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tv   News Ch8 Today at 430AM  NBC  February 1, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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good monday morning, and welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gene ramirez. >> and i'm gayle guyardo. today after reaching out to the voters, iowa voters will decide. marco rubio is in third place, and on the democratic side, hillary clinton and bernie sanders are virtually tied. the search for a bitting
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off the coast of clear water. crews found the man's boat but did not find the boaters. according to the missing man's wife, he's suicidal. california is waking up to a big mess this morning after a deadly storm moved across the state with strong winds, heavy rain, and snow. at least one person died on sunday when a tree fell across four lanes of traffic, and the storm is now moving east, threatening colorado. it's 4:31 on this monday morning, and it seems like the cloud coverage is keeping us warm. temperatures middle 60s, gayle. it's monday a lot of folks may have experienced the weekend as a pirate, but you're headed back to work, and it's not a bad one. middle 60s right now, and later today, warming to the upper 70s. light winds, and we could have light fog developing. i will expected fog to be a
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this morning. rain, maybe a sprinkle or two moving in nothing heavy today, only a 10% chance you will see a shower. otherwise, partly cloudy and warm. high temperature today of 77 degrees. >> 77? more argggghhhhhh. >> gasparilla lasts for a whole month. there's the race and more to come. >> are you going to be running? >> i will be running behind lee spann. she will be beating me because she is so fast. >> speedy, huh? yeah. over to the maps in st. pete. we do have a collision out here, and it looks like it's popped over. we have construction at university and i-75. be aware of that going back to the crash i was talking about.
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street, and injuries involved, and that's part of the intersection. great job on the bay area bridges. that's weather and traffic, and back to gene and gayle. >> all right, leslie. sarasota police are looking for the driver in a hit-and-run crash that left a bicyclist dead. it happened on 301 at about 7:15. ryan hughes is live at the sarasota police department this morning. do they have any leads out there yet, 1999. >> reporter: not that we know of at this point, but police here hope someone knows something that will eventually help them crack the case. this is the mangled bicycle, and according to police a man on the bike was riding on 301 between 6th and 8th street when the driver hit the bicyclist and kept going.
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taken to the hospital and died. the vehicle was likely a toyota corolla was front end damage. i'm working to get more details on the case, and we are trying to determine the identity of the man who died, and gene, once we get that information, know. >> we will check back for more, ryan, thank you. the search is on for carjackers in tampa. they are on the run after the police cruiser chasing them crashed. lindsey mastis is live from the police department. police believe they have been on a crime spree since friday? >> reporter: that's right. i just talked to two different tampa police officers this morning to find out if they have made an arrest in the case. not yet. we are told, yes, the suspects actually used the vehicle in three robberies, and the carjackers abandoned the vehicle after officer crashed. now look at this map.
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vehicle from a woman on friday just before 10:00 p.m. on north central avenue and east curby street, and then they abandoned it 3 miles away at east lake avenue and central avenue. i want you to look at this the police officer pursuing the car lost control and crashed into a power pole. the officer went to the hospital with minor injuries, and the criminals ditched the car about a block away. according to tampa police, three male carjackers took the vehicle from a woman by opening the door to her car and pointing a semiautomatic handgun at her, ordering her out, and then they drove off. luckily she was not hurt. we are asking tampa police for descriptions of the suspects, and if they become available, we will let you know on air and online. right now anyone with information is urged to contact the tampa police department. gayle? >> okay, thank you so much, lindsey.
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need your help to solve a deadly shooting case. >> colin mahoney was found in an abandoned home. neighbors had complained people were coming and going from the house and police were checking it out. any with information should call crime stoppers. two teens escaped from the falconburg academy. they got out through a hole they cut in the fence there at the time they were wearing green shirts and blue pants. crime stoppers is offering a reward up to $3,000 for information that leads to their location and arrest. the man you can see on your screen, kenneth cabrow is facing a dui manslaughter charge this morning. it's believed he hit and quillist a motorcyclist driving the wrong way on county road 1 on saturday night. the motorcyclist died at the hospital. the zika virus could be
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officials now fear the number of people affected in 23 countries and territories in central and south america could eventually reach 4 million. the mosquito-borne virus can cause birth defects. happening today, federal investigators are expected to release evidence and reports of their investigation of the deadly amtrak train derailment in philadelphia. an earlier investigation found excessive speed to be a factor. eight people died and 200 crash. the ntsb has yet to say why the train was going to fast as it rounded the curve. the corrections officer who fired his gun during a deadly fight at a denver motorcycle show this weekend claims it was in self-defense. one person died and seven others were injure in the brawl. attorneys for two bikers' groups are blaming each other
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the officer has not been identified, but this morning we know he was a member of the iron order motorcycle club. we are moving up on 4:38 on this monday morning, february 1st, and we are starting off the month warm. >> yeah, we are. today's high temperatures upper 70s. tomorrow, 80 degrees. feeling like march instead of starting february here. it's sad to say good-bye to january. no, maybe not. temperatures 66 in tampa. middle 60s across the bay area, and this afternoon, the first day of february, and we will have highs in the upper 70s to around 80 degrees, and maybe a little light sprinkle or two or very light shower. satellite and radar picture with clear conditions right now, other than a few sprinkles and light shower that is dissolving right now around north port. traveling on i-75, you may need wipers for a second this morning.
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shower this morning, temperatures in the 60s today. today. all-in-all not a bad day. starting to heat up, i guess. below average january, and now today. >> i like it warmer. this is why the northerners come down. >> that's why they are here. or we are here. i'm from atlanta, is that considered north? >> that would be north, but it's more south, yes. definitely a southern town. brooksville north of tampa here. no delays over on highway 50. u.s. 98, and 41 all looking very good in and out of fernando county. to the sun coast area, construction, and heads up here, both directions affected, and at least one lane taken
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you are getting by just fine. other than that, looking at 16 minutes on the commute. that's look at weather and gayle. your phone could save your life. still ahead this morning, the to work. a heads up for job seekers. how would you like to be paid to play with legos? a step forward for cuba communications. a new program may allow homes to connected to the internet. you're watching news channel 8
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new this morning, another big milestone in cuba. soon some residents will be able to enjoy broad band service. it's offered in two havana neighborhoods. atexa announced sunday night it will allow the cubans to offer home service through cyber optic connections offered through a chinese company. again a pilot project, and prices have not been announced either. currently there's internet
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wifi spots that opened last year. diversity is reaching the holy western wall. israel will have a prayer space for nonorthodox jews and mixed services. today in florida, orange county deputies are looking for the thief who left a boy scout troop out of supplies. the crook stole troop 996's trailer, which contained more than $10,000 in supplies. it was taken from the all saints lutheran parking lot. it contained tents, cooking supplies, stoves, and to the troop members t really -- it really hurts. >> these were all of our things, and we have had them for years. >> unfortunately there were not any security cameras to catch the criminals.
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of a recovering industry. rising room rates for orlando hotels, and reported the occupancy is at 77%. the analysts claim it means the travelers are more comfortable spending money. it's 4:45. in an 8 on your side consumer alert this morning, your smart phone could save your life in an emergency, but you have to know how to use it. on iphones and androids, there's apps that contain your medical resume. you can input information about yourself including who to contact. >> if you have epilepsy, we want to know that. if you have a preexisting heart conditions, strokes, or if you're diabetic, all those major medical situations that
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why you're having a medical emergency in the first place. >> there's also several apps to download. just search for the one that works for you. field trips can be the best parking lot of school for children, but students with disabilities can sometimes be left behind. thanks to a helping hand this morning, two students with mobility issues are having a blast. gillon and snyder are getting to participate with a special adaptive ski. >> to see the look in their eyes as they come down the hill, it's priceless, and there's no words. >> the adaptive ski costs roughly $4,000 and weighs about 60 pounds. >> very sweet! the help wanted sign is out for legoland in florida. they want to hire people who love to play with legos. they are accepting applications
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you don't need to be a graphic designer or engineer. they want to hire people from all sorts of backgrounds. >> reporter: harry potter fans, open your years. >> 1926, and there's one english commander who turns up in new york with a suitcase of extraordinary features. >> fans were too excited to get to see fantastic beasts and where to find them in. the new behind-the-scenes future, it's the first piece rowling has written directly for the big screen. november. a dangerous mess on look at that. the headlines. look at that there. a multicar crash. 25 cars and four semitrucks piled up on interstate 80. the crash shut down the entire highway, and this pileup was in
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eastbound lanes were also shut down for emergency vehicles. a this time, it's unclear how many people were hurt, but quite the scene out there. in southern california a storm blamed for destroying several homes and crushing cars this giant tree fell right on to four cars and killed a driver there forecasters say they could see flooding and mud flows. 4:48. we want to check on our weather with bryan bennett in for lee this morning. >> reporter: gene, the particular storm system will be headed northeast, impacting the western midwest locations and the rockies it will not be impacting new england or us for that matter. temperatures right now, middle 60s, and a warm start to your day it will be a warm afternoon, and 77 degrees today, and 80 degrees, and approaching the record highs tomorrow, and wednesday, 79, and then a dip behind the front on friday and saturday. middle 60s, and then on monday, we will start it all over again.
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satellite and radar picture, good deal of low cloud cover. the blue is showing light sprinkles right now, around plant city or along i-75 if you're traveling, or farther south a few little sprinkle into south eastern sarasota county and falling apart a bit. this morning, partly to mostly cloudy. 61. this afternoon, partly cloudy. 77 degrees, and a 10% chance for a light shower, and not a lot of rain today. maybe a rogue sprinkle, and tomorrow, 80 degrees. how about traffic on the 8s, leslie? >> looking good right now. good drive. university parkway at the new diverging diamond intersection they are creating there. you can still get by, and overall it's a good drive in st. pete, we have a collision
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involved, and it's highing up the lanes here. this is a live look of the parkway as well as i-4 through lakeland. that's weather and traffic on the 8s. back to gene and gayle. thank you, leslee. a police officer and his k- 9 partner can enjoy their retirement together. >> coming up, the way the community rallied to keep them together. you're watching news channel 8 today at 4:50 on this monday
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a retired police officer and his trusted k-9 are waking up under the safe roof after an outpouring of support from the community. >> usually officers forfeit their right to purchase their k- 9 officer if they retire before the dog does, but matt ajack was not ready for that. >> the calls i have been getting from other people and the support, it's just amazing. >> he claims that the intense side-by-side training really established their bond. ajax was valued at $3,500 and the community raised $51,000. the extra cash will be donated to an organization to provide bullet-proof vests for k-9 officers. we have big news for a member of our news channel 8
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our reporter, anchor, and friend, adrienne pedersen got married this weekend. a bunch of us were lucky enough to be there and witness it. it was a beautiful ceremony, lovely, reception, and we are so happy for them. might i add, the food was delicious. >> to mr. and mrs. pedersen, her parents, thank you for inviting us. >> the selfie sticks were great at the tables. >> totally adrienne. >> i saw people using the selfie stick like this you're supposed to use it for a big group picture. congratulations to adrienne and carrie. >> don't worry back. take your time and enjoy it. it's decision day for iowa
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cate is in iowa. new in the next half an hour, texting or face-to-face support, what's better during a stressful situation? the findings of a new study coming up. you're watching news channel 8 today. closed captioning brought
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good morning. it's 4:58 a.m. right now the current temperature, you may not even need a jacket this morning, honestly w the temperature -- with the temperatures in the middle 60s. topping out around 77. partly cloudy skies for the satellite picture. a few little rogue sprinkles, and that's it for today. a sprinkle or two, partly cloudy. a warm day with the high temperature of 77. how about traffic, leslee? >> this is the howard franklin
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you're looking at 7 on the courtny campbell skyway. sun coast parkway, roughly a 9- minute commute, and it's a great drive transitions on to the veterans expressway. state road 54 to a 7-minute drive time. sarasota, you may see a lane blocked but you can get by
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