town of sebring traced lead to water fountains in some schools. officials there shut down the schools and the fountains. they explained the water going into buildings the tested okay. and now residents are concerned about the water and are calling for an investigation. this morning, a new weapon to the stop the spread of the zika virus. scientists think genetically modified mosquitoes would help. the modified male mosquitoes don't produce viable offspring. that means when they meat, the
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the zika virus is linked to brain damage in thousands of babies in brazil. and many countries including the u.s. are advising pregnant to avoid travel to brazil and other countries with outbreaks. the measure would allow theres of a dog who bites someone to appeal a automatic death sentence. this bill is named for a lab mix who bit a young child accused of pestering the dog. a korean war veteran in pasco county is seeing progress. six months ago, rains flooded the home. this morning, repairs are nearly complete. and we first told you about this story, the war veteran was flooded with help. dozens of people donated money, time and labor. and now paige is overwhelmed and explains the outpouring of
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>> i've always been religious but now i'm stronger knowing that christ takes care of me. i didn't have that strong feeling before. every time we had a need, some place in some way, that need was taken care of. >> and i should say, it brought his longtime wife and him some new faith. one of those who helped is a face you might recognize the, the president the of the kia dealership. he wrote a $30,000 check to help paige. you have to book now if you want to find deals for spring break. news channel 8's lindsey mastis shows us what to do and not to do to save cash. >> reporter: spring break isn't just for college student, it's a chance for families to spend quality time together on vacation. >> the minute you know that you want to take a vacation, you have to book. >> reporter: a travel expert tells 8 on your side using
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to find deals may seem like a good idea but -- the. >> god forbid something was to happen, the airline only helps those physically that bought from a travel agent or their airline direct. >> reporter: some cruise lines offer online specials for booking in advance. >> once you get on the cruise, it's hard to save money because buy. >> reporter: and many families will take road trips. and he recommends booking hotels early and if a better deal comes along, you have 24 hours to cancel your original reservation. and another way to save money, avoid traveling during spring break. >> we took about four days off from school and college and we came down and enjoyed tampa. >> reporter: instead, vacation earlier or later. >> according to aaa, one out of every four people in florida will take a spring break vacation and four of the top 10 most popular destinations are right here so we don't need to go far. >> i believe it. >> they always have up in the panhandles where the students
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and i don't know where they're going now but the beaches in our area are always packed. >> they should come here, but maybe not today. maybe not today. not going to be the best beach day but really this weekend, next week, looking great for most of the week. but it is a drizzlely, dreary start to your thursday. and in fact, we even have we have a flood watch now in effect for highlands and desoto county through the evening. this is an area that saw more than 2 inches of rain yesterday. and more rain is expect there had later today. and at this point, i'm watching light to moderate rain from clearwater to oldsmar, temple terrace, along i-4 and heading into polk county from hillsborough county and light rain in manatee and sarasota. when it's not raining on you, it's still drizzlely with the dense fog off the gulf of mexico. so we have a dense fog advisory. look at this moisture just streaming in off the gulf of mexico. download our free weather max
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i use it and it has the radar and forecast. smaller rain chance this morning. and then tapers back down. the temperature is basically in the 60s all day. here's what's happening, a stalled cold front begins to push to the south. and that's why i expect more showers between 8:00 and 3:00 today. and by 7:00 though, it starts clearing out, it gets cooler, breezier for tomorrow and gasparilla just couldn't look better. 69 and sunny. how about traffic on the 8s? looking forward to the weekend. well right now, we got to get you through the roads folks and in the sun coast area and bradenton, we have a collision that's tying up lanes here. heads up westbound state road 70. keep that in mind. and not too far away from the parish area, rye road at rivers reach boulevard, this accident should be off to the shoulder now. and meliek on the street, he is actually just getting on the skyway bridge. and you can see it's rainy here on the bridge. so keep that in mind and meliek
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so use caution as you cross over the bridge. but no delays. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. now back to gene and gayle. >> thank you. well new rankings are out on the happiest and healthiest states. >> ahead, which states took the top spot and where florida ranks on the list. we made it'd. and a price -- made it. and a pricy photo. how much someone paid for the
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listen to this. this is not just a simple photo of an irish potato. this may be the most photogenic potato around. the snapshot of this famous spud sold for more than $1 million. why? you be the judge.
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he was taken by a celebrity photographer. he's known for famous portraits. he sold the potato to a european businessman. i'm trying to see why you would buy this. when i look at the potato, it reminds me of the earth, of the globe. >> it does? i think it's because it did you want have a bad side. >> all around. and then it's -- i'm just making this stuff up. i don't know why anybody would pay $1 million but somebody did allegedly and if verified, it would be one of the most expensive selling photos of all time. >> that spud is a dud if you ask me. >> i'm going to the grocery store and snap it with my phone. >> crickets is what you will get. you may want to plan your next trip to hawaii. a survey ranks the state number one when it comes to well being.
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that hawaii topped the list. on the opposite own the climate spectrum, alaska ranked second overall. and florida ranked 12th. weather and traffic on the 8s is three minutes away. plus, a warning about a dangerous concoction teens are
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all right, 6:28. more of you on the roadways. we have fog, we have low clouds and light rain and even pushing now into the northern portion of hillsborough county right around 275 and i-75, pushing up into pasco county and light rain in plan tee and sarasota. a dreary day. keep the umbrella with you. -- in manatee and sarasota. a dreary day. check out emoji man for gasparilla, great weather for saturday.
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accident tying up lanes. heads up westbound state road 70. you might see a slow down there. and also over here many the parish area to the shoulder, rye road at rivers reach boulevard. meanwhile, the howard franklin
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6:30 on this thursday morning. good morning and welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gene ramirez. >> and i'm gayle guyardo. we have a breaking story right now. let's get to it. a teenage girl is suffering from serious injuries this morning after being shot inside her pasco county home early this morning. >> yeah, deputies tell us she was accidentally shot by someone else who lived with her in that house on garfield drive in holiday. that's where we find ryan hughes live. there are three home invaders on the run and a lot of questions. >> reporter: exactly. deputies are looking for the
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the home this morning. you can see there's a forensics van here onscene. and if you look to the left, you can see the white home with the porch light -- the white home with the porch light on. that's where the home invasion happened this morning. this is the 3300 block of garfield drive in holiday. we're told by deputies the incident happened just after 1:00 this morning. three men burst inside that home. no word who or what perhaps they were looking for. we're told a resident in the home shot at them but struck a 16-year-old girl who was in that home in the process. and now she was taken by medical helicopter to a local hospital. at this point, we don't the know her condition but again, as we mentioned, the three suspects are on the loose this morning. deputies are actively looking for them. a very active scene here and we will be here gathering as much information as we can and as soon as we get any new detail, we will let you know. back to you for now. >> we will check back. thank you.
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follow this and all of our breaking news stories any time anywhere in the palm of your hand. download the news channel 8 app. another big story this morning. a dense fog advisory is in place for parts of the coast. take a look at the heavy fog just hanging over the howard franklin bridge. it is thick out there. let's get right to meteorologist leigh spann with a look at conditions right now. >> and it's not only foggy in places, it's now light rain and drizzle and low clouds. just a messy start to the day. and if anything, when it rain, it actually helps to ease the fog out there. and what i'm watching now, pockets of light to moderate rain pushing off the gulf of mexico through the northern portion of pinellas county, tarpon springs, northern hillsborough county and now moving into wesley chapel and zephyrhills and pasco county. now light rain along the coast in manatee and sarasota counties. basically west of i-75.
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downs, they are under a flood watch. more still expected today. the dense fog advisory for areas out in the gulf of mexico actually going to continue until the early afternoon. and on land, just the sliver of area along the coast including coastal areas of hillsborough county. that last until 8:00 this morning. just that fog, that sea fog streaming in along with the rain and the clouds. going forward, nothing much changes between now and 8:00 a.m. between 8:00, noon and 2:00, pockets of heavy rain will be possible as we finally get the the south. and temperatures will be in the upper 60s but then the cold front passes so at 6:38,ville the -- 6:38, i will have the eight-day temperature trend. it's not too bad. >> that's good. >> i have seen it like this before and it looks worse. but we are starting to see typical slow downs at the bottom, bearss avenue to i-4 on 275 southbound, you hit the
6:28 am
you have about a 13 minute commute. and from kennedy to ashley off the howard franklin bridge, about four minutes. and bradenton, this is westbound on state road 70, it is tying up a couple of lanes. and also in parrish, off to the shoulder, rye road at rivers reach boulevard. and let's go to ma reek on the street. he is -- meliek on the street, you can see the toll plaza there. it's rainy and he has the windshield wipers on. just use caution here in the southern part of pinellas the skyway bridge. and that's weather and traffic. back to gene and gayle. it seems small but now a belt buckle and a cellphone are credited with helping remains. there are still many questions left to be answered about the death of a man in sarasota. found. deputies identified the man. detectives still don't know how
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trying to track down family members so if you have information on this case, please call the sarasota county sheriff's office. the united for care organization is rejoicing this morning as they have overcome a big hurdle. the organization exceeded the number of signatures needed to put medical marijuana to a vote. this november, voters will have the chance to legalize the use of medicinal marijuana. and breaking news this morning, six people are dead after an apparent murder/suicide in virginia. officers were called for a welfare check. when they arrived, they found a person dead. at a second home, they found an armed person. after negotiations, officers entered the home and found five people dead. all six are believed to be family members. the justice department reached an agreement with the city of ferguson, missouri. the deal requires more thorough training of police officers and
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it also calls for the use of body cameras and microphones. the move comes more than a year after the fatal shooting of unarmed black teenager michael brown. that incident sparked protests. a tragic fire in wisconsin claims the life of two young children. authorities report the parents were away at bible study when the fire sparked. four children, children were able to get out. but a 7-year-old and 11-year- old didn't make it. the 11-year-old escaped but ran back inside to alert the other kids. the cause is under investigation this morning. the dangers of the duct tape challenge. parents take a look. videos like these are popping up all over the internet. this could lead to some serious injuries. in fact, a 14-year-old boy believes he's actually lucky to be alive after taking the challenge. >> he is now sharing his story. he wants to prevent others from getting hurt.
6:31 am
mastis joins us -- news channel 8's lindsey mastis joins us with the morning alert. >> reporter: teens use duct tape to tape up their friends and then time them to see how quickly they can get free. and it's all over youtube right now. and teens are treating it like no big deal but what happened to skylar fisher might change their minds. he fell, hit his head and lost an eye socket and it caused a brain aneurysm. a nurse in our area warns of more dangers. >> what happens if they fall or have an emergency and you can't get that duct tape off quickly enough? >> reporter: this teen has a long recovery ahead of him but he is happy to be alive. >> when i think about it, like
6:32 am
really happy because i'm happy because i survived it. like, i almost died. >> reporter: this is one of our top stories on right now. and we also posted it to our wfla facebook page. you can share it with your friends, show it to your kids, so that they can see how dangerous this can become in an instant. gene -- >> it's important to get the word out. thank you. you can follow the morning alerts on facebook and twitter. just search the #8alert. it's 6:38. some fog and rain in the forecast today. >> yeah, it's going to be a little bit messy when you walk out the door this morning. and it's getting even messier in places as pockets of rain start to move onshore. let me track that for you. one batch pushed through northern hillsborough county and now a light rain in southern pasco and northern polk counties. and check out manatee and sarasota coastlines though. some heavy rain there about to
6:33 am
messing -- comeonshore and really messing with -- come onshore. there's drizzle and fog and low clouds, yeah, not too nice but as the day goes on, 9:00, 10:00, 11:00, the rain chance goes up to 50%. and that won't last long though. after about 3:00 p.m., a cold front come us this and we start to clear -- comes through and we start to clear things out. and cooler tomorrow with 60s and a low breeze. saturday looks perfect, for gasparilla. and checking on traffic on the 8s. the roads will be a little slick with the drizzle in the air. >> yeah, it is slick out there. it's a little bit lighter than normal but we have issues. so let's talk about where we're slowing down. up to 17 minutes bearss avenue to i-4. this the slowest part, 275 southbound typical into downtown. great drive off the howard franklin bridge.
6:34 am
westbound, tying up some lanes. and a live look at traffic. great drive there. and foggy here, this is i-4 in the lakeland area so heads up by state road 33. meliek on the street is northbound in pinellas county on 275. and he's just passed the tropicana field area. and we have more vehicles on the roadway but everybody is moving at good speeds. not slowing down at all. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. back to gene and gayle. >> thank you. a toxic drink trend among teenagers. >> what parents need to know about the dangerous concoction that teens are willing to put into their bodies. and imagine opening your eyes in the middle of the night and seeing this unusual creature cuddled up in your bed. got some big claws. what is this? coming up, we will tell you. don't want to wake up to that tongue though.
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an important 8 on your side safety alert for teenagers and parents. we're talk thing about a deadly drink becoming now popular among teens. the drink is a combination of soda and racing fuel. and some are calling this dewshine. officials in tennessee report two teens died after drinking the dangerous concoction. here's what authorities are concerned about. >> it's a mixture of mountain dew and then racing fuel. the fact that people around them knew what dewshine was tells me it's unlikely to be an isolated event. >> mountain dew makes a product called dewshine but it's not the same thing as the combination that kids are using and calling by the same name. well take a look at this reckless driver. this morning, he is being blamed for causing multiple traffic crashes in south
6:36 am
in central florida, excuse me. d.o.t. cameras were rolling as the 78- year-old driver traveled eight miles going the wrong way in orange county. he caused two crashes as drivers tried to avoid the pickup truck. fortunately no one was hurt in either crash however investigators want his driver's license re-examined. a pregnant cow is safe and back on dry land this morning. the entire rescue operation was caught on camera and it's incredible to watch. you can see the 3-year-old cow stuck in a small amount of water. while it's not too deep, because of her condition, she could have drowned. deputies believe the unborn calf put too much pressure on her spine which caused a brief paralysis. someone spotted her struggling and came to the rescue. >> it's always what we do, you go to the next one. you could be saving a cow one day and chasing a cow right after. >> the rescue took about an hour. this morning, she is doing fine and the unborn calf is expected to be okay.
6:37 am
who needs coffee when you open your eyes and have this guy staring back at you. what is it? that's exactly what happened to a-year-old woman in south florida when this kinkajou woke her in the middle of the night. >> not expecting anything, she opens her eyes and sees an animal laying there. i guess she thought maybe it was a cat but once they got a look at each other, classic, both of them screamed, both of them ran. >> he just wanted to cuddle. the woman's family took the animal to the south dade animal hospital and that's where they learned that it's a kinkajou. it's named banana. and the animal disappeared 10 days ago when the owner -- yes, someone owns this as a pet, when the owner temporarily moved to his brother's house. kind of cute and terrifying at the same time. kinkajous are mostly found in central and south america. i don't know if i woke up and saw it staring at me -- the. >> injuries it's cute.
6:38 am
the claws are a little long. face might be cute. all right, the count down gasparilla is underway and there's something new happening this time in downtown tampa. it's a block party and the first one kicks off tonight. it's part of the city's continued effort to transform downtown tampa into a l ive/work/play destination. >> reporter: set-up is under way on historic franklin street as businesses get ready for a block party series kicking off if for the first time tonight. >> the streets will be blocked off. we are getting stages set up for the music, the food, the beer truck coming in. >> reporter: the franklin located in the oldest building in the district is sponsoring the first party in the 500 block and every month, other businesses will join in. >> there's tremendous retail establishments on the block here. everything from patrick's on one end, fly on the other and a lot of stuff in the middle. >> reporter: it's part of a growth plan for small businesses in the downtown district. >> what i love about it is that
6:39 am
of the farmer's market. so you could be out there buying organic stuff and come over here for craft beer, some good food, hang out. really it's city living. 5:00 tonight. and after that, there are three spring series. they'll be held the first thursday of every month. theme. gasparilla. going to be a lot of fun. your pirate on. good time. party with her. it's 6:48. how is the weather looking? >> the weather for tonight, much better than this morning. so that's something to look forward to. we have a dense fog advisory with sea fog off the gulf of mexico. so. so along the coastal areas include -- mexico. so along the coastal areas and then highlands and desoto, you are under a flood watch at this point because you had so much rain yesterday and rain is continuing today. look at the amount of rain we
6:40 am
north of i-4, anywhere from .50 to an inch. but south of i-4 through tampa and lakeland, 1.5-inches and down into highlands county and you get up to 2-plus inches of rain. and more rain is coming onshore. pockets of rain along 301 in pasco county, northern polk county, light rain from pinellas toward the southern portions of hillsborough county sarasota. yep, it's messy. it's drizzlely, it's foggy and of rain. i expect heavier downpours around the lunchtime area. nothing too severe but more than just the drizzle we're seeing now. and then the last of the rain by 3:00 p.m. and here's what's happening, a stalled front has kept us unsettled and that's happening today, mild, light rain this morning. and when the front finally comes through, that's when i expect the heavier rain but we clear out tonight. going to be cooler, cool and breezy for friday but sunshine. and great for gasparilla. traffic is moving at decent
6:41 am
but we have slow and go action here athrough the plant city area. this is westbound i-4 right around. let's take a look at travel time, a 17 minute commute westbound on i-4, make that 19. this is the real time here. and through new tampa, south i- 75, hitting the brakes here. bruce b downs to i-4, 14 minutes. it seems to start to be getting congested at the same time. kennedy to ashley, eight minutes. and bearss avenue to i-4, 19 minutes south on 275. and let's take a look at ma reek on the street. and look, the it's -- at meliek on the street. and look, it's crowded here. he's on the howard franklin bridge, speeds about 50 miles per hour. and foggy in tampa and he does have the windshield wipers on.
6:42 am
but not too bad yet on our howard franklin bridge. >> thank you. meet the newest member of the budweiser clydesdale family. the fuzzy foal named mac was born this week. and mom and mac are happy and healthy. he will live at the warm springs ranch in missouri with more than 160 clydesdales so he can learn everything there is to know about what it takes to be a budweiser clydesdale. >> how old does they have to be to join us for the gasparilla parade because they're there every year. i want to meet him. what you need to know before you walk out the door is next. including the heartless thief who targeted an elderly couple. and an update on breaking news. a teenage girl shot inside her home during an overnight home invasion. we will have the status on the investigation next.
6:43 am
breaking news in pasco county this morning. a 16-year-old girl shot during a home invasion. >> this is happening in the 3300 block of garfield drive in holiday. that's where news channel 8's ryan hughs is live this morning. ryan -- >> reporter: well, good morning to you two. still a very active scene on this normally quiet residential street. it's the white home right there with the front porch light on. we're told this happened in the 3300 block of garfield drive here in holiday just after 1:00 a.m. we're told the three men burst inside the home for some reason, perhaps looking for someone or something. and in the process, a resident pulled out a gun and opened fire, striking a 16-year-old girl who also lives in that home. we're told she was taken out of here on a medical helicopter. no word on her condition at this point but we will remain here and get updates throughout the morning. live in holiday, ryan hugh, news channel 8. a. >> thank you.
6:44 am
looking for a -- news channel 8 today. >> thank you. police in st. pete are looking for a suspect who robbed a elderly couple. the stranger tricked the couple into revealing their pin number and took off. the responding officer found out the couple had no money so he filled their tank for them. >> incredible. well it's the anniversary of the space shuttle challenge challenge tragedy. 30 years ago today the "challenger" exploded just 73 seconds after lift-off. all seven astronauts onboard died. nasa will hold a day of remembrance to honor the astronauts on board. front runner donald trump is not expected to be there. this is all due to a feud between him and the debate host, fox news. the impact of trump's decision may show up in the iowa caucus result which is is just four days away. a new poll on the presidential race, the nbc wall street journal poll shows big changes heading into the iowa caucuses.
6:45 am
of senator ted cruz. trump leads with 32% while cruz has 25%. florida senator marco rubio gained five points and is in third place with 18%. not much change for the democrats. hillary rodham clinton and bernie sanders are in a tight one. clinton is ahead of sanders 48 to 45%. >> and news channel 8 is on your side with election coverage. keith cate is on his way to iowa right now. he will start reporting for us tonight. he will focus on the tight democratic and republican races so you can watch the reports starting tonight right here on news channel 8. and it is a dreary start to the thursday. we have fog and if it's not foggy, it's drizzlely, if it's not drizzlely, there's rain coming down. some of the heaviest rain along the 75 corridor out of pinellas county over the sunshine skyway bridge and down through manatee ask sarasota counties this morning. take it easy out there. the roads will be wet. and we will keep this light rain in the morning hours from midday into the early afternoon.
6:46 am
downpours before it all starts to end tonight. and we are rewarded with a cool, sunny day tomorrow and great weather for gasparilla saturday. all right, take a look at traffic. look at i-4, to mcintosh, an 18 minute commute here. and heavy coming through plant city into downtown tampa. and new tampa also hitting the brakes, bruce b downs to i-4, 16 minutes. 301 at causeway boulevard, northbound delays all due to a collision in lanes. and it looks like injuries are involved. and a live look at traffic out there. and you can see traffic in the area. this is westbound i-4 into downtown. >> all right. thank you. and we captain wait to meet through morning at pop and sons diner. >> free coffee on gene ramirez. come on in. >> on gayle. >> from 9:00 to noon, we'll see
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