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tv   News Ch8 Weekend Morning  NBC  January 30, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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. good morning. i'm candace mccowan. thank you for joining us this saturday. we'll get to our top story in a minute but let's start by checking on the forecast with bryan bennett. good to see you, bryan. >> i can't see you at home but it would be good to see you, too. we're looking ate decent day today. fair amount of sunshine. high temperature near 70 and it will be a dry day. looking outside. lakewood ranch. not a bad start to the day. a few high, thin clouds. temperatures around 50 degrees. the sun will crossover the
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18 minutes from now, right now we're 52 in tampa. head north to citrus county and we're in the 30s. chilly temperatures to our north. citrus county, all the way down to sarasota county. we're looking at high, thin clouds drifting through the area. no rain from these clouds, just, again, persistent, high, thin clouds throughout the day. throughout your morning, temperatures in the 50s, kind of cool this afternoon, topping off near 70 degrees at 3:00 p.m. which is where we should be for late january. candace? >> all right, bryan, thank you very much. it is the day the bay area has been waiting for, gasparilla. x marks the spot and the place to be is tampa. hundreds of thousands of pirates are preparing to invade tampa bay today for the historic gasparilla celebration. . mary mcguire joins us live in tampa where the pirates and parade goers are set to be hanging out all day long. good morning,! >> good morning and happy
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we're just out here enjoying this gorgeous sunrise and the views of beautiful downtown tampa, and this is actually where the floatilla will be floating through later today and it certainly won't look as calm and serine as it does right now. we do have video from past year's floatillas i want to show you. the legendary pirate jose gaspar and his band will magazinically appear on the -- magically appear on the south end to begin tampa. the gasparilla floatilla will make its way across the bay and into the channel between davis island and harbor island. once the ship docks, the mayor will surrender the keys of the city to the crew of pirates and boulevard. the street festival starts at 10 this morning and the big invasion begins at 11:30. the parade starts at two and this parade goes on for hours and then when that wraps up around 5:30, you can head over
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park and enjoy live music until 10 and if you want to enjoy all of the festivities from the comforts of your own private ship, you can. we'll be streaming it live on and we'll also be bringing the parade to you live on-air as well so it certainly should be a lot to see. first gasparilla in tampa. and i wasn't sure about how big of a deal it would be but i've seen all of the videos from the floatilla and i'm so excited to see it all. it seems like it is just such a fun tampa event. >> absolutely. you'll get plenty of beads today. you'll have an excellent time, marele. enjoy your first -- mary, enjoy your first gasparilla! >> i have a few already. >> mary mcguire live in tampa. this morning. thank you very much. you can watch the festivities live on news channel 8. jen lee and josh benson are co-hosting. catch jennifer holloway on the street.
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right now, police are searching for a stolen car after an armed carjacking here in tampa here is what you need -- tampa. here is what you need to know. a woman was sitting her car when a man pointed a gun at her and ordered her out of her car. right now they're searching for the stolen 2014 black ford focus with florida tags. anyone with information is urged to call tampa police. a deputy is out of a job after a month long investigation on a traffic stop where a man was shot twice. the deputy, timothy burden claimed it was self defense he shot dylan tompkins holmes. the sheriff says there was never any struggle over the gun and that the deputy flat out lied. deputy burden is out on bond. after bad weather brings cruise passengers vacation plans to a screeching halt, they're now finally on their way. the carnival paradise delayed a docking because of thick fog.
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off of the ship and others had to spend the day in tampa. the fog finally burned off and plans resumed. passengers we talked to said they made the best of a bad situation. >> there is nothing we can do about it. it is disappointing but -- >> nobody is hurt. everybody is good. we made the best out of it. >> carnival cruise line gave those delayed a 50% refund on the cruise and 50% off of a future cruise. presidential candidates are crisscrossing the state of iowa campaigning for votes days ahead of the iowa caucuses. news channel 8's keith cate travelled to iowa where volunteers of florida senator overtime. >> good morning from iowa. these candidates. come monday night at 7:00 p.m., the good people of iowa are going to go and are going to caucus and then they're going to vote and before the end of the
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we should know who are the winners in the republica democratic race, and all of these people running for office have dedicated volunteers who are flying really from all across the country to be in iowa to work for their candidate. last night we got a chance to go out to the campaign headquarters for florida senator marco rubio. >> looking through a store front in iowa, we found a room not much bigger than a two-car night. as many as 50 are deployed from florida. >> this is a reason for freezing. >> adam hasner is the co-chairman. for him and others, it is a 72 spript to the finish line. >> -- sprint to the finish line. finish second? >> we know he will have a strong showing. we've made a strong commitment to iowa.
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event after event after event all week through the weekend. so we'll continue working through monday . >> these volunteers pay their own way, use their own phones, tell their own stories about why lynn collins is from tallahassee. >> people want to know the candidate and if you're not meeting the candidate in person, certainly speaking to people who know him isn't a bad thing. >> i just wanted to remind you that the caucus is monday. >> it is hard not to notice the youth movement in this campaign. shelby is 24, working the phone for 12 hours. >> i'm here with my friend emily. we drove up together. >> so just for this? >> just for this. this is your road trip. >> i convinced my boyfriend, who is a liberal, and he is now voting for marco rubio and he has been campaigning with me. >> you're that convincing? >> apparently. >> every campaign pulled a few pages from the highly successful campaign playbook of candidate
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>> bernie sanders, hillary clinton, they have to have young voters. any republican candidate has to have college students on their side. they're the energy behind the campaign. they work night and day. and they are the future of the party and they're also, again, the biggest generation that american history has seen, even bigger than the baby boomers. >> young or old, this is a lot of work and the nights are only getting longer. polls continue to show marco rubio in third place but who knows? a brand new des moines register poll comes out later today. there is a lot of optimism here that if maybe not third place, if second place in iowa. that would be something and that would put him ahead of ted cruz the rival of donald trump who is in iowa and we'll cover him today and have reports later on this evening. have a great day and good morning again, keith cate reporting from iowa.
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bring us reports from iowa over the next few days through the caucuses. he shows us how the tight races are playing out for the republican and democratic fields and what it will mean for florida and the races going forward. for the first time, the white house administration is confirming that hillary clinton's unsecured home server contained top secret information. this comes days before the iowa caucuses. clinton's presidential campaign is questioning the secrecy of the e-mails and demanding that the state department release . training for the gasparilla distant classic can be fun but it can also take a toll on your body. coming up, we'll show you how to improve your running and prevent injury. >> the time now is 7:09. the sun is rising over tampa bay this morning as we get ready to celebrate this gasparilla
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. the gasparilla distance classic is right around the corner and we know you're training up. did you know you can improve your running and prevent injury and soreness? i never know that. josh benson found a bay area program that could hold the key to your running success. >> are your legs sore from running? would you believe that you could be doing it all wrong? >> one of the number one factors in causing an injury in running
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>> maybe you think you're a decent runner. the truth is, few of us have great injury free form. running is not caught. humans run to escape threats so they created an ideal run. using science and video to show you what is wrong with your gait, or manner of running. a few squats and step downs and he says he can transform your hobbling form into injury free strides in no time. i was the guine. >> we look at what we call the foot ground angle. we want it less than 10 degrees. >> 27? oh, boy. i jump when i run. my strides are too long. my right foot sticks out like a duck. i have a lot to work on in the next few months but with basic exercises and science, you'll notice major improvements.
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closer to an efficient human movement in this pattern we call running. >> and that will have you jumping for joy. just don't do it when you're running. >> all excellent information. that was josh benson reporting. coming up, bryan bennett has your full gasparilla forecast. also ahead, the pirates are invading tampa bay today and that means tons of traffic. we'll show you the routes to a
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. time now is 7:16. with all of the events, there could be a few traffic tie ups. leslee lacey has our weekend traffic report. >> i hope you're enjoying your saturday! let's talk gasparilla traffic. try not to get too stressed out if you'll be in the car. just have patience. bay to bay into downtown, that, of course is the parade route. the invasion affects the davis island areas and channelside and downtown. if you're headed out to south tampa, keep in mind, you don't want to park anywhere where it says no parking. you will be towed. they're strictly enforcing this and that is usually along the residential areas and side streets. it gets affected in the south tampa area. i would suggest not driving and taking some alternate means of transportation into the parade.
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downtown, it lands at carb street. ashley is blocked from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. because we have the street festival going on. it will be busy downtown the entire time. take the hart bus service. go to they'll take you from ybor city to the parade route and they have an all day pass for $4. you can take the hart bus to the parade instead of getting in your car. that might help out again too. 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and that takes you along marion street through downtown. it is free and you hav streetcar from ybor city to the parade route and that is $5 for an all day pass and goes until 1:30 right before the parade gets under way. 11:30 a.m., of course, the invasion kicks off and 2:00 p.m. we have the parade of course, if you don't want to be out there, you can watch it from the comfort of your home and wfla will be broadcasting it. kennedy boulevard gets shut down
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the best way to get around, alternative means of transportation. have som. >> the sun, right now, is crossing over the horizon, 7:18 is sunrise. here is the view looking off of the gulf of mexico, pretty with some of the pinks and blues we have in the sky. a little cool this morning with temperatures in the 50s. now, january, that has been a wet and a cool month, in fact, we've had about three times the average amount of rain we would normally have in january so we're fortunate for gasparilla weekend, we'll be dry. just kind of chilly this morning. partly cloudy this afternoon, high temperature around 70. tomorrow, a few more clouds and a high of 73, but still dry. right now, 52 in tampa head inland. we're in the 40s and 30s. pinellas county, you're in the lower to mid-30's. citrus, you're in the 30s right now. chilly weather to the north.
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showing the high, thin clouds which can make for a pretty sunrise. high pressure out in the gulf of mexico will prevent any rain from developing but this high, thin clouds will continue to stream over our area through the day. here is the futurecast. this morning, a few, high thin clouds, cool temperatures in the 50s. heading out early in the gasparilla gear, you might want to include a jacket. it will be cool. this afternoon, a few high clouds. dry weather. no worry about rain today. temperatures topping out in the upper 60s to around 70. this evening, looking good. temperatures in the lower 60s. if you're hanging out late. temperatures will be right around 62 degrees by 9:00 p.m.. tomorrow, more clouds starting off at 53, topping off at 73 tomorrow afternoon. so, for the invasion today at 11:30, high clouds, kind of cool, temperature near 63 degrees, and then at 2:00 p.m. for the parade, when
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73 degrees and light winds which is great for all of the boaters that will be following the priority ship, invading the city, we'll have smooth waters and relatively light winds. a whole lot better than what it was boating last weekend when we had massive waves. last weekend we had 11 and 14-foot waves. good boating conditions. try to stay safe and keep the inyeeb ration to where it should be did -- inebriation where itt driving. our next chance for rain will be on wednesday, 40% chance. all in all, considering the month we've had, we're looking at a pretty good gasparilla saturday. >> very comfortable. it was chilly for the little ones last week. hopefully everyone can have fun. >> better weather today. the buccaneers get ready to siege the pro-bowl and steven stamkos is in nashville for the
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. we'll have fun. it will be a feel process. >> steven stamkos is in
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game. will it be the last as a member of the tampa? he assured fans he was happy in tampa his intention was to sign a contract extension. a full year later and his future in a bolts sweater is up in the air. his immediate future is set in stone. he will play on the three on three tournament and compete in the hardest shot competition and skills challenge relay. as for that contract status, that was the question yesterday for the lightning captain at the all star game media day. he admits he is only human and yes, he does think about it. >> it is in your head for sure. you try to not let it affect your play on the ice. you come to the rink. that is kind of like the safe zone and the guys understand and there are guys that have been through this before and it kind of becomes the norm after awhile where you get into that routine
7:21 am
over and over and just going out there and trying to have fun still. >> perhaps he can have a little of at forementioned fun with ben bishop. the goaltender is making his first all star guest weekend. he is taking on the goal competition. >> you grow up watching as a kid. how to be a part of it and always be known as an all star at one point in your career. it is pretty cool and looking forward to the whole experience. getting a chance to meet some of the guys and hang out and sit there and watch. >> the largest buccaneer pro-bowl contingent since 2002 is in the aloha state. mccoy, david, and winston are working out with the respective pro-bowl squads in hawaii getting set for tomorrow's 7:00 kickoff. our friends over at joe had had a chance to
7:22 am
each is spending his time differently. >> any conversation that i can have with the veteran guy that's have been here way more times than me, i'll talk to them and try to get wisdom. >> i've been vacationing. after a long season you have to take time off and see the family and friends. a good time to let steam off and relax. >> some of the best in the best in the league and it is a great moment and i'm embrace taking. >> that is it for sports, i'm paul ryan. super bowl 50 is just over a week away and last minute preparations are under way. coming up, the big mistakes some crews made to the end zone.
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. happy gasparilla! you're taking a live look at downtown tampa this morning. it is going to be a beautiful day. in a matter of hours, pirates will take over our city. it is gasparilla. i'm candace mccowan. thank you for joining us this saturday. it is time to check in now with bryan for the latest on the forecast. what can we expect today, ? >> we're looking at a decent gasparilla. a good day for an invasion. not something i get to say every weekend. it will be a good day to invade
7:24 am
dry weather today and high temperature near 70. looking outside right now. the old, treacherous water ways. we have a few clouds and temperatures in the middle 50s. right now, downtown tampa is 52 degrees. again, we'll warm to around 70 this afternoon. head north, citrus county and we're in the 30s. kind of chilly. satellite and radar picture, we have high, thin clouds, but no rain anywhere nearby. so a nice, dry day. just kind of partly cloudy throughout the morning and afternoon. here are your temperatures for the morning, you might need a light jacket with temperatures in the 50s approaching 60 degrees. by 2:00 p.m.. upper 60s, 3:00 p.m., we hit our high around 70 and later in the evening, temperatures will be in the upper 60s. so gasparilla is a festival that goes a long way back in time. we're expecting over 300,000 people today lining the streets of bay shore. the weather should cooperate. candace?
7:25 am
for us this morning. it is the day the bay area has been waiting for. it is gasparilla. hundreds of thousands of pirates are preparing to invade tampa bay today for the historic gasparilla celebration. parade goers aren't the only ones getting ready for gasparilla. tampa police will be out in full force. mary mcguire joins us live to explain what new warnings police are issuing for parade goers this year. very interesting,. >> it certainly is. i ran into a tampa police officer and he was patrolling this area. it was where the floatilla will go through later this afternoon but a new warning that police are issuing to the public is to leave your drones alternative home. they do not want to see any -- at home. they do not want to see any drones flying over this celebration. that is because the drones cannot be above the invasion floatilla or the parade route. they're close to the peter
7:26 am
against the federal regulations to fly it above an event like this one without proper permission. >> at any time you have a mass of people in one place and someone operating a drone over that amount of people, there is a possibility that they will lose contact, if they lose contact. you're looking at an object possibly 20 pounds hitting someone in the head or injuring them and that is always a concern for us as well. >> now, police will also be enforcing no parking zones in the neighborhood surrounding bay shore and they will start towing. the street festival starts at 10 this morning and the big invasion begins at 11:30. the parade starts at two and this parade will go on for hours and when it wraps up around 5:30. you can head over to curtis hickson water front park to enjoy live music until 10. we have another safety reminder, if you do plan on indulging in a little bit of priorities grog today -- pirates grog, make sure
7:27 am
it should be a gorgeous gasparilla out here. you can see some of the boats over here are getting ready to participate in the floatilla. they have the colorful flags, pirates flags up and also, i see, i spot a little pirate statute over here in one of those boats. getting festive over here near the water so it should be a sight to see. back to you. >> everybody be nice to mary. it is her very first gasparilla. mary mcguire live. thank you. you can watch the festivities right here live on news channel 8. jennifer le josh benson will be co-hosting. our coverage starts at 2:30. an alabama family is threatening to sue the animal kingdom after a bizarre incident involving a snake. the family claims a snake fell out of a tree and bit an
7:28 am
the great-grandmother thought what she was a panic attack. days later. attorneys believe she died as a result of what she suffered at the park. >> if you witness a startling event, you're an eltderly person and you -- elderly person and you begin to immediately have symptoms associated with a heart attack, it makes sense to me that the startling event is the cause of the cardiac arrest as opposed to a cardiac arrest happened at that moment. a disney spokesperson says the snake was wild and not part of the animal kingdom exhibit. an ambulance was not called for the grandmother after the incident. we should learn the results of samples tested from homes in michigan with toxic drinking water. water simples furthermore than two-dozen homes showed high levels of lead. officials are expected to release the results of retests
7:29 am
investigators believe a jail employee may have helped three inmates escape from the orange county jail in california. now that worker is in custody. jail's english teacher had a relationship with one of the inmates. the trio cut through steel and repelled off of the roof using bed sheets. they claim they gave him google maps showing the roof but denies giving them power tools. four protesters are occupying the wildlife refuge in oregon. the fbi released unedited video of the deadly confrontation with leaders. one was shot and killed. take a look. this landslide started crumbling over a month ago. it continues to threaten homes in oregon. money will be raised to help residents there. the slide forced more than 50
7:30 am
last week, a chunk of the landslide the size of a butsz came down. neither -- a bust came down. neither side has filed for help. alternative ma models. driving. the secondary hood can rust open. alternative mas from the 2013 to 2015 model years, some of those models were already recalled twice before. well, we are just over a week away from super bowl 50. a lot of chatter about this one. and now the teams are headed out west. >> and preparations are under way for the game between the denver broncos and carolina panthers. crews are preparing levi stadium in santa clara for the big game. officials are expecting about 70,000 fans to attend.
7:31 am
is on the way to the bay area. >> it is like having a child, you know, with a play pen and everything. you need everything for them. >> we'll give you everything we have to make sure we bring that championship back to charlotte. >> panthers nation all day! >> thousands of panther fans gave their team a super bowl send off in downtown charlotte. the denver broncos will have a similar rally. >> talk about a major oops. the crew preparing the field broncos. the crew painted the wrong end zone for the broncos and papted the correct end zone before fixing their mistake. no worries, panthers fans, your team's end zone is showing black and blue. hopefully that doesn't show any bias. >> and it is a good thing for football sized whit. >> they need green out. >> how do you like all of the
7:32 am
>> this is bryan's gasparilla swag from last year. >> i worked hard for this stash. i mean -- >> we know how hard you worked for it. >> i didn't have to show anything except for leg. i'm just kidding. it is funny after gasparilla you're like, okay, what am i going to do with these? >> they are decorations now. >> or maybe christmas tree decorations. >> check out these pictures. despite the tradition, here is a picture from 1925 showing a model t there. here are ladies from 1976. they're dressed up nice here. here is a picture from last year. it is an event with 300,000 people expected to attend today. we're looking at nice weather for today. i'll have your forecast in just a little bit. . >> here is what you'll see monday morning on news channel 8 today -- >> something to think about before your next mani/pedi. i'll show you some of the safest products to use. >> and don't forget to wake up with weather and traffic on the
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. the mystic crew of gasparilla has been putting on the parade of pirates since 19904. they've -- 190. they're rolling out the biggest float. how the new float went from dream to re. >> it isn't, isn't it?
7:34 am
mystic crew of gasparilla. standing in front of his crew's latest and perhaps greatest float. >> it is the most complicated float we've ever done. >> the float began with the design concept of a skull and cross bones and grew from there. >> this is some of the drawings he started initially. roughly about 12 months ago. presented this to our captain. >> chris rivers along with his brother and father then built this from the ground up. >> everything has been put right here in front of you has been done with me, my father or brother. >> they start with axles and wheels and strofoam and epoxy, they put it out. >> a water fall and smoke, lots of smoke. >> it is going to have water that comes over the teeth and recycles back into water falls
7:35 am
and it will be blue water and in addition to that, we've got induction fans that will blow a bunch of smoke on the crowd. >> in fact, the crowd won't be aileen to miss the smoke. >> we want the -- won't be able to miss the smoke. >> we want it to be part of the float. >> captain ferrier credits the family for building this monster and getting it ready in time for parade season. >> these guys are great. we enjoyed a great partnership, had a lot of fun and we hope that the folks out there in the community can appreciate gasparilla for what it is and appreciate how much fun we had doi. >> that smoke kind of looked like my first car i drove. how cool is that? a giant skull driving down the street today. good job, guys. we'll have good weather for it as well. we'll have a chilly morning. temperatures will warm up to around 70 so not too shabby later today. light winds kwhi is great for the boaters -- which is great
7:36 am
no need to worry about any rain. right now we're 52 degrees in tampa head north, we're in the 30s in citrus county, pinellas county, you're in the middle to low 50s. sarasota, you're 49 degrees. satellite and radar picture, the gray color represents quite a bit of cloud cover but you notice, no rain, we'll be dry throughout the day today, high pressure off shore suppressing any rain from developing. in fact, you have to go a 1,400 miles away all the way to almost denver to find rain drops over there well to the northwest. so a dry day today. again, just partly cloudy skies with these clouds rolling in off of the gulf of mexico. so, today, good looking day. the invasion, a few high clouds, still cool if you're going out early and scantly clad, you might want to consider a light jacket with temperatures around 63 degrees. this afternoon, 70 degrees.
7:37 am
which is great. last weekend it was really windy for the children's extravaganza. we had 11 and 13-foot waves. it means everybody else stays safe. smooth waters and water temperature around 60 degrees. not the type of water you want to go off the diving board or push somebody off into the water because it is kind of chilly with temperatures right around 60 but air temperature wise today, 70 degrees, some sun peeking through the clouds. it won't be too shabby today. i think pretty good weather for gasparilla. tomorrow, a few more clouds, 73 degrees for high temperature, and then check this out, by tuesday, we're up near 80 degrees near record high temperatures but for the most part dry monday and tuesday and then on wednesday, we have a weak little cold front moving in. it will bring us a few showers, maybe a storm and drop our temperatures down into the middle 60s so a tad cooler as we
7:38 am
today, get out and ep joy gasparilla if you plan -- enjoy gasparilla if you plan on doing it. >> you know what today is a good day for? >> i'm going to guess and say a wedding? >> yes. especially if you're adrienne pedersen. >> she will make a very good bride today. >> that is why she is not here today. apparently there that is a good excuse. >> good enough for me. i'm here to be working for her as she marries her wonderful carrie. >> they make a great couple and yeah it is hard to believe. little adrienne will be married. >> our little adrienne is getting married. they? >> absolutely. >> and herman and her parents. parents. absolutely. news channel 8 is growing. do you know what one of the richest men in the world has in his closet? google is getting serious about your tech review is coming up
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. time now is 7:51. mark zuckerberg reveals what is in his closet. google gets serious about vr and a security breach at a popular food chain. there is a lot going on. lindsey mastis shows us what we need to. >>reporter: google is getting serious about virtual reality. at least that is how it seems. right now, they sell a card board product that can be used with cell phones but to compete, they will likely come up with something better. tech crunch noticed the company posted new jobs focussing on virtual reality. it is no secret that twitter is in trouble.
7:41 am
and four of the company's top execs are leaving. four decided to leave on their own. one announced he is joining goog eel's virtual reality division. a security breach at wendy's. they're launching an investigation after customers reported unusual activity on the credit cards the company believes the breach happened sometime last year. the late steve jobs was known for his signature black turtle neck and jeans look. mark zuckerberg is taking a page from job's book. the new dad posted this picture to facebook showing the inside of his closet and he asks which outfit he should wear on the first day back from paternity leave. i guess you can't go wrong with gray. do you think i could get away with wearing the same outfit every day? >> of course you can. it is called the most daring
7:42 am
a small team came to the rescue. here is rafael seth with a look at the finest hours and other movies. >> chris pine weathers the perfect storm in the finest hours. this story of a real 1952 coast guard rescue takes place waters off of massachusetts, a we could nor'easter tears a cargo ship in half so they set out in a tiny wooden boat to rescue the stranded and sinking sailors. the finest hours is rated pg-13. >> justice is about to be served. >> a portly warrior gets a belly full of justice. jack black is back as the panda poe reunited with his long lost father. when a powerfulville yan threatened the utopia. he has to make an army of his soft bellied cousins. >> i need a gun slinger. >> natalie port man uses her 2nd amendment rights.
7:43 am
order to survive she has to turn to a past love to make her last stand. it is rated r. >> i exercise control in all things. >> marlon wayans spoofed 50 shades of gray. he has a magic mike past. 50 shades of black is rated r. rafael seth, nbc news. >> it is almost time for our favorite story of the week. a dog comes in 7th in a half marathon race. why the pet own owner says this
7:44 am
. a dog from alabama accidently placed 7th in a half marathon. the 2-year-old blood hound's owners let him out and he wandered to the crowd of people running. the dog decided to join and complete the entire 13.1 miles with an unofficial time of an hour and 32 minutes which would have landed him in 7th place. he got a medal. i think he should get a medal for having one of the cutest faces. >> thanks for joining us this gasparilla saturday. have a fun and safe day. watch the festivities right here at 1 and 2:30. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838
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