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tv   News Ch8 at 11PM  NBC  January 28, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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donald trump. trump is the greatest show on earth, and you would have to agree after seeing this debate it wasn't as fiery or energetic or spontaneous, but it did give rubio and bush a chance to shine a little bit more in the spotlight in trump's absence. it gave the front runner a chance to go after the moderators and get his message out, which frankly to me didn't seem to work. say. >> a debate is a policy issue. i will say this, if you guys ask one more mean question, i may have to leave the stage. >> don't worry.
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matter what you ask me. >> my dad was president of the united states and my brother who i adore as well. barbara bush is my mom. i'll take that too. but this election is not about our pedigree. this is an election about people that are really hurting, and we need a leader that will fix things and have a proven record to do it. >> today we are on page to have the smallest army since the end of world war ii, the smallest air force in our history. you can not destroy isis with a military that is being diminished. rebuilding the military. >> again, they had their chance but it was the absence of donald trump who you can see in this video was having his own
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debate was going on in iowa tonight. we'll see how that turns out in the days to come. here joining me now is usf professor. your take on the debate tonight? >> it gave these candidates their last chance to really stress the things they believe in. they hit all the big issues that are important to republicans to spending to isis to terrorism to abortion. they covered it all. they took some pretty heavy hits toward hillary clinton and the president. >> which is something they set out to do, all of them. there was also that great exchange between jeb eb bush and marco rubio over immigration. >> i supported him because i think when you're elected, you need to do things. he led the charge to finally fix this immigration problem that has existed now for 30 years. and then he cut and run because it wasn't popular amongst conservatives.
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you used to support a path to citizenship. >> so did you. so did you, marco. >> and it kind of went on and on like that for a little bit. who were they arguing to? >> immigration is a big issue to so many people, and each of these gentlemen has very different viewpoints on it. some will think rubio did terrific and some will think bush did terrific. that pesewa the battleground is, it's all about immigration. >> we'll continue to be here for the next several days to watch them. jim, we'll throw it back to you. it's been a very interesting day. we are on our way. we are set to see who will become the next president of the united states. it starts on february 1st and we'll bring it all to you right here. >> we're looking forward to more of your reports. thank you. >> keith will continue to bring
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over the next few days through the caucuses. he'll show us ow these tight races are playing out in both the republican and democratic fields and break down what it all means for florida and the races going forward. now to a soupy night at sea. cruise ship passengers officially fogged in, trapped in tampa due to this nasty weather. the fog is so bad right now that carnival customers headed tomorrow. they're out on the town. we are live tonight at the ports. they're going to make due with what they can here in tampa. are. let's start off tonight with a live look at the carnival cruise ship paradise. it arrived just moments ago, all beit a day late. as you mentioned, it's tough to
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they say attitude is everything. >> it is what it is. there are worse things that could happen. >> reporter: and amy is all about the power of positive thinking. >> we really didn't care what we did. we just knew that we were going to be here together, so it's good. >> reporter: this mother of two has a simple motto these days -- don't sweat the small stuff. she knows firsthand that each day is a gift. amy is a breast cancer survivor celebrating five years. >> i think that through the course of all of that, you just kind of figure out that life isn't worth getting all frustrated about. you just take things as they come. >> reporter: amy and her boyfriend snapped this selfie as they began their adventure in rural ohio. they landed in tampa only to be told the fog was so thick their carnival cruise was delayed.
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>> we're doing fine. we're just enjoying it. >> reporter: this isn't the first time the port of tampa has been fogged in. last february it was pure pea soup out here causing cruise backups courtesy of mother nature. this vacation is all about gratitude no matter where they may be. >> we're glad you stayed in tampa one more night. heck, have a good time. >> reporter: so as you mentioned earlier, they are out on the town having a good time. we fell in love with amy and travis, and we hope their trip is good albeit a shorter trip. they'll be out at sea instead of going to cozumel, but they are really excited to be on vacation. >> thanks so much. horrible weather continues
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second day in a row. a tornado touched down in del ray beach. you can see the mess it left behind. workers spent the day cleans up trees knocked down as well as lots and lots of limbs. you received an am bert alert on your phone today about two missing children in st. petersburg. they were found safe in north florida. 5-year-old dorian and her brother were taken from their grandparents home by their mother. the mother threatened to kill herself and the children in the past. months after an investigation, a couple convicted of wire fraud was sentenced. glen and kathryn faced more than two years in prison, but the judge sentenced them to five years probation including six months house arrest. they must pay $15,000 each in
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new tonight, the growing outrage over the toxic water crisis in flint, michigan is getting even bigger. the mayor says it could cost as much as $1.5 billion to fix the lead contaminated water system. that has caught the eye of big stores, celebrities, and even a company right here in the bay area. >> reporter: it's images like these that are sticking out in the minds of people across the nation. young people having to be tested for lead, and local charities here are making an effort to send clean water to flint. residents in flint, michigan are in dire need of clean drinking water. complaints of smelly lead- tainted water pile up, thousands across the country are reaching out to help including local groups. >> we're excited to be able to help and be a conduit to the folks in flint, michigan. the water is serious. the united way up there has stepped up.
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united way in pasco county. over several days, stacks of bottled water started to fill up in the front lobby. 100 cases were wrapped, rolled, and loaded. lester gibson is one of many drivers picking up supplies. >> you have truckers going all over the place picking stuff up, and then the central locations they put it all together. >> reporter: several stops will be made to pick up much-needed supplies along the way. >> it goes to tampa and then from tampa they'll find other stuff going up to georgia. they'll put more together from probably georgia to michigan. >> reporter: the supplies are expected to reach michigan hopefully within the next week or so.
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today marks 30 years since the space shuttle challenger exploded. >> how a bay area woman turned that tragedy into a way to impact a new generation. a what family claims happened to them that has the mouse suing disney's animal kingdom. after inches of rain in many locations over the past couple of days, rain is turning off and cooler, drier air moving in.
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tremendous loss that captivated and saddened the nation. the space shuttle challenger exploded 7 # 3 seconds into its flight killing all seven on board. of course on board that flight krista mccall, who would have been the first student in space. >> we are live in manatee county with this story, and it's an inspiring one. >> reporter: certainly is. you can find tammy hickey here each and every day. she's not only teaching her students here, but she's also helping to inspire them just like krista did to her. >> 30 years ago. >> yes. where did it go? >> reporter: it went by so fast, like it was just yesterday. you watched it unfold in front of your eyes. >> i did. >> reporter: that tragedy has turned into a lesson plan no teacher could ever prepare.
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>> i would love to. it would be an honor to have that impact on my students. if i could touch them the way she touched as a whole class in 1986 or anybody that had her, it would be an honor. >> reporter: an honor it has been for tammy and other classmates from the class of 1986. today she teaches here in manatee county, others across the country. but 30 years ago. >> everybody was crying, you know, it was a disaster. and they released us from school. it was tough. >> reporter: it was those tough times that changed them, but it would take some time to realize. >> she made a mark on you? >> she was an incredible teacher who made everybody feel like they were important. >> reporter: a better person? >> a better person. i want to imulate that to my students.
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i want to make a difference in them. >> reporter: she was one of 11,000 applicants. tammy said there was something inside her that knew mccoulgh would be the one. >> what happened to her children? >> reporter: ironically, they've followed in their mother's footsteps. both of them have become teachers so quite a legacy that she leaves behind. >> some good things after that tragedy. the city of lakeland considering the brakes on red light cameras. if april the city presented a report to the state legislature showing the number of accidents going down by 43% at red light camera intersections. well, a new look at that data shows the number of accidents at some intersections is actually increasing. now the mayor wants the city to take another look at the
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and get this, a family is suing disney's animal kingdom after a bizarre incident involving a snake. attorney matt morgan claims a snake fell out of a tree on to an 8-year-old boy biting him. the boy's grandmother witnessed the whole thing happen and subsequently had a heart attack and died. disney has not commented yet. there is a news conference scheduled for 11:30 tomorrow morning and we will post what happens on temperatures changing 10s of thousands of people maybe more headed down for the pirate fest this saturday. 62 degrees. very nice for this weekend. high pressure over us will give us light chop on bay and inland waters very light because we don't want all those pirates
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51 degrees at 8:00 a.m. mostly sunny skies. a slow warmup but blue skies back in the forecast. been kind of dreary around here the last several days. temperatures will cool down for the short term. monday, tuesday highs back in the upper 70s. right now much, much drier. still a few showers down to sarasota county. very light stuff, probably closer to the actual front itself and that's going to dry up before too long too. estimates from doppler radar in the dark green areas here. 1-2 inches of rain today. karen down in sebring, 7 inches of rain unofficially in her yard. the rain drops are on the trees here from thomas and st. petersburg today. it was a very wet and cloudy day. slight chance of rain. temperatures in the 50s, it will be cooler when you head
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high. dew points low and mid-60s. that's allowed that temperature to stay fairly mild. high. 58 in luttes. you can see up in inverness currently 60 degrees. upper level trough, this is it right here swinging on through. we've been talking about how fast everything -- meaning the upper level winds -- are 130, 140, 150 knots. that contributes to what we saw in south florida the past tornadoes. there's the surface cold front push together the south. of the north west. starting to see the clearing take place, and that will continue to happen overnight. out. you can see the lines of equal pressure indicate a wind
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that's a cooler flow. that's why we'll wake up with average temperatures at 51 degrees. breezy conditions with those northwesterly breezes coming in. you can see high pressure settling in. that will give us a nice quiet saturday. a few high clouds, lots of sunshine, but it will start out chilly if you're headed out for the festivities. we'll see a southeasterly flow. 64 degrees for friday, more sunshine, sunshine, mix in a few clouds, but very nice weekend. put that rain into your memory for now. some folks got too much. temperatures upper 70s as we head into monday and tuesday. >> there's something there for everyone there. >> really warm by tuesday. near 80? what? >> crazy.
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coming up next in sports, the new buccs offensive coordinator doesn't hold back
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gasparilla trending right now on in two days, pirates will invade tampa bay. i'll be co-hosting our coverage along with josh benson. jen will be our pirate reporter on the street. our coverage starts at 2:30, and everything you need to know
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two balls, two strikes, two down. the delivery by mcgee, and he changed up on him with a breaking ball. >> oh, the rays let go of a big piece of their bullpen tonight. jake mcgee sent to the colorado rockies in exchange for an outfielder, cory dickerson.
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be scratching your head. this is one part of the roster that is actually loaded. they are banking on the bat of dickerson, left-handed bat. he had a 299 batting average last year, albeit a season full of injuries, he only played in 65 games. silverman is banking on him becoming a launching pad. we've heard this before. if you dive into your devil rays history, considering they were second to last in the american league in runs scored in 2015, why not? let's see what he can do. buccs fans fell in love with cutter last season because the offense improved. he was also a straight shooter in his wednesday press conferences. if today is any indication cutter's new offensive coordinator is from the same mold.
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they worked together with the jacksonville jaguars staff almost a decade ago. cutter will call the plays this season, but munkin will be in his ear reminding him not to get conservative. >> the bottom line is how can you be explosive? getting it to explosive players, getting it down the field. we don't need more 5-yard plays. how can we be explosion sniff that's what the game is about, man. i like big plays. how do we figure out ways to get explosive plays? >> that's what it's about, man. super bowl 50 is a week and a half away. manning fielding questions. manning welcomes the nfls investigation into that al jazeera report on his use of a banned substance. bill belichick picked up by
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last rodeo? >> what happened to private conversations on the 50-yard line? i guess they just don't exist anymore. whatsoever. we are on to carolina. >> no confirmation, no denial. >> he should know that. >> times have changed. we'll be right back with your winning lottery numbers. having lots of devices in your home can really slow your internet
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final look at the weather. it will be chilly to start the day. we had all that sea fog this morning. 51 degrees. the breeze will be turned up tomorrow. highs for 60 tomorrow. >> sounds good. our night cap. four manatees have a second chance in the wild. they released the animals at the manatee viewing center. they had been in the zoo's care for a year undergoing treatment for cold stress. they were released into the discharge canal, which will protect them from the cold.
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>> it's nice and warm right there. good luck to them. >> thanks so much for being with us. jimmy fallon is coming in next. >> we hope you have a great night.
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