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tv   News Ch8 Today at 530AM  NBC  January 29, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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good friday morning. welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gene ramirez. >> and i'm gayle guyardo. a cruiseship gets back on track. fog prevented the carnival paradise from coming into tampa's port, trapping hundreds of passengers onboard and on land. and now the cruise is docked and set to head back out to sea a day late. today we will get more information about a family's lawsuit against disney's animal kingdom. they claim a snake fell from a tree and bit a little boy. there's more to the story. the boy's grandmother saw this happen and then died of a heart attack.
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release more information about this case late they are morning. meanwhile -- late they are morning. meanwhile, -- later this morning. meanwhile, disney is not commenting on the lawsuit. thousands of people will crowd bay shore. the big invasion begins tomorrow morning and the parade starts at 2:00. let's check in with meteorologist bryan bennett in for leigh spann this morning to find out how it's going to look. >> a high temperature of 68 so fairly comfortable, maybe a little cool in the earlier morning hours but not too bad considering how rainy it's been the last two days. right now, lakeland 54 degrees. so cool this morning with temperatures in the lower 50s. it is history. now a few clouds linger and we will see the clouds continue to move out during the day today. so really nice looking day with
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below average high temperature of 64 degrees. now coming up at 5:38 in weather and traffic on the 8s, we will have the eight-day temperature trend which is going to be up and down. so some hot, some cool, a little bit for everybody. >> yeah, that's how traffic is going to be later today. right now, it's a sweet drive. especially on 275 throughout pinellas county. absolutely no delays. and let's look at bradenton. for those who work in the sun coast area, state road 64 down to university, a wonderful drive on 75, looking at about nine minutes there. and lakeland, if you live in lakeland or traveling out of lakeland into tampa, if you work in tampa, you have a fast commute on i-4 in between each entrance of the polk parkway, a quick 11 minute commute. and an accident in oldsmar. more on that coming up in the next report. that's a look at weather and traffic. back to gene and gayle. >> okay, leslee. happening today, cruise travelers will get back out to sea after the vacation plans came to a screeching halt all
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the carnival cruiseship that was supposed to leave yesterday won't pull out of port until later today. our ryan hughs is live at the port this morning. good morning to you. okay with them, right? >> reporter: gene, good morning to you as well. who would complain about so at sea? the ship behind me had trouble pulling into port yesterday morning so those onboard got to paradise. >> we were fogged in. so we couldn't go anywhere so we parked and just waited. and we thought it was going to break but it didn't. so they started feeding us again and selling us our drinks . so we had a good time. >> reporter: allen and faye of lakeland were stuck on the ship an extra half day but they enjoyed themselves. and now the carnival paradise had to wait to pull into the port of tampa because of extremely foggy conditions at sea.
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around 9:30 last night. some passengers disembarked then and others will get off this morning. those who planned to head out yesterday won't leave until later today because of the delay. the plans to stop in mexico are canceled though. so they'll simply spend three days at sea instead of four. and now as a good will gesture, carnival cruise line gave those leaving today 50% off this cruise and a voucher for half off a future cruise. so perhaps a good deal in the long run. >> yeah, sounds like a bogo. thanks. after hours of search, two missing children from s t. petersburg are home safe. the 5-year-old and her 4-year- an amber alert. we followed the search as breaking news right here on news channel 8. the kids were taken from their grandparent's home by their mother. she does not have custody and threatened to kill herself and
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5:34 is the time. the it's your vote this -- your vote and this morning, the first gop debate of 2016 is trending on twitter here in the tampa bay area. this all took place in des moines, iowa. but front-runner donald trump, he was not there. >> our keith cate is in iowa for the lead-up to the important caucuses on monday. he was there to watch the entire debate play out in person. >> yeah, he joins us now from des moines. keith -- >> reporter: good morning. should be an exciting day here in iowa. another exciting day. what a debate last night. we had marco rubio, jeb bush going for at the over amnesty and immigration. >> he asked me to support that and i supported him because i think people, when you're elected, you need to do things and he led the charge to finally fix this immigration problem that's existed now for as marco says for 30 years. and then he cut and run because conservatives.
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changed your position on immigration because you used to support a path to citizenship. >> so did you marco. >> reporter: ted cruz throwing out insults towards the moderator bus the one thing we were missing last night, donald trump, the big star of the gop. but he will be making his way around des moines just like all of the candidates. not only des moines but throughout iowa. and news channel 8 will be there to bring you the coverage through february 1st where the caucuses really get down to business. i'm keith cate reporting. >> all right. we will be watching, keith. several of the candidates are hoping they can drum up monday's caucuses. we caught up with ben carson and rand paul after the debate and asked how things went for their struggling campaigns. >> very surprising things happen in iowa. - a lot of shifting and movement that's going on. so i would not want to be in the business of trying to predict what's going to happen. >> best debate ever. boy we ought to do it this way
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i think it's great for the party. >> no doubt florida in the spotlight with much of the attention going to jeb bush and senator marco rubio on social media. and it was no different. this is one from st. pete saying, marco is a consistent conservative, the man to defeat what she calls socialist dem party. and james in clearwater, great immigration answer from jeb. he like bush's plan of paying a fine, waiting your turn and going down the path towards citizenship. and they did get criticized as well on social media. diane in pasco county, if america is so great and charitable, why does marco rubio always speak with such anger. and then over here, this is kevin, bush is doing okay since trump isn't there to beat him. yep, trump noticeably abspent that caused a lot of people to -- absent and that caused a lot of people to not watch.
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watching the debate on fox news in support of the next potus, the real donald trump. and debate no-show and republican front-runner donald trump took center stage at drake university. hundreds attended what is being dubbed a grand party. he did raise $6 million for 22 veteran organizations and even former presidential candidates mike huckabee and rick santorum showed up to show their support. so who do you think won the debate last night? we've got a web poll up on that includes trump. so cast your vote on our website this morning. i know a lot of people will be chiming in. and 8 on your side has you covered from iowa through the caucuses. keith cate is there and will bring us live reports on how the races are playing out in both the republican and democratic fields. and he will break it down for us, what it means for florida and the overall race for the white house. it's 5:38.
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bryan ben it in for leigh this morning. >> nice -- bennett in for lee this morning. nice to see you. >> nice to see you too. the rain is history. you might need a light jack tote the bus stop or off to work. 52 in tampa right now. head north, citrus county, in the middle to upper 40s. satellite and radar picture showing the rain is gone, the clouds are clearing and i think we will have more sunshine today north of i-4 than south but most of us will see a good deal of sun. this morning, temperatures in the lower to middle 50s. by this afternoon, warming up to around 64 degrees so a little below average today and it will be the coolest day over the next five or so days. each day we gain about four degrees. by tuesday, we're going to be right around record temperatures fire 80 degrees. so yeah -- temperatures right around 80 degrees. so yeah, the roller coaster has begun. right now, we are at the bottom but we are about to hear the
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>> the scary noise. between roller coasters and the skyway bridge, i want to stay down. no delays there, only six minutes to cross the water area. and sun coast parkway here, heading southbound, that's where most of the traffic heads, but this point, either direction is the same, travel time, eight minutes. same thing for our veterans expressway once you connect through the odessa area from state road 54 to ehrlich road, roughly a seven minute drive time. and meanwhile, bay area bridges looking good. howard franklin six minutes to cross. courtney campbell, seven minutes to cross. and four minutes on the gandy. back to gene and gayle. >> thank you. the zika virus is becoming a serious threat. >> just ahead, what some major airlines are doing as a precaution for pregnant women. plus -- >> reporter: it is time for gasparilla. and guess what, i woke these guys up early but it's all good
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so coming up, you will hear from the crews.
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the parade of pirates is one day away and tampa bay cannot hide its excitement. >> thousands of people will crowd bay shore during the parade, a great tradition in the bay area. >> but why wait? the fun starts tonight. actually it starts right now with lindsey mastis joining us live from bay shore this morning. so you were able to get some festive people up with you this morning. >> reporter: absolutely. we couldn't wait for gasparilla to begin. in fact, they're going to be going not only in private parties today but they have to work as well this morning. and you know what, we can't wait. we're so excited about it. and you guys have been doing
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lisa turner is part of the crew. and there's a lot that you guys do for charity throughout the year. so it's not just gasparilla. >> yes, our charity is kicking for kids. it's our crew. and we also sponsor the humane society with our cutest dog pirate contest. and we have latin nights. we do several charity events throughout the year. >> reporter: amazing. and there's a lot going on. it all starts tonight. and i want you to look at the screen because the first event, the pre-invasion celebration, that starts at 6:00 at curtis hixon water front park. there's going to be music and food and you will need tickets to get into that. and on saturday, the street festival starts at 10:00. there's a lot of food including my favorite, those hand-dipped corn dogs. the big invasion begins at 11:30 saturday morning and the parade starts at 2:00. and by the way, the parade goes on for hours. when it wraps up around 5:30, you can head over to curtis hixon water front park and enjoy live music until 10:00.
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doing a lot of walking. what you will want to do, make sure you download a parking app so you can remember exactly where you parked. download it today, get familiar with it and that way when you have to go back to the car once the festivities are over, you know exactly where you're going and you're not doing extra walking. you want to use up all your energy during the gasparilla event. and we have the information on our website, all the events and also road closures, just go to >> what is on your microphone? >> reporter: isn't that cool? >> yes. >> reporter: it's supposed to be a bracelet. that's awesome. >> i want one of those. never know what you're going to catch. just got to put out the hook and see what sticks. >> so cool. and you can watch the parade live from your home. our own jen leigh and josh benson will be your host and jenn holloway will be our pirate on the street reporter. >> going to be a good time.
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more than 145 students became sick from a gas leak at a texas school. the carbon monoxide leak happened in texas. kids and adults were treated for nausea and headaches. officials believe there was a gas leak in the gas boiler. a bill to allow gun owners to openingly carry their weapons in florida is headed to the house. the house is expected to pass the measure but the florida senate may be a road block. if the bill passes, concealed gun permit holders would be allowed to wear a gun on their hip as long as it's holstered. a georgia high school is under fire this morning for its raffle give away. the wrestling team's booster club is raffling off a glob 45 single stack nine millimeter mispoll. the winner must be at least 21 years old and pass a federal and state background check. some community members don't think it's an appropriate prize for the high school however the district says it has nothing to do with the fund raiser. the so-called affluenza
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judge today. facility in dallas. he and his mom were arrested in mexico last month after an the hearing today will decide whether he will receive bond or be moved to an adult prison. couch killed four people in a 2013. a quick thinking kansas police chief saves a man from a burning car. alive today. take a look at the video. the unconscious man was just feet away from the burning car and the chief dragged him away from the fire. ammunition inside the car exploded as paramedics treated him. a dangerous situation there. the driver is expected to be okay. now to an 8 on an 8 on your side alert. the three largest airline carriers are allowing pregnant a chance to cancel or postpone
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by the zika virus. unite airlines -- virus. customers must request refunds to avoid fees. american airlines will give a refund when they provide a doctor's note stating that they cannot travel due to pregnancy. another 8 on your side alerting for this morning. you need to hear this before you step into the shower. you know those shower mats that are supposed to keep you from slipping? they might be doing the opposite thing. aqua rugs with four plastic suction cups are under recall this morning. the products received 60 reports of people falling in the shower while on the mats. the mats were sold at bed, bath and beyond and dollar general stores. you can conduct the company for a free replacement. it's 5:48. and nice start to the weekend on this friday morning. >> yeah, not too shabby, especially compared to the last two days. temperatures, excuse me, the last two days we have seen about 2.50 inches of rain. and in a typical january, we see 2.23 inches of rain so in two day, we've had more rain
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entire month of january but the rain is history. the front that brought it is now over the bahamas and now we're just waiting for the clouds to clear. i think areas north of tampa will see more sunshine today but still a lot of the bay area will see a fair amount of sunshine. the rest of the story is about the temperatures. we're on the eastern side of the high now receiving northerly winds and that's why today is going to top off around 64 degrees. and into the early part of the week, the high will be in the atlantic bringing us a southerly wind and near record highs around 80. so this morning, you might need a light jack wet temperatures in the lower 50s, -- jacket with temperatures in the lower 50s. again, no rain. this afternoon, sunshine, below average high temperatures right around 64 degrees. and for the invasion tomorrow, you might need a light jacket but by the parade, 68 degrees and partly cloudy and dry with light winds tomorrow.
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the again near 80 degrees by tuesday. leslee -- >> all right. traffic right now, it's a good drive out there folks. earlier reports of a collision in hillsborough county near oldsmar, that's been cleared up. and looking great in sarasota. fast drive, six minutes university to clark. and looks good on the tamiami trail and 301 up into bradenton. and now now if you're hopping on 75 out of hernando county into pasco, it looks great down to brandon. that's highway 60 to state road 50, 44 minutes on the drive time. and quick live look here. here's the howard franklin bridge, how long will it take to cross it? only six minutes. that's weather and traffic on the 8s. back to gene and gayle. >> thank you, leslee. look at this, the cute alert. four manatees treated in tampa are now back in their natural habitat. workers released the animals at the manatee viewing center in apollo beach. they were at the zoo for a year
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a lot of people visit the zoo and they forget the amazing work they do to rehabilitate animals. distract the opposing player at the free throw line. what one university did to make the opposing team miss both free throw shots. and you won't believe who
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you like being picture perfect. you should want your banking to be too. stop into td bank and we'll help set you up with picture perfect banking. checking and savings account and you can get a polaroid cube+
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barbie dolls are no longer one size fits all. now there's tall, petite and curvy. the shapes can be purchased online exclusively at mattel shop. the company still offers the original barbie but has been working on more realistic body types to reflect the diverse groups of kids who play with her. a lot of parents think it's long overdue. and they are starting at about $10 which is affordable. >> that's great. you've got to see this here. in the basketball world, it's an age-old tradition. >> when a player goes to make a free throw, fans do all they can to distract the shooter and it went at one arizona state basketball game. the curtains open up for the shot and out pops at that point in timely clothed men. one of them, look closely,
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>> the real deal. leslee lacey can't take her eyes off the screen right now. the opposing team's player missed both free pinellas. she said it was something about the yellow swim trunks. >> no, the bling. weather and traffic on the 8s is three minutes away. >> the medals. plus, from vehicle to foot, a police chase caught on camera. coming up, new in the next half hour, the popular restaurant that a car thief used to hide out.
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good morning. it is 5:58 a.m. the sun will rise in about an hour and 20 minutes or so. otherwise, dark conditions for the next hour and 20. when the sun passes the pope benedict ryeson, you will see just a few clouds but no rain,
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polk county, things look great in lakeland. the drive to tampa looks good but in polk city area, we have an accident going on here. apparently it's blocking part of the ramp here. and this is at state road 559 eastbound. so i will be keeping an eye on it for you. but traffic looks great in
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