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tv   News Ch8 Today at 400AM  NBC  January 29, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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good morning and welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gayle guyardo. >> and i'm gene ramirez. our top stories this friday morning. reaction now pouring in on the latest republican presidential debate without republican front runner donald trump. >> i'm a maniac and everyone on this stage is stupid, fat and ugly. and ben, you're a terrible surgeon. now that we've gotten the donald trump portion out of the way --
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>> yeah, donald trump boycotted the debate over a feud with news. one day late, a carnival cruise is set to leave today after being delayed by fog. hundreds of passengers -- passengers were stranded on the ship. now a cold front is settling in. we are waking up to temperatures in the 50s. let's check in with meteorologist bryan bennett. >> yeah, that's right, gene. all the rain over the last two days is history. in fact, we had more rain in two days than we typically receive the entire month of january. so it was a wet day and now that is gone and we are looking at temperatures right now in the middle 50s across much of the bay area. satellite and radar picture will show clear skies as well. and we have a northerly breeze around 10 to 15 miles per hour. so a little breezy as you head outside early this morning. satellite and radar picture showing dry condition, just a few clouds remaining and those
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so not really much left in the gulf of mexico to come in. today, breezy and cool, high temperature of 64 degrees and coming up at 4:08, we will have the hour-by-hour forecast which i think you will like compared to the on thes on the of rain over the last couple days. i'll tell what else you're going to like, you're going to like the traffic. let's look at travel times for you. 275, kennedy to ashley, four minutes. bearss to i-4, only a 10 minute commute. looking at the waterways, only going to take six minutes to cross the howard franklin. and seven between clearwater and tampa. and about four minutes into south tampa on the gandy bridge. and here's i-4 around the paul buchman highway, that's highway 39, things look great. and coming up, a look at polk county. back to gene and gayle. >> thank you. happening today, a carnival
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>> passengers for the next cruise were stranded due to fog. most passengers seemed to be taking the the delay in stride. is everything. >> it is what it is. there are worse things that could happen. >> reporter: and amy is all about the power of positive thinking. >> we really didn't care what we did, we just knew we were going to be here together the. the it's good. >> reporter: this mother of two has a simple motto these day, don't sweat the small stuff. she knows firsthand that each day is a gift. amy is a breast cancer survivor celebrating five years. >> and so i think that through the course of all of that, you just kind of figure out that frustrated about. >> reporter: amy and her
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as they began their adventure in rural ohio. three flights and 13 hours later, they landed in tampa only to be told the fog was so thick their carnival cruise was disaster into date night. >> we're doing fine. we're just enjoying it. >> reporter: this isn't the first time the port of tampa has been fogged in. last february, it was pure pea soup out here, causing back-up, courtesy of mother nature. but for amy and travis, this vacation is all about gratitude, no matter where they may be. >> we're glad you stayed in tampa for one more night. i think that's fantastic. heck, have a good time. we just fell in love with amy and travis. terrific people. and carnival is trying to make it worth everyone's while to stay on the ship today and set sail. they gave them the option not
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50% refund and 50% off the next time folks travel. so even though four days has turned into a three-day cruise, when they set sail this afternoon, we know they're going to have a good time. port tampa bay this morning, news channel 8. >> what a great story. we hope they enjoy their cruise and time in tampa as well. this morning we are getting a look at the moment a tornado hit delray beach. take a look at the surveillance video from a church. it shows the winds blowing patio furniture around. the national weather service reports the twister packed winds up to 85 miles per hour. the storm uprooted tree, knocked down power poles and tore up roofs. no one was hurt. the search is on for an attempted rapist in tampa. take a look at the sketch of what police believe the attacker looks like. investigators report the woman was on her porch when the man grabbed her. the woman screamed. a motion light and barking dog scared the man away. an update to an 8 on your side investigation. liars face the law.
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at least part of the punishment they'll face for concealing a sinkhole from the family that bought their home. a judge sentence them to five years probation including six months house arrest. and they'll have to pay $15,000 each in fines and serve 1,000 hours of community service. the judge must decide how much they'll pay the victims still. and excitement is building in tampa. the 2016 gasparilla pirate invasion is right around the corner. it's an exciting day in the city of tampa. >> boy is it ever. festivities kick-off tonight. and the big parade starts tomorrow. thousands of people will crowd bay shore and that's where lindsey mastis is live this morning. are you expecting company this morning? >> reporter: we are. we have a little bit of company this morning. you know, we are right here along bay shore. this is where the pirate ship is usually docked all year long. and you will notice we have bleachers over here.
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way over here to the tampa convention center and that's when the invasion happens. and i want you to look at the screen because you don't want to miss this. the pre-invasion celebration starts tonight at 6:00 at water front park. and there's going to be food and music. and you will need tickets to get in to the that. and on saturday, the street festival starts at 10:00 a.m. there's a lot of food including my favorite hand-dipped corn dogs. and now the big invasion begins at 11:30 saturday morning. the parade starts at 2:00. and you know what, this parade goes on for quite some time, a few hours actually. and when that wraps up around 5:30, you can head over to the water front park and enjoy live music until 10:00. and now i'm over here with some of the rough riders. we have billy hogan this morning. and you have been doing this for 12 years.
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>> yeah, 12 years doing this. it's a great event. you get out here and there are 500,000 of your closest friends screaming and yelling and asking for beads. the rough riders, there will be over 500 of us on saturday. and we're always looking to give beads, particularly to little kids. gave away a lot last weekend for the children's parade. to celebrating tampa. >> reporter: thank you so much. and we have all this information about the events and where you can find parking and get around some of the closed roads on our website, just go to back to you. >> all right. >> going to be a good time as always. >> folks can't wait. >> and remember the best seat in the house for the parade of pirates is in your home. you can watch it live on news channel 8. jen leigh and josh benson are the host. and jenn holloway will be our pirate on the street. the time right now is 4:08.
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pirates and all the folks heading out. >> yeah, i think gasparilla is going to be a nice day. a high temperature around 68 degrees. so all the rain has moved through. today we're looking at a fair amount of sunshine and really a nice day. a little cool today and breezy. right now, we are 54 degrees in tampa. lakeland, bartow, brooksville the worm spot at 59. and satellite and radar picture, the rain is history. only a few clouds lingering. those clouds continue to move out and make way for a decent day today. fair amount of sunshine this morning with temperatures in the lower 50s. this afternoon, topping off around 64, 56 degrees. and a good -- 64, 65 degrees. nice weather from start to finish. good weather-wise, what about traffic, leslee? traffic looking good. it's a lot nicer because there's no fog. let's take a live look right now and you can see for yourself. this is i-4 around the polk parkway in the lakeland area.
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and let's hop over and look at thonotosassa here. great drive-thru plant city area. and taking a look at i-75 up from cortez road in hernando road, also known as state road 50 down to highway 60, roughly a 44 minute. that's weather and traffic on the 8s. back to gene and gayle. >> thank you. the bay area is helping a midwest town deal with a toxic water crisis. ahead, how a local charity is stepping in. and a chaotic confrontation at a cracker barrel. >> hands up! right now! >> the moment police officers chased a wanted man into the popular restaurant. then -- >> reporter: it's the third largest parade in the nation and it comes with a lot of alcohol and a lot of traffic. coming up, i'll show you how to get around the gasparilla parade safely so you don't wind
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a bay area charity is helping the troubled town of flint, michigan deal with a water emergency. on the way to michigan, the
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more donations. the delivery comes as the city deals with contaminated pipes that exposed thousands to poisonous lead. happening today, a court hearing for a chicago police officer accused of a murder. a status hearing is scheduled for the chicago police officer charged with murder in the death of a 17-year-old laquan mcdonald. in the confrontation caught on camera, prosecutors claim the police officer shot the unarmed teenager 16 times. the fbi is negotiating with protesters in oregon in hopes of ending the month-long armed stand-off. the fbi released video that shows the deadly confrontation between some of the arm prothe testers in a traffic stop. it shows a vehicle trying to maneuver around an fbi road block. during the confrontation, the agents shot and killed the man. they claim he reached for a gun. a strange sinkhole pattern in oregon is responsible for
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take a look at that, huge hole there. two huge sinkholes opened up on the same street. the other sinkhole right across the street. now both opened up in a short period of time. well it was a scene out of a video game. you got to check this out. police officers rushed into a cracker barrel following a vehicle pursuit. and now the entire incident caught on camera. the suspects, they were wanted for a violent past. >> put your hands up! right now! put your hands up! >> let me see your hands! >> now it's hard to see the suspect because he was hiding behind a display. police were able to apprehend the man and take him into custody. customers rushed out of the restaurant in fear but no one was hurt. he was wanted for a series of violent crimes over the past month.
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is getting credit this morning for preventing a robbery and it was all caught on camera. take a look here. you see the suspect run up to the door ready to rob the place but the bank manager holding on to the door for dear life decided not today, buddy. eventually the suspect gave up and ran off. well 8 on your side for gasparilla 2016. hundreds of thousands of people are expected to line bay shore boulevard for the big annual parade. a big tradition here in the bay shore area. >> and while it is a good time there, are challenges parade goers may face. leslee lacey has a look at how we can make sure a good time doesn't turn into a tragic one. >> reporter: yes, definitely. gasparilla is known for the floats and the beads and of course all the fun but of course a some people can get intoxicated and this morning i am sharing information to keep all of us safe on the roads. gasparilla is now the third largest parade in the nation. it's loaded with pirate, beads
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>> if you talk to anyone who has received a dui, it's probably one of the worst experiences of their lives. >> reporter: so be ware pirate, tampa police will be out in full force. >> they'll be looking for the drunk drivers. that is during the parade, after the parade and into the evening. >> reporter: the best idea is to have a designated driver or take a taxi or a ride sharing service. uber is partnering up with captain morgan to give away $20 ride vouchers to 1,000 people. just type pirate responsibly into your uber app. and lyft is also an option. >> and there's people on the water for the invasion. dui, the marine patrol, the coast guard, all of our part pinellas be there as well looking for those people boat -- our partners will be there as well looking for people boating and drinking. >> reporter: and now this is the one vehicle you don't want to be riding in after the parade.
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thousands of dollars and it can affect your employment and raise your insurance rates and more importantly, it could affect the lives of others. so remember have a plan if you plan on drinking. and there's always public transportation. they are rolling out more buss and the trollly is free and the streetcar will take you from ybor city to downtown tampa. >> explain this boat thing. like uber. >> it's boat setter. and it's really interesting because it's like uber or lyft, it's a ride sharing but with boats. so they pick you up at the dock and sometimes you can get a captain. and they'll take you around so if you want to boat and drink at the same time, it works out. >> is it really pricy? >> it depends. probably not as expensive as a dui. it's like they set their own prices so you can go -- >> shop around. >> exactly. >> if you want a dingy, it's a good deal. >> and tow to go is not in
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you don't want to get a dui. >> thank you, leslee. it's 4:18. let's get a check of weather and traffic on the 8s. how about tonight? >> yeah, good day today. good day tomorrow. really a good weekend in store. especially considering the rainy weather we've had recently. right now, 54 in the tampa. sarasota, 56. 52347 st. petersburg. -- 57 in st. petersburg. and new york city is 36. so if you're traveling north today, of course you would expect cooler temperatures. not much going on weather-wise. the nation is quiet right now. we do have a few showers and storms entering northern california and oregon and washington as well. but that's about it. and a quiet country. a cool front has passed through and that's why the rain has moved out and the clouds will move out as well. and now for the next couple day, it's all about the high pressure. today, northerly winds, so kind of cool temperatures.
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have subtle winds as the high moves to the east and that means warmer temperatures headed our way. this morning, a few cloud, breezy and somewhat cool temperatures around 51 degrees. and this afternoon, lots of sunshine, breezy, below average degrees. and again, gasparilla looking good with a high of 68 degrees. long. and the weekend is looking good at that too. how about traffic on the 8s? along here. we have a good drive. in brooksville, we are up to speed. no delays here. and 41. wonderful drive-thru the area. hernando county, nice moving here. and let's move and take a look at plant city. away from the paul buchman highway, that's highway 39 into downtown, in and out here, a fast 22 minute commute. and a live look, i-4 at thonotosassa, looks fantastic. back to gene and gayle. thank you. saving money on cable tv.
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considering that could change what you pay for those set top boxes. and getting ready for super bowl 50. how crews are getting the field ready for the gridiron show down. it's 4:20. you're watching news channel 8
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it's 4:23. anita all right, new considerations from the fcc on rented cable boxes. the commission is considering allowing customers to swap boxes rented directly from your
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party boxes or to simply use personal electronic devices like tablets. nearly all paid tv users lease a box and that comes to an average cost of $231 per year. the fcc will vote next month. super bowl preparations are in place and with the game a little more than a week away, levi stadium is transforming to commemorate the 50th super bowl in league history. crews spent 15 hours a day laying down a brand new turf field. officials expect about 70,000 fans to attend the big game. sign. >> yeah. weather and traffic on the 8s is three minutes away. plus, zika fears. new in the next half hour, what major travel companies are offering to passengers virus. and barbie's makeover. the changes the popular doll is undergoing and why.
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good morning. it is 4:28 a.m. and the sun will rise in about three hours and we will actually be able to see the sunrise because the rain has moved out and the clouds are clearing out as well. the sun will set this evening right around 6:07 p.m. satellite and radar picture, again, we are clear right now, a few lingering clouds still floating around in the skies but those will exit throughout the morning and early afternoon. a northerly breeze behind the cool front will keep us a little on the cool side today with a high temperature of 64 degrees. how about traffic on the 8s, leslee? we are looking good. the only reason we have yellow instead of green, we are looking at surface streets and you have red lights. but new port richey looks very good on state road 54. on u.s. 19 to the sun coast
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hopping on u.s. 19, traveling through the palm harbor area, state road 54 to tampa road, just a 14 minute drive time. and let's take a live look at traffic at i-4 around the polk parkway, things look fantastic. downtown lakeland up to speed.
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